The Ongoing Act of Creation

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 07, 2020 • 49 Comments
Human Nature, The Source, Understanding Reality

Then God said, “Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures,
and let birds fly above the earth in the open expanse of the heavens.”
God created the great sea monsters and every living creature that moves,
with which the waters swarmed after their kind,
and every winged bird after its kind; and God saw that it was good.
                         – (Gen 1:20-21) Ascribed to the Prophet Moses (?-1273 BC)

Last week we talked about what modern evidence tells us is true about our one reality. Now let’s look at some important questions. How did all of this come into being? How is it maintained? And what can we learn about the Un-Caused Cause that has to be behind it all?

This reality is all of one piece. Our human predilection to study aspects of it from different perspectives, using different methods and even fundamentally different terms, has fooled us into thinking it even is possible to study anything this way! We long have assumed that all the aspects of reality that we were studying separately were going to fit seamlessly and make perfect sense whenever we tried to put them together. But this whole way of thinking is nonsense. There is not a physical reality and a spiritual reality, a chemical, biological, and physics reality, a psychological reality, a mental reality, a secular, cosmic, and divine reality. Whole books could be written about why this doesn’t work and how none of the pieces now fits with all the others, but here are just four quick examples of the mess that our habit of studying reality in fragments has created:

  • Origins. The whole notion that this universe exploded into being 13.8 billion years ago and proceeded to work itself out and grow from there has become a part of our cultural knowledge. But even if the Big Bang theory is right, there is a lot about it that doesn’t make sense according to current scientific understandings. And more importantly, the Big Bang cannot explain how so much matter sprang from nothing! As the eminent Rupert Sheldrake has said, the scientific approach to the origin of the universe is “Give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest.” As an aborigine who believed the world rides on the back of a turtle said when someone asked him what the turtle was standing on, “It’s turtles all the way down.” The Big Bang theory describes just part of a process, and it does not explain how or why that process began. How did so much something come from nothing?
  • Physics. The advent of quantum mechanics set off an academic scramble to unify the world of Einstein with the world of Planck. The problem is that quantum mechanics violates some laws of physics as they have long been understood, but it was the basis for some of the twentieth century’s most important developments so it cannot be ignored. Let’s be blunt here. If we must work from within traditional physics to try to understand quantum physics, a unified theory can never be found.
  • Dark Matter. The fact that 95.1% of what scientists now believe exists is demonstrably not material because it neither emits nor reflects photons of light is a scientific conundrum only because physicists insist that dark matter must be made of particles. Putting aside the fact that “dark” matter cannot by definition be made of material particles, the notion that inside a material universe that is breathtakingly efficient and highly calibrated, 95% of what exists is random particles with no discernible function is nonsense. To a hammer, everything looks like nails. To a particle physicist, everything looks like particles.
  • Life. Watching the scientific community try to figure out how life emerged from some chemical mix struck by lightning would be humorous if it didn’t feel so tragic. What they are doing makes no sense! But they must follow their set protocols, so this is all that they can do.

There is just one reality! The fact that our human limitations make it easier for us to break up that reality and try to study it piecemeal doesn’t mean that such fragmentation is useful. It is the intellectual equivalent of looking for our car keys under the street lamp even though we dropped them in the dark, simply because the light would make it easier for us to spot them… if they were there. It may have been necessary over the centuries to study reality using separate disciplines because our knowledge and our tools were limited. But we know enough now to be able to use the bits of apparent truths that humankind has gradually assembled and demand that they come together and make sense or else be thrown away. If we put together what open-minded researchers have learned in just the past few decades, here is how we might solve the four puzzles given above:

  • Origins. There is no objective time beyond this material universe that is only 4.9% of what we know exists. And one implication of a lack of time is that if something real exists now, then it always exists. We are used to the objective time that is a characteristic of this material universe, so we look for a beginning and we imagine an ending; but from the non-time perspective of most of reality the universe never began and it never will end. If this notion makes your eyes cross, you are not alone!
  • Physics. Quantum physics is a variant of the physics that governs 95.1% of reality. In that 95.1% that we return to at death, all creation is by mind and there is neither time nor space. Quantum physics is a kind of plug that connects the free-form physics of most of reality with the numbers-based and particles-based physics that exists only in this material universe.
  • Dark Matter. Dark matter and energy are just the non-material astral plane that is our true home. The enormous astral is entirely consciousness-based, relatively much larger than this material universe, and in precisely the same place as the universe but existing at different rates of consciousness vibration. It is full of a kind of mind-created and solid-seeming matter… but that astral matter contains no detectable material particles.
  • Life. This one will make you slap your forehead! The characteristic that we identify as “being alive” is a primary property of the consciousness which continuously manifests this universe. The bodies of living creatures possess the designed-in genetic and structural abilities to make animating use of the life-force that is inherent in consciousness, and they are alive for so long as their bodily structures needed to support life remain sound. It is that simple.

