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Bless the Lord, you His angels, Mighty in strength, who perform His word,
Obeying the voice of His word! Bless the Lord, all you His hosts,
You who serve Him, doing His will. Bless the Lord, all you works of His,
In all places of His dominion, Bless the Lord, O my soul!

– David, Third King of Israel and Judah (1035-970 BC), from Psalm 103

Someone has lately directed my attention to a Christian forum. People were complaining there that I pick and choose what I claim that Jesus actually said. As if that were a bad thing.The notion that Christians might discuss me at all was surprising, but the fact that they thought we shouldn’t try to discern ever more deeply what Jesus was telling us does pretty well sum up the core problem with Christianity. The religion is not about Jesus at all! Instead, it’s about much later dogmas that have no relationship to the teachings of Jesus, and that largely center around the notion that if you will do the right magical things, the religion will give you a Get Out of Hell Free card and an automatic pass through the pearly gates.

I have spent my life trying to discover the Truth. My experience of light at the age of eight has remained forever fresh in my mind, and it was dawning on me by my early teens that there really was something behind the curtain to which the entire adult world was oblivious. I decided it was up to me to figure it out. So I majored in religion in college, then plunged into doing afterlife research, and I studied a great many other things, too. And after decades of almost daily pursuit of what has to be the world’s most peculiar hobby, I am thrilled to report that there is abundant evidence for a greater reality that is many times the size of this material universe. In particular, we now can prove as a certainty the following deeply wonderful things:

  • Our minds are eternal. You never began, and you never will end.
  • There is a genuine Godhead that continuously manifests this universe. The Godhead is a Collective of Perfected Beings, and creation is not one-and-done but instead it happens continuously.
  • Matter, energy, time and space do not exist in most of reality. This fact is something we contend with as we seek to better understand what actually is going on.
  • All you need is love, love. Love is all you need. Who knew that the Beatles were prophets? Consciousness is all that objectively exists, and it exists in a range of vibrations from fear and rage at the lowest and weakest vibration to perfect love at the highest vibration.
  • This universe exists to give us a place to grow spiritually. And growing spiritually at our stage consists simply in raising our consciousness vibrations more toward the love end of the range. It really is that simple. And that difficult.

Amazingly few people seem to have made a broad-based and intensive study of the afterlife and the greater reality, trying to understand it all. Oh, there are lots of mediums, near-death experiencers, reincarnation researchers, afterlife experts, students of consciousness, and others who concentrate their studies in limited areas and have little understanding of the whole picture! But there also are a very few people who have realized that there is a gigantic reality which encompasses everything that we think we see plus a very great deal more, and they are working hard to make sense of it all. You can count the world’s serious greater reality researchers on the fingers of one hand! Here are two examples:

  • Craig Hogan is first among them. By the time he and I first met in 2008, we both were already mostly there, and we had a wonderful time intensively discussing what each of us had learned independently and finding that our conclusions were essentially identical. Coming at this immense body of data from entirely different perspectives – me from the afterlife materials, and Craig from the science of consciousness – we had reached all the same conclusions!
  • Victor and Wendy Zammit of Sydney, Australia, also are doing great work in this field. Their approach is less about creating the syntheses themselves, and more about sharing with the world a truly staggering amount of evidence via their Friday Afterlife Report and their Zoom presentations.

 All serious researchers in this field are skeptics. We have learned that unless you make every new idea thoroughly prove itself before you will accept it, you end up with a mush of nonsense. You’ll never figure anything out! And with religions and science all so stubbornly clueless and so bound by artificial dogmas, we’ve had to range pretty far afield. In fact, my first big Eureka moments were facilitated by – of all things – the Christian Bible.

