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Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 20, 2021 • 28 Comments
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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood, and looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair, and having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear; though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same.
– Robert Frost (1874-1963), from “The Road Less Traveled” (1916)

The strangest part of doing afterlife research is the fact that so much wonderfully consistent evidence is so easily found. You don’t even have to dig for it, so afterlife research is a lot of fun! Then as you pick bushels of low-hanging fruit and the puzzle almost solves itself, you start to wonder, since this is so easy, why everyone doesn’t already enjoy the certainty that human life is eternal. The first decades of the twentieth century were a time of vast progress in both afterlife studies and quantum mechanics; and yet the former went nowhere while the latter has thrived. Why is that?

My weekly podcast, Seek Reality, is nearly eight years old. Many of our guests are experts in afterlife studies and related fields with a recent book to share, and I have just read a book written by future Seek Reality guest Bob Gebelein. Bob is a learned gentleman in his eighties who has spent the past half-century in a fight with the scientific community. The result is his terrific book called Dirty Science – How Unscientific Methods Are Blocking Our Cultural Advancement. Of course, I long ago realized that mainstream science was refusing to study anything that was not material. But it was only when I read Bob’s book that I first could see the extent of the harm that is now being done by the scientific leaders we all so completely (but unjustifiably) trust.

Our discussion here last week horrified some readers. It is hard for us to imagine that an end-times war might be started by Christians in the United States just a mere seven generations from now! How could so much go wrong so fast? As I responded to emails and comments, I began to think Thomas had been off the mark in insisting that we share his Apocalyptic warning. But then I read Bob Gebelein’s Dirty Science. I have pointed out in this space that mainstream science transformed itself into a belief-system more than a century ago by decreeing that all scientific research must henceforth be based in “the fundamental scientific dogma of materialism” (and yes, back then you could find those words in print). But I didn’t realize until I read Dirty Science that the key ingredient in the horrid stew of our twenty-first century reality that might actually end the world before long is that selfsame “dirty science.” To this day, scientists uniformly insist that we are meat and nothing more, that our minds are born and die with our brains, and that the only thing that needs to be studied is all the “solid” stuff we think we see around us. Bob Gebelein has very well described an alarming situation that absolutely could lead to the prompt destruction of our planet by its own inhabitants!

Mainstream science still refuses to investigate any non-material phenomenon. Funding is the lifeblood of scientific research, and except for just a few notable exceptions – reincarnation research at the University of Virginia first comes to mind – there is no significant funding available for scientific research in any non-material field. And yet scientists pontificate. They render dismissive judgments in areas where they are deliberately and proudly ignorant! Bob points out that “In fact, they have been so successful in studying the physical reality that they have asserted that the only way to do science is to explore the physical reality with the physical senses. And they have taken this one step further, to decree that the only reality is the physical reality. The spiritual does not exist, psychic abilities are impossible, and the mind is nothing but the physical brain, which must be studied with the physical senses. But, in fact, these other aspects of reality do exist, and there are other modes of perception besides the physical senses with which to perceive them and make scientific observations.”

He is precisely right. Mainstream science has been remarkably successful at making sense of the physical aspects of our reality, but the non-physical aspects are densely intertwined with the physical. And they are every bit as important! For scientists to study anything without also studying its nonphysical aspects will render any scientific opinion in even what seem to be the physical fields to be only limited and inadequate on its face.

Bob Gebelein gives us the four dirty methods that the organized scientific community still uses to keep everyone with scientific credentials from venturing beyond approved areas of study, and to keep the public ignorant:

  • Argument from authority. Bob prefers to call it “argument from status.”
  • Refusal to look at the evidence. Scientists can then say “No evidence exists.”
  • Ridicule. They dismiss researchers of nonmaterial phenomena and their whole fields of study with demeaning and insulting labels.
  • Power politics. University departments and peer-reviewed journals exercise tight control over what can be funded, studied, and published. Scientists are quick to say to one another, “Nice career you’ve got there! Too bad if something should happen to it….”

Bob also provides what he calls “the List” of fields where scientists claim to have solidly proven that this or that area of study is bogus, even though they have done no research at all. Here are some scientific claims often made based on no research whatsoever:

  • Intuition doesn’t exist.
  • Psychic abilities don’t exist.
  • Parapsychology is pseudoscience.
  • The spiritual areas do not exist.
  • The mind is nothing but the physical brain.