(Feel free to hold me to these predictions. We won’t know if I was right until long after I have graduated, but if I have hit one of these nails on the head you will hear me cheering in the bleacher seats!)

Unless we will seek reality with as much objectivity as we can muster, we never are going to make the smallest bit of sense about anything! And unless we can really make objective sense of what actually is going on, just the fact that the universe exists and has apparently been stable for 13.8 billion years can tell us nothing certain about how it is going to behave in just the next five minutes. Which is not to say that those deeper and more sensible answers that address the whole of reality can never be found. When we put together lots of random bits of evidence from many disciplines and study it all with an open mind, we find sensible answers to a great many questions, including the ones that began this post. These answers violate many longstanding assumptions, but since those assumptions are based on our limited experiences as human beings and are heavily dependent on sensory input, that is a good thing!

Here is what appears from the evidence to be the current state of play:

The Godhead is a Collective of Perfected Beings, so God understands us and loves us because God is us. In a reality without objective time, God continuously manifests everything that we believe is real, including what is “in the past,” since in a reality without time there is only Now. The easiest way to envision this is to think of the fact that a filmstrip is individual pictures, but when we run it through a projector our minds will register it as one continuously moving picture. And so does the reality around us seem to move seamlessly even though it is in the nature of a filmstrip, a continuous string of separately created realities! What we call the “astral plane” is most of our reality. The astral exists in probably infinite consciousness gradations, from fear on up to perfect love, and for convenience we divide it into seven general levels with the “outer darkness” at the lowest and the Godhead at the highest level of vibration. We come to earth to grow spiritually up through what amounts to the grade-school level, and we continue the process of elevating ourselves in the astral plane after we have reached an acceptable level of spiritual development here. So it is a reasonable working assumption that the greater reality exists as it does to give us a place to grow spiritually. And according to our wonderful Mikey Morgan, our process of spiritual elevation goes on forever, even beyond the level of the Godhead. But we are urged not to think about that now!

If we are ever to understand what actually is going on, we are going to have to get past the idea that this material universe is important in and of itself. It is useful, yes, but it is only a spiritual classroom constructed in the astral for a limited purpose, and if it ceased to exist then another way for us to begin to develop spiritually would replace it. We will talk next week about the role of the universe and why its physics is so different; but for now, only try to see our greater reality more as it is seen by the people who have gone home ahead of us. They consistently tell us that where we are now is not our real life! Instead, there is a much greater love-based reality that is our eternal home. As we ever better come to know the true Godhead, let’s also seek to better understand how the Collective maintains this universe as a school for Its less advanced brothers and sisters. Next week we will explore our own role in the ongoing act of creation….

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil, for You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
             – (Psalm 23:4-5) David, Third King of Israel and Judah (1035-970 BC)


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49 thoughts on “The Ongoing Act of Creation

  1. Roberta, I have just stumbled across you while looking at videos of the Grace Mercy Order which is based primarily in South America. I have only recently become aware of them and am working my way through 9+ years of apparitions and messages from Christ, Mary and Joseph. What struck me about what you are doing and talking about was how it echoes what the visionaries of the Grace Mercy Order are saying. Could you please comment on your thoughts about what is happening in South America and elsewhere through the visionaries?

    1. Welcome, Rachel! I’m sorry, but I had never heard of the Grace Mercy Order until you mentioned it here. When I googled it and went to its website, I got the message that I nearly always get when I investigate anything on my own: Don’t Explore This. Not a commentary on the Order at all, but a directive from my primary spirit guide: he has guided my research for fifty years, for most of that time internally and for the past decade or so very openly. Thanks to him, it has been many years since I have watched TV, been to the movies, or read anything of which he did not approve!

