Living in the Kingdom of God on Earth

Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 06, 2019 • 35 Comments
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It is so hard to convey to you what living in the kingdom of God on earth will be like that we have spent a  few preparatory months in  sharing background information. There has been so much that you needed to know in order for what we say here to make sense that if you haven’t yet read all the linked posts, it might be good for you to do that now. Yes, all of humankind can arrive together at that glorious day when we will be united in love at close to the highest level of consciousness, and empowered to live in the kingdom of God whose process of arrival on earth the Lord first initiated two millennia ago.

We know now that all of this is true:

  • The only thing that objectively exists is the base creative force that we experience in a limited way as human consciousness.
  • Consciousness exists in a range of vibrations, from the lowest (fear and rage) to the highest (perfect love).
  • All human minds are inextricably part of that base creative Consciousness, so if even a few of us substantially raise or lower our personal consciousness vibrations, we will be minutely raising or lowering the vibrations of everyone else on earth.
  • The process of bringing the kingdom of God on earth therefore consists in raising the vibrations of as few as ten percent of the living population of this planet, which will powerfully raise the collective vibrations of everyone else on the face of the earth.

Last week we described the characteristics of those who already have achieved a substantial elevation of their consciousness vibrations. Such people are:

  • Happy. Whenever you meet anyone whose core happiness setting seems unusually high, you are dealing with someone who is more advanced spiritually.
  • Peaceful. They never seem to process events as threats to themselves, but rather they do what they can to address them with love; then they withdraw and allow the will of Spirit to prevail.
  • Humble. They have no interest in personal attention, beyond considering how they might use whatever attention might come their way in the loving service of others.
  • Very slow to anger. People who are vibrating higher cannot be near people who are angry. When attacked, they won’t fight back; but rather, they love and bless and withdraw.
  • Not interested in wealth. People who are more developed spiritually prefer to live simply. If they have more, they want to devote their own surplus to helping others.
  • Loving and supportive. Spiritually advanced people tend to think well of everyone, and even of those who want to do them harm.

Now here is one more important fact. Not only is it true that all human beings are part of a single Consciousness, but every one of us at the core of our being realizes this essential truth! So raising our personal consciousness vibrations consists most of all in jettisoning all the negativity that now weighs us down, and remembering who and what we are. Even with the consciousness of all humanity vibrating now in such deep fear that upper-level beings who are not in bodies warn that our survival as a species is at risk, you still can see that human impulse toward unity and universal love. Let’s mention here what may be its most tragic distortion.

The yearning to live in compassionate collectives seems modern to us now, but it may be as old as our species. Wikipedia defines socialism as “a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership of the means of production and workers’ self-management.” And Jordan Peterson, the Canadian clinical psychologist who wrote 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, says that we are “emotionally drawn to the ideals of socialism because it draws its fundamental motivational source from a kind of primary compassion” that is innate in all of us. He says that therefore the appeal of collectivist living “never will go away.” He is precisely right!

The earliest Christians carried out the first broadly known experiment in socialism. Their way of life arose in the afterglow of the Resurrection, and it preceded what they thought would be the prompt advent of the kingdom of God on earth. We are told that “all those who had believed were together and had all things in common; and they began selling their property and possessions and were sharing them with all, as anyone might have need” (Acts 2:44-45).

But every modern effort ever made to form collectivist governments has failed to the point where it has had to be replaced, or else it has led to agony. North Korea and Venezuela are only the most recent examples of socialism’s failures. Even Israel’s noble Kibbutz movement sadly petered out. The failure of every effort ever made to create a benevolent mode of collectivism might prompt us just to shrug and accept the explanations generally given for these failures, which tend to revolve around economic inefficiencies and misplaced incentives. But no one really has a bedrock reason why socialism always fails. All the reasons given are just the sorts of things that would topple any system that never had been solid in the first place. There has to be a basic reason why no variant of socialism works, and we find it in reference to that first hopeful Christian collectivist experiment. We learn from its firsthand reporters that “the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul” (Acts 4:32). This experiment sadly failed as well, but only after Roman persecution and the tardiness of the kingdom of God’s arrival on earth sowed disillusionment in the flock.

The core reason why socialism fails is that human minds are not sufficiently developed spiritually for us to live in the selfless love and harmony that collectivism requires. I am not advocating for socialism! But the hunger behind its persistent appeal is an idealistic yearning for a fairer and more love-based society. As Dr. Peterson says, that primal hunger for spiritual union will never go away. And the only way to create a society that is based in love and kindness will be for us to so transform the universal human mind that all humanity will be, like those earliest Christians, beautifully “of one heart and soul.”

