You Shall Know the Truth

Posted by Roberta Grimes • January 05, 2019 • 51 Comments
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The first time I reached my mother through a medium she said, “You were right about everything!” That was good to hear, but it made me groan because this woman had resisted all my efforts to convince her she would survive her death. I had read to her from The Fun of Dying. I had told her repeatedly how it all works, how excited I was that she would be there soon, and which loved ones might be coming to take her home. Not every day, but often I would find ways to reintroduce the topic. Sadly, though, as Jesus tells us, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household” (MT 13:57). My mother never believed a word! She had to see it for herself. And like the loving but demanding parent that she always had been, as soon as she had assured me I was right, she added, “Now I’m traveling around to make sure you have everything right.” (We don’t change after death nearly as much as we might wish we would!)

In case you are wondering why I was confident I was talking with my actual mother, there were some great validations. For example, my mother had almost nonexistent eyebrows, and after the medium said my mother was now checking my work, she added, “But why is she pointing at her eyebrow? Oh. She says now she doesn’t have to paint them on.”

Alas, my mother is not an outlier. Fear of death is the core human fear, and that fear remains rampant in 2019 even though for nearly a century now we have had overwhelming evidence that every human mind is eternal. And together with that ego-based fear of death, too many people also have a terrible religion-based fear of God, even though we also know for certain that all that objectively exists is the transcendent love of the genuine God that continuously manifests this universe. And you in particular are God’s best-beloved child! The harm done by all this fear-based negativity is compounded by the fact that mainstream scientists still have no idea about what actually is going on, so they perpetuate the rampant fear on earth which is the worst human-caused pollution of all.

To know why negativity is so dangerous, you will need to better understand how consciousness works. Since every human mind is part of one great Consciousness, for too many minds to be obsessed by fear can have severe consequences on the macro-level. The aggregate of the highest level of Consciousness – what Mikey Morgan calls “the unity of pure love and all that exists” – is the genuine God that continuously manifests this universe. Consciousness is a kind of energy so it vibrates, and its vibratory rate is from the slowest, which is fear and the other awful emotions, to absolute love at the highest level. And since all our minds are part of the same base Consciousness, our minds all influence one another, so a tendency toward fear in any significant number of people will drive down the vibratory rate of us all. Humankind’s obsessive drive toward fear comes largely from the ego’s fear of death, from fear-based religions, and from the scientific insistence that our minds die with our brains. And because both religions and science perpetuate fear rather than helping humankind to grow beyond it, our fear has gradually lowered our entire planet’s vibratory rate to the point where we are told now that unless we soon can elevate humankind away from fear and toward more perfect love, our planet will rapidly degrade from here. Our species soon will face extinction.

I haven’t talked much about this existential threat to all humanity. Researchers don’t entirely understand it, but we are getting the warnings and by now we understand it well enough. This sense we have that things are getting worse, that human interaction is becoming more rancorous, is the result of too much fear and hatred, and it is no longer self-correcting. So we cannot afford to let anyone on earth remain ignorant of how much our planet needs us! It is going to be essential that each of us learns how to raise our own consciousness vibration so we can do our part in ridding the earth of the awful human poisons of fear and negativity. Each of us has a responsibility now to learn how to ditch our old fears of death, of God, and of suffering some horrific outcome! In fact, the genuine greater reality is love beyond our ability to comprehend it. Your mind is a beautiful, powerful, eternal, and infinite part of all that love.

Deciding to take your own spiritual growth as seriously as you will need to take it if you are to help to save the world is going to be your gateway to the greatest joy there is! To quote the Introduction to A Course in Miracles, “This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. … The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way: ‘Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.’ Herein lies the peace of God” (In-1:1-8; 2:1-4). And to quote Master Jesus, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (JN 8:31-32). Therefore, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened” (MT 7:7-8).

All we need do to free ourselves from fear is to take some time to learn the truth! The truth about what is going on is so much more wonderful than your most optimistic imaginings that, as Jesus says, your learning that truth will set you free from fear and from every other kind of negativity. So here is a quick tutorial meant for everyone who is afraid of death, or really afraid of anything at all. Internalize these facts, and soon you will be free from fear forevermore!

