Where Is Up?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • October 26, 2019 • 94 Comments
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It is hard for us to understand how there could be an afterlife that is full of all the people who ever have lived on earth. After all, we can’t see it. We can’t even really imagine where it is. And until we are confident about how the afterlife physically fits with what we know, we cannot be certain that we never will die.

We have talked here about details of the greater reality. We even have turned our search to better understand it into a weekly podcast that stands at 345 episodes and counting. But no matter how researchers have tried to make it easier for you to envision the greater reality, the truth is so different from what you are being given to believe by science and religions and your own lying eyes that I have lately been seeking an easier way to help you get your mind around what is true. Let’s try it again. And let’s make it simple!

Imagine you are sitting in a boat in the middle of the ocean. As you focus on all that endless water, your eyes assure you that you are alone. Then suddenly, a whale breaches right in front of you. Your eyes see it, but it appears and then right away it disappears. Unless you understand the nature of water, you have trouble believing in that whale; and you certainly flat-out cannot believe that he swims now right beneath your feet with billions of his closest friends!

The empty-seeming air around you similarly teems with living beings. Your eyes can’t perceive them, so when one of them breaches into this material reality – perhaps as a spirit glimpsed or a survival sign, or perhaps as a friend’s near-death experience – you see that event as isolated, and not as a further concrete demonstration of a complex reality even greater and more complex than that endless depth of ocean lying beyond what your eyes can see.

When we examine nearly two hundred years of abundant and consistent communications from thousands of people that we used to think were dead, and we then combine what they tell us with a raft of amazingly consistent insights from quantum mechanics and other scientific disciplines, we get a wonderfully detailed picture of a complex greater reality that might be twenty times the size of this material universe. Let’s sum up in ten basic points what researchers have so far learned is true:

  • Consciousness is all that exists. The only thing that objectively exists is an infinitely powerful and infinitely creative energy-like potentiality that we experience in a limited way as human consciousness. Everything else that seems to exist is manifested by that base universal Consciousness (which we often capitalize now, since at its highest vibration it is the genuine God).
  • Consciousness exists in a range of emotional vibrations, from fear and rage at the lowest and slowest to perfect love at the highest and fastest vibrations. So human emotion is immensely important! Far from being just an artifact of our individual minds, what we each experience as human emotion turns out to be the literal energy that powers the base creative Consciousness. The higher consciousness vibrates, the more positive and more powerful it becomes, so controlling human emotion on the personal and also on the aggregate level is going to be essential to our ever being able to control anything!
  • Everything that we perceive to be real and solid is continuously manifested by Consciousness. We have talked here about the fact that God is not a Big Guy with a beard and thunderbolts, but rather the evidence indicates that God is a Collective of Perfected Beings. And since there is no objective time, reality was not created once and left to develop on its own, but rather reality is being repeatedly manifested, together with all its apparently past timeline events.
  • Matter that seems solid is not solid at all. Matter is composed of “particles,” which are in fact just minute vortices of energy encompassing empty spaces. If you could put a tiny camera inside an atom, you would find nothing for it to photograph since even the tiniest subatomic particles are only whirling vortices of energy.
  • This universe which is composed of matter is less than five percent of what physicists know or have come to surmise exists. They call the rest of reality “dark” matter and energy, but only because it doesn’t produce or react to photons of material light. And physicists haven’t much studied that ninety-five percent of what they believe exists, because they freakishly consider their mandate to be just the study of whatever is material. So they randomly guess that dark matter must contain particles in the form of hypothetical quarks, gluons, neutrinos, leptons, or some other random material rubbish of no real importance. But the fact that dark matter and energy don’t interact with photons of light suggests that they don’t contain material particles, which means that all those scientific guesses must be wrong. And the economy of this material universe is breathtakingly efficient and precise! That fact pretty much guarantees that whatever dark matter and energy are, they are probably not made of just rubbish particles.
  • This material universe is the only part of reality where objective time and space exist. What we experience as space and time is associated only with particle-based matter, so in the 95% of reality that doesn’t contain particle-based matter, the notion of time’s passage and the concept of distance are both optional and flexible. This means that it is reasonable to say that the non-material greater reality beyond this material universe is at once both infinitely large in size and smaller than a pencil dot. It also probably means that if anything ever exists, then it always exists.
  • The ninety-five percent of reality which exists beyond this material universe is almost certainly what those who study the greater reality call the astral plane. The astral is not matter-based, and it seems to be much greater in relative size than this whole material universe. The astral is humankind’s true home! It’s an inconceivably vast and mind-bogglingly complex wild-west sort of assembly of experiences, places, ideas, and states of mind that is as varied, astonishing, and teeming with life as is that silent ocean beneath your boat. And except at its lowest reaches, it is far more love-based than is this material universe. Out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences are adventures which occur in the astral plane, and what we who live in this material reality call “supernatural phenomena” are simply instances where events occurring in the astral areas will “breach” into our awareness and out of it again.
  • The astral is precisely where we are now, and it is stratified into nearly infinite levels (or channels, or dimensions) by its limitless vibrational frequencies. This entire material universe is just a limited vibrational sub-set in a vast energy-based spectrum of Consciousness vibrations! The easiest way to envision how the greater reality works is to think of the fact that all around you now are hundreds of TV signals, each at a slightly different vibrational frequency. If your mind were a TV set, it could pick up one of those channels and there tune in to a solid-seeming reality. And the plain fact is that right now, your mind is tuned to that body you believe is you in this material level of reality (which is at or near reality’s lowest vibratory rate). This is why you are unaware of all the other vibratory levels of Consciousness which exist in precisely the same time and place!
  • Each eternal human mind, whether it operates for now in a material body or in a non-material astral body, is tuned to its own vibrational frequency on the range between abject fear and perfect love. And while our minds easily can tune to lower frequencies than whatever their preset set-point is, we find it unbearable to try to go higher because the consciousness energy above our present natural set-point batters us unbearably. But we want to go higher! So most of us are trying to raise our personal set-point farther away from the fear end and closer to the perfect-love end of the consciousness spectrum. Researchers believe that this is why the material universe even exists. Matter gives us a level of reality that our minds cannot so easily mess with, so we can experience much more negativity here than in nearly all the rest of reality, and we can push against it and thereby raise our personal spiritual vibrations. The process is a bit more complicated than that, but not much! This is why we plan our lives on earth. This is why our learning to recognize our own spiritual growth while we are in bodies even matters!
  • The minds of people who die on earth return to a limited area of the astral plane that we call “the afterlife.” You might think of the afterlife as a kind of portal between this material universe and the vast non-material realities; and like the gigantic astral of which it is a part, the afterlife exists precisely where we are now. Like the rest of the astral, it consists of stratified Consciousness, from the lowest vibration (which is abject fear) to the highest (which is perfect love). Once back in the afterlife, we pick up beautiful bodies which are non-material and mind-created but still solid, and we can move freely from the afterlife into the greater astral and back again. We can travel to the ends of the material universe and through the whole vast astral instantly, and by mind alone! But people attached to bodies on earth and having a near-death experience or otherwise traveling in the astral cannot enter the afterlife area and then leave it again. The dead tell us that death is always a one-way trip, and there is evidence that this is true.

