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Posted by Roberta Grimes • October 19, 2019 • 87 Comments
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This universe exists to give us a place where we can begin to grow spiritually. It may serve other purposes too, but I haven’t seen good ideas about that; and it is clear now that this material universe is key to the process of helping us all to embark upon an eternity of ever more glorious spiritual growth. The material universe is a spiritual nursery. That fact is enough purpose, all by itself!

The spiritual development that happens on earth is at a basic level. We talked last week  about the process of moving away from fear and toward more perfect love, so as our vibrations rise we come to see that the separations among us are artificial. Then, bingo! We have learned our first great lesson – we now understand that we all are one being! – so we have finished elementary school. We are ready to move from long division on to algebra, as it were, and from there to the ever more esoteric schools in the greater reality that can take us through the spiritual equivalents of trigonometry and advanced calculus, and then far beyond to ever greater spiritual levels that we cannot now imagine.

Coming to earth to grow spiritually, even at this basic level, is a careful process for each of us. First comes considerable planning, and that planning will make up the bulk of this post; but I thought you might like to know what happens for each of us once the planning is done. The person about to enter a new earth-lifetime then goes through the non-material and non-time equivalent of the following steps:

  • We strip down to our limited earth-minds. Just as we would strip down to shorts, T-shirt, and sneakers if we were heading for a physical gym, so as we prepare to go to the spiritual gym that is a life on earth, we strip down to just the parts of our minds that are conducive to rapid spiritual growth. We leave behind as much as eighty percent of our vast, eternal minds, so we leave there beyond our conscious reach a great deal of reasoning power and vast stores of learning and our memories of multiple lifetimes. Scientists call all of that our subconscious mind, but in fact it is our superconscious mind.
  • We shrink ourselves. No one seems to know quite how this happens, but we go through a process of infantilization that further reduces our minds to the conscious awareness of newborns. We do keep some greater awareness, though, even though at first we lack a way to express it. I vividly recall the infant moment when I happened to be naked, so I checked out my body for what may have been the first time. And something important was missing! My thought was, “Oh. I’m the other kind this time.” What I recall most of all is how devastated I felt that I was going to have to go through an entire lifetime as that other gender!
  • We go into a peaceful holding state. Once our process of life-planning and all these preparatory steps have been completed, we wait in a separate limbo for the conception of our body to happen. Then at the moment of conception, or soon thereafter, we attach to the resulting zygote. And our new life in a physical body begins.

Two quick reminders:

  • Very few of us will return home and right away start to plan another earth-lifetime. Nearly everyone relaxes for awhile in the endless wonderland that is the afterlife, since this is playtime, R&R on steroids, and more fun than you ever have had in any lifetime! Nearly everyone stays in the afterlife at least until all those who were important in the lifetime just completed have made it back home again.
  • Since objectively there is no time, the new lifetime being planned is not necessarily later in earth’s timeline than was the lifetime just completed. We are told that we sometimes choose to incarnate into an earlier or a much later time if the spiritual lessons we hope to learn can be most easily experienced there, and if a body to accommodate us can be found. We don’t know the extent to which this “reincarnating out of time” occurs, but the notion does tend to make your eyes cross!

It is only in recent decades that those who study the afterlife have come to understand the extent to which our lives on earth are planned. This is an area where I claim no expertise, but there is one generally acknowledged expert, so if your interest is piqued by what I say here, you might want to read Robert Schwartz’s Your Soul’s Plan. I am told his book is excellent, but I haven’t read it myself because – as is true of many books in this field – my primary guide will not allow me to read it. His dissuading me from reading a book means that its information includes some ideas with which he disagrees, and here my hunch is that the mechanism of the life-planning process outlined in Schwartz’s book may be more uniform than the process actually seems to be if you pick it up from many afterlife communications. Or Schwartz might use the religious term “karma,” which Thomas thinks is too simplistic. In any event, I am going to share with you how I understand this process to work, and I’ll also give you our own planning process for this lifetime as an atypical example. The steps outlined here don’t have to happen in this order, and in fact they are usually somewhat simultaneous; but here is what is routinely reported:

  • The life-review that happens when we return from a lifetime is often our springboard to another eventual earth-lifetime. We ponder what we have learned and where we have fallen short, and we discuss it with our guides and some of the key people from our lifetime just ended. We might take classes, and in general we start to shape the kinds of lessons that we most need to learn in order to grow beyond the need to keep coming back.
  • As we begin to shape a new upcoming lifetime, we network with friends and contacts who might join us. People with whom we have incarnated before, especially people with whom we have shared troubled lifetimes, generally are the ones most likely to want to give it another go with us. We also choose and are chosen by a primary guide who is attracted to and best suited to helping us with the most important of the lessons we are planning.
  • As we assemble our team, refine our needed lessons, and narrow down our options for entry to earth’s timeline, we begin to flesh out the life-details. All the people who will be important to us in the lifetime we are planning also will need their own spirit guides and their own key players; and all those key players also will need their own key players and their own guides, so our meetings for working out our life-details can soon become gigantic. Some of our key players are already in bodies, so many of these meetings will occur during earth-nights and in the general astral. For whatever reason, I have long imagined these meetings occurring outside, under trees and around enormous tables. An interested Sixth-Level Elder or two might have been invited to give advice and set the tone; and there soon are multiple deals being done as all the players work out their own lives. You might think of this process as something like gaming out the planned role of each separate piece in a hundred-dimensional game of chess.
  • As we grow spiritually, we tend to want to attempt more difficult earth-lives. Life on earth is rough duty! The more we can grow in one lifetime, the fewer times we will need to come back, so many plan lives that are too difficult rather than too easy. In fact, the most ambitious life-plans generally require approval by a Council of Elders.
  • We modify our plans throughout our lives. We meet frequently with our guides as our bodies sleep, tweaking our life-plan as things go well or poorly and as new opportunities arise. By the time we die, those well-thought-out life-plans often are nearly unrecognizable!

Some who are nearing the end of their needed incarnations will plan to live a life for the greater good. My primary guide was one who planned such a lifetime. As I understand it now, he came into what should have been his last earth-lifetime resolved to do three things: he would set the record straight for Jesus, abolish slavery in the New World, and help to develop a society based in personal freedom and empowerment. And for various reasons, although he tried, Thomas Jefferson never managed to achieve any of these goals to his own satisfaction. Looking back after his death, his conclusion was that he had had too much power and he hadn’t used it well, so he was one of the few who choose to plunge right back into a new earth-lifetime. He lived an additional life as just some guy in Wales so he could get himself “back into balance.”

With his three big goals as Jefferson still unmet, once his Wales persona died, my primary guide turned to an old comrade with whom he had shared seventeen lifetimes. His comrade was not as spiritually advanced, but still he was eager to stop incarnating, so he agreed to incarnate under Thomas’s guidance with three similar big goals in mind. Thomas was a rookie as a primary guide, and his protégé was a rookie at trying big things; but as the twentieth century began, and as the effort to raise the consciousness vibration of this planet got well underway, they began to assemble that protégé’s next earth-lifetime. It was Thomas who made all their big decisions:

  • His protégé had almost always been male, but this time he was going to need to be female. As they roughed out their plans, it became clear to Thomas that a man doing and saying these things would attract more opposition than a woman would. Especially an elderly woman!
  • His protégé would need to incarnate outside their shared soul group. Most of us plan to incarnate repeatedly as part of the same vast clan, but Thomas’s junior friend needed to come in at a specific time and place. A same-soul-group body at the right time and place would not be available, so we gave up the need for familiar parents. In the end, I was conceived by what to us was a random unmarried couple and born to them seven months after their wedding.
  • Thomas wanted to distance himself from his famous incarnation, so he tried to keep me from consciously remembering our Jefferson connection. But then the opportunity arose for me to channel the Master Himself. Thomas got me selected, and he shepherded me though two decades of preparation; but when the time came, I refused to channel Jesus. I thought I was completely unworthy. So with a sigh, Thomas broke into my daytime life, told me who he had been, and hit me upside the head with the fact that this was an assignment I could not refuse. Channeling the Lord was the greatest experience of all my many lifetimes!

