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Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 16, 2019 • 19 Comments
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It is amazing that deep in the twenty-first century we still don’t have good answers to humankind’s three most important questions. The scientific community has pontificated, and various religions have opined, but none of what any of them says feels right. Here is the sorry state of play, at a time when we really need to know!

  • What is God? Scientists beg the question by assuming no God, but the Judeo-Christian concept of a Big Guy on a Throne is no better. How can one God with human failings like anger and a reluctance to forgive have created this active universe full of an estimated one billion trillion stars, not to mention all the details of our planet with its seven billion people living complex lives? Those of us who study the greater reality have come to understand that the only thing that objectively exists is consciousness, and we assume that God is the love-based top, but how can creation really come from something so vague and vapory? No matter whose version of God we choose, if we are being honest we must admit that all of them are cartoonish and frankly inadequate to the task of being the omnipotent Creator God, and also the God Who hears every prayer.
  • Why does the universe exist? Or as the late physicist Stephen Hawking put it, “What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe? … Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing?” Physicists have no idea, but again, our religions are no better. Some say the universe was created as a place of misery to be overcome, or perhaps as a place where God can choose a few people to save and send the rest to hell. Others point to the notion that a lonely God might have needed worshipers. If a genuine God exists Who created this amazing universe, then it seems to be an insult to God for us to assume that God created it for a trivial, a selfish, or a barbarically manipulative reason.  
  • How did the universe begin? And what maintains it? Scientists have discovered the Big Bang, by means of which they propose that the entire universe began 13.8 billion years ago by expanding from something the size of a pencil dot to its present great size and complexity. But they cannot meaningfully speculate about how and why the Big Bang occurred, nor can they say how it has managed to avoid either collapsing upon itself or blowing apart in all the intervening eons. They simply beg every question again by telling us that the fact that the universe exists and is stable means that its beginning and subsequent stability were within whatever might have been the range of possibilities. And we have to admit that the Christian creation notions are plain ridiculous! The basic Bible version tells us that something like six thousand years ago this universe was created in less than a week. Every creation theory is so unsatisfying that there might as well be no theories at all.

I set out half a century ago to understand my childhood experiences of light. I knew they had been real! So I spent my life studying the afterlife and the greater reality that includes this whole universe, and after decades I put it all together. At last it really did make sense! But I completed that work ten years ago, and still there was a big something missing. I understood it, but it didn’t feel real. I can see now that what I actually have spent my whole life searching for was satisfying answers to these three questions. And I further realize that it has been my residual Christian squeamishness that has put me through a further decade of floundering. It was only when we sat at the Lord’s feet and really listened to Him that I was able to trust Him enough to put together three daring evidence-based answers which, surprisingly, work pretty well together! My primary guide considers these answers to be sufficient to begin our better understanding, and he asks that I now share them with you. This is not an end to our seeking, but it does give us a sounder beginning.

What Is God?

I have been seeing references to the possibility that God is plural since I was a child. The old Hebrew word for God is the plural “Elohim.” There are hints at God’s plurality in the Old Testament, too; for example, “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness’” (Gen 1:26). When I was deep in reading old channeled materials as I began my serious afterlife studies, I found that all the advanced beings who spoke with authority to us through channels made it clear that they were speaking for collectives of hundreds or thousands of advanced beings. My guide, Thomas, has let me know that he is working with a collective, too. Mikey Morgan, living at the Sixth Level, insists that God is “the unity of pure love.” Advanced beings tell us that Jesus “came from the highest aspect of the Godhead.” And the teachings of Jesus are all about erasing the separations between people! It is clear that the farther we advance spiritually, the more we are drawn to work closely together, and it seems that working in collectives is pretty much the way all advanced beings roll. So now Thomas has flat-out told me that I must get over my Christian qualms and accept the fact that the Creator God at the Source Level of the greater reality is a Collective of Perfected Beings.

Why Does the Universe Exist?

