The Kingdom of God On Earth (Part III)

Posted by Roberta Grimes • February 23, 2019 • 36 Comments
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The destruction of the Lord’s first effort to bring the kingdom of God on earth was complete. The early Roman Church stamped out every form of Christian thought that did not conform to its fear-based dogmas, and it almost destroyed even the memory of those first three hundred precious years when Jesus had been a vibrant force for love whose teachings were devoutly followed.

Even the Lord’s words were directly edited by the First Council of Nicaea. The Council removed every reference they could find to reincarnation, reportedly because our believing we have just one lifetime was likely to make us try harder. They also added references to church-building, sheep-and-goats judgment, and end-times nonsense that are so different from the Lord’s genuine teachings that we can pluck them out easily.

What may be worse is that the dogmas laid down at Nicaea gave rise to errors that are now embedded in the Gospel words themselves. The earliest translations of the Gospels from Greek into Latin happened later in the fourth century, and they followed upon Nicaea’s ideas. For example, Jesus is frequently quoted as saying versions of “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel” (MK 1:15). But that is not what Jesus said! The Greek word for what He actually said was metanoeite, which means “transform your mind.” But the prelates who first translated that word from Greek into Latin were so steeped in Nicaea’s fear-based dogmas that they chose instead to use the word paenitentia, which means “repent” or “do penance.”

It is difficult to sufficiently grasp all the damage that  was done by this one change. Jesus had come to help us transform our minds, and had abolished the very notion of sin, but over the past seventeen hundred years the belief that He had told us to “repent” became such a fundamental tenet of Christian thought that even modern translations that are done from the original Greek use the flatly erroneous word “repent.” And this is true, even though it contradicts everything that Jesus actually said! Let’s look at three of the Lord’s core teachings that are starkly incompatible with the notion that Jesus sees us as guilty of anything for which we would need to “repent.”

Jesus Tells Us We Must Always Forgive, and We Must Never Judge

When Peter asked him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven” (MT 18:21-23). And if we  are broadly forgiven, then repentance is unnecessary. He said, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned (LK 6:37). He told us straight-out that even God does not judge us. He said, “For not even the Father judges anyone, but He has given all judgment to the Son, so all will honor the Son even as they honor the Father” (JN 5:22-23). And neither does Jesus judge us. He said, If anyone hears My sayings and does not keep them, I do not judge him” (JN 12:47). He spoke so strongly against every kind of judgment that it is horrifying to see how completely the early Roman Church made the false belief that God judges us its entire fear-based focus.

Jesus Tells Us We Must Love Even those Who Seem Unworthy of Love

He said, But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High; for He Himself is kind to ungrateful and evil men. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful” (LK 6:35-36).“‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the great and foremost commandment.  The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets” (MT 22:37-40). If we are made to feel so guilty that we need to “repent,” we cannot possibly love these unrepentant others as Jesus tells us we must love them.

The Lord’s Focus is On Teaching Us How to Transform Our Minds

Our need to bring the kingdom of God on earth requires that we now forget about sin and focus on transformation! So He came to share with us simple methods for adopting at our very core a kind of dynamic peacefulness that is possible only with the elevation of our personal consciousness vibrations. He said, But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also. Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two” (MT 5:39-41). “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.  For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (MT 5:43-48). Nothing short of transforming our minds can even begin to make us perfect!

The Christian Church created by Constantine the Great is anathema to everything Jesus came to do. But I don’t mean by that to say that Jesus failed. Since objective time does not exist and our incarnations are not linear, I have come to think that the intervening seventeen hundred years or so are meant by the Collective that is the only God to be a period when we can choose to incarnate in order to experience the severe negativity of domination by a fear-based Christianity. Now, however, the very free will that is essential to our being able to grow spiritually has allowed too many of us to choose fear and anger over love, so the consciousness vibration of this planet has sunk to what we are told by those not in bodies is a level from which it cannot recover without divine intervention. And therefore, late in the nineteenth century the Lord began His modern push to bring the kingdom of God on earth. We spoke last week about the start of that effort. Here, as Paul Harvey used to say, is the rest of the story.

No one who is in a body knows all of what is going on. There are a great many people now who are claiming that Jesus is in contact with them, and a number who have channeled books that they believe came from Jesus. I am not allowed by my guides to communicate with these people or to read their books, but I hear from many Seek Reality listeners who tell me about this or that writer or YouTuber whose work in this field is just like mine. I love hearing that! As Jesus said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out more workers into His harvest field” (MT 9:37-38).

