Bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 30, 2019 • 21 Comments
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All the stresses and angers that now separate people, best exemplified in our rage-filled politics but extending into every cranny of our lives, are signs of human history gone dangerously wrong. It is hard for people whose lifespan on earth will extend for only eight or nine decades, and people who furthermore believe that modernity is a synonym for progress, to grasp the fact that our species is rushing headlong down a blind, dark alley. We are entranced with technological progress which enhances our lives, and with medical progress which lengthens our lives, while never once really grasping the fact that we are decorating an empty vessel. None of the scientific bounty of the past two centuries has made us one whit happier. Indeed, we are ever more plagued by depression and hopelessness on a worldwide scale. And this does not end well! We are being told now by beings not in bodies and living at the highest levels of reality that unless we can very rapidly change the course of human history, within just another two hundred years humanity will be reduced to a dying remnant battling on a ruined planet.

You and I are in the midst of an emergency without precedent! So we have spent the past seven months here taking weekly bites at this crisis and exploring the fact that our options for addressing it are limited. If you have come late to this series, please read at least the posts linked here, since otherwise you may think I am being unnecessarily alarmist! Among our worst problems is the fact that not only are our main sources of information – mainstream science and mainstream religions – entirely devoid of potential solutions, but they actually contribute to perpetuating everything that has gone so wrong. Now here is the solution in a nutshell.

Nobel Laureate Max Planck, the father of quantum mechanics, told us that consciousness is the source of reality. He said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” And as was noted a couple of weeks ago in MIT Technology Review, a surprising recent experiment bears him out! What you and I experience in a limited way as human consciousness is the base creative force that continuously manifests this universe. Consciousness at its highest vibration is the Godhead, so it deserves a capital “C.” Here is some of what we know about Consciousness:

  • Consciousness is in the nature of a form of energy, and it vibrates according to what we experience as emotions. It is important that we understand how powerfully creative our emotions are! When we think hatred- or fear-based thoughts, we are creating negativity in our environment as surely as if we took a flamethrower to a standing forest.
  • At its lowest vibration, Consciousness is fear and every other negative emotion, while at its highest vibration Consciousness is perfect love. The more we strive to turn away from negative emotions and ever more perfecty love and forgive, the higher our personal vibrations will rise.
  • The lower its vibration, the weaker Consciousness is; while at its highest vibration the creative power of Consciousness is infinite. So your having nasty thoughts is going to be considerably less powerful than will be your sharing of pure love and light!
  • Every human mind is part of one Consciousness, not discretely but indivisibly. So for any of us to raise or lower our personal vibratory rate will minutely affect the personal vibratory rate of every other person on earth.

When taken together, these four points suggest something that experimental evidence supports: just a few people thinking in loving concert can powerfully affect events. British researcher Lynne McTaggart is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of using the power of minds joined together in love to, for example, bring down the crime rate in targeted cities or foster love between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East. Her experiments are described in her wonderful book, The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World. The great results that she describes are so astounding that they make you want to organize the entire world into groups right now and target every problem with loving mind-energy!

For each of us to raise our personal consciousness vibrations away from negativity and toward ever more perfect love is our first order of business. And it turns out that the teachings of Jesus are the simplest and most effective method for doing that. There can be no clearer proof that Jesus is a genuine historical figure who came from the highest aspect of the Godhead than the fact that two thousand years ago He gave us the only certain answer to the problems that you and I face today!

As Jesus well knew, and as we said last week, raising our individual spiritual vibrations is a matter of simple Consciousness physics. No need to learn to meditate or do yoga; no need to take classes or go to church, and no need even to worry about sin or to practice penance. This is not a matter of earning God’s approval, but instead it is as much a matter of simple physics as are the effects of gravity or the temperature at which water boils. The Gospel teachings of Jesus work efficiently to raise your own spiritual setting, and in fact they are the easiest and most effective method for achieving rapid spiritual growth ever devised. Those teachings may not take you all the way, but they can take you pretty far! If you will carefully follow the five-step process based in the Gospels that was posted last week, you can achieve real spiritual growth within months, and be stabilized at a much higher spiritual level in a single year.

