What’s a Heaven For?

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Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?
(from the poem “Andrea del Sarto” in Men and Women by Robert Browning, 1855)

We have so much good evidence of what happens at and after death that it’s tragic that so few people are at all familiar with it. We have talked about how a natural death happens, and what can go wrong in the process of dying, so let’s talk now about what is the best news anyone ever has received in all of human history! Religions insist on sharing vastly inferior and often frightening fables about death, and scientists for the most part refuse to consider even the possibility that we might survive our deaths, but none of that can any longer keep the truth from being generally known. And now that we have been made to see the vast damage that ignorance of the truth is doing to so many people at death, it is time to make the truth available to everyone on the face of the earth.

Before we move on to consider the infinite wonders that await us all, let’s first set the general scene and clear up some common misconceptions. Those who have completed their transitions tell us consistently that:

  • Every set of religious beliefs has God wrong. The only genuine Source turns out to be in reality all that exists. It is Mind, or to put it differently it’s what we experience in a limited way as human consciousness. Mind fills the genuine afterlife as an ambient pure white light, and as perfect love so intense that the dead tell us the experience of it is indescribable.
  • Every set of religious beliefs has the afterlife wrong. There is no religious practice to speak of in the afterlife. Everyone shares the same afterlife, and our level in the afterlife depends on the degree to which we have managed to raise our consciousness vibrations. There is no post-death judgment by anyone but ourselves, and the death of Jesus on the cross has never made an afterlife difference for a single human being. So whatever religious or cultural preconceptions you might have about the afterlife, you can now with happy relief drop them all!
  • No living person has been to the afterlife. Those who reside there consistently tell us that death is always a one-way trip. So no NDE account, no account from an astral traveler, and no dream or vision can tell us much about the afterlife details. In fact, the general astral plane in which NDEs and OBEs happen is enormous. It may be as big as the entire universe, and it includes some wonderful mimics of the post-death realities where astral travelers and dreamers can meet with the dead and share some wonderful experiences. So it is all good! But it is not the afterlife. To really understand what the afterlife is like, we are dependent exclusively on post-death accounts.
  • To those living there, the afterlife seems endless. One of the things that really strike new arrivals after our earth-lives spent squashed together on this planet is that the afterlife is not crowded at all! Both size and time are subjective once we leave this material universe, so the afterlife is at once infinite in size and smaller than a pencil-dot. It has no actual size, but we experience it as gigantic.
  • The matter in the afterlife is different from the matter in this material universe. It’s solid but without a cellular or atomic structure, and in some lights it is somewhat translucent. Think of colorful living alabaster. The colors there go beyond the visible light spectrum, so there are many that we cannot imagine; and there is no death or decay, so no leaf or petal falls and even ancient buildings look brand-new. Everything is at least somewhat conscious, so flowers will turn their faces to us and trees will caress us as we pass. The water looks like water but it feels like silk, it’s dry, and it is alive: it was Jesus’s mention of “living water” to the woman at the well (JN 4:10) that first convinced me long ago that He must be a supernatural Being! The water in the afterlife gives off subtle music and an astounding rejuvenating energy, so people routinely walk into it fully clothed and leave it with their clothing dry and feeling nourished and refreshed.
  • Our bodies there are young and beautiful. Most of us prefer to look as we did in our most recent earth-lifetime at the prime of life, but that is up to us. Some prefer to look as they did in a different lifetime, or they choose another appearance altogether; or if they are very advanced, they might choose to appear as a ball of light. We recognize one another by our personal energy signatures, so it doesn’t much matter how we look.
  • Our sensory abilities there are much stronger. Our mind-sight is nearly 360 degrees, and it is perfect even at vast distances. One man who had been almost blind at death told his children when they contacted him through a medium that he could see every separate leaf on every tree on a hill that he estimated was fifty miles away. And our post-death hearing is similarly enhanced.
  • Post-death communication is by mind almost exclusively. Not only does this ensure that we can communicate with people who on earth spoke different languages, but also apparently communication by mind is more precise. When Thomas Jefferson, who on earth was a great wordsmith, communicated through direct-voice medium Leslie Flint in the early sixties, he complained that having to speak words again was hard! He said, “Aligning with vibration, tuning in, remembering things that one wishes to say, transmission of thought into sound, words, words, often words which don’t indicate anything clearly at least what one feels, I find extremely difficult.”
  • Weather there is optional and night never falls. Although there is evidence that if you want darkness or rain or snow, you can have it in your localized spot just by wishing for it.
  • There are infinite consciousness gradations, but we talk in terms of seven overall Levels. The lowest two are what Jesus calls “the Outer Darkness, where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth” (MT 8:12). Levels Three through Five are the beautiful Summerland. Level Six is what Jesus called “the Kingdom of God” (MK 12:34), which is attainable only by almost-perfected beings. Those who reside there teach in the lower levels and also on earth as they finish their learning and prepare to join the Godhead at Level Seven.
  • The Summerland is so earthlike that some who die in their sleep have trouble believing they have died. Nearly everyone seems to return at Level Three, which is apparently the level at which most incarnates routinely vibrate. If we die in our sleep, we may wake up in a mimic of our familiar earth-home, so the only way to convince us we have died might be to urge us to go outside and see that its neighborhood is gone. The more advanced we are spiritually, the higher we can venture, and by the top of Level Five the scenery becomes quite fanciful. The picture that heads this post is the sort of view you might encounter there.
  • The Summerland areas are culturally specific. Most of the good evidence is at least a century old, and back then the British and North American Summerlands were quite similar. There were formal gardens and beautiful buildings, flowing water and fountains, and lots of gorgeous trees and flowers. In North America, though, there were some modern buildings, and in the North American distance there were snow-capped mountains. If you died in a foreign culture back then at what was not a planned exit-point, you could actually find yourself in that culture’s Summerland! Someone talked through a medium about having died in China and arrived in a Chinese Summerland that included pagodas and Oriental details. (If this happens to you, just call for your loved ones and they will arrive to take you home.)
  • Love is all there is. In the genuine afterlife, love is the intense white ambient light and the very air we breathe. Except in the miserable Outer Darkness levels, there is no negativity in the afterlife at all, and until we reach the top of Level Five, without negativity to push against we cannot grow spiritually unless we enter yet another earth-incarnation. By contrast, the gigantic astral plane is structured something like the afterlife, but it contains a mix of negative and positive energies. It is for this reason, along with others, that it is important to keep reminding people that no one living ever has been to the genuine afterlife! But there are many afterlife-mimic areas in the astral where our dead loved ones come and meet with us, and where we also meet with our spirit guides. The astral plane is wonderful and amazing, and there is much that we can learn from those who have visited there; it just is not the actual afterlife, and it tells us very little about what the actual afterlife is like.