Those who have not been in bodies for centuries lose their ability to communicate easily with the living, so it is understandable that the Lord’s first apparent attempt to reintroduce His Gospel teachings missed the mark. He led the team that channeled A Course in Miracles in the late Sixties, and while ACIM is indeed those same Gospel teachings, they come there in a form so advanced that it is hard to do much learning unless you commit to meeting with a study group!

So reportedly the team around Jesus decided in the 1980s to channel exactly the Gospel words but with Nicaea’s additions removed. I am told that they set out to find for this task what they called “a pure vessel,” someone who had never been a channel. And here is where, amazingly, your old friend Roberta enters the picture. I knew none of this at the time! I have told My Thomas by Roberta Grimesyou too often that I learned in February of 2015 that my primary spirit guide was once Thomas Jefferson, and I am apparently a friend of his over lifetimes who agreed to enter this body now so I could finish a few of the things that he didn’t manage to finish as Jefferson. One of those tasks was the writing of his thoughts on the teachings of Jesus, so Thomas had been preparing me to write his own take on the Gospel teachings. And of course I was not a known channel, so he offered me up to be used by the Lord. Apparently I filled the bill. But they needed to know that I could channel, so my friend who in his Jefferson lifetime had been so private that he never wrote a memoir, and he even burned all his wife’s letters and papers, then used me to channel his memoirs of his ten-year marriage that spanned the Revolutionary War period. My Thomas is the most beautiful thing that I will ever write. And the research and writing of it were so easy that I thought I was a genius! Sadly, though, I am not. Thomas is. My every subsequent effort to write anything that my precious friend has not supervised has been nothing but a rookie mess.

Apparently my having channeled My Thomas convinced the beings around Jesus to choose me, and according to Thomas they spent the next twenty-five years preparing me to channel the Lord. I was clueless! And of course when they felt the time had arrived for Jesus to channel His restatement of the Gospels, Thomas didn’t tell me more than that he wanted me to write a book about Jesus. And I flat-out refused. Who was I to be doing that? So then he nudged me to contact a medium, and four years ago this month he used her to break into my waking life. He told me who he was, and he convinced me that I had to write his Jefferson-era book about Jesus. He did not, however, tell me this book was going to be written by the Lord Himself!

Thomas began by channeling the first three chapters of Liberating Jesus. Then, late one afternoon the medium through whom he had first contacted me emailed to say that Thomas had just seized her briefly in a Walmart parking lot and said, “Please forgive the speed at which we are dictating, as your soul-ular self is working directly for the Master now, without benefit of the filters which would slow the transmission. And I hasten to add, you must please of course speak clearly should your physical suffer exhaustion.” I thought nothing of that until I woke up abruptly at two the next morning and rushed to my computer, and over two weeks an entirely different entity channeled the rest of that book. I tell the tale of how it was written in Appendix V of Liberating Jesus, so I won’t rehash it here. Suffice it to say that there has never been the remotest doubt in my mind that the Being who wrote that book is Jesus.

With the Collective’s many minions now deep in working to raise the consciousness vibration of this planet, we are assured by beings at the upper levels that the Lord’s work is unfolding according to plan. Jesus told us it will happen subtly, so don’t expect the kingdom of God to arrival on earth with trumpets blaring! Indeed, I suspect that it is going to be apparent to us just in retrospect. So, what would it be like for you and me to live in God’s kingdom here on earth? Let’s begin now to think about that….

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36 thoughts on “The Kingdom of God On Earth (Part III)

  1. Hi Roberta,

    It seems that in determining what Jesus’ Kingdom of God on earth is about, one of many first steps will be getting people to want to know what he REALLY said. So many well meaning people apply the words of the gospels–the ones He said and the ones inserted and/or distorted — for their own immediate, earthbound goals that the message hasn’t gotten traction for the its Cosmic potential.

    I posted in your previous entry, as you know, about a minister in Chicago who seems so much more interested in what is often referred to as “liberation theology” that I think she’s actually using Jesus’ words out of context to spread more fear.

    This probably wasn’t her intention but she’s a victim of old habits.

    1. Dear Mike, your observation that Christian leaders feel free to make the Bible say pretty much what they want it to say is so true! As I have said here before, I get emails daily from three entirely different clergymen, all working with precisely the same Bible, and ranging from beautifully intellectual observations that show that the writer, while Catholic, pretty much sees in Jesus what we see in Jesus, right down to an old-fashioned fanatic who is sure that the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God and if you don’t get “saved” by Jesus you should go straight to hell. And amazingly, to this man the entire Bible is God’s literal Word and the whole barbaric notion that Jesus died to redeem us from God’s wrath is dramatic proof that God really loves us!