The only sensible explanation for the existence of the universe that I ever have found is based in A Course in Miracles. I don’t have a searchable ACIM, but the explanation goes something like this: “Into the mind of the Son of God came a tiny, mad idea at which the Son of God forgot to laugh.” That idea was the possibility of separation, and Mind is so infinitely powerful and creative that immediately that separation happened! At once, of course, God ended it. But inside that infinitely powerful and creative separated bit, Mind already had manifested time and space and minutely divided minds. According to this explanation, what we are living in now is that long-ago mistakenly separated bit of Mind, and what is still going on within created time is the rescue mission that eons ago ended that very brief separation. Beyond time, we already are back in God, and we have been back in God for eons. What we are doing now within this artificial time is simply remembering what we are, and as we do that we become aware of being the perfect beings in the Godhead that we are eternally.

How Did the Universe Begin? And What Maintains It?

We talked last week about the fact that what we think of as the past is just a part of Now. So it may not surprise you to know that the secret to understanding how the universe is created, and how it is so well maintained, is that God continuously manifests this universe in each micro-instant. Each present manifestation includes all of history, so it is simple for God to change the past. And God does that! This universe has been expanded, with galaxies and complexities continuously added, and then even a Big Bang was added too with all its related history, to ensure that we never will find an edge. The Collective has included enjoyable ways for us to study this increasingly complex history by, for example, creating a backstory for life on earth that is complete with fossilized bones and other bits of evidence. They even have gone to the amazing trouble of making matter mathematics-based. There is no other reason for the history and details of this material universe to be based in the human science of mathematics than to give us a way to study what is in fact an entirely Mind-created reality! Of course, there are glitches to be seen, such as the odd way that evolution stops and starts and the fact that nearly all modern species arrive in history together with modern man in a very recent geological instant. And scientists, still clueless about all of this, continue to trouble the Collective by trying to find ever more of Their little glitches!

This notion is not as mind-bending as it seems. Nothing much really changes from micro-instant to micro-instant, just as when Lego toy films are created not much will change from frame to frame. And some gradual changes can be automated. Occasionally we even might catch these changes in our history as they are happening! For example, many years ago I read an account by an astronomer who had trained a high-powered telescope on a section of sky where there was literally nothing. He left it there, and a year later he looked through that telescope again, and what do you know? That formerly-empty section of sky now held billions of galaxies!

So, how did this universe actually begin? We who were divided aspects of the Godhead caught in this micro-instant of separation found ourselves in an illusion of a time-bound reality that those of us who were vibrating highest were able to shape into a means for our rescue. With creation happening freshly in each micro-instant, there didn’t need to be much created at first, just matter and energy, time and space, and maybe a solar system with a minimal planet. Then as those of us who thought we were caught in this illusion of separation were better able to notice things, of course it was easy for the ever-increasing Collective of Perfected Beings Who were being developed in that tiny universe to make it ever more complicated, larger and with a more complex history. The billions of years of past universe expansion that now comes with each micro-instant of creation is in reality not old at all, but rather it is continuously new. All that really exists is Mind! And in fact, with gratitude to my brilliant software-engineer daughter, here is hot-off-the-press evidence that even working physicists may be coming to see that no objective reality exists beyond our own minds.

God as Collective is active in our lives by means of our beloved spirit guides. The Collective’s minions are as close to us as our own thoughts! And they work so smoothly with the Divine Collective that for the first time we can see that, yes, God truly does hear all our prayers.

It will occur to you that God as Collective may not be the Ultimate God. After all, Who was the God Who ended that micro-instant of mistaken separation? My guess is that your suspicion is right, and there is an even much greater God beckoning for us to achieve the perfection of the Godhead that we know, and then to continue on toward ever more glorious Everlasting Arms. But there is little point to our wondering about that just yet. For now, our task is to grow spiritually so we can escape this mistaken separation which actually ended long ago. Surely it is long past time for us to be learning and devoutly living a more spiritually productive kind of love….   


