Bring On The New Day!

Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 18, 2020 • 46 Comments
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And the wolf will dwell with the lamb,
And the leopard will lie down with the young goat,
And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together;
And a little boy will lead them.
                    – (Isaiah 11:6) Ascribed to the Prophet Isaiah (8th Cen BC)

We have talked at length about what Jesus told us was His primary mission in coming to us as our Teacher two thousand years ago. He mentions the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven no less than eighty times through all four Gospels! We know from people that we used to think were dead that both phrases refer to what we call the sixth level of the afterlife, which is the level just below the Godhead. And Jesus makes it clear that His teachings are meant to bring to all humanity that perfect divine kingdom. He tells us that if we will follow His teachings, we can sufficiently transform humankind that we will create a literal heaven on earth!

A year ago we talked about what it might be like to at last bring the kingdom of God on earth, and thereby help to complete the Lord’s mission as He began it two thousand years ago. Every interpersonal and political problem, every source of strife would be gone! Community life over all the world would be a symphony of kindness, harmony, and love so complete that all the social ills that plague us now would at last be no more. Since every human mind is part of one mind, it has been estimated that if as few as five percent of all the people on earth were to substantially raise their consciousness vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love, then every other human mind on earth would begin to elevate as well, and we would thereby start a benevolent cycle that would make the advent of God’s kingdom over all the earth just a matter of time. So, let’s get right to it!

That is where I was a year ago. But after another year of watching humankind wallow in ignorance and fear, sadly my enthusiasm for this task has waned. There are seven and a half billion people on earth! To sufficiently elevate the minds of even one percent of all those people would require a public education campaign on an unprecedented scale; and then, once enough people had become convinced that spiritual growth was needed, it would require that they all work hard at raising their own spiritual vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love. It seems to be clearer than ever now that if we continue to teach just a few at a time to begin to work at spiritual growth as we battle the dead-weight negativity of both clueless science and fear-based Christianity, at this rate we are going to have to spend at least a thousand years – and it might take us even longer than that! – just to raise the consciousness vibrations of enough of humanity to the point where we can even begin to affect the vibrations of everybody else on earth. And then what? Will it take us a further thousand years before we have raised the consciousness vibrations of all of humanity enough that we really can begin to transform the world?

I have been thinking of late that there has to be a way to get this done in less than two thousand more years! And I may have found one. See what you think.

We have talked endlessly about the fact that the primary problem underlying all our other problems is the fact that our lives and all our institutions are so deeply based in fear. To even begin to raise our personal consciousness vibrations toward love, and thereby begin to address the epidemic of fear and rage that has overrun this planet, each of us must first throw away all the awful anchors of fear that we have carried from our childhoods spent in atheistic science classes and in fear-based Sunday schools. And since the fears that we have carried from childhood are daily reinforced by all our religions and by the battering of worldly cares that distract us throughout our lives, helping people get rid of all their spiritual anchors is a heavy slog! I know that. I spend a good part of most of my days simply answering questions and giving advice to people who are now in the midst of battling their individual culture-based fears. As I work to help them, I have come to see that the fact that I haven’t had such fears for as long as I can remember likely stems from the fact that I have not since my first experience of light at the age of eight had much fear of death. Then in my twenties and thirties I did sufficient reading of the afterlife evidence that I became convinced that there really is something behind the curtain! To the point where my research then shifted to figuring out exactly what is going on and what the greater reality is like.

Fear of death is the base fear. When you no longer fear death, you no longer fear anything. I have been making that observation for years, but it is first now that I really get what it means!

