The Coming Apocalypse

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 13, 2021 • 38 Comments
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Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great. And would suffice.
– Robert Frost (1874-1963), from “Fire and Ice” (1920)

If you had been told that the world will end in two hundred years, what would you do? I suppose your answer would largely depend on the credibility of the source; but let’s assume the source was credible. Would you keep it to yourself? Announce it to the world? Devote the rest of your life to trying to keep the end of the world from happening?

Six years ago this coming May I received precisely that announcement from a highly credible source. I have tried ever since that night to do what I could to delay the end of the world, but I acknowledge now that it hasn’t been much. I have, however, had that warning always foremost in my mind, so it amazes me now to realize that I seem not to have shared it with you beyond a couple of glancing mentions. I think I’ve felt embarrassed by the thought of saying something so alarming just on Spirit’s word alone. But, okay. Thomas has asked me now to tell you the story. He says it is something that you need to hear.

Late in 2014 I had the strong sense that someone in spirit wanted to talk to me. I made an appointment with a well-recommended medium for early in 2015. And after I had a great reunion with my whole extended family at my grandfather’s dairy farm in spirit that overlooks a celestial sea, the medium said that my guides now wanted to have a word with me.

I had lived for more than sixty years with the help of a primary spirit guide that I had met in childhood. He guided me internally, and mainly at night, and he had overseen the channeling of a series of books. The whole relationship was working so well that I had no wish to change it. But although I had no memory of it, apparently for the first time in all our long relationship I had been balking at Thomas’s nighttime guidance. So after the medium had introduced my lesser guides – there were ten, as I recall – I met my beautiful Thomas in person.

I am embarrassed to tell you that my big takeaway from that first face-to-face meeting with him was a groupie’s thrill at having just learned that my primary guide had been Thomas Jefferson in a prior lifetime. I was such a big fan! And apparently I have been his close male friend through seventeen other lifetimes, so he seemed that day to be creeped-out by the fact that I had no memory of our real relationship, and on top of that now I had a schoolgirl crush. I was so star-struck that Thomas said nothing to me. The medium soon ended the session, and Thomas waited for more than a month before he again reached out to us.

My second medium-assisted meeting with Thomas came on May 16, 2015. It began what has become a lovely daytime relationship with my primary spirit guide, but for quite some time that meeting was a highly traumatic memory.

  • Thomas began it by saying that he wanted me to channel a new book about the teachings of Jesus. He told me he had written such a book toward the end of his Jefferson lifetime, but he wanted me to write it again “for this new day.” I told him how unworthy I was to write anything about Jesus, but he insisted. When I still demurred, he added that a team in spirit had been preparing me to do this work for the past twenty years. I didn’t have the right to turn it down now! He seemed surprisingly agitated. I realized only later that my refusing to do what he had committed me to do, and what Spirit had spent twenty years preparing me to do, must have been a humiliation for him. So then he rolled out his bigger guns.
  • Thomas opened a theatrical curtain on a scene of devastation. All was black with drifting smoke, with ruined buildings and some little fires. Here and there were filthy people grubbing in the ground. I was only vaguely seeing it, but the medium rapidly described what she saw. Thomas told us this was how the United States will look in two hundred years. “A religious war . . . small populations . . . we have far fewer people in the world because many have lost the ability to reproduce. And all the food is manufactured. The so-called Christians caused the war to try to force Jesus to come back. We are working to prevent this war! This is a possible future to be prevented.”
  • The curtain closed, and then it opened again on a scene of unearthly beauty in diffuse white light. It looked like Level Three of the afterlife, complete with intensely colored trees and grass and gigantic flowers in unearthly shades. I stared, feeling stunned, as the medium gushed about how lovely it all was. Thomas said, “This is two hundred years from now if you will write this book. We will bring the kingdom of God on earth.” I was dumbfounded. I still was sure I wasn’t worthy! But I said, “I’ll try.”