  • All of reality is energy. All that exists is composed of and governed by a kind of energy that we experience as human consciousness, which exists in a range of vibrations from fear at the lowest vibration to love at the highest vibration.
  • The highest vibratory rate is the Godhead. Insofar as researchers can determine, there is no separate Big Guy on a Throne giving orders. Instead, at the highest vibratory level there are glorious entities working together in perfect love, and the highest of these may in fact be Jesus.
  • The lower consciousness vibrates, the less powerful it is; the higher it vibrates, the more powerful it is. This means that what we experience as love is the literal engine that powers reality! It means many other things too, including the fact that there can be no powerful evil entity in opposition to God. There is no Satan. There are indeed demonic nasties, but they are pitifully weak: if we resist allowing them to influence our minds, they cannot harm us at all.
  • Nearly all of reality has neither space nor time. Energy is compressible and expandable, and space and time are artifacts of just this material universe, so the greater reality is both infinitely large and smaller than a pencil-dot. And anything that ever exists, exists eternally. Your mind never began and it never will end.
  • Dying will be as easy as changing TV channels. Right now, your mind is tuned to that particular body in this channel of our energy reality that is vibrating so low that it is perceptible to the senses as matter (that explanation comes from Albert Einstein). When your body dies, your mind will tune to a consciousness channel that is vibrating somewhat higher, and it will there pick up a whole new beautiful, immense, and solid-seeming reality!
  • You will be escorted home by loved ones you had thought were dead. From the hours or days before you transition and through the whole process, you will be assisted by loved ones who have predeceased you, all now young and beautiful but still the same people they were when they lived on earth. Your death with be the most convivial time of your life!
  • The “matter” at those higher levels is different from the matter here. It looks and feels solid, but it is not composed of atoms and it is easily influenced by more developed minds. Mental energy is even how they build homes in the afterlife levels! Matter beyond this material universe is just a bit translucent, and it can be intensely colored in shades not seen on earth because they fall beyond the visible light spectrum.
  • Your mind will merge with your higher mind very soon after you arrive home. We leave behind perhaps ninety percent of our vast, eternal minds, so when we go home and merge back into them we are suddenly a great deal smarter and we remember so much more!
  • The greater reality is composed of many vibrational levels which we on earth loosely organize into seven primary levels. The lowest is what Jesus calls “the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (MT 8:12). Above that come the gorgeous Summerland levels at three through five, the causal or teaching level at six, and the source level at seven. Those living there seem not to think in terms of levels, and of course all of this is both tiny and enormous! Each vibratory level may be even larger than this physical universe.
  • You can travel anywhere instantly, by thought. No time and no space multiplies the fun! But you can go only as high in the post-death levels as your level of spiritual development will allow, which is why we keep coming back to earth to learn how to vibrate ever higher.
  • The higher you go in the consciousness levels, the more beautiful everything will be. Nearly all of us spend our time between earth-lives in the Summerland, which is full of flowers in amazing colors, gorgeous buildings and landscapes, and vast vistas that may be complete with snow-topped mountains over fruited plains. And best of all, we are young and strong, we never sleep, and we can choose from literally endless happy playtime things that we might want to do!

Learn the truth by heart and let it free you from fear. Each of us must do our part! The earth faces a present threat that few people even know exists, and we may have little more than a century in which to raise its vibration enough to save our home planet from burning away. Without our help, rampant low-vibration consciousness is about to make global climate change look by comparison like a day at the beach.


Old TV photo credit: Thomas Hawk <a href=”″>Motorola</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Summerland house photo credit: Onasill ~ Bill Badzo <a href=”″>Aurora Ontario – Canada – Hillary House Museum – Historical Society – Heritage Building</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Flowers and river photo credit: 1991568456rtbp <a href=”″>God’s Utterance “God Himself, the Unique IX God Is the Source of Life for All Things (III)”Part One</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>


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51 thoughts on “You Shall Know the Truth

  1. Hi Roberta,
    I thought I would start the comments off this time, although I usually like to see where others go before I decide whether to speak. I want to add to your fabulous points that there is legitimate research demonstrating that it only takes about 10% of people shifting their pov to have an effect on the vibration of the whole. I think you refer to some of this research in your books. Dean Radin has demonstrated it. Grgg Braden talks about an experience surrounding 9/11/01. We have hope, then, for saving the planet.

    1. Hi Mike! You must have been lurking, since this just went up ;-). Thank you for leading the commenting and getting rid of that zero beside the date!

      I really hope the research is right, and just ten percent of people on earth elevating their own consciousness will be enough to uplift us all! The reason I didn’t say that here – and I thought about it – is that I don’t think we yet know for certain what the exact percentage is that would constitute what Jesus called “the leaven in the loaf” that would raise all of human consciousness; and anyway, I worry that telling people that as few as ten percent would be enough might make them think they can risk entrusting the survival of our planet to other people! I want everyone who reads these words to feel personally involved and personally responsible for helping to raise this whole planet’s consciousness, since after all it is to raise our own vibrations that we even come to earth in the first place.

      Yes, we do still have a shot at solving this problem while there is time. My wonderful primary guide, Thomas, believes now that we may well get it done (and he is a realist by nature). But it is up to each of us to make the whole difference!

      1. I do often “lurk” as you say, in anticipation of the next installment. 😃 I usually get an alert in my email on what’s early my Sunday morning, but I have discovered the posts go up sooner. Anyway, I don’t get out much, but I do know a lot of people who are so demoralized that they are on the verge of abandoning hope. 10% provides hope. We don’t need the whole 7 billion right now. We need 70 million to get momentum. One-fifth of the people in this country could get it going. That’s why I mention the 10%.

        1. The system is timed to send that email at 4:02 on Sunday morning, so I’ve got to get these blog posts done by Saturday night! Thank you for psyching that out, dear Mike.

          And yes it likely would really take just 20% of Americans to do the trick. I am trying for more of them, though! I am hoping now to reach every American, including those still stuck deep in Christianity, and help them all to learn what is going on and how they personally can save the world. Imagine one country of 330 million people REALLY being the last, best hope of earth!!

  2. Hi Roberta
    I loved reading this and just to let you know it’s not just that you have to rely on Americans! I’m in Australia and working my way through A Course in Miracles as well as listening to your podcasts and reading other materials.I hope to help from this side of the world!