For the first time in human history, we have the power to effect such a transformation. And once the kingdom of God on earth arrives, perhaps even socialism might work! It seems likely, too, that the republican form of government established by the Constitution of the United States will at last operate in the free and egalitarian way that our Founders first envisioned it to work, once all Americans are more selfless and loving.

Please read again that list of the characteristics of people who are spiritually advanced. Then let’s think about some of today’s most pressing problems as all of us will be thinking once we live in the kingdom of God on earth.

Political Strife. With all Americans now thinking from love, every candidate in every party is campaigning on which of them can best work with people who hold opposing views. The most successful politicians are those who are most expert at taking solutions that were first suggested by their opponents and expanding upon them, perfecting them and helping them better appeal to all Americans. Then they implement these consensus solutions with such loving sensitivity that before long political parties have withered as the Founders had hoped they soon would wither. At last, universal comity prevails.

Economic Inequality. The gap between rich and poor in the world has become intolerable to the wealthiest among us. They have succeeded in building their own wealth. Now they want everyone to have that same chance! Many of them are inspired to devote the bulk of their private fortunes to the financial empowerment of everyone on earth, both to lend muscle to new ideas for the betterment of humankind and to create many more millionaires and billionaires. So they have formed a massive charity that works with business startups all over the world, both lending the initial funds and providing a program of education and expert advice that spurs an explosion of economic growth and greater economic equality worldwide.

Racial Inequality. Scientists have lately proven what we all know in our hearts is true: there is just one human race. And as Americans better understand what perpetuates our artificial differences based on skin color, we all come together to end those differences once and for all. From educational enrichment that starts at birth through reforms that end housing and economic inequities, the devastating after-effects of Jim Crow and the War on Poverty’s destruction of the black family are being ended with the sensitivity and love that have been missing all along.

Criminal Justice. The United States holds less than five percent of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s incarcerated felons. A more awakened nation sees this situation as intolerable, so America’s criminal justice system is being taken down and altogether rebuilt. Now the emphasis is on in-community service, reparations, education, and counseling for all but violent offenders; and rather than the old corrupt system in which 97% of federal felons were coerced into pleading guilty, by law now every prison sentence of more than two years’ duration requires a jury trial criminal conviction.

Illegal Immigration. The United States gains strict control of its borders as it establishes a fast-track system in which a million visas each year are offered to properly-vetted immigrants from Mexico and from Central America. This nation also works with these source countries to help them build upon the economic and social model that Colombia now provides, and stem the need their citizens have been feeling to come north in search of better lives.

International Discord. There is no more international discord! With all the people of the world thinking more from love, and with fear and anger withering, the first-world nations are working in harmony to bring their level of freedom and prosperity to all the rest of humankind.

Best of all, this is just the beginning of what is going to be our much better world!


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35 thoughts on “Living in the Kingdom of God on Earth

  1. Forgiveness is the key – however impossible it may feel – to making this happen. When Jesus saw many of his followers turn away saying, “This is too hard,” it was likely the forgiveness part that was the deal breaker.

    Consciousness is fundamental to creation. The awareness of being aware HAS to be fundamental. It’s the only logical starter to any “thing” BUT, most importantly, it’s the WHY of its importance that leads to forgiveness as the key to bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth. Consciousness at the same time makes relationships fundamental too. Consciousness cannot be conscious of nothing. There can’t be empty space without an object to make space. There can’t be an object without space to occupy. The object has a relationship with space. There can’t be movement until there is a second object. The objects move in relationship to one another. If relationships are fundamental, then we can only start the process you describe when we are forgiving of EVERYONE. Because that governs the relationships we are going to have inevitably. Not forgiving does not end a relationship. It keeps it going, whether you ever see those people again, whether you ever experience that event again, until you forgive them, the relationships continue.

    What kind of relationships do we want, do we need, to participate in — that is the question. The changes you describe won’t happen because people embrace one system or another. They will happen when relationships transform and when relationships determine action, not governments, not religions, not organizations.

    1. Amen to all of this, dear Mike! And it is pretty profound. I think that few people really understand how essential forgiveness is to the entire process of elevating our personal consciousness vibrations, nor do most people realize that the reason why forgiveness is so essential is that until we perfectly forgive, we are inevitably weighed down by the deeply negative emotions of anger and bitterness. As has so often been said, forgiveness is the gift that you give to yourself! Thank you, dear Mike and your beautiful guide, Arrow, for giving us such a great reminder of this most essential fact of human life.