Thomas and I then began to channel Liberating Jesus. At first it felt like all our other shared literary ventures, with him giving me a table of contents and then starting in on writing the book. He makes me feel so brilliant! No false starts and no need for corrections, just flawless words from flying fingers. But I had a lot going on at the time, and before we had gotten very far into writing Liberating Jesus, almost a month had passed. Then on the afternoon of June 9th the medium we had been using rang me up out of the blue. She told me Thomas had just possessed her body in a Walmart parking lot and said, “Please forgive the speed at which we are dictating, as your soulular self is working directly for the Master now, without benefit of the filters which would slow the transmission. And I hasten to add, you must please of course speak clearly should your physical suffer exhaustion.”

We speculated briefly about what that might mean. And I soon learned exactly what it meant! I came bolt-awake at two o’clock the next morning, ran to my computer, and began to channel a much more powerful entity. Thomas makes me feel smart while he does most of the work, but this new Being was so immensely powerful, and He moved so fast, that He could use me as a word-processor. I had no idea what I was writing, and I had no time to read any of it until He abruptly left me once the book was done.

I know this story is unbelievable. My primary spirit guide told me I had to write a modern version of something he had written when he was Thomas Jefferson, but his request was a trick because it was actually Jesus who later showed up and wrote the book? And the book that Jesus wrote has been in print for five years, and still it hasn’t been much noticed?

My Thomas by Roberta GrimesThomas later gave me the backstory. He told me that I entered this lifetime with writing a new version of Jefferson’s lost Jesus manuscript on my to-do list. But then in the eighties, Jesus decided that His effort to revive His Gospel teachings for modern people as A Course in Miracles had produced a product that was too dense and sophisticated for most of those living now to use, so Jesus decided to do for us just a frank restatement of His Gospel words. He put out a call for a “pure channel” – someone who could channel but had not yet been published – and Thomas nominated me. He channeled My Thomas through me to prove to the Lord that I actually could channel, and in the mid-nineties I was selected. I recall a time around then when I became freshly obsessed with figuring out the science of the afterlife. Was that the start of my closer work with Spirit?

Frankly, I wouldn’t believe any of this myself if I had not been there. I still recall some of what it was like having Jesus as a presence in my mind, and I kept telling myself I should pay close attention because this was so extraordinary. But you don’t remember it. Not really. I do recall that He was using my body as if it were an inanimate object that I had kindly lent to Him: He would direct my eyes to something previously written, and I would look at it but it would seem fine to me so I would try to move on. He would direct my eyes up again to that word or phrase that He didn’t like, and I would try some different phrasings. I would know I had fixed the problem when He moved my attention rapidly back toward finishing our current leading sentence. I remember hearing what must have been His thoughts as whispers in My mind. The only times He spoke to me were when I had some thought with which He disagreed; and then He was short, sharp, all-business. But as days wore on, He seemed to relax a bit and let me hear what He was thinking. It didn’t seem to be aimed at me, but rather He was addressing the world. He would think things like, “If you love Me, then listen to Me!” And my heart would break for Him.

What Thomas wants us all to know is that Jesus will never return in an End Times war. The Book of Revelation is a random piece of revenge literature that had been circulated in a time of great persecution, and it was added to the Bible a full three centuries after the Lord’s death. But Thomas wants us to know that the danger is real that misguided Christians living in a more desperate near-future time might see the Book of Revelation as a how-to guide and create an Apocalypse all on their own in a misbegotten attempt to summon the Lord.

Thomas warns us now that rather than summoning Jesus, the religionists’ attempt to start an end-times war risks bringing about the end of the world. And what alarms me now is that the decline in fertility and birth rates that Thomas prophesied six years ago already is beginning to happen! We cannot know the future. But we have been warned. There are many ways the world could end, but to know in advance that its present most likely ending is less than two hundred years away and will happen if we refuse to heed Spirit’s warning is a flat-out clarion call! Thomas says the hour is late, but if we will act now it still is not too late. All that Jesus ever has asked is that we listen to Him! And it is time for us to listen now. The Lord’s Way beckons….

Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.
– Robert Frost (1874-1963), from “Nothing Gold Can Stay” (1923)

(Postscript for those who think Thomas’s Apocalyptic warning here is excessively alarmist. Apparently his prediction of a plague of infertility is going to be right on the money! An article published five days after this one predicts that a profusion of hormone-disrupting chemicals will drop human sperm counts to zero by the second half of this century. No wonder the earth’s population will be dramatically reduced within two hundred years!)


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38 thoughts on “The Coming Apocalypse

  1. Dear Roberta, I know you don’t want this emotion, but I have often empathized with you for your calling. Whenever you speak of the possible dark future for this realm, l wonder what went wrong. Is negativity like crack; we have a little and just spiral?

    1. Oh dear friend, I appreciate your concern! But to be frank, I love doing this work and Thomas is always right here assuring me that I will be able to do all that has been asked of me. He is a taskmaster, true, but a highly supportive one. He even relieved my mind once we had completed Liberating Jesus by assuring me that if I really had been adamant about not wanting to write that book, someone else would have done it. Their plan has redundancies. I don’t really carry the weight of the world!

      I don’t think that negativity ever feels good to anyone, although sometimes the choices people make that help to lower the planet’s vibration do feed egos and yield other short-term pleasures. Those who have made and continue to make the choices that strengthen negativity on this planet are mostly oblivious to these larger implications!

  2. Hi Roberta, hi everybody! Yes, this experience we perceive as incarnation can be an experience we perceive as the Kingdom of God. We can do this!

    1. Dear Mike, I even think that just publicizing the fact that by His own statements, bringing the kingdom of God on earth was the mission foremost in the Lord’s mind when He was here, and helping people with a Christian background to learn how we can begin to make that happen, will go a long way toward turning the tide. It may be insane to be so optimistic about what objectively looks like an impossible task, but this is God’s work! How can we not be confident that all things are possible with God?

  3. 12 months ago, I was an avid bible follower. I had studied the Old and New testaments for the last 35 years. If it was stated in the Bible, it was 100% true and nobody could change my mind. I even had ugly disagreements with other parishioners when I went to Bible study. How dare they say that some things in it were not true. Then covid hit and I had alot of free time. I somehow found Roberta’s early You-Tubes. Could I actually have been wrong all this time? YES, as it turned out. A few years ago, I would of thought that today’s blog was just more spouting off by another self proclaimed profit, like I have heard many times before. But after reading all of Roberta’s books and listening to her podcast, I see how wrong my thinking has been. I think it took guts and bravery to write what Roberta wrote today!!! Everyone should get a copy of Liberating Jesus. If you can’t do that, the majority of her Fun Books have an appendix called “Listening to Jesus ” that sums it up pretty good.

    1. Thanks, David W. for your comment. I have been on a similar journey the past few years and it has been very enlightening to understand that religious dogma and scientific materialism can be so incorrect. It is a great and glorious leap to make.
      David D.

      1. Dear David, I am amazed and confounded to realize that actual bright, educated, and fully adult people still are insisting in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary that their religion is based in some level of reality, or that their materialist science still absolutely has a clue. It is astonishing to keep seeing these two charades going on, even decades after the truth about them first hit me over the head! The two great modern emperors that still are trying to hold sway over us are absolutely and incontrovertibly buck nekkid. And always have been!

        I am currently reading a wonderful book in preparation for doing a Seek Reality interview of the author. It is called Dirty Science, and it’s the best summary of the situation in science that I have ever seen!

    2. Oh my dear David, I had no idea that your moving away from dogmatic Christianity had been so recent! You deserve tremendous credit for having opened your mind as completely as you have done, when the fearmongering within traditional Christianity is so awful. When I first realized that the religion is wrong but Jesus is right, I had been doing daily Bible-reading while I also studied the afterlife evidence for literal decades! I was already in my early fifties. But I was horrified. Can you go to hell for having discovered that there is no hell? I closed my Bible, put away all my research, went back to rigorously living as a Christian, and for two years tried to pretend I had discovered nothing. But as you know, dear David, we might be able to fool ourselves, but God sees and uplifts our deepest heart. Congratulations, my dear friend, and I wish you so much joy in living the Lord’s pure truth!