It takes effort to ditch your fear of death to the point where you look forward to dying the way you look forward to your next vacation. Most afterlife researchers aren’t there yet, and very few psychic mediums are there, although all these people believe that there is some kind of life after death. To be certain that a glorious eternity awaits you takes more than having just a mere belief! To be certain that your personal life continues, you need to know in detail what the steps will be to get you to the afterlife, how it will look and feel to be there, what will happen first and what comes next, and above all just what your own place in eternity really is going to be. This is why keeping NDE illusions from polluting the evidence-based truth is so essential! It is only since the start of this century that the last details of all of this have become widely known, so it is only in the past fifteen years or so that there have been researchers who could honestly say they were looking forward to dying without reservation. These few lucky folks get up each morning and say cheerily to one another, “Well, one day closer!” They know that their lives are eternal just as surely as they know the sun will rise. This is the first generation in all of human history that has developed sufficient good information that being certain that life is eternal is possible.

Really knowing that you cannot die and you have a wonderful eternity ahead changes everything! There is no other event in anyone’s lifetime that can make such an amazing difference, since the fact that this certainty kills all your fears is only half of its transformative effect. What may be even more important is that once you are certain your life is eternal, you begin right now to live in eternity. It was only when I really got there – which was less than fifteen years ago – that I relaxed into the perfect goodness of living forever in the arms of God. It was like being again in my parents’ arms, but with the added certainty that the perfect love of God goes on forevermore! And when you live now in God’s eternal love, before you even actually die, the things of the world matter so much less. You forgive more easily. You realize that no thought or deed of yours is private anyway, so you tidy up your mind and open it to constant close communication with the Godhead.

And there is something else that I have just realized. As we have said in this space, people who have substantially elevated their consciousness vibrations are easy to spot. These people are:

  • Happy. Whenever you meet someone whose core happiness setting seems to be unusually high, you are dealing with someone who is more advanced spiritually.
  • Peaceful. They don’t seem to process events as threats to themselves, but rather they do what they can to address them and quietly allow the will of Spirit to prevail.
  • Humble. They have no interest in personal attention, beyond perhaps how they might use it in the service of others.
  • Slow to anger. People who are vibrating higher cannot be near people who are angry. When attacked, they won’t fight back, but they simply love and bless and withdraw.
  • Not interested in wealth. The people I know who are more developed spiritually prefer to live simply. If they have more, they want to devote their own surplus to helping others.
  • Loving and supportive. I have never known a spiritually advanced person whose first instinct was not to think well of people, and even of those who were bent on doing harm.

I am realizing now that these same traits also characterize those who have lost their fear of death! The reason why people who have no fear of death soon begin to think and act like people who have worked to raised their consciousness vibrations is predictable and easy to understand. Once they have lost their fear of death and thereby lost all their other fears as well, their consciousness vibrations just begin to rise naturally.

Everyone wants to be certain of a wonderful afterlife to come, so it seems to me that all we must do to begin the process of bringing the kingdom of God on earth is to offer abundant and efficient afterlife education to everyone. So we can right now begin the process of raising people’s consciousness vibrations! By my calculation, that ought to cut at least a thousand years from this task. Don’t you think?

Jesus seemed to be exhorting us to change all our behaviors, when in fact what He was doing was simply telling us how humankind will be be once we have brought the kingdom of God on earth. He said, “Do not worry … but seek first His kingdom and His righteousness” (MT 6:25-33). “Do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also” (MT 5:39). Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted” (MT 23:12). “Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven… for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (MT 6:19-21). “Love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return… Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful” (LK 6:35-36). “Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (MT 5:48). And Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom!” (LK 12:32). As we grow past the fear of death, we expand into a very much happier life. And once enough of us have ditched our fears, Jesus at last will say to us, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand” (MK 1:16). Then there will be joy on earth forevermore!

And the lion will eat straw like the ox.
The nursing child will play by the hole of the cobra,
And the weaned child will put his hand on the viper’s den.
They will not hurt or destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea.
                – (Isaiah 11:7-9) Ascribed to the Prophet Isaiah (8th Cen BC)


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46 thoughts on “Bring On The New Day!

  1. Roberta says “Everyone wants to be certain of a wonderful afterlife to come, so it seems to me that all we must do to begin the process of bringing the kingdom of God on earth is to offer abundant and efficient afterlife education to everyone.” Great idea and I’m with you 100%.(regarding the last 4 words of your sentence) But how does a person (me)who has an entire family that follows traditional Christianity and would severely look down on your teachings get taught? I’m afraid if I brought it up, I would be considered the crackpot of the family. What was your initial experience with this and your family?