I had hoped to make a quick course in the greater reality only part of what we would discuss this week! But this is a gigantic topic – it’s the most gigantic topic there is – so even condensed, it takes a lot of words to help you begin to get your mind around it. Please read these ten points several times. Think about them; envision how they fit together; ask questions if questions occur to you; then wait a day and read them all carefully again. Rinse and repeat. As you ever more thoroughly internalize them, try to notice that you are beginning to inhabit all of reality now, and not just the tiny part that your sensory organs tell you exists!

Those of us who have by now learned to fully inhabit the greater reality are not surprised, and in fact we are delighted when occasionally a whale will breach. Just this past week, someone sent me a picture she had taken while she was photographing fall foliage. There was a smudge on the road, so she enlarged it. OMG, what was that? She enlarged it again. Our expert friend, Dr. R. Craig Hogan, has confirmed that this is the way photos of genuine beings often present themselves. Susan Stewart and David DeLattre saw nothing remarkable when they took the picture, but they happened to catch someone (who may have been Susan’s mother) briefly breaching into our energy-level of reality. A picture snapped a split-second before or after this one might have shown more defined features, perhaps a solid and detailed form, or else perhaps nothing but a barren road. This is just the way our true reality works.


Tranquil ocean photo credit: TylerFrost Photography <a href=”″>Tranquil Sunset</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Whale breaching photo credit: Quick Shot Photos <a href=”″>Breaching Whale</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Whale’s tail photo credit: denisbin <a href=”″>Hervey Bay near Fraser Island. Close up detail of the tail of a giant humpback whale.</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
School of fish photo credit: Phuketian.S <a href=”″>Surin and Similan archipelago, yacht cruise and underwater photos IMG_2488PSC</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Sea turtle photo credit: TarikB <a href=”″>Green Back Turtle, West Coast Barbados</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Reef life photo credit: zsispeo <a href=”″>Pictus Coralblenny – Ecsenius pictus</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Spirit photographs photo credit: photo taken by Susan Stewart and David DeLattre on the afternoon of Sunday, October 13, 2019 near Allegheny State Park in southwestern New York State, and enlarged.

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94 thoughts on “Where Is Up?

  1. Thanks Roberta for your excellent explanation of life & so called death. I will share a few of my experiences that indicate to me there is a different life after we leave this Earth life. We don’t die but either go to second grade or some even go to advanced studies.

    One of my sons, Wife, & Life Partner; who have transitioned over the last Decade have all contacted me through various ways over a time period of a couple of months, to a couple of years. It varied by each person. Mediums have even told me things that only my wife & I knew. So the question is; if only I and my wife knew this secrete & it was never written down, how did the medium know??

    My brain is mostly quiet, no sound like most people experience, with very few exceptions & then can be shut off immediately. Why I say this is: when I detect a though that is not mine I know immediately. I know Roberta you understand what I mean; however, a high percentage of folks don’t. Many, many names; one of them is “The Indweller ” who is a fragment of GOD.

    Several times in my life, all during advanced age, I’m 77 yo now, I heard the very, very quiet small voice whisper my first name. Just my first name nothing more. It doesn’t have to be more than that because this alone is affirmation of a GOD within and ALL answers to questions we want answered MUST come from ” WITHIN” nothing comes from “WITHOUT”.

    The man/woman on the pulpit cannot answer your questions; only from within. Only YOU have the power to do whatever you want to do; YOU are what you MAKE yourself; no one does it to you, you do it to yourself; you are what you think; you control what & who you are.

    Listen to Roberta; she has it nailed; your keys have been given to you and all you have to do is change your mindset NOW. It’s as easy and difficult as you WILL make it.

    Thank you Roberta for your wonderful work. I sent your posts to my social media account every Sunday.
    Thank you

    1. Dear Skip, thank you for your lovely thoughts! It’s wonderful that you have been so blessed with good contacts from those who have gone on ahead; you know, many people want that but they are so inward and fearful that even though their loved ones likely are trying, they simply can’t make themselves clearly heard. Yes, all the answers are inside each of us! But, again, so many people are so steeped in fear – and often in self-blame – that even clearly hearing from themselves is difficult. I think that if there is one thing that I most wish I could teach to each person on earth it is the kind of comfortable peace with oneself that is the product of the kind of genuine self-acceptance and joyful self-love that you seem to have in spades, dear Skip!

    2. what if this is all because there are evil entities that force us to reincarnate here to feed off our suffering? (known as the Archons & Demiurge in Gnosticism)

      what’s your intuition say?

      1. Dear Ali, please understand that there have been many horrendously fear-based ideas expressed in the past, under many different religions, including but not limited to Christianity. The reasons why this is true are simple to understand:

        1) The material level of reality is deeply fear-based, which is the reason why it is so valuable to us spiritually. The fear that permeates matter gives us something to push against so we can achieve much more rapid spiritual growth.

        2) Until very recently, we had no way really to discover the truth about anything. Therefore we had to make up ideas, and with our minds bathed in the fear that comes with being in bodies, naturally most of our ideas about what was going on were fear-based.

        This is why the movement that was supposed to be a spiritual movement based in the teachings of Jesus ended up a dogma-riddled religion based in fear instead. It’s why notions like the Demiurge could seem to the Gnostics to make sense. Our great advantage now, of course, is that both modern science and the thinning of the veil between material and non-material realities have made it possible in recent years for us to actually figure out the truth! The evidence of what is going on is so consistent, and so overwhelming, that we KNOW now that the greater reality is based in nothing but perfect love, so we can laugh off all those various old nonsense ideas as what they are: nothing but the whims of children trying to scare one another in the dark.

        The fundamental human question is whether reality is based in fear or whether it is based in love. To put it another way, is human life at its base a tragedy or a comedy? We know the answer now. And we will never be afraid of anything, not ever again!

          1. Dear Saif, Mikey is right, but if I disagreed with him it wouldn’t matter, would it? Mikey Morgan knows infinitely more than I do!

    1. Roberta: thank you so much for tackling this extremely complex subject. Your description of the astral planes as being a place of many different possibilities and scenarios is certainly borne out by Cyrus Kirkpatrick and Jurgen Ziewe, who are well known astral travelers. There seems to be no limit to what can be experienced there. Also, scientists have been wrestling with the problem of dark matter for years with little or no progress, and I’m sure that it is due to their insistence that there are some kind of mysterious particles involved. However, they haven’t really discovered what it is comprised of. I’m definitely no scientist, but if dark matter doesn’t react to light photons, it is not likely to be comprised of anything material, and this has left them scratching their heads. That’s too bad because I think if we solve the problem of dark matter, it could be the most important discovery on the planet.