Please go back and thoughtfully re-read this list. Use its details to build a picture of the afterlife in your mind. Then let’s imagine that we have just died, we have eagerly hugged our deathbed visitors, and with them we have raised our personal vibrations as the room where we have just died becomes vague and vapory and we are briefly engulfed in a warm gray fog. We feel as if we are moving, but in reality we are about to arrive in roughly the same place where we began, but just at a higher consciousness vibration… to the extent that talking about “place” means anything.

Many who are awake and reasonably mentally healthy at death will find when the fog begins to clear that they have arrived in a gorgeous formal garden. There are bright-green trees and grass, fountains and benches, and lots of brilliant flowers in colors never seen on earth. And the sky might be any color or mix of colors, but it is rarely just blue! Many people talk about seeing gigantic flowers as tall as a man. There are no shadows at all, and there are small animals and birds but no insects beyond butterflies and dragonflies.

The people around us may be in modern clothes, in period costume, or in shimmery floor-length, long-sleeved robes of the sort that angels wear. No one cares how we dress. There are very strange vehicles on the street nearby, in the air above, and on a more distant lake, all of them propelled by mental energy so they make no sound. Beyond the formal gardens are scattered public buildings of ancient or modern design, all looking brand-new; and on the far-distant hills there are homes of all shapes and vintages, most of them far away from their neighbors because travel here is instantaneous and by mind.

The afterlife that we enter at death seems intended to help us recover from what is seen by our spirit guides as our difficult and stressful labors in the negative jungle that is life on earth. There is so much more to do in the afterlife, and everything about it is so much more wonderful than anything you or I might imagine from our present positions in this awful place! It is going to take a separate post to even begin to do the afterlife justice….


Swan lake photo credit: ihave3kids <a href=”″>Swan Lake</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Snow-capped mountains photo credit: WanderingtheWorld ( <a href=”″>’Picturesque’, Argentina, Patagonia, Mt. Fitzroy</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Yellow cottage photo credit: carolyngifford <a href=”″>Selworthy</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Wilderness house photo credit: Zach K <a href=”″>Maine House</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Cottage & garden photo credit: scrappy annie <a href=”″>Cottage flower garden</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Red peonies photo credit: cseeman <a href=”″>Visit to the Peony Gardens With Runyon, Nichols Arboretum (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) – June 8th, 2019</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

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72 thoughts on “What’s a Heaven For?

    1. Dear Mac, as you know, asking whether this is my work or my guide’s is really a distinction without much difference. Thomas made me obsessed in the seventies with the great trove of afterlife communications that had been received for the most part in the first thirty years of the 20th century through physical mediums. They were so fascinating, and so wonderfully detailed! I could never get enough of them. The problem, of course, with reading these old accounts was that a lot of the things I most wanted to know had not been inquired about by the relatives of the recently-dead, so I must have spent close to a decade just ferreting out the small details given above and those that we will talk about next week. A lot of work! And I was doing it just to satisfy my own curiosity, so I never kept notes. I just loved what I was learning, and it was so consistent – and I spent so much time gathering it and putting it all together – that when it came time to start writing about it, I felt as if it was an old, familiar place that I knew intimately!

  1. Hi Roberta. What is the purpose of that enormous astral realm if it has nothing to do with the afterlife? Is it another “school,” or another potentiall trap on the way to the afterlife? It makes me think of what Tibetan Buddists call the Bardo. Also, If this planet were destroyed, would the astral version go as well ?

    1. Oh dear Scott, this is such a wonderful set of questions! I have wondered about all of this too, and it is only recently that I have begun to form some tentative answers based in the evidence that I find to be probably satisfactory. As you know, I will tell you things publicly only when I would pretty much stake my life on their being true, and I am not quite there with this just yet; but here is what I confidently expect now are some good answers:

      1) The astral is in fact our home. It is where we hang out when we are not working at growing spiritually. So it isn’t the material universe or the afterlife region that is the base of our existence, but rather it is the quirky, wonderful, and utterly gigantic astral plane (which probably exists in a number of dimensions).

      2) Physicists say that the whole material universe is less than 5% of what they know is real, and we think that the place we return to at death is surely no bigger than the material universe. The rest of what physicists know or strongly suspect exists is “dark” (non-material) matter (about 25% of what exists), and “dark” (non-material) energy (about 65%). It is my suspicion that dark matter is the astral, and dark energy is (drumroll, please) the Source, Mind, Consciousness, God, the energy that continuously manifests it all.

      3) If this planet were destroyed, or even if the entire universe were destroyed, the astral and even this planet’s afterlife still would roll blissfully on. There is a legend (with some evidential support) that the asteroid belt is actually what is left of the planet Marduk, which was an earth-like place with an advanced civilization that had colonized a few planets (Earth, Mars, and Venus I think) before it inadvertently disturbed its planetary core and blew itself up. Those marooned on Mars and Venus died out, but those stranded on Earth quickly worked out blending their DNA with that of proto-humans and created modern human beings. So you can see a Mardukian whenever you look in the mirror! And after you die, you will be able to visit the Mardukian afterlife, which is reportedly wonderful and still going strong.