  4. Hi Roberta
    It’s been quite while since I have commented here. As always, thank you for your thoughtful contributions.
    I am interested in your concern that fertility rates and births are dropping. Why can’t this be a positive thing? The dangers to our environment and the threat to our beloved wild animal friends can only be fixed by having less people in the world. And with less people, surely those remaining can live better in a less populated world.
    My thoughts of course… but I’m most interested in yours!
    Love always, Kristian

    1. Dear Kristian, it’s good to see you here!

      As for why the drop in both fertility rates and births is seen by Thomas and others now in spirit to be cause for such alarm, the main reason seems to be that people are much poorer then, and more oppressed, and they can’t afford the in vitro production of children that has become necessary, so they are in despair. It is apparently a combination of ills that drives the “so-called Christians” to become so desperate that they start a war in the US in an effort to bring on Armageddon. Apparently what they do instead is to start a series of events that will bring about the end of the world, so it is that desperate effort by Christians that needs to be stopped. This is why apparently they needed Liberating Jesus, and they will use it in some way to reform the religion; but I have been told that before that process begins I’ll be watching from the bleacher seats!

  5. Dearest Roberta and everyone,
    It is not without visceral discomfort and a ponderous heart that I read and reread your Blog thus week. The consequences of humanity continuing on its current track are clear, and many people are feeling that our human-created world system is certainly unsustainable.

    Like other people (especially of my +50yrs demographic) I feel the time to act is now. Even older people have some vim and a strong desire to help, remaining in their bones. I too am convinced that Jesus’s Way is the solution.

    Underpinning all this is the wisdom to work for the goal of raising Earth’s consciousness while leaving the result of our action to the Divine. I guess I’m feeling that to inculcate the right inner attitude first – enables one to do the outer work of taking The Way to many people most effectively.

    Roberta, I get the feeling that the soil in which The Way can rise and spread its branches high and wide, is much more fertile in this new century. Hope often comes from unforeseen places. 😉

    1. It’s hard for us to imagine what technology will be like 200 years from now, but any kind of war, no matter who might start it, would be nothing like the wars of the past. Our technology is developing at an accelerating rate, so if Christians at that time start a war to force Jesus to come back, it would mean that people’s mentality would have to be greatly diminished and would be equal to the mentality of those who lived in the Middle Ages. Unless, of course, something happens in the meantime that wipes out our technology, and kills a great portion of the population, leaving the ones who are left to start all over again. This could be caused by a natural disaster of some sort.

      1. Dear Lola, I really don’t know and can’t do much more than speculate about why the vision we were shown by Thomas six years ago was so awful; but the postscript article above does make it seem somewhat more real and plausible. A rapid and dramatic drop in the population of the United States – by half, or even by three-quarters – would be likely by 200 years from now if indeed nearly all American men were to beome sterile by 2050. The economy might well be devastated. Perhaps the government would become an emergency dictatorship, much as we saw happen in a milder way during the past year. And I had the impression that the weapons of this war were fairly primitive – not high-tech. Again, I don’t know enough from that glimpse we had to say anything definitively. But if we had an extreme population collapse, then all bets would be off!

    2. Dear Efrem, you so often capture what is in my mind and repurpose it from your own point of view that I have wondered whether there might be a connection between us! I feel, too, that there is a 21st-century softening in Western culture’s rigidity and obliviousness that you can’t quite put your finger on: it feels like an echo of the Sixties, when the rigidity that had been the Fifties unexpectedly softened and gave way to an intriguing new awareness of Spirit and a sense that there were better ways to live and now anything was possible.

