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I have written about spiritual physics before, but not as a primary topic. I try not to write about anything of which I am not confident, and spiritual physics is the mother lode and forest-dwelling beast of all topics! We know now what is at the root of reality, but there are still big gaps in our knowledge so I have been reluctant to tackle this head-on. But the base of all reality is spiritual, not material, and as is true of material physics, once you gain a simple understanding of what we might call spiritual physics, it then is possible to start to put together an understanding of what is true. Spirit – or consciousness – is what underlies and composes everything we think of as real, so until we have some sense of the physics that governs it, we can pretty much understand nothing about anything.

I still don’t want to tackle spiritual physics, but it seems to be an urgent topic as we try now to lift our consciousness vibrations sufficiently to make this our last necessary earth-lifetime. I am coming to realize that because our earth-minds are so limited and our perspective is so earth-based, unless we have some understanding of the way spiritual physics works, we are going to approach spiritual growth from the impossibly hard way around. Spiritual growth is not something we need to work at, but rather our spiritual vibratory rate is who we fundamentally are. Working actively to try to make ourselves more spiritual is the practical equivalent of approaching building a table by first planting a tree. In fact, real spiritual growth is easy, it’s rapid, and it takes little effort. We just have to stop doing what we can demonstrate now does not work, and simply begin to do today what is consistent with the laws of spiritual physics.

The truth is that you already are capable of functioning at the level of the Godhead.

Spiritual growth is simply the process of remembering who and what you are.

The greatest privilege this work has brought me is the fact that I hear from strangers every day. And of late, more and more spiritual seekers have been asking me variations of what is really humankind’s core everyday question: how can we ever grow spiritually when life keeps getting in the way?

I received a particularly heartbreaking email this week that I will quote here, revised and in brief:

“What hope or insights can you give to an older man who suffers from cancer, a brain tumor, and early dementia? I am tired, almost defeated, and dismayed with myself that I signed up for this much struggle! I am not afraid of much anymore, except the thought of coming back to this planet. After thirty years of meditation, books, prayer, and taking classes I feel that I have regressed spiritually. Prayers and meditation don’t seem to work anymore. I have tried to connect with my guides without success. I feel overwhelmed with the need to overcome negativity, as you say, especially when I am so angry with myself for having chosen all of this. I also feel overwhelmed by the massive pain and suffering on this planet. So, I feel really stymied.”

Do you hear anything of yourself in his plea? If you do, then this answer I am writing for him also is being written for you.

Here are four basic facts that everyone on earth needs to understand:

  • What we experience in a limited way as consciousness is the base creative force that continuously manifests this universe. Some say consciousness actually is God, and therefore all of reality is essentially a thought in the mind of God; but thinking this way keeps God as a creative being both different from and separate from us. At this point, that doesn’t seem to be what God really is or how God works.
  • Consciousness is an infinitely powerful and infinitely creative energy-like potentiality. It is not a form of energy as we understand energy, and in fact it really seems to be not like anything else with which we are familiar.
  • Our minds are all part of that base creative consciousness, not divisibly but as one whole. One of the confounding things about doing this work is the fact that apparently some things are both true and not-true from our narrow earth-perspective, and this is one of those things! Your mind remains “you,” while at the same time it blends with the base creative consciousness and with every other human mind the way waters blend when they are poured into a river.
  • Consciousness exists in a range of vibrations. Those not in bodies refer to vibrations, and in the afterlife levels those vibrations can be more intensely felt. On earth we experience the vibratory range internally, from the lowest (which is fear and anger) to the highest (which is perfect love).

Please read this list again until you know it by heart. Until you do,  none of the rest is likely to make much sense to you.

Spiritual growth is the process of raising your personal consciousness vibration away from fear and toward more perfect love. That’s it! Just a matter of consciousness physics. Spiritual growth is internal and organic: it isn’t something you can learn or buy. And because it is internal, you can’t fake it for long. What happens if you try to fake it is that sooner or later your nice exterior persona gets poked by the simple negativity of human life, and the fear-based tiger that you still are inside starts to roar. In my experience, people who try to fake it – and many more are doing that now – will hit what might appear to us to be a relatively trivial problem, and they will unexpectedly explode with rage. If you ever experience a rush of any negative emotion at all, that is your certain sign that you haven’t so far made the spiritual progress you had hoped to make!

