Triumphing Over the Tribulation

Posted by Roberta Grimes • September 12, 2018 • 33 Comments
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(Before you read this, please read The Tribulation and The Role of Evil in History)

What Jesus says about the coming Tribulation is awful. And since we can see now why He is right, we cannot ignore His warning! Perhaps you think the evil we face is actual demons, or you might prefer to blame some aspect of ourselves for persuading so many people to choose fear-based emotions over love. Whatever it is, let’s call it “the nasties.” Whatever is fighting the raising of this planet’s vibration away from fear and toward love, there is an epic battle brewing. And Jesus tells us its effects on us and on those we love will be horrific:

“Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death” (MT 10:20-21).

 “For those days will be a time of tribulation such as has not occurred since the beginning of the creation which God created until now, and never will” (MK 13:19).

But still, you and I have no choice but to fight for the triumph of love over fear. Those at the highest levels tell us the earth is so deeply negative now that wars and disasters will proliferate and humankind may not survive! So they are working through us to turn the tide. As is Jesus:

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world” (JN 16:33).

“And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (MT 28:20).

We come to earth with amnesia about the fact that we will never die. Our ignorance has helped us take our spiritual lessons seriously, but it also has made it much too easy for people to choose fear, anger, and hatred over love. As a remedy, two hundred years ago those at the highest eternal levels decided to reveal some afterlife truths so we can be confident our lives are eternal. Apparently this new knowledge is going to sharpen our focus on our need to choose love, while still preserving enough negativity to maintain the earth’s usefulness as a spiritual school. In the first part of the nineteenth century, those at the highest levels began to seek ideal ways to reveal to us some important afterlife facts. And their doing this seems to have been treated by the nasties that feed on fear as such a threat to their survival that they rolled out their biggest gun! They had long ago tested their temptation options on the most loving man who ever lived, and they had found one weapon that worked. Jesus vibrated so completely in love that none of the nasties could provoke Him to rage… until eventually one managed to do it:  

 “And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And He said to them, ‘It is written, My house shall be called a house of prayer”; but you are making it a robbers’ den’” (MT 21:12-13).

And thus the nasties long ago learned the disruptive power of righteous indignation. Show a person whose whole life is love an obvious wrong being committed in front of him, and his first impulse is to attack that wrong, even though his doing that would be a fear-based mistake! What Jesus did in the temple that day was counterproductive. He could have sat with the money-changers and pigeon-sellers and patiently taught them in perfect love! Instead, in a fit of righteous indignation He increased the world’s negativity while He taught no one anything.

Righteous indignation is the greatest weapon the nasties can use against spiritually advanced people. I really understand that now! I have been a target of righteous indignation for months, and I have come to see that this exposure to such extreme negativity has been a wonderful gift. If it hadn’t happened, I would not have done the research and come to realize with awe what is beginning to unfold. And without this new awareness, I could not know how essential it is that we forearm as many love-based people as we can!

 I may be the only one living who has extensively studied the afterlife evidence, the Gospel teachings, the history of Christianity, and information derived from mainstream science. If you have shared all my obsessions, please get in touch with me; but insofar as I have been able to tell, mine has been a singular set of hobbies. This means I am one of the few who can see how well evidence from all four of these sources amazingly and in small details fits together! And of course, such extensive correspondences among four different disciplines simply could not arise by chance. What is more, five years of doing Seek Reality has put me in contact with people who are important to the future of this work, and who otherwise might have no easy way to network with one another. I am not important, but I can see now that I am being positioned to become a nexus among people who really are important! So it should not be a surprise to find that I am an early target of the Tribulation. The nasties first target people who are being positioned to be the glue; then with them gone, whatever effort is ongoing tends to fall apart. So I should have been less surprised than I was when negative entities tried to wreck my life.

I have made some cherished friends among the people now working to raise the planet’s vibration. And early this year one beloved friend altogether lost her mind in front of me. Someone whose friendship I treasure switched in a moment from also treasuring my friendship to a fit of righteous indignation because I would not follow her lead in attacking another of my friends. When I would not yield to her demands, she set about trying to destroy as many of my other friendships as she could!