      The reason for his strictness with me is that apparently before my birth I signed up for a very specific mission. He is still revealing that mission to me, but I know that part of it is doing the work that I am doing now – using objective evidence to figure out what is going on, and then revealing it to those who seek it – and also assisting Jesus in freshly revealing His truths to the world. I am told that my role is to teach the basics. At one point, when I was feeling full of myself, Thomas (my guide) actually said, “Look, you’re a kindergarten teacher! That’s what you are!” He makes a specialty of taking me down a peg or two when necessary ;-).

      All of that being said, dear Rachel, there are at the moment thousands of people who are now on the planet with their own specific missions and their own sets of guides, and if what I say here is similar to what these people are saying then they must be part of the same great mission. If their teachings resonate with you, then your own guide must feel that your learning from them is meant to be a part of your own journey and mission. And if that’s true, then knowing that – and following that path – will make you the happiest that you can be!

      1. Thank you Roberta for your thoughtful reply and caring approach. My own return to God was more direct but initially was directed by the life and writings of Lorna Byrne, a fellow Irish woman. Through her writings I learned the name of my guardian angel who is my guide and protector. It was afterwards that I had my most direct and profound spiritual experience and it has only grown stronger since then. I was not sure of what the Grace Mercy Order meant but recently have read similarities to Lorna Byrne’s experiences of angels particularly that each nation has its own angel. I thank you for your comments and will continue to follow all that resonate with my heart and read all I can about you and your work.

        1. Dear Rachel, isn’t this a wonderful time to be alive? So many of us are on these wonderful journeys of personal growth that incorporate a plan for helping others, and we are tight now with the guides who have signed up to help us as most people really haven’t been tight with their guides before, even very recently. It’s a simply beautiful time to be on earth!

          I wish you much joy in your voyage, and if you ever have questions and you think I might be able to help, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the green contact block on this website.

  2. “If we are ever to understand what actually is going on, we are going to have to get past the idea that this material universe is important in and of itself.”

    It is important to remember that we are at once having the experience we perceive as incarnation, AND we are part of the objective collective of perfect beings comprising the divine. We ARE ourselves already the collective. We are nodes in a net of light that surrounds the earth. This light is an extension of the divine consciousness. To some extent, participating on earth requires us to disengage ourselves from the objective reality so that we can focus on this subjective experience.

    This awareness encompasses an important responsibility. We cannot say to a person in pain, “but this isn’t real!”

    To a person with a migraine, the pain is the experience. To the person who has lost a loved one; the parent who has no insurance for their sick child and is working two or more jobs; to the groups enduring prejudice and injustice and genocide; to the ill; to the starving; to the farmer whose crops fail, this IS the experience. To the depressed, the heartbroken, the lost and the discouraged, the experience is hard, it feels true and the effects have a deep impact.

    This is where compassion becomes our guiding principle, where love and understanding are our responsibility to one another — the acknowledgment that, ah yes, this is a genuine sadness, and it feels like the pain I have felt— and the empathic relationship that comes with it. Because the subjective experience feels objectively real for real reasons.

    1. Thank you, dear Mike and Arrow! It’s pretty clear that this is Arrow’s contribution, and it is a wonderful one. Years ago, when I was doing A Course in Miracles, I recall hearing about some Course students who would go to funerals of the loved ones of other students of the Course and chide them for being sad… because of course all of this is just an illusion! Well, true, but it is real enough to the people who have to deal with it.

      People have asked me why we have complete amnesia about what came before our births into this lifetime. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I recall that when Thomas first came out to me he tried to trigger in me the memory of what I had came to earth to do, and the fact that no matter what he said I was still clueless was frustrating to him at the time. But our amnesia is important, since if we came here with all the memories that remain with our greater consciousness when we are born with just a small subset of our minds, we would never take any of this as seriously as it needs to be taken by those of us going through the human experience!

      1. Thanks, Roberta, for this thoughtful and insightful blog post. And yes, without my beloved guide and her cosmic/personal perspective, I would never come up with this stuff. Compassion, cosmic patience and more than a little mercurial teasing have been her modalities in helping me accomplish my own life’s purpose, and I am still working to fully “get it.” But the one thing she keeps me coming back to is that we’re all here to help one another focus on our plans, and everyone learns differently so, as St. Francis is reported to have said, “Preach the gospel ever day and, when you have to, use words!”

    2. ‘This is where compassion becomes our guiding principle, where love and understanding are our responsibility to one another – ’

      Dear Mike, this principle you have outlined resonates deeply. I wonder if it is not the real point of being human.