      I hope this answers your questions satisfactorily, dear Scott!

  2. hi roberta what bodies do we have in the afterlife can we hug one another are we solid?enjoyed your latest message

    1. Dear Terence, believe it or not this was a question I could not have answered confidently for more than a decade after I first began reading all those wonderful early-twentieth-century afterlife accounts! There were lots of hints that we had solid bodies, but I could find no account where relatives had asked the newly-dead that specific question. It was frustrating! Then at last I found one account where a woman was asked what her body was made of, if it was solid, if it was comfortable. etc. She told them almost impatiently that of course her body was as solid as theirs! But it was perfect, it didn’t have or need blood or internal organs, and she said, “Actually, it’s so pure you can almost see through it. I’m looking at my arm now, and it’s a little bit translucent. But it doesn’t bother me.” We have since learned the following things:

      1) We can look any way we like, but we generally choose to appear in a perfect prime-of-life version of the body that we had when we were last on earth.

      2) We seem to mostly incarnate as one preferred gender, but all of us have been the other gender from time to time. We continue to express our preferred gender there as we grow spiritually, but by the Sixth Level we generally express as tall and pretty much androgynous beings who only hint at being one gender or the other.

      3) Our bodies there can’t be injured or destroyed. Mikey Morgan still snowboards, and he is a daredevil on a board now because he can’t be hurt!

      4) We can eat and drink, but most soon give it up because we never feel hungry or full and the taste and texture will come just from our memories. Without internal organs, the food simply disappears.

      5) Sexual intercourse is possible, but it is very rare because our bodies lack a sex drive. Instead, we do a kind of spiritual melding in which one solid body “steps into” another one (their term) and they share what they describe as kind of a whole-body orgasm. Mikey calls it a “hug,” but it’s a lot more than what we would call a hug! There is no morality attached to it, you can do it with anyone, and apparently when we first get there some of us are pretty orgiastic about it; but soon, like eating and intercourse, most of us don’t much bother with doing this spiritual-lovemaking thing either. It’s a tribute to just how much fun there is to be had in the afterlife that apparently even sharing whole-body orgasms starts to pale in comparison?

      Thank you for giving me the chance to answer this question, dear Terence!

  3. Thank you for this latest im a series that is most important for our understanding of the purpose of this part of our experience that we perceive as incarnation. The fundamental existential question we face each day is what and who are we. The restrictions surrounding this question determine a lot of our decisions.

    It’s noteworthy that no matter how much we think we can anticipate the answer to that question, it is a tall order to be prepared to experience the mystical reality of love, pure love, as not only the environment in which we truly exist, but the base creative force that we are. Everything else, we can grasp in this incarnate anticipate only as a metaphor for this basis of all reality.

    You know me well enough to know where this point of view comes from and why the emphasis is on the mysitical implication of our first encounters with eternal life.

    1. Dear Mike, many thanks to our beautiful friend Arrow for this insight! It’s true that the extent of the love-energy in the middle and upper afterlife levels seems to be far beyond what any of us can even imagine. It is quite literally overwhelming, especially as we enter it from the awful negativity that generally prevails on earth!

      1. Yes, and as anyone who has even come close to this tide of love, whether through dream work or other transformative experience, will tell us, once we experience this base creative force it truly is “heaven.”

  4. hi Roberta, thanks for these wounderful messages after a long life of living under the christian concept,Ihave finally realized all this is not true,Iam love and there is nothing else,JESUS SAID.Igo to prepare a place for you, that where I am there you shall be also. you make me feel so good when I READ YOUR ARTICLES, thanks so much

    1. Oh dear Millie, I’m so glad to be making you happy! And it’s all perfectly true. I swear! To be out of the awful negativity of Christianity, and safe in the perfect love of Jesus, has to be the most joy there is. I can still make myself giddy when I let myself really pause and think about the differences! And soon I hope that we can start to form the movement that Jesus came to begin. He called it the Way. And it’s time for all of us who love Him to come together and give the Lord His Way at last!

  5. Hi Roberta. Goodness, where do I start. I guess I should say I’ve been reading your posts every Sunday for over a year and enjoy reading information that is provided to you.
    I’m not a Christian or anything; however, I do believe there is God & I accept that Jesus was an incarnation of a spiritual being of Light born in human form to experience what humans go through. I don’t pay any attention to the bible as there is just to much garbage to plow through.
    Since childhood I have used my instincts & my understanding of being truthful, honest & treating others as I would like to be treated. (didn’t know that Jesus said that)
    In your post of today I agree on many things you’ve said based on my personal experiences in this life. I’m now 77yo.

    I’ve been guided through 3 past life experience & had the same experience each & every time. Part of the experience was the light that made me profusely cry while in contact with it. The light came from a round, hazy ball of light that gradually enveloped me and the closer that I was drawn to this light source a more intense feeling engulfed me. I can’t find the words ever to describe this feeling.

    There is no doubt in my mind we all are beings of light having a human experience in a throw away body. Somehow we must find the path to raise our consciousness (vibration) through Love and I feel loving all is to allow all. Through allowing we are showing love to all.
    Thank you Roberta for your love of man kind.

    1. Dear Skip, based on what you say here – your rejection of the Bible, your embrace of the truth, and your eager discovery of spiritual growth – you have a whole lot of joy ahead! The only part of the Bible that matters is the Gospels – the first four books of the New Testament, which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They are the only place where the words of Jesus are reported; and while those words were edited a little, His message still remains. Jesus is not a religious figure, but rather He came to abolish religions (among other things) and teach us to relate to God on our own. His Gospel teachings are the easiest, quickest, and most effective method of spiritual growth ever given to us! You are going to just love this ;-).

