The Genuine God

Posted by Roberta Grimes • February 02, 2019 • 38 Comments
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The question of whether there is an Uncaused Cause is settled. Not even the most closed-minded scientist disputes the fact that the universe exists, so clearly something must have caused it! But scientists refuse to take seriously what seems to be the next big question. When pressed to identify the Uncaused Cause that brought forth the universe out of nothing, their answers more or less boil down to “Nobody knows and shut up.” Or as the great Rupert Sheldrake sums up the attitude of scientists toward the Uncaused Cause, “Give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest.”

But something brought the universe into being! And for the first time in human history, we are close to discovering what that Something is.

Human beings always have believed in a force that was greater than ourselves. In association with some of the earliest stone tools are works of art created by people who were living on the edge of survival. What else but a mix of fear and awe could have inspired so many primitive people to expend the vast time and energy that must have been needed to make this art? Then, perhaps twelve thousand years ago an amazing temple was built at Gobekli Tepe, in what is now Turkey. For me, the most extraordinary thing about Gobekli Tepe is the fact that stone-age people built this amazing place, and then one day they buried it. Our relationship with our gods has always been tempestuous!

Modern afterlife research has demonstrated that each of us is densely connected with Spirit. Each person has the constant help of beings who are not now in bodies, and we can assume that this spiritual aspect of the human experience goes back to our beginnings. As the Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Surely this spiritual connection must be why we always have had the sense that there must be an unseen force! Our impulse toward God may be the central fact of the whole human experience.

Every modern version of God is as human-made and bogus as was all that art created by stone-age primitives. None of our present Gods can factually address our deepest questions, so our yearning to know the real God remains. I have often talked about God here  as I have tried to better tease out from the afterlife evidence what more we can learn about the Uncaused Cause that is the genuine God. Today let’s try to deepen our understanding just a little more.

 A Bit About the Greater Reality

It is impossible for us to understand God unless we have some sense of the reality in which God operates. The greater reality is not only stranger than what we have been imagining, but it is stranger than we can imagine! I can give you in this limited space only what I hope will be sufficient highlights to provide a frame in which we can deepen our search for the genuine God.

The greater reality is everything that researchers have been able to determine exists, but apparently it is not all that exists. It may be twenty or more times the size of this material universe, although both time and space do not exist as constant factors in most of reality so we are talking only relative sizes. The greater reality is composed of what we experience to a limited extent as human consciousness, and in fact what we are calling consciousness turns out to be the base creative force that manifests all that exists. So what we experience as consciousness is the substance and source of the greater reality. Consciousness is the Uncaused Cause! Researchers are coming to accept this fact. Many of us now capitalize the word Consciousness, or we shorten it and refer to the Uncaused Cause with words like Source or Mind.

The consciousness which is all that exists is a kind of energy. Like other forms of energy, it vibrates. Its vibratory rate ranges from the lowest and weakest, which is fear, to the highest and most powerful, which is perfect love. So what we experience in a limited way as emotion is the essences of that base creative force! God is the highest vibration of a consciousness that includes us all; and since there is no objective time, you and I are eternal by definition.

Getting rid of that cranky Christian God has been such a relief for me that it has taken me years to realize why even this better understanding of God still feels so unsatisfying. God is perfect eternal love! We live in God forevermore! But Consciousness-as-God still somehow feels as inert and impersonal as a plush puppy. And knowing that Consciousness is the base creative force allows us to explain how the universe is created, but it doesn’t tell us why.

A Bit of What We Know About Creation

 The Creator is the created. Consciousness is all that is or was or ever will be. This material universe is a subset of consciousness, which means that consciousness creates time and space so it cannot be affected by either. I have been working for years to try to ferret out the implications of a greater reality in which objective time does not exist! For our dead friends time is optional, and learning how they view time has confirmed our supposition that in reality time does not exist at all. The implications of this fact are boggling. If anything now exists, it always exists. The past might change as easily as the future. So creation didn’t happen “long ago,” but instead creation is happening in each micro-instant. The great physicist Max Planck said, “We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up to now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future.” Yet again, he is exactly right.