I began to study the afterlife right out of college. I soon discovered that there had been a stunning number of carefully documented communications through physical mediums and channels received in the half-century or so that encompassed the period before and after the turn of the twentieth century. Many books documenting these communications still were widely available in the early seventies in libraries and in used-book stores, so for years I simply devoured the scripts of hundreds of decades-old communications between newly-dead folks and their living relatives. As I say in The Fun of Dying, it felt like discovering hundreds of postcards that had been sent home by travelers from some far-distant place over half a century of time! Those visitors were all having different experiences, but they were obviously in the very same place. The same processes, the same physics, the same pastimes, the same scenery and clothing, the same vegetation and methods of communication. It was all the same everything! There was no detectable copying, and I never found a single outlier (like perhaps someone who said, “It’s a bunch of green people living on clouds”; or “God sits on a throne in the village square”; or “They all ride around on tame dinosaurs”). The odds against chance for such complete consistency of communications in both Great Britain and the United States over half a century of time would be incalculable!

When I realized there really is an afterlife, I set about trying to better understand where it is, how it works, and how it fits with the reality that we think we see around us. And meanwhile I was a practicing Catholic, still faithfully reading the Bible daily and rearing my children in parochial schools. How I managed that level of cognitive dissonance for an additional twenty years I cannot now imagine! As I recall, I kept thinking that sooner or later I was going to find evidence that Christianity was right; but all I ever found was more and more evidence that the teachings of Christianity were dead wrong. And by then I was trusting the afterlife evidence even more than I felt that I could trust the religion. So one day when I was barely fifty, I gave up. I closed my Bible, and for a couple of years I still went to church while I sadly tried to pretend that none of that had ever happened.

I cannot recall what inspired me to dust off my Bible one rainy afternoon and read just the Gospels in light of the afterlife evidence. I was becoming ever more certain that the afterlife is true and real and it exists in a genuine reality, complete with its own quantum-like physics and in precisely the same place where we are now. I had been recalling that some of what Jesus had said was kind of consistent with what I had been learning, but for many months I had been reluctant to test the Lord, for fear that He might have been wrong about anything.

But Jesus was not wrong. He proved to me that day as I again read the Gospels that He knew things about God, reality, death, and the afterlife that we could not have confirmed by any means until early in the twentieth century. Little things. Big things! To give you just two examples:

  • He said to the woman who was drawing a drink for Him from the well, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water”(JN 4:10). And He was right: the water in the afterlife is alive! Many new arrivals there remark about that.
  • He said to His disciples,In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also” JN 14:2-3). And this is precisely the usual post-death process! Our loved ones who have gone ahead will create our post-death home near their own, and then they will come to our deathbed and safely escort us into the afterlife.

The Council of Nicaea in 325 took it upon itself to edit the Gospels. Fortunately, though, its primary damage was to remove whatever it recognized to be references to reincarnation, and also to add bits about church-building, sheep-and-goats, hellfire and damnation, and End Times, all of which would  have been anachronistic during the Lord’s lifetime. Liberating Jesus includes an Appendix that shows you how to pluck from the Gospels all the things we can be sure that Jesus didn’t say. For Jesus to speak against the prevailing religion was a crime punishable by death. But He managed to teach anti-religious truths right under the noses of the Temple guards for more than three years by using some clever and subtle tricks. He would tell what sounded like innocent stories, then say, “he who has ears to hear, let him hear” (wink-wink), to urge His followers to look for His deeper messages. He would give people innocuous-sounding bits of information at various spots along the way, knowing that the guards watching Him would often change, and hoping that his faithful followers would be able to put those bits together. For example, this is how He told us over days of time the wonderful truth that neither God nor any religious figure ever judges us. First He said, “For not even the Father judges anyone, but He has given all judgment to the Son, so that all will honor the Son even as they honor the Father” (JN 5:22-23). Then on a different day with different Temple guards He said, “If anyone hears My sayings and does not keep them, I do not judge him” (JN 12:47).

Jesus invites us to “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” (Mt 7:7). And His invitation remains solid and true today! There are indeed gigantic, eternal truths of which neither science nor any religion still has any clue at all, and they are ours for the learning if we only will trust the Lord enough to take Him at His word. And the genuine eternal truth will land on your heart as light and strong as a hummingbird’s wing, and will banish every fear forevermore. As Jesus said, “If you hold to My teaching, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (JN 8:31-32).

 Just as a father has compassion on his children,
So the Lord has compassion on those who revere Him.
For He Himself knows what we are made of; He is mindful that we are but dust.
As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.
When the wind has passed over it, it is no more, And its place acknowledges it no longer.
But the lovingkindness of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who revere Him.
– David, Third King of Israel and Judah (1035-970 BC), from Psalm 103

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48 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Dear Roberta, Thanks for another insightful true accounting.