      If you want to get started, please begin by reading Liberating Jesus and The Fun of Growing Forever (if you’ll send me a request with your email address, I’ll send you the books in PDF). Ask me your questions as they come up. Growing spiritually is the most fun of all!

  6. This sounds to me like a thought created world (but very real to those who are a part of it). For instance, why no insects other than butterflies and dragonflies? It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that most people love butterflies, and there are a lot of dragonfly fans, but no one for the most part has loving feelings for cockroaches, mosquitos, and other “pesty” insects – yet they are very much a life form as the well loved butterflies and dragonflies. I am a bee lover. I find them fascinating, but no one sees any there? Also, the water there is not “wet.” I have heard for years that people can splash around and walk in the water there and still stay dry as a bone, so I don’t doubt that for a minute. However, that is not the nature of actual water, so the water there is strictly created by thought. If that’s the case, then maybe one can see whatever they want to see, and that’s why many report seeing beautiful birds, flowers and butterflies etc. because those things are very much loved by the majority of humans. This is totally mind boggling and shows that our minds are extremely powerful.

    1. Lola, please see my comment above for another perspective. The thought created world is indeed what all of experience is. The creative force we feel as love can only be such, because it is continually creative, which also means continually supportive of all our experience. So bees, birds… The main thing is that we can only talk about our eternal nature in terms of metaphor, and it is the reentry into that loving force for which we need the metaphors to help prepare ourselves.

    2. Actually, dear Lola, all worlds are thought-created worlds, including this one! The difference is that this one is created with negativity as part of the mix – as are many of the endless worlds in the astral – while what we call the afterlife is created in pure love and gentleness. The difference is astounding to experience! And if you love bees, it is likely that you will see bees if you are even reasonably developed spiritually. As we will say next week, many of us are sufficiently advanced to have our own ways there to an amazing degree!

      It is all so good, dear beautiful friends. We cannot even remotely imagine the extent to which each of us is completely loved.

  7. Roberta,
    Fascinating details to get a better understanding of “heaven” and what it can be like. As inferred above by others, it must be “different” for all depending on their loves and maturity.
    What I am excited most about, and you have spoken about it before, is that we have the opportunity to once again study and learn. I just couldn’t imagine myself somewhere in eternal church or eternal bliss.
    I do hope that there is a sense of humor in heaven, or something like it. I sometimes wonder if that might be reserved for earthlings as we may have to experience negativity to experience humor.

    1. Timothy,
      You should hear some of Suzanne Giesemann’s channeling sessions in which Jesus comes through. Suzanne is not a religious person so she is somewhat reluctant to channel religious figures but on occasion Jesus will pop in. Having been present when she channeled her usual spirit guides Sanaya and when she channeled Jesus, it was obvious to all that there was a distinct difference. With Jesus, the experience was like taking a syringe filled with joy and injecting it directly into your heart. The comments he made through Suzanne during the channeling session were filled with humor. So yes, I would say that there is humor in heaven.

      1. Dear Don, it turns out that Jesus is not a religious figure either. He actually came to abolish religions and teach us to relate to God directly, and He came to teach us how to rapidly grow spiritually so we can raise the consciousness vibration of this planet and thereby bring the kingdom of God (the spiritual development of the Sixth Level) to earth. A pretty tall order, but apparently that is what is about to happen now!

        And yes, reportedly Jesus laughs a lot, especially with children. He has a lovely, light touch as a teacher, and He does a lot of teaching! What is more, all of us who are at upper Third Level or higher are universally joyous. We live, breathe, and know nothing but love. That sense that Jesus injected joy directly into your heart: just imagine having that feeling all the time!

    2. Oh my dear Timothy, I agree! To be able to spend as much time as I like studying literally whatever I like, and with no need ever to eat or sleep or work or do any other blessed thing: that is going to be heaven to me!! And as communication methods continue to improve in the second half of this century, Thomas says that I will come back one more time to teach. I hated that thought when he first said it, but I have to say that teaching is already becoming such a joyous thing for me. I love everyone here more than I can say, and each time I hear from someone who seems to me clearly to be growing spiritually, I know yet again why I was born! So, Thomas, okay. I’ll come back and teach. Just first let me spend awhile in those magnificent libraries and learning from the very greatest teachers of all!

      1. Ditto, Roberta. How more wonderful can it get than to learn from people already there and who are first hand experiencers. Is the reason why this world is created with so much negativity due to it being a learning experience of some sort? Do most of us (average people) experience the astral planes first before moving on to these “heavenly” worlds? This seemed to be the case when I was doing research on this, but I may have interpreted it wrong

  8. That’s a good thought, Mike, and it does make sense. I never thought of the metaphor explanation, but that would surely make us more comfortable in the beginning of the journey. Great comments and questions here today.

    1. Dear Lola, Sunday was indeed a great day for comments here! We generally get no more than this volume in a week, and these all came within a few hours. Amazing! But the same has been true of the emailed comments i have received. it seems that everyone is becoming so much more engaged with these issues. And so much more sophisticated about them!

      Here is a thought. Boston is a dot on the map, but four of us will be getting together there in two weeks to talk over lunch. It occurs to me to wonder now if any of you are in the Boston area too? Or in the Austin area, and we might do a lunch-bunch here as well??

  9. Roberta,
    WOW. I have read many of your books and I think this blog does an excellent job of summarizing some of the key elements we can expect in the afterlife. It is always such a joy to read your work. There is no doubt that it is divinely inspired.

    1. Dear Don, what a delightful thing for you to say! Ten years ago I gave the rest of my life to God (something I recommend that everyone do, once the heavy lifting of their lives is done), and since then I have been given so much wonderful work to do that the joy of it is indescribable! It isn’t even work. It’s the most fun I ever have had in my life 😉

      Heh – and I’ve been answering these comments while sitting companionably with my very Catholic husband of 47 years, who no longer tells me I am probably going to end up in hell for doing this work but he nevertheless is not quite sure that what I teach is really kosher. So I just said to him, “Hey, Don says there’s no doubt that my work is divinely inspired!” And he kind of winced, but he also smiled. I think he’s softening a bit more!