      1. Dear Lola, I agree with you about the importance of the eventual and surely inevitable discovery of the nature of dark matter and dark energy. Good grief, dark energy makes up literally two-thirds of what scientists are sure exists! How can all that dark energy not be perhaps the base creative Consciousness? I used to think that must be what it was, and dark matter was the non-material but decidedly full of solidity astral plane; but now I think things are not quite so sorted out and separate. Still, as scientists have floundered ever more obviously over the past decade, I have become steadily more certain that the non-material areas and beings we have talked about today must of course be what make up the “dark” 95% of reality. It just will be wonderful when someone finally opens his mind enough to be able to figure out how it works!

        1. Here is an example of some of the most recent scientific research into dark matter, just fyi. This is from the University of Tokyo, as recently as last month:

          From the intro:
          “Dark matter is only known by its effect on massive astronomical bodies, but has yet to be directly observed or even identified.”
          A little light reading. Get it? “Light” reading? 😉

          1. Thank you for this link, dear Mike! And good grief, so their latest effort is to look for a differently-named particle of material trash with yet more photons of laser light? And that’s the only way they can imagine to try to make sense of that 28% of what exists? They learn nothing, and they see nothing!!

            Here is the whole Summary of their supposedly brilliant latest effort to figure out dark matter:

            “Dark matter is only known by its effect on massive astronomical bodies, but has yet to be directly observed or even identified. A theory about what dark matter might be suggests that it could be a particle called an axion and that these could be detectable with laser-based experiments that already exist. These laser experiments are gravitational-wave observatories.”

        2. It’s an interesting topic, that of so-called dark matter, but is there any indication from dependable and spiritually-advanced communicators that other worlds and dimensions ‘out there’ are structured from this elusive material?

          Come to that, is there similarly any indication that the sciences of this physical dimension – our world and the rest of this universe – apply also to the dimensions of the etheric ones, ‘places’ we can neither observe nor detect?

          Or are we mistakenly trying to fill one void – our lack of understanding of the nature of the etheric – with another, our lack of understanding of dark matter? 😉

        3. Roberta: I’m thinking that if dark matter makes up such a large part of the universe (and science admits this is true), it must be of extreme importance. My puny mind can only speculate, but I get the sense that it may be responsible for the “harmony” of the universe. Like you said, it may be “the base creative consciousness.”

          1. Dear Mac and Lola, since they are not material, dark matter and energy cannot be studied using tools which are fine-tuned to the study of matter. And you are right, dear Lola: since they make up more than 95% of what is otherwise a breathtakingly finely-tuned universe, they must be of extreme importance! My working assumption now is that dark energy (about 68% of the universe) is the base creative Consciousness, and dark matter (about 28%) is the glorious astral. It’s kind of fun to watch the zombie scientists stumbling toward eventually somehow figuring it out!

    2. Oh my, dear Doug, you have made me blush ;-)!

      I do so much love the people I meet in this work, and especially the seekers and those who have on their own learned and discovered so much. Such utterly beautiful people! It feels at this point as if I have made hundreds and thousands of friends whose lives have become important to me, and just hearing from you makes me smile!

  2. Before I begin I’m going to apologise and say sorry this is not personal before going on to say the following is a general caution for anyone.

    I’m always uneasy when someone says something like: “Mediums have even told me things that only my wife & I knew. So the question is; if only I and my wife knew this secret & it was never written down, how did the medium know?” The simple answer is that a practitioner wouldn’t know a secret or details unless it or they had come from someone; that someone may inadvertently have been the sitter.

    In the US a psychic may also be referred to as a medium. Both a psychic and an actual medium will be ‘psychic’. (adjective) That attribute enables either to ‘pick up’ information from the ‘sitter’ or seeker. (so-called auric or psychic reading) A ‘spiritual medium’, however, should provide evidence of the identity of any spirit communicator providing relevant details.

    If a medium gives a sitter personal information, received from a previously-identified communicator the sitter can relate to it, then it’s more likely the information has not been gleaned from the sitter – that’s ‘evidential mediumship’.

    If a practitioner is not able to explain the source of any details offered, I suggest it’s best to be cautious about believing it’s from a spirit communicator until there is something to support that belief.

    1. Mac: This has been a big problem for me for a long time. It’s often impossible to figure out if there is an actual communicator giving information. I think it could work either way, and certainly if a medium can identify a spirit communicator with evidence, it would lend a lot of credibility that messages were coming from him or her. However, that is often not the case, so who can say with certainty if there is an actual spirit communicator. We have here in the United States some great mediums, and one of them is John Edward. He read a young man who was randomly in the audience, saying that his father wished to contact him. He (John) saw a Portuguese flag on a ship in the middle of the ocean among other things I can no longer recall. but since this kid’s father was an investment counselor in NY City, he figured John Edward was overrated and he was not impressed. Through this reading, however, the young man found out he was adopted and that his biological father had been a Merchant Marine in Portugal. That is definitely evidential mediumship. Sadly, this sort of undoubtable proof is very rarely able to be given.

      1. That’s a great story, Lola! 🙂

        Often the most persuasive evidence comes after being given details we then have to research later after the ‘reading’. With no prior knowledge of the true situation the young man could not have been the unknowing source of the details John Edward gave him. Sadly the audience wouldn’t know the end of the story and might also draw the conclusion the young man had drawn, that John Edward wasn’t linking to a discarnate communicator.

        I haven’t had such vivid evidence but I was given one piece of information many years ago. At the time I could not link to it but several years later it happened in an altogether different context. The ‘proof’ came from a very distant relative in Australia and a photo substantiated the particular detail – it was one of those “Oh – so that’s what it was all about!” dawnings and I hadn’t even known of the communicator in this lifetime.

        1. The reason I even knew about this is that it was on television. John Edward often had follow-up shows where the people who experienced readings on his show “Crossing Over” followed up with further proof that their readings were accurate and not explainable by “cold readings” or guesses on his part. This kind of woke America up to this possibility, as before that, it was assumed by most that mediums were frauds. You are so lucky to live in the UK where this has been accepted as a matter of fact for many years.

          1. The irony, Lola, is that the movement – leading to whatever wider acceptance of survival evidence might be assumed for the UK – actually has its roots in Hydesville upstate NY. I find it depressing, though, that things may not be exactly how they appear to you although perhaps still less-bad than in the US.

            Since my ‘awakening’ to survival and spiritual issues I have seen a diminishing of general awareness and a reduction in the quality of bedrock evidential mediumship. I’m actually in conversation with an ex Brit, now Aussie, friend on both this very subject but also about Silver Birch who we two have been discussing for some time.

            Fraud has always been, and remains, a significant risk; one fraudulent practitioner can undermine the rest. But equally concerning for me are those who in ignorance present and charge for psychic services as if they were evidential mediumship.

            I know, I know, mac is wittering on again. 🙁

        2. My comment here is a few months later but I’ll place it anyway for future readers. Concerning John Edward, I just saw a video yesterday about reading his body language etc on the you tube channel Face Body Reading.

          It was clear on the video that he is a fake, basically just a mentalist playing tricks. I see no empathy in his face. Just because someone has made a name for himself doesn’t mean he is legit. Even if a real psychic medium gains fame, it seems that it becomes harder to resist their egos. The same thing seemed to have happened to Sylvia Browne.