Researchers have found bits of evidence that creation is a continuous process, and once scientists take an interest I am sure they will find many more. For one example, we are told that the universe’s stability depends on a number of forces remaining constant, and scientists assume that therefore these constants must be forever constant. But Rupert Sheldrake, a meticulous researcher, has discovered that some of these so-called constants are in fact adjusting minutely. So the universe exists and is stable because consciousness manifests it in each micro-instant. What we see as the material universe is in the nature of a thought.

Something the Bible and the Dead Suggest About the Genuine God

Everything the Bible says about God refers to the human-made religious God, but we notice a few hints here and there that the genuine God might be a collective. For example:

“Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness’” (Gen 1:26).

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’” (Isaiah 6:6)

This would mean nothing, except for the fact that we know that advanced beings work in collectives. One of their number will speak for them, but that spokesman never acts alone; instead, he represents thousands of beings who have become so spiritually advanced that they can think and act as one. Even my primary guide, Thomas, when he met with me through a medium so he could badger me into writing Liberating Jesus, made it plain that he was working with beings who included Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. So I find it arresting to find Jesus saying things like, “The words that I say to you I do not speak on My own initiative, but the Father abiding in Me does His works” (JN 14:10). So Jesus plainly told us that He was a spokesman? He often referred to God as “the Father,” perhaps to soften his primitive listeners’ fear of their religion’s cranky God; and of course, He never could have told them He was representing a collective because they could not then have conceived of the kind of God that I will suggest to you now. Jesus tells us repeatedly that “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” (JN 4:24). But “God is spirit” is like “God is consciousness,” is it not? It feels vague and impersonal. And we know that God is neither….

Suspecting That God is Us

Mikey Morgan is a sixth-level being who last lived on earth in the 1600s. He took a brief additional lifetime that ended in 2007 so he could speak to us in modern terms with the assistance of his mother, Carol, who has never studied any of this. It took me years to accept that Mikey is genuine. But I have seen him rapidly answer hundreds of questions much better than I could have done, and he never makes a mistake. At this point, he is almost the only person I still trust to help me answer the biggest questions. When I asked Mikey for his definition of God for his book, Flying High in Spirit, and he said, “God is the unity of pure love and all that exists,” that planted a seed in my mind. He and I had not discussed God in the intervening three years, but I asked him the question again this week. Here is what he said, word for word: “God is the Unity of Absolute Pure Love which is Infinite. The Collective or Source of all that exists.

Very early in my research I began to encounter statements from upper-level collectives that told us the seventh level is the Source level, where God is. Eventually there was a belief among researchers that entering the seventh level would be optional, and it would mean personal extinction and merger with the Source. We even called it “the second death.” When that notion began to freak me out – why try to advance, if it would mean my extinction? – my primary guide said to me, “You will never lose awareness. You will have God’s awareness.” Thanks to other communicators and to beautiful Mikey, we now know that what Thomas said is true: the awareness you are experiencing now is eternal. We also know from Mikey and others that the Source level is by no means the top of what you and I can aspire to achieve. Mikey tells me our spiritual growth is “infinite.” Consider my mind to be officially boggled!

I am now convinced that the genuine God is a collective.

I have asked Thomas to take this notion away, but instead he has reinforced it. And since this idea first occurred to me, I have found so much evidence for it that I have been slapping my head repeatedly. For just one example, we have been told by some of those not in bodies that Jesus is “from the highest aspect of the Godhead.” What else could that mean?

My dear friends, the Uncaused Cause, the Source of everything, and the only eternal God is an infinitely powerful collective of people who have achieved the highest spiritual vibration. I will have more to say soon. For now, this seems to be enough!


Candles photo credit: Adam Tomkó <a href=”″>Karácsonyi hangulat – Christmas spirit</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
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38 thoughts on “The Genuine God

  1. Hi Roberta!
    Yes, I was lurking again. And yes, I try to hold off comments until you “officially” post. But I feel I have just been waiting for this particular “chapter” amd so I won’t hold back.

    Some time ago I shared this musing with you, or a version of it:

    God can’t be called “he” because God isn’t a man. Using the feminine pronoun is usually the choice to emphasize that understanding, but God isn’t a woman, so “she” doesn’t work. God is spirit but the neutral pronoun sounds non conscious and God is consciousness, so “it” isn’t right. God creates all but doesn’t separate from creation, the way an ocean makes waves but is also the waves, so we consider the pronoun “we” when referring to God. But God isn’t a collective, and in order to identify God, we must willingly step away from God for perspective, so we become “me” and so then God is “they.” Still God isn’t a collective and if “I” step away from God in order to introduce myself to God, then that is dependent on a relationship and ongoing conversation, so the pronoun becomes “you.” This language feels more like it describes God. When I become me, God becomes you.