I have received a surprising number of emails from readers since posting that five-step process, nearly all of whom were trying to find a way around their need to forgive everything. They said things like, “I can forgive but I can’t forget.” “He isn’t sorry, so how can I forgive him?” or “I have put it behind me. Why isn’t that enough?” All of which tells me that I was not sufficiently straightforward last week. As A Course in Miracles tells us, there is no order of magnitude to the miracle of forgiveness. Everything can be forgiven! Simply make and release those forgiveness balls all day, every day, until your lazy mind gets over the urgency that you yourself have instilled in it about panicking at every perceived wrong. And it soon will give up. I can promise you that! Your ne’er-do-well brother-in-law or the monster who murdered someone you love doesn’t care whether you forgive him or not, but your learning to forgive without reservation is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself!

The characteristics of people who are vibrating at a much higher rate are easy to spot. Without exception, these people are:

  • Happy. Whenever you meet someone whose core happiness setting seems to be unusually high, you are dealing with someone who is more advanced spiritually.
  • Peaceful. They don’t seem to process events as threats to themselves, but rather they do what they can to address them and quietly allow the will of Spirit to prevail.
  • Humble. They have no interest in personal attention, beyond how they might use it in the service of others.
  • Very slow to anger. People who are vibrating higher cannot be near people who are angry. When attacked, they won’t fight back; but rather, they love and bless and withdraw.
  • Not interested in wealth. Those I know who are more developed spiritually prefer to live simply. If they have more, they want to devote their own surplus to helping others.
  • Loving and supportive. I have never known a spiritually advanced person whose first instinct was not to think well of people, and even of those who were bent on doing harm.

Or to quote Jesus, “Do not worry … but seek first His kingdom and His righteousness” (MT 6:25-33). Do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also” (MT 5:39). Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted (MT 23:12). “Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven… for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (MT 6:19-21). Love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return… Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful(LK 6:35-36). And “Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (MT 5:48). Apparently the Lord wasn’t giving us behavioral suggestions when He said those words, but rather He was describing for us the way spiritually advanced people naturally are!

Jesus told us that if you will sufficiently raise your personal spiritual vibration in this lifetime, you will at your death be able to enter the highest vibratory level beneath the Godhead, which Jesus called the kingdom of God. But that is not the primary reason why you and I must make this effort now! Please read again the fourth property of Consciousness given above. Every human mind is part of one Consciousness, not discretely but indivisibly. So for any of us to raise or lower our personal vibratory rate will minutely affect the personal vibratory rate of every other person on earth. And for as few as perhaps ten percent of the world’s population to raise their spiritual vibratory rates will raise the spiritual vibrations of all of humankind enough to begin to bring the kingdom of God on earth. All those others don’t even need to know why they are feeling less angry now, why their first impulse is to want to help others, or why they are happier than they ever have been and they want all the world to be happy, too. The work of raising our personal spiritual vibrations is a matter of consciousness physics, and so also will be our work of raising the consciousness vibrations of all the people in the world.

As we have been saying, you and I know enough now that we really can begin to transform ourselves, and then we can reach out and help others who also want to transform themselves. And as we do that, all of us together will without any further effort be starting the process of utterly transforming every other person on the face of the earth. Now is when it begins! And those in Spirit assure us that if we each will only do our part, it won’t even take us very long. Let us look now at what it will be like when we are living at last in that much better world….


Military photo credit: calafellvalo <a href=”″>Baldellou (151)</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Medieval Jesus photo credit: MichaelHDJ <a href=”″>Jesus Christ</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
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21 thoughts on “Bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth

  1. On another blog I posted that loving unconditionally is our natural state of being, as we were formed from that “block” of love called God. To fully overcome our little egos, that stand in the way, is the key. I believe that gratitude for everything, especially the bad experiences, is THE shortcut to melt all negativity, fear and ego away and suddenly find ourselves one day having unawareness stepped back over the threshold into God’s home, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and everywhere else, as we melt back into Pure Unconditional Love, and once again be our natural selves.

    I bless your weekly writings; and happily read it every week!

    1. Dear Adrian, you are so right! We are already those perfected beings, and to paraphrase A Course in Miracles, spiritual growth is mostly a matter of clearing away the illusions and remembering who we truly are eternally! And for that, we need the exercise of pushing back against the negativity that exists here on earth but does not exist in the part of the greater reality which is our eternal home. The problem is, of course, that if there is too much negativity here it can begin to take down the system, and that is what is happening now; it appears from what we are told that the risk is real! We raise this planet’s consciousness vibrations enough to bring its population back into spiritual balance, or we will see humankind literally wipe itself out. We are told that there actually was a planet (yes, there are many which harbor intelligent life) where the population was allowed to depress their own vibration to the point where they destroyed their planet and themselves, and the earth is so useful that those at the higher levels are determined to prevent having that also happen here!