Your comments and emails over recent weeks suggest that I haven’t sufficiently shared with you how the greater reality seems to us to work. We will try to remedy that failing next week….


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87 thoughts on “Planning For Spiritual Growth

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Roberta! It’s important to remember where the planning takes place, and that we always have the free will to make “field modifications.”

    Bearing in mind this larger picture, I realize that through some dream work a few years ago, my wise and wonderful guide reminded me of the moment when she first approached me about the beginning of our planning. Through additional dream work, I was shown other details to help me come to terms with upcoming shifts in my life’s plan. I can’t quite remember what my guide initially pitched to me and others on the soul team I was recruited for, but I am pretty sure it involved — as you point out in your entry this week — a planned tipping point in which our mission would radically shift from the original to something altogether new. I think we are at that point. This past year it’s been clear that my guide’s role has become even more critical to the outcome.

    1. Hello Raberta-
      When I was reading this post, I felt like I did not need to read the words, I was absorbing the knowledge just by looking at your post. It felt very strange. I started over 3 times to read it and then again. But when I was finished I heard a voice say. I knew that….
      Thank you, I so love learning from you and can’t wait to read next week.
      Have an awesome week

      1. Oh dear Marilynn, many people who first learn about pre-birth planning while they are in the midst of the life that was planned have the same reaction you did: they feel they already know about it, and they even might well retrieve some memories of it! Having answered lots of questions and comments from seekers over the past decade, I have come to think that it’s pretty common for people to have some memories of the pre-birth planning process, even if they don’t know what it is they are remembering. I hope your week will be wonderful, too!

    2. Dear Mike, your comments by email and here have helped me to recall more of our planning for this lifetime, and that has been fun! I had forgotten about the prep meetings for those of us who were coming in to work on raising the planet’s vibration, all of us planning to incarnate between 1940 and 1960 (roughly, as I recall – without time there, dates are always approximate). With Thomas, matching the plan to what is happening on the ground has always felt like endless bouts of “hurry up and wait,” with frequent stops and starts and stops again, apparently as he co-ordinates with many others. But I do sense the same quickening of pace that you do. All of this is very exciting!

  2. People are killing themselves approximately every 40 seconds across the globe. Please address spiritually while acknowledging social scientific facts and knowledge. In other words, please refrain from victim-blaming which is typical of religion and medicine/psychiatry and those oblivious to their own privilege. These are highly problematic discourses that have been causing suicide for many centuries. Does spirituality require widespread myopia and ignorance of the institutionalization of earthly domination, injustice, greed and cruelty that reigns supreme? Or shall we stop justifying unjustifiable social systems of privilege, entitlement, and willful ignorance? What are the real spiritual solutions to capitalist, patriarchal ecocide? Or is this finally the end times due to widespread moronization?

    1. Oh my goodness! Dear Dr. Divyne, I try so hard to validate the words and feelings of everyone who comments here, but I’m not sure what you are talking about. And I’m sorry about that! I have read your comment four times, and it makes less sense to me now than it did the first time I read it and tried to understand it. Perhaps you can help, if you are in fact trying to make a point to which you hope I’ll respond? Please tell me, what are “social scientific facts and knowledge”? And what does a suicide worldwide every forty seconds have to do with your perception that I am victim-blaming (If I am, you can help me a lot by pointing out where I’m doing that). You say that “spirituality” may require “myopia and ignorance,” when in my experience nothing else is further from the truth, but you may be able to help me understand your view. and what does “spirituality” have to do with “social systems of privilege, entitlement, and willful ignorance” – please help me to better understand all this! Why on earth should “capitalism” require a “spiritual solution,” when in fact economic systems based in financial freedom in which each of us can invest and produce what other people need and can pay for have done more spiritual good for more regular people worldwide than has anything else that humankind ever has tried?

      All I can do unless I can come to better understand what you are talking about is to urge you to get beyond all the negativity that seems to be filling your mind right now. No, this is not the end times! Instead, this is – in fact, and wonderfully, by the grace of so many very advanced beings – the beginning at last of a much better new world.

      1. The doctor, if he is earnest, is neglecting to take into account the impact of free will and its true nature and potentially unintended effects on a life plan. This isn’t a case of blaming the victims. Only a highly advanced being would “sign up” to the atrocities that the planet is currently facing, or those on a personal scale that so many people truly suffer from, such as depression and other mental of physical illness or non-conformity. The plans we make are intended to set us up to succeed; however, we all have the free will to stay close to our spirit guides as we risk having the experience we perceive as incarnation, or to make other choices. Some of those choices can take us far afield and have horrendous consequences that cause suffering. That is why there is such a state of chaos and crisis with respect to the planet right now. We have forgotten that our plans belong to God and are made, in fact for our growth toward God. Yet our guides persist in attempting to reconnect with us. So no one is blaming the victims of atrocities for those atrocities. Likewise, we have the freedom to use our minds to find peace and work our way out of this. In fact, only we can do it.

        1. Mike. Why would you assume I am a male? This alone demonstrates serious systemic ignorance, patriarchal myopia that in fact contributes to violence against females – an epidemic in Western society. Those who truly care about the destructive realities of the earthly plane dedicate their lives to eradicate oppression and marginalization- rather than maintain it for personal and selfish gain. Educate your self on the historical facts of patriarchy, for example. Libraries are full of evidence but probably this system serves your self-entitled attitude oblivious to the suffering of others. It is precisely this chosen myopia to which I refer. Jesus, however, unlike you, was fully aware of the harsh social realities of his time that contributed the widespread injustices and inequalities – which was his main concern. I suggest you educate yourself and follow in his footsteps rather than blindly fumbling about with virtue signaling. Social ignorance is not virtuous and contributes to ecocide. Perhaps use your free will to get over your lack of insight and knowledge and start concerning yourself with the greed and ignorance destroying the planet and everything and everyone upon it. Your lack of compassion and knowledge shines through here. Whether you like it or not, social science always trumps unfounded and unsubstantiated opinion. While you’re stuck in nineteenth century philosophy, the planet is dying. Wake. Up.

          1. Dr. Divyne, I am horrified, and at the same time I feel desperately sorry for you, no matter what your gender might be. What makes you take us for such hatred-filled nasties that we might be pleased to have you spouting such negative nonsense here? I’m a woman, and much older than you are. I came of age in the fifties and sixties, which you would consider to be the dark ages of patriarchy. And I have had a full and rich professional and personal life among men and women who respected and loved one another. There never was a moment when I felt denigrated for my gender… until you came along. I have never met nor even imagined a human being with less basic compassion and simple knowledge of the truth than you have shown in this space, and although I do try hard to understand and interact positively with everyone who comments here, I really must be frank with you now.

            The very essence of spiritual development is love for every other human being. Of every gender. Of every color. And no matter what! The thing that most divides people in 2019 is the horrible evil you are spouting here, all this nonsense garbage about “patriarchy” (as well as “racism,” “nazism,” and whatever else they are saying at the moment). And I am astonished at all your holier-than-thou claiming that the greatest Teacher of love in all of human history would support your attempts to sow hatred this way, which He absolutely never would do!

