What Is Humankind?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 14, 2020 • 41 Comments
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So God created mankind in His own image;
In His own image God created them;
Male and female He created them.
God blessed the humans by saying to them,
“Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it!”

– (Gen 1:27-28) Ascribed to the Prophet Moses (?-1273 BC)

For all of human history our religions have called us guilty and unworthy, our governments have treated us as basically evil, and our sciences have told us we were sacks of cells about to face oblivion. We always have fought these characterizations, but we haven’t fought them very hard. You and I had no present inclination to become thieves and axe-murders, true enough; but given the consensus view of humankind among those in authority – and especially given all the evidence in our daily news and in history books that some people must be evil incarnate! – we have on the whole accepted these expert views that we are in need of restraint. After all, until very recently we had no other source of information.

To my mind, the most important result to come from our decades of open-minded and broad-based research into the greater reality is that now we have independent evidence of who and what we really are. And what seems to be more and more certain now is that humankind is not only made in the image of God, but humankind is the very center and the crowning height of all creation, and the sole reason why this universe exists. The truth is so much the opposite of what we have been taught to believe that it may be hard for you to grasp it at first. But please try to get your mind around what is the most perfectly glorious fact!

The reason why there is so much evil is that all the negativity piled upon us by our religions and our governments has drastically depressed the consciousness vibrations of all of humankind. It is as if our most trusted institutions have chosen to pile rocks on our heads to weigh us down and make us more amenable to being subjugated by human leaders. In point of fact, we have discovered that when we free individuals insofar as we can free them from all this awful negativity, each of them begins to rise toward love as a bubble in water rises toward the light.

What we will say here is closely built on what we said last week, so please re-read that post before you tackle more of this one. Then please suspend your disbelief enough to entertain the possibility that our institutions have been wrong about humanity all along.

The evidence being developed by those who objectively study the greater reality is that:

  • What we dimly experience as human consciousness is the base creative force that continuously manifests this universe, a force of which each of our minds is an integral part.
  • The infinitely powerful entity wielding this force is a Collective of Perfected Beings, some or all of Whom once lived on earth.
  • The universe exists as a place that can offer sufficient negativity to enable conscious beings early in their development to rise in vibration enough for them to continue their development in the astral plane, which is humankind’s eternal home.

These three facts are demonstrably true, and they obliterate all religious, governmental, and scientific notions about what is going on. Just making sense of these facts and watching them as together they manifest our reality helps us explain so many things! Human beings are the reason why this universe exists, and it is quite literally designed for our benefit. Only when we are able to understand and accept that certain fact can any of what we are learning now make much sense! Let’s look at how this universe manifests according to the points given above.


No-time and no-space turns out to be reality’s default condition. In most of reality we can choose to experience earth-time or some other kind of time, but time is optional. The only place of which we are aware where objective time and space exist is in this material universe, and we know this universe encompasses less than five percent of what demonstrably exists. So in the greater reality – which is to say, in nearly all of reality – there is no objective space or time, which fact requires us to rethink everything! For example, here are some relevant implications of the lack of time when we seek to understand creation:

  • If something ever exists, then it always exists. Without time, there is no “before” and no “after.”
  • So creation cannot have happened as we imagine it. The very notion of creation requires a timeline that moves from nothing to something.
  • There is only Now. Of course, how Now works when people in the greater reality seem to lead happy timeless lives is hard for us to get our minds around!

How could the universe have come into being in the first place, and what keeps it going? The universe’s embedded time will let us notice the fact that it continues, but what is it that keeps time going, when the action of time is not a default condition? There seems to be just one explanation for how creation happens, and it is a doozy! Creation is an ongoing series of Nows. Last week we likened it to a film strip in which each Now is a present moment that includes its own constructed past. Without time in the greater reality, there cannot of course be an actual past; but in the ongoing creation of a material universe which includes objective time as a characteristic, a memory of a constructed past and its effects can readily be built into each sliver of Now and changed according to humanity’s changing needs.