It was only when I saw the connection between what my friend was doing and the Lord’s temple tantrum that I realized it has been righteous indignation that has derailed all the many attempts that were made over the past two centuries to teach us that our minds are eternal. For example:

  • Efforts made to reach us in the nineteenth century were the easiest ones to thwart. The nasties inspired righteous indignation in adherents of fear-based Christianity, and thereby they persuaded the Christian world that these revelations were the Devil’s work.
  • Those not now in bodies then created an amazing flowering of afterlife communications. Around the start of the twentieth century they worked by various means to give us amazing information, and they induced scholars to document their work for study by scientists. Here, of course, all the nasties had to do was to inspire righteous indignation in the scientific gatekeepers by making them believe they were fighting superstitious interference in their work. Again, all this great new information was discredited and ignored.
  • During the twentieth century repeated attempts were made to enlighten us, from Edgar Cayce and Leslie Flint through near-death experiences and A Course in Miracles. But just the nasties inspiring righteous indignation in a few key people was enough to disrupt the work of Spirit and keep these thrilling revelations from enlightening more than just a few.
  • Easy electronic communication with the afterlife will be what will finally bring the truth of our survival to everyone on earth. So in the 1990s the nasties sowed righteous indignation in the most successful groups of researchers in this field, and as a result those groups stumbled. Most broke apart. The forces of evil have by now perfected their horrific shtick!

Righteous indignation has the power to turn good people into agents of the negativity that now threatens the survival of humankind. Even Jesus was not immune to it! Fortunately, though, He saw the risk, and He zealously warned us against it. His teaching that we must never fight back and His teachings on the role of forgiveness are the most essential Gospel words of all, since unless we follow them closely it will be impossible for love to prevail:

But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also” (MT 5:39).

Peter asked him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven” (MT 18:21-23).

There are such powerful forces now working to raise the consciousness vibration of this planet that even my spirit guide, although still a realist, has begun to think that love will win. The best spiritual medium I ever have known calls the ascended beings leading this effort “the Unity.” And the more of us who will work with the Unity, the easier it will be for love to prevail. If you have read this far, then perhaps you are being called to help advance this world-saving work! But how can you protect yourself against righteous indignation? Here are a few tips:

  • Raise your own spiritual vibration until you live and breathe only love. And follow the Gospel teachings on forgiveness and turning the other cheek, no matter what!
  • Never forget that love is our only defense against evil. If you actively fight anything, you only will strengthen and empower whatever evil you are trying to fight!
  • Be aware that an attack on you may come from someone you love. The easiest way for nasties to derail the dawning of universal love is to cause a susceptible person in a group of love-based people to feel righteous indignation against someone else in the group. How can you counter that? You can’t. All you can do is to love and bless the one now being controlled by nasties, and withdraw. Let Spirit manage it all.

We will need to know more about righteous indignation if we are to defuse its destructive power, so we’ll continue this discussion next week. Meanwhile, only know that love will win! We will all come together in love as we follow the Unity’s perfect guidance. If well-intentioned people everywhere can just hold true to universal love, the Kingdom of God begins to dawn today.


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33 thoughts on “Triumphing Over the Tribulation

  1. Well Roberta, I guess you’ve confirmed what I’ve suspected but didn’t want to admit: I can’t keep loathing Donald Trump. Some mediums I’ve listened to say that Spirit tells them he’s serving a designed purpose and that all will be well…eventually. Who better to instruct us all on loving regardless than him?

    1. Dear Tim, what a wonderful point! And thank you for prompting me to reveal that the best spiritual medium I ever have known told us in October of 2015 – long before his candidacy was announced – that Donald Trump would be elected President in 2016, and that he would serve two terms. Those communicating through her said that those at the highest levels nearly always let things play out on earth, and they don’t interfere; but Mr. Trump’s serving as President now is so essential to their work that they said they were going to put their fingers on the scale this one time. So you can imagine how surreal it felt for us to watch that next year unfold!

      1. This info hit me with a synchronicity moment. Just yesterday I came across a you tube by Father Giacomo Capoverdi sharing an encounter he had in the 1980s with a man named Tom Zimmer. He was known in Italy as the hermit of Loreto (authored the Pieta Prayer Book). Predicted in the 1980s Donald J Trump would become president and lead our country back to God. YouTube search Tom Zimmer Donald J Trump and watch the 5 min video. It definitely gave me pause and Roberta quoting Jesus message is right, Love and forgiveness is the only way.