    1. Oh dear Gill, your help is so much needed! I love the people of your country. I see them as very much like Americans, but without so much of the negative baggage that grievously now plagues us here. It may well be that this movement will take hold first in Australia, and you may be preparing to be a leader of it without understanding that yet since this is the sort of thing we work out with our guides while our bodies sleep. I didn’t learn until I was in my sixties that I had been volunteering all my life to do this work, believe it or not: everything I ever had done had been prep for it. So I realize now that we are often the last to know!

  3. Hi Roberta. I have recently found you and I instantly felt you were on the right track with your teachings. I too was raised a guilt and fear riddled Catholic with the nagging ‘knowing ‘ that the church’s teaching didn’t match those of Jesus. My question to you is how do you raise your vibration.? How do you stop negative thoughts? I would really like to learn how to do this but I need some help. Kind regards. Margaret. Sydney Australia

    1. Dear Margaret, the teachings of Jesus are the easiest method to raise your vibration, and once you have raised it sufficiently you will never be plagued by awful thoughts again! The teachings of Jesus don’t require that you do much more than to learn to live your life in accordance with them, and they can be effective within months. Since the ego is the source of our fear of death, which is in turn the parent of most of our fears, it can be helpful to follow A Course in Miracles with a study group until you get to what they call “the extinction of the ego.” I wrote about this a few weeks ago. Your ego panics as the Course begins to raise your vibration, and it makes you immensely fearful because it sees your raising of your vibration as its own extinction. I have never been so afraid as I was when I went through that! But then you get beyond it, and all fear ends. When you are past fear, you begin to rise naturally toward love, and the teachings of Jesus on forgiveness and love immensely hasten that process! My book, The Fun of Growing Forever, is a kind of short-course on spiritual growth as Jesus taught it. Best wishes with this, Margaret, and Godspeed! Deciding to put spiritual growth first in your life is half the battle, and the harder half, since perfect love is already who you actually are ;-)!

  4. Roberta: The reading you had with the medium concerning your mother was astounding. How wonderful that she wanted to do further exploration to make sure you had it right LOL. This implies that she was free to do this if she so desired, and it means that we can all continue to seek further knowledge after we die. Yes, death can be a new beginning for us, but I am still puzzled and frankly scared of the places seen by out of body travelers etc. which are a far cry from being even remotely pleasant. I know your book “The Fun of Dying” and countless others address this issue somewhat, but I don’t believe enough research has gone into this unpleasant problem. Mediums tend to shy away from it.

    1. Hello dear Lola! Where my mother is concerned, it was the eyebrow thing that amazed me most, since the medium knew nothing about my mother and I don’t think that anyone beyond our immediate family had any idea how important it was to her each morning to get those big eyebrows drawn on! Of course, knowing her, she would have designed her post-death body to have gigantic gorilla eyebrows ;-)!

      Traveling is very big for most of us right after we transition. We can travel anywhere instantly by thought, once we get the hang of it, so we go right to it! And apparently my mother is more developed spiritually than most – perhaps high level 4, or even level 5? – so she has her base with my father on my grandfather’s family farm on level 3, but she often ventures out from there.

      Don’t be afraid of the things that happen in OBEs and NDEs! Those that we used to think were dead repeatedly tell us EMPHATICALLY that death ALWAYS is a one-way trip, and no one who comes back to life on earth ever has been to where the dead are. They are traveling in the astral, and the post-death realities are part of the astral but they are an entirely safe and segregated place!

      A genuine death is nothing like either NDEs or OBEs. For one thing, virtually all deaths are planned beforehand – and even often before birth! – and they all include precisely the same steps, with very little variation. Once we are free of our bodies, we simply go with our deathbed visitors and experience perhaps a bit of fogginess as we all raise our vibration together; then together we pick up a brand new and wonderful reality in the very same place where we were! No tunnel or light, ever. No bad encounters, ever. You have absolutely nothing to fear, dear Lola, since you in particular are God’s best-beloved child!!

  5. Thank you so much for this Roberta – what a wonderful note to start this New Year on. I too am working my way through ACIM, and know that these teachings and the true words of Jesus offer the only real hope for mankind. I live on a small island in the Caribbean where the evidence of global warming is now irrefutable – your words today help to put things into the only perspective that can give us a sane approach for the future. Thank you.
    E.M. Grimes-Graeme

    1. Indeed, yes, dear E.M.! We worry that the planet is warming – I hope your island won’t be submerged! – but the greatest danger our planet faces is the rampant negative energies and fear that humankind generates!

      Do you know, expert out-of-body travelers now tell us that when they travel broadly in the non-material realities and they are able to see this little blue marble from there, they can SEE the negativity. They say the planet is covered in a grayish sludge! And those that both time-travel and astral-travel out of their bodies (yes, that apparently is a thing) tell us that by 300 years from now the planet will be a bright-blue marble again. Whether that will be because we have cleaned up our spiritual act or whether instead we will be extinct by then and the planet will recover is anyone’s guess. But let’s not take chances!