It is likely that no universe existed before the advent in it of humankind. We live as eternal beings in the timeless and spaceless Now of the vast, non-material astral plane; and for reasons that we can only guess, a need for us to better develop spiritually led to the creation of a material universe that was almost certainly at first quite primitive. Why bother to create an elaborate past that includes a Big Bang, evolution, and galaxies of stars for people who were busy hunting and seldom lived past the age of thirty? At first, what we now call the universe didn’t need to be more than one planet with its associated atmosphere. And it needed the following characteristics:

  • An artificial physics. In the astral plane our minds are powerful. We can manipulate our surroundings by mind alone. If this universe is to be a suitable school for us, it needs a math- and particles-based physics that our minds cannot so easily mess with.
  • Sources of negativity. Our nature when we are at home in the astral is entirely love-based. What we need here is a hard world full of challenges that stress our patience, our ability to make wise choices, and our determination to reject fear and anger and always choose love.
  • Ignorance on our part of what actually is going on. For nearly all of material time, we have had such limited access to our greater minds while we were in bodies that we have had no way to notice or fathom the notion of anything existing beyond this hard school.


There is no better evidence of the fact that you and I are the deeply beloved entire reason why this universe exists than the manner in which the Godhead devotedly enriches our material school. As we have become more sophisticated, we have needed an ever more extensive universe so we never would find a troubling edge to it. Since we were given time as a characteristic of this school, we have needed a history built into each micro-sliver of created Now; and as we grew more sophisticated, so was that history required to expand enough to satisfy us. For a Godhead of Perfected Beings to always remain a step ahead of us is a challenge that will make you smile as you come to better understand what is going on, and as the Godhead’s efforts become more apparent! Even though all of history can be rewritten in a micro-instant of non-time, it still has to take us all the way from an imagined start some billions of imagined years in the past through to the moment when you are reading these words. It also has to show how something arose from nothing. And so far, all that the Godhead is doing is pushing that core problem farther back and building in ever more complexities and endearing little fudges. As you become used to spotting them, you will see what I think of as God’s fudges everywhere! To get you started, here are three:

  • The origin of the universe. The Godhead can take us farther and farther back, even to before the Big Bang, and It can maintain a stable universe by tweaking what are supposed to be universal constants; but so far the Godhead still has not shown us how matter could arise without the actions of an Un-Caused Cause.
  • The origin of life. The problem isn’t just that matter acquires the property of being alive in some manner that remains a scientific mystery, but maintaining life requires some complex structures that could not have been achieved by the random and incremental trial-and-error evolution long assumed by scieniists.
  • Evolution. The whole notion of evolution is full of puzzles and gaps that are not much publicized, and the more you study it the more it looks to be rigged primarily for our amusement. I mean, dinosaurs? Rhinoceroses? Orangutans? The Beast of Baluchistan? Modern humans and most other modern species came into existence almost simultaneously just 200,000 years ago, as if the Godhead became bored with giving us all those preliminaries and decided to get down to business.

Dr. Freeman Dyson (1923-2020) was a somewhat iconoclastic theoretical physicist and mathematician who said in his book, Imagined Worlds, The laws of Nature are constructed in such a way as to make the universe as interesting as possible.” His insight is precisely right! Material reality is a love-song to us from our precious Elder Brethren.

For humankind to ever better understand the truth about what is going on will be essential to our further spiritual development. And the most dangerous obstacle we face in our ongoing effort to seek what is true may surprise you. It is time now for us to deal with what is a rapidly growing problem….

 You anoint my head with oil. My cup runs over.
Truly, goodness and love will pursue me
 all the days of my life,
and I will live in the Lord’s House forever.

– (Psalm 23:5-6) David, Third King of Israel and Judah (1035-970 BC)


Man in our image photo credit: Lawrence OP <a href=”″>Man and Woman</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Adam & Eve stained glass 2 credit: amandabhslater <a href=”″>St Chad, Far Headingly, Leeds 1922</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Adam & Eve painting photo credit: <a href=”″>6Q3A8287</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Adam, Eve, Serpent photo credit: Can Pac Swire <a href=”″>Healthy Adam and Eve</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Adam & Eve & Animals photo credit: Nicolas Vollmer <a href=”″>Rome – Adam et Eve au Paradis Terrestre, par Wenzel Peter</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Adam, Eve, Apples photo credit: jaci XIII <a href=”″>The End of Innocence</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

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41 thoughts on “What Is Humankind?