      I was blindsided by the topic this week. I live with that six-year-old warning. I’m used to it now. But why should you have to live with it, too? When I ask Thomas, I get only that the risk remains and he doesn’t want us to forget it. He feels that progress has been made, and I can tell that he is calmer about it now than he was in 2015, but until we can begin to effect a significant elevation of the consciousness vibrations of this planet, it still is possible for well-meaning Christians to seek to escape an increasingly uninhabitable world by starting Armageddon on their own in a misguided effort to bring the Lord back! It still is possible, for awhile longer. So Thomas wants us to keep that risk in mind.

      1. Dearest Roberta,
        I have felt there was a connection between us for a time now. I don’t understand the ‘whys and wherefores’ of it mentally. I just feel that it exists and it is good.
        I guess that more knowledge about it is ‘above my pay grade’!

        1. Oh my dear Efrem, your saying this has brought me up short. I am coming to think that a lot of this kindred-spirit feeling among people who are working together in this effort may come from the fact that our spirit guides seem to be coordinating our work rather closely. Clearly, this effort to raise the planet’s consciousness vibrations is a massive undertaking! And we who feel drawn to be part of it don’t have much sense of a larger picture, but they do. So they seem to be inspiring us to feel closer together and more connected to each other as a way to better connect us to this work. Just a theory!

          1. I have reason to believe my own beloved guide is working closely with a collective. But her emphasis re me has become very focused on my “small picture” of late. Topic for another day.

  6. Hi Roberta. I have to admit that when you first broached this a few weeks or so ago I was rather taken aback. It could sound to someone new to your work a bit like a doomsday cult, like Daved Koresh or Heaven’s Gate, or similar, but my guides seem to be on board. Not only were the verbal messages they gave me very positive, but I was given a vision, which I think is what would be called objective clairvoyance, because it was as though seeing with my physical eyes on the insides of my closed eyelids, as opposed to just in my mind’s eye, a perfect, flawless, pink heart which has to be a lifetime first! That is normally just amorphous blobs of color moving around. However probable this horrible future you describe might be, my approach remains the same – “Make me an instrument of your peace,” as St Francis said (or whoever actually wrote that prayer.) My focus is on trying to live and revive The Way, but consider me on board, although I guess I would wonder how much we should focus on the apocalyptic stuff as oppposed to Jesus’ path of love. ❤ That said, I thought Thomas was feeling more positive about this issue lately. Has he changed his mind, or has something in the timeline changed?

    1. Dear Scott, I thought Thomas was feeling more positive about it as well! Or at least, he seems to be feeling less pessimistic. His point in speaking so frankly this week seems to be that the threat is real, and it is therefore wrong not to let people know it is real.

      I still don’t know what the plan might be. They wanted Liberating Jesus, and also the still-unpublished The Fun of Loving Jesus – Embracing the Christianity That Jesus Taught, which makes me think they might intend to create a new Christianity based on The Way, as an alternative for those who love the Lord? I think I am going to be the last one to know!

      1. Readers here will be the last, because you will get clarity and then post it so we can read it! 😉

        I am looking forward to the next book!

        1. Dear Mike, what I don’t know is whether I will be given enough clarity to share it with you before I graduate!

          And I can’t get over the fact that Thomas was in such a hurry to get that next Fun book written, but he has kept me from publishing it for going on three years. I REALLY am always the last to know anything :-(!

  7. Dear Roberta, you described the warning about religionist induced apocalypse as a clarion call. Indeed such a stark revelation can be nothing less than that! Thomas, by informing us of this dire risk, must regard us as worthy of being told the truth of things.

    Life has taught me that when someone gives you platitudes and tells you what you want to hear, they do not necessarily respect you. They do not hold you worthy enough, as they would a close friend or family member, to level with you. So by Thomas and your good self telling us of the dangers on the ground, it shows that we are valued as part of the effort to raise world consciousness. To give people an informed choice and understanding of how to proceed is right in terms of honoring their free will.