  6. Dear Roberta – once again, this Sunday morning, I thought three or so times … aha, soon Roberta’s post will arrive. I sure there are many like me, to whom your work is so important. Here in Central Asia we are a few hours in front of you, so your post comes in the early afternoon. As ever your post was thought provoking!
    By the way, at your suggestion, I have now started seriously and methodically studying ACIM – at least a couple of hours every day, albeit alone without a study group – and I love it. Everyone, including the course, at every step talks about fear … maybe that comes later but for now all I am receiving is joy, elucidation and validation. With almost every sentence of the text I feel relief – not fear – a kind-of “whew – so it is how I thought it was after all!”. I hope that it so continues! Maybe I was just ready for it – or even overdue.
    Then I read today’s post and I am a little perplexed … this I was not expecting. The afterlife as looking and feeling real as solid as here … with hobbies and things … and the people we knew, all the same just younger … and even BUILDINGS???
    I have not forgotten that you said that you were exceptionally skeptical about channeling until you realized that every sentence that you ever wrote was also channeled. I want to ask however about the channelings of Abraham Hicks – talking about all merging back into the ‘soup’ … and the channelings of Kryon saying that our higher self or soul is fragmented into oh so very many parts – some staying to look after loved ones who are still in the body – some separated off doing things with loved ones from different generations and both of them saying that parts of us can be in several incarnations at one time and that even several of us can be in any one individual incarnation at any one time! And then, if that weren’t enough, let’s add ACIM saying that the moment we get back we will forget the whole thing anyhow as none of it was real or even existed! So how can we be with loved ones, who all appear exactly as before, as if this one past life was the only life any of us have ever had? And presumably carry on much as before, enjoying ‘play-time’ things … just with the undoubted benefit of no longer needing transport, traffic jams or, presumably, the parking angel!
    Joking apart, thank you as ever – I look forward to your reply!

  7. Wow, dear Alexandra, this is a lot to unpack! Let’s take it in order:

    1) I am tickled to think that you look forward to my posts – that’s a lovely thing for you to say!

    2) What ACIM will do will be help you raise your personal vibration away from fear and toward more perfect love, and that is what will panic your ego into making you fearful. Generally your ego chooses whatever is your own deepest fear – for me, it was the possibility of my own extinction – and it obsesses you with that. If you will just keep doing the Course, you can get through it; and then my experience is that your ego effectively dies. It never bothers you again.

    3) The fact that I channel – it’s not my idea, but I’m used to it by now – does not make me one whit more willing to trust other channeled material! The problem is that people at all levels of the afterlife can channel. And since nearly all of them are only in the Summerland levels, and they have no idea what goes on above them, they will guess or give us rumors. In fact, there is no “soup.” Not ever! And we don’t “fragment,” either. We merge back into our vast, eternal minds, so we know vastly more and we seem then to be able to multi-task mentally, and even – yes – live multiple lives simultaneously, but that is all good things and not bad things!! If you want the perspective of a 6th level being who really knows what is going on, you might read Mikey Morgan’s Flying High in Spirit, which is just now back in print.

    4) The afterlife IS as solid as it is here! Most of those who are there assure us that THAT is real life, and this is the dream. YES, landscapes and buildings and lots of fun things to do! There is no objective time there, so we can spend forever with the people from our most recent lifetime while we also might be spending time with people from other lifetimes as well. As is true of so many things, they tell us that we won’t really understand all of this until we get there, but it is all good!!

    1. Gosh. Thank you. My mind is still spinning from this reply.
      I have read the excerpts from your books and Mikey Morgan’s today – and I swear that the first moment that I escape from my present incarceration (under 24 hr guard in a Central Asian Police Station following being shot in attempted murder) I shall be buying them all as a first priority! I was in frequent communication with my father through a pendulum for a year, similar to Mikey’s mother, and then somehow let it slide, after getting very confused following the listening to the channelings that I mentioned in my comment … and starting to doubt my communications. With the new understanding that you have given me in mind, I communicated with him today and was told that the channelings that I mentioned are not intentionally mis-leading, but none-the-less are wrong, due to mis-interpretation. He confirms to me that as you have described is pretty close to the mark. He says that he is at level 4. Wow. Thank you again. Looking forward to next Sunday!

      1. Dear Alexandra, isn’t this a wonderful adventure?! Your dad and my mother (I’d guess she is also level 4) agree about what I’ve just told you! This is the way my whole life has been – again and again, people not in bodies have validated what others also not in bodies have told us at different times and in different places, and at this point there is so much independent validation that it is impossible for it all not to be true!!

        Take care of yourself, dear one. That throwaway line about your being in prison because you had been shot in a murder attempt kind of boggles me??

        1. No, I am not in prison … I am under guard, supposedly for my own protection, but physically based by myself within a Kyrgyz central police building, which is not a lot of fun and in some ways is more like a prison than prison itself. I sure you have many many people writing to you but you may distantly recall that I wrote to you about 3 months ago, asking for advice in relation to this issue … straight after your post on Righteous Indignation. I was shot at point blank range through the face and shoulder by marauders who had decided to takeover my profitable organic fruit farm by force. I won’t go into more detail here, but suffice to say that I also know that everything happens for a reason and much has happened since in my solitude that would have never have happened during the ‘distraction’ of my lovely farm.