  1. An excellent post, Roberta. On on the subject of clever fudges, here’s another “coincidence” that has always intrigued me, the fact that the Sun and Moon are positioned so precisely that the Moon almost completely blocks the Sun during a total solar eclipse:

    The Scientific American article concludes:

    “So is there some great significance to the fact that we humans just happen to exist at a time when the Moon and Sun appear almost identically large in our skies? Nope, we’re just landing in a window of opportunity that’s probably about 100 million years wide, nothing obviously special, just rather good luck.”

    So, could it be just “good luck”, or… ? 🙂

    1. Dear Alex, you’ve just spotted another one! And there was a time – it may have been thirty years ago – when for scientists to point out all our “good luck” was in fashion. They don’t do it now, since the intelligent design scientific community has become very good at what it does so the traditional scientific community doesn’t want to give the “there has to be a God” folks any more ammunition. But the size, composition, and placement of this planet in relation to the sun and in relation to the galaxy and the universe are all staggeringly, unbelievably lucky. The fact that in a universe full of comets and flotsam, some of which has hit the earth with devastating consequences, we have been hit by so few life-altering comets in the earth’s history, and always only fortuitously, is lucky too. The amazing precision of all those cosmological “constants” (which are not constant at all) has to be called super-duper lucky.

      To me, the fact that evolution clearly, statistically cannot really be random when it happens so often and so rapidly and then lands on a species and stick with it for millennia, hardly changing it at all, is a gigantic red flag! And OMG, all of a sudden 200,000 years ago it settles on a final set of fauna that includes modern man so we can set about getting civilized? I call that the biggest fudge there is!

      The fact that even now scientists are trying to keep us from seeing all this love and care for us is silly, childish, and utterly counterproductive. The longer it goes on, the more ridiculous the entire scientific community is going to look when it finally does dawn on everyone! Of course, the religious folks are no more right than the scientific folks, since their human-like God does not exist and their religious dogmas (no matter which religions they follow) are wrong; but at this point they are closer to the mark than the scientific community is because at least they acknowledge that there has to be an Un-Caused Cause!

      1. It certainly is childish and silly to think we had one lucky break after another that made it possible for us to be here. Statistically, all these “lucky breaks” are not likely to happen. Not long ago, we were taught that the moon was “captured” in earth’s orbit. However, what a lucky coincidence that it is precisely where it needs to be to regulate our tides

  2. Dear Roberta. Could you please clarify the last words in your paragraph: . . .The universe exists as a place that can offer sufficient negativity to enable conscious beings early in their development to rise in vibration enough for them to continue their development in the astral plane, which is humankind’s eternal home.’
    I totally get the first part, but I thought the Afterlife was separate from the Astral, which I understand is where NDE’ers go because they have not separated from the silver cord hence cannot access the Afterlife!

    1. Dear Carole, I’m sorry to be confusing. The afterlife is indeed separate from the astral! We’ll be talking about this next week. The astral is gigantic – it is maybe twenty times the relative size of this universe! – and we know very little about it beyond the fact that it is entirely consciousness-based and stratified from fear at the bottom to perfect love at the top, full of consciousness-based matter, and easily manipulated by our minds. I think of it kind of as a non-dangerous Wild West, since of course love is the most powerful while fear is the least powerful consciousness so in the astral the best guys easily overpower the worst guys.

      The afterlife is something like a foyer from which we venture into the artificial reality of the material universe, and to which we later return. Once we have been processed back into the greater reality – and we have talked about that process here – we then venture into the rest of the greater reality as we like so we can explore, meet with our loved ones on earth while their bodies sleep or while they NDE or OBE, etc. It is all the astral, including the afterlife; but, as you say, the afterlife area is off-limits to people currently having earth-lives.