          Another thing that is problematic for me, is that they charge so much money. The origin of this was back in the late 1800’s as mediums did readings for the wealthy. They themselves potentially becoming very wealthy also works against their talent. I’m not saying they should do it for free, but if they charged a reasonable rate, they’d likely get more clients including poorer people and would still make a very good living at it.

          1. Thank you for your thoughts, Francine! I am not surprised in the case of either medium; I have had some very disappointing readings myself. I think that in any case it is not a bright-line distinction – fraud vs, not-fraud – but rather, they all have on-days and off-days, and when the juices aren’t flowing even the best of them will fudge it. People often ask me to suggest a medium to them, and I used to do it more than I do now because every medium I have tried has really in the end proved to be a disappointment.

      2. Hi Lola 👋
        The subject of evidential mediumship is very interesting. As you know, I hail from Sydney Australia. Although I am an Aussie, I have found two American mediums really worthy of interest to say the least.

        One is the ‘Carefree Medium’, Susanne Wilson (from Carefree Az). She explains how being evidential works and she has proved her authenticity in many cases.
        At times a fact delivered during a reading, is later found to be true while being unknown to the person sitting for the reading at the time.
        IE: This type of proof shows that the medium is not picking up thoughts from the sitters’ mind during a reading. Her channeling is real. Various case examples abound.

        The other is Suzanne Giesemann. She is an evidential medium who has proven her spirit communication to be authentic many times over. She has articulated clear ‘milestone’ cases where those she has channeled, directly reveal happenings and items unknown to the sitter at the time of a reading. Later, the sitter finds the item (eg: in an unknown bank box) or learns about the fact (eg: from an old relative) that Suzanne mentions. Excitedly, the sitter then contacts SG with confirmation proof. Again, various examples abound.

        It’s the really amazing mediums like those above, who show to us lay folk actual proof of their ability and of communication from the other side.

        You know much, my dear, and you may well know of those I’ve mentioned. If so, I’m happy to share the names of these two incredible mediums with others here who can find them on Youtube.

        1. Dear Efrem, of course I do know of Susanne and Suzanne, and there are others as well who are often recommended. The problem is that although someone may feel a given reading was wonderful, others might be disappointed, so there really is no medium who hits the bull’s eye for everyone. We include a medium tab on this website, and we have recommended mediums there. I think there are some names there right now. But the problem is that while everyone I ever have listed there has come well-recommended, then someone might try a medium because I made the recommendation and be disappointed and suggest that I remove that medium. There really is no one who is always great :-(.

          1. The medium I hired in 2023 said she spends the first ten minutes verifying that the right spirits are coming through for the sitter. She told me to answer with Yes, No, or Maybe to her questions in those first 10 minutes. if too little information seems accurate. she ends the meeting. We have to remember that mediums are a go-between, trying to pass information in both directions. Sometimes, the spirit we want to connect with is not available or not willing at the time. I know this blog is old, but my experiences are recent, and I was overwhelmed by the number of spirits whose personalities in Kat’s words were a match to the people I knew. She couldn’t have been reading my mind because I could hardly think. I was just fascinated. Oh, and I concur with the opinion of Suzanne Geisemann.

        2. Efrem: I couldn’t agree with you more. The two Suzannes you mentioned are fabulous mediums, and no one could ever ask for anything better. However, their wonderful reputations have resulted in very long waiting lists, and SG had to close hers because it was getting out of hand. Luckily, they both have written excellent books that are readily available at Amazon and other places, and I’m sure they are available in Australia. These women are classic examples of evidential mediumship.

  3. Just to add my thanks to you, Roberta, for another fine post in what has been a thoughtful and fascinating series. And yet, speaking for myself, the positive feelings caused by hearing that we do survive the death of the body are mixed with some feelings of unease. For there are some of us, often described as introverts or loners, who very much enjoy the sense of being by ourselves (however illusory this might turn out to be) and whilst we do enjoy the company of others, also feel a very strong need for frequent periods of “alone time” in order to stay sane.

    This varies according to the person. In my own case, although blessed with a lovely family and pleasant colleagues, I find that interacting with people (even loved ones, although animals such as cats are a happy exception) for long stretches of time soon starts to feel like a form of torture similar to sleep-deprivation, however delightful the company.

    Your mentioning that the “empty-seeming air around you similarly teems with living beings”, brought it again home to me. The thought of this seems bearable here on the physical plane, as we are normally shielded (as it were) from being aware of all this teeming spirit life.

    In the afterlife, apparently, not so. Despite the undoubted wonders and joys of the spirit world, as it has been described, it also seems a very “extrovert” sort of place, with its bright light, continuous mingling and interaction of minds, no possibility of private thoughts and nowhere to hide or escape to. My understanding at this point is probably superficial, but sometimes I read about the afterlife and it seems the very definition of “introvert hell”.

    I’m curious as to whether others have any similar misgivings. Also I wonder: could there be some who may want to incarnate again partly because here in the physical we can enjoy the sensations of solitude and privacy for a while, even if these are illusions?

    1. Dear Alex, if you are worried about having to interact with people in the afterlife and in the general astral – if you fear that any of it might be crowded – then I have a happy surprise for you! One thing that many who have lived on earth remark about when they first arrive in the afterlife is how astonishingly empty it is of people. The afterlife alone is enormous, far beyond the size of – say – this solar system, and it consists of perhaps thousands of inhabited consciousness vibrations of which each is fully that size! There are some cities, but most people seem to want to live widely separated, and that makes sense since travel even across this universe can be instantaneous and entirely by mind. So no matter how remote from others you want to be, and for no matter how long you want to live that way, your preference easily can be accommodated. No worries!

      1. It’s important to remember, however, that there is no time and no space, but there is love…a complete, total, all encompassing, almost inconceivable, fundamentally supportive and understanding [I don’t have a proper noun for it – experience?] of Love.

    2. Hey Alex,
      At heart I am as you are; an introvert. Except I’m not a classic introvert, but one with the ability to function as a friend or family and community member for stretches of time. After which I am emotionally drained and I need to get away to be alone (in terms of humans, not animals). So I seem to be an extroverted introvert. Apparently there are such combinations! However I gain my ‘sense of self’ by periods spent alone, and that’s how I know my inner nature is introverted.

      The reason for explaining myself is to tell you that I too shared the apprehension of a crowded Afterlife. Then I learned of a true soul, who was a hermit, even homeless in this life. He chose no great house amidst his fellows in the Afterlife. Instead he took to a boundless forest and lived with nature, breathing in the love of God.

      And if we need company, we can beam ourselves to anywhere and to anyone we choose. Apparently there is that much freedom in the ‘Always Life’ (as Mike J-R has aptly named it) beyond the heavy space time limitations of our earthly body. 🙂🌅

      1. Efrem: I love your term “extroverted introvert.” Yes, there are such combinations. I know because I’m one of them. You are not the first one to mention a “boundless forest” being there and I certainly hope that’s true, as being an avid hiker, that would be my definition of “heaven.”