            Dr. Divyne, I hope you can find a mirror and look into it deeply now. The terrible negativity that we all are fighting is precisely the rage that you are spewing, and until you can understand that you are the problem and not the solution, you will continue to make it harder for those whose hearts are full of only love to make this world better for all of humankind.

            I am sorry for you! I think you sincerely mean well, but you have mistaken random symptoms for the disease itself and as a result you are just feeding the hatred. Please stop doing that!

  3. For whatever reason this post feels “off” to me. It isn’t that I hadn’t already heard much of it before, or that I don’t believe any of it, just “off”. I’ve had the knowing that my son came to be with me this lifetime and that he had been going from one life to another fairly quickly before, since he died at 18 I assumed he is back in body by now…I hope not since the world is so difficult now (nothing new for him in that area) tho I’ve been told he is waiting for me so we can come back together. TMI, sorry.

    1. Oh my dear Jean, if you have lost a child at the age of 18, then of course you resist the notion that you might have planned such an event! I would resist it, too. Anyone would! Please accept my hug from the heart, and know that I dearly wish I could help you feel better and more at peace with this!

      Here is what the evidence tells us about experiences like yours – the loss of a sub-adult child or grandchild – very definitively:

      1) Everyone who dies as a sub-adult is an advanced being who didn’t need to be here for a full lifetime, but who nevertheless went through the whole process of preparing for birth and growing up here – a lot of trouble, in fact – and then dying young, just as a gift to those who love that child in this lifetime. Upper-level beings actually tells us this is ALWAYS the case when a child or teenager dies: they insist there are no exceptions. And off the top of my head, I can think of four situations which I was invited to study, and in each case it became clear to the parents and to me that the child who died was a very elevated being. In one case, it seems likely that the child who died as a toddler came right back into that family’s life by being reborn unexpectedly two years later to a couple who had never before been able to conceive a child naturally!

      2) Those who die young finish their growing-up there, and they wait for the family to transition and be with them again before they will again incarnate… if they ever do. If your son was as spiritually advanced as the circumstances suggest he was, then any return would be optional for him, so he surely would stay there and wait for you! Often, such children become additional guides for their parents during the remainder of those parents’ lifetimes. Remember that time here doesn’t sync with time there as we would think it does, so even if you have the sense that he has lived other lifetimes recently, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t spend a lot of “non-time” in the afterlife levels between those lives! He is going to welcome you home, dear Jean. That is an important part of his gift to you!

      3) The notion that your son might wait for you and that you and he might come back together in a different relationship is quite possible, and not an uncommon scenario. But – again – the post-life process of analyzing the spiritual growth of the life just ended will be an important part of that next stage’s pre-birth planning!

      I don’t know whether any of this comforts you, but I hope it does. Dear Jean, as someone who ten minutes ago was 18 myself, and turned 73 in August, I can tell you personally that even a normal human lifespan here will fortunately go by very quickly ;-).

  4. Since objectively there is no time, the new lifetime being planned is not necessarily later in earth’s timeline than was the lifetime just completed.”

    BINGO! Talk about a synchronistic happening. I have been pondering this for the last few weeks. Wonderful post. Would you please expound more on this topic, if you can?

    Thank you.


    1. Oh dear Jack, I’m so glad this information resonates with you! As you can see from some of the other comments, the notion of life-planning still is pretty controversial in many circles, since some people resist the idea of reincarnation while others who have had bad things happen to them or to loved ones during their lives on earth will fiercely resist the idea that they could have signed up for whatever bad thing happened to them! Since I began to talk about reincarnation on Seek Reality a few years back, I have been hearing fairly often from people who express these feelings, often heatedly.

      Dear Jack, I think the key problem is that while we are living these lives, most people consider themselves on some fundamental level to be just weak and helpless bodies – “life sucks, then you die” – and they consider what seems to happen in these lives to be therefore very important. But in fact, even the most horrible thing that ever seems to happen to us here is really nothing at all! It’s nothing because nobody is harmed in a genuine sense. This is not our real lives! Hard to realize that when we are in the midst of it, but still entirely true just the same.

      As to the notion of reincarnating out of earth-time order, I suspect it happens more often than we think. Last winter when I was writing a lot about Christianity, and I complained to Thomas that so many people had been tortured and horribly killed in the name of Christianity during its off-track two thousand years, he said clearly that I must not for a moment assume that any of that was a mistake. What I then got was that in order to bring the kingdom of God on earth, they wanted to lay down those two millennia in that illusory past when there would be sufficient negativity to push against and sufficient bodies for people to incarnate into an earth-time when there was so much religion-created negativity. That was/is being done at the same time as the present lifting of the planet’s consciousness vibration. ALL OF IT IS HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME, and in fact although Thomas has fretted about the timing, he is now confident that in non-time, all is unfolding as it should….

  5. Dear Roberta,
    I received “The Fun of Dying” Friday afternoon and read it from cover to cover yesterday. Most of it was indeed very good news, but I was troubled by one part and confused by another. I am more certain than ever that my beloved dog is now happy and healthy again, and waiting for me to join her in the afterlife. However, the part of your book that dealt with our life reviews and the need for complete self-forgiveness to avoid descending into the outer darkness level have brought back troubling thoughts about my late husband’s suicide. Additionally, I am wondering why either my late husband or I would have chosen this life plan.
    I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but wonder if you could offer some general guidance on how I can look at these matters in a positive or optimistic light.
    After finally achieving some degree of self-forgiveness after several years of feeling overwhelming guilt over my part in his decision to end his own life, and trying to have trust instead of fear about what kind of afterlife my late husband is experiencing, I am starting to feel some anxiety over the eternal implications of his suicide for both of us once again.
    As you said in your book, it would indeed be more comforting to believe that judgment of our actions in this life will be left in the hands of an infinitely loving and forgiving Divine source of all life, rather than in our own, because we tend to be our harshest judges.
    Thank you for any helpful guidance you can provide.

    1. Dear Mercedes, the key to everything is forgiveness. More and more, I am coming to see that the very worst life-planned events are nothing more than epic lessons in forgiveness! In the case of your husband, his entire post-death task is to forgive himself, since he was central to planning whatever life-challenges or life-burdens prompted his suicide. There is a great deal of counseling available, and you can help him too by absolutely and without reservation right now forgiving him for his suicide and forgiving yourself for whatever part you might feel you could have played in it.

      Right now. Gather up with sweeps of your arms your husband, his suicide, and yourself as well – everything that still troubles your mind – and form it all into your forgiveness ball. Squash it all down tight with your hands, and then push it away with both hands as you say aloud, “I love you, I bless you, I forgive, and I release.” You may need to do it two or three times before you begin to feel a little better, but keep at it! Right now, it’s you against the gremlins of guilt, but you have the power to vanquish them if you keep at it.

      We cannot know what is happening now with your husband, and I know of instances (including my own father) where people dropped to Level Two and took a lot of earth-years (two decades, in his case) before they were vibrating high enough to communicate easily with loved ones still on earth. But my dad had more to forgive himself for than the simple act of suicide, and he is fine! And as you forgive him and yourself, you will be actively helping your husband to raise his personal vibration. If I were you, I would look for signs now without expecting them, and in perhaps another year to eighteen months I would see whether he is ready yet to communicate with you through a medium. If not yet, then give him another eighteen months and try again, always doing your forgiveness work. Keep remembering that time doesn’t work there as it does here, and a decade in earth-time feels like nothing there.

