Liberating Jesus

What if Jesus came back now and insisted that we listen to Him? How would the world be different if Christians really followed the Gospels? For two thousand years we’ve been practicing a religion. Now it’s finally time to get it right!


Attorney and afterlife expert Roberta Grimes brings her zeal for the subject and 40 years of in-depth study to give you stunning new evidence that proves that Jesus is who He claims to be! In Liberating Jesus, Roberta shows us the Jesus that we never knew. And she gives us compelling evidence that Jesus intends now to transform the world.


After two miraculous experiences of light in childhood, Roberta developed a passion for understanding the afterlife. She spent decades studying nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent communications from those who have died. The fruit of all this research, combined with her study of quantum physics and consciousness evidence, has been two bestselling books, The Fun of Dying and The Fun of Staying In Touch. Roberta’s books make the afterlife evidence easily accessible. They bring our afterlife understanding comfortably into the 21st Century. Now in Liberating Jesus, she uses afterlife evidence to help us better understand what Jesus has to teach us about living our best possible eternal lives.

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Flying High in Spirit

Mikey Morgan is an advanced being who enjoys teaching in the afterlife levels. Like other advanced beings, Mikey has become concerned about the present state of life on earth, the hatred and violence, and the inability of most of us to make spiritual progress. Mikey wanted to re-accustom himself to life on earth so he could teach us through the veil, so he accepted a brief earth-lifetime that ended in 2007 at the age of 20. Flying High in Spirit is Mikey’s first book, dictated to his mother by pendulum. He begins by recounting in fascinating detail his unexpected death, his return to the afterlife levels, and his dawning recall of who he is and what his pre-birth plan had been. Mikey’s vivid account of how the afterlife levels feel to someone who has just returned, the sights and the activities, and his description of how he manages to reassure and comfort his family on earth all make for fascinating reading.


In Flying High in Spirit, Mikey shares important eternal truths in ways that are easy for us to understand. He speaks to us frankly and cheerfully about how life works, how reality works, what the afterlife is like, and how we all can make the kind of spiritual progress that he has made. He teaches us, and he snowboards. Oh, does he snowboard! One of the wonderful lessons that Mikey demonstrates is that eternal life is fun.


Mikey Morgan is unique. Few of those who have reached the sixth level of the afterlife are in contact with the earth, and fewer still have made his kind of effort to understand us before attempting to share their wisdom. Mikey is an advanced teacher who is able to relate to us as a twenty-first-century boy on the threshold of becoming a man. He is cheerful, playful, wise, and full of love. His story is unforgettable.

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My Thomas by Roberta GrimesMy Thomas

Thomas Jefferson lived a great American love story. He was a Burgess of 27 when he met Martha Wayles Skelton, a 22-year-old widowed heiress who was fondly called Patty by her family. They were married on January 1, 1772, and they took up residence in a cabin on the building site on top of a Virginia mountain that Thomas had named Monticello.


As Thomas and Patty slowly built the first version of the great house at Monticello, the Revolutionary War was heating up. Patty with difficulty bore five children, but only two girls survived. Thomas’s political career developed to the point where he was often away from home, but after he authored and signed the Declaration of Independence he resolved never again to leave his wife. He was elected the Governor of Virginia just as that state became the Revolution’s last battleground.


The Revolutionary War ended in 1781, and Thomas gladly retired altogether to “my family, my farm, and my books.” But Patty continued to want to bear her treasured husband a son, and late in the summer of 1782 she died of kidney failure at the age of 33, four months after having borne another girl. Thomas was so devastated by her death that he never remarried. He mourned her for the rest of his life, even as he helped to frame the peace in France and then became the first Secretary of State, the second Vice President, and the third President of the United States. More than forty years after Patty’s death, he referred to her as “the cherished companion of my life,” and to their marriage as “ten years of unchequered happiness.”


This story is true. Jefferson was such an obsessive record-keeper than we know where he was and what he was doing nearly every day of his adult life. Every significant thing that he says in My Thomas comes from his contemporary writings.