  10. Dearest Roberta,
    It’s very interesting to see that you have decided to reincarnate for one more lifetime to teach. The last time I heard you mention the idea of another Earth lifetime, you had not agreed to do it at all…
    I hope that your interaction with all of us, who you are now reaching so effectively, has helped to persuade you that your next and last earth life will be as joyous as it will be impactful!

    And I hope you know, that we love you too.

    Your description of the afterlife is so wonderful Roberta, that it seems that every person, animal, flower or insect is just part of a meta concert of Love Eternal. Every relationship in this bright realm, and every experience is pure love immersion. And yes, this description does make me want to just pull up tent pegs and go Home.

    However, as you have indicated, there is much that one can do to help by being right here. (It is also true that there are people in our lives who need us, and who should be spared the grieve of our early departure.) So I won’t wish to move on too soon.

    I guess by living a kind of Heaven now, via true relationships of love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and kindness we help to bring about vibrational transformation on Earth. Each of us can brighten things in our own small way. Then we can (hopefully) see something of Heaven while we are here.

    But dang Roberta, wouldn’t it be great to remember even a little something about our true home in the afterlife while living in this difficult, dualistic world?? Even a single memory would really help. And as it is so astoundingly beautiful over there, how could we forget in the first place ?!

    1. Dear Efrem, I had better clarify what I said yesterday. I was in the midst of a joy-seizure, and when that happens I become semi-rational. When Thomas told me following several years of my living the lessons in The Fun of Growing Forever that this would likely be my last necessary earth-lifetime, it was he who introduced the notion that I would still come back one more time “to teach.” At the time, I told him, No Way Jose!! But he has made my work over the past couple of years feel especially wonderful, and he is assuring me now that he will guide me again, so it is starting to feel okay with me that we could come back. As a team. Maybe! And I also have agreed to live on past the age of 83 in this lifetime, if they can keep me in reasonable health. In my mind, those are two really big concessions!

      As for why we aren’t allowed to remember what the afterlife is like, there is an important reason why. Simply put, if we really remembered it and felt sure about it, there would be a lot more Oopsies! Dang, I didn’t mean to overdone on those pills. I didn’t mean to steer into that bridge abutment. Not suicide at all! But, hey, it worked – here I am, back home again!! You think I’m kidding. You should see my emails :-(.

      1. Dearest Roberta and Lola: It does feel good to discuss the topic of how to deal with knowing/feeling and believing in the bright Afterlife whilst completing our arduous time here on Earth.

        Roberta; I believe you when you say that people would wish for an immediate transition to it, should they have a ‘taste’ of the Afterlife whilst on Earth. The downside being an indirect form of suicide and just ‘letting an accident happen.’ I also am nudged to realize that such a soul would be disappointed once back Home, with the missed opportunities for growth by coming back too early. (They’d be kicking themselves. It wouldn’t be a pleasant homecoming.)

        Lola: you and I share a bit of a yearning to have even ONE experience of Home to spur us on and even help others via the zeal of having a direct experience. Heck, it would make life easier, right?!

        Thankfully, I have the fortune to realize that I am just where I’m supposed to be at the moment, and this counterbalances my desire for Home. But it’s more than that. Desiring the beauty of Home while on Earth is a process that many of us are going to need to undergo, for resolution. Understanding and soul awareness (beyond human thinking) is very important here.

        My own guide (bless her heart!) nudges me to ‘end separation’ from God. That’s one thing that’s crucial for me and it is reason enough to stay on Earth. Though as our fellow contributor Mike J-R has often said, his own guide Arrow suggests adopting an eternal, big picture, even timeless perspective. To see things from the eternal viewpoint helps greatly: Therefore, I am not just a guy who is a bit tired of the earth gym, but an eternal being who is perfectly loved. That’s what is in fact real. This perspective shift changes everything…

        In short, I’ve noticed that some people here on Earth seek the destination and others enjoy the journey. What if the journey and the destination are really one and the same!?

        1. Efrem, Indeed both are one. We are each here to learn something unique (and to teach it if by demonstration only). In the midst of an infinite sea, no one is closest to the shore.

        2. Hi Efrem: I’ve enjoyed the journey up until fairly recently. For reasons I don’t fully understand, however, I now feel like a kid in the backseat of a car who started out full of excitement but is now asking “are we there yet?” and driving his parents crazy. LOL I guess I have to somehow learn how to see things from the “eternal big picture” that you mention. Not being a “religious” person makes this rather hard to do.

  11. Efrem: You brought up exactly what has been nagging at me for a long time. Why is this information held from us? Even a small memory of it would decrease much of the anxiety, depression, and fear most people experience by being here. Some say that if we could remember, it would interfere with our journey in this life. I don’t see how that can be true, as I know that I would be completely free of angst and worry if I knew something like that was in my future. Then, I could help others and myself much more effectively.

    1. Dear Efrem and Lola, it is important to remember that this material reality is not important, except as a place for us to learn and grow spiritually. Spiritual growth requires that we have lots of negativity here to push against – lots of opportunities to choose love over fear in stressful situations – so for millennia, the fact that we were clueless about a lot of things was a plus! And it might still be a plus if the consciousness of this planet had not fallen to dangerous levels. We have become TOO negative! So as part of their rescue work, they are parting the curtain just a bit and allowing us to know more about what actually is going on, which makes this an exciting and quite wonderful time to be alive on earth!

      1. Maybe they also had to wait until we became a little more advanced, as saying the things we are saying here would almost certainly not result in a good outcome. We would be considered heretics, or worse!

        1. I’ve thought of that too, dear Lola. I don’t know. the reason they’ve given us is the debasement of the planet’s consciousness vibration, but there may be more to it than that!