  2. Right after Easter we will do a blog post about spirit guides and how to work with them. Since we all have them, and since everyone’s guides are now working to help us all elevate our spiritual vibrations, it is past time for us to be helping everyone connect more deeply, as you and I have connected!

  3. Oh that sounds great. This is something I’d like to do. Seems like a lot of people ignore spirit guides, and I believe that’s a mistake. Not surprisingly, they can work with us so much better once we accept that they are there.

    1. Dear Lola, I don’t choose these topics, but sometimes I do fight them a bit. And I am somewhat torn about this one. To people actively working with their spirit guides, bringing that relationship more into our waking lives seems to be a great idea! I had known Thomas since I was eight years old as a kind of aspect of myself, in the background, and I was as excited when he suddenly made himself known to me as if I had suddenly fallen in love! That is how Mike feels now, too, and since we have been emailing for months, I have been privileged to watch his surrender into this extraordinary kind of love that is a daily waking relationship with one’s primary guide.

      But not everyone who emails me or reads my books or these posts is quite at that stage. You, Mike, Efrem, and some others who comment here are quite knowledgeable about what is really going on, and you have become very comfortable with it all – you even are excited about it. But if you were just now learning that God is a Collective of Perfected Beings at the highest vibration of the Consciousness which is all that exists, and your own mind is part of that vast eternal Consciousness and God works in your life through your primary spirit guide, and by the way you wrote a life plan before you were born and your guide is trying hard to help you hit all the marks that you set for yourself but of which you are not consciously aware… if you knew none of it and then you suddenly were told all of that, your mind would go on tilt! So, how do we help people who know so much less to become as excited about what actually is going on as we are?

      Thomas has made it clear to me that I am what he actually has called “a gateway drug” (he is amazingly up on modern concepts, for someone who has not been in a body for at least a century). It is my task to help people who know nothing about any of this to open gently to what is actually going on in ways that are hopeful and feel manageable. We don’t ever want to overwhelm people! That is why my Fun books are so gentle and so accessible. Thomas gave me the titles, after all, and his team channeled the books. All friendly and cozy. And with modern life already feeling so complicated, the last thing we want to do is make people feel forced to also deal with this spirit-guide thing before they feel ready to do it!

      The plain fact is that all of us have spirit guides. All of us have been hearing from them and dealing with them since childhood in ways that were below the surface, and many of us have heard from them a lot more overtly but just never talked about it. I have known for a couple of months that I was going to be writing about how to work with our guides, and actually resisting that notion. It just feels as if it will be too much, too soon, for too many of our friends here!

      1. I agree that when people aren’t ready to hear things, they hear something else, rather than what was intended to be heard. Speaking in terms of my own openness to my guide, since I was raised in the Catholic tradition, the concept of a guardian was already familiar to me. So guardian/guide — the words don’t matter, but if I hadn’t had that concept to relate to, I most likely would have continued to experience my realtionship with my spirit guide via the dreams that I liked having but didn’t really understand. As for the life plan, it’s a cliche in our Western thinking to say “Everything happens for a reason,” and “We have a purpose to our lives,” but when people start getting direct information about their own involvement in that reason and that purpose, they get very overwhelmed.

        1. Dear Mike, that is part of the problem I am having with that future post on guides. I’ll do it, and in the end it will be channeled, but those actually writing it have a perspective that is not exactly modern and not at all earthly! Thomas often tells me that he wants me to put my final touch on the things we write and make sure they are geared toward modern people, since he is well aware that he and his team members are out of touch. But honestly, I still think it will be too much for some people. I spent almost two hours this morning just answering emails. You have no idea how much these people want to learn, but as of now many of them know nothing!

          1. Roberta, for what it’s worth, it wasn’t until after I “bottomed out,” so to speak, on the way my existing faith was working that I began to revisit many of the ideas I’d encountered during college courses many years ago. It started slowly as I realized a lot of the ideas I encountered in other religious traditions both echoed and at the same time contrasted with my own traditions. From there I continued to study and reality slowly began to expand for me. This is a process and, as was my case, many are slow to move through it. However, I once read something by Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee (a Sufi mystic) in which he noted that moving “slowly” or “quickly” through the process is actually not worth noting because the “path” isn’t really a path: “In the midst of an infinite sea, who is closest to the shore,” he wrote (or words to that effect).

          2. In practicing law for the owners of closely-held businesses, I used to call this phenomenon “the gift of divine desperation.” I think it’s only when we feel stretched beyond our old capacities that we are prepared to step into and accept further growth!