    I would like to include here an extension of the last few comments on your previous posting about grace. The point was made there that a good life in which we have understood that we are eternal spirit temporarily living in a material body actively engages with others for mutual benefit. By contrast, there is a tendency in Eastern philosophy and in Western recognition that we are eternal spirit to withdraw into ascetic hermits, but that does no good for anyone else and does no good for advancing our own spiritual development– such produces wasted life.

    However, there is more to say about living a good life. With recognition that we are spirit temporarily working with a material body, as mentioned above, there is natural tendency toward withdrawal from life. The fact is that our material body is itself a wonderful creation, and while it naturally is self seeking in its desires, when morally controlled by the soul’s conscience, it too ought be honored for what it may achieve in life. For example, there are the fabulous achievements in medicine, with immense skills applied by surgeons. There are great athletic accomplishments worthy of praise and a joy to behold. The creative works of musicians, artists, mathematicians, and scientists are both self-fulfilling and enrich all others.

    So, a good life is one actively involved in making the most of our talents, and actively involved with others as we wok the Golden Rule,

    1. I agree. Withdrawing from the world defeats the whole purpose. We are here to learn and interact with others. I believe we are meant to do this in the afterlife as well

      1. Dear Lola, in fact once we are out of these bodies and in our natural home where everyone feels much better connected and even at lower levels we basically know the score, doing everything with others becomes so much easier. And as we grow spiritually, we are more and more intensely attracted to one another, so at upper levels we do just about everything as collectives. We love and rely on and perfectly trust one another. It is all so beautiful!

        1. That’s a very good explanation for the collectives. They have apparently evolved to the point where they feel no separation from one another

          1. Dear Lola, that is what I long have assumed. The higher we are vibrating, the more we are drawn to one another. At the fifth level and above, everyone seems to be happy with doing a lot of things collectively, and they are content to have someone else represent the collective.

    2. Beautifully put, Jack! I couldn’t agree more.

      I’ve noticed that a great many ‘Awareness Philosophers’ are emphasizing the role of the physical body in meditation to assist the realisation we are pure, spatial Consciousness at our core.

      1. Hmmm… dear Kristian, I like that! It seems counterintuitive at first, but perhaps a greater awareness of the body makes us more able to see it as just a vessel, and entirely separate from who we are.

          1. My dear Mike, I guess I don’t see your point here? I think of the body as a clueless jalopy, more or less, blundering along and not aware at all!

    3. Oh my dear Jack, this is all so beautifully said! I cannot add to it.

      I, too, have long found the religious tradition so prominent in Catholicism and in some other old religious of retreating from the world and living in a hermitage to be inexplicable and probably counterproductive. When the point is to gain wisdom, how much wisdom can be gained in contemplating one’s own navel? As we have learned with ever more certainty that the reason the universe even exists is to give us a place to more efficiently raise our personal consciousness vibrations away from fear and toward ever more perfect love, the retreat-from-the-world idea looks even more counterproductive. Love is the whole point! And learning to choose love over negative emotions in all instances is not made easier when we can’t interact with people, for heaven’s sake.

      As you have me thinking about this now, all I can say is that in earlier ages – until very recently, in fact – we have been only guessing. There was really no way to know! So perhaps it was easier to guess at what was going on when you got the clamor of the world out of the way. But now we needn’t guess. Now we really can know! So humankind has reached the stage where retreat from the world is no longer helpful. Now we can seek reality, actually find a human-perspective version of objective truth, and use that to continue to live in the world and efficiently grow spiritually enough to make this our last necessary earth-lifetime. We are so fortunate, my dear friend. Now it really is a whole new day!

      1. The monastic traditions in Medieval Christianity were a derivative of the mystic or shamanic traditions of the “vision quest” undertaken by indigenous people, for whom the objective was to have a divine epiphany and bring it back to the larger community as a contribution to the greater good. Instead these monasteries became total retreats. And finally, the concept of withdrawing from the world became a value. Indeed we are not here to withdraw but to participate for the betterment of all and bring our epiphanies home—that is always the mission.