        1. If one wants forest, there will be forest. If one wants cities, there are cities stretching as far as the eye can see. If one wants birds, bees, chickens and goats, they’ll be there, hogging space.

          The point is that whatever the landscape, it’s all fabricated on the boundless, unconditional Divine power of ongoing creation that we experience as perfect Love. That’s the heaven part.

          1. Mike, that is totally mind boggling. Are you saying that these landscapes are created by a divine power, or are they created by spirits who have been constantly going there? Or is it a combination of both? In other words, are we co-creators?

          2. Lola, I am not sue where this reply will land relative to your question because on my browser the only available place to leave a comment is ABOVE your question and below my initial comment, but it’s your query about co-creators that I am responding to. So here goes. I don’t know the direct answer to your question, but I do know that it’s the experience of divine nature — the nearly incomprehensible depth of acceptance and support that is the base creative force (and is perceived by us in turn as a love like none that can otherwise be experienced) — that comprises our afterlife existence. The details of the flora and fauna are secondary to this.

          3. Great reply Mike. You have said before that the base creative force is ongoing and it is what we experience as Divine Love.
            I know this to be true in my bones, as it were.
            We are each part of that Divine Source, so we inform and receive the beautiful setting we so desire in the Afterlife. I trust that my beautiful place will be there. If Divine Love is endless, then creation possibilities are endless!
            All we perceive in this world is limitations; the Always Life is the opposite, I feel. 🌅🕊🌿

      2. Just to say many thanks indeed to Roberta, Lola, Efrem, Mike J-R and Scott for all your replies. Love the “boundless forest” idea! Throw in a few mountain ranges and oceans as well, and it would be perfect. Another question I have is when recreation in the afterlife (whether solitary or with other souls) starts to get tiresome and we decide it’s “back to school” – typically, at what point does that moment come? Maybe it’s a question for another post…

        1. Alex: It’s been my understanding that there is no typical point, since it is unique for each individual. I’ve heard there are many opportunities for learning experiences there, however, as well as being of service. Maybe someone can expand on this further.

        2. Dear Alex, I don’t think anyone actually gets tired of being in the afterlife and its associated astral, since there are literally infinite enjoyable things to do! What seems to happen, though, is that we keep encountering beings more spiritually advanced than we are, and hearing about places and experiences that are far above our own vibratory rate, and we might even be taken to some of those places by a higher-vibrating friend who shields us with his energy so we can see what it’s like there. My own guide, Thomas, talked about having such an adventure when he spoke through Leslie Flint, and he was overwhelmed by how beautiful it was above his own vibratory rate (which is apparently at the top of the fifth level). So we get hungry to again raise our vibration higher if we can, and we begin to plan another earth-lifetime.

          Since the decision to have another go at growing spiritually in another incarnation is nearly always our own, the WHEN of it can’t be spoken of except by saying that we’ll have another go at living on earth when we decide our felt need to grow is worth all the trouble and pains that incarnating entails. And we very seldom choose to reincarnate when anyone we knew in our last earth-incarnation is still in an earth-body; but rather, we wait and play in the afterlife until we can help to welcome all of them back home again.

  4. Don’t worry, Alex. If at times you want to be alone, it’s no problem, as no one can force you to constantly interact with everyone else. Just like here, we can elect to have some “down time” if that is what we desire. All we have to do is set our intention.

    1. As a bit of an introvert myself, I’m going to want plenty of ” me time” as well. The ironic beauty of the more open, mind-to-mind communication on the other side is that everyone will know when you “vant to be alone” as Greta Garbo used to say.

  5. Hello dear Roberta
    A thousand thanks again for your uplifting post. My whole being ‘smiled’ when I read this.

    I have a somewhat sober question and I hope this is the correct forum at which to ask. I am from Australia and, yesterday, a well-known serial killer breathed his last in prison. I am not this man’s judge but would appreciate your thoughts on what he may experience in the Afterlife.

    Thank you again Roberta and much love.

    1. Dear Kristian, people who have grievously harmed people in life will go through the same life-review that the rest of us do, and they will feel the pain and horror of everyone they harmed. For some people (notably those “good Germans” who carried out the Holocaust), the pain of that can be so overwhelming that they find self-forgiveness impossible, and they end up putting themselves in outer-darkness torment. There is no judgment by others, and there is a lot of counseling and help available, so some people do manage to forgive themselves; but in any individual case, it is impossible for us to know from here. Perhaps that’s just as well?

  6. Dearest Roberta:

    The belovedness you unite among us is SO Creator glorifying.! Such blissfulness is beyond angelic!
    You continuously bring forth your Creator enabled conscious awareness to joyously awaken ours as we glorify our Creator’s eternal love AND forgiveness.
    Your description of yourself as an “Afterlife Expert” is SO understated!!!
    Perhaps “Creator’s Eternal Loving Oneness Professional”; YEAH?
    Anyway, you sure help us bring blissful loving oneness together!!!
    Seems almost beyond even the Dzogchen highest level of primordial state of being where secure eternal refuge is achieved, YEAH?

    1. Oh my dear William, I love that new title. I do think, though, that my family might consider it to be a bit over-the-top!

      What makes me the happiest that I can be is the joy of seeing so many people begin to understand, and then the fun of watching them expand into that glorious greater awareness that their lives really ARE eternal! It’s like a drug for me. I live my life high on the thrill of others who are beginning now to live forevermore, and all I want to do for the rest of my life is to make that thrill possible for more and more people, and of course also for me 😉

  7. Mac: The Hydesville NY case was so controversial that even today, no one knows what the real story is. They worked very hard to debunk it. In a way, I can’t blame them. A group of teenage girls claiming they were interacting with a spirit knocking on their floors and walls and nicknaming him “Mr. Splitfoot” would understandably cause a tongue in cheek reaction. I might have been glorifying mediums in the UK, but I have read about and heard about many who were presenters in not very well known Spiritualist churches. They were not interested in becoming well known, nor did they charge very much. Some of them accepted only donations, yet their readings were outstanding in many cases. This is just not the case here in the US. As you pointed out, there are a number of them who overcharge in the sense that they do not provide actual evidential mediumship.

  8. Lola: I did not say overcharge and I rarely criticise anyway what practitioners charge for their services. I do have firm opinions about what’s reasonable, though. 😉

    Had I been privileged to be the custodian of a gift like mediumship or healing I’d hope I would have given it as freely as I could to those needing it. Such was the way of certain mediums and healers of yesteryear in the UK, some well-known others less so but all working for the spirit. Those will be the ones you and I admire. Modern day practitioners may, or may not, concern themselves about what constitutes a ‘reasonable charge’.

    What I do thoroughly disapprove of is psychism when it was mediumship being offered. It’s about that I often express my feelings. 😉

    I understand why folk were sceptical about the stories but I’m not really interested in the history of Hydesville, only what it turned into.

  9. Yes, I see where I implied that you said they overcharged. It’s me that feels that way, not you. Sorry about that. It was my fault in that I phrased the sentence wrong. I just meant that it’s often hard to find evidential mediumship over here.