    I was wrestling at the time with the concept of God as collective consciousness. I am ok with that concept as you offer it in today’s blog entry but I am stuck on my usual pragmatic trouble. For the lifetime experience we are having as we exchange these concepts, what does this knowing mean for us, and how does it govern our relationship with the divine in this “moment” of our experience. I will stop here for now because I know it’s a lot to go on about. Others will have their own thoughts to share.

    1. Oh, you know me, dear Mike! I don’t have theories. I only want to KNOW. I try to let the evidence and not my own feelings lead me, and I try very hard not to reason outward from Roberta. Instead, I struggle always to reason outward from whatever I am studying, whether it be envisioning sitting at the feet of Jesus, or – as today – seeking to put an evidence-based shape and description to the genuine God.

      I think it is important that we never for a moment forget that we are reasoning with a little pea-sized level of mind-power and not the vast, eternal minds that we will reclaim at death! So I take it as a given that we never will be precisely right about anything. And I really fought this conclusion. It seemed almost too simple! But more and more, I think it is right.

      What good will it do for us to know that God is perfected versions of ourselves working in a collective to keep this universe stable so we can grow here spiritually? Off the top of my head I think it changes everything, but I am still working that through!

      1. Incidentally thank you for mentioning Rupert Sheldrake. He certainly is brilliant and a testament to how scientists can take a look in the mirror and see how they have strayed from their own scientific methods into dogmatic thinking and away from true objective investigation. He’s one of my heroes.

  2. He, she, it is no good when wanting to contact God.
    What do we do? What I do is trying not to see God as anything specific, as it is beyond me. Not even a light, if I am in a hurry! I am always in a hurry, that is just me.
    So, I got used to saying, “God and my angel”, not really being aware of any Angel. But some being has been looking after me all my years, and why not call it an angel, same as the cosmic consciousness is easier pronounced as “God” in English.
    I also try not to see God and Angel as far away in the sky, but
    very near me, like I am in “them”.
    But we can’t help it looking at the world as out there. How could I feel to be one with my kitchen tap? It is over there, thank you.
    I am not deluded. Nor am I feeling one with my dogs, as lovely as they are. They are over there on their mats, I am in my arm chair.
    So, I just do the best I can, and one day, when I leave this body, I will find out about spirit. Somebody will help me figure it out.
    I don’t have to know it yet. I have lived 86+ years and done the best with what I have been given.

    Thanks for your clever thoughts. 🙂


    1. Dear Gerda, when I am your age I hope I will be as full of what our parents’ generation called “piss and vinegar” as you are!

      Yes, you’re right: God doesn’t care what we call God. And so long as there is no fear in the thought, God doesn’t care how we envision God, either. Your image sounds perfectly lovely, and you pray to the Godhead and to your personal guide at once. That covers the field!

      My situation is a bit different, I guess, since I do have to try to learn the perfect truth in order to be able to share it. I gave the rest of my life to God a decade ago, and wow, when you do that, God takes you at your word! So I feel driven to discover and share with the very many who are struggling now to free themselves from Christianity what is instead the genuine, divine truth that Jesus came to share with us. And replacing thrones, firebolts, and eternal damnation with the image of a million infinitely loving grandmothers rocking as they knit the booties of our lives, and a million infinitely loving and protective grandfathers chasing the demons of our fears away feels better to me. Doesn’t it feel that way to you?

      It is only now, in more deeply realizing that God is indeed that infinity of pure human love that Mikey has been telling us God is, that I feel able to relate to God as intimately as we are meant to relate to God. God is us! How else could God really know how it feels to be human? God is not the Other. God is us.

  3. Great article Roberta! Question. In the Bible it refers to man dying once, but in the article you made mention of someone who lived in the 1600’s then passed away in 2007 after having a short life. Can you elaborate?