  2. Quote from above:

    “Matter, energy, time and space do not exist in most of reality. This fact is something we contend with as we seek to better understand what actually is going on…”

    Hi Roberta, hi everybody! “Contend” is a key term here. Our larger appreciation of the Truth is indeed at odds with our very humanly constructed perceptions as we have this experience we express as incarnation. The small-god concept fights back on every word Jesus gave us when we work to understand how He is telling us to think much bigger!

    I myself went through a similar process to the one you relate as having gone through—even to the holding two contentious ideas as a practicing Catholic. But one day my father said something intriguing to me about the canonical Gospels. My father said, out loud—“He probably didn’t say exactly that.”

    Then I read about Thomas Jefferson (yes, I know, we aren’t supposed to invoke that incarnation for reasons previously noted 😉) and his project to reverse engineer the actual words of Jesus. That sent me on my journey of investigation into the True Word of God.

    It is in fact a journey, and everyone’s experience is unique. There is no real “aha moment”—and after all, in the midst of an infinite sea, how can we be closer to the shore? The key is to immerse ourselves in it.

    1. “In the midst of an infinite sea, how can we be closer to the shore?” Wow. Or we might also say, “In the Mind of God, wherever we are we have arrived at the Center.”

      I have come to realize of late that Thomas was teaching me even when I was a little child. When I was maybe five or six and we were learning in school to memorize our addresses, he taught me to go through the teacher’s version – street, town, state, country (Back then, we learned in school to be proud of our country). Then Thomas had me add, “the earth, the solar system, the universe, the mind of God.” Of course, I thought I had figured that out myself, and I recited it back to the teacher in class. I still recall the look on her face as she tried to praise me while she was utterly flummoxed by what I had said!

      1. I, too, was quite taken by Mike J-R’s assertion, (Thank you, Mike), “In the midst of an infinite sea, how can we be closer to the shore?” My understanding was that e all would eventually reach the Center, albeit after hundreds or thousands of lives in our bodies and God would see me as Cookie 3.700, or something like that. My paradigm shift is that God can see us at any point in what we call time. He may even really want to so as to learn how we humans get ourselves into predicaments. I think even God can learn from our mistakes.

        1. Dear Cookie, the advanced crew that seems to do the most learning is the sixth-level folks. They generally act in collectives at that point, but they are also still individuals; and they are preparing to join the Godhead, so over the years we have had repeated glimpses of them doing a great deal of learning! We get just hints of it. They are learning how consciousness at higher levels can be used creatively, and I recall one communication I read that must have been received more than a century ago, from a woman who said she was learning how to create a flower and she was frustrated because it was a lot harder than it looks 🙂

    1. Oh my dear Sally, welcome! I’m so glad this resonates with you. Thank you for your kindly thoughts!

  3. What is Truth? I have often pondered upon the subject. If I couldn’t find it in the world at large, why can I find it in some people though? Interesting, but maybe there is a point about if everyone seeks the truth within themselves, then will we have an entire world filled with it?
    As for the Afterlife, this material reality can be a hard and cruel one at times, so much so that one loses sight of the beyond. I think Jesus said it best when he talked about those who have not seen, but still believe and have faith. Thank you.

    1. Dear Terry, I expected that someone here would point out that we cannot really know the ultimate truth, so thank you for saying what you did. In fact, as we open-mindedly seek the truth we are finding more and more of it. And it’s amazing!

      Religions and mainstream science are all dead-ends because they are all based in dogmas – in human-made core beliefs, in parameters within which we have to stay in order to find “acceptable truths.” Never in a million years of searching will any religion or mainstream science as they are presently constituted find the actual truth about anything.

      Open-minded truth-seeking based upon all the evidence, on the other hand, yields increasing glimpses of such gigantic truths that with our human minds we can’t really encompass it all, not in a million years of trying! But as this little bit of it shared this week shows you, what we can glimpse really does all hang together, and it makes you so eager to find more and more of what is true! There are hints, too, that the more we learn, the more we realize that at higher levels essentially everything is true. And it’s all connected. We just can never from here figure out how it’s all connected. I tell you, dear Terry, this open-minded seeking is addictive beyond belief!