    1. If I knew the circumstances, if I knew the outcome, Lola, I expect I might agree with you about being overcharged. I’m dismayed it’s left you feeling as you do because a reputable practitioner could / should have done better. 🙁

      I’ve been around both countries long enough to appreciate the difficulty in finding basic, simple, evidential mediumship in the USA. It is probably more doable in the UK although I have Brit friends in similar situations to American ones. What is definitely different is the network of churches and centers here, places served publicly by mediums whose fees are usually modest, some of whom also providing private sittings. And we have mediums who tour the country providing public demonstrations of mediumship. I’m not aware that happens much in the US, Canada or Australia.

      I’m aware there are some mediums stateside with sound reputations. Efrem has mentioned Suzanne Wilson in Carefree, AZ and Roberta has spoken warmly of her too. I’m sure there will be others but probably far fewer than we have in my titchy homeland. The message of survival appears to have been commercialised. Finding a medium, booking a visit and then traveling in such huge countries must be daunting. I wish it were otherwise.

      Well over a century ago our friends unseen in spirit triggered a movement (whose simple teachings underpin my overall understanding) that was successful for a long period in spreading the word of survival. That movement is now heard from less and less but few things stay the same forever – except, perhaps, mainstream religions. 🙂 🙁

      There’s no need – of course – for a medium to be part of any movement or any church anyway! But it makes finding one, or witnessing a public demonstration of evidential mediumship, far easier.

      1. Mac: I think I have been a bit “whiney” about mediums. Yes, I have been “duped” but who hasn’t been? It’s just part of life. I have also had several incredible experiences that I never mentioned to anyone for fear they would think I was “losing it.” I shouldn’t expect great results all the time. You hit the nail on the head, though, when you mentioned the many spiritual churches and centers there. That is the reason why I said you were lucky to live in the UK. Some would pay little or no attention to those centers or churches but for me, it would be utopia.

        1. I didn’t find you whining, Lola, simply expressing how things are for you. On that matter I have direct experience of intense let-down albeit without a charge being made! 🙂

          I was the object of psychic reading carried out by a friend from whom I had expected mediumship – it was, after all, how I promoted the evening sessions I used to organise for her at that time. She always told me she was a medium and in those days I questioned less – I’m a trusting soul but much more wary now, hence the psychic vs. mediumship interest. One of my learning experiences, any benefit from which I try to pass on. 😉

          Not even the most accomplished mediums can be totally consistent and those of lesser ability may struggle more to ‘make contact’ with those we hope to hear from. It’s not necessarily their failing, though, when they don’t get a strong contact.

          As for churches and centers, well I rarely visit either although I have four within ‘spitting distance’ and a couple more about 30 minutes from home. I don’t have the need for them and haven’t for many years. Neither do I have anything to offer anyone at them either. If I did I’d go to see what I could do. 🙁

          1. Was the lady you refer to more of a psychic than a medium? I have to say that I didn’t give any serious thought to the possibility that they (at least at times) could be reading the mind of the sitter, so I want to thank you for bringing that up, as the more I think about it, that is a very valid possibility.

  10. Very interesting blog. I have a question regarding the spirit in the photo – possibly the photographer’s mother: I’ve read that when we reincarnate, we bring with us only a very small amount of our essence/spirit/energy (I’m not sure of the correct terminology). So, I’m wondering if the spirit seen in the photo possibly reincarnated before the photo was taken and if so, would the photographed spirit’s remaining essence/spirit/energy be what was photographed? I hope that makes sense. Thank You.

    1. Dear Katherine, I do understand. And I just refer to all of what is eternal in each of us as Mind. It’s Consciousness, an undivided aspect of the base creative force. And apparently what we leave behind doesn’t do much while an aspect of us is in a body – indeed, I recall reading once a seance transcript of someone recently dead and communicating through a medium who was asked if he had seen Aunt Mildred (or some name). He said, “Yes, and I’m looking at her right now. She’s sitting on a bench and not doing much because she has just entered another earth-incarnation.” Now, that is just one instance, but that sense that we are here as well as there but what we leave there doesn’t do much is also generally expressed in other communications. What was photographed on that road breaching into this level was very likely a much livelier and entirely complete being who was not then in a material body.

  11. Second Question:
    “…And while our minds easily can tune to lower frequencies than whatever their preset set-point is, we find it unbearable to try to go higher because the consciousness energy above our present natural set-point batters us unbearably.”
    QUESTION: What is meant by “batters us unbearably.”

    1. Dear Katherine, this sense of the energy at levels higher than our own natural vibration being unbearable for us is consistently expressed by beings not now in earth-bodies. When asked to further elaborate, they say something like that the elevated energy “batters us” or “assails us.”

      Think of being at a very loud rock concert in a hundred-mile-per-hour wind in direct noonday summer sunlight. Then crank all that up by double or triple. Lots of energy battering you at once! This is how I always have imagined it to feel when we try to go higher than our own vibratory rate. It’s not sound or wind, not light or heat, but rather it is the equivalent in energy of the mind.

  12. Roberta, great post and as you suggested will need to be reread many times by me.
    I do have a question about one thing you wrote, “but rather the evidence indicates that God is a Collective of Perfected Beings. “.
    I had not seen that anywhere before but I have not read a lot of Silver Birch.
    Just curious, thanks for your work. Jean

    1. Jean:
      In human form I doubt any of us have the capacity to envisage God and the words we use are frequently inadequate for the simplest of concepts. I’m not persuaded that even spiritually advanced beings have much clearer ideas either.

      I suggest it’s highly likely that whatever any of us envisage, incarnate and discarnate alike, or whatever way folk describe God, all of us will be wrong.

      My approach to envisaging ‘God’ is that it’s best to go with what you personally feel most comfortable with as an individual rather than trying to use anyone else’s description. 🙂

    2. Dear Jean, this notion that God is a Collective is something that Thomas insisted I include in a blog post here some months ago (posted on 3/16/19). The higher we go in terms of our spiritual growth, the more likely we are to work in collectives that are vastly more wise and powerful than any one of us could be; and the Seventh Level, to which we all aspire, is routinely referred to as the Source Level – or God, in other words. When I first saw that information appear on the screen as I was writing that recent blog post, I resisted actually saying it. I never had seen anything like that expressed anywhere! But Mikey Morgan’s definition of God is “The Unity of pure love and all that exists,” and communicators have told us that Jesus is “from the highest aspect of the Godhead” (which also implies a Collective), so when Thomas strongly urged me to say in that blog post that God is a Collective, in the end I left it there.

      As many of you know, I own and sponsor, of which Mac is the Administrator (thank you again, Mac!). I read every post there, but I am embarrassed to say that I no longer make it there every day, or even quite every week. Most of the posting there is Mikey Morgan answering questions, and when I went there last night there were many pages of his answers that I needed to read. And believe it or not, right there in answer to someone’s question he said flat-out that God is a Collective! I had never seen him saying it so plainly, but there it was. As many have said, here and elsewhere, our knowledge on earth is advancing as the veil thins further, and this revelation that God is Us, that once we eventually perfect ourselves we will join the Godhead, is not in Silver Birch or anywhere else of which I am aware. But right now, in the second decade of the 21st century, it is a revelation from Mikey Morgan that is echoed and affirmed by the entity that was once Thomas Jefferson. You heard it here first!