  3. Another thing which should stand out to us as odd is that so far we haven’t discovered intelligent life on other planets. Why wouldn’t there be another planet a little closer to us which also had human life? No, at least up until now, it is intended that we believe we’re alone in the universe and the material minded scientists perpetuate that mind set.

    1. True, my dear! And actually, there is a lot of evidence about that but not enough of it for me to speak about it with certainty. The sense I get from all the evidence is the following:

      1) The universe teems with intelligent life!

      2) That life is all of our same consciousness, mainly or entirely people who have chosen a more relaxed and less stressful spiritual gym environment, since we are given to know that the earth is the toughest – but the quickest – place to evolve spiritually. Everyone chooses one primary planet in which to evolve, but most or all of us do take some lives on other planets too.

      3) The other intelligent life is being hidden from us because we are so entirely fear-based when here that if we were to know about it we would see it as a conquer-or-be-conquered situation. Look at the earth’s history!

      4) We are being visited, though. A lot, especially now. They approach the earth in another dimension and then their cloaked motherships hover in our upper atmosphere while they undertake missions here. I have a friend who forwards MUFON emails that talk about and show pictures of those motherships – apparently the shield sometimes slips – and all those darting little transporters.

      No one knows for certain what is going on, but the evidence strongly suggests that it is all part of the Godhead’s loving care of us!

        1. Hello Ali! I don’t keep those emails. But if you are interested, just go to the MUFON website and browse, or perhaps sign up for their newsletter yourself!

      1. Can you please expand on the topic of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life? I would love to know about them and their dimensions. Personally, I have always had a strange fascination with the constellation of Cassiopeia. I hope you can help enlighten us on this popular subject,

        1. Dear Susan, the topic of extraterrestrial life is a whole different area, and a gigantic one! All my learning has been guided, of course, and has been very carefully targeted toward being able to alleviate people’s fear of death and teach people how to know and learn from the genuine Jesus. All quite narrow, I can see in retrospect, and all geared toward my being able to teach this all simply! So I can’t research and teach about extraterrestrials, but you could? Perhaps you might make that your own favored topic of study and teaching?

  4. You did it again, Roberta! You led me to answers to things I have been pondering. I am not sure why I feel the need to know all the answers in this life, but I have felt that need ever since I was a child. At 55, I still feel like that child always asking, “But why?” Thanks for being my teacher, Roberta!

    1. Oh dear Susan, I am thrilled to be of help. Really, though, I feel that we are teaching one another! And now, at last, it is possible for us really to come to see what is going on. What a wonderful time to be alive!!

      1. For a long time, I have felt that at least some of ET life, the afterlife, astral planes etc. are all interrelated somehow. There has been speculation that some ET’s are so evolved, they would be thought of as angels or supernatural beings, but they have long ago given up the desire or need to have a “home planet” and are now just part of the cosmos and can be anywhere at any time they please. We probably couldn’t recognize or even understand their way of life, as it is so advanced compared to ours – it would be like trying to teach a spider how to drive a car. I am not sure that some of the ET life is being “hidden” from us. I don’t think that would be necessary, as we couldn’t understand it based on anything we know at the present time, even if we were experts (if there is such a thing) in quantum physics, as our brains at this stage couldn’t possibly comprehend what is actually going on. There are probably no words in our vocabulary to describe it even if we did understand it.

        1. Dear Lola, extraterrestrials have never been an interest of mine so what I know comes only from the places where information about them intersects with the afterlife evidence. I do know, thought, that there is just one consciousness, and all intelligent beings in the universe and in the greater reality are part of that same consciousness. I know, too, that consciousness is what we might call love-based, and at its highest vibration it is perfect love and powerful; at its lowest level it is fear, and very weak. So by definition, the good guys have to win! And really knowing that has made me lose interest in learning any more about beings on other planets. The good guys win. The rest is dicta.

  5. The beings I was talking about are not on other planets, as they no longer need to be “from” anywhere. The universe is chuck full of life, but the thought occurred to me that they could be the perfected beings we so often mention here. In that case, calling them ET’s would not be correct. That was a mistake on my part.

