We Need Fresh Ways to Study Reality

Posted by Roberta Grimes • December 07, 2019 • 34 Comments
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 Perhaps my wanting to study reality seems to you both naïve and quixotic. I have never taken a course in advanced math or physics. Instead, over half a century I have read broadly and with an obsessive purpose. Afterlife communications, quantum mechanics, cosmology, biology, consciousness research, and even the Bible’s Gospels: whatever has seemed pertinent to the study of reality, I have read it and tried to understand how it fit with everything else that I was learning. All of this could have led to nowhere. But instead, before long I was delighted to see that all these disparate sources of information were beginning to construct one gigantic, complex, and highly comprehensible reality! Eventually it became obvious to me that quantum mechanics had to be the junction between matter and consciousness; and, well, what do you know? I found that the father of quantum physics, the immortal Max Planck, had taken the strictly physics route and come to the same conclusion. Almost ninety years ago he said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” Even Albert Einstein recognized that, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

Rather than giving any thought to the wisdom of the greatest modern physicists, mainstream science as a united discipline has stuck with the Luddite notion inherited from the ancient Greeks that matter is basic, and it generates consciousness. As a result, it is clear from a recent perusal of my beloved Scientific American that the core scientific discipline of physics has gone so far off the rails by now that at this point it is just going through the motions. From a Scientific American article entitled The Search For Truth in Physics and published in September of this year comes this embarrassing admission: “(i)f physics strikes most people as truth seeking at its purest, it doesn’t always seem that way to physicists themselves. They sometimes seem to be struck by a collective imposter syndrome. Although they may presume that the truth is out there and they are capable of finding it—they have to, or what would be the point?—they have their doubts, which surface in informal discussions, at conferences devoted to the broad direction of their subject, in renewed efforts to reach out to philosophers for help, and in books and blogs for the general public. These worries are most acute in fundamental physics, which is not the entire subject but does play an outsized role in it. Many fret that the Large Hadron Collider has yet to turn up any new phenomena, giving them nothing to work with to derive the next level of laws. They worry whether proposed unified theories, such as string theory, can ever be tested. Some deem their subject overly mathematical; others think it mathematically sloppy. Truth can be elusive even in the best-established theories. Quantum mechanics is as well tested a theory as can be, yet its interpretation remains inscrutable.” My own thought after having talked with disillusioned physicists is that sadly this passage is too optimistic. One physicist actually said to me, “Don’t let them kid you. We can make the math say whatever we want it to say, so in fact it tells us nothing.”

Yet despite all their private uncertainties, as the year 2020 approaches, science writers still can cheerily deliver such highly dubious nonsense as, Reality is constructed by the brain, and no two brains are exactly alike.” At the same time they also can admit to The delusion of scientific omniscience,” while noting that as recently as the nineteen-eighties physicists were sure they were right on the cusp of figuring everything out.

It seems from what I have read that many physicists now suspect that consciousness has to be primary. They suspect, but those with reputations to protect are speculating only privately. Physics is a system of hypotheses that are tested using mathematical calculations and replicable experiments, and if you have a theory that cannot be investigated in the traditional way, there is no point to mentioning it and thereby putting your career at risk. But as physicists start to run out of materially testable ideas, the disconnect that already exists between experimental and theoretical physics will grow wider, until at some point some open-minded young scientist will step forward and present a workable consciousness theory of everything. Then not just physics, but all the sciences will enter a more productive post-material world.

Meanwhile, it will be important for people who can see the primacy of consciousness and are not hampered by scientific limitations to pioneer some new methods for studying reality. Here is why:

  • Consciousness probably cannot be studied using mathematics or replicable experiments. The value of this material school lies in our taking its lessons seriously, and that value would be diminished if we could prove we are eternal. There is no way around this problem. In any battle of wits against the Big Wit, we lose.
  • Much of the evidence for what is really going on comes from glitches in an almost perfect system. Mistakes happen. The amnesia that seals off previous lives is imperfect in the first few years of life; people who die suddenly or in fear will sometimes stick to earth in a ghostly twilight; and now and then real miracles happen. If we understand the importance of these glitches, then we can begin to learn a lot about the true nature of reality. But of course this is thin gruel for physicists who have spent their careers working in the comforting solidity of mathematics-based replicable experiments.
  • Other evidence comes from the chance development of some highly subjective skills. Through the ages there have been people who developed some amazing consciousness-based skills – astral travel, afterlife communication, divination, and so on – none of which have much been studied because those who study them are ridiculed. Once we realize that these rare consciousness-based skills have a lot to tell us about reality, we can develop fresh ways to study them in a disciplined environment.
  • Apparently dead scientists are trying to help us learn what is true. Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and instrumental transcommunication (ITC) make up an amazing body of evidence, the best of which cannot be explained away if you have even a half-open mind.
  • The bad news: much of the “evidence” is faked. Many “mediums” are cold-readers, most EVP and ITC is static, and ghosts are almost always illusory. Here scientists could be a big help, but instead of trying to sift real from faked so the bits of genuine evidence can be studied, nearly all the scientific effort so far has consisted in hurriedly drowning the baby and throwing it out with the bathwater. So for now, the sifting of evidence is left to amateurs like you and me, and that means we are going to have to do a lot of patient and meticulous work.
  • More bad news: for now, we’ve got to ignore the woo-woo stuff. At least at first, we builders of a new paradigm will have to concentrate with ruthless precision on those few areas where a lot of good evidence of how reality genuinely works can be found. We’ve got to stay away from some phenomena that later might be seen to fit, including fortune-telling, Tarot, mind-reading, Astrology, demons, angels, ancient gods, Akashic records, and extraterrestrials. If we are studying everything indiscriminately, then in fact we really are studying nothing.

All of this being said, some recent evidence for the primacy of consciousness is very good indeed. It cannot be studied by the scientific method that has worked so well in studying matter, so until physicists can liberate themselves and begin an open-minded search for the truth, the leaders in this field will be lay researchers. And there is a lot of work for us to do!

  • Some people will collect and patiently seek to authenticate the “glitches.” Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia spent much of his life collecting thousands of examples of children who seemed to remember previous lives, and “solving” these cases whenever possible by finding the living family of each child’s previous personality. One such anomaly is merely curious. Many hundreds of such well-documented cases give us overwhelming evidence that human consciousness survives physical death.
  • A few will find ways to conduct replicable experiments. Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona at Tucson has conducted triple-blind experiments with mental mediums. He calculates the odds against achieving some of his results by chance to be in the multiple millions to one.
  • Some others will find ways to collect and assemble strange and useful statistical data. Dr. Helen Wambach first studied reincarnation in an effort to prove it was nonsense, and one of her methods involved the mass hypnotic regression of thousands of people to certain specific historical periods. When she compiled the details of all the lives that her thousands of subjects claimed to have lived, she found that their distribution by gender, class, location, occupation, food, clothing, and other details so perfectly replicated historical fact that to have achieved these results by chance would have been nearly impossible.
  • And some will become their own experiments. Robert Monroe learned almost by accident how to leave his material body, and once he had satisfied himself that this was a real phenomenon and it didn’t seem dangerous, he spent forty years expanding his own boundaries and carefully documenting the results. He was not a scientist, but his model will be followed by later adventurous souls who have scientific training. Once you completely understand that reality is in fact both infinite and benevolent and your own mind is eternal and indestructible, no boundaries to your explorations exist.

It is going to be up to you and me to help humanity assemble a fresh paradigm that will let us study all of reality, including its non-material aspects. And wonderfully, some individual scientists and other researchers are pointing the way by doing ever more sophisticated work in the field of what is called “intelligent design.” This research began as an effort to refute Darwin, but the evidence for design in nature is abundant and the intelligent design movement is happily free of dogma-based constraints. We disciplined amateurs with nothing to lose can comfortably join these researchers, patiently seeking and sifting through the evidence as we build an ever more complete picture for all of humankind’s edification. The day will come when the mainstream science materialist house of cards will fall. And when it does, the work we do now can become a solid beginning for a genuine scientific search for the truth.


