Seeking God’s Plan (Part III)

Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 24, 2021 • 43 Comments
The Source, Understanding Reality

Day by day, Day by day,
Oh Dear Lord, Three things I pray.
To see thee more clearly, Love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly Day by day.
– Stephen Schwartz, “Day by Day” from “Godspell” (1972)

Last week we discussed our need to better understand the Godhead so we can explore the history of humankind’s relationship with God from something like God’s perspective. It is clear from the response to what we said last week that for us truly to take the Godhead’s point of view, even just as an exercise, is going to be something of a stretch! So I hope that if you still are troubled by some of what we said last week, you will pause and read that post again. And if anything still feels like a sticking-point, please ask your questions in the comments below. If you are confused, then there are others, too, who will have those same questions in mind.

In order for us to come even close to taking the Godhead’s point of view, we first must fully internalize the fact that this universe is a pure illusion. Everything about it is freshly created in each micro-instant of artificial time, including what we think of as “the past.” You and I are eternal beings who chose to come here to have emotionally stressful experiences that will help us to learn and grow spiritually There is a lot more to know about who and what we are, but right now our focus is on coming to understanding God enough that we will be able to imagine something like God’s point of view. And to do that, we’ve got to get out of the way!

We now know that this material universe is neither very large nor very old. Evidence strongly suggests that it was created together with the first modern people, animals, and plants about 200,000 years ago. This universe has never needed to be more than a large enough habitat that the people in it would never find an edge, and it always has been freshly made in each micro-instant of its own artificial time. It may not even have been a planet at first! It might not have had a sun, but it could instead have been lit as the astral plane is lit, by the Godhead’s white spiritual light. But then of course those first people would have started to wonder where the light was coming from, especially as fire was added as a tool for human use and people witnessed their first naturally-occurring fires and learned how to make fire happen. They would have thought there must be a big fire somewhere! So to preserve humanity’s investment in the illusion, a simple solar system would have been born. And every change would have been at once part of an ever-more-complex built-in history, so it would “always” have been there.

Do you see how this apparently worked? We have no way to know how creation happened in what we might euphemistically call real-time, since time is not real and any later enhancements that were needed to keep us believing in the illusion were built into each new instant of this reality as if they had been there forever. But there was no need for the Godhead to begin with figuring out how to generate the Big Bang. And the way that it almost certainly happened would likely have produced an ever-growing Godhead Collective of Perfected Beings, just as the human need grew for ever more creative complexity.

This earth-habitat that was being gradually enriched with an ever-increasing size and an ever more complex past had just one purpose, insofar as we can determine. It was designed to facilitate the spiritual growth and enrichment of Consciousness itself. And of course that raises the question of why, as parts of the same Consciousness as the Godhead, we are not already perfect. Why was there ever this sudden need to do more? Some people, too, have asked me where the Godhead came from and how the Members of the Godhead developed spiritually before there even was a material reality. A lot of these questions can make your head spin! And with access to just our limited earth-minds, we will have to simply accept the fact that there are things that will not make sense to us until after we have died and gone home. But I think that something like the answer to most of these origin questions can be found in what A Course in Miracles suggests happened, which is that the whole need for our spiritual growth in this universe is the result of one stupid mistake. In that scenario, the brief thought of a separation within infinitely creative Mind led to an instant of actual separation, and that created the necessity for that separated part to rescue itself and figure out how to reunite with the Whole. And it may well be that since time is not real, the first Members of the Godhead were developed just as that separated part made the first bit of universe, and then They “always” were there. Do you see how weird the lack of objective time can make things seem to us?

So we know now that humanity – and probably the universe itself – all originated no more than 200,000 earth-years ago. And there would have been no need at first for the Godhead to reveal Itself. Indeed, for that to have happened so early would have interfered with early man’s emotional investment in the illusion! But still, from humankind’s very beginning the Godhead was deeply involved in the life of each individual person on earth. Everyone is born with both a guardian angel for physical protection until a chosen exit point is reached, and a spirit guide for internal guidance in helping us to make the most of our life-plans. For the helpless prey animals that we were then, these invisible helpers were miraculously important! And probably almost immediately the most spiritually sensitive members of the first human tribes were feeling and hearing their guides enough that those folks likely became our first shamans. Their spirit guides were the inspiration for our first gods.