    1. Dear David, I have learned that for most strict Christians the fear is so great that if you try to teach them anything at all they will reject what you are saying. They each feel that they have found an equilibrium between the terrors the religion instills in them and the promise that they individually will be spared, and while the notion of spending eternity singing in a heavenly throne room may not sound like big fun, it beats roasting in hell for eternity, doesn’t it? So they are only barely okay, and any new idea is anathema to their very precarious, fear-base peace!

      My husband of many decades is a Catholic, and he was bothered when I stopped going to Mass about fifteen years ago. He told me flat-out that I was going to hell, but when he couldn’t make me go back to attending church with him we had a truce for awhile. Then The Fun of Dying was published, and I started traveling to speak about it. He was horrified at first, but time has mellowed him; he still watches Mass on Sundays, but he also on occasion asks me questions. Now we can talk about it. My children were raised Catholic, so now naturally they have no religion at all; but they are open to Mom’s ideas. We talk about them. And as they get older, I know they will want to know more.

      How can you help your family? For now, simply radiate the joy of your certainty that God’s perfect love is eternal. What helped my husband in the end was his seeing how happily certain I was!

      What my daily emails tell me is that there is a gigantic movement among Christians underway. More and more, they are turned off by the awful fear-base Christian dogmas, while at the same time they hunger for a closer walk with Jesus. These people are typically over fifty, and they tend to be pretty sophisticated. Most say that they have found me on the Internet and they are anxious to know more; and when I answer their questions, the answers delight them. This is likely to begin to happen to some of your own family members at some point as well! And you will be there, to help them open up their world.

      1. It’s important to remember that if people are not open to hearing something new, they either will hear what they want and not what you say or—worse—they will hear a convoluted corruption of the new. So, in many cases, action as an example, is better. As St. Francis said, “Preach the gospel every day and, if you have to, use words.” Or a sentence to that effect. It took me over 50 years to understand the nuance of his meaning.

      2. Roberta, thanks for the very detailed response to my question and your suggestions. Out of my 3 brothers, the one that I fear losing the most is my second brother who operates 12 catholic radio stations in the Northeast United States. He cut himself off from the rest of the family for 20 years when he thought that the rest of the family(who are all protestant) as being evil. However, we are all now in our 60’s and mellowed quite a bit so I’m not as fearful to losing the relationship with him as I was in my 30’s and 40’s.

        1. Heavy duty Christians need to learn to practice tolerance, also Hubris is the greatest twister of spirituality, a danger Jesus talked about in the Gnostic Gospels, Christians are, generally, riddled with hubris, i’d go as far as to say Christianity needs hubris to survive. Sorry about your family, it’s difficult to watch them clinging so tightly to half truths but some people just don’t have ‘the eyes to see or the ears to hear’ so will only respond with aggression but as a contented, happy soul, by your light you will be seen and who but the dark can object to that. With Love

          1. Dear Diyanne, I think your observation is spot-on. Hubris in itself is a human temptation and a terrible flaw in anyone: it is a certainty that our own beliefs are right, and a refusal to consider other ideas. It is always a failing! And the peculiar kind of judgmental hubris that makes Christians smugly look down their noses at all of humanity outside their own denominations is anathema to the Gospel teachings of Jesus. I have always thought of fear as the glue that keeps Christians in their pews; but now that you mention it, Christian fear wouldn’t be as effective without this concomitant assurance that they have fear’s antidote and you do not! It all works powerfully together, and it is the reason why Christianity has been so stable for so long.

            But now, wonderfully, so many older Christians are managing to break their chains, and as many of them reach out with questions it generally seems to me that they have been called out of the religion by the Lord Himself. It is thrilling to watch each of them discover the genuine Jesus and lose all their fears… and they lose that judgmental Christian hubris as well!