Yet amazingly, a few scientists have dared to buck mainstream science’s power and have investigated and spoken about some forbidden non-material fields. And these most courageous scientists of all have included a few immortal titans:

Max Planck, the father of quantum mechanics, said in 1931, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” Then in 1944 he said, “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such.”

Albert Einstein also came to understand that nothing is solid. He said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” He also said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

The dirty methods employed by the scientific community to keep most people ignorant have come to pose an existential threat to the future of humankind. Despite having done little or no research, our culture’s most respected experts still insist that every bit of evidence backs the scientific certainty that:

* We are meat. And despite what so often feels to us like amazingly complex internal lives, our minds and our awareness arise from just the mortal meat enclosed in our skulls.

* Nothing spiritual exists. There is no God, no astral plane, no afterlife, no angels. Every spiritual encounter, near-death experience, out-of-body experience, and sign from a dead loved one is just a hallucination created by our meat-based minds.

* There cannot be any post-death life. Consciousness ends with the death of the brain. The only thing that exists is matter, so our only possible immortality might be as an upload into a machine.

With mainstream science erecting a deliberate wall between us and the possibility of better knowing the non-physical aspects of ourselves, we are left to cope with living a depressing cultural lie. All of us. Even afterlife researchers! Yours truly has spent the past fifty years reveling in so much afterlife evidence that I am more certain now of my own immortality than I am of the existence of Egypt; but still, I am daily confronted by our awful cultural certainty that I am mortal meat. Ultimately, this is the daily harm that dirty science inflicts on the world. The message we are being given about ourselves is poison! “This is all there is, so you’d better get yours!” “Life sucks, then you die, but stay alive at all costs because at death you will blink out like a light!” What else are these deadly scientific lies teaching us? What about, “Loving others is a burden on your freedom to grab more for yourself”? “Kindness to strangers is a sucker’s game”?

Dirty science is giving you an appalling vision of who you are! It’s a set of plain lies in place of the truth that you are an eternal and deeply beloved aspect of the Power that manifests reality.

This scientific barrier to knowing yourself is far more dangerous than it seems! Our resulting cynical and brutal culture creates a lot of the ugly negativity that puts our species and our planet at risk. Once most people start to get the fact that it is impossible for us to die, then our culture will be altogether transformed. We will go from having just a short, sad horizon to living in a joyous eternal frame. So please, for the sake of the world, come to know yourself! Know yourself, and then every beautiful thing will belong to you. Know yourself, in spite of science’s lies. Truly know yourself now! We have a world to save!


And both that morning equally lay in leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
– Robert Frost (1874-1963), from “The Road Less Traveled” (1916)


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28 thoughts on “Know Yourself

  1. Dear friends, if you have found this post helpful, I hope you will consider reviewing Bob Gebelein’s book! I have already left my review; they say it will take a few days to post. Here is the operative link.

    1. Dear Roberta,
      Thank you for this post, especially considering the times we are in, relying so heavily on science, particularly medical science. Like others, I was taken aback by last week’s post, but I chose to pray, to calmly consider it, and if we are truthful in our observations, we CAN see the potential possibility. It’s not pretty, but denying it won’t help any. This morning, I was reading from Matthew, and Jesus was responding to their questions about “the signs of the end times”, and those signs aren’t pretty either-wars, false teachers(including secular,ie scientists), famines, earthquakes. I imagine his disciples were filled with fear, yet he says not to be afraid, to understand these things NEED to happen. And the only reason, I surmise, is because of our own obstinacy and fear of waking up. We apparently need heavy duty alarm clocks. Stay faithful-it must be hard at times, to share news as you were given last week. Not so many of us want to listen to or consider “scary stuff”. God bless you.

      1. Dear Fran, I love that phrase, “heavy duty alarm clocks”! Yes, I think it’s better for us to know the possible coming problems so we can perhaps better understand our present times and work toward making the future better than whatever is being predicted now. It’s really better to know!

  2. Hi Roberta, hi everybody!

    This is important. It is the whole point of this experience we perceive as incarnation, and always has been! We “forget” our eternal selves to discover us all over again. Only now, it is more important for us than ever that we experience the epiphany now, and not wait until the end.