    1. Dear Lola, the only planet that was abandoned by its whole ascended population that I have seen mentioned in the literature is in the Arcturus system. Reportedly the ascended Arcturians are now the guardians of this planet, preventing negative entities from further sowing negativity here that would have let them continue to milk the earth’s population for negativity. So now the Arcturians are working with this planet’s guardians to raise the consciousness vibrations of this planet.

      Makes a good story, anyway!

      1. There may be some truth in this, as Edgar Cayce claims to have contacted the Arcturians while in trance. They are described as being full of wisdom and love and are from the 5th dimension. Because Edgar Cayce was such a credible person, I tend to believe they exist.

        1. Dear Lola, Mikey Morgan tells us that most (all?) of what we might call extraterrestrials are actually in other dimensions. They are of our same consciousness, and they also are evolving spiritually. But to be frank, I like the simple stuff! Researching how many dimensions there are full of extraterrestrials simply is not my thing, when the knowledge doesn’t seem to contribute anything to our understanding of what happens after death and the process of human spiritual development. But if it fascinates you, dear Lola, and if anyone else feels drawn to this area of study, please go to it! Perhaps you might then come back and enlighten others here?

          1. Dear Roberta, as the title of this post focuses on who and what humans are, the information that flows to us about what we do as humankind once we identify ourselves is what’s important. We have the teachings of Jesus to help with that. I n my have more on this when the sun comes up. It’s still early morning and I haven’t had coffee yet. We’re dealing with some dire group think here where I live, so this topic is important for changing that “think.”

  6. Roberta: I have read up on it in the past, but like you, I am much more interested in the afterlife process. What Mikey Morgan says about them being in other dimensions makes sense. I just thought that if we are all one consciousness in the universe, it just might have some relevance.

  7. Dear Roberta, Thank you again for an important concept to think about: the fundamental answer to the most fundamental question, “Who are we?”

    To invoke the language of the psalm that says, “Be still, and know that I am God,” I think the poet Rumi adds that the language of God is silence, and all else is a poor translation.

    It’s through this stillness that we can discover our true nature — our eternal soul.

    And that’s our soul’s soul, is divinity itself.

    Humans are a unique manifestation of this nature, a manifestation that we ourselves have chosen to experience as incarnation. It’s our willingness to have this experience that is at the core of humanity’s value.

    There is anthropological evidence that long ago we were more aware of this manifest experience than we have been during the last 3,000 years. But it’s also becoming clear that we are beginning to remember it now. There’s a lot of negativity, as you say, because there are institutions pressing back.

    But I am optimistic. The rest of that psalm says that God will fight for us. I don’t see this as a violent fight. Because again, as you point out, the good guys win.

    1. Yes, but the “good guys” can only win if we work with them. It is so easy to give into the negativity that is so prevalent on this planet, and there are many who just accept it as being a part of life, and it’s hard for them to believe that if they change their way of thinking, they could lessen or even eliminate negativity..

      1. Oh my dear Lola, please don’t mistake politeness for weakness. The good guys hold all the power! For one example, the decision was reportedly made in 1945 after Nagasaki that we will never again be allowed to use an atomic weapon in warfare… and in the 75 years since that day, with all these cranky countries holding gigantic stores of nuclear weapons, they have protected us from another nuclear war. They have decided that we need to raise the consciousness vibration of this planet, and that is going to happen even if it must happen through the services of each individual spirit guide whispering in his or her charge’s ear. It will happen. Guaranteed.

        1. I like the idea of each of us listening for our individual guide’s voice in our ears. Or whichever way each guide may work to make contact. For years my guide used signs. However they work in tandem with is, the guides are here to ensure we have personal support— like a spiritual personal trainer. What a resource!