  13. re: “And believe it or not, right there in answer to someone’s question he (Mikey) said flat-out that God is a Collective! I had never seen him saying it so plainly, but there it was.”

    I didn’t recall his saying that so I checked back and (assuming this is what Roberta meant) found the actual words were: “Mikey tells me that Jesus is an Ascended Master who is One with The Source = God or whatever term you choose to use.”

    Does ‘one with the source’ imply Jesus is one part of a collective God? hmm…..???

    Helpfully, Mikey did offer his thoughts about what an ‘Ascended Master’ is, a topic discussed elsewhere, viz: ” Mikey tells me there are other very high spiritual souls who are Ascended Masters as well. Jesus is not the only one. Buddha is also an Ascended Master.”

    On this topic, if we accept Mikey’s clear examples then it seems plain that those claiming to channel ascended masters are deluded.

  14. “…. and this revelation that God is Us, that once we eventually perfect ourselves we will join the Godhead, is not in Silver Birch or anywhere else of which I am aware. But right now, in the second decade of the 21st century, it is a revelation from Mikey Morgan that is echoed and affirmed by the entity that was once Thomas Jefferson. You heard it here first!”

    Heard it here first? Well, maybe…. 😉 However, ‘Alpha’, the ‘chaneled’ guide of medium Julie Gale, offered guidance on the subject some years earlier. From his words come my interpretation of them to the best of my limited ability.

    Alpha told of the journey we make as individuated spirit, every single one emanating from source and every single one eventually re-merging with source. That’s not because we will have become perfect because we were never anything other than perfect. 😉 No, it’s because we will have completed an odyssey of discovery, totally unfathomable to us in our human form and probably beyond. Individual particles of the divine and identical to that magnificent, creative essence we mortals call God. Individually we are from the source, of the source and identical to the source; we ARE the source.

    Think of a holographic image on a photographic glass plate. Shattering that plate will create tiny fragments but the images in every fragment – even if a microscope is needed to see them – are totally identically similar to the original. Such are we; the tiniest imaginable particles of source yet every one identically similar to its totality. neat, huh? 🙂

  15. Mac: Are you familiar with the book “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot? The reason I’m asking is that what you mentioned above is exactly what he says in his book with just a slight difference in wording. He is deceased now, but was convinced that the universe was a hologram. Since Talbot was a physicist, it is very interesting that he totally agrees with “Alpha”

    1. The ONLY way for any of this to “make sense” to our little pea brains is for us to “assume” that we can take ourselves out of linear time and space and as a “thought experiment” envision eternity. As my physicist father used to say when he was still with us (and still says, even though he isn’t), “Nothing is not the opposite of something; the opposite of something is EVERYTHING.”

      So when in our thought experiment we envision God as a collective, have to do so without including an arrow of time in which everyone ascends to that level but rather an eternal state in which all is always ONE with God. The English language with its verb tenses forces us to think and speak as if there is progression, but is simply always IS.

      (How’d I do? 😉 )

      1. Mike: You’re so right about our vocabulary being inadequate to express or comprehend much of this (at least in my case), but if we are already all one with God, then how does that tie in with dying and ascending to higher levels? Most people are unable to do this immediately after dying, and I always thought that “progression” to the higher levels was the overall plan. Maybe there are no “higher levels” per se

    2. No, Lola, I don’t know that book and I am generally not a bookworm anyway.

      But I want to apologise for mixing Alpha’s guidance and my own feeble efforts in a single posting but failing to point it out.

      The hologram bit wasn’t Alpha’s. It was my clumsy effort to try to give an analogy for how we’re all fragments of source. mea culpa 🙁

      1. Oh ok. I re-read what you wrote, and I see what you mean now. But still . . . .. . I would hardly call your analogy a “clumsy effort”. The only difference is that instead of agreeing with Alpha, Talbot agrees with you. I liked what Alpha said about completing an odyssey of discovery totally unfathomable to us while in human bodies – so much so that I am going to look on the internet to see if there is any further information on this “guide”.

        1. Same apology – I’m really sorry. I had again used my own words to try to explain the way I understood Alpha’s guidance. I hadn’t foreseen how doing that could lead to confusion about who said what.

          They were all my words. I am very sorry I didn’t make that clear. 🙁

          1. Oh please don’t apologize. Your analogy of the photographic plate was so similar to Talbot’s that I actually thought you read his book. I thought your way of explaining Alpha’s guidance was superb because you made it all so much easier to understand

        2. UK author and medium Julie Gale wrote in her book ‘Soul Trek’ that her “beloved spiritual teacher”, someone she “…had known for many years”, the soul she called Alpha, asked her if she would write a book for him.

          That was 1988 and she said she wrote for six months, the resultant book an edited version of what her teacher had said. Ten years later I found myself reading it, an account that broadened my outlook on many things.

          I hope this may help you, Lola, research online.


          1. I forgot to add that Julie Gale said in the book’s introduction that she realised her sort of work was what is called “channelled material” (sic) and that she was happy for it to be called that, but preferred to say it was received (quote) “mediumistically by using (her) psychic senses.”

            In a letter to me she said she found it interesting I had earlier quoted from Silver Birch as one of his books had a great effect on her and she also said she had worked on newspaper Psychic News when Barbanell was editor.

            She ended her letter by telling me she knew Alpha received my thoughts directly.

            Interesting how life turns out, eh? 🙂

          2. Thanks. I can’t wait to find out more about Julie and her book “Soul Trek”. How interesting that she worked with Barbanell on Psychic News. You said “She ended her letter by telling me she knew Alpha received my thoughts directly”. This sounds like she meant your thoughts. Is that right?

          3. Until this conversation I hadn’t even heard of Talbot and I have no clue what he wrote about. 🙂

            I’m pleased to learn my interpretation of Alpha’s guidance worked for you. I find it hard to decide whether I should quote exact words or present what I make of them. I’m often banging on about the desirability of context when discussing difficult concepts but short of reading the whole book there’s no way I could provide a more helpful context.

    3. Dear Lola, thank you for mentioning Michael Talbot’s amazing book, which is close to 30 years old now but still is highly relevant! I read it back when it first came out, and it was seminal for me – it vastly improved my understanding of what all the afterlife evidence was saying. I recommend it now to everyone who really wants to better figure things out!

      1. I don’t blame you to recommend it, Roberta. it was a fabulous book. It’s so sad that he was working on another one but was diagnosed with leukemia and died way before the book was completed. Talbot was definitely ahead of his time.

      2. Lola: quote ““She ended her letter by telling me she knew Alpha received my thoughts directly”. This sounds like she meant your thoughts. Is that right?”