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34 thoughts on “We Need Fresh Ways to Study Reality

  1. dear roberta after visiting 2 mediums recently who said that our loved ones in the afterlife miss there family here on earth i have read in books that they dont miss us whats the truth sincerly terry

    1. Dear Terence, mediums have to say our dead loved ones miss us. Can you imagine how upset those left here would be if a medium said, “Nah, she doesn’t miss you at all”?

      The word “miss” is too broad. Let’s break it down. The evidence suggests that:

      1) Most of them can lower their vibrations to ours and be right here with us whenever they wish, so in that sense they don’t miss us.

      2) Especially if we are grieving badly, they wish they could hug us physically and sit down for a reassuring chat over a cup of tea, so in that sense they do miss us.

      3) After the grieving period, they go on happily with their busy lives in the wonderful reality which is our true home, keeping in touch with us enough to be able to watch our big events on their flat-screens and speaking with us through mediums if we call for it but otherwise too busy and happy to look in much.

      It’s as if we all live in the most beautiful and wonderful place there could be, and we and they came here for a bit to work on an oil rig or some such thing. Really bleagghh work. They got to go home early. They know you are fine, working hard now so you have to be there, but very soon you also will come home and the great family will be reunited. Meanwhile, you are perfectly safe and they have no worries because nothing can harm you. In a case like that, how much would they really miss you?

    1. Thank you for this dear Mary – it’s great! Everyone, please watch this one. Here are more scientists doing the basic science on the leading edge that the hidebound materialist university departments and peer-reviewed journals prevent working scientists from doing on pain of losing their scientific careers. The whole thing is stupid, ridiculous, and tragic, and more and more genuine scientists are coming to see that and choosing to leave the mainstream scientific circus behind!

      1. Roberta: This is absolutely true. I got my first newsletter from Mark Pitstick which I signed up for in Nov. In it, he said that many research scientists want to break away from mainstream materialistic science and pour their research into non-materialistic science. However, funding for this would not be available through the academic avenues such as major universities etc, so they are looking to set up their own groups and receive their funding from another source. In other words, they went the way of academia and realized it was going nowhere and the answers they were looking for would never be found in the old conventional way

        1. Ah, but the real question is what “another source” will be! It will take money, and a lot of it, to support a number of first-quality scientists, and never mind their laboratories! What the universities do is to put a seal of credibility on scientific research, and there is no comparable lay authority.

          Those of us who have worked for awhile in this field have come to think we are going to need the university departments and the peer-reviewed journals. We are going to have to make this field respectable, and then shame mainstream science to the point where it will have to allow us in. That is what I’ve been talking about above. At this point, there is so much to shame science with that the field should be easy pickin’s – all we should have to do is to make all these scientific follies more generally public. But we shall see!

          1. Roberta: I know this will not be an easy ride, but the fact that they actually want to do this proves that they felt they were going nowhere and now want to stop wasting their time. I think this is an important step in the right direction. However, you’re right. It will be another slow process before it becomes meaningful.

  2. dear roberta thank you for replying to me iwish i lived next door to you we are 1ooos of miles apart but i am much better for knowing you im not educated like you i worked down coal mines all my life but what you do is certainly a gift from god terry

  3. You write from the start: “I have never taken a course in advanced math or physics.” Neither have I; yet -with the help of inspired guidance from “above” – I have written book about numbers (The Secret World of Numbers; on that should end any doubt whether there is a Greatest Intelligent Design behind the nature of numbers. Some mathematicians argue that numbers are a mere human construct. That notion proves to be totally incorrect: there are so many truly amazing aspects of numbers happening all at-the-same-time, which seems totally impossible; they just defy any possibility of human intelligence having come up with these myriads of complex “coincidences”. I am not saying this to tout my own horn, but just to emphasize that there is nothing in the universe that doesn’t ultimately indeed show the reality of God’s Mind, Love, Intelligence, Beauty, Logic, Perfection, etc.
    God’s “Hands” are in the entire Creation. This seems to be today’s “heresy” to scientists.
    What you write about needing a need way of looking and doing science (and theology, etc. for that matter too!) is along the lines of what one of my professors used to say: “the heresies of today are the dogmas of tomorrow.”
    And so it will be…!!! We will hopefully see this still enfold in our lifetimes, even though I’m approaching 70.