          1. Oh yes, I do remember, Alexandra! It was a story too awful to be believed, and I was so sorry at the time that I really had nothing that I could do for you. Thank you for letting me know that you are doing better! And thank you especially for sharing with everyone here the extraordinary truth that even what seem to be the worst possible things can work for good in our lives, if we will trust in God’s perfect love. As Paul said, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Rom 8:28).

  8. always great to read a post by Roberta Grimes. The closest i’ve ever felt to be in a higher dimension was when i vistied Concord Mass. Not so much because the American Revolution started in that town but because it is home to the great transcendentalists Emerson Thoreau Margaret Fuller and the brilliant novelists Louisa May Alcott and Nathenial Hawthorne. Thoreau insisted that Concord remain untouched by the negativity that is present in so much of modernity and his preservationist aim of puttting nature and its spiritual elements first has largely been adhered to. Another one of the transcendentalists Theodore Parker fought a long and lonely revolutionary fight to base american religous principles on the real teachings of Jesus. I feel your teachings and transcendentalism have much in common.

    1. That is very sweet, Perry – thank you! I spent most of my life in Massachusetts so I’m not sure how spiritual the state seems to me; but you are right in pointing out the early spiritual movements like Thoreau’s as really seminal. The more deeply we go, the more we realize that Jesus has been working for a long time and through many people to try to help us move past the false religion and into His intended spiritual movement at last! With Christianity now self-destructing, it feels as if a kind of critical mass is being reached, and the Lord’s teachings as they came from His lips really are about to awaken the world. What an exciting time this is to be alive!

  9. Hi Roberta,
    I have been listening to your podcasts every Monday night since I heard you on C2C as a guest a year or two ago. I have learned so much and I believe what you say and what you write.I am truly grateful for your sharing all that you have learned. I am trying to practice raising my vibration, thinking positively and being the positive change I want to see in the world, thanking my Guardian Angel and spirit guides for their help. I wanted to express my appreciation to you. I not as advanced as the other writers here but I have been wanting to write you for awhile. thank you for all that you do for us

    1. Dear Maureen, you seem pretty advanced to me! Thank you for writing, and please know how delighted I am that we are together in the joy of serving God as the heavenly host works through us in healing humankind. We have a lot of work ahead in service to the only Power, but even writing that sentence feels thrilling! Doesn’t all of this delight you? Alone, none of us could accomplish anything. In ecstatic obedience to the only God, indeed all of us ARE the change!!

  10. Hi Roberta,
    Happy New Year! I hope 2019 will see a Great Leap Forward in your work; reaching many people and raising the planet’s vibration considerably.

    I’m here in Australia and I read your blogs weekly. THIS one is really tremendous, as it brings together many key areas of the greater reality that you espouse.
    Thank you, I am most uplifted by such knowledge.

    This relatively new understanding is timely for me, as my last living Aunt, Margaret, is facing terminal cancer. The doctors have given her anywhere between Easter and the end of the year to pass.

    Now I can open a dialogue on the subject of dying and what exists beyond death. (She doesn’t live here in Sydney, but in a town in Queensland, to our north. For the time being, I’ll ring her and email..) Margaret is a lovely person and she remains clear headed and alert. She is eighty six years of age.

    Thanks to your perspective, I can relay to her something of crossing over and even include information from ‘The Fun of Dying’. I’ll have to take things gently, to see how open she is to these ideas. (Infact Ive already started to talk to her about them.)

    I just wanted to let you know that your knowledge is helping a beautiful, elder lady face a terminal illness and death. It has in this case, reached Australia’s north. Hence I am sure that this truth reaches out to many people, in many places.

    Who knows where all this will go?
    Certainly Australia is full of seekers and many would be very interested in your message.
    Many of us do love Christ too.

    – I’d love to help us get the leaven in the loaf that Earth requires. Maybe I need to contact others here in Australia who are interested in your work.
    Love and respect,

    1. Dear Efrem, I am delighted that I have helped to better equip you to help your aunt! Thank you for sharing that – it makes me smile ;-).

      What is wonderful, of course, is that this work of enlightening all of humanity is in the capable hands of very advanced beings, and those of us who have signed up to help have the joy of being their avatars here and actually implementing their work! My primary guide tells me now that we cannot fail, so I should not even worry about that. My own clumsiness in general had made me worry that this is one thing I really must not screw up! And Thomas has reassured me that I won’t be allowed to make a mistake. I trust him, even if I don’t trust myself!

      I do think that Australia will have a primary role to play in this effort, in which case those who will be leading it must already be in place. If you feel inspired to help to spread the truth, then you may be one who will be leading the movement there? We don’t know. We only respond and make ourselves available, and we are given the work that we are to do. Meanwhile, big hug and Godspeed!

  11. Dear Roberta

    It’s heartening to hear the story about your mother.

    Before the death of my own mother, on rare occasions when the time seemed opportune, I would try to reassure her about survival much as you tried with yours. Lord knows it’s tough enough trying to reassure folk you don’t know but doubly-difficult, I think, with those you are close to. I don’t know if my words ever helped my mother but I hope she’s as OK now as yours obviously is. Maybe there’s also the parent / child dynamic that adds to the difficulties in communicating that simple message of survival? I doubt it helps any!