    PS-I will try to get a hold of Bob’s book.

    1. PS PS – I am going to add that in the process of discovering who we truly are all over again, we also are meant to discover the nature of Divine Love and our agency in it.

    2. Dear Mike, someone once said something like, “these times, like all times, are good, provided that we know what to do with them.” There have been many historical calamities – the first and second world wars of the last century come to mind – when events simply took over, and disasters occurred because no one recognized the risks of their present moment so they had no way to get any kind of control. We can’t let anything like that happen again! And this time the veil between realities is thinner, so we can much more easily recognize and use what Spirit is telling us. I do think we are much better positioned than we were then to avoid the worst outcomes!

    1. Hello Loren! Thank you for the tip – this book looks good as well. At this point, science at the highest levels is so blatantly and deliberately dishonest that it seems to be pretty easy for anyone working in the field who has even a little courage to blatantly pick it apart. I have seen the scientific dishonesty and its attempts to stonewall the truth for decades, but it is only with Dirty Science that I first realized how damaging science is now to just about every other aspect of everybody’s life!

  3. Dear Mrs. Grimes,
    I am a little conflicted and confused and disappointed right now. After having overcome an established religion based on fear and end-time narratives (Bible, Book of Revelation), to now feel –yet again– compelled to stand on a street corner with a sign saying, “Repent, for the end is near!” I thought perfect love, God’s, gets rid of the fear-based life that lowers vibrations. Please help me to understand why we should now fear again.

    1. Dear Gee, please understand that the Book of Revelation is fiction. It’s just revenge-porn, part of a class of underground literature that circulated at a time of great persecution of those who were following the Lord’s Way, before Constantine came along and created Christianity as a Roman religion.

      The Book of Revelation was added to the Bible when the Council of Nicaea assembled it in 325, but it never made any sense. The Lord had made teaching us how to raise our personal vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love in order to bring the kingdom of God on earth the central focus of His ministry! And then the Book of Revelation – written less than a century after His death – would have us believe that He promptly changed His mind once He rejoined the Godhead and decided to bring the world to a calamitous end in an orgy of tremendous fear and destruction? We have been emphatically told by upper-level beings that the Book of Revelation is nonsense. It never will happen.

      But the warning Thomas has given us is entirely different. We have been receiving warnings for more than a century that the consciousness vibrations of this planet have been allowed to sink so low that human beings no longer have the ability to raise them on our own, without divine help.

      And the specific, precipitating problem that Thomas warns us about is a crisis of infertility that drops the planet’s population by a lot and very rapidly, setting off a cascade of problems that culminate in a last-ditch attempt by Christians to trigger an Apocalyptic war that they think will force Jesus to come back in 200 years and fix it all. Crazy, of course, but possible; and now we see that human hubris is causing us to pollute ourselves to the point where that epidemic of infertility is already beginning to happen! This is not a fake religious belief, like the Book of Revelation’s problems. No, this is an actual human-made crisis. So shouldn’t we be warned, if we still might turn things around? Isn’t our being warned about this danger actually a very good thing?

      1. Perhaps “warned” is too dramatic of a word; maybe “strongly counseled” would help give us the perspective we need to able to to see ourselves as having agency in turning things around. I think there are signs that we are in fact, “getting it” although slowly.

        1. Dear Mike, you are always such an optimist! I love that. And I know my Thomas is what he would call a realist, but I see him as a skeptic about a lot of things. To him, good outcomes are possible but they can never be left to chance! And seeing it predicted that in just a few decades our carelessness with chemicals is expected to drop male fertility rates in the U.S. to ZERO has shaken me. The calamitous situation that Thomas sees arising from the resulting sharp drop in population, the poverty and despair, and then the desperate attempt by Christians to bring about the Apocalypse and the Lord’s return all seems entirely too possible for me!

          I don’t know how we end these risks, except to teach all the world that our lives are eternal. That new knowledge, all by itself, should go a long way toward alleviating the awful planet-wide fear that is at the root of these problems. Really, what else can we do?

  4. Fear. Everything thrown at us today is creating fear. Fear of sickness and death. Fear of saying the wrong thing and losing your job, home, everything. It is difficult to find a way to fight what I see happening all around the world.
    I am just beginning my journey on that road less traveled. I have a ways to go before I can honestly say that I know myself. But, I can say with confidence that I am no longer as fearful as I used to be.
    Thank you Roberta.