So, how can you really make this happen? The key to success is your understanding that spiritual growth is internal! There are many activities that make us feel spiritual, and that our society defines as spiritual. But in practice, since they cannot elevate our internal vibrations, they cannot do more than to calm us, to elevate our mood, and perhaps to give us more information. All are useful to our temporal selves, but when we are trying to elevate our personal consciousness vibrations so we can make of this our last earth-lifetime while we also help to raise the consciousness vibrations of this planet, none of the following practices can be of much help:

  • Religions. Every modern religion is fear-based. So religions cannot raise your consciousness vibration, and accumulating what we might call religious merit can be of no spiritual help. In fact, religions operate in direct opposition to fostering our spiritual growth.
  • Meditation. Many people swear by meditation! It calms us, and it can be of help when we are working toward communicating more actively with our spirit guides. But meditation has little or no effect on our personal consciousness vibrations.
  • Singing and chanting. Some religions use songs and chanting to synchronize us spiritually and to elevate our mood, and that works very well! But when the singing stops, we return to our base internal consciousness setting.
  • Listening to or reading spiritual wisdom. I discovered Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet when I was in college, and for many years I considered it to be the height of spiritual wisdom. It may be that, but reading any kind of spiritual wisdom and trying to follow whatever it teaches cannot materially raise your internal spiritual vibration.

Then what does work to actually elevate your personal consciousness setting? There may be other options, but the only process I ever have found that actually, materially, and permanently can raise your personal vibration is this:

  • Extinguish your ego. Your ego is not you at all, but rather it is a fear-based gremlin that will fight your attempts to grow spiritually because your spiritual growth will be its extinction. I wrote about the ego six months ago, and I urge you to use that information.
  • Clean up your living room. You cannot raise your consciousness vibration if you keep filling your mind with negative garbage!
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude. When your mind is in a constant state of gratitude for everything, how ever small, you heavily predispose it toward love and away from all forms of negativity.
  • Learn and practice prevenient forgiveness. This is the key Gospel teaching, and if it were all that Jesus ever taught it would be enough to transform the world. Re-training your mind so it never again reacts with anger, no matter what happens, turns out to be the literal key to raising your spiritual vibration!
  • Eagerly foster your every natural impulse toward loving other people.  Your love for all your family and friends will be on a much sounder basis now. You will be more patient with them, kinder, and no longer at all judgmental. What I found was that over a few months’ time after I began my forgiveness practice, my husband, my children, my grandchildren and friends all became very much nicer people! I know this seems stupid, but I saw this rather dramatic change just in retrospect. And when you strictly practice prevenient forgiveness, within months you might find – quite unexpectedly – that even random strangers are a whole lot nicer. Just a few months into my forgiveness practice I was feeling touched with empathy and love for even random strangers passing on the street.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? When you are freed from negativity and all false beliefs, your personal spiritual vibration that has all along been artificially suppressed will begin to rise naturally, much as a bubble freed in water will naturally rise toward the light. Be patient with yourself! See any burst of anger or fear to be just a temporary setback, and simply double down on the five steps outlined above. You are eternally as perfect as the Godhead! Spiritual growth is only the process of reclaiming what you already are.


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28 thoughts on “Spiritual Physics

  1. Dear Roberta. “Thirty years of meditation, books, prayer, and taking classes” reminds me of my own path. Where it brought me at one point several years ago was the dark night of the soul, when about all I prayed for was that God take me home. Luckily, She/He ignored that, and I didn’t do anything rash, except drink too much. It can be easy to get lost in the weeds of so much religious and mystical lore. As I sit here, I’m in danger of being hit by an avalanche of books that seem mostly useless now. Maybe I needed to go through that process of getting torn down a bit. I don’t know. I feel much lighter now, and I would say to anyone in despair that it is never too late. Now I feel that the easiest path really is simple practices like love, gratitude, a positive mental diet, and forgiveness. That last one is the toughest for me, and I still have plenty of episodes of anger and frustration (try driving the Boston roads every day for a living), but hopefully I’ll get there. Like you said, we need to be patient with ourselves. Now, if I can just get my guides to clean up this physical living room!😁

    1. Dear Scott, for almost sixty years of my life I was driving in that Boston-area mess every day! In fact, I think I contributed to it. I was such a lethally combative driver that when we moved south, I’ve heard the roads there improved ;-).