      Dear Mercedes, know for now that he really is fine! And this whole episode has been a wonderful opportunity for tremendous spiritual growth, which is of course the whole point of the exercise. For now, I’m sending you a big hug!

      1. Thank you so much for your helpful response, Roberta. I will follow your advice and start doing this work right away. Sending a big hug back to you!

  6. Roberta: I have been reading about reincarnation for approx. 18 years and stopped because I had heard too many versions of how this occurs. Some say that only a fragment of the soul’s energy is used to reincarnate and that the rest of the soul remains in the spirit world. Others say that we don’t have to reincarnate if we don’t want to, and still others say it is mandatory. Obviously, these versions can’t all be true. Also, how can we correct mistakes if we don’t remember them? Living a new life in a different body with no memory of a prior life is counterproductive, as it is equivalent to sending a kid to school for at least 12 years and then erasing his or her memory so that the person has no clue about what he or she is supposed to have learned. It simply makes no sense. I also find it hard to believe that people who have deep connections with angels and spirit guides can’t usually tell us what these entities say about this enigma. Reincarnation should be more easily explained by them, but it never is.

    1. The teacher and guide known widely as ‘Silver Birch’ said that among his peers were those who declared they’d never met anyone who had reincarnated ie individuals who had not experienced more than a single incarnate life. Yet SB had no doubt that reincarnation was a fact!

      Now he is/was considered to be highly spiritually evolved as presumably were his peers given that we ‘gravitate’ to the level determined by our personal spiritual advancement. So even in the world unseen, even among those who have made considerable spiritual progress, there are differences of approach to the perplexing notion of reincarnation.

      When I write about the subject I usually say that some of us will be experiencing our first, and perhaps only, incarnation. And because return to this world is by individual choice some will choose to experience ONLY one incarnation in this earth dimension.

      Using that same argument, others will choose, or will have chosen in the past, to experience more than one incarnation. :);)

      The Devil is in the detail. Conversations on the subject are likely to be influenced by how broad our general understanding is and by whom our approach has been influenced. 😉

      1. Dear Mac, Silver Birch is someone else I’m not allowed to read in full, although – again – I am not sure why. I do see quotations from him, and I have come to think that his attitude toward reincarnation is one problem Thomas has with Silver Birch: according to Thomas, while reincarnation is virtually always optional, repeated reincarnation – and a lot of it! – is necessary for us to grow spiritually in a well balanced way that then suits us to continue growing once our incarnations cease. So he considers what SB says about reincarnation to be not accurate.

        Thomas has shown me debates among famous philosophers about the course of things on earth, always held outside, and amusing (at least to him). You get the sense that maybe he and SB have gone at it themselves, a time or two?

        1. My own guide initially led me to Silver Birch, possibly because of their shared heritage (?), and then all of a sudden a couple of months ago decided that messaging was too far far removed from this experience we perceive as incarnation. This sounds like it’s a hugely cosmic topic–especially when we throw in the nature and potentially unintended effects of free will.

          1. That’s interesting, Mike! Arrow really is on the ball, in my experience; and I wonder whether her problem with SB is similar to Thomas’s?

    2. Dear Lola, the problem you are having with all this conflicting information is precisely why Thomas is so dogmatic about what I am allowed to read. There are in fact objective truths, and one problem with receiving information from one or a few communicators – even very elevated communicators – is that they know only what they know personally from their individual perspectives, and they are communicating out of time. So we flat-out cannot take them as the last word on anything, any more than we could take the word of the President of the U.S. as the final word to beings not in bodies about what it really is like to live on earth in the year 2019. Each communicator is one being, with one perspective! And in fact, even a prominent being cannot know everything, as Mac has acknowledged just above about Silver Birch, who is a very well-respected communicator.

      To help you, I will tell you what my (Thomas-approved) research has strongly suggested is true:

      1) Reincarnation is a fact. It just is highly varied in its details from person to person and place to place, just as – say – food is varied, although all of us need to eat! So what is common practice in one place may not be so in another place on earth or in the universe.

      2) It is generally accepted that we leave more than half of our greater minds behind when we enter these bodies for another lifetime, but there doesn’t seem to be a rigid rule about how much. Think more about our choosing what to take with us, rather than our choosing what to leave behind! We want to have the elements of memory and learning which make it most efficient for us to learn spiritually, but having any more than that would be a complication that could impede our spiritual learning.

      3) In general, reincarnation is optional, and we seem to choose to do it primarily because we crave to be able to go higher in vibration, to visit more places and learn more. And “crave” is not too strong a word! There are instances, though, where someone really needs to get off his duff, and the literature does contain instances where someone was forced into a new lifetime by Elders as a kind of hail-Mary pass to get him going. These accounts are very rare, but they exist.

      4) Dear Lola, nothing is forgotten! But for you to come into this lifetime with the memories of fourteen other lifetimes would make it much harder for you to learn anything new. Instead, all your other lifetimes are available to you in the part of your mind left behind and also in vast libraries of life-reviews; and if it will be helpful, your guides can reveal more of these memories to you during one of your nighttime meetings while your body is sleeping. In any event, once you return home, you can (and likely will) immerse yourself in all that learning – nothing ever is really forgotten!

      5) I have been frustrated, too, at the unwillingness of my primary guide to tell me things that I am confident that he knows, but I have come to accept his judgment. He tells me I have a part to play, and the timing of each aspect of it is complicated, so he wants me just to be nose-to-the-grindstone while I’m here, and not fret about the larger picture, which he says I will get to see once I go home. Although… to anticipate someone’s next question… he says I won’t get to reveal it to you in a blog post 😉

      He’s smiling now about his having put it that way!

  7. I would like to add a resource related to life planning. I have read Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz (and have loaned it to several friends over time).

    However, I was recently pointed to the writings of Michael Newton, and would in particular recommend Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

    Dr. Newton was a hypnotherapist who conducted more than 7,000 past-life and life-between-life (LBL) hypnotic regressions. He founded The Newton Institute, which has provided advanced training for hypnotherapists and has helped spread Dr. Newton’s teachings and discoveries.

    His research and writings have opened new dimensions in LBL studies and, in my view, are presently the source of the most definitive information in this area.

    1. Dear Steve, I read Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls in the early oughts, and they profoundly shocked me. Gone was the nice, cozy process of transition that we find consistently in all accounts of completed deaths, and instead (as I recall, after nearly 20 years) the people were mechanical and some were just sparks of light. It all seemed dark and mechanical. But I could see that these books were probably legit – there was enough that I recognized, that I couldn’t dismiss them – and I was then fresh from having read Bob Monroe’s three wonderful OBE books. It became clear to me that what we were seeing in these regressions to the between-lives period was the same sort of landscape and process that Monroe talks about in his books. And it all began to make sense!

      It seems to me that the whole death process from the experiencer level – from the retail level, if you will – is designed to be soft and cozy and familiar and beautiful to people coming fresh from the earth-plane. But we know that without the earth-like trappings, what we see between lives really is people as sparks of light, and we are back in our eternal selves so we really might speak and act so matter-of-factly. I haven’t read anything more from Michael Newton, since my assigned mission is to teach beginners. That fact has been made very clear to me! But I do respect his work.

      1. Thanks for the response.

        I agree with your comments. As I first worked my way through Michael Newton’s books, I had the same reactions. While the accounts tended to be as you describe them, I also felt that there was nothing fundamentally inconsistent with the wealth of existing accounts.

