Elevating Our One Mind

Posted by Roberta Grimes • May 23, 2020 • 76 Comments
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Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword.
His truth is marching on!
  – Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910), from “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” (1862)

Twelve days ago, terrorists attacked an Afghan hospital and killed sixteen people, including two babies. That picture in The Wall Street Journal of a newborn in a bloodied blanket has been on my mind ever since. All I can think is that I failed those mothers. I should long since have been fighting for them!

We have talked here at length about the fact that one Mind continuously manifests reality. All our minds are part of that one infinitely creative Mind which is all that exists; and Jesus has made it clear that once sufficient people are following His Gospel teachings, we can bring the kingdom of God on earth.

For the first time in human history, researchers have figured out how to remake this world into one in which no mother need fear the murder of her newborn child. This is by far the greatest possible news! Thanks to our better understanding of the primary role of consciousness, together with the teachings of Jesus that perfectly act on the universal Consciousness that we now much better understand, this should be a time of celebration. At last we know how to fix the world! But instead, there is that baby in a bloodied blanket. The world still is full of awful barbarisms, from concentration camps and terrorist attacks to brutalities by governments against their own people to even the fact that ubiquitous human slavery still pollutes the world.

Our problem is that this greatest of all possible news is inconvenient for the institutions that we most trust, and therefore they both ignore it. More than a century after the pioneering quantum physicist Max Planck first realized that consciousness must exist prior to matter, working scientists still are searching for a source of consciousness in the human brain. Their doing that is the frank equivalent of your dismantling your television to find your favorite newscaster, or taking apart your iPhone in search of the source of all those YouTubes and videogames.

And Christianity is even more clueless! Christians should by now be sharing the greatest teachings ever given, miraculously preserved from the time two thousand years ago when God walked the earth in human form. But still, to this day the 2.3 billion Christians on earth ignore nearly all of the Lord’s Gospel words. For example, I often hear from two admirably ardent Christian leaders, one Catholic and one Protestant. These men profess to follow Jesus, but neither of them listens to Him! No names or details. It doesn’t matter who they are, since each is in the mainstream of his own denomination. And the italics in their statements are mine.

I much admire a Franciscan monk for his earnest efforts to create a less fear-based version of Catholicism. But this dear man actually said, “To love God by loving God’s world is epitomized for us by climate change, which is the central crisis of the twenty-first century. Too many of us are using too much energy and taking up too much space. We are changing the planet’s climate in ways that will make it uninhabitable.” Putting aside the fact that after studying global warming for years I still don’t understand what all the fuss is about, I would point out that this man has devoted his life to Jesus! Yet he considers climate change to be our “central crisis”? What about those babies dying in their mothers’ arms? For heaven’s sake, let others fight our environmental battles. It is time now for all of us who profess to follow Jesus to devote our lives to fighting for the Lord’s promised advent of the kingdom of God on earth!

The earnest Protestant clergyman I read is certain that every word of the Bible is God’s Inerrant Word… once it is filtered through the lens of his religious beliefs. Recently he said, “Jesus had one mission. It wasn’t to be a great teacher, although He was a great teacher. It wasn’t to be a great prophet, although He was a great prophet. It wasn’t to be a great miracle worker, although He did work miracles. No, Jesus came to this world to perform only one job. To die. The reason why Jesus had to be immaculately conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin was so He was not born with sin. He could then die as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of this world. That is why whosoever believes in Jesus shall not perish, but have everlasting life!” This man’s understanding of God has not advanced by one day or by one ounce of wisdom beyond the moment when Jesus spoke to Saul on the road to Damascus. The ancient Jews were required to offer unblemished animals as sacrifices, and until the Lord’s words were first written down some sixty years after His death it was pardonable for a clergyman to distort and dismiss the Lord’s Gospel words as this fellow does. But we know a lot more two thousand years later! And it is time for my preacher friend to live his professed devotion to Jesus by ditching all the Christian dogmas that conflict with the Gospels so he can join in the fight for the Lord’s promised advent of the kingdom of God on earth!

The only way for either of these clergymen to achieve any of what they want is for them first to actually follow Jesus. The Lord Himself has made that plain. He said, “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (MT 6:33). If only every clergyman on earth who professes to love Jesus would follow Him! Just think of the army of Christian soldiers there would be to advance the kingdom of God on earth, and how easily that kingdom could begin! But because apparently I still don’t care enough about babies dying in their mothers’ arms to suffer the embarrassment of climbing onto a soapbox and shouting these truths to the world, it still won’t happen for a while.

The primary problem with all religions is that they cannot actually change people. Their rules don’t work because we cannot demand that any living creature act in a way that is contrary to its nature. Try training baby tigers to want to be vegan, or baby fish to always keep right in rivers, or human toddlers not to take another piece of candy when they think no one is looking. And try to order people filled with hatred to resist killing mothers and their babies! Right now, the consciousness of all humanity has sunk to such a fear- and hatred-based level that those who are vibrating at the most debased levels are having an outsize negative influence upon us all. It is impossible for so may people who are actively driven by fear and rage not to pollute the One Human Mind of which each of our minds is an integral part!

There is just one way to end forever the reign of terror and pain that has dominated all of human history and is arguably more debased than it ever has been. And that is for us to raise the consciousness vibrations of everyone on the face of the earth! We can do that, but only if as many of us as possible will concentrate on raising our personal consciousness vibrations enough to counteract all that negativity. And then raise them still more.

Here we ought to emphasize the fact that raising the consciousness vibrations of everyone on earth will be amazingly simple. The Gospel teachings of Jesus, when properly applied, can within just a few months’ time begin for you a profound internal shift; and if you stick with it, within a year you will have become altogether transformed at the level of your essential nature. Your personal consciousness vibration will be so much elevated that instead of bringing human consciousness down, you will now be countering the negativity of the nasties and haters and the baby-murderers. And as others also raise their own vibrations, you will be part of beginning a fundamental transformation of all of humanity at the level of each person’s essential nature.

Here is where my own culpability comes in. I have known for years that all of this is true! But rather than devoting every minute of my remaining time on earth to spreading these truths as broadly as I can, I have been resisting Thomas’s call that now is the time for us to fight. He has been emphatic about it for the past two years, and all the while I have been devoting my cozy retirement to producing Seek Reality podcasts and to privately teaching, including writing these weekly blog posts. I love this happy preaching to the choir, and I have used as my defense to Thomas the fact that I am old, for heaven’s sake. (He just shrugs and says, “I’m older than you are.” Never say our guides don’t have a sense of humor!)