    1. Dear AC, you make such a wonderful point! It’s an epidemic of new reasons to fear, and that epidemic itself is being caused by too much fear: it’s the result of our having allowed our planet’s vibrations to sink to such a dangerously low level.

      The only cure for all that has gone so wrong is for us to interrupt this fear-based downward spiral by raising ourselves individually away from fear and toward ever more perfect love. And that is precisely what you are doing! Congratulations, dear AC, and thank you for helping us all to better see what is the only solution!

  5. I should get Bob’s book — it sounds like it is right up my alley. In return, I would like to mention someone I consider a real scientist: Dewey B. Larson, the originator of the Reciprocal System of Theory (RST) in which he says “space and time are simply the two reciprocal aspects of the sole constituent of the universe”. He transitioned in 1990 so he wasn’t able to make some needed updates to his theory. For the mathematically inclined, RST was based on Euclidean Geometry; others have updated it with Projective Geometry. What I find fascinating is the following which was channelled

    Questioner: Just as a sideline, a side questioner here: Is the physics of Dewey Larson correct”

    Answer: The physics of sound vibrational complex [i.e. his name] Dewey, is a correct system as far as it is able to go. There are those things that are not included in this system. However, those coming after this particular entity, using the basic concepts of vibration and the study of vibrational distortions, will begin to understand that which you know of gravity and those things you consider as “n” dimensions. These things are necessary to be included in a more universal, shall we say, physical theory.

    I consider that a sort of partial Imprimatur of RST. I wonder what Bob thinks of it.


    1. Dear Cookie, since I never had a course in physics or in advanced mathematics – not even in high school – this theory of friend Dewey’s is way over my head! But yes, I think Dirty Science is just the sort of intellectual exercise that you especially enjoy. It really is two books in one, however, which I think might have been a mistake. The first half is the best indictment of science’s material bent, and where it is taking us, that I have yet read; and then the second half goes into the author’s own spiritual development in great and interesting detail. The targeted audience for each half really is somewhat different, so I wonder whether he might have done better if he had simply written two books?

    1. Dear Gerda, then you are way ahead of us! The fact that so many books are being published now, with the publishing-house gatekeepers no longer in the way, is wonderful; but on the other hand, now it is harder for us to find the few really groundbreaking books. Not sure how you managed to find Dirty Science last Fall, but good for you!

  6. Roberta, Thanks for a great survey of the apparent stupidity of conventional, material scientists- but, as explained in the now classic text by Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. scientists, professors, and bureaucrats fight against any findings and theory that challenge the status quo on which their careers and financial interests depend.

    I had to chuckle when you mentioned the success of quantum mechanics, because it has embedded in its core the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP) which holds that all elementary particles exist in a random haze until the energy of an observation converts them to real, definite entities, and this was a mistake led into by the clumsy particle measurement technology available a hundred years ago. Because of the acceptance of the HUP by physics, it was then led into sheer magic– what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance,” because it was forced to conclude that particles signal to each other instantaneously over any large distance however great; 14 billion light yeas, no problem says the theory of Quantum entanglement. In a paper I published last year based on research findings about particles over the past decade, I was able to demonstrate that the HUP and quantum entanglement are fictions ( Uncertainty Principle in Light of the “Weak” Measurement Experiments, ). Two Nobel Laureates have agreed with my conclusion, but the physics community happily ignores their mistake.

    I too found your quote from Max Plank significant, and so included it my own text which explains that our material world is directly based on the consciousness which is God (The Near Death Experience of Space, Time, and Consciousness ( ). The empirical findings I cite support a definite conclusion that we are spirits who come here from Heaven for a stressful Earth life, and return to Heaven when we pass.

    I agree with you that if civilization would learn what life is really about, and that we are all eternal spirits, then we could moderate life to be loving away from personal selfishness.

    1. Dear Jack, you really astound me! Who knew you were such a brilliant physicist? But your experience of being seen as right by some physics leading lights but nevertheless still being ignored by the mainstream science community is such a common one. And that it still is happening today is really horrifying! As Dirty Science tells us, the scientific enforcement of the false dogma of materialism still holds sway, and it still hides these essential, truly life-affirming truths. There really does seem to be a direct parallel between mainstream science and mainstream Christianity, both of which are false-dogma belief systems that are based on but now hide and obscure the truths that they should instead be trumpeting!