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Roberta Grimes The Fun of Dying CoverThe Fun of Dying


Most Americans believe that an afterlife exists, but unfortunately mainstream religions teach a generic faith-based view of it and mainstream science ignores the topic altogether. So people are hungry for concrete facts about the afterlife, and afterlife-related books are perennial best-sellers. Just this year, HarperOne published Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences by Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry, and Harper Collins published Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination With the Afterlife by Lisa Miller, both to much acclaim. But neither book answers the basic questions: Where is heaven? What is it like? and How does it feel to die? Nor do any of the many books about the afterlife answer three more basic questions: How is a solid afterlife possible? Who will make it there and who won’t? and What are the rules that we must follow to have the best chance of getting there? The Fun of Dying offers detailed answers to all these questions and more in an easily read hundred pages. It also presents two study guides one brief, and one much more detailed so readers can follow the author in learning these eternal truths. It turns out that for most of us, death is the best time of our lives!


If you wonder whether death ends life, how it feels to die, or what heaven might be like, this book is for you. If you worry about a lost loved one or fret about the death of a pet, all the answers to your questions are here. And if you are afraid of death, if you worry that your life has no meaning, or if you have given up on religions, then let this book ease some of your fears while it brings new meaning to your life.


Nothing in The Fun of Dying is based on the teachings of any religion. Instead, it draws on more than a century’s worth of evidence to explain how dying feels, how it happens, and most importantly what comes next. Accounts of near-death experiences are just a small part of the afterlife evidence! A lot of the best death-related evidence was produced in the first half of the 20th century, and it has been ignored ever since by mainstream science and mainstream religions. When it is put together with more recent discoveries, it tells a consistent and amazing story.


The Fun of Dying is a complete account of how dying feels and what comes next. Read it, learn the truth, and apply its lessons so you can enjoy your best life forevermore.

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The Fun of Staying in TouchRoberta Grimes The Fun of Staying in Touch


Communicating with the dead is easier now than it ever was, and in fact your beloved may be trying to communicate with you right now! In the 21st century, you have many ways to connecting with the dead, including some that are new and evolving. The Fun of Staying in Touch is an exciting account of the wonderful and sometimes amazing ways in which the dead now let us know that they are happy and waiting for us in a glorious reality where love never ends.


This book is meant to be an overview for those with little knowledge in this field. Rather than footnotes, it includes a brief study guide and also a comprehensive list of resources that you might use to duplicate my research. And if you are curious about the place from which the dead are communicating with us, you might read The Fun of Dying – Find Out What Really Happens Next for a similar overview of the death process and the glorious realities that we enter at death.


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FOGFFrontCover-FinalThe Fun of Growing Forever 


Nearly two hundred years of abundant and consistent communications from people that we used to think were dead agree with the Gospel teachings of Jesus in remarkable detail. Among other things, they tell us that we enter lives on earth in order to achieve more rapid spiritual growth, so all the bad things that happen to us here are just exercise machines in our spiritual gym. They strengthen and deepen us spiritually, and they help us to make the most of this lifetime.


In The Fun of Growing Forever, Roberta explains the teachings of Jesus as a simple guide to growing spiritually, and she demonstrates how easily these teachings can be applied to modern daily lives. She shows us why they work so well, and she shares compelling evidence that following these teachings can make us a great deal happier as we also much improve our post-death lives. As Roberta says, growing spiritually makes you the happiest that you can be! She also provides compelling evidence that if enough of us will follow these teachings, we can together transform the world from its present disordered state and make of it a garden of love and light.

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The Fun of Living Together


The tragedy of racial divisions and strife has plagued the United States since its founding. Despite repeated efforts to address these problems and despite spending greater than our national debt, in the century and a half since legal emancipation black Americans have made far too little progress. And white Americans have come to see their darker countrymen as something like barnacles on our Ship of State, always there and always needing attention but posing problems that are essentially insoluble.


Now Roberta and her friend, Kelley Glover, attack America’s racial conundrum in a frank and facts-based manner that helps us at last begin to understand why race relations in the United States continue to this day to be such a mess. They demonstrate how we can end our racial divisions happily in one generation, and how that solution will bring us together as it also creates an economic boom that will shrink and then eradicate our national debt. The very problem that seems to be tearing us apart can be used to bring us together as a nation, and even can help as we begin to work on uplifting and uniting the world. There is a love-based solution that will work. Martin Luther King has been right all along!

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