          1. Well I certainly can’t argue about the debasement of the planet’s conscious vibration. It couldn’t be more obvious. If it gets any worse, I shudder to think what will happen.

  12. Hi Roberta, I have the movie, Astral City and have watched it a few times. In that movie they show a mode of transportation as you indicate above “strange vehicles on the street nearby, in the air above,”. The one in Astral City fly’s over the city. I’m wondering though, if we can get anywhere we want mentally instantaneously why use any vehicles at all. Perhaps just a choice as in how we choose to appear or what clothes we choose to appear in?

  13. Hi Sharon: Roberta will probably answer you soon, but I have a friend who went to a medium, and he told her that her deceased husband was now riding on a motorcycle. She scoffed at this because he was scared of them, having lost two of his friends in motorcycle accidents while he was a teenager. In my mind, I feel that now that he knows he is out of danger, he decided to try it, as it is something he never did before. So I think that the use of transportation over there could be “just for the fun of it” or maybe using vehicles for traveling from place to place is a habit that we just can’t ignore right away

    1. Dear Sharon, Lola is right: it’s purely for FUN! Someone who always wanted a Bentley and is reasonably advanced spiritually can now have a Bentley… but he wants one with wings. Done! Someone who always wanted a yacht and is reasonably advanced spiritually now gets to live aboard. A guy who was afraid of motorcycles now gets to ride one for a giggle because his body cannot be harmed!!

      Traveling instantly by mind is so easy to learn and to do, that I haven’t seen any evidence that these vehicles are for anything but larking about.

  14. When I see the world, the natural world, everyday, I find myself amazed how everything stays in balance, especially the planet temperature. I think we sometimes complacently forget how incredibly intricate and beautiful this world is, so I imagine this world is just a glimpse of the beauty in the next.

    1. Oh yes, dear Timothy! This one is the rough duty, but the next one is meant purely to be our glorious playground!!

  15. Dear Roberta, I finally had a chance to read this email. You have explained exactly what I knew to be true! …and then much, much, more. But the religious fundamentalist neighbors around me in my new neighborhood (remote Montana) think I am spiritually doomed for my beliefs, beliefs that I have gently tried to show them rather than tell them. I believe we should do no harm to anyone, especially to the animals that so many think are pests. Why kill any living thing? Especially now that we are no longer cave people who have no other choice. I do believe that all of the religions have slightly missed the truth of the true Mind energy spirit. I believe that all animals enter the afterlife, some to very high levels. I believe that the ones we have shared our lives with, our pets, will be in the afterlife to join us. Do you find this to be true too?

    1. Dear Vicki, the reason we all have reached the same conclusions is that the evidence is voluminous, and it’s amazingly consistent!

      We all should feel sad for your poor, delude neighbors. Christianity has instilled in them lots of man-made fears that have nothing whatsoever to do with either Jesus or the genuine Godhead, and with those man-made fears Christianity has held out a somewhat forlorn hope that the get-out-of-hell-free card they are peddling might work. I doesn’t do anything, of course, in part because there is no hell, but mostly because – as Jesus actually tells us in the Gospels! – God doesn’t judge us. Jesus says, “For not even the Father judges anyone, but He has given all judgment to the Son, so that all will honor the Son even as they honor the Father” (JN 5:22-23). Then later Jesus says, “You judge according to the flesh; I am not judging anyone” (JN 8:15). And He is right: the evidence consistently tells us that the only afterlife judge is ourselves. Can you believe these people care so little for Jesus that they don’t even pay attention to His words?

      Yes, all animals do enter the afterlife! We are told that those which have not been loved by a human being rejoin species-specific “group souls,” but all the animals we ever have loved are waiting for us there, now young and healthy. The truth really is better than our fondest imaginings!

  16. Roberta: This might sound ridiculous, but for years I have heard and even known about first hand how horribly animals such as dogs, cats and horses etc. have been treated beyond cruelty, especially when I worked at a rescue center. Most people say that our pets will “greet” us there, and even though you mentioned that the ones who were unlucky and found no one who wanted them when they were alive will go to a species specific group soul situation, have you found anything in your research that would indicate we could show any of these dogs, cats etc. some attention, maybe help them in the afterlife in some way when we die? I have struggled with this for a long while, but never found any definitive answer. Worse yet, I never found that it was actually talked about. Many of these animals were treated like garbage and horribly abused.

    1. Dear Lola. As an animal lover myself, I have had similar questions. Are there places of rest and recuperation for abused animals, similar to what apparently exist for people who had difficult deaths? I could easily picture myself in such a place when I go “home.” On the other hand, do animals have a type of consciousness that allows them to to shake off that kind of trauma more easily? Considering the way nature is set up, with predator and prey, maybe that is the case. Our domestic animals might be a bit different, though. They are our creations, and therefore perhaps more our responibility to look after on the other side as well. I look forward to Roberta’s thoughts on the matter.

      1. Dear Scott, we see post-death reports of vast plains full of prey animals – members of a bison or an impala group soul – far away from the abodes of people, but where people can visit and marvel. There also are lots of dogs and cats in the afterlife reports, and many situations where people like me who love them but don’t have the time while on earth to tend them can adopt a dog or cat or three, since there they are more like friends than pets. I recall one fellow who had adopted three dogs there soon after his death, and they just kind of hung around his house and took walks with him. They seemed to be more human-like and independent than dogs are here. But, who knows? When we have better communication, there will be studies done of lots of things, and one of those things is sure to be how our household pets work out their eternal lives!

        And meanwhile, I am planning to adopt some four-legged buddies of my own, once i go home….

      2. That could be true, Scott. In the predator/prey situation, it would be a nightmare for animals to recall violent deaths, as they happen all the time. I never thought of the “adoption” possibility, and they truly would be more like friends rather than responsibilities. They don’t have to eat or drink, and there would be no more “rug accidents,” so we could just relax and enjoy them.