Eagle Nebula photo credit: Abel de Burgos <a href=”″>Eagle nebula or M16</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Supernova photo credit: Martin_Heigan <a href=”″>Simeis 147 Supernova Remnant</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Heart & Soul Nebula photo credit: José Jiménez – Astromet <a href=”″>IC1805 and IC1848 – The Heart and Soul Nebulae</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Tar Pits photo credit: Animal People Forum <a href=”″>Sabertooth and mammoth, depicted in mural at La Brea Tar Pits and Museum</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Butterfly photo credit: Thank you, my friends, Adam! <a href=”″>An Exlporer</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

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19 thoughts on “God and Creation

  1. Hi Roberta,

    Of course I couldn’t hold back despite my usual resolve to avoid being the first to comment. Today’s blog entry is important, as it is fundamental to our relationship with God.

    As you say, “This is not an end to our seeking, but it does give us a sounder beginning.” Folks who are wrestling with this needn’t worry about “getting it” right away, for as you say, it takes a lifetime (or 14) to begin to apprehend.

    My guide also has made it clear that she is one of a collective, or as she likes to put it, the “home team” vs. the “away team” that I am participating in – which she tells me is also working collectively, whether we realize it or not. For those of us wrestling most with the old traditions vs. this new cosmic realization, she offers this perspective:

    Love is, as we English majors would call it, an action noun. Meaning it isn’t a feeling but a relationship between two agents. There is the lover and the beloved. It goes both ways. The lover is also the one who makes her beloved a lover wherein the initial lover becomes HER beloved. And so on back and forth. So too is it with creativity, which continues to be created itself as it creates, back and forth, like eternal reflections in facing mirrors.

    Creativity is such a force for “making” that the “made” feel its power in what we would feel as love. The more creation creates, the more love we feel. The more the lover loves, the more beloved the beloved becomes.

    I have not read ACIM (yet?) but these notes from my guide are emphasized as being critical to the appreciation of how God and how our guides function to bring us home. Our guides want to be involved in our lives because of this very same lover/beloved force, and they want to be invited to help us. Jesus said, “ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be open.” As you state above, this is only the beginning. If it’s baffling to us, we need only seek the support, help and insight of our guides. It’s not difficult to do once we get comfortable with their presence, but it can be difficult to find that comfort. Yet there is great comfort among them.

    1. Oh my dear Mike, this is lovely! At this point your guide is giving me such wonderful validations, and sometimes even before a post goes up, that I am coming to rely on her!

      And I love your circular notion of love, and of creation. In reality we are all doing that dance, but so many people as yet have no idea! I think I am coming to see our primary role as helping more people to know enough, and to hear the music well enough, to really enjoy the universal dance of love and creation. Life is supposed to be joyous!

      Indeed, our guides do want a relationship with us that is close and warm. Each of us has at least one spirit guide, and for each of us, that spirit guide is our true best friend. It has been made clear to me that the better i do this work, the more I will advance the spiritual status of my own beloved Thomas, and knowing that has me working day and night ;-)!

      I am glad that you and Arrow are in this dance with us, Mike, and others too are joining us, here and on Facebook and through Seek Reality. I hear from so many people every day at this point, and each message feels like a gift! Isn’t this a wonderful time to be alive?

      1. This discovery may be a little after-the-fact for this series of blog comments, but just this morning, I was reading a book by Alan Watts in which Watts cites a surprising passage from Erwin Schrodinger’s “My View of the World” published in 1964. Schrodinger is most popularly known (out of context) for his famous thought experiment involving a cat (theoretical — no cats were harmed in this experiment) in which the cat is at once both alive and dead until the instant that we check. But there is a lot more to Schrodinger’s world. Here is the passage Watts cites:

        “Thus you can throw yourself flat on the ground, stretched out upon Mother Earth, with the certain conviction that you are one with her and she with you. You are as firmly established, as invulnerable as she, indeed a thousand times firmer and more invulnerable. As surely as she will engulf you tomorrow, so surely will she bring you forth anew to new striving and suffering. And not merely ‘some day’: now, today, every day she is bringing you forth, not once but thousands upon thousands of times, just as every day she engulfs you a thousand times over. For eternally and always there is only now, one and the same now; the present is the only thing that has no end.”

        By the way, this also sounds like a poem by T.S. Eliot, but that is for another post!