    1. Dear Adri, thank you for sharing your thoughts here! if math were a mere human construct, then how on earth would we be able to use it to study anything, never mind theoretical physics? And I agree with you that once you understand that the Mind of the Godhead is behind it all, you see Its workings everywhere.

      But, oh my dear, let’s not talk about introducing the next stage of dogmas ;-)! No, once we have established the new scientific paradigm of open-mindedly seeking to ever better understand what is actually true, we would hope to be able to work hand in hand with the genuine Godhead in our explorations, dogma-free forevermore!

      (And I’m past 70. I expect to be watching most of this unfold from the bleacher seats, just as you might see it as well. But that suits me just fine!!)

  4. “Even Albert Einstein recognized that, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”” So how did vibration get lowered, and how do we raise it?

    1. Dear Anita, you have asked one of the hardest questions. It has plagued me for decades, and even now I can’t answer it with certainty. If beyond time we are already perfect and reunited with Source – and there is evidence that this is true – then why do we need to go through all this mess of life on earth as a way to grow spiritually?

      All I can do is tell you what I now suspect.

      There seems to be a genuine God, an Ultimate Source that is infinitely greater and more powerful than the Godhead we know, and more loving than any of us can imagine. Mikey Morgan says that we don’t lose our individuality when we join the Source at the top of the astral – which we now realize is a Collective – and he says that our learning and growth goes on forever. So it seems to me now that we go through all this blinded urge to grow (blinded, because we don’t know why) so we can do what Mikey is doing now, and grow even beyond this entire system and toward that ultimate God… which in fact might also be a Collective, with a still greater God beyond that. We don’t know where this ends, or if it ever ends!

      So our vibrations here seem to be lowered much as you might step back to take a running jump: it’s a way to further strengthen us spiritually. And of course being allied with matter as we are here further reduces out spiritual vibration, as does the fact that we have access while here to such a limited part of our eternal minds.

      I don’t know if that explanation makes sense to you, and I’m still trying to work it out, but what is hard for us to understand from here will be much easier when we get back home!

      As for how to best grow spiritually, the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels seem to be the easiest and quickest way, and they are entirely non-religious. My book, The Fun of Growing Forever, shows you how to use them for best effect.

      1. I get what you are saying. I believe that in many ways we come to this earth life as clean, fresh slates but immediately begin to be given wrong information about ourselves which then perpetuates itself on and on. I can still remember as a very small child having it brought to my attention that we would die some day. I grew up on a farm and knew that animals died, but I somehow thought that we humans were too important for that! I was inconsolable when my mom told me that we too would die and I said through sobs “but I thought we grow UP, with emphasis on *up*. I thought that to grow up meant things would get better and better in some way. I think I was on to something, and the world dashes our hopes early and says that all will end in futility.

        1. Dear Anita, the beautiful truth is that you really will grow UP forevermore! The world might have tried to convince you otherwise, but you will indeed triumph in the end ;-).

    1. Oh my dear Millie, you make me smile! Sitting around our one big living room and lovingly helping one another to grow is the highlight of my Sunday as well ;-).

  5. Thanks Roberta for the interesting post. I have concerns that getting too involved in the “scientific” aspect will have a negative impact on my spiritual progress. Anyway, I will forward your message to a relative of mine who is into Physics and likes to explore questions of this nature.

    1. Dear Tom, please tell your relative that if he has questions or comments he is welcome to email me if he likes. I understand why you might feel that mixing mainstream science with spiritual pursuits might be a kind of contamination, and of course you needn’t get involved in it if you don’t want to! But we won’t be able to make real progress on earth unless we can break the scientific stranglehold on “approved” investigations, and the only way to do that is with a straight-on frontal assault. So those of us who are willing will have to take this on!

  6. Thanks for your work Roberta. It is always good to read your posts. They make me think, give me hope, and always make me feel a little more connected some how.
    Have a great day.