    1. In a word: Reincarnation. It is impossible for people to sufficiently advance spiritually in a single eighty- or ninety-year lifetime (or, in the 1600s, maybe a forty-year lifetime), so reincarnation is a fact. But it doesn’t work the way any religion says it works. In fact, since time doesn’t exist, apparently all our lifetimes (and all of history) are happening at once (and if that doesn’t make your eyes cross, nothing will!). Long ago I read a message from an elevated being (who was of course fronting a collective) who said that we should think of reincarnation as something like a bucket out of which each lifetime is dipped and back into which each lifetime is poured. That is how I envision it now, since they tell us we will be incapable of understanding it until we resume the much greater eternal mind that we left behind to come here!

      (I learned in college that the Council of Nicaea had removed from the Bible nearly every reference to reincarnation when it assembled its version in 325. They were worried that if we thought we could keep coming back, then we wouldn’t try hard enough. Good grief.)

      Thank you for enjoying this article, dear Gary! Its conclusion felt so shocking and even sacrilegious to me that I imagined I would be getting pitchforks in the comments ;-)!

  4. I am…..”that”…..I am God is everywhere and in everything…… I believe God can become whatever we need…..for instance I was sexually abused as a child so do not relate well to men strangers so God would appear to me as a more feminine substance as that is what I would trust more, just like in the movie “the shack”. I totally got it.Thanks for the article…… DJ

    1. I do think this is what God wants – for each of us to relate to the Godhead in a way that feels best to us, in open love and devoid of fear. So it’s wonderful that you have found God this way!

      For most people the problem is that they were reared in a fear-based religion – especially Christianity, in Western countries – so when they think of God they have the cranky and highly judgmental God of the Christians still in their minds, standing ready to condemn them to hellfire if they try to get free of him. I hear from people with this problem every day! No matter how much they read comforting things, they can’t get that awful Christian God out of their heads, and it really is mostly for them that I write. The only way to replace fears instilled in childhood is with a a deeper adult understanding!

      1. I know someone currently stuck in this fear-based religion trap that you refer to above (has bouts of deep fear and anxiety about going to hell, etc.). Anything I say must go through her Christian (which is the only truth) filter, so nothing I suggest seems to help. Do you have any suggestions for a way to ease someone into the courageous step of taking a more critical view of their current religious beliefs and considering some alternatives? (video, articles, etc.)

        1. Oh my dear Pete, I am really sorry! If she trusts Jesus, you might tell her that Jesus in the Gospels tells her that she is perfectly loved, and then send me an email through this website and I can send you some Gospel verses to share with her? If she is that fearful, she may be desperate for a loophole. Perhaps you can tell her that Jesus is offering her that loophole?

  5. Dear Roberta,

    I heard you on Coast to Coast about a year ago, and then looked up you website, and podcast. I relate to what you say about God, I believe we all have a spark of divinity within our hearts which connects us to the infinity of God. I like your perspective on how we can have a relationship with Jesus through the Gospels. I am working on learning more about this approach, which of your books would help? Thank you for you, all the best, namaste 🙂 Gail

    1. Hello dear Gail! I’m glad that we’re friends. The Fun of Loving Jesus – Embracing the Christianity That Jesus Taught will be out this spring, but before you read that you ought to read Liberating Jesus. The view of Jesus in Western culture is so vastly negative that the only way really to build the solid relationship with the Lord that you deserve to have is to do the sort of thorough study of His words that you can find there. If you have questions, of course, please just contact me through this website!

  6. Roberta: I was not at all surprised that you think of God as a collective, as I thought that way for years and couldn’t tell anyone (especially Christians), as that is something they wouldn’t be happy to hear. It’s true that the word Elohim is a pleural word, but amazingly, few people ever address this or even think about it. I also feel that imagining God with human qualities (such as the “cranky God” you refer to) is a big mistake and is a big reason why people fail to truly understand the bigger picture.

    1. What is most wonderful to me is that a collective of perfected people is human, but it has no human flaws!

      And you were way ahead of me, dear Lola! I was so steeped in the Christian view of God that to get rid of that cranky and overbearing God and replace it with God as the base creative Consciousness of which all our minds are an inextricable part (which is what the evidence tells us is true) was such a vast relief that it was really only in recent months that I started to feel dissatisfied with it , and in recent weeks that I started to research the matter seriously. Duh! The evidence is everywhere! And now you say the word Elohim is plural? OMG, I’m slapping my head again!!