  4. Roberta: I’m glad you mentioned the “living waters” that Jesus remarked on, as this has been noted by many people including out of body travelers such as Bruce Moen from the Monroe Institute, William Buhlman and Cyrus Kirkpatrick. All these people were amazed at the strange properties of water there i.e. Bruce Moen went swimming in it and emerged just as dry as when he first went in. Also, flowers, trees and other plants seem to have a strange awareness. I can think of no other reason for this except that everything is part of a consciousness that permeates the universe.

    1. Lola, yes, the reports of those having an NDE or deep OPBE is that everything, every thing, such as water, rocks, flowers, trees, grass exude consciousness. So in the realm of consciousness (what I term the 2nd Domain and many refer to as Heaven, everything has and exhibits consciousness, and everything is capable of communication and interaction, what in philosophy has been termed panpsychism. However, in our material existence, with our souls normally locked t body/brain, we are unaware that everything has consciousness.

    2. Dear Lola, you make such a terrific point! The entire astral plane is full of conscious, non-material matter, and it confounds the newly-dead and also astral travelers. The non-wet water that gives you energy and feels like silk and even gives off music is something that a lot of people talk about! The plants, too, love us. Trees will caress us as we walk by. The giant flowers in unworldly colors will turn their faces to us, and if we put our faces into theirs and breathe we get not just gorgeous aromas but also life-giving energy. Everything here is such a pale and dead-seeming mimic of the reality that is our true home!

      I recall when I first realized that even the rocks here must be to some extent alive and conscious. Most people travel a lot soon after death, probably because there are amazing places to visit and because traveling by mind is so easy. And someone had reported visiting a planet where all the life is silica-based and not carbon-based. That planet had intelligent life that was made of rock, which seemed normal to the “people” there but everything just moved ve-e-ery slo-o-owly. When I told this story to Bernardo Kastrup, who is a truly brilliant Dutch scientist who’s been a guest on Seek Reality a few times, he said, “Hmmm. Interesting. Silica is one of the elements on which life could be based.” You and I have such a wondrous journey ahead of us!!

  5. Thank you, Roberta! So much wisdom here: the truth of Jesus (resonating with NDEs, ACIM, and past lives), the distortions of human attempts to codify Jesus’ teachings over the centuries (organized religion), the need to put it all together in a consistent picture (Hogan, Zammit’s), and honest recognition of the limitations of our understanding. Thank you for listening to spirit, holding fast to your search for Truth, and sharing with your followers through this blog. Grace and peace.

    1. Oh my dear Chuck, thank you! This is such an amazing journey, and made especially delightful by the fact that we all are sharing it together!!

  6. Oh, I see. That definitely makes sense. Without the need for body/brain inter action, the existence of consciousness is much more obvious. This likely accounts for the many “strange” experiences there, as we are only used to that which we experience as a physical being, which are very limited.

    1. Dear Lola, you are right: the key to making sense of all of this is to really internalize the fact that consciousness is primary, and we all are part of that same consciousness. Once you really do get that fact, then so many things that once seemed odd and magical suddenly start to make perfect sense!

  7. I used to have a negative impression of those who withdrew from the world. I now believe that through parayer and meditation they potentially improve conditions on this earth, thereby providing a great service for the living.

    When it comes to seeking the truth, my experience has always been the more that is learned the more apparent it becomes how little I really know.

    1. Tom, My 7th grade teacher, Frank Rice, was a temporary he came to teach when periodically laid off by Armstrong Tire and Rubber Co in nearby New Haven. One day he mentioned that what he most learned in college was how little we really know– obviously an item of wisdom that stuck with me.

      1. Yes, my dear Jack, he clearly helped to shape your life! I can recall a few teachers, too, who did the same thing for me. One who has stuck in my mind was my advisor in college – she was close to my present age then, so she has likely long been back at home – she was a Bible scholar, and she shocked me by being so devoted but yet so irreverent. I had become cynical about the traditional Christian view of the Bible even before I got to college, and she freed me amazingly!