So I never will know whether my having sooner begun to fight to bring God’s kingdom on earth could have saved those mothers and their babies. But my fight begins right now! And I hope you will join me. On the first Earth Day fifty years ago our slogan was “If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the pollution.” Now today perhaps it becomes “If you’re not part of the love you’re part of the fear.” And starting today, we all together vow to broadly share what we know! Our fight to help the Lord to bring the kingdom of God on earth begins now.

In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me.
As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free!
While God is marching on.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
While God is marching on.
– Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910), from “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” (1862)


 Madonna photo credit:  Slices of Light  <a href=”″>Face of the Virgin</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Madonna and Child photo credit: Free Public Domain Illustrations by rawpixel <a href=”″>Madonna of Humility (1440) by Fra Angelico (Guido di Pietro, 1395)</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Madonna w/Saint Anne photo credit:  Slices of Light  <a href=”″>Virgin and Child with Saint Anne</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Circular Madonna & Child photo credit: byb64 <a href=”″>”Vierge à l’enfant avec St Jean et St Jérôme”, 1519, Domenico Beccafumi (1486-1551), Musée Thyssen-Bornemisza, paseo del Prado, Madrid, Castille, Espagne</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
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76 thoughts on “Elevating Our One Mind

  1. Prince of Peace

    Thank you for writing so important blog posts! I think you make a big difference for many people. I am one of them. Everytime I read about Jesus I see the painting of him in my mind, which Akiane Kramarik painted already at age eight. I believe this is actually a real painting of him, a masterpiece. Do you know about this painting made by Akiane? What do you think?

    I found this very interesting (I have seen the movie), from her Wikipedia entry: “At the age of four, Colton Burpo, whose story was featured in the best-selling book Heaven is for real and the film adaptation of the same name, underwent a critical operation after his appendix burst. Although it was not a near-death experience (his heart never stopped), he did say he had an experience of visiting Heaven and had visions of Jesus. Years later, when he saw Kramarik’s Prince of Peace on TV, he told his father “Dad, that one’s right.” “

    1. Dear Timo, thank you for your kindly words! Now, to respond to your points:

      1) I think half the world sees Akiane’s painting when they think of Jesus, and I also find it to be quite compelling. Few people can paint more emotionally gripping portraits than she can! This child was painting like an accomplished adult when she was a toddler, which confounds people but means only that she studied under the best portrait-painters when she was between lives and then chose these talents for this lifetime. Every prodigy has some variant of the same back-story.

      2) I don’t see this painting as the Lord. I have seen Him – well, glancingly; I couldn’t look at Him directly – when He visited one of my nighttime guidance meetings and Thomas kept that moment in my waking mind. In reality He is overwhelming. There is nothing soft about Him. He looked to me that night as if His love is an all-consuming fire! We are told that the upper levels of reality are now in a flat-out fight for the survival of this planet, and He looked to me to be an effective General, which was one reason why I chose Onward Christian Soldiers for today. Also, dear Timo, He didn’t look as European as her Jesus does: I think His eyes were brown and His skin was less Caucasian, although He did have long hair.

      3) Of course, as we well know, death is always a one-way trip, so Colton Burpo didn’t go to heaven. He had an NDE (many who have them don’t have their hearts stop), and as is true of all NDEs the events of his were all pulled from his mind. His father is a clergyman, and the guides assisting this child through the NDE and back into his body didn’t want to confuse him so they gave him a wonderful show, as I recall… I think it even had a holy throne room and a battle between good and evil. But none of what he experienced had anything to do with the genuine afterlife, nor did the Jesus they depicted to him necessarily look like the genuine Lord.

      (Parenthetically, I would add that Jesus doesn’t seem to care how He is depicted. The way He presented to me may be just what He thought I would expect. There is a whole range of descriptions from those who are actually dead, including a “Jesus” who meets young children, has blond hair and blue eyes, and is always laughing.)

      1. The concept of Jesus having a virgin birth to ensure that he won’t be born in sin and that he would subsequently be a “perfect sacrifice” so that everyone else’s sins will be forgiven is irrational to me. Yet, this constantly comes up in Christianity. Also, it is disturbing that the ancient Jews (and many others as well) firmly believed that the sacrifice of innocent animals was necessary to appease God. How does killing an innocent animal (i.e. a lamb) make God any happier? Does anyone know how this idea started? It makes “God” look like a blood thirsty individual. Also, if Jesus was born of the holy spirit (whatever that is) and is totally without sin because he was born to a virgin, what does that say for the rest of us? None of us (at least none of us who is sane) can claim we are the product of a virgin birth, so I guess that is where the idea of original sin came from. We are all born with it as it is in our DNA. Therefore, how can we expect to be like Jesus when he had the advantage of being born to a virgin and without original sin? Again, where did these head scratching ideas concerning blood sacrifice cokme from? They had to come from somewhere as they are found in ancient times all over the globe.

        1. Dear Lola, there is no way to make sense of any of it.
          For nearly all of human history there was no way to reproduce except sexually, so the notion that the act itself is sinful is preposterous on its face. Christians tie it to Adam’s disobedience to God – he ate the apple – but that is a pretty slim thread on which to hang the whole original sin idea! The simple fact is that two thousand years ago the genuine Godhead came to earth in the person of Jesus so He could teach us and take us to the next stage of human spiritual development; and the religion-builders (Paul first among them) ignored most of what He said and instead turned Him into the ultimate human sacrifice (so now God doesn’t need animal sacrifices anymore). There is no way to pretty that up! It’s a horrid dogma that is insulting to God and humiliating to Jesus, but to this day there are billions of people on earth who swallow it. As once I did, too.

          1. So many ideas in this post, it is alot to unpack, Roberta! I can feel both your passionate dedication and agitation.

            Yeshua and the idea of the Trinity are a mystery to me. When I think of Yeshua, and his driving the animal sellers from the temple, I see a man who has been driven to violence over his beliefs, an incarnated man, just like everyone of us, only further along. I think of the boy Yeshua, who may have wept over the animal sacrifices and I think of God, and wonder if Yeshua’s death was somehow an act of repentance for accepting animal sacrifice for so many centuries as offerings. Could Yeshu’s death have been a double atonement?