  4. Dearest Roberta,
    I have often imagined what a truly enlightened world would be like.
    I am reminded of what C G Jung and Einstein said, commonly and independent of each other. They believed that the only way to solve an intractable problem is to first rise above that problem. A higher understanding, a transformed awareness, that moves beyond the kind of thinking that typifies the problem, is needed. Then, once higher thinking is employed, the problem is solved or is no longer relevant at all.
    Tolstoy used to say that the only time humans will live in an egalitarian, peaceful and just society is when they love each other.
    So I feel that when we become beings of great love, gratitude, forgiveness and empathy this world will be utterly transformed.
    I mean, imagine when we truly understand that we are eternal beings who are perfectly loved; that we have a Way to rise to the Highest in this life and the afterlife. Even those intractable Middle East problems will likely be resolved. For instance, the Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims, whose narratives run counter to each other, would be able to see the shining souls in each other. Should they understand how the afterlife works then they would settle to peace as one human family.

    Thank you Roberta, you have awoken me to real possibilities of change here!

    Also, I’d love some light on connecting with my spirit guides. I’m sitting with mine every day and I’m having some interesting changes in perceiving them.
    I know your good self and our Mike here are in the active phase and I’d love to explore this too..
    Hugs and best wishes. 🌹

    1. Hi Efrem! My own knowledge of and relationships to my guide go way back to dream work in childrenhood my early adulthood. I didn’t really understand what those dreams were about but they stayed with me. I am now 61. My father passed away last August and two days before he did, I had another, this time waking, strong message. It’s been a stream ever since. Her mission is love, forgiveness and patience. She’s like a “broken record” on those themes, and you can read them over again in the comments I post. She doesn’t, won’t, let up on those.

      If you get closer to your guide, be prepared to be completely baffled at first (in a sort of good way)!😃

    2. Dear Efrem, I’m sure you are getting communications now but just not recognizing them. For a couple of years I thought I couldn’t hear Thomas and I had to have a medium to communicate with him, but he insisted through that medium that I could hear him if I would only listen; then he refused to communicate anymore through any medium. At this point, I always know – and sometimes emphatically – exactly what he is thinking!

  5. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for all your help, personal knowledge and shared experience concerning guides.

    I have found all this fascinating, and the prospect of your active relationship with ‘Arrow’ a distinct, promising possibility for my own guide and I to get closer.

    Your channeling of Arrow has resulted in quite a few really profound insights expressed in this blog. Thank you.

    I’m glad that you are sharing your amazing experiences here with us. I look forward to being ‘baffled’ by my guide at some point.
    She came through when I was about nineteen. She spoke through me, but I was startled and I didn’t know what this was. I suppressed this avenue for years!
    (I’m 56 years old now…)
    Cheers, 🍻

    1. Efrem, Arrow’s real name is an Anabascan trial dialect word that I cannot pronounce easily. She told it to me in a dream about three years ago amd I got it wrong. She recently led me to a linguistics article from 1871 that identifies the word abd also gives phonetic spelling. The English translation is Arrow, which I can pronounce, so I use it. But her real name is the key to who she is. We think she may be a shaman.

    2. Ah. So Efrem, you are already in contact! Why am I not surprised? It’s curious, isn’t it, that two men have female primary guides, but mine is male? Dear Efrem, I think that you and Mike should be in contact directly – please let me know if that is okay with you?

  6. I see the point here in not wanting to overwhelm people who know little or nothing about what’s going on, but anyone who is interested enough to even be on this forum most likely will have no problem accepting the existence of spirit guides. What will really be hard for them to believe is that God is a collective. I have suspected the idea that God is a collective for about 8 or 10 years simply because it makes so much sense, but I kept it to myself since many still believe it would be a “sin” to believe God is not an individual being. This, of course, is a result of religious organizations who instilled this idea into us since we were small children.

    1. Lola,
      I feel much the same way, thinking about God as a Collective is somewhat of a new concept for me. I think about what that means and how, when, and if I share my new insights and with whom. But, I do know staying in the loving , forgiving, and giving place is the key to all these questions. I am eager to find my spirit guide(s) so I can further progress whatever I am here to learn.

      1. OMG, Tim, you too?? What, are you all taking Thomas’s side and ganging up on me now?? And he is laughing about this. Oy.

    2. Dear Lola and everyone, Thomas clearly wants us to be more open about this now, but he still wants me to stay strictly simple in concepts and evidence-based in what I say. He doesn’t ask much ;-).

    3. Dear Lola, your comment above has helped me begin writing my post for next weekend. I suspect you might even have channeled that last bit….

  7. Dear Roberta, I’m at the point in my life where I feel that I’m ready to hear the truth of it all. I may be overwhelmed by it all when it comes flooding in to my consciousness, but I believe that I will do the right thing when that time comes.