Evidence of religious practice has been found that is many thousands of years old. It seems likely that the first human-made gods date to the advent of the earliest people, when life was tough and most of us never saw the age of thirty. Those earliest folks had no energy to spare for anything that didn’t feel essential to their survival, and yet many thousands of years before it first occurred to anyone to invent an alphabet, domesticate dogs, or even plant a seed, people were inventing gods and putting considerable effort into trying to build cooperative relationships with their gods. And all of this happened long before there is any surviving evidence that the Godhead was actively intervening in human history! Indeed, I will here go out on what feels like a fairly solid limb and say that prior to about five thousand years ago, the Godhead’s involvement in human affairs consisted of just three things:

Maintaining This Ongoing Creation

From what might at first have been nothing more than a grassy plain surrounded by a ring of forest and full of animals that you and I would recognize today, and the earliest people, created as adults, who gave birth to and nurtured the very first children, right down through a split-millisecond ago when the same illusion consists of nearly fourteen billion years of invented history and a hundred billion light-years of space, the Godhead’s patient and loving effort at perfectly preserving this illusion and continuing to build it so we will never find an edge still goes on.

Although a few scientists suspect that it is all an illusion. They just consider that suspicion to be The Truth That Cannot Speak Its Name until they have become so highly respected that they can frankly state it, as did the two greatest physicists of the twentieth century. Just a few decades into that century, Max Planck said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental…. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” He added in 1944, “There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” And Albert Einstein was wonderfully insightful when he said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” And, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Maintaining the Afterlife and the Greater Reality

Insofar as we can determine, the astral plane which is our eternal home is much bigger and more substantial than is this entire material universe. It still exists within Consciousness, true, and it is variously lit by the Godhead’s white light, but it is populated by people who know the basics of what is actually going on. All the real-seeming places in the astral plane are also mind-created, and the people themselves can choose to create and enjoy their own illusions. Most importantly of all, they know that only Mind exists, that they are part of that Mind, and that they are eternal. Everything else is beside the point.    

Guiding Each Individual on Earth

Every primary spirit guide is someone who has lived on earth fairly recently, has achieved the upper fifth level developmentally and therefore doesn’t need earth-stress to achieve more spiritual growth, and now continues to grow spiritually by guiding someone else. Our primary guides sign up with us before we are born, help us with life-planning, and then assist us in living out our plan and getting the most learning from each lesson. And they do this while they are in direct contact with the most advanced beings, including the Godhead Itself. Through our primary guides, each of us has constant intimate contact with God.

So God has always been involved in the spiritual progress of all humanity, and intimately concerned about the spiritual welfare of each precious human being. But for those first 195,000 or so earth-years of humanity’s existence we were spiritual infants in this playpen of an expanding illusory universe, just trying to learn how to sit and stand and bashing one another with anything handy. And then something amazing happened….


Day by day, Day by day,
Oh Dear Lord, Three things I pray.
To see thee more clearly, Love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly Day by day.
– Stephen Schwartz, “Day by Day” from “Godspell” (1972)

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43 thoughts on “Seeking God’s Plan (Part III)

  1. Good morning Roberta and everyone. When I read last weeks post, I had trouble taking it all in. I’m still not sure I comprehend the time concept ( that there is no time.) Then I read today’s post twice and it’s all starting to sink in. Coming from a science background, I must admit that at first I was shocked on what you were saying ( especially the part about that we are really only 200, 000 years old.) I’m slowly understanding it . Thanks for presenting these blogs and stimulating my thinking( plus all your podcasts and books) !

    1. David, Roberta made a point that your comments invite expanding on,
      ” We have no way to know how creation happened in what we might euphemistically call real-time, since time is not real and any later enhancements that were needed to keep us believing in the illusion were built into each new instant of this reality as if they had been there forever ” This perspective clashes with modern cosmology as astrophysicists seek to better understand what happened at the big bang and thereby discover how the material world was created.