      And they tell us now that they are more and more confident that this effort is going to succeed. Even my beloved Thomas – who is a pragmatic realist, if ever there was one! – seems to be lightening up a bit now. Thanks to you, dear Adrian, and thanks to all the many people on earth who are feeling the call from their own guides and opening themselves to do their part, this effort to complete the Lord’s long-ago work of bringing the kingdom of God on earth is at last underway!

  2. Roberta, if I may add, transformation we are seeking is not the transformation of any particular individual, nor does the mission of transforming belong to anyone. It belongs to God. And here in this phase of our life, which we experience as incarnation, the mission is not owned by any one cultural group or religion. It, again, belongs to God and it is for the sake, as you say, of the Earth.

    The Earth, so much more complex a phenomenon than we give it credit for being, is not our resource, but our system for discovery. We talk about the “web of life” in schools as if it’s a curiosity but not something that effects us. But the trees are the filter by which our lungs function; the soil is the constitution of the food we eat. The birds, the bees, the fish, the lilies of the valley, and all of the other creatures we have been told we have “dominion” over are clues to how the system is designed to be a conversation among environments. Who is having this conversation, and with whom? Consciousness is having it with creation. The Earth is crying out to be sustained for the sake of this eternal conversation. So the transformation is not for our own sake, although we are responsible to make it happen — it is for the sake of understanding all that is: which is the inevitable seeking of the beloved by the lover and of the lover by the beloved.

    When we talk about sustainability in everyday discourse, we think we are talking about conserving energy so that we can use more of it, and recycling plastic so that we can bottle more stuff. But a sustainable society will actually be totally DIScontinuous of the current society. Not an outgrowth of where we are now, but a completely new existence. It’s an existence that people long ago, those we like to called “indigenous” understood and we, most assuredly, have forgotten. This discontinous transformation is actually a return to our true nature.

    1. Dear Mike, I can hear your spirit guide’s Native American lifetime speaking through you here! One of the things that surprised me when I read communications received a century ago was the fact that the Native Americans’ spirituality was held in special esteem. I once read an account by someone of his travels through the afterlife soon after he arrived there (this is something that most of us apparently do). He was visiting a Plains Indians’ encampment that was surrounded, of course, by millions of bison on a gigantic plain, and a high-level being appeared from out of the sky carrying a woman in his arms. He carried her into a teepee, then came out and went back into the sky again. It was explained to the visitor that when someone had been severely damaged on earth, that person would be brought to this Native encampment to be healed, and then would be taken away again. That image of the elevated consciousness of Native Americans and their healing of people damaged by Western civilization has stuck in my mind!

      I agree with you that it is important for everyone to realize that the damage now being inflicted on this planet (I don’t know why, but all the microscopic plastic gumming up the ocean especially upsets me) cannot be addressed unless we first elevate the planet’s human consciousness! Nearly everyone now is thinking in terms of selfishness and greed, while what it will take for us to heal this planet physically will be – as you say – quite literally a new human consciousness, elevated on a worldwide scale!

      1. I think my guide may be one of those healers. Throughout my life she has healed me in ways too numerous and personal to mention here. Now we have bigger fish to land!😃

  3. Another great post Roberta. Thank you. I would like to say just one thing to the people that comment to you that they “can forgive, but cannot forget.”
    Don’t focus on forgetting. All we are to do is love and forgive, and everything else will fall into place. Our memory is a matter of mechanics, whereas love and forgiveness are a matter of choice. Any time we try hard to forget about something, we have to think about what we are trying to forget, and then in turn we give that memory more energy, and thus makes it harder to forget.
    2 + 2 equals 4. We know that, and that will never change. But unless it plays some importance in a current task at hand, then we don’t have to spend our days thinking about it.
    What has happened in the past has been done, we know that too and that will never change either. But don’t bring it into your day to day life except for the purpose of loving and forgiving.