            Was Yeshua God in flesh? If so, was he always or did he become so? I think of his affirmation, “God is in me, and I am in God.” Powerful.

            Yeshua prayed to God. In Hosea it says God is our only Savior. From Yeshua’s example, it is apparent to me that we must put God first.

            I also think of Yeshua praying for forgiveness for us all from the cross. Surely a divine act, was it then he became God in flesh?

            I also think of Abraham and Isaac. A story every Jewish person knew. What if Yeshua had been saved like Isaac? Would we all have walked into Heaven on Earth then? Thou shalt not Kill was one of the ten Commandments, yet they are still killing. Those babies were killed. When will we master even the most basic of laws.

            Are we also children of God? What does made in his image and likeness mean? Are we also representives?

            Does the blood of Christ erase any shame we may carry and unite us with God so we may go to God? Or is this idea being used as an excuse to not take responsibility and act as if this were heaven, be righteous? To affirm sin and sinful actions?

            So many different aspects and viewpoints. I have stopped attempting to know and instead simply consider, but ultimately, I know it comes back to love. The daily practice of love. A love so strong we stop whipping each other at last. A vibration of love so real that violence is an impossibilty.

            Thank you for all that you share and teach, I really resonate with so much that you say.

            Every blessing,

          2. Although Paul was a religion builder, wasn’t Christianity (the fear based type) actually started by Constantine who declared it the official religion of the Roman Empire? Why did he do that? In other words, what was in it for him? I say that because he (Constantine) could never win a “nice guy of the year award.”

          3. I know. It is a horrid (and senseless) dogma, but I could never understand the rationale behind it and why it seems to survive, even today. I heard that in the early days of the Catholic church, sex was supposed to be used only for reproduction, and it was considered a mortal sin to use any kind of birth control. So, if you didn’t want tons of children, you had to abstain from sex entirely. Where did this come from? As far as I know, Jesus never addressed this issue at all

  2. Roberta, I have made an effort to influence conventional neuroscience with uncomfortable facts, such as documented in The Self Does Not Die, but consciousness continues unabated when the brain ceases to function. In the June issue of Scientific American, the eminent neuroscientist Cristof Koch continues to spread misinformation on the nature of consciousness by insisting it only exists for the material brain. He cited the original Handbook on NDEs, but never mentioned it provided evidence for discarnate consciousness, and he made no mention of the follow on text, cited above, in which over a hundred cases of discarnate consciousness were empirically authenticated. I have written him about this failure at his institute, but do not expect any interaction. My own research demonstrating that consciousness is more real than what the brain can produce is at least now acknowledged in the IANDS information website with a good summary of findings and conclusions. There is a continuing need for scientists and the general public to become familiar with the fact that materialism distorts the nature of reality, and instead what IS REAL is the mind of God, with us as droplets in His ocean of consciousness.

    1. Hello Jack! Dear friends, Jack Hiller is an eminent expert in the NDE field. And Jack, I’m grateful for your efforts at using NDE-derived evidence to try to open the minds of consciousness researchers, but emphatically they cannot go there! Once they acknowledge that consciousness can exist independent of the brain, their funding to spend their lives looking for a source of it in the brain is going to dry up altogether. Then who will pay their lifestyle bills?

      And everyone, although no one who arrives at where the dead are can return and speak to us about it, in fact the NDE phenomenon conclusively demonstrates the core fact that our brains do not generate consciousness and in fact our minds can function perfectly well apart from our bodies. And they can function even better in some cases, as people born without eyes who have NDEs can attest to us. To their amazement, beyond their bodies they can see just fine! The IANDS-sponsored book that Jack cites would, in an honest scientific environment, have been groundbreaking. But as things are, the truth that NDEs repeatedly demonstrate is going to be ignored until at long last someone develops an Ap that can let you ring up great-great-great Aunt Mildred wherever she is now and get her secret recipes. When everyone is talking directly with those that we used to think were dead, we will be laughing the eminent neuroscientist Cristof Koch into his own well-deserved oblivion!

  3. Good Morning
    Overall a good message; however, I do have a couple of concepts I would like to have you consider.
    First: I suggest, as individuals, groups or organizations must stop describing the changes we are suggesting as ” A FIGHT”. this type of term is a low, low vibration term and we must think of High Vibration thoughts. I believe one of Jesus’s suggestions was this: be careful of the words & thoughts that are utilized for they harm.
    Taking it one step further; when we use the term “fight” we’re not in the “NOW – PRESENT” we’re in the future. The Universe, IMHO, only works in the Now; so we must make our statements and thoughts reflect that we are ALREADY thankful for what we have already. Fight and many other words of this type are describing either the PAST or FUTURE. This transitional thinking is difficult but if we want to EFFECT immediate change this is what must happen. Must be in the PRESENT with high vibrational words.

    Second: This suggestion is a bit above my pay-grade; however, here it goes. I will suggest that a major segment of the Worlds and US population must move out of constant “FEAR”. FEAR is propagated by State & Federal Government & Agencies, by All of Main Stream Media, by most all Churches; you get the picture. Consciousness cannot and will not be raised until these organizations are changed. Soooo. let’s stick to the US.

    The question becomes; How do we change the Consciousness of the US. Big Question with only a few answers. In my mind the question is answered by who is the one person above ALL; people listen too? Whether that person is liked or disliked; who do the people have an opinion on and who is this person? In my mind it’s the President of the US. That person has the POWER & MAY have the will to lead the people and effect POSITIVE CHANGE.

    Any other change through government, State or Federal, turns out to be a Generational process; slow and fraught with danger. By and large Churches are stuck in Dogma and the leadership is steeped in maintaining their role and power. Remember most individuals are, in my area, still wearing masks and doing everything their told to destroy their own health. It’s called MSM conditioning through FEAR.
    That’s it Roberta; my thoughts; however, always follow your blog and you have excellent advice and provide outstanding thoughts for individuals to consider.

    1. Hello dear Skip! Thank you for giving me some great things to chew on. I’ve been doing that. Now here are my thoughts in return:

      1) I used the word “fight” originally to go with the hymn, but then I didn’t like it either. But Thomas did. He says that in fact we are in a fight, not just with low-vibration consciousness but even more with the scientific and religious communities that perpetuate it. He says that we can’t continue to be nice and continue to be patient! We have 200 years left before the world is destroyed. (He predicts that the Christians will start Armageddon on their own in an effort to bring the Lord back. If you can believe it!) He seems never to have heard the old salesman’s axiom that “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” But he says that certainly applies now. Unless we are prepared now to fight the scientists and religionists in our effort to spread the truth, then our cause is hopeless.