        1. Hello Abbie! This is fascinating – thank you for sharing it. It would have been hard in the 1980s to imagine he was right, back when this nation was a lot more sane and DJT was a billionaire playboy with no political history. We found it easier to believe in late 2015, but even then it was a stretch!

          And I do think, too, that this President is capable of leading us not “back to God” but actually forward to beginning to know Spirit, which is the only genuine God. I have been part of a team working behind the scenes with him for the past 18 months, and I have learned that the genuine Mr. Trump is in fact very bright – as witness the economic improvements – and genuinely kind and empathetic. He cares about individual people much more than any other President in our lifetime seems to have cared! We will see what comes of it, but it is impossible to work in his orbit and not see him as a very good human being; he is not a spiritual worker, but he is indeed spiritual. Make of that what you will!

          1. I’m wondering if you feel the same about Trump now (in 2020)? I was quite surprised that you said you’ve worked with him and that he is bright and caring. My brain can’t comprehend because everything about him and everything out of his mouth comes across as a poster child for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

            Roberta’s Answer:

            Since you appended this comment to the end of a chain, there was no Reply button; but you requested a reply, so I will give you one here. As of today – 3/16/20, in the heart of a COVID-19 crisis – I am even much happier with the President than I was when I wrote this blog post. He has cut regulations, revved up our energy sector, taken global command, and done wonders for the economy. Best of all from my perspective, he has created miraculously low unemployment and income improvement for those who were hurt the most by the previous administration’s economy: this nation’s minorities. And I think that some of the things that irritate us most – the nasty tweeting, for example – come as part of the package, and probably are necessary when we consider the fact that he has never had a moment in the oval office when political opponents were not trying to hamstring and destroy him. He may not be a usual President, but the way he has been treated by his political opponents is absolutely unprecedented!

  2. Roberta, thank you for your work! The idea about Jesus’ death as a sacrifice didn’t ring true for me since I was a teenager. Great articles.

    I do have have a question about fear though. It is talked about these days as the opposite of love, instead of hate and I don’t quite understand. It’s also lumped together with selfishness, pride, greed, envy and anger. Being a recent widow with no other family left, I have felt a lot of fear due to the total change of my life and all of the decisions I’m having to make to deal with it. (Luckily, I have good friends.) I’ve learned to let go of the other negative emotions above and have forgiven those who have hurt me in the past. None of that negativity seems relevant now. I know that love and forgiveness is all that matters here. Still fear of the future is prevalent, which I know shows a lack of trust in God and myself. Could you comment please? Thanks.

    1. Dear Judy, fear is indeed the lowest consciousness vibration, but it has clustered around it a number of ishy emotions that are fear-related or fear-based such as anger, hatred, jealousy, grief, and so on. If you experience any of these emotions, you are vibrating at very low rate! Fear of any sort – even in cases like yours, where it surely seems justified – turns out to play havoc with our ability to grow spiritually, since fear is an absolute barrier to love (which is the core reason why Christianity is so harmful).

      For good and well-meaning people like you, fear of your sort isn’t really a vice, but rather it is a symptom of a problem that you should proactively address. To get past the fear, you need only to raise your personal spiritual vibration toward more perfect love. And your fear will go away!

      I know it seems nonsensical to think that growing spiritually will let you put fear and all negative emotions behind you, but it seems in fact to be true. It has been seven years since I set out to test the teachings of Jesus, to see whether following them would do anything… and it turns out that not only did those teachings work amazingly well, but my guide tells me now they raised my personal vibration to the point where this is my last necessary lifetime. More to the point, in recent years I have not feared anything! That is odd, as I think about it now, since I have had plenty of reasons to be fearful, especially in the past two years. For example, when my friend set out to destroy my reputation (at least, that is what she seemed to be doing), I never worried about that. I assumed it would happen, and I just assumed it would be of Spirit and my life would go in a different direction. I did, though, feel a lot of concern for her and send her as much love as I could in an effort to raise her own vibration, since I worried that she was harming herself.

      So dear Judy, simply think of your fear as not natural, but as something you will grow beyond as you raise your personal spiritual vibration. My book on using the teachings of Jesus to raise your vibratory rate is called The Fun of Growing Forever, and I will be happy to send it to you in PDF if you will send me a contact through this website. Meanwhile, please accept my hug!