    Thinking this morning about the message in your latest blog, my mind went back to events in my newly-begun life here in the US 15 years ago. You’ve said before that you struggle to write your own thoughts down and that your books are based on material communicated from your helper, Thomas Jefferson. Who, then, is the author of the material in your blog? Roberta Grimes or your guide? 😉

    It’s good to learn that individuals are enthusing about ACIM learning but I feel pessimistic about any large-scale enthusiasm for it. And if there is to be a global change in attitude and spiritual awareness – involving even just a tiny percentage of our world’s population – how on earth will the ACIM or its message reach even that number? ACIM demands time, application and enthusiasm. How many regular folk will find them all, I wonder?

    I’m reminded of an old saying. You will already know I love them from ALF. 🙂 (, Roberta’s forum-based website) This one popped into my mind as I reflected on your words: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”

  12. Oh my dear Mac, you have just ferreted out the depth of my humiliation :-(. Thomas’s team writes these blog posts too. I have tried to do it on my own, and I cannot on my own compose a single sentence (another 🙁 at that). He thinks it’s a riot that you refer to him as my helper, when our relationship is emphatically the other way around! At this point, he says “jump” and I don’t even ask “how high?” Please don’t refer to him as Thomas Jefferson, since he is so entirely over that lifetime that I have long since stopped thinking of him that way. He won’t give me his eternal name (nor my own) until I go home, but meanwhile he is willing to answer to an agreed-upon first name without any last name.

    And fortunately, since we are just avatars for very advanced beings who are working hard to bring the truth to the world, we don’t have to worry about things like whether or not enough people will study ACIM! Those not in bodies have it all covered, if only those of us who have signed up for this work will do what we long ago signed up to do. Just this morning on ALF, someone you and I know and care about had an extraordinary epiphany because of something I had said, and – you guessed it – I didn’t write that either ;-)!

  13. Ah – I did wonder about the replies. 😉 There’s a certain something in their style. Maybe I was being directed into enquiring?

    President Jefferson hasn’t been back ‘over there’ so long that he won’t remember that for most everyone alive today he can’t be just ‘Thomas’, no matter how annoyed that makes him. And interesting he still feels the human emotion of annoyance. 😉 As for who is helping whom, well that’s moot. But ‘your guy’ will remain Thomas Jefferson to this simple, earthbound soul, whoever TJ is now and whoever he was before he last incarnated and eventually became President Jefferson.

    As for not needing to worry about how many will sign up for ACIM because our friends-unseen “have it all covered” we might reasonably extrapolate that argument to other concerns in our material world. There’ll be no need for ordinary folk like me to feel concern if everything’s gonna be taken care of by those who “…long ago signed up to do “ it. If they don’t then there’ll likely be little we can do for ourselves anyway! 😉

    So provided the individuals who long ago gave personal undertakings now step up to the plate all will be well – is that the message? If so I do hope all those souls recall them. 😉

    1. Dear Mac, my Thomas is not annoyed, but he certainly is determined! As I have been learning more of our backstory, I have come to see that apparently he had entered what had been planned to be his final earth-lifetime to do certain specific things: end slavery, correct the record for Jesus, and help to establish a stable long-term government based in personal freedom. Those seem to have been his three main lifetime goals, and they are the three that he has me working on now; but there may be others. Not sure yet, since he gave me the third of these projects just a few months ago!

      Of course, in his mind things went frustratingly wrong. After TJ’s wife died at just 33, he lost his abolitionist engine. He worked on his Jesus project all his life, but in the end he didn’t manage to much change things. He had his greatest success in the area of building a stable government based in freedom, but of course now that is starting to go wrong too!

      Still, we try:

      1) My book, The Fun of Living Together – We Must Learn to Live Together as Brothers or Perish Together as Fools, sets forth a plan for ending our racial problems in one generation, and a foundation is now being established. That book is entirely his baby!

      2) My book, Liberating Jesus, is even more his baby than is the racial project, and he has followed it with the upcoming The Fun of Loving Jesus – Embracing the Christianity That Jesus Taught. Thomas gave me a perfect TJ quotation for each of the book’s ten chapters, and early readers are quite positive about it. This time I think we might be able to do something beautiful for the Lord!

      3) Writing a book about using the American system of government to help heal the world has never been remotely in my mind! But apparently my next Fun book is to be called The Fun of Being Free – Using the American Dream to Heal the World. Oy.

      Perhaps you can see from this, dear Mac, that while those at the highest levels are running things, they depend on you and me to do most of the work!!

  14. Those words and ideas explain much, Roberta.

    Scribes to record the impressed words or communicated ideas from unseen friends have always been necessary. I suspect it will remain that way for longer than is appreciated.

    I wish you well in your role – aim for the stars and you may just reach the moon. 😉

    1. Well, here is the thing: I am beginning to suspect that all prolific writers actually are channeling, whether they know it or not! Even non-spiritual, or even anti-spiritual works may very well be channeled, and I think this primarily because I am a reasonably bright and well-educated person, and without one of my teams (I am told that I have two, for different purposes), I literally cannot compose a sentence. I cannot believe I am so atypical!