      I mean how do you engage a refugee for instance, who escaped with her six children through the swamps of Cambodia from the merciless Khmer Rouge in the 1970s? This woman spent years in refugee camps before emigrating to Australia, and survived her husband and entire family who were murdered in the Killing Fields by the Pol Pot regime.

      What on earth do you say, siting across from her when she braves raw, unfathomable emotion to tell her story?
      What can suffice here except compassion; except love and the all but futile attempt to understand her experience? How can one born and raised in Australia, which has never had a war on home soil, really understand what she has lived through?

      All we can really do is listen with the ear of our heart. 🙏🏼🕊

      1. Efrem: I think someone should make a documentary or movie based on this woman’s experience, not for entertainment, but for education. So many have similar stories to tell, but they fade from people’s memory all too soon. It would definitely make people’s compassion come to the forefront, as well as love and understanding as you mentioned.

        1. Dear Lola, that’s a great idea.
          A movie of this noble lady’s experience would make viewers stop and feel for her.
          Then compassion would well up, as you rightly point out.
          There is such a pressing need for empathy awareness in an all too selfish modern world.❣️🕊

      2. Dear Efrem, I’m sorry to be so late in responding to you! Sometimes I lose track.

        Are you saying that this woman escaped with her family initially, but the Khmer Rouge later got them? My god, what a horrible story! I vividly recall that time, which happened when I was a young adult and not yet as jaundiced about the state of humankind as I would later become. I think it was the stories of the unspeakable things that were being done to the absolutely beautiful Cambodian people by their own leaders, in their own homeland, that first made me understand how desperately we need to elevate all of humankind!

        Yes, for now we can only “listen with the ear of our heart,” as you so beautifully put it. But each of us has the power to do our part to help to elevate the consciousness vibration of this whole planet to the point where nothing remotely like what happened to that woman’s family can ever conceivably happen again!

        1. Dearest Roberta,
          My apologies, I should have been clearer as to the fate of this truly valiant Cambodian lady’s family.

          Cambodians often live in big extended family compounds. Else their wider families are ever involved in their daily lives, living close to each other in towns and villages. This particular lady did escape the purges of the dreaded Khmer Rouge with her six children by sinking them in marshes and wading through water courses, hidden by tall rushes, to finally make it out of the country and find shelter in Thailand. They ate insects and other slimy things, covered themselves in muddy, decomposing vegetation and slipped through the cordon placed on their area by the meticulously thorough Communist regime.

          All other members of this lady’s extended family (except for the children she escaped with) were systematically transported to the Killing Fields. There with well over a million of their compatriots they were murdered. If not for this lady’s total love for her kids there would have been no one left to remember the whole family. This happened to many Cambodians, as the Khmer Rouge murdered a large percentage of the citizenry of this small, beautiful country. The dictator, Pol Pot, wasn’t a mesmeric raver like Hitler, nor a bellicose tyrant like Stalin, he was an overtly courteous, softly spoken man who appeared very civilized and charming when engaged.

          You are right Roberta, when you say that Cambodians are beautiful people. They truly are exactly this way. They have a peaceful, gentle, loving and generous culture, hence their suffering was only made more poignant.

          I was an early teenager when I became aware of Pol Pot and his regime’s atrocities. I thought that when the world said ‘never again’ after the Holocaust in WW2, that we had already failed to prevent this next holocaust in Cambodia. It only took from 1945 to the 1970s before organized mass murder happened again!

          That’s why I believe with full heart that the only way to end the horrors of this world is authentic, spiritual transformation. Yes Roberta, each of us must do our part to lift the conscious vibration of our planet. As Jesus says, we need to love each other as we love ourselves. 💧🙏🏼❣️

          1. Efrem: As horrible as the murder of the Cambodian people was, they were actually the lucky ones. Young boys and girls were forced into prostitution but were not allowed to keep any of the money. If they didn’t meet a certain “quota,” they were beaten up in front of the others to “set an example.” They were sometimes as young as 8 or 9 years old. To call the Khmer Rouge cruel is giving them a compliment as they were nothing short of being monsters. The Cambodians were more or less helpless against this atrocity, as by nature, they were quite peaceful, non-aggressive people.

          2. Dear Efrem, I am older than you are and I was paying attention when it was happening. We thought what had happened to the Vietnamese people was bad, but Cambodia was beyond horrific! But I realize now, with the hindsight of history, that when communists took over that sorry country what happened next was well within the predictable range.