      2) He agrees with you that the core problem now is the fact that our religions, our media, and all our governments use instilling fear as a way to better control us. For example, it turns out that the actual death rate from COVID may be even less than the .1% rate for seasonal flu, so for any state to remain in lockdown is pure fearmongering. We can do what we do with flu and just protect the old and the susceptible and put this country back to work! But still, most states perpetuate the fears. Fear in us means power for them. Horrifying.

      3) I don’t think this something that any American President can solve! Whichever party is in power, the other party hates that party’s President. The less Mr. Trump says now, the better 🙁

      4) The only thing that can possibly change things soon enough will be the broad dissemination of the truth! There is a craving now for information about death and the afterlife – predictably, since that’s the Baby Boomers’ Next Big Thing – and it has become ever clearer to me as I have been teaching over the past decade that once people really believe their lives are eternal, that certainty changes everything! Then they begin to live on an eternal frame. Then we can begin at last to teach them the truth about the teachings of Jesus….

      1. Hello. I like your blog, but I have to respectfully disagree with your description of COVID-19. I work in x-ray, and have been taking x-rays of COVID-19 patients every day for the last two months. It is not just the old getting this, some ICU patients are younger than me (I am 47). At this point about half our ICU is COVID-19 patients, and that is with our area still in partial lockdown. I have seen people on respirators laying prone in bed, to try to get oxygen in the lungs. I have seen fluctuations in our ability to get PPE for ourselves. This virus can overwhelm hospitals, and it sneaks up on your carrying capacity. 100,000 people dead and counting in the span of a few months is not a small number. So, please listen to the x-ray man who has to wear gown, gloves, N95 mask and face shield for each COVID-19 patient, when he says this is not the ordinary seasonal flu.🙂

        1. Dear Jason, I’m sorry you are having such a difficult time of it! But much better times are on the way.

          Apparently the virus is altogether gone in Italy as of the end of May, and Italy was the European epicenter.

          It is clear now, too, that COVID-19 is overwhelmingly a disease that kills the elderly and the infirm. Here are some statistics from The Wall Street Journal as of 5/29/20: more than 50% of deaths in the U.S. have been in nursing homes. Another 30% of deaths have been among people over 65 not in nursing homes. And the rest have been among those under 65. To make the distinctions even clearer, that translates to a 2% death rate in nursing homes, a .06% death rate among those over 65 who are not in nursing homes, and a .01% death rate among those younger than 65. And the nursing home deaths in New York, especially, have been more than twice the deaths in comparable facilities in Florida and in California – both more populous states – because the Governor of New York insisted from the beginning of the pandemic that nursing homes had to admit or re-admit all COVID patients. Many thousand of the most vulnerable have died needlessly in that state as a result. And Gov. Cuomo was not the only governor who required that nursing homes admit COVID patients, but he was the one who kept that order in place the longest (until just a couple of weeks ago), so the resulting death rate in New York’s nursing homes was much the worst.

          To be frank, it is becoming ever clearer that this is indeed a kind of seasonal flu. And it is not unusual for the U.S. to experience 60,000 deaths in a flu season. If this country had from the beginning protected its most vulnerable elderly people, the death toll for this disaster could have been as few as 50,000-60,000 Americans. But in any event, take heart, Jason – there clearly is daylight ahead!

  4. Dear Roberta,

    Thanks for this reminder that we must be ever aware of the larger mission that we have, each our unique way, agreed to participate in. This experience we perceive in this construct of time as incarnation is actually a larger experience taking place in “timeless now.” It’s an honored mission dedicated to introducing the eternal flow of Creation — which is expressed as the feeling we call Love — into the focal point we call the Universe. Or as Jesus worded it, to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth.

    Personally I’ll add that if anyone can say why it’s so important to introduce this Love here in this time-bound construction when in fact it already exists in “timeless now,” then that person probably already lives in the Kingdom of God. But we do know it is important — and it has nothing to do with where we happen to inhabit the planet or even the Universe. I don’t know if it’s even important to understand why it is at this point.

    I have been shown by my beloved spirit guide just enough to know that the work has nothing to do with any one thing that’s occurring, or with any one place on the planet. It is all of the planet, and the planet’s entire timeline, that is the concern. The great thing about your blog is that it reaches people representing different generations, and this community of commenters, some more regular than others but all apparently dedicated to coming back weekly, represents people across every continent and culture.

    So what is my point (–what IS my point; I’ve been trying to get myself to it!–): that the sheer brilliance of the Way that Jesus taught transcends every generation of every culture in every era of the planet. Just love, everyone; forgive, everything, always; and — after last week’s entry, we’ll add — be grateful for the Cosmic experience you have been presented with; the true “gift” from the One Eternal Mind we are all part of is that we have divine being.

    But here’s where I get hung up. The person you quote who believes Jesus’ only purpose on earth was to DIE, with that writer’s one caveat, sweeps away 30-some-odd years of teachings that were so simple, so unique, that they literally changed the course of many people’s lives–and still can, and do. If Jesus only came to DIE, then his life and his teachings can be ignored. And that, I think, is the fundamental barrier to bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth that must be overcome.

    1. Mike and Roberta: It isn’t just the belief of the clergyman that said Jesus’ only purpose was to die. It actually says it in the bible (John 4:12). so he was quoting the passage that said Jesus’ purpose here was sacrificial. Now, instead of being slightly confused, I am totally confused. I found it when I was looking up the purpose of blood sacrifices which baffled me and still does.

      1. Hi Lola, I am no scholar or expert in any sense of what is in the scripture. But the assertion, which I think probably is believed by many Christians, that He was just biding His time with those teachings until His “hour” came, too easily dismisses the powerful example and lessons He brought us. Imagine (just as a thought experiment) that He didn’t get killed. Imagine that He lived to old age, as other teachers throughout history did, and we had “only” His teaching and not His sacrifice as the basis for the religion that bears His name. These teachings were so simply presented that no one had to know a thing about scripture. They did not need to study or even travel in His inner circle. All they had to do was follow the Way. What a powerful idea.

        Alas, it’s lost in all the sacrifice/atonement dogma. This is, for me personally, the great tragedy of the Christian “tradition.”