      1. Roberta, thanks for your offer of a free PDF, but actually I just ordered the book on Amazon after reading the preview. Hug back!

      2. I would like a PDF, I just stumbled to your youtube interviews and searched your website and I’m in, this resonates with me regarding Jesus. I’ve had so many nasties in my life as like many of us with religion. It just didn’t make sense what I was being taught or told.
        When read Bible I could hear over and over “fear not” its in there over and over.

        1. Dear Maria, thank you for making this wonderful point! You have reminded me of what I had forgotten, the fact that long before I gave up on Christianity, I also was told repeatedly that the aspects of the religion I was concerned about – the parts that seemed altogether human-made! – were in fact “in there.” Since I had been reading the whole Bible from cover to cover over and over again since I was in my teens, I was pretty sure they were wrong about that; but when I pressed a priest about it, he would just get a bit flustered and tell me I would have to take it “on faith.” I had grown up a Protestant, so it was the Protestant Bible I was reading; I don’t know whether there was something in the Catholic-only books of the Bible that might have made a difference, but I suspect not. I hear from many sincere and earnest people who have tried so hard to believe the Christian dogmas but have found that really none of it makes sense! And that is even before they’ve read the Gospels. When you sit down and read just the Gospels, you realize that everything about Christianity is wrong. Welcome to freedom from fear and a closer walk with the Lord, Maria!

          And I have sent you the PDF of Liberating Jesus that you requested. I will give it for free to anyone who can’t afford it! (But don’t tell my publisher ;-).)

  3. Roberta, I have a question. Why do not people automatically go to deserved places after the death and can stay on Earth? If this were so, it would be easier to save humanity from destruction and the world would be safer.

    1. Hello Dmitriy! Once we are safely in the afterlife levels of reality, we do gravitate to the level at which we are personally vibrating. But when we first leave our bodies we have no more awareness of what is going on than we had when we first left our mothers’ bodies! So our loved ones, guides, or pets – whomever we will most trust – will meet us as we leave our bodies and guide us to a slightly higher vibration of reality, where we will find a whole new gigantic and solid afterlife reality waiting for us! When Mikey Morgan died, he entered where we believe that most people enter – we call it Level Three – and once he had again assumed his eternal mind, his guides took him to what is nearly the highest level of which we are aware, because that was where he was vibrating. The choice to move higher is always voluntary for more advanced beings, and many of them (my mother apparently included) will choose to spend most of their time at a lower level to be with friends and family. But once you get to the afterlife, you can indeed find your vibratory level!

      The problem for people who are vibrating at a very low level is that they may not be able to vibrate high enough to even get to Level Three. What is more, apparently they don’t even want to go to a goodie-two-shoes place like the genuine afterlife, since apparently what they crave is more negativity and we are told that simply doesn’t exist in the afterlife above Level Two. Yes, perhaps more advanced beings could sweep in when these people die and collar them and throw them into the lowest afterlife level (Jesus called it the Outer Darkness)… but that is not how our entirely love-based reality works! No, the amount of love and concern that exists in the greater reality for EACH of us is beyond our ability to comprehend from here. Apparently their policing the earth that way would only enhance the negativity and not clean it up, so instead they patiently try to reach these misguided nasties in patient love. There is evidence that even the nastiest nasties of all will eventually be rescued in love and elevated spiritually, with a lot of help.

      Great question!

  4. hmm…Roberta-I am really not convinced that one should never fight anything,particulary when one is confronted with deliberate cruel actions against a child, a vulnerable adult, an animal.At that given point in time sending out love is really not going to change someone’s behaviour.Agreed, in the long run that may well bring about desired results,but I feel one should fight against injustices of various kinds.I do agree tho that we should always strive to raise our own spiritual vibrations’.Love’ doesn’t have to be the basis, but respect,non-violence(towards all creatures!),understanding ,tolerance will do just as nicely.And yes, we must strive to get rid of negative emotions,which not only harm us, but the planet as a whole.

    1. Dear Hella, I’m sure your confusion is my fault – I have not been sufficiently clear – and I realize there must be others who are confused in the same way that you are. I apologize! And I will try to say it here more clearly.

