Who Are You?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 29, 2016 • 4 Comments
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Neanderthal LoversThe fundamental question of human existence is this: who and what are human beings? The scientific community is confident that we are only the latest iteration of an evolutionary process that goes back to living cells appearing in primordial soup; while Christians see us as the fallen and inadequate creations of a stern Godhead.

Neither of these beliefs-based views of human nature has ever made sense. Neither has any explanation for the complexities of human experience, for our awareness, emotions, and aspirations. And what may be worse, neither has any corrective nor any predictive power. We want to know who and what we are not so much so we can dwell in our past, but rather so we can improve our present and begin to perfect our future.

Both of our most trusted institutions base their assumptions in faulty core

4.4.2010: Samson slaying a Philistine, c1562 by Giovanni Bologna, or Giambologna (1529-1608), Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Museum no. A.7-1954.beliefs. Christianity’s supposition that we must be evil is rooted in Adam’s Biblical sin – even the nature of which is still debated – which got him cast out of the Garden of Eden. Mainstream science, on the other hand, remains enmired in materialism, so it is incapable of making any sense of human nature beyond the study of our anatomy.

So we are nowhere. The Christian explanation makes you wonder how God could have made the mistake of creating us, while the scientific theories remain so lacking that they cannot even be called basic science. For example, recent scientific interpretations of the same ten-thousand-year-old massacre site argue both that at last it proves that warfare is innate to us,  and that actually it proves precisely the opposite!  So, which is it? Are we warriors by nature, or is warfare a recent cultural artifact? We study photographs of primitive people,  as little touched by civilization as possible, hoping to see somehow – perhaps in their eyes – the answer to humankind’s most basic question.

At our core, who and what are human beings?

You will be relieved to learn that at last the answer to our age-old question is emerging. And it comes from what both science and Christianity would consider to be an unlikely source. We who have spent our lives studying nearly two hundred years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence have learned the following facts, all of which will soon be such common knowledge that they will be taught in grade schools:

  • The only thing that exists is what quantum physicist Max Planck called Max PlanckMind. Mind is an infinitely powerful energy-like potentiality without size or form, alive in the sense that your mind is alive, highly emotional and therefore probably self-aware. Everything else that we think of as real exists within Mind as something like a thought. You might with some justification begin to call this base consciousness God; but unlike the Christian God, it is not anthropomorphic and it has no human failings.
  • Every human mind is inextricably part of Mind. And apparently we never leave it. When I speak on these matters, I jokingly refer to the human brain as “just a two-way radio in the head of a meat-robot.” It’s an oversimplification, but not by much.
  • While we are in bodies, we experience the consciousness energy that is Mind in a range of vibrations that we perceive as emotions. At its highest vibratory rate, consciousness is pure love; at its lowest, it is fear and all of fear’s Robot With IPhonederivatives like anger, hatred, grief, and greed. It turns out that what we experience as emotion is the actual creative driver of Mind, and it is the fact that too many people have for too long chosen fear and negativity – especially during the disastrous twentieth century – that has begun to shake the wheels off Western civilization. We are coming to realize what actually is wrong, which is our first step toward figuring out how to fix it.

The fact that mainstream science remains so clueless about the nature of reality has turned the venerable Scientific American into little more than a humor magazine. Every month we find more references there to research and theories being ardently developed in the airless heat of a materialist hothouse, so we know they are going to be yet more dead-ends. While some in other fields not burdened by materialism are beginning to use consciousness tools as the powerful sources of help that they are, my favorite magazine remains stuck with notions that easily could be either refined or exploded if scientists finally gave up on materialism as just a century-long blind alley. Oh, the discoveries soon to come once scientists are allowed to study reality! For example, the question of whether we have free will is one that materialist science doesn’t even have the tools to investigate; but the whole question will be readily answered once scientists are allowed to study how vast and complex our eternal Spirit Guide Teamminds really are, and how little of them we can consciously access while we are briefly in these bodies.

The truth about who and what you are is glorious!

You are one with eternal Mind at its highest vibration. You are powerful. You are eternal. You are, in your essence, perfect love.

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4 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Roberta,

    FYI: You are terrific !!!

    You are changing the World – “Step by Step” …



    1. Wow, dear Richard, thank you for this! But I’m sure you know that it is all of us together who are changing the world, and all of us are crucial to the process. And it’s beginning to happen now. This is such an exciting time to be alive!

  2. Another good blog, Roberta. Though, as I’ve said before, I don’t think what you’re writing and speaking about will become commonplace any time soon.

    I’ve just spent half the day arguing with hardcore skeptics about the validity of NDEs on the Internet. Some of these folks can be downright mean spirited and extremely closed minded. They won’t be changed in this lifetime! And they’re just the tip of the iceberg of materialist based people.

    Progress is slow, but steady, in bringing in the new consciousness based paradigm. The old materialist paradigm hangs on tenaciously, as you well know.

    1. You are so right, dear Michael! Both the scientific and Christian establishments are going to hang on to their power tenaciously, even in view of the fact that many people in both systems are coming to see now that they have long been off-track and in the weeds. After all, everyone has to make a living! So, you are right: persuasion of the sort that I keep trying to do is really meant to inspire and encourage people who already understand and feel as we do. It isn’t going to persuade the closed minds among us, but it is better for the rest of us all to know that we are not alone.

      The problem you cite is the reason why this is going to be a bottom-up effort. Those of the dead who are working on this problem are in the process of developing what they call the North American Station – a tremendous facility, apparently – which they intend will be used to establish easy communication between those we used to think were dead and anyone who owns a laptop. I have just finished writing my first account of what is happening; it will be an Appendix to a new edition of The Fun of Staying in Touch. The North American Station is already running, and the greatest minds in the history of science are behind it. The dead have come to realize that the only way to break the scientific and religious bottlenecks that still keep most people from knowing what is really going on is with the derision they will suffer when it soon becomes common knowledge that anyone can simply ring up the dead and have a chat.

      If anyone who reads this would like to be part of developing the Station and making it stronger, just go to and get the easy directions!

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