        1. I really hope it ISN’T true, as the sacrifice/atonement dogma, as you call it, really goes over my head, as I can’t make sense of it. So only one of two things could be happening here. The first is that it is true, and for some reason we don’t understand God demands a human blood sacrifice before he can forgive anyone’s sins. The second possibility is that it was written in years after the fact and has no basis in truth – maybe to give people a guilt trip? I just know that it is actually in the Old Testament, but that’s the same book that says it’s perfectly fine to stone non-virgins to death. The problem is that we don’t know who wrote any of this or how many of them there were, or even if they were all sane.

      2. JN 4:12 is part of the story of the woman at the well. I don’t see anywhere in that story that Jesus’s purpose was sacrificial?

    2. Dear Mike, I have difficulty saying this because I was an ardent Christian for the first fifty years of my life and because I am so grateful to the religion for preserving those infinitely precious teachings. Without Christianity, they could not have survived. But the plain fact is that at this point the biggest obstacle we face to the advent of the kingdom of God on earth is this core Christian belief that God needed to see Jesus sacrificed. It is fear-based, guilt-based, and so plain awful that while that belief remains prominent it is going to be impossible for us to change much of anything! And the fact that it remains is proof that most Christians never have actually read the Gospels and taken them seriously. Oh, we have so much work to do! But at least now we can begin to see the shape of that work. Now we can begin….

  5. good morning roberta
    years ago i had a sticker on my fridge which read, ‘world peace begins with inner peace.’ i don’t even remember where i got the sticker, i just thought it was so cool. i surely did not understand it because at that time i thought, how silly, how can my internal peace be connected to world peace. well, thirty years later with the help of people like you, a course in miracles, and being very curious, Thank God, I have come to realize how compelling and true those words on that fridge sticker have been and always will be, and the only way to achieve a peaceful and loving world. thank you for all your inspirational articles. lois

    1. Oh dear Lois, I love it! That sticker summarizes this entire post – I could just have posted those six words and given my week over to doing something else! Thank you for sharing it. Raising our personal consciousness vibrations toward ever more perfect love is indeed the only way for us to make anything in this world any better than we found it. And since raising our personal vibrations actually is EASY – that is the great gift that Jesus gave us, that easy method for achieving inner transformation – achieving the kingdom of God on earth is largely a matter of sufficient education and inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Nhat. Anita went through an amazing (though physically painful) experience. It is good to see that as one result of this experience she brought out this beautiful children’s book.

      1. The amazing thing about Anita is that after working at a terminally ill clinic for 11 years, I can guarantee that Anita’s particular disease and the massive size of her tumors would make it virtually impossible for her to survive through any normal medical treatment.

    2. Thank you, dear Nhat! The book is lovely. I watched the video last night and have been thinking about it ever since, and I guess my only concern is that it contains adult versions of ideas that she has then tried to adapt for young children, who simply don’t think the way adults think. And then at the end she has them pledge to do and think certain things, which is a guilt-based and not a love-based project. little ones need to be loved, to be taught what love even is and how it feels and how it affects others, but we have to be careful not to give them concepts that they are not yet able to understand.

      You remind me that the illustrations for my second children’s book have been done for a year, and they’re beautiful! Time to get that done….

  6. As I already stated, I can’t understand the logic to any of these clergymen’s statements including the one that Jesus only came here to die for our sins. If God is so offended by our “sins,” and if he is our creator, why did he create us with “original sin” in the first place? Why would he cause Mary to become pregnant with a perfect person (Jesus) so that he could be sacrificed in such a brutal matter just so our “sins” could be forgiven? How does putting all the blame on Jesus make this work out to anyone’s advantage?. People “sinned” even more after Jesus died. Just look at history i.e. the inquisition, bloody wars etc. Who is going to die for their sins now that Jesus is gone? Do otherwise intelligent people in 2020 actually believe this makes any sense?

    1. Oh dear Lola, there you go, being logical again! Nothing about this makes sense to anyone who actually has studied Christianity. That’s why clergymen call it all “sacred mysteries.” We simply aren’t smart enough to understand God’s way more sacred thinking! The best explanation I ever got was that GOD didn’t need the sacrifice, but WE feel so guilty that WE needed the sacrifice in order to feel less guilty. Well, um, okay. But it’s Christianity that makes us feel guilty in the first place – no child is born with any sense of guilt – so in the end I concluded that the core device of all religions is first to instill guilt and then to convince us that particular religion has the best cure for the feeling of guilt it has instilled in us. It’s a racket. It makes no sense at all.

      If you want to see an extreme version of this, I wrote about Calvinism awhile back. If you put that term into the search bar it should come right up. Calvinists believe that God created some of us to be “saved,” and created some of us to end up in hell. God decided it beforehand! If He created you for hell, then that’s where you’ll go. You can’t know before you die whether you are a sheep or a goat, and there is nothing you can do about it.

      Calvinism is yet more proof that practicing Christians don’t actually take the words of Jesus as important enough that they come above everything else. God walked the earth in human form, and these people don’t care what He said!

    1. Dear Millie, that is the very essence of truth! As A Course in Miracles says, everything is either love or a call for love. It us important that we always remember this core truth whenever people do awful things. Was what they did loving? If not, then they are begging for our love. Love is all there is!

  7. Dear friends, please note that if you want me to respond, it is important that you not add your comment to a trail of comments. After three or four in a row, I can’t respond. For example, at the end of the fifth comment down from James, and the sixth and seventh comments from Lola, there is no Reply option. There may be a way around that, but I don’t know what it is so I can’t respond to you. I’m sorry – it’s frustrating! If you want an answer, please re-post your comment separately?

    1. Oh I’m relieved to hear it’s not just me this happens to!

      Recently I responded to a reader’s comment only to find my own ended up in the wrong place despite my using the ‘Reply’ button directly underneath the original comment. Roberta kindly tidied things up for me.

      I guess it’s this blog’s default format. 🙁

  8. Hello Roberta,

    This is the first time I’ve read your blog so I don’t know you and your thinking very well yet. There are many topics included in that blog post. People are discussing mostly comments having to do with Christianity, Jesus and consciousness but I’d like to ask why you said this:

    “ Putting aside the fact that after studying global warming for years I still don’t understand what all the fuss is about, I would point out that this man has devoted his life to Jesus! Yet he considers climate change to be our “central crisis”? ”

    I would suppose the man considers climate crisis to be our “Central crisis” because he is afraid it is going to destroy the world. There won’t be much point in trying to help individual humans if the earth can no longer support life. Mostly I’m just curious why you think there’s no reason to make a “fuss” about global warming? Do you think it’s not real, not a real problem?