      We come into these bodies with access to maybe ten percent of our vast, eternal minds, and it is probably in our greater minds left behind that whatever more intensive things we might do with our minds actually get done. Our spirit guides probably play a key role, and they call in other guides to help us. Still a working theory, but more and more I now believe that it is going to prove to be true….

      1. You may well be right about authors, Roberta, and it may also be a similar situation for scientists, mathematicians, doctors etc., individuals who drive their specialty forward.

        They, like you, may well have most, if not all, their brainwaves, breakthroughs and ‘Eureka moments’ impressed on them by our friends unseen. If that’s the case then there’s no reason to suppose it was ever any different once our changing world had reached a certain point in its development, long, long ago……

        Perhaps we humankind have always been, and will always continue to be, steered along a divine course from which we’ll not be allowed to deviate too far.

        Whatever is meant to be will be. 🙂

        ps I forgot to mention that I didn’t fail to notice how much you look like your mother. 🙂

        1. Oh yes. I look just like her! But with better eyebrows ;-).

          The dead tell us that when scientists cross over, they are given laboratories in which to do their work – often in groups – and virtually all the breakthroughs on earth happen in those laboratories. Then when they have a development for which ascended beings think the world is ready, they will impress it on the minds of several earth-scientists at once. That is what they say! And FYI, Steve Jobs is reportedly working on developing an iPad that can be controlled by the mind….

          1. That’s an interesting notion – wonder if it would only be developers at Apple who would be directly inspired by him and his ideas or whether that inspiration would be spread around other computer engineers? 🙂

            Wonder, also, how such a device would be marketed and what it would be used for, other than more trivia on Facebook, Twitter, moronic and narcissistic selfies and boring videos? (Oh, snap! Is my cynicism slip showing? 😉 )

            But just maybe a mind-controlled device could be controllable by both the mind of an incarnate and that of a ‘dead’ family member or friend. An early development along the path to a personal, trans-dimensional communication device – ‘iSoulPad1.0’? 😉

            Roberta’s Answer (since there was no Reply link):

            I don’t know whose idea the mind-controlled iPad was, nor whether he continues to work on it, but reportedly his laboratory had already been prepared for him and he was delighted and set right to work. Many of our greatest scientists were given their own laboratories to greet them when they arrived, and they work alone or in collaboration; then once it is decided that what they have invented is something the world is ready for, it will be impressed upon the minds of several earth-scientists, who all will have a “EUREKA!” moment. This is why it often seems that the same ideas come to several people at once. But I am sure it won’t be only an Apple scientist who is chosen to receive whatever new gadget Steve Jobs creates! Remember that he no longer works for one company. Now he has the incomparable gift of being in service to the world.

  15. Hi Roberta! I was raised a Pentecostal Christian and have struggled with fear of death intensely my entire life. So much that it has really affected my peace of mind significantly. The things you write and talk about sound like such a breath of of fresh air and freedom to me having struggled with so much fear that I want to believe them! I just don’t know how I can go from the Christian beliefs I was raised with to believing in the truth that you speak. Any advice?

    1. Hello Esther! I approved your comment well before I answered it so I could think about how best to respond to you. I am so sorry that your dreadful religion has made you so fearful, when fear is the polar opposite of love!!

      I think now that you might do two things simultaneously:

      1) Address your fear of death by reading The Fun of Dying and then reading some of the books recommended in its annotated bibliography.

      2) Address your fear of God – which is what is behind your fear of death – by reading Liberating Jesus.

      When you have read both books, you should be at the point of at least questioning Christianity’s terrible lies! Then I will be here to answer your questions and help you to get to the next stage; just contact me through the Contact block on this website. And if you need these books as a gift, just request them through this website as well.

      Meanwhile, I am sending you the biggest hug! Jesus is hugging you now, too, I am sure; as He said, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (MT 11:28-30).

    1. Chantal, I do occasionally reject comments, but very rarely, and only when I can tell that the poster is only out to make trouble. Free speech in the world, but respectful speech always on this website! I haven’t rejected anything this time, so if your comment hasn’t been posted then please try again?

      1. Dear Roberta
        According tome ,it was respectful. I cannot remember all of it but one thing is why call Jesus Lord? Also, why only him?

        1. Great question! I call Jesus Lord because that is what He is. Those that we used to think were dead tell us that Jesus is of the very highest aspect of the Godhead, so spiritually elevated that even 2000 years ago God could inhabit Him, could “look through His eyes” and come to better understand humanity, and then could give us through Jesus the most perfect set of instructions for achieving rapid spiritual growth that humankind ever has received. Even now, Jesus is the most elevated being by far of which we are aware. He is great, and uniquely great, if any being in any realm of all of reality ever has been great. So, yes indeed, I call Him Lord and I capitalize His pronouns!

  16. Such a wonderful blog. Thank you. The fear people have of God and where we will end up when we die is such a sad thing. It is the best mass manipulation method of all time. And it’s so ingrained in our consciousness that some will never be able to see the truth.

    And I have noticed that there are more NDEs on Youtube lately that speak about going to hell if we don’t believe in Jesus as our savior. It bothers me so much. Some say that they actually went to hell. I hate it when that message is spread, because how could an unconditionally loving God ever do that to us? I just deplore the confusion it causes people.