      At one time I thought that these variations in interpretation of the Gospels came from the fact that those four books are stuck in a volume that contains more than sixty books, and all those other books were often used to modify what the Lord said, so just keeping the Gospels and removing the other books should mostly let us understand the Lord’s actual teachings. But then we also have the problem, of course, of Nicaea’s edits and additions, which I have come to see only recently are quite serious problems too. And the fact that Jesus had to hedge what He said because speaking against Judaism was a capital crime. All serious problems to be given weight as we try to understand what Jesus truly meant to say.

      But even all of that is not enough! It is really only in the past six months that I have come to realize that it is impossible for us really to understand the Lord unless we first take all these other issues into account, and then we also strip off every bit of the Christian religion plus two thousand years of human culture, and we go and sit at the feet of the Lord and actually hear His words as He spoke them! This is why every attempt to liberalize Christianity is really just lipstick on a pig: we can make it superficially prettier, but there are too many fear-based assumptions that date back to the early Roman Church for us ever to truly know the Lord’s truth unless we can manage to chuck every bit of what has happened on earth in the past at least 1700 years!

      1. Agreed. Therein lies your mission! 😉

        Seriously… a while back I unceremoniously and possibly even without realizing I was doing so, I started in a quest for the “actual” Jesus and what HE really was like and what he taught. I started by reading only his words in the gospels. But then I realized we need the context of others’ reactions to him because he had to respond to their 1st century bafflement. One of the most heart wrenching passages isn’t when Jesus tells Peter he will deny knowing him, but rather when the crowd says. “This is too hard,” and wanders away. This is a moment when we realize Jesus realizing what He is up against. Imagine having only His words and not this context. Our understanding would be very different.

        So this is no small task.

        1. Oh my dear Mike, the more closely I walk with Jesus, the more I want to hold Him in my arms sometimes and protect Him from being so alone in performing His difficult and thankless mission!

          To watch this beautiful perfected Being trying over and over to simplify His teachings enough to make them comprehensible to the simpletons around Him does make you want to comfort him. He often expresses His impatience, calling people hypocrites, false prophets, and so on. Knocking over the money-changes’ tables in the Temple. Just generally – and surprisingly often! – showing His frustration at how little progress He is making in penetrating all of these thick skulls. But still He never did what He so easily could have done: He never quit trying. Reportedly He hadn’t even planned to be crucified, but in the end when He couldn’t make His followers accept the fact that we survive our deaths, He put Himself through a brutal public crucifixion so He could then rise from the dead and say, “Ta-da! See? I didn’t die, and neither will you.”

  2. Thank you for another wonderful blog! I find myself being extremely thirsty for the truth, and I want to shout it from the rooftops! But I find family, friends, and co-workers so close minded, that I think they would suggest I am mentally unstable if I do. For example, I was at a party, and a boy came up to me and said that his beloved dog passed away. I told him he is in Heaven and someday he will see him again. (I know this thanks to your recent postings!) The boy said, “No, because he is in doggie Heaven, not people Heaven!” Everyone was staring at me as I said, that he is in OUR Heaven! My husband said that nowhere in the Bible does it say that animals are in Heaven, therefore, they aren’t! People believe what is there and do not believe anything that is not there. (Thanks a lot Council of Nicaea!) How do I begin to spread the concept that the Bible is wrong and incomplete? I have always suspected this, so thank you for confirming it for me! As for other people…is there any hope? And how do I even begin to attempt spreading the news?

    1. Dear Susan, please know that there is hope for your husband and your marriage! My husband of 46 years is a devout Catholic, and for a good part of my research career he used to tell me (gently, because he loves me) that he worried that I was a heretic and hell yawned before me. By now, though, he has softened a lot! He is down to just one Mass per week, and he will come home from it frankly complaining about the Church, things like the pedophilia and the foreign priests who can barely speak English and the half-hearted homilies, all of which he attributes to the fact that for no reason that he has ever been given (he went to Catholic schools through college), the Church insists on celibate priests. He still won’t read what I write, but now we can talk about these topics some. And he hasn’t consigned me to hell in years!

      I love your wonderful zeal, Susan, and please know that there is indeed every hope! All of this is being orchestrated far above our pay grade, so all we need to do to advance the Lord’s work is to look for open doors and go through them; we don’t have to try to batter anything down. We really are not in charge! The Collective that is the only God is playing a very lo-o-ong game, and each of us has the joy of being on their field. From long before I was aware of any of this, I realize now that my guides have been telling me that the work that I do in this lifetime will be finished after I am in the bleacher seats, but from there I will get to see it fulfilled. And that is quite enough for me!

