The Task Before Us

Posted by Roberta Grimes • February 13, 2021 • 24 Comments
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Praise to the Lord, who doth prosper thy work, and defend thee;
Surely His goodness and mercy here daily attend thee;
Ponder anew all the Almighty can do,
He who with love doth befriend thee.
– Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878), (translator from German), from “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” (1863)

Today’s topic has been a struggle for me. When the task is to put together what I have learned in fifty years of studying the afterlife evidence, the teachings of Jesus, and key aspects of materialist science in order to better understand reality, I can do that! And in truth, all this widely disparate evidence fits together so perfectly that it seems to be statistically impossible for the conclusions we can draw from it not to be right. But our task for today is to take the next step, and reason beyond our present reality toward establishing a process that can lead to a future we have no way even to imagine now. The kingdom of God overspreading the earth will be an explosion of love and joy!

Jesus gave us the method and the goal. And we begin to see now that His vision can work! For me, one clear proof of the divinity of Jesus is the fact that two thousand years ago He knew extraordinary things about human nature that we are discovering only now. So our mission and our method have been set for us by One whose wisdom and knowledge are perfect. But still, for us to achieve the kingdom of God on earth looks to be impossible!

Our problem is that the only way to bring the kingdom of God on earth is to spiritually elevate each of us individually. Person by person. Since every human mind is part of the one vast Mind that continuously manifests reality, we know that as people work to raise their own consciousness vibrations, the success of each will minutely contribute to the elevation of us all. So we can begin from our present state of deep negativity, and as each of us grows spiritually we can together elevate the consciousness vibrations of us all. And of course, the more of us who are growing spiritually, the more our growth will act to elevate that one collective human consciousness, whose further elevation then will prompt ever more and more people to work to raise their own consciousness vibrations, too. And so it will build, until spiritual growth is rapidly happening everywhere.

It has been estimated that when as few as ten percent of the world’s population has achieved spiritual elevation to the point where they will no longer need to reincarnate (which is to say, when they have achieved the spiritual development of what we call the fifth level), at that point all of human consciousness will be able to continue to rise on its own in a gloriously positive feedback loop of ever more people raising their vibrations and contributing to the elevation of everyone else. And then, before long, kindness and joy will break out like springtime all over the world! Even terrorists will be cuddling puppies. And we will begin to notice with delight that the kingdom of God is upon us now. It is within us and all around us!

Although of course, right now humankind is rushing headlong in the wrong direction. There is so much negativity and rage polluting all of human consciousness that some astral travelers have reported seeing the earth’s negativity from their non-material perspective as a dark-gray sludge that blankets the planet. And we on earth live in it and breathe it, especially in the United States, where every form of rage has become such a drag on our spiritual health that a recent poll finds that nearly half of the American public believes we are about to fight a second Civil War. We are told by people not now in bodies that the spiritual vibrations of all of humankind have been sinking fast in recent decades in the wake of the blood-drenched twentieth century. And they tell us that unless we can arrest the slide, we can expect our present extreme negativity to feed on itself and grow steadily worse, with ever more wars and all forms of hatred further deepening our planet’s negativity. Elevated beings are telling us now that unless we can rapidly turn things around, humankind has become so debased that it will destroy itself and this planet in about another two hundred years.

So we have before us a nearly impossible task that has a quick timeline. Either we give it everything we’ve got right now, or we live out the balance of our lives on earth always knowing that our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren are going to inherit a ravaged planet and suffer a worldwide war that no member of our species can survive.

Do I have your attention now?

Our situation is stark, but it is not hopeless. Thomas tells us that we still have time. If we will work aggressively toward raising the consciousness vibrations of as many people as we can, it might take us no more than two hundred years to bring the kingdom of God on earth. And tantalizingly, astral travelers into the future (yes, that is a thing)  have come back to tell us that in two hundred years the negative scum that now sullies our planet is going to be altogether gone.