        1. Wow, dear Mike, that is amazing. You are saying that a physicist who received his education more than a century ago, who holds a Nobel Prize in physics and whose life and work are still celebrated today, understood as far back as the sixties that in fact there is only Now, and he seems also to have understood that we are brought forth anew each day, not once, but repeatedly “a thousand times over.” So apparently he realized before the end of his life that creation was not in the past, but instead it continues to happen in each moment? (Although of course, as a working physicist he had to say it a bit more poetically and obscurely.)

          This feels like that moment of first finding those quotations from Schrodinger’s contemporary, Max Planck, where he says that consciousness underlies everything!

  2. “Beyond time, we already are back in God, and we have been back in God for eons. What we are doing now within this artificial time is simply remembering what we are, and as we do that we become aware of being the perfect beings in the Godhead that we are eternally.” This is what I’ve heard from various sources, but this still doesn’t make sense. If we are ALREADY back in God, in spirit, in the light, then why do we need to reincarnate to “remember what we are” if we just came form the source, from the light/love from all that is and are already aware of being in the Godhead. This theory does not compute. I can’t make it make sense, still trying to understand.

    1. I understand, Kerrie. I had a lot of trouble with this too, for a long time, and if it bothers you then simply put it aside for awhile and concentrate on the need to grow spiritually within this greater reality toward a wondrous union with the Godhead. That is our mission for now, and it is quite enough! Know that you are perfect love, and the entire process of spiritual growth is simply removing the blocks to your awareness of the perfect love that you already are.

      But ACIM does say that we are already back in God – in fact, back in the Ultimate God – and I have found that the key to eventually getting your mind around this notion is to understand that time as we experience it exists only within this separated bit of mind. It was created within that micro-instant of separation, and it expanded the way an accordion or a fan expands, or the way space expands. It is within that expansion that this universe and the whole greater reality of which we are aware continues on. I became more comfortable with it eventually. But it does make your eyes cross!

    2. For we who are more comfortable with logic, a classic syllogism can help.

      love : God :: creation : Love

    1. Heh – I love that, Kim! And knowing all of this makes me feel the same way, frankly. I don’t think it is possible to fully understand and express how completely each one of us is loved.

  3. Roberta: I love your idea of God being a collective. It makes so much more sense than to think a single being is responsible for the entire universe, not to mention that this being has human qualities like anger and the need to be worshipped etc. It’s true that Elohim is a pleural word, but this has been virtually ignored for centuries. Part of the reason why this all is such a mystery is because we only see a very small portion of the actual universe. It’s like trying to describe an elephant when you only can see its tail

    1. It truly is hard to make sense of all of it, dear Lola, when our perspective is so small! And I recall being very much bothered by the fact that “Elohim” is plural when it was first pointed out by someone in one of my college classes. It wasn’t the teacher; it was a Jewish student. Our teacher rather impatiently said that it was just a hangover from even older days when the Jews had been polytheists, and of course God isn’t plural, and she rushed right on to other things. But those ancient Jews were right all along!

    1. That’s a great question, Shari! And as Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits” (MT 7:16). I have studied the Course, and it is indeed a very advanced version of the Gospel teachings of Jesus: it doen’t deviate at all, but it does go immensely deeper. It adds reasoning and background and details – like this explanation for why the universe exists – but there is nothing it in that a devout follower of the teachings of Jesus would object to. Furthermore, I have been told by my primary guide that Jesus led the group that wrote and dictated ACIM, so apparently it has His seal of approval as well!

  4. “Into the mind of the Son of God came a tiny, mad idea at which the Son of God forgot to laugh.”

    Oy Vey ! Roberta this statement is mind bending. It’s so very unexpected, that this idea is both fascinating and somehow alluring.

    You are right when you say that existing religion based ideas of creation are not satisfying; none of them are.
    This idea of a sudden, quickly fixed Divine mistake that created time, space and our little divided minds is astounding. By now, I trust your channeling and your shining spirit guides, since what they/you expound resonates deeply at heart.
    I’m glad we are (mostly? really?) back with the Source beyond time. If what we need to do is remember who we are, that does simplify things.

    My question is, how do we do this effectively? I’m at the stage where my new path is opening up and sometimes I feel the ego’s burden of separation as heavy.
    I yearn for oneness.