  3. I have one more comment, as I am on a roll! The reason why I want people, especially children, to know that God/Jesus is only of LOVE, is that I was traumatized as a child from Sunday School. Our teacher told us we MUST love God more than even our parents! How could I love, more than my beloved parents, someone who makes us sacrifice animals, and even children! Someone who sits, like Santa, judging whether we are on the nice list, and go to Heaven, or the naughty list, and go to Hell! I was petrified I was going to Hell because I could not love him more than my very kind, loving parents. If only children knew the truth…

    1. Preach it, dear Susan!!

      Actually, the point that you make is one that troubles me very much, and it is why I am writing early-reader picture-books about Jesus (one finished, one partway finished; each day simply is not long enough!).

      I do think that many Christian denominations have softened some in recent years on what they will teach children, but it truly is horrific that so many children still are being told what you were told, and anything we learn before the age of five or six is literally programmed into our minds for life and is much harder for us to get rid of later!

      It may be that you are being called to assume your role in this glorious work, and perhaps working with children or helping people to de-program these false childhood teachings will be what you have agreed to do? Dear Susan, you might try asking your guides before you go to sleep if they will give you waking guidance and let you remember it in the morning. Don’t give up easily; keep lovingly asking for guidance. When we are pointedly given a wrong to obsess over, that can be a call for us to begin to work to set it right!

  4. I hate to keep bashing the bible, but even to this day, there are many people that think every word in it is true. They don’t even consider that through many translations, the messages are often distorted or down right wrong. That doesn’t even include what was taken out or added over time. Many never even heard of the Council of Nicea, nor do they know much, if anything, about Emperor Constantine, both of whom were largely responsible for the serious issues with the bible. Roberta – have you done any research on how the Vatican became so wealthy?

    1. Dear Lola, you are welcome to bash away at the Bible here! It does astonish me, as it does you, to see how little the people who preach and defend the Bible really know about it. I have tried to discuss these matters with Bible-believing Christians in the past – those who don’t turn their backs right away as soon as you show yourself not to be a “believer,” since thy have their get-out-of-hell-free card and they don’t want to be contaminated with your bad-idea cooties. In truth, I have never found any Bible-based Christian who can answer any of our questions. Christianity of every denomination is all a kind of confidence game, the hucksterism of instilling a great fear in people and then promising to relieve that fear if they will come and warn the pews. It is tragic, when you think about what could have been!

      I have never been much interested in Christian history past the first 500 years or so, but from its early days the Catholic Church in the Vatican has been a separate country, a protectorate, and it has taxed all the Catholic Churches in the world. It sold Indulgences and other favors. It gathered in a great deal of wealth, and since for most of that time it didn’t do much in return for the people giving it money (except promise them salvation, but that cost the Vatican nothing), it would be a wonder if it were NOT obscenely wealthy!

    1. The Old Testament was written and read in ancient Hebrew – Jesus read the Law and the Prophets in Hebrew – but the earliest versions of the Gospels that we have are in Greek. For a long time it was assumed that Jesus might have spoken Greek, but it is now confidently believed that He spoke Aramaic, and that His words were passed down orally for a couple of generations before being written down in Greek.

    1. Dear Kim, I am not a linguist, but I can tell you that Latin was the governing language and the lingua franca of the old Roman Empire, and of course it was until very recently the language of the Catholic Church that was that empire’s spawn. It was the root for a number of modern languages – French, Spanish, Italian – and contributed to many more, including our own. Perhaps someone else has more to add?

  5. Wow, thanks for the info, Roberta. I wondered where all the incredible wealth came from. Never knew that the Vatican taxed their own churches, but sadly, I’m not surprised. I once knew a girl who got an annulment from the Cath. church, but at a cost of several hundred dollars, and she bought into it!! Like Will Rogers said, there’s a sucker born every minute LOL.

    1. Dear Lola, the fact that the Vatican still so tightly controls and taxes every Catholic Church in the world should be much more widely known! When I was a Catholic, everyone around me seemed to think control by Rome was a very good thing, a line straight back to Jesus; but in reality it was a line straight back to the Roman Empire, and there it stopped. Through the Catholic Church, and by extension all of Christianity, the Rome of the Caesars still lives on!