      As I have myself unsuccessfully tried to conceptualize how Creation came about, I suddenly realized that it was in principle to discover how creation came about. The scientific method absolutely requires observation of the product or process of interest. But by being “trapped” inside of this created material world for our material existence here, we cannot observe how it was made. To explain what I have termed the Principle of Interior Unknowability (PIU), I employ two analogies, one from commons sense ordinary experience, and the other as an echo of Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems.

      Consider the situation of the fish born in a fishbowl whose entire life and education are based on what is observed from within it. How could they possible learn by observation how its materials were gathered and fashioned to form their bowl– they could not in principle ever be sure about how and when their fishbowl world was created. To be able to discover how a world was formed, a scientist would need to observe from a position external to it, but that is impossible for a material being. Likewise, to discover the nature of what we term consciousness, we would have to observe it (our personal consciousness and the Universal Field of Consciousness in which it is embedded, external to it– but that cannot be done.

      From the perspective of logico-mathematics, that too bars discovery by reasoning about how the material world was formed. Godel formed what is termed an Undefineability Theorem based on Bertrand Russell’s analysis of the Liar’s Paradox. Russell realized that when any assertion refers to itself, it may thereby produce a paradox in which it is internally inconsistent, such as “Everything I say is false” (if it is true that the assertion is false, then to say it makes it true…). Again, from within the material system, we cannot be certain that however we form a model, or set of principles that form a material universe, that it would overcome Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems that allow for lurking internal self-contradictions.

      1. Dr.. Hiller: I was taken in by your fishbowl analogy. It made me better understand that our ability to comprehend anything outside of the reality (or maybe illusion) of what we are “trapped” in would not be possible because we could only understand it from the principles and laws of physics within its structure. We could not possibly see or understand anything as an observer unless we could escape our “fishbowl” world. Is that correct? If so, it would explain why only a small portion of the universe is perceptible to us

        1. Lola and David, The word “impossible” did not copy into this sentence which is here corrected: ” As I have myself unsuccessfully tried to conceptualize how Creation came about, I suddenly realized that it was in principle impossible to discover how creation came about. ”

          Lola, We can see within our universe as our fishbowl, and see with the limited sense perception mechanisms our body has available (our retinal cells react to only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum), Our inability definitively to be sure about Creation from what we can see of it is because we are located inside of it, and could never in principle take the position of an outside observer as required by empirical science. Must as the fishes could never be sure about the origin of the glass container, the water, and their own bodies, scientist cannot ever be sure about this world that we live in by the information within it. I say a whole lot about this predicament in my chapter on the PIU.

          1. My dear friend Jack, please try to free yourself! Was it Descartes who said that in order to learn anything he first had to forget everything that he thought he knew? Something like that.

            In your analogy, the fish cannot make sense of much of anything because they cannot conceive of the possibility of factories in which fishbowls are made, beaches where the sand in them is harvested, fields in which the grains are grown that are then made into fish food, and the human intelligence that loyally cleans the bowl and spreads the food. They really know nothing, and until they can imagine that there might be things and processes beyond their bowl they never will know anything.

        2. Dear Lola, physics is a human-made method for better figuring out life as a fish in a fishbowl. And what on earth is the point of that?

      2. Dear Jack, you make a crucial point. The “scientific method” itself is the reason why scientists are unable to figure so many things out! The scientific method assumes many things that are in fact fallacious assumptions. It assumes, for example, these five things:

        1) Time is real, and is linear.
        2) The universe is real, and it runs on its own.
        3) There are internally consistent scientific laws and principles to be discovered.
        4) The universe had a beginning that is in principle discoverable.
        5) Matter is primary, and consciousness is generated by matter.

        Scientists must assume all these things in order to be considered scientists even now, in 2021. And yet every one of these assumptions is false. And both Max Planck and Albert Einstein knew they were false as much as a century ago, as their quotations above suggest! Many scientists by now suspect that some or all of these assumptions are at least problematic, since to get around all the problems with them they have to come up with more and more insanely screwy theories; but scientists need to make a living so they still have to obey the nonsensical rules.