    1. Thank you, dear Chef Dez! As they say, the hardest thing there is to do is to avoid thinking about an elephant (or to avoid thinking about anything, really). I think one of the reasons why the forgiveness-ball exercise works so well is that it helps to convince your mind to evict even the thought of whatever wrong has been committed; because otherwise, as you say, we’ve got to spend energy trying to “forget,” and we thereby make our forgetting even harder. As you say, the answer is forgiving and loving… and then let the “forgetting” take care of itself!

  4. What Mike said is absolutely correct, in my opinion. We can’t continue to conserve energy and “clean up the environment” only to abuse it over and over again for material purposes. Any meaningful transformation will require a totally new way of thinking and with excess of 7 billion people in the world now, it is difficult for me to have any hope that this will happen. I don’t know exactly what the bible meant when it says we have “dominion” over plants and animals, but if it meant that we should be caring for them and protecting them, then we have failed miserably. We need a more unselfish approach in order for any positive changes to occur.

    1. Dear Lola, as that genius about a lot more than physics, Albert Einstein, said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” And when my beloved guide, Thomas, describes where we are heading, he shows me this planet as a blackened and barren battlefield.

      For us to raise the consciousness vibrations of all the people on earth is quite literally the only way that we can improve anything for this planet, as well as for ourselves! And the only way to raise this planet’s consciousness – quite literally, the ONLY way – is for us to first elevate OUR OWN consciousness, and then to work to help others to achieve their own elevated consciousness, until eventually perhaps eight or ten percent of this planet is focused on personal elevation. When we are there, even the worst mass murderers will be almost inexplicably patting puppies, those who have the most will be unable to resist sharing in love and joy with those who have the least, and everyone will be glad to lovingly care for our mother planet.

      Just as Thomas has shown me where we are going if we don’t work to elevate this planet’s consciousness, so also he has shown me what this world will be like if we will each apply ourselves to doing this work. What struck me most about that better world of the kingdom of God on earth was the fact that it looked as green and lush and vibrant with flowers as heaven itself!

  5. Dear Roberta,

    I bet that Julian of Norwich adores you! Yes, I realize, that remark presumes much, but you must acknowledge how seldom folks stress a God who loves no matter what…

    The original manuscript of Julian’s book, “Revelations of Divine Love” is lost to the ages, but reading and rereading your posts definitely remind me of why her words were so radical and why they were true. Thank you – from the heart.

    💓 Brett

    1. Oh dear Brett, that may be the nicest thing that anyone ever has said to me! Although of course what she writes and what i write about the pure universal love of God should be the only things ever written about God by professed Christians, don’t you think? When Jesus tells us in the Gospels in plain words that “not even the Father judges anyone” (JN 5:22), and when He so adamantly insists that we not judge anyone either (e.g. MT 7:1), how is it even possible that the false notion of God as the ultimate judge that must be placated with the Lord’s own blood has survived for so long?

      But the tide is turning now, at last! Julian of Norwich’s vision of God as pure and infinite love is speaking to many people’s hearts now. Thank you for reminding us here of how that true vision of God was first revealed to us by those courageous early visionaries, Julian and Francis and a few others, who shared these revelations in an ancient past when their doing so carried great personal risk!

  6. Roberta,

    Well stated, but let me add the wisdom of Giambattista Vico, an 18th-century Italian philosopher. I believe he hit the nail squarely on the head when he wrote that men first feel necessity, then look for utility, followed by comfort, then pleasure, and finally luxury, after which they finally go mad – when “each man is thinking of his own private interests.” In that pursuit of pleasure and luxury, there is, according to Vico, a certain social disconnection, which involves moral, intellectual, and spiritual decline.

    And that is where we now seem to be. Vico’s “madness” is really despair or hopelessness that results from a void in our spiritual lives. In effect, in striving for greater pleasure and luxury, we become philistines – man striving to be one with his toys, while increasingly indifferent to matters of the spirit.

    1. I love this, Michael – thank you for sharing it! Such wisdom: all is well as we climb the ladder from basic needs through comfort, then pleasure, and finally to luxury and absurd excess… only to arrive at self-absorbed insanity! It was as if he had quite literally envisioned where we are in the Western world today.

      As you so wisely point out, once our physical needs are met, the only real hunger is spiritual. We know that now, as past generations may not have quite so clearly known it, and we understand what is at the base of that need. Is it possible that now, at last, humankind is about to arrive at the kind of understanding that will enable us to move smoothly from satisfying our physical needs to beginning to satisfy the spiritual hunger which really is behind it all?