  2. The fact that the human soul is absolutely immortal is good, but there is also a shadow knowledge of our immortality. Until we reach a sufficient spiritual level, we are doomed to return to Earth. And life on Earth has always included pain and suffering. You cannot escape from this rule. Roberta, I understand correctly that you are ready to introduce your spiritual school to humanity?

    1. Dear Dmitriy, Seek Reality Online has gone through a number of iterations, but we seem to be closer now. As with all things in this work, Thomas is guiding me; and as is generally true, he won’t come right out and tell me what he wants so we have gone through a series of plans that he has been cool to. This post represents his verdict, made clear to us now: we must start with afterlife education, and make the spiritual-school elements available to those who might want them later. He is right, of course!

  3. I am not christian, (Or any religion) I consider myself a child of God. I love JESUS our beautiful TEACHER and I so appreciate your reminding all of us Roberta . . . of his amazing information. My Parents left this dimension this year and even with all of my understanding . . . the appearance of separation was hard.
    However – it lead me to many great Beings of LIGHT including you ROBERTA and what you have to TEACH about ETERNAL LOVE and LIFE – HELPS. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

    1. Oh dear Jenny, you are sweet! I am so very glad that when your parents graduated and you went deeper into seeking, there were people available to you on the Internet who had done a lot of the research for you and could ease your path. Ours really is the first generation for which good and detailed information about death and the afterlife is at last available, and that fact is so glorious that your liberal use of capital letters is entirely justified 😉

  4. There are many people who have no real fear of death in itself, but have deep fears of the afterlife, as they have been taught and brainwashed about hell, and about humans being depraved with original sin from the start; they may have a faint hope that Jesus will save them, and yet they are scared of what this afterlife will look like.

    After all, they were taught they carried original sin, could only be saved by grace, but perhaps were predestined to hell, but would only find out once you die (Calvinists especially), or go to the not-too-pleasant Purgatory (Catholics), or face the Great Judgment and be punished to hell forever.

    Thus, the prospects of the afterlife doesn’t necessarily look so rosy as they would like to believe. It’s not lack of belief in the afterlife for many, but the lack of a more informed knowledge of this spiritual world.

    But in many Christian circles, any talk abotu the spirit world is considered demonic, satanic, and to be avoided at all costs.

    The idea that we are all One, that there is ultimately no such thing as separation from the Source, etc., are ideas considered by many as New Age Religion, and to be avoided.

    You come down hard on NDE’s; and while I understand, it’s an important and necessary introduction to stop the fear of death. Millions have had them, and they are, in most cases, the better people for it. More loving, more intuitive, more guided, etc. The hundreds of books on NDEs is in my view a very good thing.

    One way I see great hope is the tremendous and accelerating advances in the new frontiers of science, such as in biology, NDE research (yes!), consciousness research, psychology, physics, energy studies (e.g. healing), etc., etc. The Intelligent Design movement, which is growing more and more. Even in my number theory research I come across clear evidence of a higher intelligence.

    Yes, there will come a day soon when science will be able to prove both the existence of God and the afterlife in such a way that it will be accepted by larger masses of people. I see so much evidence of this hopeful reality and direction.

    We cannot afford a lack of patience which leads to further expressions of frustrations and other forms of negativity. I couldn’t help but sense a little bit of that in you article. That’s kind of so unlike you.

    Peace, Love, and HOPE,

    1. I was going to place a comment of my own, and then I came in and read Adrian. So I will just add this as an amplification to what he has already laid out so well as to make my intended comment unnecessary. Instead I add to his hopeful note that we already have a head start. Of the 7 billion people in the world, many are in cultures that were not raised with the fear of Christianity—many who already take for granted the idea of spiritual ascension and many who are completely neutral. In short, we do not need to deprogram the entire population. And while this is a long way from a statistical sampling, the people of my children’s generation (they and their young adult friends at least) already appear to talk amongst themselves as if they recognize that the ancient fear emphasized in traditional Christianity does not “feel” right. They appreciate synchronicity and talk about a “universe” that seems to have innate intelligence. The old expression about making progress one funeral at a time (in this case literally) holds. We are closer than it seems!