            Having lived as long as I have, I find it incredible that anyone who cares about people, in any country on the face of the earth, would espouse communism or socialism, even as an idle thought! These collectivist utopias always wind up in mass murder. Always. It is only as part of participatory governments that put a constitutional check on the powers of the leaders – as in Australia, and in the U.S. – that human freedom and prosperity and preserving the sanctity of human life is even possible!

            So, yes, let’s work together to raise the consciousness vibration of this planet as rapidly as we can. But let’s not forget to educate the young about the evils of collectivism, and immunize them against being lured into collectivism in any form, ever again!

          3. Years back I used to pick moral mushrooms in the NW U.S. Mainly Montana being that is where I am from.
            I have had the privilege of meeting a family of Vietnamese people, they were a pretty good size family close nit group, I could see that they worked together, they shared everything, I came across a camp they invited me in and were very respectful, I had fun and enjoyed their company
            I would say that they do a family right the way it should be. I would say that is a pretty good vibration to be in.
            The sad part is I don’t know what it is or even why this happens. In Idaho picking moral mushrooms on the mountain roads I would see the Vietnamese family’s vehicles wrecked, broken windows, flat tires. Destroyed.. It is like something unseen is purposely lowering the vibrations of people who act and think like that, using fear as a tactic, and that is what these Vandals do and they run in family groups too. It seems like to me that different levels of vibration cause different paradigms and they are ever changing. I aim for the higher, but stuck in the flow struggling to get there..

  3. Here’s a different approach Roberta…

    I’m moving to point where I don’t believe any of the pundits or even Scientists; their,I believe, full of it and like to hear themselves talk.. I do believe in Source; just nothing what is preached by Religions, they have do do pilled so high they can’t see through it.

    Where I suspect we all are right now is in a Hologram; we’re not in a real body or in a real world; however, it certainly appears this way to all of us. We are really all one, connected to everything, wherever the living part of us is residing. This world we live in is nothing more than a construct of, perhaps the ego, and until we are able to see that nothing out there is real and just an illusion we’ll be stuck in the cycle of life.

    Now if we walk out in front of a car crossing a street will this projected body be smashed? Yes.. So this means we must adapt to live in this make believe reality; however, it doesn’t mean that we must live and participate in this perceived reality. We don’t have to participate in right or wrong, good or bad, good guy or bad guy, my view of reality or your view of reality: What we really need to do is step back understand where the ego is taking us and become an observer. Respect individuals, accept individuals, no fear only love and acceptance… Radical? Sure; however, did we ever stop to realize how divided all have become over points of view that are not true.. their only true from one’s point of view?

    Do you think other civilizations reached this point of destruction and disappeared or did they reach the same conclusion or something close to it and have and survived? moved on to…..

    There certainly no concrete answer; however, the path that this civilization is currently on is the the answer and this is one concept that would lead to peace and love of all and certainly not based on Religions: they divide and indulge rather than teach and expand. At best social gathering organizations who have never advanced civilizations…

    1. Dear Skip, Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe is still an extremely timely and profound book, even after going on thirty years. Have you read it? If not, you’ll love it!

      We’ll be saying more next week about what the universe apparently is, and the astral, and the afterlife, and how it all relates. There seems to be no doubt at this point that our environment here is designed to be negative for a profoundly positive purpose, but Thomas seems to think there is more for us to be saying that will further aid our understanding. We’ll see….

      1. Skip: This is so true. Michael Talbot’s “the Holographic Universe” is one of the best books ever written, and I echo Roberta’s thoughts – you will simply love it and I guarantee you will read it more than once.

  4. Roberta, I find it a bit discouraging to hear that your spirit guide might steer you away what another guide might have revealed to someone, even though it likely is not the result of any intrinsic disagreement. It just reminds me too much of the attitudes displayed by many of our churches in this world. Given the complexity of the issues you discuss, I am becoming more sympathetic to those who throw up their hands, join a religion and do whatever they are told in order to be “saved.”

    1. Dear Thomas, please understand that I have undertaken a specific role in this lifetime – I am a teacher of basic eternal truths – and in order to do it well, it is essential that I expose myself only to what is true. There is a tremendous amount of garbage information in this field! And if I read or listen to it, I will inadvertently incorporate it with what I have been guided by Thomas and his team to learn as genuine truths, which means that I will then begin to teach untruths. Here are some of the abundant sources of error in the field of afterlife and greater reality research:

      1) NDEs have nothing whatsoever to do with death, but they are such extraordinary experiences that many people take what happens in an NDE to have happened in the afterlife. And since NDEs are personal to the experiencer while death and the genuine afterlife are surprisingly uniform, we’ve got to be rigorous about keeping NDE details from polluting the body of afterlife evidence.