        Scientists are indeed fish in a fishbowl, unable to look beyond it. But you and I needn’t be so foolish. Scientists are afraid that if they find that someone is actually tending that fishbowl, it will be the Christian God; but they are wrong in that assumption, since the Christian God is no more real than are their fallacious assumptions listed above.

        Isn’t it finally time for us as a species to dare to try to learn what really is true?

    2. Oh my dear David, none of us really understands time, and the utter lack of it! I don’t think we ever can, from here. Very early in my research I came across old channeled explanations of reincarnation that said things like, “you are a bucket out of which each lifetime is dipped, and back into which each lifetime is poured,” and also – flatly – “all your lifetimes are happening at the same time.” So very early, long before I accepted reincarnation as a fact, I realized that I was going to have to get un-moored from time. And more and more I realize that getting past time is the key to making sense of much of anything!

  2. It all makes sense to me except for the use of the word Godhead to refer to God. In our faith backgrounds that word is masculine and pyramidal ! The creating energy to me is love! Love creates, and is light os birth and energy. Why can’t the word love or love’s light be use instead of the Godhead?

    1. My dear Barbara, God loves us infinitely. God no more cares what we call God than does the world’s most indulgent parent care whether her one-year-old says “Mommy,” “Mama,” or anything else! Jesus told us that God is love, so call God “love.” No worries!

      (And in case you wonder, I am told to use “Godhead” to make it easier for people trying to grow beyond religions to understand that God is real, yes, but just is not One Big Guy on a Throne.)

  3. Roberta,

    Thanks for all you do. I appreciate it. I have been on a wondrous spiritual and mental journey these past years and reading your books and blog posts for the past year or so, has been an important part of my journey.

    I, too, read and re-read your post from last week. Thanks for the embedded links to your past related posts. I read those, too.

    Last week, I was first exposed to the concept of a Godhead composed of a collective of perfected beings. It does fly against every concept of the Godhead that I have ever been exposed to, but it felt very right. 🙂

    The idea of our reality (and the corresponding past or back story), being constantly created and tweaked for my learning benefit, also feels correct. Recently, I have come to believe (and to pray for) a reality where the Universe is friendly to me and to my family and to mankind and to the Earth. I believe we can influence it’s creation by thinking it is so. In effect we can collapse The Field to a reality that we desire. An example of a friendly Universe is finding something very important before ever knowing it is lost. The idea that the Godhead and our Spirit Guides can assist our learning in this incarnation by updating our reality (and back story) every instant, works very well with the idea that I desire, by thought creation, my reality be adjusted in a love-based way.

    Thanks again for helping me make the most spiritual progress that I can in this incarnation. (I feel very tired and wouldn’t mind so much if this was almost my last one!)


    1. Oh my dear David, thank you for this – it really makes me smile! Of course, the real credit goes to Thomas, but it did take me a lot of time and work to do the research!

      Your insight that our minds can help to influence the history as well as the future of this universe for the better is a tremendously profound insight, and is probably true. I think in fact that it is certainly true. Right now, humanity’s individual minds are on average so deep in negativity that I strongly suspect that we are making everything worse – not just the future, but also the past. That is why it is so urgent for us to raise our personal consciousness vibrations, and therefore help to raise the consciousness vibrations of all of humankind.

      I am being shown now that our eventual history is going to be nothing but love and joy!

      1. Roberta,

        To continue the thoughts about micro-instant reality updates …

        I used to listen to people who were reporting on very negative situations and events. They were reporting on one reality. Then, I could listen to another blogger reporting on what seemed to be a different alternate reality. I came to believe that there seemed to be multiple realities out there, but compared to the belief that I had been taught since I was a child, that there is only one objective reality, I couldn’t quite imagine the mechanism. Now, I see the bloggers were creating the negative realities that they were seeking to report on. That is how they can conflict. I believe that I can stop watching them and my reality no longer intersects with theirs, and it no longer includes the negative aspects that they were “finding.”