      1. How true, Mike. There are a great number of people who have believed in an afterlife for centuries. How ironic that those who are considered “primitive” are the ones who have no second thoughts about an afterlife, as they take it for granted. I think it is because the Western countries (such as the U.S.) went a separate way and concentrated on industry and how to make as much money as possible, then they transferred those beliefs to their children and grandchildren, and it wasn’t long before no one longer focused on anything spiritual and just concentrated on their careers and financial situations. The fear based sermons they listened to in the churches only caused a further separation.

    2. Dear Adrian, NDEs are indeed wonderful evidence of the afterlife for the experiencers themselves, but they are deadly for everyone else because they tell us nothing at all about the genuine afterlife. If we start to think that they have any relationship to death, it soon will be impossible to teach anything at all about the afterlife and really be believed!

      I agree with you about the Intelligent Design movement, where some very good genuine scientists are really doing yeoman’s work! And what they have discovered can be used as part of the body of genuine afterlife evidence. Quite wonderful.

      And the impatience that you sense in me comes from Thomas. He is a lot better about it now than he was! But he wants the truth to dawn on earth, and he wants it to dawn right now, since he says that the alternative to our raising our consciousness vibrations, beginning now, is Armageddon. He is pretty intense about this!

  5. Dear Roberta,

    I thank you so much for your books and your work of educating others about the truth of who and what we are. I suddenly felt the need to share with you that I feel so blessed to have come across your books and also Mikey and Carol Morgan’s book from a client. (I do hypnotherapy work to help people experientially connect to the divine and eternal aspect of themselves for the purpose of healing and awakening.) I’ve been directing many clients your way who have a background in Christianity, telling them that you are an amazing bridge between Christianity and the higher understandings of the spiritual realm. The veil between the physical and spiritual is indeed getting thinner, and the more we can perceive the evidence of our more permanent selves and the afterworld, the less we have to fear and the more love-based we become. Thank you for sharing your work with the world! Many blessings to you.

    1. Oh dear Eric, what lovely things you say! Thank you! I am the luckiest person on earth, that I have been entrusted with this task, and I do it all day every day with joy! But, yes, I do at times wish to see more concrete progress, as anyone would do who had worked so long and so hard at something that is so important. I have known from childhood that I would see the results of my efforts not while I’m still here but from the bleacher seats, and I used to find that frustrating, but now I am only joyful that indeed there will one day be results! And you are helping, too, in your work and in your sharing to bring the kingdom of God on earth. God bless you, sir, for all that you do!

  6. Afterlife education is waaaaaaay overdue. The problem is that most people have fixed ideas on what the afterlife is like. It won’t be easy to convince them that it is a thought based reality and that there is no one size fits all afterlife situation. It will be equally hard to convince them that the afterlife is all around us, just at a higher vibration. Most of them think of the afterlife as being “out in the cosmos” in some inaccessible realm. Those who focus on physical life alone would think this is just some new agey way of thinking. With the internet, it will be much easier to convey information. Also, there are many great books available now, and judging by the reviews of these books on Amazon, there are many more people reading them than ever before, so things are actually changing for the better.

    1. Dear Lola, since The Fun of Dying was first published ten years ago there has been an amazing increase in interest in the whole topic of death and the afterlife. It really is amazing! In 2010 and 2011, even talking about an afterlife was such an oddity, but within a couple of years it was a mainstream topic. Two or three years more, and the people I was interacting with by email and at conferences all knew quite a lot already! By now, we are at a point where an online learning program makes sense, so we are looking at beginning one. Probably next year. But already we have made so much progress!

      1. I have a feeling that the on-line learning program will have a big impact and will eventually lead to other on-line learning programs. This would appeal to many, as opposed to just reading books etc/ It is a good way to “start the ball rolling.”

  7. Thank you Roberta and thank you to the other commentators. I always appreciate your insights and truths. They are, quite literally, music to my ears!