        I think it is significant that he intentionally avoided reading accounts from other traditions and sources so that they would not influence his reporting of the regressions that he conducted.

        Also, while I agree that his reports perhaps tend to be more “clinical” in nature, I was genuinely moved by the reverence and tenderness that shone through when he discussed some of what, if corroborated, must be considered as truly ground-breaking information. For example, the accounts of the birthing of souls, the care giving by “Incubator Mothers.” And his sense of palpable awe in his regression of an advanced soul as she describes her experience as she has the rare opportunity to draw nearer to the “Presence,” and whispers her description of the sound as being “like an echo of . . . a mother . . . full of love . . . singing to her child.”

        In short, I feel the information he reports will be integrated into the vest existing body of descriptive materials and will represent an important advance in our knowledge of those realms and processes.

  8. Dear Roberta. This certainly is a fascinating and at times perplexing area. Along those lines, I was curious if you have run into any info on a couple of questions I have. Firstly, in any given lifetime, might we explore more than one scenario at the same time by having separate verions of ourselves in alternate or parallel realities? Secondly, if time is not as much of an issue, and only a small percentage of our eternal minds is connected with any given body, might we have two (or more) incanations going during the same timeframe, such that we could theoretically bump into ourselves on the street? This stuff certainly can make your eyes cross, as you stated above. 😄

    1. Dear Scott, there is some evidence that we can – and sometimes we do – take on more than one lifetime at the same time. I haven’t seen it addressed in the evidence sufficiently for us to draw any conclusions, but it certainly is a definite maybe ;-).

  9. I absolutely have loved Silver Birch for many years. He came to us through a medium (Maurice Barbanell), so some of what he said was likely filtered through the mind of that medium, but I think most of it was very advanced. It sounds like reincarnation is completely unique to the individual and maybe that is why it gets so confusing. That could be why Thomas didn’t want to include him on the subject. In any event, I’m glad to hear that most people feel it is optional and not usually forced on anyone.

    1. Scott, Lola, et al — Here is a thought about reincarnation or — as it more accurately can be described — “re-arranging incarnation.”

      “Re”incarnation makes no sense at all from an eternal perspective where there is no space/time. Those who practice it are more accurately taking a broad variety of life experiences and rearranging them, like books lined up on a book shelf. They can be lined up alphabetically by title, or by author, or by size, or color…etc. It’s kind of a game, albeit a serious one, with some people being more interested in the game than others, which may be why some talk more about it than others do. There are even, as I have been shown by my guide, beings who never incarnate, never want to, or who incarnate in non-earthly ways. I have also been shown that the “game” can be more like the magician who spins plates, spinning first one, then two, then adding more, to see how many he can spin at once. It takes a tremendous amount of skill to keep them all spinning, at once, so many people attempt a lot of them to see what they can do, and many “leave it to the experts.”

      Since there is no space/time, it’s accurate to say all of this happens simultaneously although, of course, if there’s no space/time, there’s no such thing as simultaneous either. So the whole concept is very difficult to grasp while in the midst of an earthly incarnation. My own spirit guide decided against incarnation about 1,000 years ago according to my point of view, but she has chosen to serve as a guide instead, so that’s another way to get the kind of growth we may crave.

      Imagine if we brought all of this understanding with us into a single incarnation — how dizzying it would be to have all of our experiences, here as well as in the “afterlife” shuffled and spun about all at once on us while we were trying to navigate earth!

      1. Thanks Mike. Those are some great analogies. The bookshelf that can be rearranged brings up another one of those conundrums. We like to think in linear terms – have a life, go back to spirit, study the life, and maybe plan another one in the future. However, that “future” could actually be thousands of years in the past. Also, we think of past lives affecting or influencing who we are today, but what we do right now can also, apparently from what I have read, affect or alter our past lives. I wonder if that is one way that alternate realities might come into play, branching out and merging back together ad infinitum. Now I think I know why I was dreaming about confusions of vines all weaving together last night. 🙂 It can be a real mind bender to contemplate.

    2. Dear Lola, a lot of people love Silver Birch! And I did want to read him, but he is one of a number of communicators that I have been warned away from by my main guy. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you shouldn’t follow him! Thomas also hasn’t let me watch TV or go to the movies for the past twenty years, with only a few exceptions for things that I guess he didn’t feel strongly about. But it has been made clear to me that my very specific role is to teach Christians who are falling away from the religion, and for that I’ve got to be careful about what I say and don’t say. Kinda frustrating sometimes!

  10. Dear Roberta

    quote: “I do see quotations from him, and I have come to think that his attitude toward reincarnation is one problem Thomas has with Silver Birch: according to Thomas, while reincarnation is virtually always optional, repeated reincarnation – and a lot of it! – is necessary for us to grow spiritually in a well balanced way that then suits us to continue growing once our incarnations cease. So he considers what SB says about reincarnation to be not accurate.”

    What SB said appeals to my reason. What TJ says doesn’t. 😉 It’s not clear what TJ means when he suggests what SB says is “not accurate”. Based on which benchmark of accuracy, I wonder…..?

    I’m no longer persuaded by the reincarnation ideas Kardec compiled in his ‘The Spirit’s Book’, the notion of multiple, constantly repeating reincarnations until everything has been experienced and learned from. If that’s also TJ’s take then similarly it doesn’t persuade me.

    One thing is for certain, however. ALL OF US, without exception, must have incarnated in this dimension for a first time – we do not know if it is someone’s only time. Neither do we know whether any individual is undertaking their first, second, third or umpteenth time. 🙂

    1. Dear Mac, I am sorry that what Thomas says contradicts your love for Silver Birch, but I’m sure you understand that your personal reason cannot for me override the explicit direction of my primary guide. Any more than I would expect you to elevate my preferences over the directions of your own guide! In fact, Thomas has never told me why he has warned me off Silver Birch. Reincarnation could have nothing to do with it! And I cannot further speculate, since I have never read Silver Birch. (And I have no idea why Karnac is on your list with regard to Thomas? No clue.)

      It is important that you (and others here) please grant me just a bit of space. What you have deduced and now want to believe is entirely your own call! But that is not my situation. I am on a very short leash, and my mission is only to spiritual beginners and near-beginners who have a roughly Christian background. You can range very far afield, if you like! But I can’t. I’m sorry.

      1. Dear Roberta

        I apologise if I misunderstood but you had actually written “So he (TJ) considers what SB says about reincarnation to be not accurate.”

        It doesn’t particularly matter to me if TJ doesn’t rate the knowledge of SB and I have my own view. Just as you’re comfortable with what TJ says to you I am comfortable with what SB says to me. 😉 I simply offered another guide’s perspective for readers’ consideration.

        My reference to Kardec was because the ideas there are similar to TJ’s. but I do appreciate you are trying to offer thoughts for comparative beginners.

        I shall respect your request to give you a bit of space. 🙂

  11. quote: “I absolutely have loved Silver Birch for many years. He came to us through a medium (Maurice Barbanell), so some of what he said was likely filtered through the mind of that medium, but I think most of it was very advanced. It sounds like reincarnation is completely unique to the individual and maybe that is why it gets so confusing. That could be why Thomas didn’t want to include him on the subject. In any event, I’m glad to hear that most people feel it is optional and not usually forced on anyone.”

    Whenever mediumship – channeling – is used to communicate the words and ideas of a communicator there’s always the possibility the intermediary’s ideas – medium or channeler – might color the communication.