        Maybe this is only a mind trick that creates a much more peaceful reality for me, but I can now see that the Godhead can be adjusting my reality to support my positive and loving affirmations and my spiritual development. In the light of Quantum Physics revelations, this seems entirely possible. (But still feels kinda weird!)

        I just believed that I should share this for those readers caught up in watching the “news” and negative bloggers and are feeling out of control and far from peaceful.

        May God bless you all,


        1. Dear David, this is an excellent point. In the United States, especially, there are two entirely different and diametrically opposed political realities! But we don’t need to let ourselves get caught between them. Personally, I haven’t watched TV or listened to the radio for what is now going on twenty years. And I haven’t missed any of it at all! For news, there are a couple of aggregator sites that I skim to get the drift, but even there if the nation is in a stressful time politically I just don’t read anything for awhile. And I sleep well, smile a lot, and don’t feel the need to worry about anything! So I heartily commend your suggestion to everyone. If something really matters, trust me: you will hear about it. Otherwise, why would anyone ever want to know?

  4. Roberta and gang, I’m still struggling with this sentence ” So we know now that humanity- and probably the universe- all originated no more than 200,000 years ago” . Does that mean that all those dinosaur bones that we have in the museums that are carbon dated for millions of years ago are just our illusions? Help me understand this as simple as you can put it. Thanks, Dave

    1. Dear David, I do so much sympathize with you in this. Thomas says, “Just take time out of it and it all makes sense.” Easy for him to say!

      He is right, though. Dear David, this is all illusion! And what “happened” long ago is no more nor less illusory than what is “happening” right now. Perhaps think of everything that “happened” before the advent of humankind and all the modern animals and plants as enrichment of our habitat. Dinosaurs did “exist,” but they existed within a time that is always being freshly created in each instant. The book of “reality” is constantly being overwritten!

      There are a lot of clues that this is actually what is going on. We gave you a few of them last week – all those inconstant cosmological constants, punctuated equilibrium, etc., etc. And there are surely many more than we can neither see nor imagine, since the purpose is just to keep us mentally invested in the illusion so it seems that what is being done is only what is necessary to preserve that investment.

      I am coming to think now, though, that the jig is just about up. Our grandchildren’s children and graandchildren will know what we are only now suspecting. Human beings are becoming sufficiently sophisticated to know that this is all an illusion and still to take it seriously, so the Godhead will never need to come up with something that “caused” the Big Bang….

  5. Seems that a discussion about the nature of time would be helpful here.
    Special Relativity has benefitted from innumerable observations that afford it great credibility as accurate in describing how time behaves for any object with respect to the space that an object occupies and the speed of light.

    First, regardless of the motion of any object, the speed of light it may observe is constant. However, any two objects with differing motion from one to the other will have differing histories in time– there is no universal time, as Newton had falsely intuited by his common sense. So, theoretically, it is a certainty that each mathematical point in space, with all points not having the same speed with respect to each other or to a single hypothetical framework, will have clocks operating at different rates– according to their speed of movement registered by the framework, or compared to each other. Because the points in space-time are infinite, the time histories for such points are likewise infinite. All points have different times, and histories according to whatever events happened. Now, this really is a big idea, There is no single valid time history, but an infinity of histories coexisting in material space-time.

    Second, It get’s even stranger when we consider information. We think of information as not requiring any energy, say to convert a digital zero to a one. Well, physics has shown that energy is expended for any such creation of new information, such as converting zero to one, whether on a digital computer or with paper and pencil. Thus, the energy required to convert the time for each mathematical point in space time from one value to another would be infinite. That is to say that an infinite power would be required to change the history of the material world. Of course an infinite power would be able to make such infinite changes in time history, but that would be a feat of infinite magnitude.

    1. Oh my dear beloved Jack, I wish I could help you to see how easy it will be for you to escape the fishbowl! Come on out, dear one! Breathe the air!!

      Time is an illusion. All of it. There is only Now. And this material reality is freshly re-created in every micro-instant of non-time, which means that any change of any magnitude can happen instantaneously. There is not a single rule of human physics that cannot be overridden in less than the blink of an eye!