I began this week with the task of mapping for you the steps of a process by which we could move rapidly from here to there; but the more I considered it, the more impossible it seemed. There are 7.8 billion people on earth. Ten percent of that would mean that roughly 780 million people would have to elevate themselves to the fifth spiritual level of reality in order to begin a rapid transformation of our collective consciousness and thereby launch the kingdom of God on earth. We can describe the process. We can set the goal. But less than twenty percent of humanity now lives in first-world nations where people are well educated and speak English as a first or second language. So what we are saying is that for us to even start to move the meter on this, we will need to reach and persuade and then to rapidly spiritually elevate roughly half of the English-speaking world.

After a week of struggle, I begin to see now how we might get this done. These steps will need to be taken simultaneously, and for us to take them quickly enough is likely to require a substantial investment. To bring the kingdom of God on earth in time to save humanity, we will need to do the following things:

  • Spread the alarm. For years I have lived with a terrible warning. My spirit guide, Thomas, told me plainly as he was persuading me to channel Liberating Jesus that our present deeply negative course will lead to humanity’s extinction in an Armageddon of planetary destruction in about another two hundred years. I haven’t much talked about this. And I hesitate to sound like a New Age crackpot, but I don’t have the right to keep this warning to myself! Compared to an elevation in CO2 that is expected to raise global temperatures by a few degrees over a century of time, the utter destruction of everything we know within a period even briefer than the history of the United States is a flat-out worldwide dumpster fire. We have no right not to raise the alarm!
  • Help as many people as possible to altogether lose their fear of death. Fear of death is the base fear. When we no longer fear death, we no longer fear anything. And since negative energy is a sludge of fear-based emotions, the easiest way to fight negativity is to help people lose their fear of death. The Baby Boom generation has been leading Western cultural trends for seven decades. Now for Boomers the Next Big Thing is death. So let’s make death all the rage! It takes about two years of study for someone who is clueless at the start to become convinced that human life is eternal.
  • Share the truths that Jesus taught. Worldwide rankings of the most popular people nearly always show Jesus at Number One. He may be the only man whose name is known by everyone on earth. Yet most people know Jesus as nothing more than the central figure in Christianity. And since the religion downplays His teachings in favor of focusing on its own dogmas, the Lord’s greatest gifts to us are largely unknown. The most efficient way to help people understand why we need to raise our consciousness vibrations is to broadly share His Gospel teachings now.
  • Teach prevenient forgiveness. This practice of forgiving everything even before it happens is a natural outgrowth of the teachings of Jesus. He was firm about our need to do it, and Thomas has shown me how easily the trick can be learned. Forgiving things after they have happened is just too hard! Practicing prevenient forgiveness can shorten the time it takes to achieve the fifth spiritual level to as little as a single year. 
  • Establish support groups. When I set out to raise my own consciousness vibration, I was on my own. But I did have Thomas! And I realize now that his suggestions and support were essential to my mastering such rapid growth that I achieved most of it in two months’ time and I was able to sustain it and build it from there. The teachings of Jesus work so quickly and so well that  we can make the process of raising everyone’s consciousness vibrations both easy and a lot of fun.

If you share my sense of urgency about beginning now to fix the world, then living the Lord’s Way and teaching it to others is the surest route that we can take. The Way is what Jesus called His Gospel instructions for achieving the kingdom of God on earth, and as we practice The Way we will be further raising our own consciousness vibrations while we teach and help others. I urge you to read again what we have said about The Way. Please think about the five steps outlined above, and let’s ponder together how we can begin to make this process both manageable and scalable. Spiritually elevating 780 million people will be a daunting task! But it is in essence just the process of helping Jesus sell His world-saving instructions some 780 million times. We can’t solve this problem. But He can! And the time to help Him begin it is now.

Praise to the Lord! Oh let all that is in me adore Him!
All that hath life and breath, come now with praises before Him!
Let the Amen Sound from His people again,
Gladly for aye we adore Him!
– Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878), (translator from German), from “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” (1863)


Jesus in silhouette photo credit: Geraint Rowland Photography <a href=”″>”Excuse me while I kiss the Sky…”</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

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24 thoughts on “The Task Before Us

  1. Hi Roberta, hi everybody! Thank you for this deep call to action.

    It is important to note that we are looking at a mystic not a moralistic transformation. As Jesus Himself said, we will not see it coming on a cloud, or be able to say there it is, or here. It is a mystic transformation within us all.

