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Seek Reality explores the amazing fact that neither mainstream science nor mainstream Christianity is able to help us much as we try to understand our one reality. Together we use information from both sources plus nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence and communications from people we used to think were dead to construct a reasonable – and beautiful! – understanding of what actually is going on. What will be common knowledge in the second half of this century can be your glorious reality today!


Seek Reality first aired as a podcast on June 29, 2013. To give you a sense of the range of Seek Reality topics, here are a few of the 2014 podcasts that are available for free on iTunes:


7/5 – Gary Schwartz on His Latest Research – Gary Schwartz is the foremost traditional scientist working in this field today, and whenever he is my guest we have fun and make news!


7/12 – Donna Smith-Moncrieffe Talks About Using Spiritual Energy – Donna is a fearless researcher with some amazing insights to share.


7/19 – Victor Zammit – Victor and Wendy are stars of the afterlife-research world. Their Zammit Friday report is a must-read, so if you don’t yet receive it, go to and subscribe!


7/26 – Dianne Collins Talks About “Quantum Thinking” – Dianne’s book, Do You Quantum Think?, is an impressive and exciting piece of work, and hearing her talk about how she arrived at her conclusions is a delight.


8/2 – Robert Kopecky Talks About How to Survive Life (and Death) – Robert Kopecky survived three near-death experiences, and the result was a delightful book of wisdom. We discuss the only things that matter and how to live life to the full.


8/9 – Hillis Pugh Talks About Gratitude – Hillis Pugh teaches the power of gratitude and gratitude affirmations, which is a topic very important to me as well. His book is Thank You Thursday.


8/16 – Rosemary Ellen Guiley Talks About Afterlife Communication Methods. – Rosemary is a gifted psychic, and a powerhouse of information about how we can use ancient methods to better communicate with our dead loved ones.


8/23 – John McGrail Talks About His Book, The Synthesis Effect – John is an expert on personal empowerment and how to make the most of your life using techniques based in our quantum reality.


8/30 – Dave Edwards Talks About His Tragic, Triumphant History – Having lost his beloved and their newborn child, Dave was driven to the edge of despair until those very loved ones intervened and transformed his life. His is a gripping, uplifting story.


9/6 – Carol & Mikey Morgan Discuss Signs from the Dead – Our beloved Carol and Mikey were of considerable help as I was writing The Fun of Staying in Touch. Mikey gives us more information about signs from the dead and how they are produced!


9/13 – Donna Smith-Moncrieffe Discusses Healing, OBEs, and Past-Life Regression – Donna is a gifted researcher of a number of important phenomena. This is her second appearance on Seek Reality – her first was wonderful and highly enlightening.


9/20 – R. Craig Hogan and Roberta Grimes Talk About What the Afterlife is Like – Several listeners have asked us to do a detailed discussion about living in the afterlife. We share with you the best news in all of human history!


9/27 – Psychic Medium Mark Anthony Talks About His Book, Evidence of Eternity – Mark Anthony is the “Psychic Lawyer,” a gifted medium since childhood, and his experiences have been fascinating and amazing.


10/4 – Joannie and Darrell Bolton Talk About Their Book, With Unwashed Hands – Darrell Bolton is a traditional Christian missionary who had a medical emergency in a primitive country that is both Communist-leaning and partly Muslin, and the fact that he is a retired Air Force officer caused some of those who treated him medically to want to kill him. Fortunately, Joannie was there to help, and the power of their minds (what Jesus called “faith”) resulted in some amazing miracles.


10/11 – Terri Jay, the Psychic “Horse Whisperer – I don’t entirely agree with Terri on some things, but her powers are undoubted and she makes a fascinating guest.


10/18 – Robyn Reynolds Talks About Communicating With Her Lost Stepson – This lovely woman’s remarkable spiritual voyage following the death of her stepson at the age of twenty makes for a wonderful and heartwarming story.


10/25 – Hillis Pugh Talks About the Power of Gratitude – I love this wonderful, great-spirited man who has devoted his life to teaching (and living) the power of gratitude!


11/1 – Jamie Turndorf – Dr. Love – Talks About her Book, Love Never Dies – Jamie’s book is the most extraordinary love story that I have ever read, even extending far beyond death. And it is all true!


11/8 – R. Craig Hogan Talks About the 2014 ASCS Conference and the Exciting Things Planned for 2015 – Craig and I co-chaired the 2014 conference, and we were planning something even more amazing for 2015.


11/15 – Betty Anne Millar Talks About Amazing Signs from her Husband – These include some extraordinary experiences with electronic communication.


11/22 – Waller Joel Talks About Physical Mediumship – Waller Joel is an investigator of some of the more esoteric afterlife-related phenomena, and he is authoritative on this topic.

11/29 – Donna Smith-Moncrieffe Talks About Physical Mediumship – Like Waller, she was at the David Thompson seances in Sarasota in September.


12/6 – Dianne Collins Talks About Quantum Thinking – This is Dianne’s second visit with us. Her book is extraordinary!


12/13 – W. Dennis Parker Talks About Therapeutic Hypnosis – The capacity of our own minds to heal us is powerful!


12/20 – Roberta Grimes Talks About the Meaning and the Message of Jesus – I am my own guest.


12/27 – Roberta Grimes Talks About the Nature of Reality – Again, I am my own guest.


My final two podcasts of 2014 were from my heart to yours! My big wish is that you can step forth now from the doubts and fears that both science and Christianity have sown in us, and enter with joy the abundant and glorious truth that you are a powerful eternal being, an infinitely precious part of Source, and you are forever perfectly loved!