        Don’t you wish we could hug these people now, and tell them how formative they have been in our lives?

    2. Yes, Tom, that is the theory, and it may well be right. But each of us comes into this lifetime with a specific plan, and if your plan – as mine does – makes active teaching a primary mission, then you can’t be attracted to the idea of withdrawing to a more contemplative life. I think that is why the idea still seems to me to be so much beside the point!

  8. Dearest Roberta,
    So down here on earth we have; matter without consciousness such as soil and rocks, plus life exhibiting rudimentary living stimuli such as plants, also life that has a range of consciousness such as animals. Then we have the human mind which is able contemplate its own existence as well as some kind of higher power. Individual survival is significant for all earth life.

    I’ve heard that the visually sumptuous lower levels of the afterlife are non material, in the earth sense, and vegetable life has consciousness. Animals have a higher degree of awareness than when on earth and humans get back their higher minds. The Divine is felt everywhere, so Spirit based collectivity is much greater. We are nourished and inspired by loving energy and we don’t have to worry about survival.

    I wonder in the higher afterlife levels do all plants and animals and the terrain shimmer and pulse, so to speak, with an even greater collective Divinity than on lower levels? And do human souls meld closer together and knit intimately into the Divine?

    In the highest levels, do all the distinctions, colors and ‘pieces’ of the terrain merge into pure light? All of us may be our own selves and part of the collective Divinity at once? Does collective Divine Consciousness even need distinguishable ‘terrain’ other than dancing expressions of light-love-joy-consciousness?

    Everything seems to me (in my mind’s eye) to transform into ever greater oneness as we rise in levels – until all details meld into a kind of living, Love-Consciousness-Divinity. One mind of many minds.

    Thank you dearest one, for your excellent blog this week that has sparked so many excellent ideas (above) as well as my own crazy mind’s eye! 🙏🏼😉👁

    1. Oh my dear Efrem, that is so lovely! You have synthesized the entire beautiful, amazing process much better than I could have done! And especially the way that we tend to grow closer and closer to one another, the higher we move spiritually.

      It used to make little sense to me that the individuals at the sixth level are so revered when they venture down to teach at the third or fourth level and they even wear marks of distinction while there – hats, capes – and everyone respects them so much, but still when they are back at the sixth level they are joyous to be just part of a collective, and not even its spokesman. That seemed so discordant that until recently I was sure that I was missing something big because it didn’t make any sense at all!

      It is only now that it makes sense. I was focusing on the individuality of my earth-ego and altogether forgetting the power of love. I realize now that as we grow higher, we more and more cease to feel any earth-like need to feel or to be seen as special or important, and we more and more emphasize this core craving that becomes stronger and stronger as the ego goes away. This craving to merge in perfect love. It’s a craving that I never could grasp until I began to feel it, too; and for now it’s manageable, but I can see that at those levels it must feel overwhelming. We really are one being, and it feels so joyous to begin to crave the perfect union that is our universal destiny!

      I should add, too, that knowing Thomas has helped my understanding. He tells me he is now upper-fifth-level, which is pretty exalted. But still, he says that Mikey Morgan – who is upper part of the sixth level – is as far above him as the stars in the sky are to us. He guides me, and sometimes he ventures alone – I gather that the range of experiences possible there intrigues him – but also, he is part of a collective, and apparently all our guides are part of a collective. I don’t think it’s possible for us to imagine the level of harmony and also the level of complete enjoyment that is going to be possible for us when we go home!

      1. Efrem/Roberta: While reading your comments, I suddenly recalled that the teachings of Silver Birch that came through the medium Maurice Barbanell, mentioned several times that “Silver Birch” was not just one individual, but part of a group (i.e. collective). This was not part of Barbanell’s mind, as he, like his father, was a staunch atheist. Silver Birch called our world “drab and uninteresting” and stressed the need to be of “loving service”. Barbanell went to a spiritualist service in the UK just to accompany a friend, got bored and fell asleep. When he woke up, he was embarrassed and apologized, but everyone was astonished at what he said in trance. This may not sound like any big deal now, but back in 1929 and the early 1930’s, it was unheard of to think that an otherworld communicator could be part of a group or collective of higher spirits, especially considering that the medium was an admitted atheist with zero interest in spirituality

        1. Dear Lola, every upper-level communicator of which we are aware has been speaking for a collective, with the singular exception of Mikey Morgan. For most people as advanced as Mikey is, they have been there so long in order to become as advanced as they are that they have no real connection to the material world remaining; but Mikey, having been some 400 years past his last incarnation, volunteered to be born and die young so he could communicate through someone on earth he was close to: his mother. It was all planned before either of them was born (although Carol swears she “never signed up for this”!