  7. Roberta,
    Right on! I couldn’t agree more. Academic medicine is close-minded and fixated on organ systems and empirical materialistic observations. Ours should be the first generation to prove consciousness exists outside the body and that when we die we go to a spiritual realm called heaven. Instead ours may well be one of the last generations to have a chance to grasp the true nature of reality – and to squander it foolishly. Something in human nature makes us unwilling to assimilate new ideas that are different and challenging.

    1. Charles, The 2016 text, The self Does Not Die, ( ) provides empirical confirmation for over a hundred cases of reports made during the Near Death Experience in which consciousness was reported to have separated from the body (an Out of Body Experience, OBE) of activities witnessed too far distant from the traumatized body to be explainable by sense-perception from a brain, whatever its degree of traumatic dysfunction; researchers went out and checked the accuracy of OBE reports by time and place and found them highly accurate.

      Thus, there already exists good, solid evidence for consciousness functioning without a normal brain, only the properly “scientific” community refuses to acknowledge this, just as Roberta laments.

      1. Dear Jack, this is a great point! Since no one who survives to tell the tale ever has actually been to where the dead are, the primary thing that near-death experiences have to show us is that consciousness easily functions apart from the body, and even when the brain is temporarily nonfunctional. There are some wonderful NDE accounts of experiencers seeing and hearing far-distant events. And you’re right: the scientific community ignores them all!

    2. Dear Chuck, you make a very good point. I said something similar in a response above this one! We have got to try to enlighten the world now. Or else we may be one of the last generations that still has the freedom and the knowledge to be able ever to enlighten the world!

  8. Hi Roberta. The dangerous fundamentalism you warned about last week seems to some degree like a knee jerk reaction against the materialist, rationalist, nihilist arrogance of mainstream science, which then creates in these fundamentalists a don’t think, don’t think, just gotta have faith, kind of irrationalism. The latter has fueled decades, if not centuries, of religious fundamentalist terrorism and a sort of war lust to eliminate all dissenters. Science, and now also artififial intelligence, with no spiritual grounding, step in to provide all the weapons and diabolical technologies needed, or maybe just turn us into something like the fictional Borg collective in Star Trek. I’m not sure which side of this coin worries me more, but the two together could be a real marriage made in hell, the kind your informants seem to be worried about. If it wants to survive and thrive, or at least remain something recognizably humane, Humanity needs to get back to the spiritual heart, and to that end The Way could certainly play a part.

    1. Dear Scott, I agree that modern science and modern Christianity do to some extent mimic one another. Each is a belief-system, and their sets of beliefs are nominally directly opposite – one is that everything is material and nothing spiritual exists, while the other is that reality is primarily not material. You clearly delineate the problem we have as a species, caught between two versions of basically venal nonsense!

      Since the reality that we perceive is continuously being created, including all memories of its past, I have wondered whether the advent of Jesus and the history of Christianity have become a part of creation only relatively “recently,” in order to be able to combat in this modern day – Now! – the very problem that you describe; but then I remember that all of reality is always only Now. Oy. This business of knowing a lot more now with our very limited earth-minds that won’t let us really make sense of it all makes my head hurt!

  9. Dearest Roberta,

    I did buy Bob’s book and at the time of this writing I have read about 3/4 of it, so I did read about his spiritual growth, which, as you pointed out, is a little off-point, but nonetheless quite interesting.

    I especially liked his section on dreams and their interpretation for what is sort of a selfish reason. My son-in-law has very vivid dreams, some of which he relates to me. He told me his latest dream in which his wife dies a horrible death. All I could do is wish it was wrong. Bob helped by positing a mechanism that corrects false interpretations with another dream. I let my son-in-law know about this. I hope it helps.


    1. Oh my goodness, dear Cookie, what a horrible dream! As someone who has studied dream symbolism only a little bit, and out of generic interest (I almost never remember dreams, which I am told means that I no longer need their messages), I am pretty sure that a dream like that is symbolic of some different loss or destruction. But still, it’s alarming! I hope you find out that fortunately it is not remotely literal.

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