      1. Hello. This is a tongue-in-cheek reply, so please note that I am smiling as I write this. Could you ask Thomas to neutralize gravity where you are for a short time? It would be fun to watch a video of you floating in the air on a carpet.🙂

        1. My dear Jason, you know that Thomas has no more power over any of it than I do! But he smiles at your joke. He assures you that if a carpet flew with me on it, I would promptly fall off.

  6. Hi Roberta,
    I can accept that the physical world is an illusion, that time is artificial and eternal, and that the spirit world based on consciousness exists. Evidence comes from near-death experiences and from A Course in Miracles revelation. How did you get to the concept of progressive revelation starting 200,000 years ago? Was this revealed by Thomas or some other authority or observation?
    -Chuck Webb

    1. Dear Chuck, it was a process. I have been struggling with the time thing for a long time – ten years? – and it does get easier. Now I can think in non-time and still live within time, and learning that took awhile! Then a year or two ago it was announced that ninety percent of all plants and animals came into existence almost precisely at the same time, some 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. When I first read that, Thomas said, “Do you see it now?” And I said, “Oh-h-h-h. Really? Are you serious?” And he smiled.

      He never tells me anything. He just guided my fifty years of research, and to this day he makes sure that I see things that will help me understand and he kind of pings me when something is important. I think all guides work this way! I cannot tell you how many people have told me how they “found” some video of mine, and I always can see their guides at work behind it.

  7. Dearest Roberta,
    Like Dr Charles Webb above, I find the idea of human history being 200,000 old both novel and intriguing:

    I know that modern humans (Homo Sapiens) are defined as 200,000 years old; basically descending from ‘upright man’ aka Homo Erectus. They originated in East Africa and spread outward, sharing some of their terrain with Neanderthals. (I find it fascinating that interbreeding took place and as a result some of us carry Neanderthal genes.)

    Perhaps you mean that it is modern man (us) who are the avatars – the earthly vehicles for parts of our higher minds – from which spiritual evolution to Divine Oneness can take place. (Maybe earlier more primitive hominids were not chosen for this purpose?)

    Hence the ‘terrain’ of the material world only needs to be 200,000 years old and only expands in each micro moment, to be just beyond our reach. Thus the setting for our growth is arranged. The Divine only needs this much (time-space) and no more for us to ‘repair the breach’ of separation.

    So all those dinosaur bones, subterranean oil seas, remains of ancient forests, all the several billion year old rocks and slowly shifting continents are just adjustments to give us a believable habitat framework in which to evolve.

    Have I got some of this right my dear?

    I know that the Godhead via Thomas has given you this revelation – and although it is new to me it kinda makes sense:- Why? because it puts evolution of conscious at the centre of everything that is made. And that is, after all, the point eh? 🙏🏼😉❣️🌅

    1. Dear Efrem, my husband is apparently 5% Neanderthal, which is unusually high. He is proud of that! And it explains a lot 🙂

      Consciousness is in all animals. Nothing else but consciousness exists. But we are told that only modern people are complex enough to be vehicles for the development of consciousness on earth. On the other hand, though, there are other planets where things are very different, and we are told that we take a lifetime or two on those planets. Their denizens take a lifetime or two here. But I don’t think much about that because it isn’t a focus of my work.

      Yes, it is all just our illusory habitat. All of it, including but not limited to our eternal lives in the astral plane. If you read Michael Newton’s books, we are just specks of light; and that in fact seems to be true when we get behind the illusions. But who would want to do that?

  8. It is a known fact that there are trillions of galaxies in the universe and we are not the only sentient beings that exist. All of these galaxies have solar systems, some very similar to ours. And what about black holes? They are in almost every galaxy that we have perceived thus far. And how about quasars? No one is sure what they are but they have a strong interaction with black holes We can’t dismiss all this just because we can’t understand it, much less get into the mind of the one who created it. .

    1. Oh my dear Lola, please try to think outside the fishbowl! Yes, these are known facts about the illusion of a universe around us that is freshly created in each micro-instant of non-time. But at any time, any of it could turn out to be not only not true, but never true. This created reality is a pure illusion, Mind-created, in the nature of a dream. No need even to dismiss it, since it has no ultimate reality in the first place.