      The core fact that governs all of reality is that what we experience as human consciousness is the base creative consciousness and all that exists, and our minds are all part of that consciousness. It is a form of energy, so it vibrates; and for consciousness, love is the highest vibration and fear (with hatred, anger, etc.) is the lowest and slowest. Each choice that you face in life is at its base a choice between love and all the lowest, fear-based emotions; and when you do not choose love, you increase the negativity on this planet. That is a bit of a simplification, but it is essentially what we all must live with now.

      Respect, nonviolence (whatever that is), understanding, and tolerance can be the fruits of love, but if you are just trying to have those ideas govern your moment-by-moment actions they are weak tea. You seem to consider them to be independently virtuous, but because what is not love is based in fear their separate virtue is frankly dubious. Perhaps in each instance that they are managed successfully, they are virtuous; but because they do not proceed from love, they carry the terrible risk of thwarting your spiritual growth rather than contributing to it! You choose whom you will respect or tolerate; and if someone is doing something you don’t personally approve of, you will – by your own admission – attack instead.

      Dear Hella, we aren’t talking about “sending out love” to try to thwart evil. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT LIVING LOVE, BECOMING LOVE, BEING IN A PLACE WHERE YOU NEVER EXPERIENCE ANY EMOTION EXCEPT LOVE. That is what love is: it is an internal transformation that governs everything you think, everything you do, and everything you are.

      Our problem on earth is that too many people have not chosen love instead of the lower-vibration emotions, so this earth is now vibrating at a dangerously low level. We are told by advanced beings who are trying to help us that unless we can turn things around, our species and even our planet probably won’t survive beyond another two centuries.

      So… back to fighting evil. A child or a vulnerable adult or an animal is being harmed, and your instinct is to jump in and fight. And of course you can! Chances are you can save that person or that animal. Good for you! But… wouldn’t you consider it important, too, to try to make this a world in which no child or vulnerable adult or animal ever is deliberately harmed again?

      The raising of the consciousness of this planet which is now underway has the potential to so drastically reduce the negativity, the evil, that every child, vulnerable adult, and animal will be a great deal safer! And if you want to contribute to this process, you MUST work to raise your personal vibration away from fear and toward more perfect love. This is true of everyone reading this: you have the power to transform the world for the better, but only if you first transform yourself!

      Directly attacking evil only increases the evil which already is too dominant on this planet. The war for the future of humankind is one in which nobody is on the sidelines now; either you are doing everything in your power to transform yourself into love completely, or you are part of the forces of evil that are already dangerously prevalent. There are no intermediate courses anymore, I am sorry to say. And humankind is worth saving! This planet is worth saving. All of this is in your hands, dear Hella and everyone. Given what is at stake, I think we must choose love!

  5. These days I despise politicians for what they do, not to me, but to such a lot of suffering people.
    Politicians are not MY enemies so I have been feeling righteous indignation towards them.

    But wait, they are my proxy enemies as I identify with the suffering people!

    So……I must love our politicians. Oh, no! I have often tried to love my own enemies, and that has worked out very well.

    I believe that God loves us all, even the ones I don’t approve of, so I have to change my mind-set, and ignore what the politicians say and do, not call them my usual bad names, but start the day sending them love.

    Would I help a drowning politician if I had the chance? Yes, I am sure I would, so maybe I could start imagine that happening, to ease myself into loving them.

    Long ago I had a night dream of Hitler falling down from the sky with his pants around his legs, and strangely, I felt sorry for him! If that could happen, I should be able to love our own politicians of the present time, and thus raise the vibrations
    in my own surroundings.

    Thanks for pulling me out of a bad habit of swearing at politicians. From now on I will try to send them love. God and Jesus will help me.

    1. Dear Gerda, I haven’t watched TV or even read a newspaper in what I think has been fifteen years because all the negativity that passes for news was wrecking my peace of mind. I reasoned that if something was important enough my husband would let me know about it! When I stopped with television altogether I was much happier, and I never have missed it.

      Unfortunately, the word “love” has so many meanings that actually contradict one another, so we ought first to define the term here. When we talk about love in the context of consciousness, we are speaking in terns not of personal affinity but of spiritual physics. And we aren’t referring to liking and feeling warmly toward some person or thing, but rather we are talking about your own internal landscape. This process of experimenting on myself has taught me so much! When you are vibrating in love, irritations like politicians or like people who want to do you harm don’t affect you personally, I am surprised to say. They don’t affect your mental peace, but rather your impulse is to surround the irritant with warm love and light and withdraw from it.