    The question I have is one that has, and continues to baffle me no end: Why is it that, when faced with the wonderful news that we are eternal and can look forward to a beautiful afterlife, many people (including one very close to me) refuse to believe it and are still convinced we are nothing but organic matter which ends when we ‘die’? Wouldn’t you think they would at least be open to another point of view, especially one that is so hopeful and positive?

    If we could just instill a feeling of hope into these people, I think we’d make progress. All they have to do is ‘open the door a crack’ and allow the possibility to enter their consciousness. What do you think?

    On a lighter note, the mad scientist in me wonders if we could somehow introduce subliminal programming into the population to open this door of possibility into the human mind. It would be quicker than a thousand years! But then I realise we cannot interfere with people’s free will… sigh.

    Thanks for your thoughts as always.

    1. I think people think it is too good to be true. We are so used to negativity here that we think of it as the norm. Even when things go well here, it often winds up in a bad situation after a time, so they are leery about investing belief in a wonderful afterlife, as they are afraid there will be a glitch somewhere down the line.

    2. Dear Kristian and Lola, I think the terrible fears that lie at the base of Christian teaching are a big part of the reason why even people with a scientific mind are so resistant to the possibility of an afterlife – or at least, that has been my occasional observation. They see any talk of life after death as being packaged with an awful, judgmental and fundamentally fear-based God that they want nothing to do with! The horse they are backing is science, which is at least rational and non-judgmental; and since science leaves no room for the possibility of an afterlife-God combo, they see allowing for an afterlife as accepting the Christian God and all the judgmental baggage that comes with that God. No wonder they want no part of it!

  8. Roberta,

    Much food for thought. Thank you. I was just roughing out my blog for next week and was missing something. You provided the missing part in reminding me of Matthew 6:25:33 — “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God.” I believe the problem with orthodox religions is that they think they must first seek God before they seek the Kingdom. In fact, few of them ever get to the kingdom, because their search for God never ends. Moreover, there is little in the Bible or the other good books to explain the Kingdom. However, we do find some explanations in psychical research. If you find the kingdom first, as we do in psychical research, finding God is so much easier. I fail to understand why religions don’t get that.

    1. Dear Michael, it is delightful to see you here, and I’m so glad to have been of help to you! I have collected most of the important Gospel passages at this point, so if you have one in mind but can’t find it just give me a hint and I’ll look for it for you.

      And you’re right, of course, that Christians have trouble even finding the genuine God, never mind finding and understanding the genuine afterlife. Amazingly, those who profess to be Christians generally never even read the Gospels, and they think that their religious dogmas must have been what Jesus said, when of course none of that is true. We do have our work cut out for us!

  9. Dear Roberta. How three snowflakes got there instead of my post is beyond me and pretty funny. Maybe my guides are playing tricks. They like to do things in threes.😄
    I’ll try again. I was wondering if you were still thinking of doing the on-line school. I think you’re right that education is the key to turning the Titanic away from the iceberg. It is fine and good for us here to have our discussions, hear your interviews, and read your books, but we’re just a small group of snowflakes, likely to be blown away by the winds of materialist and religionist dogmatism. If a sufficient number of people can be reached through education, maybe enough of a collective, so to speak, of snowflakes can come together to get a collective-consciousness-raising snowball effect rolling down the hill. Thanks for what you and your collaborators are doing to get that going. 🙂❄

    1. Dear Scott, this idea of doing an online program is a couple of years old now, and it has been through repeated iterations. It began as a much more ambitious effort, with learning tracks in a number of fields. It felt as if we really had to teach it all! But the original idea is Thomas’s, and he has been paring it down to the point where now it looks more like afterlife education primarily. At least to start. Even at this, to do it right will require a herculean effort. We’ll see!

  10. Dearest Roberta,
    So, a clear education of the true Afterlife may be a shortcut to raising the vibrations of humanity? And those who understand a beautiful Afterlife to come, and loose their fear of death, get to the same vibrational heights as someone who has worked on themselves for years? That’s quite an amazing (even radical) idea.