  6. Roberta, ……P R A I S E T H E L O R D , For You; And, Your Liberating Boldness And Education. With That Said, I Am Literally Exhausted With The ” Christian Church ” Being Hijacked By —-Corporate Clowns, Pretending To Be A Rescue Truck To Save Souls. And, In The Process, Manipulate The Weak ; Lonely ; Sick ; Uneducated; Poor ; And, Vulnerable For Every Dime They May Get Their Hands On Via Pure Manipulation !!!

    Ironically, I Am A Black, Single, No-Children, Heterosexual, Business Woman, Who Deems Too Sophisticated For Self-Serving Written Doctrine To Control The Masses; And, Which Has The Agenda To Place A Certain Demographic Group In Superiority To Yet Another Group, Whom Is Different. Truthfully, I Could Care Less If Someone Is Gay; Pocka-Dotted; Zig-Zagged; Straight; Black; White; Gray; Old; Young; Poor; Rich; Dumb; Genius; Etc——-Contingent, One Does Not Hurt, Nor Harm, Another Human Being; And, We Remain Lawful And Legal, WE ARE ALL VALUABLE !!!

    With That Said, ” THE TRUTH ” Always Surfaces, …. Always. And, I Look Forward To Embracing It More An More , Every Day!

    1. Dear wonderful Traci! It’s lovely to see you here!! And knowing you are black prompts me to say that were it not for the force for good that Christian churches have been and still are in that community, I would be calling for the wrecking ball on Christianity altogether. Dr. King was a Christian in the mold of Jesus, and no matter that he got there by way of Gandhi; I think of him as the head and model of the black churches movement, even now, which may mean that I am naive.

      The truth always does indeed surface, provided that we will open-mindedly seek; and knowing that where our true and honest seeking will lead us is straight into the arms of the living Lord makes it so much worth all our efforts!

      We are all on this journey together, dear one, helping one another to enlighten and thereby liberate the world; and your own seeking is a part of that larger journey for us all. I look forward to the joy of our all doing this for Jesus together!!

  7. Roberta, What you say makes sense to me. But I do have a question about why God would elect to give channeled messages for us as incarnate souls to have to search for or stumble into. God would be fully capable of Himself implanting all of our consciences with required moral knowledge, or after incarnation again to implant his messages, given suppression of Heavenly knowledge and forgetfulness. It appears highly inefficient, risky, and arbitrary for the average person to have to rely on a medium, with always the risk that any given medium may not be authentic. Given that standard biblical text has distorted His message, it would seem appropriate for God to channel to the editors of the major editions of the bible, and/or to go directly to each of us. So, why would He rely on his work getting universal distribution thru a little known medium?

    1. Dear Jack, God is not a Big Guy on a throne. God is US, in the profoundest possible sense: God is perfected human consciousness, infinitely loving and infinitely powerful. I don’t know who the “little known medium” is to whom you refer here, but the Collective that is the only God cannot anoint human beings who are operating on maybe five percent of their eternal minds to do much of anything in this world on Its behalf. Human beings are limited, fallible, and easily distracted or corrupted. God cannot risk giving Its own authority to any frail human vessel!

      That is why Jesus came to us from the top of the Collective, and possessing access to all of His perfected mind. Jesus brought God to earth in a human body, to observe us and to teach us. And He was beyond all human power! As He said when He presented Himself to be crucified, He could have called in twelve legions of angels at any moment to effect His rescue. He did it all by choice.

      It would, of course, be possible for Jesus or another ascended Being to do it all again, but if you’ll think about it you will realize how disruptive and how risky that would be! This whole universe exists as a place where we as aspects of the Godhead can push against negativity. The negativity here is rare and valuable in a reality that is for the most part vibrating far higher! So the mission is not to end it, but the mission is just to elevate the earth’s vibration a bit away from fear and toward more perfect love.

      This kind of precise and careful work really has to be done through avatars, it seems to me, and God has to work with those avatars quietly through their own guides. And there are so many avatars on earth now! I hear from people daily who clearly are feeling called to seek and called to serve – it is amazing and beautiful to see. And God is indeed putting information into people’s minds each night through their guides, whose work has already hollowed out false Christianity and is – just as importantly – sparking in people’s minds the instinctive recognition of truth when they hear it. So much is going on beneath anyone’s radar now, so this movement will become gigantic before anyone who would fight it even really notices it!

      Dear Jack, if God intervened directly now, the jig would be up for planet earth. God could do it when God was dealing with primitives, by planting prophets who would herald the Lord’s coming and then having Him seem to those primitives to be just an advanced and wiser version of themselves. But, now? No one would take God-on-earth seriously today unless He did so many magical things and suppressed whole armies and actively fought evil, which of course would just create even more negativity.