  7. Dearest Roberta,
    This post grows beautifully out of the definitive post of last week. Should one read each weekly post consecutively, they build up a clear big picture of what being alive in these times truly signifies!

    – Just considering the word ‘dominion’ in Genesis is an interesting metaphor for how the human awareness has twisted the Spirit/soul awareness.
    The original Hebrew word in Genesis is actually ‘dominion’, as in ruling over. However if one looks at the Rabbinic Jewish commentary (Midrash) relating to this word, it clearly means ‘responsible stewardship of’ plants and animals on Earth…

    It is a function of our freewill based consciousness that we must, inevitably, have the ability to impact nature in a positive and negative way. (Our human awareness has sadly led to rampant plunder.) Incidentally, this same Jewish commentary says that humans should only take (or kill) what we need and protect the abundance of life on Earth. It also says that if we are not expressing this Divine way, humans will lose stewardship and we will bring ourselves down.

    Sounds logical to me. This caretaker responsibility could have flourished in soul consciousness. However it has been lost in the human ego awareness, resulting in ceaseless exploitation of nature.

    (I hope that this explains the original purpose of the word ‘dominion’, dear Lola. Its original meaning wasn’t so wanton and so harsh.)

    Roberta, your warnings of the next two hundred years do strike a chord within me:
    I am reminded of the Irish poet, W.B. Yeats who wrote ‘The Second Coming’ in 1919:
    “Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”
    It seems we are coming to a chaotic state where civilization fails. People everywhere feel increasingly dubious about the future, where despite the most prosperous period in human history, our fertility is falling away.

    American historian and civilization theorist, Professor Carrol Quigley (1910-1977) ascertained seven stages of civilization. It seems that all of these follow a strikingly similar pattern from birth to collapse.
    Apparently Western Civilisation is between the sixth and seventh phase; decay and collapse.

    So in the light of all this, how timely is our yearning for Spirit.
    How great is your five point guideline for serious spiritual growth ! How pressing is the need for a spiritual renaissance.
    Religion, science, yoga and painstaking years of meditation be damned. I’m giving this straightforward way my full focus.

    Incidentally, I’m keeping the gratitude diary daily and I’m making forgiveness balls all this week. Roberta, I have to forgive everyone; including wrong things that I’ve done. I forgive everyone who has hurt and rejected me and I thank them for the lessons that they taught me.
    And …. I guess that means forgiving Hitler too, huh?

  8. Oh dear Efrem, as i read and delightedly respond to all these comments each week, I am ever more clearly certain that in fact, I write half of our message… then my wonderful friends here contribute the rest! Thank you for adding such great insights: yes, we are meant to conserve the world’s bounty (as Native American spirituality makes especially clear), and yes, all spiritually barren civilizations have fallen of their own dead weight. Well said!

    One of the first insights I gained when I began working with forgiveness balls was that I had to put myself in every one of them. It seems that you are already there as well! As we begin to learn prevenient forgiveness, one of our first insights seems to be the fact that in nothing that we are forgiving are we entirely innocent. A lot of what makes us angriest seems in fact to be a kind of projection, a transfer onto other people and onto events of what we would rather not recognize in ourselves. I think that is a main reason why getting to the place where nothing that used to bother us any longer has the power to trouble our internal peace feels so light, so powerful, so perfectly freeing! We have gained control of ourselves in a way that our own issues would have made impossible before.

    And yes, we do forgive Hitler, too! I swear, if that man had not been born and then gone so wrong we would have had to invent him. If there ever was anyone onto whom we have been glad to project all that is worst in ourselves, it is Adolf Hitler; and if there ever was anyone who must be forgiven in order for us to be truly free and empowered, it likely is Adolf Hitler. What made my forgiving him easiest was understanding that his victims all have forgiven him! And some of them are working now to rescue from the outer darkness level the very concentration camp guards who were their own worst tormentors. If they can forgive and love the most evil ones, dear Efrem, then surely you and I can forgive and love them as well.

    You know, it has gotten to the point each week where I look forward most not to seeing my own post, but to seeing all these wonderful comments ;-).