    1. Welcome, S! I hope you will read some prior posts, since it must be odd indeed to be picking up this discussion when everyone else is so far along in it. I commend you for trying!

      There are three answers I can give to your global warming question, and after mulling which is best I have decided to give you all three:

      1) I was a young adult in the sixties. Back then, there were several major crises that were going to destroy humankind in the 20th century (usually by the end of the eighties), the most prominent of which were famine and overpopulation. There also was an overdue ice age beginning. And these were just the big crises! We also were about to run out of oil and all other fossil fuels and some key minerals as well, clean water was going to become almost impossible to find, and the smog clouds that then existed over every city of any size would make a lot of places uninhabitable. What is now just one alarm – global warming – comes for people my age on the tail of so many alarms that at the time were hyped just as much, and caused just as much terror, and were going to end life as we know it before 2000, but never happened. None of them happened! So with this one, I have done quite a bit of research. Fool me once….

      2) Governments are like religions: they need to rule by fear. If they can put us into a crisis that scares us so much that we will give up control of our lives to them, then it becomes much easier for them to dominate us. And if all you do is listen to them and to the media that serves them, then of course we are all DOOMED! But in fact for the past twenty years the global-warming scientists have been fudging their numbers. Putting their temperature sensors in cities, making downward adjustments in older numbers, and so on. And they have been making predictions that didn’t come true – shades of how the nineties felt to people who had been freaked out in the sixties – so now they have had to turn “global warming” into “climate change,” which lets the alarmists claim that every change in the temperature or in weather trends is a sign that they were right! But S, humankind has survived much bigger swings in temperature than anything that is now predicted, and in fact has thrived in the process. As my husband points out, when we moved from Massachusetts to Florida we suffered a far more extreme change in climate than the two or three degrees of temperature rise worldwide from pre-industrial levels that is now predicted. And anyway, CO2 is a small part of the atmosphere – less than 4% – while water vapor is a many times more abundant greenhouse gas. What are we going to do about the water vapor?

      3) Even if everything being said now about climate change is right, there is a far more serious threat on the horizon than just a three-degrees rise in world temperatures. We are being told from the highest levels of reality that we have about 200 years left in which to shift the consciousness of humanity away from fear and hatred and toward love before humankind altogether destroys itself. Two hundred years. And since shifting human consciousness toward love means the end of wars, hatred, and oppression, and it means harmony over all the earth, and on top of it all it will be EASY once we have spread the word, doesn’t it seem to you that the destruction of humankind in apocalyptic wars that will make the planet uninhabitable at any temperature is a bigger threat than would be even a four- or five-degrees rise in temperatures?

      I hope this answers your question! I’m not saying we shouldn’t care. What I said in the post was that if you have devoted your life to a cause (Jesus, in that clergyman’s case), then live that cause and help to save the world! That’s all.

  9. Hi Roberta: Your point seems to have gotten lost. We need to raise our energy, our vibration rate. The spiritual realm is at a much higher energy with vibrations so fast we can’t see them. Mediums trying to materialize work very hard to slow down. Howard Storm in his NDE heard the angels and Jesus say that we have about 200 years, just like you said. Yvonne Kason MD in Touched by the Light describes experiences of awakening to a higher energy reality, the Kundalini effect. I would be curious about your suggestions of how to go about this. You mention several months of religious training… Are you suggesting meditation? Centering prayer? What would raising one’s energy, one’s rate of vibrations, one’s spiritual inner being look like?
    -Chuck Webb

    1. Dear Charles, if you will read every post about the teachings of Jesus and the kingdom of God you will learn the easiest and most effective way to raise our consciousness vibrations. Jesus is not a religious figure. In fact, it’s pretty clear from His teachings that He came to do away with religions and teach us to relate to God individually. His teachings, when properly applied to simply living a normal live, have the power to raise our vibrations by a lot in just a few months’ time; and our consciousness vibrations continue to rise from there as we continue to live the truth. Fortunately, we don’t need to (and could not) raise our vibrations to the non-material levels while we are still in material bodies! And what we can achieve using just those teachings is quite sufficient. If ten percent of the world would simply apply those (again, non-religious) teachings, we would easily transform all of humankind.

  10. Roberta, when I read your blog post, I was reminded of one of my favourite quotations: Smile at strangers and you might just change a life. It also reminded me of the suicide survivor who said that one smile from a stranger would have caused him to think twice about jumping off the bridge.

    So why not start small with this mammoth task of elevating the world’s consciousness?

    What if, every day, we gave just one (or more!) genuine smile(s) to strangers in cars, in the supermarket or on the street? In other words, show love to people we don’t know. They might feel better and do the same to another person.

    It certainly wouldn’t hurt. Just my two cents worth…

    1. Dear Kristian, of course we should be teaching people to smile at others – we should be doing that now anyway because it’s an easy habit, and it’s quite rewarding to the smiler. I have found that my own spontaneous smile kind of looks forced, so instead what I do is just relax my face and wave or say hello whenever I catch a stranger’s eye. That’s a very good suggestion!

      But dear Kristian, the time for smarting small is long past. We are in a countdown now, and we have no more than a century to make a really substantial difference before the long slide into chaos on earth is so well underway that it will be nearly unstoppable. Yes, let’s do the easy good things! But it’s time now to start to do the hard things as well, if we want to be able to preserve an earth that is still worth saving.

  11. What you concluded, to me, sounds logical (sorry to use that word again) because it is amazingly similar, if not identical, to the cult mentality, which was discussed last week. Instilling guilt and fear is essential in order to convince anyone that those in power (a cult leader or religious order) have the answer to “save” you from your current situation. Jesus’ crucifixion afforded them this opportunity.

    I do recall the Calvinist discussion from a couple of months ago. It is a clear example of instilling fear. Those poor people must have been terrified; I also wondered if you came across anything in actual history to explain why Constantine declared Christianity to be the official religion of the Roman Empire. Somehow, I think he must have had a personal reason to do this apart from religious beliefs, but when I looked it up, all I found were reasons supplied by the Catholic church, so obviously, these explanations were extremely biased such as “being led by God” to do it etc.