    If all that exists is Mind and this reality is micro adjusted by the Collective who is God ( for the purpose of bringing us home ) then my instinct is to relax into the arms of the Source: The millions of infinitely loving grandmothers and grandfathers, as you so sweetly put it.
    I wonder if ‘relaxing into’ will help to dissolve my ego separation.
    – Do you think so?

    Also, just contemplating these higher ideas seems to change my awareness over time. My perception changes with the knowing thereof. This may yet bring me closer to God through understanding.
    (I certainly feel closer…)

    And thank you for focusing on Jesus, the highest aspect of the Godhead. This too draws me closer to Him at heart.

    Lastly let me share with you that I’ve started to grow a conscious bridge with my guide(s).
    I’ve felt a certain name, that came to me at 18yrs of age, was right to call my guide(s). I’ve asked them and the resulting feeling is good. (Of all things, it is a Sanskrit name!) Hopefully, I can sit with a still mind regularly and receive their messages. I’m always open to your suggestions of course.

    Much love, dear Roberta. Your replies are always a true gift.

    1. Efrem, My guide’s name is a Native American tribal dialect word that I have trouble pronouncing; I recently learned it translates into “Arrow” in English so I write and say that word, which is an appropriate word for her function in my life.

      I got her native dialect name in a dream, in which I wasn’t even certain at the time what was happening. But I knew she had an important mission for me. Years later, she may finally be pointing the way to that mission, although the path is still not clear. All of this is baffling, but as Roberta mentions above, the hope is our searching will be joyful, if humanly possible.

    2. Dear Efrem, I have always thought the notion of that “tiny, mad idea” might be a symbol, or a metaphor. For one thing, Who is this Son of God? (I doubt it’s Jesus, but we are supposed to think it is. Or it might be that separated bit of Consciousness itself?) And for another, “forgot to laugh” seems to mean that the thought was deliberate, so Daddy had to crack down? It seems to be something like when you are welcoming guests for a big dinner, and you explain the spot on the rug by saying your toddler brought his cereal into the living room, and when you reprimanded him he brattily dropped it? But whether the story is real or metaphoric, there it is again! Until we can come up with a better reason why this universe happened – and I am eager to hear everyone’s ideas! – then probably this is it for me. A toddler-version Son of God needed God’s correction. Oy.

      (The best runner-up idea I have heard is that the universe exists so the Ultimate God can experience creation, but that still seems too vague for me and it raises questions that for now we have no way to answer.)

      I am sorry to report this, dear friend, but unfortunately, “relaxing into the arms of Source” probably isn’t possible for long. In most of reality, we crave reunion with Source like every earthly craving put together! So you can enjoy the diversions of ego with little trouble while you are here if you choose to do that, but as soon as you get home you will kick yourself hard for having wasted this opportunity. (The documented afterlife literature is full of such regrets.) And then you will just plan an even more challenging life and come right back, so it seems to be a good idea to tackle the growth process now? Actually, this seems to be a longstanding pattern, for people to plan ambitious lives and then to live in untroubled negativity while they are here, and perhaps it is the main reason why so many of us live so many unnecessary earth-lifetimes.

      And unfortunately, dear Efrem, I don’t believe that you can “relax into ego” without doing yourself harm. Actually, most people are doing that now! They don’t realize there is what seems to be an aspect of themselves that is actually a parasite and it needs to be fought, so they indulge the ego in all sorts of dreary and self-defeating ways, from making keeping up with the Joneses their focus to showing the world such a prickly temper that they are fighting with people all the time. All of that is mere distraction! It keeps us from knowing what is truly important, that “pearl of great price” that Jesus talks about. He says, “The kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid again; and from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. Again, the kingdom of God is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it” (MT 13:44-46).

      Next week we will talk about precisely the answer to your main question: “How do we do this effectively?” What is the quickest way to remember who and what we truly are? I wouldn’t have said it so boldly before, but this process of doing more detailed research and writing all these posts has cemented it for me! There is indeed a straightforward way to make this our last necessary earth-lifetime, and it is right under our noses.