    1. In our materialistic Western priviledged culture, we like to say “indigenous people” as if somehow they are a separate, kind of savant group whose worldview we could never recapture. In fact we are talking about humans who are native not to a specific region or time but to the Earth itself. In short, we are talking about our own best, original selves. We have simply forgotten. It’s not that “they” knew something we in the 21st century with all our gadgets don’t. We just need to make oursleves remember. “They” are us.

      1. Well said, dear Mike! More and more, I am coming to see how profound this wisdom actually is: we are already in God, and spiritual growth is simply a process of clearing away all the detritus of civilization – perhaps especially including the spiritual poisons of modern religions – and finding beneath it all the simple purity of what it means to be entirely free and nakedly reborn in the eternal love of God.

  9. I find it easy to forgive strangers, someone who pulls out in front of me while driving, or is rude in public, or isn’t very kind or helpful. But, I find it more difficult to forgive those I love who speak political rhetoric on social media that I find offensive. I get much enjoyment out of the affirmations, beautiful photos, and photos of family and friends I see. It’s not that I can’t forgive them, it’s just the comments are made with such contempt and smugness, and these are outspoken traditional Christians. I see similar comments about Christians from non-believers and they are so much easier to forgive and forget. I could just ignore social media completely, but confronting this irritation seems more empowering. Perhaps mentally I just remember to separate the person from their religion, recognize their fellow humanity, and not expect them to be something more.

    1. Dear Tim, I think you have hit upon what in very recent years has become a highly uncomfortable nexus for just about every American. Our political climate has become so poisonous, perhaps mainly because our sources of news are now so polarized that it is possible for two people who live next door to one another and have been great friends forever to suddenly find themselves living on two entirely different factual continents because they never read or see the same set of facts. Therefore, each is – as you point out – smugly certain of being right, and certain that the other person is wrong, which seems to each to be a devastating failure of honor and simple decency on the part of the other! How could s/he possibly think that way? It is obviously EVIL!!

      All of us are susceptible to this problem, and all of us must surmount it. In my own life, I have learned to avoid all social media insofar as I can, and if I happen to come across an opinion by a friend that I think is wrong, I immediately fill my mind with the things that I love most about that particular friend and a gentle understanding that in this environment, s/he is simply a very good person whose head is temporarily full of wrong ideas. I do not ever, no matter what, judge that person! If that works for you, too, then great; but if it doesn’t, it is time to make forgiveness balls. Remember above all that you and your friends are all victims of this literally insane political climate – which is unprecedented in my very long life – but of course this, too, shall pass!

      I also try to make certain that, insofar as possible, I fill my mind with just objective facts. I never watch a news program, read a newspaper, or listen to talk radio, and I get an email each day from RealClearPolitics that harvests what are often deliberately opposite articles and op-eds so I am at least vaguely aware of what is on each side of most arguments. But to be frank, dear Tim, neither you nor I nor any of our friends has any power whatsoever to affect any of what is going on politically! So why would any person of good will hold what is going on far beyond our control against any other person of good will?

  10. Your heavenly words and posters are beyond the material duality illusion of this consensus trance realm. There is no heaven or hell, only the separate conscious perception of those of us who cannot comprehend that we are a small part of the creator’s consciousness.
    We can raise our spiritual awareness back to the creator awareness unity consciousness by following your deliciously simple recipes for all of us escaping this realm’s illusions.
    Using our prayerful separate consciousnesses (the fall of man comes to mind to mine?) we can raise our brain mind, heart spirit & body soul back up to the creator unity consciousness.
    This would be like scoring a kicking a GOAL in baseball or swishing a touchdown from full court length in basketball. Not yet comprehendable
    whispering: only the creator’s awareness of the all forever alpha omega consciousness which we have somehow forgotten we have in this silly game.

    1. This is lovely – it is deep and complex poetry! I think there likely are as many paths back to unity and a perfect eternity in the pure love of Consciousness as there are people living on earth, and each of us simply must discern the pattern that is already in our deepest heart. I am being counseled by my primary guide that my role is – as you say – to discern what for all of us is a kind of base template, the simplest pattern of all, to help as many people as possible who are caught up in their daily lives to nevertheless have an easy way to begin! As you say, it is a deliciously simple recipe. For some who feel the need to do more, then that is their own template and they can learn to meditate, do yoga, speak Sanskrit, or do whatever else feels right to them. But beneath it all remains this simple recipe. As Jesus said, at its heart His yoke is easy and His burden is light!

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