  7. quote: “When I asked Mikey for his definition of God for his book, ‘Flying High in Spirit’, and he said, “God is the unity of pure love and all that exists,” that planted a seed in my mind. He and I had not discussed God in the intervening three years, but I asked him the question again this week. Here is what he said, word for word: “God is the Unity of Absolute Pure Love which is Infinite. The Collective or Source of all that exists.”

    Stuck indoors on an uncharacteristically wet Arizona morning I unexpectedly found myself here: ( posting #7, April 2012, nearly seven years ago ;))

    Why not copy and paste that link into your browser’s address bar to see that reference and visit Roberta’s ‘AfterLifeForums’ website?

    1. Heh – dear wonderful Mac, I love the way you keep inviting readers here to try!

      Wow, that was back when Carol and Mikey were just starting to answer questions there. Page Two! Out of hundreds now. Amazing.

      1. I’m glad you enjoy seeing my invitations, Roberta, but whether anyone actually does accept the invite to visit ALF is unclear. 🙁 But I’ll keep trying!

        It’s certainly a long time since the long running Q&A style thread was just taking off as Mikey began answering through his mom, Carol, the questions put to him by ALF members. Where did those years go?

  8. Yes, in the original bible, the word means a group of gods – in other words, more than one. I often wondered if the Elohim were extraterrestrials, as back then, anyone so far advanced would have seemed like a god of sorts. However, this has been totally ignored by Christians, as it doesn’t fit in with their beliefs. Like you, Roberta, I found Mikey Morgan’s book to be extraordinary. You might be interested to know that a similar book has been written by Joe McQuillen who lost a son just a couple of years older than Mikey and when the son was channeled, he said almost the same thing about God that Mikey did – almost word per word.

    1. Dear Lola, for some reason your mentioning extraterrestrials triggered a very old memory. I do recall learning in college that Elohim is a plural word! I recall, too, that the dear old professor quickly added that people two thousand years ago were so ignorant that they had trouble getting past the idea of polytheism. That was the sum total of her interest.

      And I love the idea that there is another book like Mikey’s! When those not in bodies want to put something forward, they generally choose maybe three avenues – or so they tell us – to make sure it gets through to us. How wonderful that at least two of them have worked!!

  9. Thank you for another wonderful article. To Mac, I have ” accepted his invitation” to visit ALF 2 weeks ago and purchased Mikey’s book “Flying High in Spirit” ( which I have completed reading), while also purchasing all of your books Roberta. As a person “in recovery”, to have a God of my understanding is enabling me to have incremental advances in my quest for better understanding of all of this. Thank you for all that you share.

    1. Dear Maureen, thank you for commenting here! I am so glad that we have been able to assist you in your efforts to meet the genuine God. Personally, helping you to find God is what I live for!

    2. Maureen I’m pleased to hear you’ve taken a look at ALF. 🙂
      I think you’ll have seen what a wide-range of subjects are raised as questions or simply for discussion.

      Becoming a member on ALF while still following Roberta’s blog is a great way to broaden one’s understanding. And of course on the ALF website members can put questions to Mikey Morgan! 🙂

  10. You know, I have that feeling too. I want to KNOW with all my heart. I wish to feel that Divine connection clearly enough, to know the truth. I so don’t want to fabricate the nature of God.

    Roberta, it is interesting that the name of God in Hebrew is ‘Elohim’, being plural. (‘El’ and sometimes ‘Eloh’ is God singular.)
    IE: There is one ‘Cherub’ but many ‘Cherubim’. It’s the ‘im’ that is the plural and that makes all the difference!

    Since contemplating your works, I’ve come to use a very old name of God in Hebrew. That is ‘Ha Kol’. It translates as ‘The All.’
    It suggests complete entirely. The entirety of everything….
    And if that doesn’t suggest a conscious collective, I don’t know what does !

    Also, I was taught in (Jewish) scripture class as a kid, that the old bearded man in the chair, the Father God, was just a poetic representation. It exists purely to give humans something that they can relate to. God was more than father or mother, God was incomprehensible to us. (I was told.)
    So the old man with the beard is not really ‘God’, but a stand in figure, for our benefit.

    Actually, I do find the idea of God as a great collective of perfect humans, a wholeness of minds in meta concert, very freeing. It allows me to shed the fear and related self doubt, associated with the ‘switchy’ Judeo Christian God of the Old Testament. And it is so interesting to feel my concept of God morphing now, in my middling years. I never imagined such a change in perception would occur.