    2. Dear Lola, this is an interesting question. Animals that haven’t bonded with people seem to be restored just by the re-merging with their own kind, and they seem to enjoy their post-death lives without evidence of their having been traumatized by their lives here… although there are too few reports for us to be sure about that. I only know that love is our very existence after death, so the pain of this life would be over for them. And if human outreach would help, then just as rescue work for people who have gone astray is something that many people participate in there, so I’m sure they are doing that for dogs and cats as well.

      Perhaps a more interesting question from my perspective is why these animals are so abused. What service do they perform for us in entering such awful lives? (And yes, we are told that spiritual evolution here is for us, and animals are of a “purer consciousness” so they don’t need to evolve this way.)

      I think perhaps they come here and do this for us to provide yet more vast negativity that we can push against. It is especially for people like you, dear Lola, who empathize so much with them and work to make their lives better. There is no more effective spiritual work than loving and serving those who can’t help themselves! I don’t know… what do others here think?

  17. I certainly agree that loving and serving those who can’t help themselves is the main objective (or should be). It’s just that some of these animals were treated like sheer garbage. On the other hand, there are plenty of people like myself (and Scott) who would be more than happy to show them some type of acceptance and affection. A medium told me a few years ago that my dog Cody (a loveable, peaceful Malmute) was now in charge of meeting newly crossed over dogs. I can’t prove this, of course, but he was the type that might be involved in that sort of situation. He was not aggressive and wouldn’t be able to fight his way out of a paper bag despite his weight of 80 some odd pounds. If the medium was right, Cody would not be the only dog doing this, so maybe they have their own greeters like people are said to have.

    1. This is information about Cody is interesting, dear Lola! I’ve never seen anything like that mentioned, but now I wonder about it….

      1. Roberta: I would have easily dismissed it but for the fact that at dog parks, he would do that exact thing. He went to the gate and greeted all the newcomers and then went back and laid down under one of the trees there. He didn’t want to “play” with them as he was 9 years old and preferred to just watch while reclining in the shade. Malmutes aren’t fond of heat.

        PS – I gave the medium zero information about his personality)

        1. I’m not saying this is not what happens! We simply have too little information about it even to form an opinion. I had read in comments from a number of reliable communicators that all animals have “species-specific group souls” to which they return at death, unless they have been loved by and have loved a human being… in which case they remained distinct personalities at death. I had assumed that trauma in this life in the case of some animals would be diluted in the whole, so perhaps no such rescue would be needed? But I don’t know that anyone really knows! Perhaps this is a question for Mikey??

          1. It’s sure worth a try. It seems to me that he (Mikey) would know at least something about this.

  18. I’m sure that pets and other animals do have a role to play in our spiritual progression but as I understand things that’s not their primary function.

    1. Dear Mac, how interesting – here is an area where perhaps our understandings differ! What do you see as their primary function?

  19. Bodies of animals are animated by their individual spirits just as ours are. Each spirit is on a journey of experience and progress. After the death of an animal its spirit will eventually animate something else, likely another animal, one offering spiritual continuity and progression for that animating spirit. In time spiritual progression will result in a spirit animating a much more complex body. Perhaps you can see where I’m going?

    Where an animal has become very close to a human, or humans, its spirit may decide (just as we can) not to immediately take on another incarnation but to wait for a reunion with the spirit(s) of its carer(s) after their passing. That’s why some individuals who were close to their pets sometimes sense them still around and why there are accounts of reunions with pets after their former carers arrive in the so-called summerland.

    1. Hmmm… It has long been my understanding from what the dead have been telling us that animals are of a “different, purer consciousness” and don’t need to evolve spiritually as we do. Not to say that they don’t repeatedly incarnate, but we do it for spiritual growth and it’s my understanding that they have no need to do that. It has also long been my understanding that it is our love-relationship with our companion animals that separates them from their species-specific “group soul” and gives them a separate afterlife existence, and that therefore all the animals we ever have loved will be waiting there for us. (There is some evidence that they might sometimes reincarnate for us in this lifetime, but too little of that to draw conclusions.)

      Dear Mac, who has said that they evolve and eventually animate a more complex body? Can you remember the citation?

      1. Dear Roberta

        citation? Oh good Lord no! All that stuff is way above my pay grade! 😉

        Seriously, though, my inspiration came from the teachings of ‘Alpha’ which I tried to relate to the blog questioners’ queries. I do acknowledge my words were written without context and for that I apologise.

        I must be getting lazy (lazier?) because nowadays I wait for interest to be shown before I go into ‘why’s and wherefore’s’.

        1. “….animals are of a “different, purer consciousness and don’t need to evolve spiritually as we do.”


          “Not to say that they don’t repeatedly incarnate……” “…..but we do it for spiritual growth and it’s my understanding that they have no need to do that.”


          “It has also long been my understanding that it is our love-relationship with our companion animals that separates them from their species-specific “group soul” and gives them a separate afterlife existence, and that therefore all the animals we ever have loved will be waiting there for us.”


          Sorry about the block capitals – not shouting just differentiating between quotes and RESPONSES.

  20. I was just hoping that since there is much talk in different books etc. that abused and unwanted children have a good amount of help up there, that the same would be true for abused and unwanted animals. I just thought, like Scott, that this is something I’d like to do if it isn’t just wishful thinking on my part. It would certainly seem unfair that only cherished pets would be lucky enough to experience love and help. Of course, if uncared for dogs, cats, horses etc. reincarnate right away, then all bets are off, and any help or affection we would like to show them would be unnecessary.

    1. Dear Lola, this is one case where no one seems to have asked the right questions so there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of answers in the literature. I’m sorry!

  21. Yeah, I haven’t found any info in the literature either……..I think it’s kind of strange. I guess people were only interested in what happens to their own cherished pets. The others didn’t affect anyone on a personal level.