    1. Oh dear Lisa, I’m so glad that you find these messages helpful! If you have questions or thoughts about what you might wish we would talk about, please don’t hesitate to make suggestions.

  7. “First they ignore you,
    then they laugh at you,
    then they fight you,
    then you win.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

    Dearest Roberta, any great struggle I think, requires a great and often protracted effort which is only possible because the cause is so very worth it. We cannot see how much or how long it will take to attain the goal, but we go on anyway because we know that, succeed or fail, the cause is valuable beyond reckoning.

    I cannot imagine a cause more worthy than Oneness with Spirit. The raising of our awareness and our vibration has got to be the actual Holy Grail; the essence, the core of what is valuable. It is the single shining thing at the heart of each person and of all of us together as one collective being.

    And in this fight we are (thankfully) the foot soldiers of the Light Himself, who has it all in hand. He is (as the Hindus say) the Knower of the Field. And we humans are here living in that very field.

    Since our egos don’t have to assume responsibility for the overall outcome, aren’t we free to do our part without grim heaviness?
    That’s got to be a plus! And doors may open thanks to unseen help, that we least expect, often in the nick of time.

    Roberta, I knew you were a synthesist at the outset. Like the Renaissance thinkers, a synthesist considers different ways and may come to find the quintessence of a thing more surely than others. Mono disciplined thinkers by contrast, may not be able to escape dogma, long-standing conditionings and that terrible tragic flaw, tunnel vision.
    The theologian or scientist sometimes ‘can’t see the wood for the trees.’ Yet someone who studies theology, science, quantum physics, paranormal phenomena, ethics and psychology and sociology has a far better chance of finding ‘the pearl in the oyster.’ The mind of a synthesist can span many disciplines and achieve gestalt (the big picture). A mono thinker can become trapped by dogmas; pacing the high walls of his small yard.

    Cannot a deep thinking synthesist find the only pearl in that single oyster in a seabed of oysters covered in weed, algae and slime, deep beneath murky waters? The pearl passes to the diver who opens many oysters more easily than the swimmer who opens just one.

    So maybe, just maybe, it could be a breakthrough strategy to show people that they are blinded by dogma. If we show them how dogma blinds us from considering uncomfortable and unfamiliar truths, then some people will see what they have missed. Basically this involves teaching them how to think in a clearer way. If they stick with this new way of seeing, then a new wonder, a bright new horizon opens up.

    At the moment, I’m in discussion with a material atheist friend who is willing to look at perception: We’ve discussed how our beliefs influence us to reject evidence to the contrary at the outset, and to attach our belief to supportive evidence without examining either.

    For instance, my friend believes that newly found sub atomic particles are ‘real’ without examining the science. Conversely hearing of evidential proof of knowledge gained by mediumship via a specific, documented case is dismissed as ‘fake’ or ‘deluded’ without any inquiry. Hence, all future implications of such paranormal things are left unexplored by said friend…

    When I asked him if both particle science and evidential mediumship should logically be given the same amount of unbiased study, he agreed. (In order to understand we must look closely at both topics, or so logic demands.) Since our many discussions, my sincere friend has been able to adjust his way of thinking – somewhat. He now calls himself an agnostic, not an atheist. He sees that logically consciousness could be behind the energy universe. My friend has moved from a definite ‘no’ to ‘quite possibly.’

    Roberta, honest seeking people will be open to learning how to think differently and logically. Once they decide to tackle the uncomfortable thought, they make real progress.

    Perhaps a good way to bring down the dark towers of material science and dogmatic religion is to pour water into their foundations, which are inevitably placed in sand. Teaching a new, clear way of thinking accompanied by a ‘how to guide’ on recognizing (internalized) dogma may do much to bring down the towers of ignorance.

    At the very least, pouring water into the foundations may well cause the crowns of these proud and bitter towers to lean drunkenly, causing people to laugh loudly at their absurdity.