    1. Constantine’s mother became a Christian, and she persuaded him to be one too. It is impossible to know what her notions were and why he accepted being converted, because – as you say – all the details that survive have a strong religious gloss. But it certainly wasn’t the Lord’s teachings that hooked him, since the religion he built has nothing to do with what Jesus said and has everything to do with that handy-dandy crucifixion and the massive guilt and fear it could be used to instill. Constantine quickly saw that when molded into a fear-based system of control, he could use his nascent vision of Christianity to conquer the world.

      And where Calvinism is concerned, there are many Calvinists to this day! They see their being such devoted Calvinists as for-sure signs that they must be among the Elect. Again, it’s a great system of fear-based control that its leaders can use to keep people submissive.

  12. Thanks. I didn’t know Constantine’s mother converted to Christianity, but it sounds reasonable that maybe he figured if he had God on his side, he could use it to his advantage and gain even more power. The one good outcome of this is that Constantine put a stop to throwing Christians to the lions, which was an afternoon outing back then for many people — unbelievable!

  13. I wasn’t planning to reply to this branch of the thread, but I can’t get a snippet out of my mind. What’s worse, I can’t remember who said what follows on a Fox interview by, I think, Elizabeth McDonald. The interviewee said the controlling responses by Governors, Mayors etc., was a rehearsal of what was to come. When asked, “Rehearsal for what?”, the interviewee said it was to institute a police state here and the engine behind this would be a response to global warming.

    Shades of Rahm Emanuel’s “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”


    1. Dear Cookie, I think the comment that some politicians would love to be able to use the global-warming scare to take away Americans’ rights to live as they choose is sound. When you look at some of their proposals – especially the Green New Deal and its variants – if they were allowed to implement much of what they want, this nation would be a great deal poorer and its people would be a lot less free. Ironically, the COVID-19 crisis has made a lot of what had been proposed in order to combat global warming look to be literally unworkable: moving to dense cities, giving up disposable plastics, using public transportation, and so on. It looks as if all of it will be far less attractive to Americans after what we have been through!

  14. Thank you Roberta, for your answer to my question re: your views on climate change and global warming. Based solely on what you wrote in your section “2” of your response I do not feel you are well-grounded in genuine science but of course you have a right to your opinions. This is your blog discussion and I’ll not try to debate or argue your points:)

    I can certainly agree that the notion that humanity only has 200 years to turn things around seems quite possible. I try to be informed of what goes on around the world and when I see how certain people are cruelly oppressed— the Uighurs in China, the Rohingya in Myanmar, oppression of N. Koreans, what was done to Tibet by the Chinese, attacks in Yemen, anti-democracy crackdowns in Hong Kong, and many other examples I could cite, I tend to think, sadly, you have received correct information. Man’s inhumanity to man continues to be tremendous.

    I leave you all to your discussion. Thank you again, Roberta, for taking the time to explain your thoughts.

    1. Dear S, for the sake of everyone we can hope that I’m right about global warming but wrong about the imminent destruction of the earth and its inhabitants, since for sufficient changes to be made for us to satisfactorily address either threat will be a long shot indeed!

  15. Hi Roberta,

    I went to the chapter that Lola mentions above, 1 John Chapter 4, and edited the parts that could very well have been added about Salvation and Sacrifice and Judgement, and the chapter reads beautifully and aligns with the Love we speak about here.
    Eliminating vs. 9,10,14,15,17 –
    7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 11 Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 12 No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. 13 This is how we know that we live in him and he in us: He has given us of his Spirit. 16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 19 We love because he first loved us. 20 Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. 21 And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.

    Have a Great Day!

    1. Hey Timothy!
      What a great thing you have just done. By editing the ‘other-than-love’ parts of 1 John Chapter 4, you’ve given voice to Jesus’ teaching on perfect love.

      And if you read these verses as if Jesus Himself is speaking these words, what a powerful impact it has – It’s pure Light!

      Thank you mate, for Jesus is speaking directly to the hearts of each of us here.
      He has entered our blog discussion and He has explained that love is what it is all about!

    2. As I read John 4:12. Are you greater than our father, Jacob, who gave us he well and drank from it himself, as did his children and livestock? Which bible refers to sacrifice please?

      1. Dear Nico, as Timothy says, your quotation is from the Gospel of John, but Timothy’s analysis is of a different NT Book. I don’t use those later John epistles that are supposedly by the elderly Apostle, since my only interest is in what Jesus said when He was on earth.

      2. I don’t know because I read this off a Christian website, but it is also mentioned in Romans 4:25 NCV (“Jesus was given to die for our sins.”)

        1. Dear Lola, Romans is another NT Epistle, this one reportedly written by Paul. What modern Christians sometimes call penal substitutionary atonement – the notion that Jesus died for our sins – was a small-minority view from fairly early in the post-Resurrection period, but when Constantine’s Christianity was established it became the only acceptable view. It is false and absurd, of course, and it’s nothing that ever came from Jesus!

          1. Roberta: I was actually answering Nico’s question of where it was in the bible concerning Jesus dying for our sins, but it wound up in the wrong comment section. The weird thing is that I was just about to inquire whether Constantine’s version of Christianity included this concept (Jesus dying for everyone’s sins) but you answered the question before I even had the chance to ask it – kind of spooky LOL

    3. Dear Timothy, thank you for this! But 1JN is different from the Gospel of John – it’s part of Paul’s Epistles, traditionally written by the Apostle John when he was old (if memory serves), and we can’t attribute any of it directly to Jesus. My favorite line from this Book is the first, where we are told to “try the spirits” to make sure they are of God. It is Biblical approval of consulting mediums, which we can use to refute the church’s irrational banning of mediums!

  16. Dearest Roberta,
    The tragedy of this world is that one horrific image speaks volumes of suffering. The murder of the baby in the blanket is utterly heinous in itself, yet somehow it invokes an unimaginably larger, age old human suffering that seems as if it would have no end.

    And in your reference to this slaughter of innocence, I cannot help but notice a tone of self admonition, anguish and palpable urgency, my dear. There is a keen sense of how seriously you take your chosen responsibility in spreading the knowledge of how humanity may be rescued.

    I do see why this knowledge should indeed be taken seriously! I’m also getting the feeling that it is very important to consider what to do with the time I have left on Earth. So you are going to take on the fight, and break out of your comfort zones to broaden and quicken the raising of human vibrations. I sense that you are right Roberta – you know I can’t see human civilization surviving more than a couple of hundred years, considering how we behave and think today.