    So teaching about the Afterlife may shave a thousand years off the timeline… That’s fortunate, as those who we thought were dead suggest that we only have a couple of hundred years left to save the planet.

    I wonder if the speed of change a hundred years ago is even remotely equivalent to the speed of change we will see over the next hundred years. I don’t think so. Things seem to be moving much faster. Certainly human consciousness is changing much more quickly these days. Consider the change in mindset over the last fifty years.

    Things may move quite swiftly now for other reasons than moderns’ ability to shed old ideas readily:

    Mike J-R gave excellent reasons in his comment above; non Christian folk of other traditions may not have the same fear of death and hell. (I’m thinking that Buddhists and Hindus are two such examples.) Indigenous traditions often do express a oneness with Divinity instead of separation and fear. People are now discovering these profound perspectives. Also younger people in Western countries don’t ‘feel right’ about accepting fear doctrines from traditional Christianity; many do greatly value Jesus nonetheless. All this does indicate great potential for quickening growth.

    Another reason for rapid awareness growth may be that seeking among people since the 1960s has been growing. I remember my youth in the 1980s, saw a proliferation of all kinds of previously unknown ‘spiritualities’ enter the public sphere in great numbers. Seeking higher truth is mainstream now. I don’t know if this has been true of any other time in history.

    The pressures on the Earth due to overpopulation and the resultant strain on the natural world, has caused people to look for new answers – particularly in terms of changing our thinking. There is almost a desperation for deeper, life sustaining answers in this new millennium.

    I’m still a little optimistic dear Roberta, about the prospect of a more rapid human turnabout. I mean we have the technology of world linkage as never before. And from what I’m seeing of millennials, their potential is great.

    I’d love to read any thoughts you have on all this and about the teaching of The Way amid expounding the Afterlife. It just seems that once people ‘get’ the beautiful Afterlife reality, they are going to want a way to (personally) achieve the highest afterlife level possible while here on Earth.

    ( PS: I did try to wish you and our blog family Happy Easter last week, but my area internet was down due to cable problems. So belated Happy Easter 🐣 .)

    1. Dear Efrem, it is Thomas who has determined now that our focus needs to be on afterlife education. I only work here! But I have to admit that after a decade of doing afterlife education on the ground, I have seen the extent to which really getting the truth does seem to open people up spiritually. Thomas tells me that my particular mission is to people disenchanted with Christianity, and that my teaching is to be on a basic level. He has drilled all that into my mind to the point where now I focus there exclusively. It all is becoming clearer to me, the little part that I am to play. And I am joyous about it!

  11. Efrem: I like what you said about people seeking answers outside of religion. For years, people thought the answer lied in seeking new religions, and we all know how that turned out. By seeking answers that do not include religious dogma, they are starting to open up to spirituality rather than a specific religion, and I think that is the beginning of what will soon be a new and better way to look at things, rather than trying to appease a God who requires certain rituals and demands obedience of certain dogmas. In that way, they will look at the afterlife in a less fearful way and be more open to learning more about the afterlife, as the fear will be greatly reduced.

    1. One outcome would be the appreciation of Life as an infinite larger experience not dependent on conception, birth and death, with this earthly life being a manifestation we perceive as incarnation.

      1. Mike: To me the trouble with the human experience is that we have such powerful senses. We are constantly informed by seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. Most central of all is our sense of sight. We ‘believe it when we see it.’

        So a perception of life, true life, as an infinite, larger experience means looking deeper than modern humanity is used to doing. Many people can’t begin to envisage a greater reality, let alone trust to it and sustain a focus of this soul vision.

        However, some of us can do this. In fact, in the quiet of the inner space, the reality of our eternal soul insists itself upon us. And you are absolutely right, I feel. Our life is indeed infinite and beyond conception, human existence and death. Perhaps to see this is to realize who we truly are and grow.

        1. If people stopped and thought about the fact that our visual capacity only enables us to see a tiny part of the universe, they would no longer believe only what they can see. Most of this universe is well beyond the human ability to perceive with our physical eyes and does not even begin to approach the greater reality.