      A Course in Miracles says that there is no degree of difficulty in miracles. Once we really get prevenient forgiveness, we can forgive without a thought every kind of wrong, from being cut off in traffic to harm to our child. I understand why that is hard to believe, since I didn’t believe it either… not until these internal changes happened in me. As your vibration rises high enough, your mind becomes a zone of safety and peace like nothing I had heretofore imagined: you simply don’t react to negative events as you used to react. I realize now that I was so selfish and such a lethal driver when young simply so I would be able to appreciate the difference! In fact, every one of us already is able to vibrate at the level of the Godhead! Isn’t that an amazing thing? We just have to get rid of all the negative ballast, and then every one of us can fly!

    2. Thank you Scott for your candor. This personal openness links to my own experiences that have been similar in many ways.
      Your sharing is not only brave in my opinion, it shows that many of us share so much on the inside. We are really in this together. 🙏🏼

  2. “You are eternally as perfect as the Godhead! Spiritual growth is only the process of reclaiming what you already are.”

    Neatly expressed and it’s comforting to read something similar to what I’ve often said elsewhere, albeit here with a long preamble. 😉

    1. Oh dear Mac, wouldn’t it be wonderful if simply hearing and repeating those words ten times would be enough to make the miracle happen? But sadly, the negativity of this world is so powerful and so pervasive that we cannot free ourselves to become who we already are by an act of will. What Thomas is apparently working out here with us is how to help everyone achieve the miracle in as simply and as rapid a way as possible. I love being a part of this process, but – to be clear – I am just his guinea pig!

  3. This article is absolutely what i needed to read today. It’s just so perfect and true! It’s been running through my mind constantly to ‘cease and desist the anger and hate that i have been experiencing/allowing for years. i understand now why i have felt so physically and mentally ‘crummy, ‘ and it’s going to end NOW!
    Thank you so much Roberta

    1. Oh dear Lois, I am delighted to help! Much love and godspeed to you in this process. What is ahead of you now is so much joy as “The peace of God, which passes all understanding” (Philippians 4:7) truly begins to fill your heart!

  4. Dearest Roberta,
    This blog really does invite us to take the uncomplicated path to Godhead.

    I’ve heard it said that stupidity is complicated but genius is simple. I didn’t know previously, that the Way to the Source was so uncluttered. It’s like one of those elegant physics equations that contains great truths in just several letters and numbers.

    This uncluttered simplicity reminds me of an anecdote from the space race where both sides faced the intractable problem of writing in a low or zero gravity space capsule. Ordinary pens just couldn’t do it and data needed to be collected. One side spent millions on developing a space ready pen which still failed. The other side just used a pencil …

    I take your five things suggested here to heart. If the path to growth is so clear, then what is the need for fear laden religions or convoluted meditation regimes?

    Only, the last time you told us of the five things, learning all you can about the afterlife was one of them. (This was before you explained living room cleaning.)
    I found this afterlife understanding very helpful in accepting that I really am perfectly loved. I mean if Holocaust victims and traumatized first peoples are healed after death; how profoundly loving is that ?! To know that our Australian Aboriginals and Native Americans have places of healing in the levels of the heavenly realms is such a wonderful thing !

    Yet I see now something of why you have substituted living room cleaning into the five things to work on. Speaking personally, this cleaning is already helping me. Even being news media free creates a gentle ‘space’ in life that leads to more happiness.

    The inner qualities of forgiveness, gratitude and love don’t really give the ego a chance to take over, if these qualities come from the heart’s authenticity. And the fact that once negativity is removed, our vibration rises naturally is surely the grace of God, set down in spiritual physics. A wonderful ‘law’ that makes growth a natural happening once a few things are done by us.