          1. I just thought it was astounding that SB said he found our world to be “drab and uninteresting”. I truly think that is really the way a high level spirit would feel after being away from here for quite some time. They would no longer be able to relate to the way people think down here. Carole doesn’t remember their agreement, but I think Mikey at times is part of a collective.


            Very well said, my dear Lola! Of course Mikey is part of a collective. My Thomas is part of one as well – I think many or most of our primary guides are at a high enough vibration to be naturally aggregating with others. With Mikey, though, since he is emotionally close to an embodied human being, he has the option of also working on his own through her. And where Thomas is concerned, I think that his final earth-lifetime probably ended around the start of the 20th century, so only about fifty years before I was born; but more importantly, he had a spiritually junior close friend who was willing to take on being his earthly connection so Thomas could work through him. I think that was why my not remembering our past together seemed to throw him. I think he hadn’t realized how much my having been born in a female body this time around would change the vibe between us.

            And yes, they all find the material world to be drab and utterly foreign! They lack the cultural knowledge of modern life, and they even can no longer recall what it felt like to be here. The entire astral is rich in a great many more colors, conscious and aware animals and even plants, skies of every possible color, and even living water that sparkles like diamonds. It’s gorgeous! And it’s almost empty of cities and people. Thomas has told me the reason why he needed to work through me is that he didn’t have a clue (not his words) how to write for people who are now in bodies. So our channeling is different from what I would have thought channeling would be, which was why I didn’t at first recognize it: he gives me thought-boluses, and I put them into words. I realize now that is probably how channeling nearly always happens!

        2. Dear Lola, the channeling of SB by the seemingly clueless Barbanell sounds very interesting.

          I’m somewhat aware of the great leap in afterlife communication via mediumship in the latter 1800s and earlier 1900s. Britain, France and the NE USA seem to feature significantly here.

          I’m also aware of the Great Leap Forward in science, especially in quantum physics in the earlier 1900s as well…

          What is the next thing we humans may be gifted with discovering, that leads to understanding the afterlife and the greater reality? Perhaps the discovery of afterlife audio visual communication! I can only hope the Soul-phone of Gary Schwartz’s mob in the US, and the outstanding visual communication of Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil come to fruition.

          Should this occur – that would be the clincher for humans to finally understand the truth about reality and our eternal existence. Sigh. Lola, I can only live in hope.

          Should this discovery occur, then all Roberta’s work, and that of people like Dr R Craig Hogan and Victor & Wendy Zammit will be in place to show people how to link with the Source and give an existential purpose to life.

          1. Efrem: Sonia Rinaldi’s results are amazing and not explainable by conventional means. Maybe we are being shown this in stages – each stage being more and more sophisticated. I totally understand why Silver Birch would think of this world as being “drab and uninteresting.”

      2. Roberta, that is quite an amazing reply you have given me, when one stops to think about it!

        It does feel joyous when we realize that we are one being and that becoming/experiencing this is our universal destiny! Perfect Divine Union; perfect joy. If even craving it – the intense thought and desire of it- is a joyously hopeful thing, imagine the experience itself when unfettered by our limited human minds.

        So while I’m here with feet of clay and a curtailed human mind, I’m determined that the troubles and traumas of human life will not overshadow the joy of my true Being. I’ve made myself this promise. 😉❣️🌅

        1. My dear Efrem, I think the way you are feeling is nearly universal among people who are beginning truly to understand what is in fact going on. I can’t even remember anymore what it felt like to be afraid of death! It feels as if all day, every day, I am hugging this glorious secret. How perfectly wonderful the truth really is! The human mind cannot conceive of what is simply the plain reality of perfect love, perfect joy, and no fear at all eternally. How can we bear so much bliss?