    I also agree with Thomas; ‘fight’ is the right word. It focuses and galvanizes will and hardiness, and spurs forward the force of change to a great momentum. ‘Fight’ also reflects the importance of this vital cause. A cause that is as intrinsic to the mind’s awakening, as it is to non violence and virtue.

    I choose to take your ‘vow to share what we know’ personally. The question is : What will I actually do with the knowledge I have found and the growth I have experienced?

    I feel one comes to a fork in the road. One way is to quietly enjoy the growth of love and the dissolving of fear, and exhibit it naturally to our fellows day by day. The other way is to take up the fight and actively find opportunities to speak the truth to many, ever and often.

    Let the heart choose the path. ❣️🌅🌎

    1. This is so beautifully said, dear Efrem! And I see my role in part to be to find ways for knowledgeable people of good will to efficiently teach and encourage new learners. I have put it all in Thomas’s hands for now. He seems to be telling me that all he needs is our willingness, and he will help us with the means to get it done.

  17. Hi Roberta. I discovered you in the last 6 months. I wanted to ask you to consider the work of A J Miller in Australia. I hope you do not dismiss this. He claims to be Jesus reincarnated. He has hundreds of videos and teachings – His work on the understanding of what happened in his lifetime 2000 years ago, the truth of matters, understanding the entity of ‘God’, love and conditioning of our souls is there to discover. I suggest listening to the Radio segments quietly. The 7 sessions on Emotion say it all. We need to get this lesson. I hope this AJ/Jesus reaches Oneness with God anew and we learn what is really possible.

    1. Hello Jane! If it were up to me, I would be happy to take a look. Nothing I ever do is up to me, however, and my primary guide, Thomas, is telling me that Jesus is not now on earth as an incarnate being. He won’t let me read or listen to the various people claiming to channel Jesus either, since he says that I am useful only to the extent that my source of information about the Lord is the canonical Gospels alone.

      He tells me that there are a number of people right now who are also working to share these truths in various versions, and I think (he won’t say) that this AJ Miller is one of these people. Thomas isn’t speaking against these folks at all, just as Jesus said that “he that is not against us is for us” (MK 9:40); but Thomas won’t let me be exposed to their work. I’m sorry!

  18. Dearest Roberta,

    It is for an unstated reason that I posted in this thread, which was that certain politicians are using their response to Covid-19 as an experiment to see what will work in the future as they attempt to convert our form of government into a police state.

    The reason is that this is SERIOUS, folks. We need to raise our planetary vibration level, and just working on our intellectual understanding of the roles of love and forgiveness is nice, but I would imagine it has only a slight effect on vibration level. We need to actually DO love and forgiveness. And BTW, I am probably one of the worst offenders in the think but don’t do crowd. All, do as I write, not as I confess.


    1. Dear Cookie, I think all of us feel that we are still in our heads, not in our hearts, and therefore not accomplishing much. And there is another problem, which is that the terms “love” and “forgiveness” – especially love – are so overused and in so many different ways that it is hard for us even to understand or articulate what we are striving for! I didn’t begin to see this problem until recently, but indeed it is a problem. We’ll begin to address it next week….

      1. Hi again! Language spoken and written is a problem, as words fail us. I keep getting this impulse in my mind that goes something like this: “think in images not words.” I am not sure what it means or how to do it, but I think it’s relevant to how we can overcome the barriers of language and inspire action not talk.

        It could be that the essential nature of this experience we perceive as incarnation is only truly understood in metaphors.

  19. On the subject of metaphors, caterpillars don’t grow into butterflies, they dissolve into them. The existing being that is the caterpillar breaks down completely to a cellular level and then a set of what are called “imaginal” cells reconstitutes into the butterfly.

    1. Dear Mike, I think this is why the caterpillar-to-butterfly analogy is such a good one for the transition to eternal life! These bodies that we inhabit now must die and dissolve in order for us to assume the perfect bodies that will house our eternal minds. Well, not a perfect analogy perhaps, but pretty good!

    2. Mike: This is truly amazing. I looked up “imaginal cells” and discovered they are like stem cells in that they can become any kind of cell. This explains why a butterfly and caterpillar do not even vaguely resemble one another. Sadly, loss of habitat and use of pesticides have become serious threats to their existence. Incidentally, I agree with you that words are inadequate to explain our experience of incarnation, and can only be understood in metaphors.

      1. The caterpillar has to die in order for the butterfly to be born. And so, too, must we die out of this lifetime in order to experience our full and genuine eternal lives! Even long before I had developed an evidence-based understanding of death and the afterlife, I was able at least to realize that the caterpillar’s death is the beginning of a very much greater life than the caterpillar even could have imagined….

        1. What makes the metaphor so much better for me since I learned this process is that it’s a complete disappearance of the original form. The butterfly is not an outgrowth of the caterpillar but a complete “reimagined” being. Literally as well as figuratively.

    3. Mike, when you describe the metamorphosis of a butterfly as you do, it truly speaks volumes. 🐛🌪

      So there is dissolution and renewed creation. 💫✨✨✨🦋


  20. Your sense of urgency is palpable, Roberta. I was under the impression that Thomas was a bit more relaxed and upbeat about how things have been progressing lately. Has something changed?

    1. Dear Scott, with Thomas it has always been hurry-up-and-wait. When he first came out to me in 2015, Liberating Jesus absolutely had to be written and published that same year; but now he is content to let it grow naturally (which is happening). He soon pulled me away from public speaking, he got me to finish but not to publish the next Fun book, and he turned our focus to blogging and Seek Reality, while telling me that we were comfortably on top of things and I needed to relax and trust the process; but now in the past few months he is urging me on again. It is clear that he is co-ordinating our work with the work of many others, and I am not sure that he clearly sees the whole picture that is being orchestrated very far above our joint pay grades. But he is telling me as I write this that we don’t need to see the whole picture! Our job is just to do our part to the very best of our ability, and to trust God for the rest.

  21. Hello. Please don’t get too hard on yourself that you didn’t do more. You are spreading your teachings to the best of your ability. Take myself, I am no hero, when our city had riots over the death of George Floyd I was at the trauma center x-raying broken bones, finding bullets, we do what we can. I bought a few of your books, found your forgiveness practice to be useful. Good luck to you.

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