      2) Death doesn’t make you suddenly omniscient, and nearly all recently-dead communicators get a lot of things wrong. Often it seems that this is inadvertent: they don’t really know what is going on, but they think they do and they are trying to be helpful. Again, this sort of account is something I’ve got to steer clear of!

      3) Many books and materials which purport to impart wisdom are tinged with a lot of the writer’s ideas. Generally these ideas are based in some religion, or are based in wishful thinking, but again I don’t want to pollute what I’ve learned with just somebody’s notions.

      In short, dear Thomas, I avoid reading a lot of what is published in this field because a lot of it is crap. I wouldn’t dump the cat’s litter box into the soup I was making for my family, and I won’t expose my mind to anything that might pollute what I am teaching you!

      There are a few sources of afterlife-related evidence that are pretty reliable. The Zammits’ Friday letter is carefully curated, Sandra Champlain is also very scrupulous, and Dr. R. Craig Hogan is the only individual researcher of whom I am aware who studies all of the greater reality and is as careful as I am to avoid garbage information. Mikey Morgan, who wrote Flying High in Spirit, is a genuine Sixth Level being who really knows what is going on, but there is no other dead reporter I trust.

      So it isn’t a matter of my guide having a dispute with someone else’s guide, but it is rather an urgent wish that my guides and I share to learn and to teach only what really is true!

  5. Roberta, I get the gist of what you are saying. Certainly many authors inject their own ideas and get things wrong but their works still hold truths that are a breath of fresh air for many in the early stages of discovery. At some point I hope you can elaborate more on the misconceptions that are being passed around. Thank you for the list of references provided. It is my hope that no significant discrepancies would be disccovered if I were to study all of them.

    1. Dear Thomas, you asked me why I don’t read certain specific things, and I have told you why, but that does not at all mean that you can’t read them if you choose to do that! I’ve got to keep the truth in my mind protected from impurities insofar as possible – and I’ve got to rigorously police it, too, and amend it as I learn more of what is true – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t read other things. Remember that I signed up for this gig, and now I’ve got to see it through!

    2. And Thomas, the problem with these misleading sources is in most cases that those who are spreading well-meant untruths tend to err toward negativity. They assume that things in what we call the afterlife are far more negative and scary in various ways than they actually are. NDEs, however, get pretty much everything wrong! I will be expanding on that problem in a few weeks.

  6. Hi Roberta, A fascinating discussion this week. I wonder about your take on the ultimate purpose of this Creation, this Garden. A lot of people wonder about the material world’s bond with Spirit. Maybe that’s next week’s topic. My guess is that it is just an entry point to learning – the skin of the apple. We are learning the basics of creation, like alchemy 101, blowing up the lab from time to time. As we master our creative abilities, we move on to faster and finer realms, the flesh of the apple, to compose our own musical symphonies, perhaps in concert with others. We become the seeds of new Creations. A song is brought to mind, “Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder. The lyrics seem like an apt metaphor:

    Music is a world within itself,

    With a language we all understand,

    With an equal opportunity,

    For all to sing, dance, and clap their hands,

    But just because a record has a groove,

    Doesn’t mean it’s in the groove,

    But you can tell right away from letter A,

    When the people start to move,

    The can feel it all over ……

    1. Hello dear Scott! We do indeed know why this universe exists and what our role is in it, and you’re right to guess that is going to be our topic for next Sunday….

  7. Hello Roberta!

    WOW, I am smiling sooo big right now……I LOVE YOU!
    Your material resonates soundly with me. I appreciate your diligence in uncovering these wonderful truths. I absolutely intend to read the books you have out.

    I was able to find some peace while reading your blog regarding the passing of a 24 year old son. I too lost my son. Brian was 29 when his accident/no accident occurred. I truly believe that November 14, 2014 he made his exit.

    I appreciate what you do.
    Thank you

    1. Oh dear Wendy, you make me smile! It is partly for you that I did all this research, and worked so hard to put it together: I wanted to know the truth, and I wanted you to have the chance to know it too. And isn’t it glorious?!