    As you point out above: “…the only way to bring the kingdom of God on earth is to spiritually elevate each of us individually. Person by person. Since every human mind is part of the one vast Mind that continuously manifests reality, we know that as people work to raise their own consciousness vibrations, the success of each will minutely contribute to the elevation of us all. So we can begin from our present state of deep negativity…”

    Overwhelming? Where to begin? We begin where we are.

    1. Dear Mike, indeed we begin where we are because there is no other place to stand, but still I feel overwhelmed by this task! The fact that we are all one Mind, so the elevation of each mind will minutely elevate every other mind on earth is the only really good news I can see; and in order to effectively use that fact we will need to very aggressively promote these concepts!

  2. If all of us who do believe in this mission stay positive, loving and focused, I am certain that the transformation of the world in a very short time is very possible. We have an incredible tool in all of our hands: the Internet. If we translated your work into as many of the major world languages as possible it would start to make a real impact I believe. Also, forming local support groups would be very helpful. I am willing to help in any way I can.

    1. Oh my dear Dawn, thank you so much for your kind offer of help! I agree that the Internet is our most important tool, but just to put something on the Internet isn’t going to be enough to get us a big enough worldwide following. This is going to take advertising funds, and also lots of committed people to run the pods where we teach and live The Way. It staggers me, really! But if God wants it, then God will call God’s workers into the harvest field

    1. Dear Roberta. I can’t say it often enough, Thank you for all you do. I see you’re giving us a glimpse into our future; advertising, pods; daunting but exciting.

      1. Dear Ray, you are so sweet! The future does begin to form itself ever more clearly into view, but the more I see of it the more daunting it seems. Does God ever give us more to do than we can manage?

  3. To All,
    I tend to worry about the seemingly bleak future for my children and grandchildren, but I know the following:
    – We come into this incarnation to have experiences (good and bad) and to grow.
    – We chose our life’s situation and many of our experiences prior to coming to this incarnation.
    – This life is not our only incarnation.
    I hate to see any suffering and have endured my own trials. I am in the middle of a major health trial right now! I pray that my children’s and lives will be blessed. I pray that I can do what I can to help humanity progress on an upward path. Thanks Roberta for being you and all that you do.
    Love, David

    1. Dear David, thank you for your kind words! And I share some of your concerns about our children’s futures, but actually I am coming to think that perhaps we are living through the worst of it right now. Perhaps our children’s and grandchildren’s adult lives won’t be so bleak after all.

      I’m sorry about your health crisis, dear David! And I’m giving you the biggest hug and lots of loving energy. May the whole rest of your life be joyous!

  4. Dear Roberta, Wow! I know the task seems quite daunting, and the potential results of not acting quite frightening, but my sense of it is to focus on the fun and joy of starting something new and beautiful, taking one step at a time, changing one heart at a time, not fretting over potential outcomes, and with lots of help from those on the other side, the way will start to become clear, and things will start to take shape, perhaps more quickly than one would have thought. Happy Valentine’s day to you and everyone.

    1. Dear Scott, I see the joy in it too. But the problem for me is that our being asked to be instrumental in this is such a great responsibility! And I know we will have lots of help. But, oh my lord, what if we miss some cue or zig when we should zag or forget something critical? The responsibility feels overwhelming to me!

  5. I defnitely agree that help from the other side is essential for a task like this. I think by acknowledging that the help is there and asking for it is a major stepping stone. I do agree that much of what Jesus said can only be understood by those living in modern times, so that is not likely a coincidence. Therefore, I feel that certain things will be “put in place” for this to happen but at the same time, we have to do our share. The hate, anger and fear over many years have caused the “sludge” over the planet that has been seen by a number of people, and this no longer can be ignored.