  9. Hi Roberta. So do the extraterrestrials also have their own dream worlds in which we don’t exist (or at least initially,) their own tiny little Garden of Eden world that keeps expanding until it bumps up against ours and, voila, we get to hop on our spaceships and go visit each other? I’m guessing they might beg to differ with your earth-centric view. Maybe there’s a purple skinned version of you on another planet coming up with a theory similar to yours right “now” in this Holy Instant of the eternal now. 😀 I have to admit this week’s post is making my head hurt – a bit too hard to take on board – but I’ll try to keep an open mind. After all, the great sages seem to agree that it is all an illusory world, it is always in a sense “now”, and always in a sense “here,” and it is all somehow “One,” just an infinite “field” of possibilities for us, or should one say “I Am” to explore. This really is quite a rabbit hole to contemplate!

    1. Dear Scott, I haven’t much studied extraterrestrials. They are not a focus for Thomas, so they are not my focus either. But they have come up sometimes in my research, and I am convinced that there is one Mind-created reality that includes the entire universe and astral – the greater reality – and that has a number of physical planets inhabited by aspects of the one Godhead who all are using lives in matter to grow spiritually, and who enter matter and leave it via their separate afterlife portals. They seem to share the astral plane with us as their eternal home, and we visit their realms there as they visit ours. In the end, it does make sense. Just try to get past thinking of time as real and clock-measured, and it all works!

      But what is calling to me now is the bits of evidence I’ve seen that most of reality is above the level of this entire universe and greater reality. Above the Godhead! Mikey Morgan tells us that our spiritual growth continues even then, and there are ever more wonders to explore; and I now consider that likely. But I don’t understand it. THAT is the part that makes MY head hurt!

      1. Thanks Roberta. Maybe alternate or parallel dimensions/realities/timelines fit into this somehow – many mansions as Jesus put it. At any rate, we are probably multidimensional beings. I imagine that we have only barely barely scratched the surface of what the greater reality actually consists of – and above the Godhead?!? That really is a mind bender. It brings seeking reality to a whole new level, literally and figuratively.

  10. I believe you have it Roberta. We think of the universe and all that is in it as being all there is, but I concur with your thought that most of reality is above and beyond even the Godhead – completely outside of space and time.

    1. Dear Lola and Scott and everyone, you may be surprised to know that even past the end of the 20th century afterlife researchers were calling entering the 7th level and becoming part of God “the second death.” There was a common understanding that those who “accepted the second death” would lose their individuality forevermore. Effectively, the Creator God was an amalgam of the consciousnesses of all the people who had grown spiritually enough to cease to be individuals. I can recall talking with some researcher at some conference maybe fifteen years ago, and hearing this not-particularly-loving or -enlightened man tell me that he was planning to accept the second death this time around. I was still naive enough, even so late, to think that might actually be his choice to make!

      And it all was so scary. It precipitated a panic for me around that time, as I was doing A Course in Miracles, that made me fear that the more I grew spiritually, the closer I came to having to accept “the second death.” And what good was that, to lose myself and my awareness for eternity? That panic led to the morning when Thomas promised me, “You will never lose awareness. You will have God’s awareness.”

      The more actually-non-existent time passes, the more I am seeing that what Thomas said to me that morning has been the key to my ability to unlock all that has followed. And it is still happening!

  11. It sounds like he meant that you wouldn’t lose awareness per se, but you would now have God’s awareness rather than individual awareness. We can’t imagine what that would be like,, but it may be something very beautiful and wonderful.

    1. Dear Lola, he tells me that there is no diminishment at all. Ever, and certainly not when we become part of the Godhead! Every life that each of us ever has lived remains stored and accessible any time we want to reclaim it, but to have a hundred lifetimes in active storage would be highly distracting! But what we have is individual awareness as part of the Godhead’s awareness. Right now, your awareness is focused on the lifetime that you are presently living, and all your other lifetimes are stored but not accessible until you choose to review them; and the same will be true when you reach the Godhead level.