    2. Dear Mike, I think if we mean to help people, we’ve got to meet them where they are now spiritually. For many people in the Western countries, the notion of stillness is a foreign idea, and their primary need is for us to help them free themselves from fear-based religious notions. That seems to ease them more than anything else could! Most will never take up meditation, but once their fears are eased they can develop a new relationship with God and a new comfort in the teachings of Jesus. More and more, that is what I feel called to do: to help as many people as possible to find the greatest love there is.

      1. Freeing people from fear based religions is of paramount importance and I agree this should be the primary objective for now. After centuries of fear, it won’t happen overnight, but I do feel that this should be the first step

  8. Thanks Roberta – a fascinating puzzle piece to ponder this week. My guidance seems to be running parallel to Mike’s. What is humanity? Is it one of (or part of, it you include ETs) those collectives of souls, and what is a soul, a spark of God with the same creative power, but needing to learn how to use it? If the other side is always now, always here, then could each soul be the center of its own, unique, ever-evolving reality, maybe sustained by a greater Source from which it comes? Do we eventually spin off our own sparks? Perhaps groups of us souls agree to join in collectives to co-create consensus realities, like myriad apples, all maintained and renewed by the same serpentine, seraphic creative life force of Holy Fire rising from the root of the Holy Tree of Enlightenment. That fire reforges the realities for us “moment” to moment. We souls dive in and muck around in our experimental laboratory, sometimes becomming so immersed and lost in the game that rescue parties need to be sent in to extract or redirect us. What’s worse, are there dark elements, merchants of fear, doing their best to keep us lost and ignorant? Cue the theme music from “Mission Impossible.” (PS. What if Jesus was an Arcturian?😁)

    1. Oh dear Scott, my guidance insists that we must keep it simple! Nothing else but the creative base Consciousness exists, and each of us is inextricably part of that Consciousness. At its highest vibration is the Godhead, which is a Collective of Perfected Beings, and each of us is striving to grow spiritually to the point where we, too, can be part of that Collective. Is the Godhead the highest God? No, I don’t think so, for reasons that I won’t go into now. But we are spiritual toddlers! We are told not to think beyond our need to learn to walk well first, then run, and then eventually fly.

      Knowing Mikey Morgan and listening to him has reinforced for me the need for us to stop speculating and get down to serious spiritual learning. When we ask Mikey speculative questions – Was Jesus an Arcturian? Is there a higher God? – he says that we shouldn’t think about any of that now. First grow spiritually, and in time we will have the answers. After all, we have eternity!

      1. Hi Roberta. Sorry if I’ve been getting a little too out there on you.😄 My guides seem to be taking advantage of my penchant for esoteric mysticism as they train me to work more closely with them, and the process has had some amazing twists and turns. On the other hand they are repeatedly hitting me over the head with love, love, love, vibrations, vibrations, vibrations, so I think you’re right that that is the primary thing we all need to focus on. I’ll try to keep my posts more down to earth in the future. 🙂 ♥️👍

  9. Dear Roberta,

    Has your Thomas provided any insight into the Coronavirus crisis from a spiritual persepctive? Does he see the epidemic passing in due course – or worsening considerably?

    I read a supposedly channelled perspective, that the cloud of China’s collective shadow of thoughts about “killing” their enemies, caused the virus to become so agressively virulent and that it was necessary to prevent China precipitating a situation that would escalate out of control.

    Thank you

    1. Dear Rayana, wow, what a depressing thought! I don’t know what the virus’s shorter-term effects might be, but if I am understanding Thomas correctly he is saying this is all part of the process of raising the consciousness of the planet. It is forcing us out of some counterproductive ruts and rigidities, and a more flexible and fluid pattern is going to emerge that makes for easier spiritual growth worldwide. I don’t know that we will see any of this, except in retrospect; but I do think that Spirit is in charge.

      1. Is there any clear indication/evidence you know of that our friends unseen have control of what’s happening, that the pandemic has been engineered to change this world spiritually, Roberta?

        Or is it that a natural event – a pandemic isn’t novel – will result in changes that might just bring about the hoped-for / promised global spiritual shift so long talked about?