    2. Efrem/Roberta –
      I am an admirer of rocks – each one has a story and is a unique sculpture. The fact that they have consciousness in the astral realm gives pet rocks a whole new meaning!

      1. Heh – and I have said this before, but it tickles me: there is apparently a planet where we can choose to take a lifetime where all the life is silica-based. It is rock, in fact, and it is alive, but it just moves v-e-e-ry slo-o-owly. If we visit that planet between our lives, nothing ever seems to move, although we are told that for those who inhabit those rock bodies, everything seems to be moving all the time – so it’s really time that is different for them!

      2. Hey Tim,
        I love rocks to, particularly the rock formations where you can move among them and then sit still for a while and imagine you are part of the stone work.

        You’d love the east coast of Australia, Tim. It is seemingly endless and it’s bays, beaches, cliffs and headlands vary so widely.

        One of my fave beaches is found by a city on the north New South Wales coast named Port Macquarie. ‘Flynn’s beach’ there has many hulking, sedimentary, pillar rocks rising through the sands of it. These rocks look like giants in embryonic sacks struggling to emerge.

        Sometimes I imagine placing my hand on a shapely rock extrusion in the afterlife, and feeling the happy flow of consciousness and recognition between the rock and myself… Who knows what is possible over there! 😉

        1. Efrem: There are some people here who are studying strange occurrences that happen where there are a lot of rocks and boulders – usually in national parks. Some even think the rocks and boulders open portals, and guess where else they find this to be happening — Australia! So I wouldn’t be surprised if just about anything was possible on a higher level of consciousness

        2. Efrem – thanks for sharing that – I would love to visit Australia some day. I love that others reflect on rocks as I sometimes do.

        3. Wow, my dear Efrem, your Australian beaches must be beautiful!

          Those who enter the afterlife and the astral realms are struck at first by the astonishing fact that everything is alive and on some level conscious. That seems to be the biggest difference, even more than the living water, the gigantic flowers in unearthly colors, and so on. Everything is alive and conscious, and everything loves us!!Yes, that is going to be perfectly wonderful, isn’t it?

  9. Hi again everybody!

    There is no more room for a reply on the thread above, so moving here:

    “My dear Mike, I guess I don’t see your point here? I think of the body as a clueless jalopy, more or less, blundering along and not aware at all!“

    Check out the work of Gregg Braden. Also read the transcripts of communications with Stephen the Martyr, whom you can find through the great work if Michael Cocks. They are more articulate than I, but Stephen in particular uses the biological composition and function of blood as a metaphor, and Gregg focuses in DNA structure as a model for cosmic awareness.

    1. Dear Mike, I thought what I said to you was a bit harsh for me, but still I said it. I wondered about it at the time, but now I think it makes more sense.

      I know little about Stephen the Martyr, but I am quite familiar with Gregg Braden, and I admire his work. I do understand, too, that all matter is on some level conscious. I figured that out close to twenty years ago, as a natural deduction from the fact that consciousness is the base creative force and also as the only explanation for some otherwise mystifying phenomena. Not just material life (like our bodies) is conscious, in other words, but also even rocks and dirt are quite probably on some level conscious!

      But I have known all along that while my research can and should be broad, my conclusions have to be simple and ruthlessly lacking in sentimentality. I thought for most of my life that was because I couldn’t allow my own inherent sentimentality to influence my research! It is only lately that I see that the role that I accepted as part of my life-planning is to now teach what amounts to the afterlife and the greater reality at the grade-school level. So I have begun to strip out a lot of my “probablies” and concentrate on just the simple and certain things, to better help people who are just starting to learn the truth to concentrate for now on what matters most. And I guess that is why I resist forming any attachment to my (or any) material body, of the sort that you would tend to feel if you thought of it as a metaphor or if you thought of its matter itself as aware.

      This particular body will stop running before long, and I will manage to edge it to the side of the road so as not to impede the flow of traffic. Then I will open the door and step out, and without even a momentary bit of farewell, I will joyously spread my wings and fly!

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