  12. I would imagine that anything in the “past” would still be accessible, as discussed previously here. To me, it is super exciting

  13. Roberta, I just heard the PHd guy that you just did your did fifth podcast with ( Bernard). What he has said in his past podcasts were usually way over my head. But with another fairly recent podcast you did with Craig Hogan and your most recent blog, it has all started to come together. You 3 individuals confirm each other!!! Thanks again!!! Dave

    1. Dear David, Bernardo Kastrup and Craig Hogan are two of my favorite people! They are so knowledgeable and so wise, and – as you say – they agree perfectly. What I first loved about doing afterlife research once I realized that all the direct evidence proved that it was real beyond doubt was the fact that I kept finding new pieces that fit the puzzle that I had already assembled! As you say, once the evidence from various sources starts to fit together well, your confidence in the truth advances in leaps and bounds. Doing this research is absolutely the most fun there is!

  14. Roberta,

    Upon re-reading this blog post, when I came across “ … this universe is a pure illusion. Everything about it is freshly created in each micro-instant of artificial time, including what we think of as “the past.” “, I was reminded that I received confirmation of this from my Spirit Guide(s) this week. I read your posts on Spirit Guides and I have been praying to better communicate with my Guide. I tried praying for communication as I was going to sleep and this week, I woke up twice with very interesting thoughts. One was that our realities are created specifically for us. Of course, our reality intersects with others’ realities as our lives intersect. It was an odd thought (that gave me a little anxious feeling) as I lay there in the middle of the night! Another night, I woke up with confirmation that Universal Constants are being tweaked to keep everything together.

    I did have the thought yesterday that maybe only those people, who have been gifted from their youth, can really communicate with Spirit Guides and that maybe I am expecting too much to want close communication. But, this morning, I feel that there has been some progress and that I shouldn’t give up trying.

    Thanks for your guidance on this important matter.

    David D.

    1. Hi David,

      The gift, as you say, is in fact that our guides communicate with us all the time. They are like “mission control,” and they are never away from the monitors. The communication is subtle and often in symbols not spoken, and it is co-curricular with our personal experiences, so it may blend in. But it is there always.

      1. Dear Mike, thank you for pointing this out! Most of us want our guides to communicate with us in words as much as possible, and to be a separate presence in our lives. Our very-very best friend!! And actually, I had that with Thomas for a year or so – no, it was closer to two years – but apparently that just didn’t work for him. I was a Jefferson groupie and he got tired of answering my questions, for one thing. But it was more than that. He tells me now that it felt inefficient. It distracted from our working well together. So he concentrated on training me to feel his very subtle internal signals, and at this point it actually is much easier to work well with him. He was right about that! I seem to be able almost to read his mind now – I always know what he is thinking – and I feel a lot closer to him than when most of our communications were through a medium.

        But everyone, please know that you do have a primary spirit guide. Everyone does! And whether or not you are aware of it, your primary guide really is your best-best friend!

        1. Roberta and everybody, they are there when we need them; which is always. But my own guide Arrow was in my face for two years like your Thomas, after my father passed, and then she told me she was giving me more independence when I needed it. Never are we alone, though, as you point out.

          1. What I find surprising is the extent to which Thomas is internal for me now. Sometimes, in the course of the day, I will know he has said something – made some comment – and what he has said (he can wisecrack with the best of them), even though I didn’t register words. I have just finished a really stressful week, and all week long he has been giving me number-signs several times a day, and little hugs; and he has emphatically let me know that what I am concerned about is going to be fine. This morning I told my husband he seems to have me on IV morphine. But it’s worked!

    2. Oh my dear David, I’m so glad that you are making progress with your spirit guide! And you’re taking all this news about what actually is going on a lot more calmly than I have taken it. Thomas has been judiciously leading me through it at what amounts to a snail’s pace (but an intelligent snail!) as I very gradually adjust. And my sense is that most spirit guides prefer to work internally and mostly anonymously. Thomas certainly does. But isn’t it beautiful to be in touch and in rhythm with these wonderful eternal friends!

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