      I cannot speak for God, dear Jack, but I can guess based on what I have seen and am seeing that this is really the only way that God can operate on earth today while still preserving this planet’s value as a place for rapid spiritual growth.

      1. Wow, dear Jack, this is a first for me! After I had gone back to sleep after having done my usual hour or two of work after first-sleep (note the time-stamp on my reply to you), I was told how I should answer you.

        OMG, who thought they even noticed what we say in these comments? But here goes:

        1) I am not a medium (I think he said they don’t trust mediums, but we’ll leave that aside).

        2) My Thomas needed to be channeled early in this process, but it won’t be much used until after I have gone home. (I think he said the channel can’t be seen as important.) Just as an aside, A Course in Miracles wasn’t much noticed until after the woman who had received it had died.

        3) This work is on schedule and unfolding as it should. (I think he said it is actually ahead of schedule, but maybe not.)

        4) He asked how we can assume that ANY of the past 2000 years – including the “detour” into Roman Christianity – was not also part of the plan?

        Wow. I’ll be thinking about this for a while ;-).

  8. Hi Roberta. Are you saying that since we are no longer primitives God can only affectively influence us through avatars?

    1. Not at all! God is infinitely powerful, and God manifests this reality as we are experiencing it, so God could make the sky suddenly bright pink, for an instant or forever (both past and future), or God could cause everyone who is not on God’s “good side” to plunge into a fiery hell at this instant. The words “infinite power” apply to the genuine God far more completely than they ever could have applied to one Big Guy on a Throne!

      Think of this more like a vast, eternal reality based entirely in infinite love in which an infinitely powerful and infinitely loving Collective is watching over our efforts to grow spiritually, and where one of the most effective ways for us to do this is in a very tough, mostly fear-based place that we wanted to come to. We WANTED to learn. So God has allowed things to get worse here. After all, this is not real life! None of us will be here for long, and we want to grow, and God’s love for us is infinite.

      So the negativity here is actually precious to God and to all of us, since it gives us something to push against and helps us to grow. God could get rid of every bit of the hatred and fear on earth in literally a heartbeat of time, but such a big effort would destroy the value of this place to us, the whole reasons why it exists, so God is avoiding being so obvious that the cleverest among us will see God actively working.

      Does this make sense? Yours is a great question, and I plan to blog in a few weeks about how I understand that God works.

      Incidentally, the Collective’s apparent decision not to allow us to use nuclear bombs again in warfare seems to have occasioned a more aggressive form of interference, but still They are keeping it below the public radar!

  9. Roberta,

    As you know, I have been thinking about what the “kingdom” in the Kingdom of God on Earth that Jesus is seeking to bring is all about. Surely Jesus was using that particular word (or its 1st century Aramaic equivalent, which would have meant, even then, something altogether different from the medieval kingdom we moderns bring to mind) to help people relate to the idea of a birthright.

    But in our times, we have more sophisticated language — and understanding — available. So here, as I see it, is the problem: The concept of the one true God as a collective of highly evolved human souls is difficult to deconstruct using time/space-based language and logic. Before any humans began to evolve… what? The Collective is a difficult premise to get beyond. It starts to sound like the assertions of one of my favorite “neo-atheist” at whom I love to shake my head: that we humans create God. If there are no humans, no God.

    Maybe I’m over thinking it, but I see us as only human when we are in bodies. Otherwise, we are something else. Since there is no space/time in the non-material phenomenon that is creation, we don’t have to worry about this “chicken and egg” logic (enough mixed metaphors?).

    God is bigger than a sum of highly evolved human souls and is the cause of our evolution. So how do we talk about the Collective without losing people who are thinking with linear logic while in bodies?

    The Collective, incidentally, seems comfortable within certain Eastern thought. But as mentioned, my knowledge of those traditions is limited. The Western thinker/believer WANTS his or her separate God. So getting past this idea is another impediment to bringing the Kingdom of God on earth. Where’s the king?😉

    Perhaps here: if we think of Jesus’ “kingdom” similarly to the biology term, in which kingdom is the second highest taxonomic rank, just below domain. There is no one “reigning” over these kingdoms (animal, plant, etc.); they are large COLLECTIVE groups that everything within it contributes to.