    This bright path is already bearing fruit. I’m finding a strange thing though: Recently, after sharing my residual ‘sadness’ or ‘past hurts’ and other such thought/emotions, they are shrinking significantly. I now believe that old wounds can vanish, even deep seated ones. As forgiveness, gratitude and love grow stronger, sadness and despair actually will vanish. I really see that now.

    I thank all those who have hurt me and I forgive them (including myself). I would never be here today, at this place full of dawning potential, if all those difficult things had not taken place in my life.

    Love and hugs,
    Efrem 🙏🏼❣️🌅

    Loving this my dear, thank you.

    1. Dear Efrem, well said – thank you! There really is no need for religions, nor for any human-made institution in the spiritual field. Inevitably, such human institutions are going to come between us and God, and the risk of instilling fear – even if the institution tries to avoid it! – is simply too great. This is why Jesus wanted His followers to simply “gather in His name,” but He never wanted to start a religion. All of that religion-building stuff in the Gospels clearly was added later.

      And where substituting the living-room-cleaning step for the afterlife-learning step is concerned, please remember who is in charge here! I noticed that change when you pointed it out, and I asked about it, and Thomas tells me that fear of death is indeed the primary fear, and it must be overcome; but learning about the afterlife takes awhile, and to make that the first step is to bog the whole process down. He feels, anyway, that fear of death will lessen on its own as people’s vibrations rise. He wants to give us a core process that is quicker and is just what must be done, and what works; he says that people who are inordinately afraid of death can simply study the afterlife on the side. So… there you have it!

      1. ……There we have it !
        Thanks for explaining the change, my dear. It makes sense that this proactive step is so important; that cluttered old living room must be cleaned.

        Speaking openly, using English phrasing: I am ‘not a little overawed’ that your principle guide is Thomas who was Thomas Jefferson. (I mean, wow!) Even in his famous life on earth, he was so great and so true.
        Hence, I value the wisdom of cleaning up the living room and clearing away the crusting debris that prevents my vibration (‘bubbles’) rising. It’s doubly important to me now.

        I’m enjoying the after life forum that you recommended. I’ve been reading the Q & As from Mikey Morgan, as relayed by his mother Carol (moderated by Mac). The workings and understanding of things on the other side, as shown here, is really quite surprising and encouraging. It does assist with the human fear of mortality thing. For me it helps principally with old conditioning concerning being unacceptable to God, due to my ‘fringe’ nature. That’s really why I learned of the after life, to throw out obstructive conditioning. And this learning is happening on the side lines..

        I am just delighted to have a clear core process for growth now.
        It’s kind of exciting . 🚀

        1. I’m heartened to find that a contributor here has also made it on to the ALF website. 🙂 I hope you’ll want to become an active contributor there someday.

        2. Dear Efrem, at this point I think both Thomas and I wish it weren’t necessary to talk about the fact that he once lived a famous lifetime. He is not that person now, and he insists to me that although while in a body I have no memory of it, he and I both have lived more important lifetimes than that one, which is something I flat cannot imagine. But as Thomas Jefferson he was indeed great, and good, and honest, and true, and he is still that now. He has a servant’s heart. And apparently beyond the convenience of his being able to use his history to persuade me to write Liberating Jesus, he considers it useful for me to speak about his past life to others, too, when it is appropriate. I don’t fully understand what is going on, but I don’t need to understand their larger strategy!