    Do you have any advice for how to counter these Youtube messages or why there is an increase? No pressure if you don’t. I know your books say much about it, but I’m wondering why the increase in Youtube videos on the subject … Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely words, Renee! It lifts my heart to see that you and so many others are living now in the truth of God’s perfect love. We have much to do, but we seem to be becoming a literal army for Jesus!

      Of course, near-death experiences have nothing to do with death, the afterlife, or anything real. They prove that our minds can easily exist apart from our bodies, but nothing more. What happens in an NDE is pulled from the mind of the experiencer, so of course if the experiencer is plagued by Christian fears then those may well show up in his or her NDE. Because near-death experiences seem so real, some who have them insist that in fact they are real and they convey real information, which is why we must hold the line against them. NDEs are not real. They have nothing to do with reality, and even if there might be a hundred thousand people who have fear-based Christian NDEs, that can never change the fact that the dead – those who actually would know! – consistently tell us that the death of Jesus on the cross has never made an afterlife difference for a single human being. The bogus religion that is Christianity is going to have to die so the truth of Jesus Christ can live, but the process of ending it is being carried out at levels that are far above our pay grade! Our job is not to kill the religion, but to preserve and teach the Gospel truths to the Lord’s flock as it is being set free.

      Thank you for caring about this! But please don’t worry, dear Renee. God’s truth will prevail.

  17. Thank you for your timely reply. So you don’t think there is any truth to any of the NDEs?? Some really amazing information has come through them, especially with children, and I have found such comfort in them. They were a great help to me in terms of seeing God and the afterlife in such a more positive way (except for the people who talk of going to hell … ). I hate to see them all as false …

    1. NDEs do happen, Renee. People meet with guides and loved ones and get amazing information! But NDEs happen in the astral, not where the dead are, and they tell us nothing about actual death and the afterlife.

  18. I have more questions, but please realize that I am not speaking in a disrespectful tone at all — just trying to figure it all out in my mind. If NDEs aren’t actually real, then what are they? People say that spiritual beings come talk to them and tell them that it isn’t their time yet so they need to return; they are gifted with spiritual psychic gifts they didn’t have before; they meet family members they didn’t even know they had or members that they did not even yet know were dead; and I could probably come up with more things …

    1. Dear Renee, of course near-death experiences are real! They are glorious out-of-body experiences in which people meet with loved ones and guides, and NDEs often contain extraordinary happenings that are built on what is in the experiencers’ own minds. Being so immersed in such intense spirit is life-transforming for many people: they come back without any fear of death, sometimes with psychic and other gifts, and with a renewed sense of life-purpose. They are a wonderful, tremendous blessing!

      But they have nothing to do with death.

      They happen in the astral, which is gigantic. It is probably many times the size of this universe. The afterlife area is in the astral as well, but it is a relatively small part of it. That moment you mention, when people are told that it isn’t their time and they are urged to go back, happens when they reach an edge of the actual afterlife. If they go farther, they will enter it; and then the silver cord that attaches them to their earth-body will be severed and there will be no going back.

      Near-death experiences are entirely real! But they have nothing to do with death, so they can tell us almost nothing about what actually happens at and after death.

  19. Ok, I’m truly being a pest now. My last response that I made at 4:19pm was made before I saw your previous response at 6:04am. For some reason it didn’t show up on my computer. So if I had seen your response first, I wouldn’t have asked so many questions.

    So I’m now understanding that NDEs are happening on the astral plane and not really in the “heavenly” realms. For me that is where the problems creep in. Not everything on the astral plane is positive and loving (or so I have read/learned from a few different sources), thus the need for the tunnel that shields people while traveling to their temporary destination during their NDE. Could people be getting hellish after-life information from the negative areas of the astral plane?

    I could go on and on, so please don’t worry about answering all my questions. I feel more enlightened on the subject, even with my existing questions, so for that I thank you!! The Light of God surrounds us 🙂

    1. You’re right, Renee: the astral is like a gigantic desert with widely scattered oases. It’s a kind of mildly positive no-man’s-land, and it does contain some random entities, not all of them positive. But I don’t think hellish NDEs are the fault of these miscellaneous beings! They mostly seem instead to be the product of the experiencers’ own beliefs.

  20. Thank you so much Roberta. It’s all making much more sense now. I’m very grateful for all the spiritual work you are doing for all of us!!! Many blessings to you 🙂

  21. Roberta,

    Just found you tonight and watched your videos with George on Gaia. Thank you for your books and counsel on this topic. I know you are right! Having been raised Catholic and never really feeling at home in the teachings, I know believe there is a Creator/God who is genderless and formless – energy and Love.

    BTW, you look so much like your Mom. Both, very pretty (inside and out).

    1. Dear Regina, thank you for your lovely thoughts! Yes, I do look like my mother more and more, which I’m sure is something that amuses her. She loved to travel, and you never saw anyone having as much fun doing anything as my mother is having now exploring the afterlife! By the way, I gather that Christensen is your married name, and it was hers as well – it is my maiden name. I am entirely Danish, which is an oddity for a third-generation American, but one that I enjoy. Good, solid and independent people, those Danes!

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