A Little Lower Than God

Posted by Roberta Grimes • July 24, 2021 • 72 Comments
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O Lord, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth!
When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
The moon and the stars, which You have ordained,
What is man that You take thought of him,
And the son of man that You care for him?
Yet You have made him a little lower than God,
And You crown him with glory and majesty!
– David, Third King of Israel and Judah (1035-970 BC), Psalm 8:1-5

There never has been a religion that had any understanding of the genuine Godhead, nor have we had a scientific community engaged in an open-minded search for the truth.
These facts are plain horrifying!
Even well into the twenty-first century, all our religions still worship their own human-made and fear-based gods. And even  today every scientific discipline still pursues the truth only insofar as that truth doesn’t violate “the  fundamental scientific dogma of materialism.” But there is in fact a genuine Godhead! There is no such thing as solid matter! So both science and religions are turning out after thousands of years to be dead-ended duds. But fortunately, a few clear-thinking people have been doing truly open-minded research. And in the face of ever broader dissemination of what these researchers have been learning, the scientific and religious strangleholds on what most people assume to be true are losing power. It is beginning at last to seem that soon, and wonderfully, the glorious truth will begin to dawn over all the earth! The researchers who are working now will be watching it happen from the bleacher seats, but we are proud even now of what we have spent these earth-lives doing for the enlightenment of humankind. And we are eager to watch these glorious truths bring freedom  from fear to all the world!

We talked last week about making predictions. That got my Thomas thinking. And he is saying now, “You want predictions? I’ll give you predictions!” He asks you to put his list into your personal-papers file, or perhaps just tape it to your refrigerator door. He says that by 2075, humankind in general is going to know that all these things are true:

  • Human consciousness is primary, pre-existing, and the source of life;
  • Time, space, and matter with its associated energy are all illusions;
  • This universe is in the nature of a thought, so it has neither size nor substance;
  • This universe – including all the past – is being re-created in each micro-instant;
  • This universe is just 200,000 earth-years old; and
  • The Godhead is a Collective of Perfected People.

As Plato wrote in about 400 BC, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in 1838 AD, so my beloved Thomas is telling us now that in fact “things are not what they seem!” Let’s summarize his points with reference to some of our prior discussions here:

Human Consciousness is Primary, Pre-Existing, and the Source of Life

One of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century plainly told us that consciousness is primary! Max Planck won the 1918 Nobel Prize in Physics. In 1931 he said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” There is so much independent evidence for this essential truth that it shouldn’t be remotely controversial; but for consciousness to be primary seems to most scientists to smack too much of a belief in God, so they continue their absurd hunt for a source of consciousness in the human brain. The primacy of consciousness is not a new idea, but what is new and amazing is the fact that we are learning now that life is a primary property of consciousness. Once scientists get over their squeamish worries about inadvertently finding God, not only will they begin to understand how consciousness actually works, but they will find that consciousness is the long-sought source of the core phenomenon called life.

Time, Space, and Matter with Its Associated Energy Are all Illusions

Albert Einstein said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” And he even said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Every bit of matter is empty space. Even all those subatomic “particles” are just vortices of energy! Our use of the word “illusion” may be controversial, since it implies that the universe that we think is “out there” actually is all in our minds. But no less a light than Albert Einstein said it first! We know that all our minds are part of the one universal Mind, and (as we will see below) creation happens freshly in each micro-instant. So the word “illusion” turns out to be a pretty accurate description of our not-solid reality!  

This Universe is in the Nature of a Thought, So It Has Neither Size nor Substance

Those who have been communicating with us from the greater reality have occasionally said things like “The universe isn’t as big as you think it is.” And they were right! The shorthand word for a product of human consciousness that is being continuously created is “a thought,” and more and more those who study reality are coming to realize that Dr. R. Craig Hogan’s insight that nothing exists but Mind and the experiences we have within Mind is precisely right. Envision, if you can, the entire earth in tremendous and precise detail. Now ask yourself: Where is that earth? How big is it? How solid is it? As you see, a thought can be gigantically solid and precise, while at the same time it possesses neither size nor substance! As the great polymath Nikola Tesla said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

 This Universe – Including All the Past – Is Being Re-Created in Each Micro-Instant