    1. Dear Efrem. I love your way with words. Over the years, I have also thought of myself as a synthesizer rather than a specialist, as I suspect you and many of us who chat here are. It was often to my chagrin and frustration, though, because I never seemed able to find my niche in life. It seemed like lots of dead ends and going in circles. Part of that was certainly a lack of sticktoitiveness on my part, flitting from flower to flower, but also it was a constant hunger for something, but what? Now, in hindsight, maybe it was meant to be. At this point I can see those circles as something more like a spiral moving inward towards some central sun. I thank God for coming across Roberta’s work a few years ago. It allowed me to eliminate several spins around that point and to home in much faster. What a huge learning curve these last few years have been! Now I’m starting to feel an urge to shift from seeking and gathering info, although the seeking and learning never truly ends, to implementing what I’ve learned so far, to embodying the Way as best I can. It is like the spiral starting to go back outward, from involution to evolution. Living a humble existence doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m more at peace than any time in my life.

      Also, like you I love what Roberta is saying this week. How often has it been that researchers outside of academic blind alleys, free to think indepedently, wind up moving the needle towards truth the most, or even creating breakthroughs. Many scientists share our interests in private, but wouldn’t dare do so in public. Hopefully independent researchers like Roberta can start to build a bridge, or meeting place, where different disciplines can find common ground. 🙂 👍

    2. Dear Efrem, I do love those words from Gandhi! And, yes, this work in which we all are engaged is the greatest effort, with the greatest goal in all of human history. A very big YES to the fact that this work is joyous! There is no joy on earth that could be greater.

      But my dear beloved friends, dear Efrem and Scott, I think you giving me far too much credit. I am not even a synthesist – and I love that word! In doing this work, I am an avatar, an atomaton, with no more awareness of what we are doing than has the pen in a writer’s hand. I begin now to glimpse the wondrous work of enlightening all of humankind in which you and I and our friends here are privileged to have a small part to play, and I am astonished by it! I am thrilled and grateful to have the incomparable gift of my beloved friend Thomas’s guidance in this, but it is Thomas and the Collective Godhead he serves who are doing this work. Theirs is all the glory!

      It turns out that Thomas has been preparing me to do this for my entire life, always intending that I would spend most of my life in study and preparation, and do my little bit when I was old, together with all the many others who also had signed up before birth to do their pre-designed parts of this work.

      When I was twelve and in the midst of writing bad poetry, which twelve-year-old girls are wont to do, I wrote an odd poem which of course had to have been a channeled message to a clueless child. It was something about doing your work, not even wondering about the larger picture, sticking to the little bit that is yours to do, “… and one day, when… (something about everything is whole and clear and everyone can see the whole picture)… you will see the little puzzle-piece which was your work and joy.”

      Dear Efrem, the reason why I don’t speculate about how best to do any of this is that it is all God’s work, this great and glorious tapestry into which we each are privileged to sew our one stitch, and the great joy of that is knowing that we cannot possibly screw it up! I asked Thomas after the fact what would have happened if I had refused to channel Liberating Jesus, and he told me someone else would have done it. There are many who could have done it. So let’s all simply bask in the joy of knowing that this work is the Lord’s, but we have been given our part to do!

  8. Hey Scott,
    It’s so good that you are at peace now, more than at any other time in your life. I feel something like this too. I’ll bet that you are right when you suspect that many of us here in Roberta’s blog living room are synthesizers. Maybe it comes from seeking and being hungry for serious growth…
    Your visual of flitting from flower to flower and then dead ends moving in circles that clarify into a spiral to centre, is quite moving. What a life of searching, frustration and never fully finding your niche. (I share in this journey; for me it’s never really fitting in somewhere.)
    Yet the movements you mention are long associated with Heaven and Spirit: The curve, the circle and the spiral. God had you in His hand all along, I reckon.

    I’m glad that you are now expanding into Spirit, spiraling out from the Centre. Scott, maybe this is your time!