    We must hope that spiritually-advanced teachers and guides strive to ensure that does not happen but if one were to suggest SB’s ‘instrument’ – as Silver Birch referred to Maurice Barbanell – might have ‘colored’ Silver Birch’s words a similar argument could be argued about anyone facilitating communication.

    Perhaps only in the deepest levels of trance communication might the effect of the facilitator’s mind largely be negated?

    1. I agree with you, Mac, as information from any channeling session is likely colored somewhat by the channeler’s own beliefs. I just wish I knew why anyone would be warned away from Silver Birch, as most of his teachings resonate with things that are often said here. Just one more head scratcher I guess.

      1. It’s a puzzle, Lola. 😉

        Many elsewhere have found his simple guidance, coupled with his astonishing eloquence, appeal to them in much the same way it appeals to me – À chacun son goût as the saying goes. 🙂

        I’m thankful I face no dilemma in this regard.

        1. You may already know this, Mac, but Maurice Barbanell was a staunch atheist, making him even more credible, in my opinion. It would be hard to believe that Silver Birch was a product of Barbanell’s own mind, since what was said by SB through him hardly supports an atheistic view. Obviously, Barbanell changed his beliefs and way of thinking as time went on due to the many messages he received from Silver Birch.

  12. I find it interesting that we are “stripped down” in our current life to learn spiritual lessons, but we do not know if we will even have the where with all in our current situation to learn anything at all, and thus make spiritual progress, as some have pointed out. Is it possible to focus on spiritual growth without concern for our reincarnation and what that might mean in our current state?
    I may have just begun my spiritual growth in a real way so I don’t want to be bogged down with wondering about what I am missing, if it isn’t important in my earth life. I really do want to connect to my spirit guide(s) so I can grow spiritually in this lifetime.

    1. Dear Timothy, Thomas continues to tell me that the teachings of Jesus alone are sufficient, if we properly apply them, to help even people past middle age to make this their last necessary earth-lifetime. He said it, then he showed me how to apply those teachings, then after I had done that (and felt amazingly different!), he told me this would be my last necessary earth-lifetime. (Although he expects me to come back again a time or two to teach.) So if you really want to get outta Dodge for good this time, then go for it!

  13. Dearest Roberta,
    This week’s blog is really, really f-a-s-c-i-n-a-t-i-n-g .
    I’ve read the Newton and Schwartz books, but the way Thomas and your good self have explained the life planning process, just seems so clear and understandable in terms of this most important opportunity for spiritual growth.
    (I don’t need to know about various, debated, sub points about incarnation and reincarnation etc..)

    The truly resonant thing for me is that a human birth is a great opportunity for actualizing full Oneness with Source. Wow! And I know somewhere deep inside, that an Earth life is something that I undertake freely and that it is a gift, to be appreciated deeply.

    Your explanation of how much effort and advanced soul help is put into our incarnation, involving the organization of so many souls, emphasizes to me how wonderful a gift my life here is. How valuable then, is each day? 🌅🙏🏼❣️

    1. Efrem, the explanation also makes us appreciate how even the briefest interaction we have with another person in a day, whether by happenstance or planning, under favorable or unfavorable circumstances, makes a difference in the greater picture.

      1. That’s an important point Mike. In the macro sense, the life picture is grand. And as you indicate, in the micro sense, a momentary meeting (chance or planned) can be so important to the receiver in terms of love, help and understanding.

        Conversely, an unkind barb or snub can actually be really hurtful and a big thing for the receiver at heart.

        Makes one stop and think, eh?

    2. You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head, Efrem – you don’t need to hear different ideas.

      My musings may appeal to those who do, though, and who may appreciate hearing about alternate perspectives.

      Every reader is – of course – free to make up her/his own mind about their worth. 🙂

      1. Hey Mac,
        I enjoy hearing from each of us here in this blog. We’ve come to know something of each other’s hearts. It our kind of family, as it were.

        Your knowledge is great and your thoughts are very nuanced and interesting. Others’ reflections too, are very valuable as you have often implied.

        My own nature is rather simplistic for this sophisticated world, I think. All my life I’ve (somewhat automatically) pared back the details to find the essence, the jewel of great worth under the dirt. Sometimes with the perfunctory hacking and hoeing of a gravedigger; sometimes with the careful, toothbrush dusting of the archaeologist. Yet always the paring back.

        The result is that I’m simplistic in what I see and it’s due to this kind of minimalism: The less that is essential is more.
        So don’t mind me, I’ve just got a strange way of seeing things.

        The good thing though is that all of us here sees the miracle of our Earth life (despite the terrible pain at times). We don’t see a flatland of miserable, thinned out, grey existence precipiced in the end by death. 😏🙂😃

    3. Dear Efrem, This is the way I feel as well. Each life is so extraordinarily precious, not only to the person who is privileged to live it, but also to so many others! Knowing all that goes into planning, preparing, and then supporting each lifetime, you just want to hug and love everyone you meet. It all truly is so wonderful!!

      1. Hey Roberta,
        It’s the joy of ‘getting it’ that strikes me too. What is the nature of understanding ? When we finally understand something (the light goes on), we feel relief and joy. In this case we feel love for those around us. It’s the ‘magic’ that deep understanding has.

        I too feel the happiness of knowing that there is no need to judge someone because they are 1. he best they can be right now. 2. they are busy living out their life plan, so how do I know what they are learning?
        (Who am I to judge?)
        3. Each of us is a Divine soul, the spirit in essence. So we are inherently equal anyway. (Heck, we are even all one Mind.) Hence judging an equal, a part of myself, is futile.

        Then comes deep forgiveness because we realize that the ‘judger’ (the ego within) is not real. But forgiveness and love is real. Thus the Jesus the Master shows us how to grow, yet again.

        Much love,
        Efrem ❣️🙏🏼🌅

        1. Efrem: I really like what you said about the “judger” being the ego and therefore not being real. I never thought of it that way before. In that way, and by forgiving ourselves, it would take the “judger” (or ego) out of the equation. Maybe it’s best to think of events in our lives as just experiences, similar to what Shakesphere said when he described life as a stage, and each of us plays a part.

  14. I also wanted to say that it fascinates me that we live earthly lives that incongruous to the earth timeline. The interconnectedness is what fascinates me – I am quite “different” from the family that raised me, and somehow it just hit me that my uniqueness was not just something for them to “overcome”, but I was being used to sculpt them as they were placed in my life to sculpt me. And too, moments of Deja Vu are likely reminders to another place, another time, another life body. There are moments, although my body is as coordinated as a pumpkin, that I feel I was a dancer in another life, and I am certain I was a black woman as well.

    1. Dear Timothy, all of this is true! When we all drop the masks that we have agreed to wear in this lifetime, we will be – as the Apostle Paul says, “face to face,” and we and those around us will be perfectly known and understood (as he also says). Indeed, deja vu is probably the semi-conscious memory of a different lifetime. And since all our lives are happening at once, there is apparently a bleed-through phenomenon that happens sometimes, where we are on a street somewhere and there is a shimmer, and then we are on that same street at a far distant time. Amazing.

  15. Roberta,
    Enjoyed the Mikey Morgan interview a while back, asking about what would happen to a person who is ”cursed with virginity” and if they pass from a unexpected (( although it could have well been charted)) car crash or such, would they SOMEHOW be able to experience that in a higher realm ? OR would they have to cycle again as a new soul on earth and wait another 16 years or what have you , to resolve that dilemma ?? OR are there even other options, faster ones I hope !!