      Withdrawing from the political fray doesn’t mean withdrawing from caring! To be frank, political fighting is the worst possible way to make any decision or to help anyone; arguably, no public decision ever should be made on the basis of politics. For example, we have spent the past more than two years objectively researching the history and causes of America’s black-white racial problems, and I am horrified to report that every one of them was caused by political decisions. Now we are in the process of proposing how to altogether heal our country racially by addressing those political causes, and as we think beyond this core national issue we are coming to see that just about every social problem we have has at its root political fighting that produced bad decisions. Politics is no way to run a country!

      Think of love as your greatest personal power. The more you raise your vibration toward love, the more power you have personally to transform the world away from the negativity that now threatens to destroy it and toward the universal love which is the only thing that can save it now. Each of us can become a soldier in the army of love and light! Or we can indulge our personal predilections – like hating politicians, for example – and thereby inadvertently put ourselves on the side of darkness and negativity. Thank you, dear Gerda, for resolving to choose love!

  6. Love is the answer to everything 💕💞💖💞💕
    Thank you Roberta for your wonderful messages ❤️❤️❤️
    With love Brigitta

    1. Thank you, dear Brigitta! As someone said, “Whatever the question, love is always the answer.” Perhaps one person vibrating in love and not fear can’t change the world, but imagine the change that can begin when a thousand… a hundred thousand… a million people have independently resolved to choose only love! Because our minds are all part of the one creative Mind that continuously manifests this universe, when enough of us choose love over fear we can altogether and in a moment transform the world!

  7. Hello Roberta

    What a great trio of articles that so clearly outline the deeper global consciousness struggle prevailing behind the veil of our material perception. A real joy to read and helps to outline some of the mechanisms that allows group consciousness or collective ego to dominate (and squash) any alternative, and seemingly threatening, thoughts or feelings. Righteous indignation sums it up superbly!

    I have had a couple of life experiences in recent years, both professionally and personally, that have outed me surreptitiously through whispers and gossip. Generally these ‘Chinese whispers’ start to morph and become a whole different ugly story. Some of these rumours have been so ludicrous and also libelous that I have to laugh; however, for me, I have felt it important to not to rise to the bait and fight back as that would seem like a justification. So I have stayed still and continued to be me; and when situations arise I try to be warm and kind to those that I know have been less than generous behind my back. (although I have still had plenty of internal reconciliations to do!) Meditation helps 🙂

    At the core of this I think there is that righteous indignation you describe so clearly, when others gossip about another they are coercing the other conspiring whispers into a conversation about how they are better or more than. This behaviour may come from any number of core issues for the gossiper like low self esteem, jealousy, need for attention, a victim archtype etc – but in essence they fell better as it is massaging the individual ego at the expense of another human. ‘I am right, and you are wrong’ type of mentality. Some environments seem to be more fertile for this type of social dominance; churches, workplaces and schools spring to mind – they seem to have more ‘holier than thou’ righteousness in certain groups. Maybe due to the artificial codes of conduct and rules that these institutions project on to participants/students, it starts to generate a hierarchy? I’m not sure, just floating it out there…

    You mention that you have trodden a unique seekers path in your life blending studies in religion, science and afterlife studies. Which is indeed very unique, I admit I am a little envious as these are all areas I take a keen interest in nowadays. One day I would hope to have researched as much as you and developed as much knowledge or gnosis. I was just wondering whether or not you had ever interviewed or reached out to Bill Donahue? He has a wonderful youtube channel and his areas of study are strikingly similar to yours and I am sure you would have a ball together!