      I am delighted to hear that you were being contacted by your guides so young, as I have been delighted to hear Mike’s story of his relationship with Arrow, but while once I would have been surprised, now it only confirms to me that Spirit has planted a lot of us here to work together, and the time for doing that is soon! Many others who read these posts and comments also are feeling this stronger tug, and may be similarly remembering old events, encounters, or even just thoughts that didn’t make much sense before. How astonishing it is to be living this together!

      Dear Efrem, please know I love being part of your journey! And please know, too, that by being so open about it here, you are helping so many others. Thank you!!

  5. Dearest Roberta,
    Thank you for putting so much into your reply. I’ve learned much more about God and Creation:
    ‘A toddler-version Son of God needed God’s correction.’
    Heck, what an amazing perspective!

    Roberta, I do consider you a friend of my heart. Hence I am happy to be open when replying to your posts. Friendship requires no less and it also means that you can say anything to me. I’d be quite content with that. I consider the opportunity to write to you to be a privilege.

    Also, your bloggers are our community and they teach me a lot and raise some great questions. (Mike has helped me already, in his telling reply here.)
    I am happy to speak from my heart in their presence.

    As to ‘relaxing into the arms of the Source’, I may need to consider the implications of the point that you raised. Many esoteric philosophies and religions espouse ‘yielding’ or ‘submitting’ to God in order to grow into oneness with Him. (I’ve attempt this approach for a long time.) I guess that this involves the surrendering of the ego, in order to dissolve separation from the Divine.
    I suspect from your response to this point, that there is much more to do than that, both for oneself and for fellow human beings. I imagine that one could end up in spiritual complacency and a lassitude of sorts, by just relaxing into the Source and not doing anything more. I really don’t wish to fall into this trap.

    As to ‘relaxing into the ego’, that’s a big no from me. I understand that the ego is the small, separated self and it needs to be shed. Once my ego and associated conditionings abate, I will have a better framework for oneness.
    I do not ever wish to live in ego indulgence, or have many lives here on earth as a consequence.
    Roberta, I’m aware that ego is a parasite and is not my true eternal self.

    As you can probably tell, I haven’t done ACIM, though this is an option for me in future. I await next week’s post with alacrity. I am eager to learn about that straight forward way that’s right under our noses; the way that makes this our last life on earth. Somehow I get the feeling that there is much more for me to do in this life.

    And as to the reason for Creation, for the existence of even this universe, I feel that your work in uncovering it is of great significance:

    “If we find the answer to that,
    (why the universe exists), it
    would be the ultimate triumph
    of human reason – for then we
    would know the mind of God.”
    – Stephen Hawking.

  6. Oh my dear Efrem, the pleasure of our friendship is all mine! And speaking publicly here, I don’t mean to say that exclusively: I spend a good part of every day now answering questions and comments and in general responding to seekers, of whom there are more and more. A literal army of seekers is building as we all help one another toward a better understanding! Some are on their own paths, and we have the pleasure of helping them along; but others, I think, are going to be working together in service to Spirit in ways that we cannot even imagine now. It is such a pleasure for us all to be doing this extraordinary growing together!

    I love this quotation from Hawking. He seems to have been a very spiritual man earlier in life who was ground down eventually by the matter-based atheism of his peers. It comforts me to know that he has a perfect body now, and at last he really does know the truth!

    Oh, and I should add that after our last exchange I was given to know that the “Son of God” referenced in ACIM as having caused all this trouble is emphatically not Jesus! I think my beloved Thomas was not nearly as amused by my reference to a toddler spilling cereal on the carpet as you were. No, the Son of God that thought of the possibility of separation – the Son of God that needed correction – was (as you have probably guessed) you and me.

    1. Interesting! So many cultures have a “sense” of being in a “fallen” world. Fundamentally the stories may all be traceable to our longing to undo that thought of separation. Anyway, we would like all the folks who write to you, Roberta, to chime in here too. The more we all understand the phenomenon that we experience as this universe and the other phenomenon we experience as time, and that we are our own purpose, the more we understand how to experience both as we are intended to! With love and compassion.

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