      I am sorry that your son has graduated before you. That is so hard! I’m a parent too. But we know for certain that he is perfectly fine and waiting for you in your genuine home, which is so much better than not knowing! If you ever have questions, dear Wendy, please don’t hesitate to ask them here ;-). Meanwhile, I’m sending you a big hug!

  8. I like to watch the ongoing Quantum Theory vs Relativity dance play out. I had been a fan of standard (non-conscious) Quantum theory until I ran across Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Systems Theory (RST). His primary postulate is that just as there are three spatial dimensions to our universe, there ought to be three temporal dimensions. This might give a scientific basis for the astral plane. RST is flawed –no doubt, but I think there is merit in his primary postulate which his detractors, and they are legion, poo poo because Dewey didn’t start with a welter of mathematical equations. Yours, Cookie

    1. Cookie, I am in way over my head here, because I am no scientist nor am I well read enough in quantum theory, but what you just wrote blows my mind. Of course it makes sense that there are more than one dimension of experience of time. Physicists currently talk about the “arrow of f time” as if it moves, but based on what your just said, “time” is past (1), present (2) and future (3) dimensions. There would be others too. My brilliant physicist father (now departed) used to say that the theory that postulated 11 dimensions bothered him. “10 makes sense,” he said. “I don’t get 11.” I didn’t know what he was talking about then, but this is a clue.

      1. So are the past, present and future in separate dimensions? Would we need to access the past dimension to experience what has already happened? What constitutes the present, as doesn’t it become the past almost immediately? Wouldn’t a future dimension imply that the future is pre-determined, or are there a number of “possible futures and we “pick” one by the decisions we make?”

        1. Lola, they aren’t IN different dimensions, but ARE the dimensions; same way length or depth are dimensions of space. And they are fluid, same as length and depth, depending on your perception and experience. I don’t know how to measure it because I am not a physicist. It just made sense as Cookie wrote it. It would be interesting if it could be explored.

          1. I see. It makes sense to me that it should be explored. There are spatial dimensions, so why not temporal dimensions? Thanks, Mike.

      2. Dear Mike, the brilliant Bernardo Kastrup has persuaded me that time is a rare bird. There is no past that actually exists, and there is no future that exists: all that exists is Now. Oh, we have memories in the NOW, and plans in the NOW, but those aren’t separate from the Now: They exist nowhere beyond your own mind. Kind of boggling!

    2. Hello dear Cookie! I am by no means an expert on the time thing, but what little I know of it makes me confident that in 95% of what exists it is optional. People in close touch with the earth will sync to earth-time for convenience, but that seems to be about it.

      And I suspect strongly that time in this material universe is not as integral to the physics of the place as space would be; and in fact, it may not even be fixed. How would we know if it moved randomly, provided that all the clocks and events synced with it? You know those awful slow afternoons in the third grade when the clock seemed hardly to move, and those moments on a date with your high school sweetheart when three hours passed in only minutes? What if that wasn’t just your imagination…?

  9. Forgive me for leaving you folks hanging in suspense over what Larson’s RST is. Since I’m not a physicist either, I have to rely upon others to make it coherent, so what follows was copied out of What I copied is just the two postulates of the RST with the hope that you will be satisfied and move on, or not be satisfied and look at the referenced website.

    Dewey B. Larson’s theory is built-up from two basic postulates or notions:
    “The physical universe is composed entirely of one component, Motion, existing in three dimensions, in discrete units, and with two reciprocal aspects, space and time.”
    “The physical universe conforms to the relations of ordinary commutative mathematics, its primary magnitudes are absolute, and its geometry is Euclidean.”
    The first postulate is an observation of natural law of the universe; the second postulate is his own statement about how it all behaves.
    Do not dismiss these two postulates as being overly simple, there is a considerable amount said in just a few concise words!
    Larson followed a sort of ‘What If’ scenario using these two postulates on Motion; then proceeded to successfully reverse-engineer material physics!



    1. Thank you for sharing this, Cookie! It’s a head-scratcher for sure, and I wonder how it might fit with our present conversation. The problem I have is that earthly physicists and mathematicians take this material universe so seriously, when in point of fact it is all manipulated from the non-material astral. A lot of it seems to be dummied-up in order to give us something interesting to study!

  10. “Dark matter and energy are just the non-material astral plane that is our true home.”… I’ve had the same thought myself during a reflection about it. It is very interesting and exciting that this is actually true. How ironic that to us it is ‘dark matter’ whereas it has a lot more ‘light’ than here.