    Roberta, I do follow Jesus and He makes this inner change easier. I get the feeling that He wants me to take this journey. You see, reading and reflecting on this blog itself changes things inside.
    I can feel it.

    For one thing, looking at this knowledge takes away fear and replaces it with the feeling of being loved, even profoundly.
    It makes me want to love back.
    It’s a natural consequence of love. The love I enjoy deeply is the love that I give to others.

    So thank you for your friendship here, Roberta. I value it greatly.
    And I took what you said to me last time to heart.

    ‘Here I am. Send me.’ – Isaiah 6:6

    1. Oh dear Efrem, you cannot know what elation I feel in hearing that you have accepted God’s call to do the work of the Collective! (Now that we know what God is, I’ll likely be calling God the Collective quite a bit from now on ;-).) My experience has been that when you give your life to God – and mean it – God takes you seriously, and things become wonderful. Even what looks to be bad at first turns out to be even more wonderful! You soon learn to trust and submit and follow, and things become even better and life is so much sweeter! I have suggested to a great many people that they trust God enough to give their lives to God, but you are the first one who has told me he has done it. I feel as if you are my firstborn!

      And everything else you say here is wonderful as well. You tell us that yet another ancient Hebrew name for God was “The All”? Wow. And Jesus knew all of that. He came to the Jews 2000 years ago not just because they were the first true monotheists, but also – and perhaps even more importantly! – because He knew that they knew that the true Divinity is an ineffable plural! So in turning the love-based movement that Jesus began into a fear-based and top-down religion based in empire-building (all the earliest Christian councils were called by or presided over by Emperors), Christians lost so much wisdom and so much truth! And much more recently, when you were a child, Jews still were teaching that the cranky guy on a throne that Christians turned into their God was just a representation of what is ineffable. Wow again. Thank you, dear Efrem – you are teaching us so much!

  11. Greetings Roberta!
    I am new here and am enjoying the wealth of insights you are providing!

    Your comment, “Getting rid of that cranky Christian God” had me chuckling, as this is exactly what has been happening in my life recently, but from an different direction! I have been in the process of converting to Orthodox Christianity, and one of the first things I’ve been learning is that the “cranky, angry God” of Catholicism/Protestantism is so different than the view from the East! One Orthodox monk said, “Your angry God who demanded sacrifices is Molech, Not the God of Jesus!”

    Looking forward to learning lots more here as well!

    1. Welcome, Stephen! And thank you for your very welcome insight that Orthodox Christians worship a more loving God. It seems that more and more, Christians are being called to a deeper relationship with God, and to know that those who want to continue to practice the religion, but in a version that is cleansed of fear, will have a way to do that is lovely. And if you ever have a question, you know you need only ask it – some of my most enjoyable research has started when people asked questions I hadn’t thought of myself!

  12. Curious, I asked the question “How long did it take to create the universe and where did it come from?”
    I was answered with another question “How long does it take to create a thought, and where does it come from?”
    I guess that means that in the same manner that our limited consciousness can create a thought, out of nothing, the infinite consciousness of the One Infinite Creator can create a universe, out of nothing.

    1. Yes, dear Gary – perfectly said!

      One of my upcoming musings here apparently will be “God and Creation,” and as we work through that I am coming to see that the combined knowledge and wisdom of so many perfected Beings (now another capital is needed) easily can create and maintain this entire universe and every precious being in it. Piece of cake! Ah, but what was it that got this all going in the first place? When I ask that question, I am being slapped upside the head and asked what relevance that question has in a reality without time…?

      1. My time analogy works like this:
        As an author, sometimes, a novel will suddenly blink into existence, from beginning to end, in an instant. The author can then write the last chapter first, and then add the preceding chapters later. Time is not necessary for existence. Time, however, is necessary for experience. Like a novel sitting on a shelf, it’s all there, but to experience the story locked in that novel, it has to be experienced, one word at a time, and that takes time. Now imagine a novel where each chapter has subtle changes every time your read it. Just like making subtle changes to a novel, so subtle changes occur in our reality. The past is not a static snap-shot. The past and the future are plastic, pliable, changeable. The author of our reality is very clever, creating a rich and rewarding experience for those who move through it, using the magic of time.