          Mikey Morgan remains an utter astonishment to me. I met Carol in 2011, just as Mikey was urging her to go public (he died in 2007, but it took awhile for him to establish easy communication with her). Carol Morgan knew nothing about the afterlife, and she still knows nothing beyond what she has learned from Mikey; and she was still deep in grief at the loss of her oldest child. I didn’t realize then what an event that first meeting was! But from that day forward I have seen Mikey answer many hundreds of questions through Carol, including some very esoteric ones, and many questions that could trip up even people who know quite a lot about these topics. In most cases even on the edge I know what the likely answer is, but not well enough to share my guess. Yet in every one of what may be a thousand answers by now, Mikey has never once made even a small mistake! He answers every question perfectly, and often he will hit the bullseye with his answer and then go a bit farther. I have learned quite a lot from him! There is no being now communicating with us who knows as much as Mikey dpes, and none who is as accurate as he is. His book came out four years ago, and it should be read far above the several similar books channeled by beings who are clearly not at his level, some of whom make some pretty big mistakes. His area on AfterlifeForums should be crammed with readers! But the delay in his broader recognition bothers Mikey so little that I have come to think it must be part of his plan. Please, though, everyone, check out Mikey Morgan. He is real, and he is amazing!

          Yes, dear Efrem, this is kind of exciting ;-).

  5. Very well said, Efrem. Recently, a psychologist was a guest on a well known metaphysical radio show who greatly helped his patients by introducing the concept of gratitude to them. He had a high success rate, as he found that the art of practicing gratitude significantly reduces the influence of the ego and diminished the influence of fear. This was no “easy fix,” but like anything else worthwhile, his patients who persevered with the program, were eventually cured of their depression for the most part. It just takes time and patience.

    1. Heck, I haven’t heard of this before, Lola. I’m glad to know it now, as it sheds an important light on the power of gratitude. The implications of deepening gratitude within are great. 🙏🏼❣️🌅

    2. Thank you for sharing those insight on gratitude, dear Lola! I would just add that the guru of gratitude is Hillis Pugh, who has twice been a guest on Seek Reality. It was he who taught me how important a gratitude practice is, and I’m sure the finding that it even can cure depression must delight him!

  6. Thank you for this, Roberta!

    You said it best in these two passages in the original blog post, and you have written about this before:

    “The truth is that you already are capable of functioning at the level of the Godhead.”


    “You are as eternity perfect as the Godhead.”

    We are working to remember who we are and, from the perspective of the infinite, we already have completed our work even as we continue to do the work.

    1. Dear Mike, this fact that we are already perfect, at the level of the Godhead, and only have to remember that fact is one that I had a lot of trouble internalizing. We are so conditioned by Christianity to think of ourselves as sinful and unworthy! But it does explain why it is that the teachings of Jesus work so easily, and it answers what has for long been the big question: if we are part of the Consciousness that is God, how come we are not already perfect? More and more, my dear friend, the truth is coming together. And the truth is much more wonderful than all our hopes!

  7. Your article is so inspirational and comes at a time when the world seems to be in a flux. I’m tired of negativity and hate. I find this so encouraging and I thank you for publishing this. You know I love your work and you my dear. I wish everyone would read and absorb this message. Thank you.

    1. Oh dear wonderful Lee, how nice it is to see you here! I’m sure you speak for most when you talk about being tired of hatred and negativity, and what is exciting for those of us who are at an age when we are hoping to leave a better world to our grandchildren, it is deeply thrilling to know that a way to achieve that may be on the horizon. I’m sending you the biggest hug, and much love to your beautiful family!

  8. Dear Roberta. I just reviewed the blog (and forum discussion, which was incredible) on ego. Ego seems like a bit of an elephant in the room. Everything in our society is about stroking and encouraging our egos. That was a big part of my little desert period several years ago, when things didn’t go the way mister ego was liking. Another good reason to be careful about what we let into our heads. I think everyone should take a 2nd look at that post. What is your feeling on A Course in Miracles at this point. Are you still planning an online study group? Also, did Mikey Morgan have anything to say on ego? I’ve been wanting to study his material on Afterlife Forums, but have been so focused on my spirit guide work I haven’t gotten too far, and there is a lot there! One funny story about mister ego, almost every time I start a spirit guide meditation, he asks, “What are you going to make for supper?” like one of those demented little puppies trying to distract me. I give him a pat on the head and tell him what I might do for a few seconds and send him merrily on his way. At least it isn’t as bad as it used to be.