    2. Lola: In my youth many people were looking to eastern religions to possibly provide unforeseen answers. Now, over fifty years after this phenomenon, many seekers now realize that it was spirituality that is our best chance of advancement. Eastern religions and guru based movements too, have their dogmas.

      There are those among these generations of open seekers who realize that our own Judea-Christian spirituality had the answer all the time. We just needed to look at the essence of this spiritually; we needed an inner eye.

      We feels free now, to look at the evidence of the Afterlife with open eyes. And we see our Jesus anew, at the centre of the essence of the All.

      1. That’s the way it was in my youth as well, with people actually running off to India to study with some of these gurus (if they had the money). Unfortunately, some of the gurus they so revered turned out to be frauds, and that put a damper on the eastern religions for many young people. If only Christianity hadn’t become so fear based, people wouldn’t have done so much seeking

      2. Oh yes, dear Efrem! I see the truth of all of this every day in the emails that I get from seekers, on some days so many that I have little time for anything but responding to them. Most people who were brought up in Christianity have a reflexive revulsion against eastern religious dogmas, so when they find what we talk about here they have been seeking awhile. And when they learn what Jesus actually taught, and the genuine nature of the Godhead, they are overjoyed!

  12. Little off the subject , but do you believe in the trinitarian dogma/doctrine that Jesus was or is God?

    Thanks and take care.

    1. Dear Steve, after my lifetime of research I can tell you the following two things with fair certainty:

      1) The whole notion of a Christian trinity came from Nicaea in 325 and the later councils, and has nothing to do with the Gospel teachings of Jesus or with the genuine Godhead. Jesus told us that God is Spirit, and the whole notion of religious trinities was hot at the time among Middle Eastern religions, so the fact that Jesus was teaching us to think about God as “Father” (a gentler kind of God), and He called Himself “the Son of Man” (so He was a Son!), and He told us that God is Spirit (a Trinity! Yayy!) gave the new, Roman version of Christianity another “modern” (for the day) selling point. But it was dogma, and not fact.

      2) Jesus came to us from the highest aspect of the Godhead. He came to us as God on earth. I have written about this extensively on this website – if you put related terms into the search bar above, you should be able to find more information. Jesus is an indivisible aspect of the Godhead, and far greater than any Christian denomination ever has imagined Him to be.

  13. Oh, thanks for the explanation about the trinity. They kind of made it “fit in” for the fashion of the times. I always wondered where that came from. So when people talk about the “mystery of the trinity,” they are actually saying that they don’t know where it came from either LOL. I doubt if they know it was fashionable at that time to have some kind of “trinity.” This is another example of people interpreting the bible without reading the actual history of the time it represents.

    1. Dear Lola, Osiris, Isis, and Horus – Father, Mother, and Son – were the original Egyptian Trinity. And there were others in other religions! The plain fact is that every religion is man-made, and all religions are tied to the fashions of their earlier days. There is no religion, especially including Christianity, that is based on any divine truths at all. It’s a pity that we have such a long social history of associating God with religious worship, when neither has anything to do with the other!

      1. I know. It’s a shame that people have to complicate everything with their own agendas. Some of them are incredibly silly and don’t even make any sense. I guess that is a result of the fact that they are man made. They are like little kids making up fanciful stories to explain things they just don’t understand. Yet, those who do rituals to conjure up certain spirits, such as in black magic etc. seem to be able to make these things come into our reality. Are they actually conjuring up negative spirits? It certainly seems to be the case from what I read.

        1. Dear Lola, apparently it is pretty easy to conjure up low-vibration entities. After all, they have no power to speak of, and they feed on human fear if they are to have any power at all. So, no wonder they are desperate for our attention! But anyone who calls them in or deals with them at all is being extremely foolish, since once they get their hooks into you they truly never will let go without a fight. A couple of years back, I watched as someone I cared about very much courted negative spirits as if they were exotic animals, sure that she could control them.

          She was wrong.

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