    I too am grateful for finding Roberta over a year ago. The Way really is the answer to the deep question of the heart. Also, I kind of get who she is: In a previous blog Roberta said that her main guide Thomas (who was Thomas Jefferson) called her ‘the gateway drug’ to spiritual guidance and helping people raise their vibration. 😅 She is also laying the foundations of something yet to come; of those who will take things further and farther. To me she is the ‘quickener.’ Roberta seems like a catalyst to clarify and speed up people’s growth. I guess Thomas and those unseen by us reason that the time is ripe for the rising. Hence Roberta’s great work.

    And your idea of a bridge to a meeting place where different disciplines can find common ground is just what we need. Scott, there is so much clamor these days, so much disagreement and polarization. It is as if people have stopped listening to each other. It reminds me of the Tower of Babel story in the Bible where people could no longer understand each other at all. Common ground is sorely needed right now. 👍🕊

    1. Dear Efrem, I have been traveling this week, reading comments but unable to respond, and I realize now that what I said to you above was more in response to this comment than to your previous one. Actually, seeing what you say about me here is interesting and helpful, since I am becoming more curious about what the heck I am doing, even as I watch it happening! Yes, Thomas certainly did say that I am teaching beginners for the most part, so I’ve got to keep it simple and keep it solid for those who want to build on these beginnings. He has slapped me down whenever I have had even the slightest thought that – hey! – whatever I just have written was pretty good! He even has challenged me to try to write something on my own, which of course I am not able to do. He has no patience for anything but the great work which now obsesses his mind, and emphatically he does not suffer fools!

      1. Dearest Roberta,
        The part where your twelve year old self was given to see that it’s just our piece of the puzzle that we must focus on, resonates greatly. It’s actually a really encouraging way to see things. The whole puzzle is designed by the Collective Godhead (as you put it). Therefore things are orchestrated beautifully by the Divine, not mucked up by an assortment of human mistakes. Heck, I’d love to see the whole picture one day, even when I’m in the afterlife.

        Thomas has always seemed amazing to me, and this channeled knowledge feels really right. But perhaps, reflecting on how you describe him, Thomas can be quite tough . 😉❣️🙏🏼

        1. Oh my dear Efrem, all of us will happily watch the show and its celebratory fireworks from the bleacher seats! A few who apparently are working with those not in bodies at the forefront of this work are being told that this is the work of a century, with much sowing and pruning happening in the first half and with the growing and flourishing and the sense of harvest in the second half.

          And Thomas is a deeply serious being. He was that during his famous lifetime, but his personality was lighter, more sanguine and cheerful then. We were talking about just beginning a better kind of government to follow the long rule of kings, and not the literal salvation of humankind when it is apparently in more desperate straits than anyone now in a body can imagine! I have the sense that my having refused to write Liberating Jesus was the last straw for him, and he was fed up by then with guiding a friend who had been his help through many lifetimes but who was now a frivolous female going about preparing for doing this work without any memory of our relationship and our planning, or any understanding of the importance of this work. I recall during that meeting through a medium when he “came out” to me how upset he was with the fact that no matter what he said, he couldn’t jog any memory in me of what we were doing and what was supposed to come next. I am finishing up our post for tomorrow, and it includes an explanation from the great Sir William Barrett of what Thomas calls “the forgetful,” the fact that when we come close to the earth’s much lower vibration our aware mind separates from our subconsious mind so we find it much harder to recall facts and even to think as clearly as we can when we are back in our eternal minds. Fascinating.

          I actually recall writing that channeled poem when I was twelve. I had sat with pencil in hand to write my usual adolescent drivel, and this whole poem flowed out without a pause. I had never heard of spirit guides or channeling. I basically thought, “Huh?” and went on to write something else. I barely recall most of that poem – just the sense of it, which was basically “you can be content sticking to your knitting and doing your best at it, since you are contributing to something much greater than you know.” But that last line felt satisfying, about seeing the whole beautiful work whole and true and spotting “the little puzzle-piece that was your work and joy.” I thought about it so much at the time that it has been in my mind forevermore.

  9. you will find this conversation between Dr Zdogg and Professor Hoffman stimulating and encouraging. About half way through they get to describing a mathematical description of God. Discuss such concenpts as an ever expanding consciousness, and how everything including ourselves are nested levels or quantums of consciousness.

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