    Also my dear, though the knowing here is less than comforting I’d much rather know than remain oblivious. 🌅

    1. Oh my dear Efrem, you make such a wonderful point! And one that hadn’t occurred to me. Yes, I guess that Thomas does respect us, doesn’t he? And perhaps more than that, he thinks that our assistance in ending this threat is important, that we really can be of help. I know there are a vast number of guides who are working now with people all over the earth to do their parts in effecting a sufficient transformation that we can prevent that future tragedy; but still, it is nice that we are asked to be part of it!

        1. Yes Mike, you have often mentioned that your Guide in Spirit is working with a collective. I remember you suggesting that we could ask our own guide to work together with Roberta & Thomas, should we wish to help raise Earth consciousness and assist in promoting awareness of The Way of Jesus. FYI, I did ask this of my own guide a while back –

          So much goes on behind the scenes, if only we could peek behind the curtain once in a while! 😉🌅

  8. Hello again. Been away for a few weeks. The last post I read before I came back was “The Task Before Us” in Feb. 13, 2011. How funny that I came back when you were describing the apocalyptic vision of a few years ago, and the context in which it was written. And it looks like that vision did serve its purpose, you ended up channeling the book Liberating Jesus. Apocalypse averted! 🙂
    I did read the other posts you had written to get myself up to date. I had a thought about THE WAY. I know from an earlier post that your particular aspect of God’s work is to serve disaffected Christians (which is why I only show up occasionally) and that you had two goals. One: to destroy the fear of Death. Two: to quietly launch a new Christian denomination called THE WAY. Looking at the characteristics of THE WAY listed in the earlier posts, have you thought about modeling it after some of the ancient philosophic schools, the Academy of Plato, the Lyceum of Aristotle, the Ho Kepas (The Garden) of Epicurus, the Stoa of Zeno of Citium (from who arose the Stoics)? There has been a rise in popularity in Stoicism recently, I’m sure there would be an interest in THE WAY of Jesus as a practical philosophy.
    I hope that is helpful to you. And that way, Thomas doesn’t have to try to be a modern day Nostradamus, predicting the future. That’s not what he’s best at.
    P.S. Just to show it’s me, in the three hospital complex I am a part of, the caseload of inpatient COVID-19 patients is now down to 15. I am keeping an eye on the variants of COVID-19 that are around now, but so far the vaccines still seem to be working. So, health alert, please get your vaccine. Biden got his, Trump got his, I got mine, time to get the vaccine.

    1. Dear Jason, it’s lovely to see you here! And yes, I have been told that with my background and knowledge I am particularly suited to helping disaffected Christians, but really The Way is for everyone of every background. It is the easiest way to help anyone to transcend negativity and begin to grow spiritually. And yes, it certainly is a “practical philosophy”! I suspect that we will be teaching it that way, although I haven’t yet been given many details.

      And yes, dear Jason, I will get my Covid shot on Sunday! I haven’t had the patience to work on it, but my lovely daughter did it for me 🙂

  9. Hi Jason. I have heard it stated “All roads lead to Rome.”. (The idea was to substitute the godhead for Rome). I don’t think Roberta is trying to start a new Christian denomination. I don’t recall that she ever refered to Jesus as Christ. Jesus and Thomas and Roberta have certainly made the road much more direct: be grateful, forgive and love.

    1. Hello.
      The words I used were taken from the blog post entitled “Sharing the Truth” (July 25, 2020). I was hoping to stay true to what was written there, my apologies if I made any mistakes. I don’t know at the moment if Roberta Grimes referred to Jesus as Christ, but she did say, in bold type, “Jesus came to us as God on earth.” That is referenced in “Is Jesus Actually God on Earth?” (February 20, 2021) I fully agree the principles of gratitude, forgiveness, and love are useful, and are explained in Roberta Grimes’ book The Fun of Growing Forever. I also know she has a particular focus, based on her background and knowledge, that will make the explanation of these principles happen in a Jesus-centered format.
      One place I do have as a difference of opinion with Roberta Grimes is the question: Are we getting rid of the ego, or transmuting/transforming the ego? I know I am basing my ideas on the maps of Alchemy (creating the Philosopher’s stone), some Eastern teaching (turn bits of rubble into gold) and some of Jung’s psychology (facing one’s Shadow, integration of the personality). I know those maps don’t fit so well here, so I might be working a slightly different path in the work of elevating the planet’s consciousness vibrations.🙂