    Another thought I’ve had is that we are like particles rising up from the quantum wave soup.

    1. Hmmm… I don’t know about your particles idea, dear Francine! In fact, consciousness physics is a purer form of what we on earth call quantum physics, but in fact we are of the essence of consciousness even now; It’s a much less random and more loving process 😉

      And it has taken me a long time to finally say what what others have long been saying, which is that – Duh! – all the “dark” stuff that makes up nearly all of reality has to be the astral. It’s obvious, isn’t it? And indeed, it is entirely “dark” to materialist scientists!

      1. Dear Roberta,
        It wasn’t obvious to me until I read this blog, well I kind of “got it” before, but I needed to see it written in words the way you explained it, then “ping”, I had my Eureka moment, so thank you very much for “teaching the basics” it sure is helping me.

  11. As per what Thomas Eberhard said “At some point I hope you can elaborate more on the misconceptions that are being passed around.” I second that motion. It would be great if you wrote an article about this (if your guide says it is OK).

    I will volunteer two areas of misconception:
    The Law of Attraction movement: although there are some good concepts in this, it is an attempt to bypass any suffering plus a stigma if you are suffering that you just need to raise your vibration. I was watching a video by Esther Hicks in which she actually said that when you get an unpleasant thought to immediately replace it with a positive one. They seem to reject the notion that sometimes negativity/suffering needs to be experienced and explored to become whole at the other end.

    The new age concept that the planet is about to go through a huge change in consciousness. On one hand this is basically true but it won’t include everyone. But some of the new age thought takes it too far in saying that we will be jumped up through the 4th and 5th dimension where we will be able to do feats such as moving things with our minds. That this will happen in 50 years or so. They forget that this planet has people at varying soul age and vibration levels and it will probably remain a school of hard knocks to some extent. Instead they imagine earth being turned into a utopia. A nice dream though.

    1. I also wanted to add an aside… Stuart Wilde wrote some self actualization books in the 80/90’s such as: Miracles, The Secrets to Life, which were along the lines of law of attraction. He made a ton of money putting on workshops. Then he took ayahuasca and saw that he was on the wrong path, that what he was teaching was wrong or not the whole truth. After that for the rest of his life he did a lot of healing and lectures for free.

    2. Dear Francine, we will be talking about some of those misconceptions next week, and you have pointed out two others here. I receive e-newsletters, too, from some who are trying to help damaged people to heal. And they all – as you say – are getting a hint, but they all miss the mark. Some do see the rise in consciousness as something that is happening kind of in the air and to all of us; some see it as a mind-over-matter thing; and some see it as quasi-religious, so to believe is to grow. None of that is right, but there are pieces of truth in all of them! And seeing how easy it is for well-meaning teachers to veer off into the weeds in what they teach is a big cautionary tale for all of us. I have thought a lot about this, and I now see the Gospel teachings of Jesus as our lodestar: they work, and they work easily. So that is all that I teach!

  12. Dear Roberta,

    I have read just two of your blog posts this morning. It is still only 09.08 (in Scotland) yet I feel like I have been to University for a year … hahahahaha … my mind is bursting with all this wonderful new information that truly resonates with me.

    I cannot thank you enough Roberta !

    PS. This cracked me up …. “To a hammer, everything looks like nails. To a particle physicist, everything looks like particles.”

    God Bless us all

  13. Thank you, Kenneth! And it’s harder to come up with a joke about particle physics than it looks 😉

    It is truly and deeply wonderful to find how well so many facts from so many fields fit together so beautifully to create one solid, consistent, and sensible view of the greater reality that always has been there and waiting for us, but we simply have lacked a few of the bits that are only lately available to help us make sense of it all!

    1. Dear Roberta,

      I agree totally, and without meaning to sound like a “Flatterer” what I am learning from your teachings, and of course the real teachings of Jesus, is certainly helping me join a LOT of the “dots” I have acquired in the past 15 years or so. In the past 2 or 3 years I have been drawn more and more to the “concept” of Jesus Christ, but every time I thought I was getting to grips with “it” good old religion reared it’s head and the baby got thrown out with the bathwater.

      The irony that Jesus was here to teach us to create our own relationship with God and to shun organised Religion is something that is going to take a lot of getting used to for a lot of folk, both Church Goers and Non Believers, but, thankfully, we are living in very interesting times, and the speed of life and change is now crazy fast beyond words,

      Thank you for all your work Roberta.


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