    1. Dear Todd, I think the question is more whether the one who had died a virgin in this lifetime even would care. Mikey died in this lifetime at the age of twenty, and although we haven’t asked him any impertinent questions, we already know the answer, I think: he tells us that since post-death bodies have no sex drive, and since there is something much better and more enjoyable (whole-body melding), even though intercourse is physically possible there, nobody even bothers with it!

  16. Some of what feels important in this dimension may not feel that way after our passing.

    It’s easy to assume human values also obtain ‘over there’ in the etheric dimension(s). It likely ain’t the case; some will but others won’t. 😉

    1. No, you’re right, dear Mac. By and large, even the less well-developed of us spiritually seem to be far more mature in their value system when they are there than they were here!

    2. Mac: I’ve heard that there are many times that things in this dimension which seem important wind up not having importance at all when we pass, while little things we don’t pay much attention to in this dimension, are considered quite important – for example, some little favor we do for a neighbor or trying to comfort someone who is just having a bad day. It’s amazing that every little thing we do seems to be “recorded” somehow, as if we are part of a huge video.

      1. Worldy events, Lola, are undoubtedly and rightly important while in-the-body. Only later, when their material importance has faded away can we see whether they had much overall importance.

        I think, Lola, caring things are recorded inasmuch as their positive impact on others also has a positive impact on the rate of spiritual progress along our journey ‘back home’.

        According to some, such details are recorded in some way in the so-called Akashic Records but I’m not inclined to consider them being like electronic video-type recordings. But just using the words ‘recorded’ or ‘recording’ we may get a mental image of a video playing or even a book entry. Our brains automatically link one thing to another.

        I asked recently, incidentally, about the Akashic Records and was told they’re accessible only to the more spiritually-evolved entities. Hence claims about being able to see the Akashic Records may be somewhat fanciful. 😉

        1. Dear Mac, thank you for making this point about the “Akashic Records.” This is yet another term with a religious basis that has crept into our lexicon and kept its religious meaning, and as a result it injects religious ideas into what should be a flat-out factual inquiry. I have had a number of opportunities to host people who could supposedly read the Akashic Records, and have refused them all. There are indeed records there of all our lives, but they are not easily accessed nor easily read and understood!

      2. Yes, dear Lola! The newly-dead repeatedly say it was the little things they did out of love which made the biggest impression in their life-reviews, and even things they had forgotten altogether!

  17. When I was a kid going to elementary school, we were told by the nuns that an angel recorded our every word and deed. You can imagine how much credence I give this now that I’m an adult! However, it would be interesting to know how even insignificant things are “recorded” (I don’t mean in the way we record them here). I too am leery of anyone who claims to have access to the Akashic records, and even if they did, how accurate would the interpretation be? I tend to believe what Mac said about them being accessible to the more highly evolved spiritual beings.

    1. Hi Lola,
      When I was a kid, I was told at scripture class of the three ‘omnis’ of God. God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Therefore every emotion, thought, word and deed was known by God. I’m sure it had a similar effect as your religious instruction did. (Of course, when I was a kid I became self conscious about God seeing certain things! 😃)

      Now I’m more relaxed about how Love Divine sees me and who is the real ‘me’ in any case. So my true Self could quite possibly observe my human self in a life replay, with a degree of loving detachment. Lately, I can await such an occasion as the life review with more happiness.

      BTW: I didn’t tell you a few weeks back, but I loved your image of getting through life, described as a kid sitting in the backseat of the traveling car asking: ‘are we there yet, are we there yet?’
      That picture stuck with me and I laughed when I thought about it! So true. Life can sure feel like that.

      My emergent hope is that Mum and Dad give me so many interesting things to do during the car trip – so many games, books and treats – that I’m there before I know it.

      I’m being nudged to realize that the world is different for me now. Of course my dear, I wish the same serendipitous journey for you. ❣️🙏🏼🚙

      1. Thanks Efrem. I have to say that what you were taught at scripture class (the omnis) makes a lot more sense than what I was taught. The image of some angel making notes of all things I said and did didn’t set too well with me LOL. It’s such a shame to teach kids that there is a very critical God (or angel) around them all the time.

        1. It’s a shame to teach kids anything based on fear, belief or superstition i.e. religion But we do. 🙁

          And some frighten kids with tales of ghosts or Halloween style ghouls along with the undead and even monsters. The last is mostly just a bit of fun encouraged by the retail trade which also encourages perpetuation of the Christmas nonsense, all for commercial returns.

          grrrrrr – Don’t get me goin’!

  18. What I wrote about the so-called Akashic Records is what our ‘resident’ spirit helper on ALF – Mikey Morgan – told me a short while ago in one of my C&M Q&A postings. I’m just a messenger! 🙂

    I don’t recall hearing much about these records in my early years ‘in the spooks’ but now we have mortals claiming to be able to view ’em – oy vey!

    Another fashion is channeling. In my time spirit communicators communicated their message of survival through mediums. Now we have individuals who claim to ‘channel’ a particular spirit, often claimed to be an ‘Ascended Master’ (!) rather than simply a teacher or guide. fashion? shidad!

  19. “Ascended Master” sounds more exotic and closer to God than if he or she were referred to as a guide or teacher. These so-called “ascended masters” almost always take on names that are straight out of a grade B movie – they never call themselves Bill or George, for instance. I simply can’t buy into the ascended master claims.

    1. It seems thee and me often see things similarly, Lola…… 🙂

      I hope it’s a case of great minds thinking alike rather than the other of fools seldom differing! LOL 😉 🙂

    2. Your mentioning further, Lola, these so-called ascended masters has reminded me of yet another affectation, that of ‘ascension’.

      I wonder if that’s kinda like levitation? 😉 🙂 lol!

  20. It could be levitation, but it could also be that the ascended masters are “high” on something lol. I suppose Silver Birch could be a good example of an ascended master, but he never referred to himself in that manner, and I don’t think that a truly ascended master (if there is such a thing) would ever do so either. By the way, there is a lady on the internet who has a contact number and will read your personal Akashic records if you give her verbal permission, but lo and behold, she charges a rather hefty fee LOL.

    1. Dear Lola and Mac, it is my understanding that a genuine Ascended Master is someone who has attained the upper part of Level Six spiritually, and is therefore very near the Source. Beings vibrating at this level generally have not incarnated for earth-centuries, and it appears that most of them are not in direct contact with anyone on earth and have not been for a long time. Apparently many of them make up a class of powerful guardians of this planet, however, and they seem most often to work in collectives of very advanced beings , although they might or might not say that to someone with whom they might communicate. One example of someone very close to Ascended Master status (although he will be cranky with me for saying this) is Mikey Morgan, who had attained the lower Sixth Level about four centuries after his last incarnation in earth-time, and then he took a recent brief incarnation so he could speak with people living on earth in our own idiom. According to Thomas, Mikey’s doing this was such a great sacrifice made in love that it raised his vibration substantially. When I asked Thomas how much higher Mikey was than he (Thomas) was now, he said, “I can see a star twinkling far above me. That is Mikey.”

      Ascended Masters are nobody’s fool. They know us, and know our hearts, and they work at such a powerful level in service to the Source that few if any of them are likely to be channeled by anyone!

    2. high on something? rofl! 🙂

      dear Lola: I might sign up for one of this lady’s ‘value’ readings when we shortly hit your side of the pond – I’m assuming she’s in the US. I expect she’ll have a special cut-price deal for a Brit! An opener for the new trade deal we’re expecting to negotiate using our ‘special relationship’ with our former American wartime allies. (yeah, right!) lol 🙂

      Seriously now, Silver Birch would never disclose his last identity preferring his words to be judged only on on their value and not on any claimed or implied spiritual status. He presented as a North American tribesman using the pseudonym ‘Silver Birch’ but supposedly correctly known as ‘Big Jump’. I don’t know if that identity was ever authenticated or the tribe identified. I think SB’s stance was that it had no importance to his work, just one aspect of his teaching that appealed to me then and appeals to me still.