    Perhaps I should have stuck with the chicken and egg metaphor…

    1. Dear Mike, the word that Jesus used in Aramaic was translated into the word “kingdom” in Greek, and then into the same word in Latin, so there was no translation error to pounce on in this case. The Roman-Christian notion of God on a throne easily derives from Jesus’s use of the word, but without a single God on a throne we have to take it to mean government in the general sense of the word. The notion of a place where God reigns.

      One thing that has been evident since we first were aware of receiving channeled upper-level communications late in the 19th century is that the higher our personal consciousness vibration becomes, the more we are in unity with others vibrating at a similar level; so every upper-level communicator of which I am aware is a collective of thousands of united beings. (Mikey Morgan, who is at that level but took a fresh incarnation that ended in 2007 and now communicates through his mother, may be the only sole sixth-level communicator ever – please, everyone, read his book!) This is not to say, though, that these aggregated communicators lose their sense of individuality, but rather it appears that the more we are vibrating toward ever more perfect love, the more we want to be as one. I will have more to say on this next week.

      It is indeed difficult to scrub from our minds that old notion of God as One Big Guy, but that old form of God has too easily led us to think of God as having the worst and lowest-vibration human failings, problems like anger and jealousy. And how can One Big Guy possibly be doing everything at the same time? How can that God be MY personal God, and at the same time seven billion other people’s personal God? As you think more deeply about the concept of the sole Christian God, you begin to see the appeal of atheism ;-). But God as a Collective of perfected Beings works as One while at the same time It can work individually, easily doing everything at once. God’s level of infinite power, magnified by millions or billions! I plan to write a post in a few weeks called “God and Creation,” but meanwhile I hope this makes the idea of the Collective a bit more appealing to you.

      And I think the chicken-and-egg problem actually is pretty easy to solve in a reality where objective time does not exist. The only way that creation can be happening is in the Now, in each micro-instant of non-time, so time is not even relevant here… as difficult as that notion is to get our minds around! A Course in Miracles has an explanation for how this all gets started and continues and what it is all about; and while I first seized on the ACIM idea because there were no others to be found, I am coming to think it probably is a version of right. It’s the only explanation that seems to touch all the necessary bases, although of course it has been vastly simplified to suit our limited ability to understand with these severely stripped-down minds!

      1. Roberta, Thank you. The plot thickens (I am an English major so I like analogies and literary nods😉). A long time ago one of my more enlightened friends asked me to read a book called Your God is Too Small. I have always thought of the “king on a throne” idea if God as being too small of a being. The Collective is a more mystical but more satisfying reference point, but still feels more like a metaphor than the final answer. No wonder Milton hid God behind a cloud and made The Son the interactive element of the Godhead.

        1. I find the Collective more satisfying as well, dear Mike, and I don’t think it’s entirely a metaphor. From what Thomas has said and hinted to me, I will be – and in a place without time, I already am – a part of that Godhead. And if that is true of me, then good grief, it’s true of each of us! When I write that longer post about God and creation, I will talk about this in more detail.

          Yes, that whole God-as-King idea made God much too small! The Guy With a Beard and Thunderbolts was a child’s-eye-view, at once petty and scary. We are sophisticated enough now as a species to be giving up childish things, and the world frankly needs us to grow up now and come to better understand both God and ourselves. What an exciting time this is to be in bodies on this little marble!

  10. Yes Roberta, your reply to my question made perfect sense. You spoke of the negativity in this world and how it gives us something to push against to grow spiritually, and that is comparable to weight lifting. It makes our muscles stronger from the tension created by the weights! You’ve said before that we are in a spiritual gym.

    1. Exactly, Kim!

      Although of course I wouldn’t know personally, never having actually ever been to a gym ;-).

  11. Dearest Roberta,
    (And I mean ‘dearest’ because you are really changing the way I look at the Greater Reality.)
    Your weekly blogs unfold like a celestial scroll of flame gold lettering; full of new understanding and a delightful sense of those perennially misfitting pieces of the puzzle finally falling into place.

    I’m more than a little devastated by revisers of the New Testament replacing ‘metanoeite’ with ‘paenitentia’.
    Both involve a change of heart and mind, but that is where all similarity ends. The former, original ‘metanoeite’ does, as you say, infer pure and unadulterated transformation, no less than the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly. This word has a positive, even wonderful connotation.
    The latter ‘paenitentia’ involves all out regret. Here the connotations are negative, being those of wrong doing, error and of the soul’s lament.

    That’s heartbreakingly sad, when you consider the damage done to Christian civilization by the sheer weight of individual and collective guilt and ongoing, generational feelings of unworthiness.