    Keep up the good work and raising the vibration,
    Live love and big hugs to you

    1. Hello Jason! Wow, what a wonderful set of comments; thank you for sharing them. A big part of my joy in this work is hearing from so many people I soon come to think of as friends! Your analysis of schools and churches – especially churches – as hotbeds of righteous indignation seems right on the money to me, and as I work through a more in-depth analysis of righteous indignation to share next week I am coming more and more to see that it really is the most likely source of most of the world’s negativity. It’s not people who are truly evil who are fighting the raising of humanity’s consciousness vibration, since there are too few of them to have much of an impact. But nearly all of even spiritually advanced people will feel righteous indignation on occasion, never dreaming that in feeling it and expressing it they are inflicting much more negativity on the world! You know, I am coming to realize now that the righteously indignant bullying I have been the target of in recent months was a wonderful – and perhaps a deliberate – gift from Spirit. It has empowered me to do the research, to begin to understand and now to share what more and more feels like a revelation. For all of us, forewarned is forearmed!

      Bill Donahue does look like someone who would be a great Seek Reality guest. Do you know how we might get in touch with him?

      I’m sending your love and hugs right back!!

  8. thanks, Roberta,just something I want to clarify-I absolutely agree that we need to create a world where there will be no cruelty,deliberate infliction of suffering and so on, but I do not consider our interference ,when faced with a particular situation that warrants ‘fighting evil’,as it were, as something that is based on negativity, fear, etc.In my opinion it is simply being of service and it is a selfless act.

    1. I understand. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t step in to help if someone were in danger; I’m sure anyone would. The problem is that thinking about that in advance and making it a deliberate, planned exception to our need first of all to seek to love perfectly in all situations would be the foundation of a host of problems! I am working now on next week’s post, where I will explain why the most insidious impulse of all is righteous indignation. I am coming to believe that is indeed the source of most of the world’s evil! The harm it brings to innocents is beyond calculation, yet no one who experiences and acts on it ever feels that what they are doing is based in “negativity, fear etc.” Nor would you.

      Please don’t dwell on the possibility that you might (rarely) feel forced to make a hard choice to defend someone physically, and don’t consider your acting that way to be a virtue! Instead, learn to live in perfect love, and thereby you can save the entire world!

  9. Roberta – I always enjoy your posts and find them thought provoking.

    Now, if mankind does not survive the Tribulations, what happens to the folks who have already passed to the other side? Or to those who are preparing to reincarnate?

    And if those who perish simply go to the other side to continue their conscious lives, so what?

  10. Hello David! You are right in saying that if our species were to go extinct, the eternal beings that we are will go on learning and growing spiritually, just without the excellent spiritual gym that these bodies on this planet long have provided for us. There are hints from those that we used to think were dead that the earth has long been the toughest place to grow spiritually in the universe, among what are apparently many such places. The extreme negativity here has given us a lot to push against, so we are told that spiritual growth here can be the most rapid. You and I are the Marines of the universe! When we stroll into that intergalactic bar wearing our “I’m from Earth” T-shirts, even the tough guys are going to step aside ;-).

    And it is that very fact – the wonderful toughness of this spiritual school – that is apparently why the upper-level beings are fighting so hard to stabilize and preserve it. Our spiritual growth is the entire point, the reason why the universe and the greater reality exist at all, so they won’t give up what has proven to be the most productive way for us to do that without a fight!

  11. Hello Roberta,

    Enjoy your books, radio podcasts, I feel like you’ve given me a degree in spirituality in order to make it through this crazy world. Thank you sooo much for all that you do and all the light you shine! I’m curious, the higher beings do they consider The Dalai Lama and other spiritual teachers such as St Germain assisting with bring a higher consciousness? What do the higher being think of these type of teachers? I also wanted to ask you what you thought of Dr Steven Greer, I’ve listen to two of his webinars. He basically says the same thing, the ET’s are trying to raise the consciousness of the planet so they can make contact with us and become at least a level one planet. Could you share your thoughts?

    Hugs from NC,

    1. Thank you, Anne! Your words feel like a hug, and I appreciate that so much. At this point I am working so continuously that I’m sleeping just five or six hours per night. It is four in the morning as I write this, and I am already at work! So hearing that i am helping you is wonderfully cheering when it’s still dark outside ;-).

      When Jesus was told by His disciples that someone was casting out demons in His name but was not part of their group, the Lord said, “He who is not against us is for us” (MK 9:40), and that seems to be pretty much the attitude of the highest-level beings as well. There may be almost as many ways to elevate our consciousness toward love as there are people! So some will resonate with the teachings of one enlightened person, and some will resonate with the teachings of another. Here is an important tip (and thank you for prompting me to share it!): every teacher who is teaching love, and only love, with no hint whatsoever of fear or coercion, is worth listening to, if that teacher’s words resonate with you in particular. Let your own guides direct you, and if something feels “off” then it is “off” where you are concerned, so you should move on. For Westerners I think the teachings of Jesus are far the simplest, most intuitive, and most effective. They do genuinely work! But Jesus would be the first one to tell you that those who are teaching love and not pushing fear with it are likely to be able to help some people grow spiritually.