      1. Dear Jason, thank you for your explanations!

        Yes, I will sometimes (rarely) refer to Jesus as the Christ. He far outranks the Christ-figure in Jewish prophesy, after all! And abundant evidence now seems to me to confirm my dear Thomas’s, statement that “Jesus came to us from the highest aspect of the Godhead.” I think the evidence now very strongly suggests that Thomas is right, too, in saying that the Godhead is “a Collective of Perfected Beings.” So if Jesus came from the top of THAT, then He did indeed come to us as God on earth!

        The important thing to remember, though, is that our JudeoChristian concept of God has nothing to do with the genuine God. Jesus tried to help us understand that fact. And for now, it seems likely that the lifetime of Jesus two thousand years ago is the only time when an aspect of the Godhead has been born in a human body and lived and died as a human being, which makes His gift to us all the more amazing!

        Where the ego is concerned, I don’t think it matters much whether in vanquishing the ego we altogether destroy it or we just kind of squash it down and shut it up. When it happened to me, it felt as emphatic and profoundly liberating as its death would have been, but it likely is still in there somewhere!

    2. Dear Ray, thank you for pointing this out! No, the last thing anyone who reads the Gospels and is trying to follow the historical Jesus ever would do would be to start yet another religion! Especially since Jesus quite specifically attacked religions and those who run them, and He seems to have been trying to abolish the very idea of religions. The reasons for His wanting to do that might be debated, but I think it was primarily because every religion before His day (and, sadly, also every later religion) is based on a false, human-made concept of the Godhead. He tried hard and surprisingly patiently to introduce us to the genuine God!

  10. Hi Roberta, hi everybody! Regarding the post script just added:

    Some people might argue that reduced fertility is a good thing on a planet of nearly 8 billion, but I think this is like saying that the runaway train that went off the tracks and leveled a school was a good thing because we need to reform education anyway.

    Indeed what is being done to our true natures, preventing us from fully participating as a part of the whole of nature, is a true concern.

    1. Dear Mike, thank you for making this point! The awful vision that Thomas gave us of the U.S.A. 200 years from now, with desperate poverty and a tiny population, seems from what he said to be the precipitating factor for Christians to be desperate enough to try to trigger the Lord’s return in an end-times war. He said the only reproduction was in laboratories, and that was so expensive that few people could have children. Now, if the prediction in the article linked in my postscript is right, and men in the West will be sterile before 2050, then the resulting catastrophic drop in populations worldwide could indeed bring on poverty and famine on a scale that we cannot even imagine! Why is no one talking about this risk??

  11. Roberta: People have been arguing about what God is like and what he wants from us for eons. Religious wars and hatred, among other things, have stemmed from this, as each one feels their interpretation of God is the correct one. You said above: “The important thing to remember, though, is that our JudeoChristian concept of God has nothing to do with the genuine God ” I feel this is very true. If people could just remember this, all the confusion about God would disappear, as would fear based religions.

    1. Oh my dear Lola, I hope it is really so easy! I fear that there isn’t only one false version of a Christian God that we must contend with, but actually there are about as many such Gods as there are Christians. Everyone first meets some version of God based upon his or her own original version of the thousands of kinds of Christianity now extant; and over time, people develop a personal relationship, tweaking their version of God to suit themselves, so eventually their own particular God is quite alive in their minds. I know this, since I once had my own version of God, and my own version of Jesus as well! Finding out that my treasured ideas about the divine were wrong was hard, so I know it must be hard for others too; and that is why I don’t try to proselytize. I wait until someone asks me questions about God, and then I simply help those who are ready to themselves discover the glorious eternal Godhead!

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