    I had a teacher years ago who used to tell us that “It’s never enough until it’s too much.” In my experience, it is during those times in my life when things get too much when I grew the most. So I welcome being overwhelmed.

    Thank you for this blog post. I now understand collectivism in a different light and I dream of the day when enlightened collectivism becomes humanity’s lived reality.

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog on spirit guides. I would love to meet mine and communicate with him/her.


    1. This is lovely to read, dear Raneil. Congratulations! “It’s never enough until it’s too much” is a good way of putting what is ahead of you now, but it will be more enjoyable than I even can express to you to be living every day ever more deeply in the arms of Spirit. When I went through this, I was drinking from a fire hose of new ideas and experiences, and still I wanted more! If you have questions or personal comments to share, I’ll be here.

  8. Dearest Roberta,
    Not meaning to be part of ganging up on you, but your esteemed Thomas does win this one.
    It’s taken many years of ups and downs to reach this point in life. Past spiritual paths have helped, but they have ultimately been lacking. So I’m certainly feeling ready for this next step of contacting my primary guide.
    She has been urging me on, I think. You may be right, Roberta, when you say that I’ve probably been in contact with her for a long time. I feel that she is also wishing me to be aware of her, especially lately.
    I sit with her every morning and I still my thoughts (as best I can) and ‘listen’. I give her a ‘hug’ and thank her for looking after me all these years. Often, I get a ‘thought impression’. It is different to my own thought formation. This impression is dropped into my mind. (I’ve even seen a picture once; something I did not think of.) Actually she is quite pushy in a targeted kind of way.
    I’m certainly not afraid, rather I feel enthusiastic and I approach an active phase with hope and from a position of gratitude and abundance.
    So yes, I feel ready to be closer to my guide. The time is ripe.
    And yes, please give my contact details to Mike. Should he be willing, I would love to chat with him and learn more. Mike is a great teacher, I think.
    Much love and hugs dear Roberta, I await your post on guides with alacrity and gratitude. ❣️🌅🌹

  9. Wow, I didn’t realize what a vibrant forum you have here! I never went past the credits. Thanks for telling me about it. Thomas is right that you are the “gateway drug.” I tried the Course in Miracles years ago and got nowhere. It was way too abstract at the time. If I revisited it now it would probably make more sense, but your approach is so much more accessible and inspiring. I look forward to your next blog on guides, and being part of the conversation. Connecting with my guide(s) is my top priority at this point. I haven’t had much luck so far. Perhaps some of your readers will also have advice.

    1. Welcome, dear Scott! It’s great to see you here. Dear friends, Scott and I shared a lovely lunch a couple of weeks ago. I urged him then to to comment here, and now here he is! Actually, Scott, there are two more posts to come before we can get to spirit guides – Palm Sunday and Easter – but then, by popular demand, I promise to get right to it ;-).

      1. Scott, based on what appears to be common experience, our guides are probably already in contact with us and we’re just too busy to realize when it’s happening. Speaking strictly for myself, my guide (who is in my face all the time now, as Roberta will attest 😉 ) may first have tapped me on the shoulder out of nowhere on a certain bus ride when I was in college some 40 years ago. That may not have even been the first time; she has responded to my “rhetorical” questions by making headlines jump out of newspapers and magazines that seemed all too coincidentally apt. Then a few years ago she started working with me through dreams, some so vivid I swore they were memories of actual events. We all get flashes of intuition and “feelings” that we can’t ignore. Our Western materialist culture teaches us to explain them away.

        Anyway, welcome to the blog. I think Roberta will agree that we’re likely to hear from many of our guides for the Palm Sunday and Easter posts.

  10. Thank you Roberta for that warm welcome. I got ahead of you a bit. I of course look forward to those posts as well.

  11. Thanks Mike. I think you are right about the busy mind and distractions. My most recent possible contact from my guide was a female voice saying “listen” when I asked for guidance. They probably get a bit exasperated with us at times. I need to increase my inner awareness and reduce the mental chatter.

    1. Not exasperated. Just emphatic. The other day I got, “Just trust me for once!”😉 If you got “Listen,” that’s the sort of urging that happens. It’s their job to act in a mission control, sort of “handler” role.

      1. Ground Control to Major Tom, or in this case Scott. 😉

        Is there a way you are being notified of the forum posts? You seem very quick on the responses. (I’m a bit of a Luddite with the social media stuff)

        1. Scott, I have developed a habit of checking fairly regularly. Each time Roberta puts up a new entry, usually in Sunday morning ET, I get an email. After that, I lurk.

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