      The ET connection is interesting. We know that those at the highest levels of reality – those who long ago became perfected beings – are leading this movement to raise the consciousness of this planet. But apparently working with them now is an entire race of perfected beings called Arcturians! Reportedly they were perfected on a distant planet, and they are such a pure and elevated race that they have the power to protect humankind from the deeply fear-based scum of the universe who would otherwise join our homebred nasties in provoking even more fear and hatred on earth. We are told all of this, and a lot more besides, but frankly it makes my head hurt! Of course, the fact that a given entity might never have inhabited a body on this planet means nothing, since there is only one universal Mind and every conscious being is a part of that Mind. You and also every Arcturian and even every nasty at the edge of the universe are all identically part of the single consciousness that is all that exists!

      So our task is plain. We are to raise our personal vibrations away from fear and toward perfect love, and to help everyone else do that too. And don’t you find it reassuring to know that a saintly army of very advanced beings is devoting itself to helping us make that happen?

  12. Very inspiring, Roberta, and we all look forward to your future blogs on this vital subject.

    You mentioned in your first blog on this that more advanced beings are coming here to help because Earth is in such dire negative straits. Will these advanced beings be making themselves known on a wide public scale? Or will they be revealing themselves to and inspiring only key individuals, behind the scenes, sort to speak?


  13. Hello Michael! For now, they work through living people. Apparently until we used atomic bombs in wartime this was a more orderly process of simply trying to find the best ways to reveal to us that human minds are eternal. But then in 1945 we did the unthinkable in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and those trying to raise this planet’s consciousness vibration went from Defcon 5 to maybe Defcon 2 in an instant. The first wave of what I think of as their avatars were born within the next few years, and wave after wave followed, each with our own missions. In my case, I wasn’t meant to be born quite yet, but I was born a year later. Craig Hogan, too. He and I are not important – how important is an avatar? – but the work we are doing and the beings who are behind that work are all extremely important!

    From all that I know, I would say that there are many people now living who came into their present lifetimes as avatars of the ascended beings carrying on this tremendous worldwide effort. Many of us have Arcturians on our guidance teams, and very many people are coming to Craig and me now with stories of their own awakenings to awareness of their need to do something, but a bit of confusion about what they are supposed to be doing. That confusion is normal – I had it too! – then I gave my life to God in April of 2009, and within a few months Thomas took over my life and I was doing things. In 2015 he broke into my life with direct marching orders. At this point, I urge everyone who is feeling this need to do something simply to put God in charge!

    And no, I don’t think these beings ever will appear in material form, although I don’t rule it out. But this is a tricky project! We are working to raise this planet’s consciousness away from fear and toward greater love, so their doing anything scary would be counterproductive. And what could be scarier than the sudden appearance of Jesus on a white horse at the head of a supernatural army?

    1. It certainly dos, Maria! We are clearly meant not to fear God, but rather to love God, just as Jesus tells us; and this is why it is so deeply tragic that every one of the 40,000-odd denominations of Christianity that are now extant teaches us that God is so much to be feared. But it is the human-made dogmas of Christianity that make us afraid, and nothing whatsoever that Jesus taught! So once we give the Lord the entirely love-based movement that He came to begin, all fear is going to drop away and the consciousness vibration of the whole planet will rise. Truly, we are not meant to fear God – this is a wonderful point!

  14. Will The Earth Become Like It Was Meant To In The Beginning. As A Paradise Earth, And If So, Will Our Loved Ones That Have Passed, Ever Rejoin Us All Eternally Down Here Again, Roberta.

    1. Dear Catherine, we can’t be certain about the details, but once the kingdom of God arrives on earth there will be no more wars, no cruelty, no poverty, only love and kindness. Imagine that! It seems pretty likely, though, that those who have gone on ahead of us won’t want to come back, but rather we will join them where they are. It is much better there than here!!

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