        1. Dear Mac, I don’t think these great spiritual movements on earth ever happen in the mechanical cause-and-effect, manipulative way that embodied people would do them. As you know, those at the upper levels of reality treat all of us, no matter how low our vibration, with extraordinary respect. They do not directly overrule our decisions, no matter how disastrous those might be, although occasionally they will mitigate their effects.

          For example, we are told that those at the highest level decided after Hiroshima and Nagasaki that we would never again be allowed to use nuclear bombs in war. And as you and I can well attest, during our entire long lifetimes – to what should be everyone’s amazement! – all these nuclear-armed nations have been at one another’s throats at times, but still there has not been another nuclear attack.

          This is wonderful, of course, but the interesting thing is how these Beings – who hold every bit of all the power! – have managed this feat. They could have:

          * Appeared embodied on earth and given us orders.
          * Caused some atom-plague, some neutron-rust, or some other targeted catastrophe to destroy all the bombs. Or even…
          * Caused everyone who even thought of using one of those bombs in anger to drop dead at once.

          They have the power to do anything! But instead, they have worked entirely behind the scenes and as invisibly as possible. Here are just two things that we know were almost certainly their work:

          * There was a day when the Soviet detection system announced that a massive ballistic missile attack from the U.S. was underway. Someone in their emergency response room had his finger hovering over the button that could have destroyed all human life on earth in response. But apparently his guide whispered in his ear, and he gambled that it was a false alarm.

          * There have been some suspicious weapons testing failures. Specifically, during at least one missile test a missile of unknown origin came out of nowhere and destroyed an offensive missile being tested.

          So, no, this virus is not a draconian imposition by elevated beings. But it is already utterly disrupting Western civilization in what might be immensely positive ways! To give you just four U.S. examples:

          * Big cities and mass transit are suddenly out of fashion. Too much possibility of contagion! And the more our elites move out of the cities and meet more real people, the better it will be for everyone, don’t you think?

          * Working from home is the new normal. My older daughter lives and works in Seattle, but her city is an epicenter of contagion so she came home to Austin last weekend for an extended visit. And had a stellar workweek full of meetings with people not just in Seattle, but all over the world. She was surprised to see what a small difference her actual location made, and I’m sure many others are making that same discovery.

          * All the schools are closed. The rigid way we teach our children means that many of them come to hate learning, and its demise is long overdue. Our public education system is a relic of the late-nineteenth-century factory age when workers needed a place to park their children and prepare them for the boredom of being factory workers too. Many people have already been trying alternative, much more exciting schooling methods, and now everyone is having to try them.

          * Even churches are closed! So now many people are trying other ways to use their Sunday mornings to relate to God more directly.

          In this country, the positive effects of just these four changes are not going to go away. In fact, this pandemic may be seen in hindsight to have begun a literal transformation for the better in all four of these areas!

          (p.s. I have a dear friend, an expert investor, who tells me that commercial real estate is going down in value fast, so sell it if you have it.)

          1. Dear Roberta, would this sell recommendation amount to insider trading? 😉 Meanwhile, I am with you, I think this pandemic, while it may not be intrinsically so, can be good medicine for a society that desperately needs to wake up (to mix metaphors).

          2. So the short answers to my questions concerning (quote) “Thomas is saying this is all part of the process of raising the consciousness of the planet.” were ‘no’ and ‘maybe’. 😉

            Moving on, aren’t the basics of investment the principles of selling when values are high but holding/buying when they go low?

            Professionals who game the market may be able to dip in and out with success – although not all get things right of course – but should regular gals and guys be doing the same? 😉

  10. Dear Roberta,
    Thak you for your reply.
    Yes, I feel deeply sure, as you do, that Spirit is in charge and that it is all very much part of a plan with a positive outcome. Regardless of whether the cause is as per the ‘channelled’ version above, Thomas’s more abstract version – or indeed a reaction to the electro-magnetic changes caused by 5G – we can expect a period of considerable suffering from which we shall emerge somewhat battered but nonetheless stronger.