  13. Dearest Roberta, I am so confused about the timeless afterlife. If there is no linear time, then why is Mikey Morgan at Level 6 Density, working his way up? Did he start there, and will he stay there for eternity, never reaching Level 7? What if , when I pass, I am only Level 4 or 5? It just seems impossible to work your way up in density without time acknowledgement. I do hope I could be a 6 Density Being , so I can meet Mikey! I loved his book, and didn’t want it to end!

    1. Heh – Dear Susan, I hope it makes you feel better to know that the lack of time in the greater reality confuses everyone! We are told that we shouldn’t even try to understand it from here, since the limited minds that we bring to earth are really incapable of making sense of it; but let me at least assure you that higher-level beings easily can go lower, and I have a sense that Mikey will be spending more and more non-time meeting people who know him through his book.

      Above all, of course, remember that you have many lifetimes for growth, so if in the afterlife of this particular lifetime you are just at the third or fourth level, that doesn’t matter. You will get there! (In fact, in non-time I think it may be true that all of us already are at the highest level, but that is a thought for another day.) In any event, don’t worry about it now; instead, trust in the Collective God’s perfect love for you and just work on growing spiritually day by day, here where there is time. Rejoice in knowing that you in particular are God’s best-beloved child!

    2. Susan you might want to consider joining us on AfterLifeForums, ( Roberta’s forum-based website where we have discussed and debated the very points you mention and many, many more. I, for one, don’t subscribe to various notions that have gained traction recently, preferring an altogether less prescriptive and more traditional approach; others members have their own.

      Why not take a look? I hope you’ll want to join the conversation there. 🙂

  14. Dear Roberta, I do so like your thoughts, Roberta, of God as a collective … that essentially is us, or parts thereof … and that Jesus may well have used the Father nomenclature in biblical days for the reasons offered. How, however, can we equate this with Jesus’ continuation to do so in ACIM? I, for one, would be more ‘comfortable’ with different terminology in ACIM … maybe God even referred to as ‘source’ / ‘divine consciousness’. There is so much that I love in ACIM that I am not put off by this … just curious as to why Jesus is still so firmly sticking with the ‘God the Father’ line in ACIM if that really was just to assuage the fears of primitives 2000 years ago ! What is Jesus’ position on this in Liberating Jesus? Stuck where I am in Kyrgyzstan I have still not been able to get a copy!

    1. Dear Alexandra, it may be that we are meant to think of the Collective as the Father even now, because in fact that is the best verbal representation of what is a complex relationship. It may be that it is our use of that word that will bring as many people as possible into a deeper understanding and a better relationship with the Godhead. I don’t know. At this point, I simply trust!

      And I don’t recall that Jesus even talks about this in Liberating Jesus, but why don’t you check it for yourself? Just send me an email through this website, and I will send it to you in PDF.

  15. This was in Victor Zammit’s newsletter just today. Seems very germaine:

    “…there is only one thing that is of utmost importance. It is love – particularly unconditional love. If you read enough of these NDEs, you will discover that love is the most important thing there is. And the love they are talking about is practically nonexistent on Earth. The love that near-death experiencers are talking about is unconditional love – unlimited love – all-powerful love – all-encompassing love – a universal love. This love is the divine entity which all the religious people on Earth worship as ‘God’.

    “The indescribable light which people see after death is what people call ‘God’. This light of love is God. God’s presence is so obvious in heaven that it cannot be denied. Air is to the physical world as God is to the spirit world. God cannot really be described with words and experiencers are often flustered when trying to do so. The words used to describe God is love, life, light, time and space, the pattern for all life, the energy of all matter, the heart of all that matters, the very essence of all being, the source behind every sun, the source of all light and love, the core of all things, the single point of infinite light and absolute love, and the very life force of the universe. In other words, God is everywhere and everything is a part of God because nothing exists that is not a part of God.”

    1. Oh yes, dear Mike – it’s very germane! More and more, those who work in the field of afterlife research are feeling called to much better understand and to talk more openly about what is an essentially spiritual greater reality and afterlife. Thank you, too, for reminding me to suggest that everyone go to and subscribe to the Zammits’ wonderful Afterlife Report. As I am fond of saying, “It’s the best news you’ll read all week!”

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