    1. OK, so I emailed Kim Sheridan, a well known animal communicator, and she agrees that there is a species specific group soul situation, and that traumatized animals heal rather quickly in the afterlife due to the peace and serenity in their new environment. If it is deemed to be needed, human spirits can play a role as well, according to her. She wrote a best selling book called “Animals and the Afterlife.”

  22. Have been reading through the comments regarding animals and would like to add my experiences to these. My wife and I had two Westies and they both passed away within about a year of each other but were around when my daughter left home for college. I took my daughter (our only child) to a medium workshop and two white snoozer size dogs (i.e. Westies) came through identifying themselves as the siblings of my daughter. This was very much the case since we treated our dogs like they were our children. Everyone got a kick out of my daughter’s comment, “Yes, but I was their only 2-legged child.” If you know anything about Westies you will know that they are a very loving and affectionate dog, but each has its own distinct personality. This was the case with our two. One was a “Dennis the Menace” type and the other was one that was always seeking to please us. We now have two more Westies and their personalities are identical to the two that we lost. What are the chances of that? We thought it was so strange that we independently asked two separate mediums about it and they both gave us the same explanation. Our original two Westies had come back to be with us again. I have told this story to some of my relatives and they pass it off as a fantasy, however, I think anyone reading this blog can appreciate the possibility of this pet reincarnation occurring.

    1. Dear Don, I know of a few other cases that strongly suggest that this can happen! It’s always dogs of the same breed or type, and in each case a medium has suggested the reincarnation. But… who knows?

  23. so many wide-ranging observations, accounts and questions….

    It would be great to have somewhere readers could get into conversation on individual topics.

    hmmmm 😉 🙂

  24. Roberta, I’m really enjoying both the original blogs and the diverse comments, questions, anecdotes and earnest responders who choose to come together here.

    Thank you, I’m learning so much and everyone asks such insightful and interesting questions. I don’t even need to think of my own questions much; just receiving each contributor’s queries and reading your responses to them is a steep and fascinating learning curve.

    Sometimes though, I’m not sure when it’s best to chime in with something and how often to do so per blog. Yet even this decision is kind of enjoyable. I’m grateful to be involved in learning and growing together via this unique blog experience.
    Thank you.

  25. Thank you dear Roberta

    I am sitting here boggled at the thought that I may no longer desire to eat chocolate in the afterlife!

    Your comment about there being no shadows on the other side is interesting, and makes sense as it follows on from everything being light and love. But it set me thinking about art on the other side. When one creates a painting or drawing, what makes it pop is the contrast between lights and shadows. There may be no shadows, yet I’ve no doubt that art on the other side can be more stunningly breathtaking than anything on this side, because everything is more pure and our vision is not hampered by physical optical equipment. Also I envision that a piece of art, like the plants you mention, emit their own sweet music. All this is putting me in the mind of Shakespeare’s Caliban, the monster in the Tempest who revealed at times the most sensitive inner nature. His account of the island sounds very much like Summerland:

    Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
    Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
    Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
    Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices
    That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
    Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
    The clouds methought would open and show riches
    Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked,
    I cried to dream again.

    I envision Summerland as enveloping one in a gorgeous harmonious other-wordly symphony. The riches falling from Caliban’s dreamtime sky could refer to the riches and wonders of the landscape of his imagination, or the rich knowledge and wisdom which is available for all within this wondrous place.

    Roberta, I’m rarely totally happy with a piece of art that I produce. (Although I feel I have help from spirit friends and helpers, and am very grateful for that.) I wonder if those on the other side who create (I suppose that means everybody!) are able to escape from the bonds and limitations of perfectionism and fully enjoy their creations.

    1. Dear Alex, it’s wonderful the way you manage to immerse yourself in that environment! I think most people have memories of it, but for you it’s as if you have only just left it. And as for art, indeed we all have help with our creations here! Everyone should know that: if you want to learn to paint, draw, play the piano, or what-else-have-you, if you are serious about learning, you will soon attract guides who are eager to help you master the work. I long since came to accept the fact that what I write is largely channeled; in fact, now I rely on it! And yes, when we return home we will have much-expanded minds and talents, and I think that perhaps when you are there you will be able to create art to satisfy even your own exacting standards ;-).

  26. Thanks Roberta for your wonderful confirmation. Particularly since I have been saying a prayer of thanks every day for my art and my other passion – dancing – new opportunities for learning and creating and enjoying have indeed been opening up with great regularity.

    Blessings to you and for your continued endeavours to learn and create and enjoy. I am looking forward to continuing to delve into the many resources you kindly make available.

    Thank you so much!

  27. Wow, thank you, everyone, for our heartfelt input about animals, including wild ones, homeless and abused ones, and beloved pets. I learned so much. I do believe that every animal that comes across our path in life, weather a wild one passing by, a wild one nurtured back to health (which I have done), an abused one that I arrived too late to help, the sheltered ones who somehow were not rescued and were euthanized but still made eye contact and heart-contact with a visitor who loved them… I believe that all of these animals know and did experience human love, even if just for an instant. Therefore, I believe will they receive all of the benefits in the afterlife of instant healing, species-specific group fellowship, and meeting the person who encountered them and loved them, and prayed for them and cried for them all of their human life, as I do. I believe they can feel this love over any distance. If animals have purified souls, then they do receive more of our thoughts, naturally, than we can imagine. Although their purified souls might not need to evolve, they each appear to have a learning path in life and a giving path in life like we do. I have witnessed this. Even under our protection, they get diseases like we do. And apparently, from what some have said about their reincarnation back into a pet family, they also continue to share their soul-lives in physical form, if they wish to. This would definitely help improve the world, our souls, and also their souls, enhancing the goodness in the universe; because all energy is intertwined and continuous. We all continue to grow. I will find the book by Kim Sheridan. Thank you!

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