    I feel no fear of this virus (if indeed it is a virus) – on the contrary, today, walking in the near-empty Central Asian city where I am based, to me a surprising kind-of calm was palpable … that and the brightness of the sunlight which could penetrate the city smog for the first time this year due to reduced traffic!On the other hand when people came near me I noticed that my usual habit of automatically radiating warmth / blessing to strangers was replaced by an unexpected, albeit slight, twinge of fear / suspicion. Realizing that I was picking up on their fear and reflecting it back to them, I quickly returned to consciously only radiating love. The reaction of most people here, so far, is to withdraw deeper into separation and self-protection … although I understand that a few people have started reaching out to each other in a welcome wave of selfless effort.

    Our country has a border with China. The border was only closed 2 days ago and so many Chinese have been going back and forth throughout the crisis and yet we had no cases of infection. We do not have 5G. 2 days ago we had our first confirmed cases – 3 of our residents returning from Jeddah … also, by the way, a 5G city. Interesting to note that in 1917, the great Rudolph Steiner considered the epidemic of the time to be not a virus but a reaction to the man-made changes to the electro-magnetic field. He advised increasing our levels of spiritul practice as a defense – noting that “with all the electricity flying around it is much harder now to be human than it was 100 years ago” … and that was 103 years ago! On ‘Collective Evolution’ website there is a short but thought provoking talk by Dr. Cowan on the subject.

    What do you and Thomas think about the effects of 5G?

    1. Dear Rayana, thank you for sharing your experiences half a world away from most readers here. Please stay safe! I hope your country is asking everyone to self-isolate to minimize the spread, and I especially hope that you’re doing that. This will very soon be over!

      Your question about 5G flummoxed me, so I watched the video you mentioned. We are energy beings, so in theory this fellow’s hypothesis could have some validity, but Thomas shrugs. And in playing with what is a new idea for me – that electrification affects us negatively – I would note that the lecturer’s prescription seems to be that we become more spiritually elevated, which makes what he is saying congruent with what we are receiving from elevated beings now. But the notion that viruses are effect rather than cause in pandemic situations – if I understand him rightly – is something that surely scientists are smart enough to have figured out by now, if it were true. And, Steiner! My husband has long been a Rudolph Steiner fan, so I know about a lot of the man’s theories… and let’s just say that they have been the cause of some heated discussions over breakfast. Steiner may be right, but he is too New-Agey for me!

      Still, if this whole controversy is yet another prompt for us to elevate the planet’s consciousness vibrations, then that does resonate. And Thomas is more positive about it too, if that is the case. As he says, whatever the question, love is the answer!

  11. So Roberta I just heard about a great Illumination of Conscience, a miracle that is supposed to take place this fall. I am new to you and your research just finding you this week. From what I understand this will be world wide and a mercy afforded us by God. We will see the state of our souls and hopefully decide what to do about it. Is Thomas (your guide??) saying anything about it?
    One last silly question….have you ever lectured on the subject of sex in the afterlife?…..asking for a friend. LOL

    1. Welcome, Linda! I’m not aware of what an Illumination of Consciousness might be, nor is the coming fall season meant to be especially significant as far as I know, but there are many people on earth right now (including Yours Truly, and quite possibly including you as well) who have agreed to work with our guides at this point in earth’s history to raise the consciousness vibrations of humankind away from fear and toward more perfect love. A great undertaking, and essential since otherwise humankind will destroy this planet… but a process that will probably take us decades. And this has nothing to do with the state of our souls or any effort to judge us! The old Christian concept of sin and judgment is harshly negative, so it is one of the many things that are contributing to the degradation of humankind and therefore are destined to be overcome. If you put relevant terms into the search bar for this website, you will find that we have talked about this a lot!

      And as for sex, we have talked about that, too. We have solid bodies in the Summerland that are young and beautiful, and they have external sex organs that are capable of intercourse, but they have no sex drive. Without that, very few people care to bother with genital sex. Anyway, there is something much better: it’s a body-melding that you can do with anyone. No morality attached to it, and apparently it is done by one person “stepping into” another, something like a hug, and it produces what those who do it tell us is a kind of whole-body orgasm. So you have that to look forward to!

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