    1. Hi Lola. Kind of like the old saying about 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. They can inspire us and pull some strings, bit we need to put in the elbow grease. And when Jesus talked about salvation coming at the end of the age, the age of Pisces was roughly starting, and now we are at the “dawning of the age of Aquarius,” so I wonder if he was looking ahead to our time – just a fun speculation. 🙂 All that hate and fear sure is a huge hump to get over, along with 780 million other people! I hope the percentage needed might be less than 10%, and also there seems to be a bit of a ground swell in the human collective consciousness, possibly accelerated by Covid and the greater interconnection that the internet brings, towards more concern for humanity as a whole and for this planet, and there are many movements from various religious, spiritual, environmental, humanistic, etc groups to try and and help save this world, so it’s not as if The Way would be the only rope trying to pull us out of the mire. The more the merrier. That thought makes things seem less daunting for me.

      1. That’s a good point, Scott. I forgot that we are now entering into a “new age” (Aquarius), so I think that it is entirely possible that this was what Jesus was referring to when he mentioned salvation coming at the end of the age

    2. Dear Lola, I have thought, too, that the words of Jesus were meant for today. They could not possibly have been understood as we understand them, even as recently as a hundred years ago. And this work is so crucially important that of course we can expect a lot of help! But still, I quail at this responsibility, and the fact that there are still so few of us to share it!

  6. Hello. A quick question. In this goal to uplift millions of people, who do you have as allies, people you can social network with? For instance, you have said good things about the teachings of “A Course in Miracles” but I didn’t hear anything about them, or anyone else for that matter in this particular blog. And why does it sound like all the work has to be done in the less than 20% of the population that is first-world and has English as a first or second language?
    Also, for those reading my message, since Roberta Grimes is trying to uplift people’s vibrations, what has been people’s experience doing the methods taught here?
    P.S. Just to prove it’s me, our COVID-19 load at the hospital I work at is now 28 inpatients, down from over 70 patients one month ago.

    1. Hello again. Noticed the comment section has not been as active this week. I know Roberta Grimes lives in Texas, so I think she is being affected by the cold weather down there. Let’s hope things get better for her soon.

      1. Dear Jason, you nailed it. We were without power or Internet for most of the week, in sub-freezing temperatures (in normal winters we never even get as low as freezing temperatures), so my primary task – completing a post for next week – had to be done as a first priority whenever I could power my computer with a running car. It’s been quite an experience!

    2. My dear Jason, you have hit upon a very big problem. There are as yet no obvious allies in any other groups, because there is no other group that is not narrowly focused on its own ideas. ACIM is a wonderful spiritual practice – I found it to be very helpful – but if ACIM is your only thing (as it is for most who use it), it becomes just another belief-system – a religion, as it were. Deep but narrow.

      Our problem is that there is no organization that is devoid of dogmas, free-thinking and using every truth-based source of evidence to seek the unvarnished truths underlying everythiing that we think is real. Very few scholars even study the greater reality, or know how to define it! And since there is at yet no objective discipline that is attempting to find the whole truth, our first task will be to build one. We have of late been calling it The Way. But it can’t be just another closed-minded religion!

      And as to whether the methods discussed here work, early reports say that indeed they do, but we are going to need to do a lot more research and refinement to make them really easy and reliable. So much to do, but so little time!

  7. Well dearest Roberta,
    You did tell me once that when you were channeling ‘Liberating Jesus’ you heard some of Jesus’s thoughts. You heard Him say: “If you love Me, listen to Me!”

    I’m listening closer now.

    “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”
    (Matthew 17:20)


    1. Dearest Roberta,
      I second Jason W’s good wishes for you, your family and all the good folk of Texas, during the freeze blanketing the Lone Star State at present. May you all be safe and may things return to normal soon.
      Love & prayers,
      Efrem 🙏🏼❣️🌅

      1. Dear Efrem and everyone, thank you for thinking of me! We were without power or Internet from Sunday through Thursday, in sub-freezing temperatures, and meanwhile I had to try to get our next post written. I was still polishing two hours before it went out today! And it is really only now that I am becoming caught up with emails and these comments. But we are all fine. I am so grateful for that!

    2. Dear Efrem, we know now that Jesus wasn’t talking about our having “faith” in God, but rather He was referring to our having a steadfast certainty that we CAN move a mountain with our mind. If you are certain that you can do it, then your very certainty will empower your wish. It truly is amazing to me how much Jesus knew that we are really only learning now!

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