    The thing is, guilt and fear based faith makes one feel far away from God. Oneness with the Divine seems all but impossible to everyday people. (What an obstacle to spiritual growth!)
    Whereas, inner transformation based on love underlines each person’s worth and is already a deep potential within us. (It is a birthright.) Hence, it brings God much, much closer.

    This is the difference between only two words! One word replacing the other has opened a yawning chasm of fear, self doubt and guilt that can be too wide a gap to cross, to reach the true place of love.
    It’s just too awful.

    So I’m so glad that the Collective is going to change that, with the help of those of us who are living and are willing to be of service.

    Roberta, I wonder what form the Kingdom of God will take on this earth…
    I wonder if it will grow like a tree. Slowly at first, being but a slim sapling that takes effort and patience to break ground.
    Then as a tree does, it grows increasingly quickly and proves strong after a time. It survives many storms and hardships. Its branches spread tall and wide, surprisingly quickly, in the latter stages of its push upwards.
    (Perhaps this growth will be exponential…)

    Nature often gives away the secrets of life, so I hope the growth of The Way will be like that. Only once the good tree has fully grown can you see how far it has come. Then you know that it’s living strength is here to stay.

    Love and respect,

    1. Oh my dear Efrem, my great wish is that I might one day live up to some of the things that you say about me ;-).

      I agree with you that the transform-vs.-repent insight feels devastating, the more you think about it. It rocks modern Christianity to its core, if that religion had not already been sufficiently rocked. I am coming to think that at some point we will need to find and pay scholars to go back to those early Greek Gospels and translate all of them freshly, without Roman-Christian bias, removing all of Nicaea’s fourth-century additions and giving us a truer version of what Jesus actually said. Wouldn’t that be glorious, to have a version of those four books that strives in its every syllable to be faithful to the Lord’s true words?

      Jesus Himself told us that the Way will grow like that tree that you imagine, tiny at first and fast becoming gigantic. He called His first followers the leaven in the loaf, reminding us that just a bit of yeast can make the whole loaf rise. People then couldn’t have known why this kind of exponential growth would happen, but we know now that all human minds are part of the one Consciousness which is all that exists, and that even a small percentage of us raising our spiritual vibrations sufficiently – perhaps as few as five percent – would be sufficient to begin that same process in everyone else on earth!

  12. Thank you. I am new to this but I have always struggled with accepting everything in the Bible as 100% truth and authentic, feeling guilty and like a heretic for not doing so. I had settled on just trying to be a good and kind person, hoping that would get me into heaven. Certainly a loving God would see me fir what is in my heart. Then two years ago, my dearest and closest friend became ill and passed away. Never have I felt such pain and deep grief. Or such anger at God for not saving her. She was a good person, kind and generous, always expressing love to friend and stranger. I’ve read a lot about the afterlife since then and I still struggle with it, but I have found some comfort in the belief that she is at peace and continues on. The belief that there is no judgement or burning fires of hell awaiting us if we failed to be anything but perfect in this life and that we will again be with our loved ones is so reassuring. It helps me to keep going. I continue to go to church because I want to strengthen my understanding but last year when I confided in a church friend that I was struggling with understanding why my friend’s transition and was struggling with my faith, she said we must not turn our backs on Jesus or He will turn his back on us. I was very alarmed to hear this. Would He abandon me in my pain because I couldn’t blindly accept this was His will? It didn’t fit with who I thought God/Jesus was. Since then, I’ve learned to keep my feelings to myself. I still go to church but feel like I don’t belong. I’m going to read your books. The message they hold seems to be what I have been looking for. I can’t wait and hope they help me find the answers and peace I’ve been searching for. Thank you.

    1. Oh my dear wonderful Liz, the unease you have been feeling in that church was your call to leave it. Let it be. You can joyously walk out of that false church now and straight into the arms of the living Lord! As you will learn if you go back a month or two and read these posts forward, the Christianity that claims to own Jesus in fact has nothing to do with Jesus, and He certainly will not mind at all if you are repulsed by its false theology and you want to love the Lord alone. He came to teach each of us how to ever more perfectly love and forgive – that was and remains His mission. He didn’t need to die for our sins, and in fact we know from those who aren’t really dead (including your beloved friend) that the death of Jesus on the cross has never made an afterlife difference for a single human being. God’s love is far greater than Christians imagine it to be, and each of us is more infinitely loved than we can possibly imagine! You can get past those false Christian fears, beloved Liz, and find peace and joy in following the Way of Jesus. But first, please consider yourself hugged now by all of us who also follow Him!

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