        Yes that’s what she meant. 🙂

          1. I don’t think so, Lola, but before and when actually writing to Julie, my thoughts would also be intensely on Alpha, her teacher. I guess that might briefly have linked him and me. Perhaps linking still happens when I focus and ‘tune in’ on his teachings when I’m trying to give my explanation of what I understood from them? I realise that may sound fanciful but I do think similar may happen when I put questions to Mikey Morgan via his mom.

  16. Thanks Roberta for your insights. While I find all of this quite facinating and supportive of my general beliefs, the end goal is unclear. I am not that interested getting bogged down of the science of it. None of it seems to be conflict with the teachings of Jesus or other great teachers of the past. To the contrary this information often clarifies some of their teachings. The question then is what impact this knowledge should have on our remaining years in this lifetime.

    1. Dear Tom, that is precisely the question, and thank you for bringing our focus back to it!

      What seems to be the case is that people will take the Gospel teachings more seriously if they can begin to think in an eternal frame, and they can do that most easily if they can grasp how eternal life happens, where it happens, and the plain and simple fact that it does happen. With all of this said, next week we will look frankly at the death of false Christian dogmas and the return of those who love Jesus to following the Way, since of course what we all should be doing now is focusing with everything that’s in us on following the teachings of Jesus, and thereby substantially raising our own personal consiousness vibrations.

  17. Hi Roberta,
    This week’s entry is jam packed with information and the comments add a great deal more. I am printing out your ten basic points of consciousness. I struggled with Physics in high school and now it makes sense, because science was trying to force physics into simple mathematical and logical relationships. Some takeaways for me:
    I always thought my spirit guide was someone from the past like Thomas, but now it’s possible my primary spirit guide could be evolved from a future life. That is rather mind-blowing.
    I am confident at my age that I won’t have the opportunity to travel the world and see many things that I would like to. But now it appears I can return to the earth in a future consciousness, if I choose to, and see and experience anything from a unique vantage point, no earthly energy required and no time limit. How awesome to see the Amazon River from any vantage point easily and painlessly or do be in the room at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
    You write, “Consciousness exists in a range of emotional vibrations” – I find this interesting, as emotions are mostly seen as non reliable – I recently ready a Christian insight to ignore emotions but live your life by a set of rules. Interesting, that seems to mimic the scientific method.
    I am so happy I found you Roberta and your regular contributors. I ran into you a couple of years ago on a YouTube video, and was drawn in by your very thoughtful observations.

    1. Dear Timothy, your thoughts here are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them! I’m happy that you found us here as well, since you add so much to these weekly discussions ;-).

      I enjoy your idea about not needing to travel on earth, when it will be so much easier to travel after death! That’s what I tell my husband, who has more of a travel urge… but he is a Catholic, so kind of not into seeing the larger picture (I love him anyway).

      And what you say about Christianity is so true! It’s tragic that these people who have access to the most important spiritual insights ever given to humankind – the Gospel teachings of Jesus – are instead stuck in dead-end dogmas and rules that have nothing to do with Him.

      It really is enjoyable to look forward to all that we have ahead of us, isn’t it?

  18. Roberta,
    I love too that there is not a one size fits all and there is only inclusion and love. I only feel compelled here to listen and contemplate my own spiritual growth and recognize my own is not identical to anyone else’s. It bothered me in the past that people became educated and knowledgeable here on earth, only to die, and all that work is lost. It excites me that those may actually be using that knowledge on the other side, and the knowledge we attain here may be mere preschool for what knowledge we gain on the other side.

    1. That’s a great point, Tim. It certainly makes sense that anything we have learned here can be expanded upon there. I heard that nothing we learn here is “lost” in the sense that it is useless over there. I think your idea of earth being a preschool is excellent

      1. Life in this physical dimension is said (by teachers and guides) to greatly enhance our rate of spiritual advancement because of the unique experiences we find here. Hence no experience is without value, even those felt as as negative or boring. But it’s not as simple as pre-school. 😉

        We might wish to consider that on our ‘return to spirit’ (we are never actually separated from the spirit, of course 😉 ) we will become re-acquainted with what we knew before we came here last. We also take with us everything gained in this our current incarnations and for some what they do in this life was chosen by them before they incarnated, perhaps as a continuation of what they were previously doing in the etheric.

        In our incarnate forms, though, most like myself have no idea how much we used to know before we became encased in this constraining, fleshy body – well mine is! An apparently simple, humble individual may have made great spiritual progress in her/his previous incarnations. Just because we may feel we don’t know much it does not automatically follow that the ‘spirit-self’ – the ‘real you’ – does not know much. The exact reverse may be the situation! 😉 🙂

        1. Very true. All of our incarnations are of equal importance for progression. We put a lot of emphasis on the current one because it’s the only one we remember (at least while we are in a physical body).

        2. mac – so true – I think I was trying to say that maybe all we believed we learned, and considering the ways we are taught – we half to meddle through truth versus fiction. Perhaps our knowledge here is limited to a small realm of what we are able to focus on. I personally have always felt like an old soul – even though my experiences growing up were rather limited.

  19. Dear Tim and Lola. The idea that nothing is truly lost is a beautiful one to contemplate. Even if one decides to give oneself to God, starts educating and preparing oneself as much as possible as fast as possible, but dies very soon thereafter, before really being able to do much, it is not wasted effort. You just keep going, and God can find you some work on the other side too. As someone who got a pretty late start in this area, I find that to be a very comforting thought. It’s never too late for someone to get started on the Way and become part of the team.

    1. Mac: Referring to what you said about connecting with Alpha via your thoughts, I have heard of similar instances I at first thought it sounded like a fairy tale, but the more I learned, the more it seemed to be a very good possibility. It seems to indicate that we are all “connected” and that thoughts are much more powerful than we could ever imagine. In any event, I ordered Julie’s book and can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the info

      1. Oh great job, Lola! 🙂 I hope it appeals as much to you as it does for me.

        I didn’t know if it would be available even in the UK let alone in the US. I might get another copy when I’m on your side of the pond as mine is falling apart! 😉

        I fully understand why the suggestion of communication in such a way might sound fanciful, a fairy tale, but over my years ‘in the spooks’ some really odd things have happened in my life. Not loads of them and not that often but when they have happened even I have been astonished how many apparent ‘coincidences’ had to come about to bring an unexpected but beneficial outcome. If they had been told me by someone else I’m pretty sure I’d be sceptical.

        I don’t get many ‘spooky’ events happening to me but certain ones have retained their resonance over the years and I find myself referring to them when I’m trying to help others. Coincidences? Maybe but even this Doubting Thomas is minded to think they’re a wee bit more than just that. 😉

        I do hope you enjoy Soul Trek. 🙂

  20. Mac: If you order the book from Amazon, there are shipping options available from both the UK and the US for this particular book, so it doesn’t matter where you order it from.
    I no longer feel it is fanciful when coincidences and synchronicities occur, and it makes sense to me that you see these things happen in your life as well because of your serious interest in the subject. By serious interest, I mean that you aren’t just “playing around” with it out of mere curiosity. Less than a hundred years ago, I would have been locked up and the key would have been thrown away if I divulged a few things that happened to me. I’m glad that people are finally coming out of the closet, so to speak.

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