    1. Dear Scott, thank you for your kind words about that post about the ego! I didn’t read it again when I linked to it, but I was surprised by the number of comments. I don’t know that anyone has asked Mikey about the ego, and I’m not sure he would know precisely what we were talking about if we did ask him the question, since ego is an artifact of being in a body. Not really sure what he would say.

      And where A Course in Miracles is concerned, I still consider it to be the best way to undo the ego and ensure that it stays undone… provided that you are working the Course with a good study group! The study group process was for me an important part of really getting into and benefiting from the Course. Yes, we do plan to offer study groups for people who don’t have a local option… probably it’s a year or two away.

  9. Dear Roberta,
    How I’m enjoying and learning so much from your blogs! Thank you! I’d like to ask, is baptism a requirement, in all its forms (full immersion or sprinkled)?
    My guess is they’re a product of man-made religions.

    1. Dear Kitty, you are precisely right! What appears to have happened is that itinerant ascetic and preacher John the Baptist, who had an extensive and growing following, spotted the divinity in Jesus and baptized Him to inaugurate His ministry. According to the Lord, John was the incarnation of the prophet Elijah; He said, “For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to accept it, John himself is Elijah who was to come. He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (MT 11:14-15). This makes me wonder whether John’s spotting of the Lord’s divinity and his baptizing Him at the start of His ministry was something they had planned before the birth of Jesus, but I think it likely doesn’t much matter now. The Son of God chose John’s baptism as the symbolic beginning of His public mission, but like all the symbolic things that He did, it was meant to further sanctify His words in the minds of His primitive and highly superstitious followers. Nothing more!

      For Jesus, then and always, it is His teachings that are important, and not any of these religious trappings! His whole concern was the elevation of all of humankind at the internal and the eternal level. He said, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (LK 17:20-21). So, no, dear Kitty, like so many things that the churches do now, baptism doesn’t matter. What matters is the teachings of Jesus, and those most churches tend to ignore altogether!

      1. Thank you for your thoughtful response Roberta. The religion of my upbringing emphasizes baptism as a necessary requirement to return to God‘s presence – the deceased are even baptized by proxies. It always saddened me that millions and millions of my Native American ancestors and other indigenous inhabitants of the Americas would never be baptized because their names are unknown. I couldn’t reconcile that a loving, merciful God would demand an impossibility. Now my heart is at peace.

        1. If we are to follow Jesus’ teaching (red words in the Bible) what do you say in regards to baptism that is commanded by Jesus. Matt. 28:18-19? Do we pick and choose which commands we follow? I too am concerned for anyone anywhere that has not heard his words. Please help me understand.

          1. Hello Debbie! It’s not up to us to pick and choose, but it is indeed up to the Lord to help us know now what is actually true. And He is giving us ways to do that.

            Very unfortunately, the nine church councils that were held in the first millennium after the Lord’s death – and especially the Council of Nicaea in 325 – actually edited the Gospels. They both removed some of what the Lord had said (including references to reincarnation), and added things that He couldn’t have said because they were clearly post-Jesus ideas. By 325 these folks were deep into building their own religion, so they needed Jesus to have said some things to support that much later religion. If it doesn’t shock you to realize they put words into the Lord’s mouth, for sure it shocks and horrifies me! Fortunately, they were much more respectful of the Gospels than they were of, for example, Acts and some of the Epistles, and in general the additions seem to occur only in the latter part of each Gospel. You can often recognize the Councils’ additions because they contain anachronisms – they talk about church practices that were unknown for centuries after the Lord’s death. For example, every reference to a cross, to sheep-and-goats, to church-building, to the Elect, to Jesus “saving” and “damning” people, and to the Trinity cannot be anything Jesus said, since all of that didn’t come along until much later. Baptism is a maybe, but Jesus certainly couldn’t have said “baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” because that reference to the Trinity is an anachronism. I have come to think for various reasons that He wouldn’t have referred to baptism at all; but if He did, it was only minor in His mind. He certainly never saw it as a requirement for salvation! His own baptism by John the Baptist was culturally important in His own time, but nothing more than that.

            My book, Liberating Jesus, contains an Appendix that will show you how you can determine what He likely didn’t say.

            Thank you, Debbie – great question!

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