      I believe his last incarnation before that had been about three and a half thousand years earlier but as time has no significance ‘over there’ not too much should be read into such numbers. 😉

      I try not to use the term Ascended Master any more than I need to.

  21. Apologies if I appear to be giving you a lesson, Lola….. 🙁

    It was more my thinking-out-loud and the details were for anyone following our conversation and curious about who SB was.

    1. Oh please don’t apologize, Mac, I was fascinated to hear about “Big Jump” (that’s a new one to me), but I was aware that Silver Birch was a pseudonym. Clearly, the higher one evolves, the less important names seem to be. Maybe they merge with some type of collective consciousness or, as Roberta said, “collectives of very advanced beings.”

      1. Where communication comes about by using and directing one’s thoughts rather than speaking out loud to someone I suppose that there’s little need for names.

        I expect individuals still do have names, though, and identify as Jane or John as well as communicating using names with others not fully accomplished at telepathic communication.

        I expect that might be me or thee or anyone else around and about this dimension after we first get back home and begin again familiarising ourselves with the techniques we once used to know well but haven’t used for some time.

  22. That’s exactly what I thought. They wouldn’t likely bother channeling through anyone. Having read Mikey’s book twice, I can see how he could very well be a spirit who is on a high level., but he fit in very well with his peers (classmates and friends). Who knows how many high level spirits we encounter in our lives and never even realize it.

  23. I don’t know anything about Ascended Masters but SB explained his position concerning communication something like this. (relying on memory, never a good idea)

    SB told how he was not able to communicate directly with anyone in the earth’s dimension. His ‘vibration’ was so high that he was no longer able to lower it enough to reach the earth’s ‘vibration level’. To communicate through his medium he had to use the agency of a tribesperson but he always stressed he was never a ‘red indian’.

    Along with that he explained how much time he had spent learning to blend his own vibration to match that of Barbanell and learning how to use his vocabulary. I forget all the details now but their co-operation had been planned a very long time ago and I think it took SB many years to achieve good control over ‘his instrument’ as he called Barbanell.

    The details can be found easily enough but it’s years since I was familiar with them. It does make me wonder, though, how others get on…..

    1. Wow! That does make sense, though, that a third party had to be used due his vibration being so much higher than Barbanell’s. I’ll have to see what’s on the internet about all this, since it didn’t exist when I first heard of Silver Birch. I’m starting to get “homesick” for SB. LOL

      1. Most of what I recall came from books compiled from SB’s recorded teachings. As far as I know those books – authored by various individuals – are still in print although I don’t know if they’re readily available in the US.

        I owned quite a few until I lent them out and they didn’t get returned. 🙁

  24. I know. I could start a whole library based on unreturned books! The books are still available here in the U.S, but at an increased price due to their out of print status. I did find out that Silver Birch, through Maurice Barbanell who was in trance, told quite a large sized audience that his “instrument” would die once his (Silver Birch’s) work was completed. Strangely, not long after that, Barbanell died rather unexpectedly in July 1981, and all communications from Silver Birch ceased after 62 years of interaction. That’s phenomenal!

    1. I don’t know if I ever knew about the last point, Lola, or if have just forgotten but I suspect it could be the latter – I expect I’ve forgotten a lot of once-familiar ‘stuff’. 🙁

      I’m wondering how many of the books about SB are still available. A few are listed on the UK’s Amazon platform but fewer on the US one with some just on Kindle. I suppose there is much less interest so the books I once had may now be harder to find or are simply unavailable. I don’t know if it matters as his communications come from deep in the past and may have less appeal/relevance to today’s generations.

      SB’s guidance is an important part of my learning but even I am increasingly feeling that what I learned has little relevance to how seekers now research the spiritual scene.

      I may have become the dinosaur I hoped I never would. 🙁 ah, well, onward and upward

      1. The last point was on a webite for Barbanell rather than SB. I still believe that the older material is superior to most of the newer material, and I’m astonished that Barbanell was an atheist who ignored anything spiritual until he fell asleep at a Spiritualist gathering out of boredom (in his teens) and awoke to find that he had started these communications. It proves, to me, that he was not accessing his own thoughts and beliefs, but those of a separate entity. The things he said are nearly identical to what is being said today, but back then, they were not popular beliefs at all for the most part, especially coming from a confirmed atheist. Even though I wasn’t born yet when he was at his peak, Barbanell is still the most awesome channeler I know. However, you’re right. Following him makes us both dinosaurs LOL, but most of his books are still available, especially in the UK.

  25. The key though, Lola, is that we’re not actually ‘following’ him. We take notice of his guidance because it appeals to our reason; the ‘Silver Birch test’ as I’ve often referred to the principle. 🙂

    I have to slightly correct you in one respect though, Lola. Maurice Barbanell was a deep-trance medium and not a ‘channeler’. His scepticism about, and lack of knowledge of, spirit communication made him the ideal medium, albeit a reluctant one initially. As you say there was nothing in his background to ‘color’ SB’s teachings, one reason SB would have chosen him at some distant point in the past.

    I would turn round what you’ve said. The things communicated through authentic modern-day facilitators does not markedly differ from SB’s much earlier teachings. We should not be surprised – the truth never changes, only the style of its presentation. He sets the bench-mark of communication quality for me. 🙂

    I’ve often thought about getting as many of the books of his teachings as possible but every time the thought “Why? I don’t need them now.” comes to me – or is put into my head. 😉

  26. Barbanell was definitely a deep trance medium, but I thought a channeler was someone who was in contact with a specific entity for a long period of time, so I thought he was both. Neither you nor I need his books any more, so I agree with you there. For some reason, that makes me feel a little sad, but women get silly over things like that LOL. The good news is that there are a lot of excerpts from his books on the internet and a few videos of his sessions on Youtube that I intend to explore in a few days. I just know he is someone I will never forget. I often wondered in the past (as I still do) why he went to such lengths to hone Baranell to give his messages. What do you think?

  27. I couldn’t define what a channeler is, Lola, and I don’t know if there is a widely-accepted definition. I don’t know if there’s a widely accepted definition for the word ‘medium’ either, come to that.

    I use ‘medium’ because I know EXACTLY what I mean by that word and because that’s what such individuals used to be called. It might be that at times channeling and mediumship do more-or-less the same thing but that’s not always the case based on what I’ve observed.

    I’ve often thought about SB and Barbanell and why they worked as they did. If I’m remembering correctly the relationship was arranged long before Barbanell incarnated, presumably planned in a way similar to that of Carol and Mikey Morgan and for a similar purpose – to bring the message of survival and what it means in a wider context.

    To me it’s totally understandable that SB would ‘fine-tune’ his communication channel, that channel involving the body and brain – not mind – of Maurice Barbanell. Via deep trance, with Barbanell’s mind ‘out of the way’ as much as it was possible to get it, the entity who presented as SB would have the best chance of communicating his guidance without coloration by the medium’s ideas, prejudices, scepticism etc.

    In doing all that he would (I think) have achieved telepathically the level of eloquence we hear in his recorded addresses and in his transcribed words, something close to the clarity of telepathic communication he was accustomed to having in his usual dimension.

    1. That’s a great explanation, Mac, and the word “eloquence” perfectly describes it. That is what drew me to SB in the first place.

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