In order for this fact to make any sense, you first will have to internalize how completely matter, energy, time, and space do not exist apart from our minds! They are as ephemeral in the reality that we think we see around us as they are in our well-considered thoughts. And that fact has some important implications for the Godhead’s eternal perspective on time! We know from beings not now in bodies that they can manipulate our perception of time. For example, the sixth-level being Mikey Morgan has made a specialty of teaching the newly-dead how to make the music on a radio or in a store play a favorite old song at the moment when a loved one can hear it. He gives us an explanation in his wonderful book that can make your eyes cross! A universe that is in the nature of a thought can be freshly created in each instant, and in our case reality is being created in infinitesimal slices of time, including an entire invented past that has become ever more complex over the centuries as we have become more adept at studying that past. When you know that the past isn’t real, you begin to spot all the little glosses and fudges that help to fill in all that artificial time. And once scientists start to get a clue, they are going to find a lot more of them! Punctuated equilibrium in evolution is a great example, as is the fact that the “cosmological constants” that are supposed to remain constant or the universe will collapse or blow apart are in fact constantly, minutely adjusting. These little elisions in our invented history could be filled in at any micro-instant, so the fact that they are not suggests that we are meant to at some point figure all of this out.

This Material Universe is Just 200,000 Earth-Years Old

Those communicating from the greater reality have occasionally said things like, “The universe isn’t as old as you think it is.” And in fact, humankind and ninety percent  of all other species appeared together less than two hundred thousand years ago. It was at that relatively recent moment that the process of creation of the universe began! Perhaps a flat plane at first, lit with astral light: it didn’t have even a sun or stars. Then as we became more curious, a more detailed habitat for us was added in individual micro-instants, including an ever more complex “history.” Within illusory time, that history “always” has been there, so we have had no idea until very recently that the entire history of this material universe is just part of the artificial scenery.

The Godhead is a Collective of Perfected People

Thomas put it into my head one day when I was reading Genesis 1:26 to notice that God is quoted there as saying “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” And for the first time I thought, “Us?” We all know that the genuine Creator can’t be just a Big Guy with a beard and thunderbolts, and once you get this insight that like all advanced beings, God works as a Collective, you see more evidence everywhere. Human consciousness is all that actually exists. And at its highest vibration, human consciousness is thousands or even millions of Us who are maintaining this illusory universe where they can help all the rest of us to become spiritually perfected, too. Far from being just fancier apes, you and I are of the very stuff of God, and more precious than we can possibly imagine.

So, there are Thomas’s predictions. Fifty years from now, all of humankind will realize these six fundamental truths that build upon one another and together paint a glorious (if radically new) picture so simple that it makes even the 14th-century Franciscan and epic simplicity-freak William of Occam giggle with delight!

You make him to rule over the works of Your hands;
You have put all things under his feet, All sheep and oxen,
And also the beasts of the field,
 The birds of the heavens and the fish of the sea,
Whatever passes through the paths of the seas.
O Lord, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth!
– David, Third King of Israel and Judah (1035-970 BC), Psalm 8:6-9

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72 thoughts on “A Little Lower Than God

  1. Dear Roberta,

    Much appreciated your post for its truths. Concerning science coming around in 75 years, that prediction may be off, based on my current experience with tenured professors of physics, who cling to materialism as a form of religious dogma.

    Concerning the size of the world we experience, I wrote a p;layful epilogue to my text on space, time an consciousness, as copied below:

    Arguendo, there is a God, and He is outside of time and space. In fact, there may be no time and space, only their illusion, because there is nothing except God, and his imagination. Yet, we experience time and perceive space extended in three dimensions as very real. How so?
    Consider that a point may be the asymptote for infinite division of any extended line dimension, area, or volume in time. For example, place a point on a line ½ unit (of anything) from an origin point of any spatial manifold (0, or 0,0, or 0,0,0 …) unit (of anything) and divide it by 2; continue to divide the remainders by two for as long as you please out to infinity, and the resulting points will asymptote to zero, with a delta even smaller than the Plank constant for length. With enough halving of the distance between any arbitrary extended point on a line and its point of origin, the resulting point separation becomes “negligibly” distant from its origin.

    Brian Greene gives credence to a theoretical speculation that there may be no real space and time as such according the zero brane theory formulated by Banks, Fishler, Susskind, and Shenker as the foundation for the 11 dimensional M theory (10 spatial and one for time in the currently accepted version of super string theory) [Mentioned in The Fabric of the Cosmos, Brian Greene, 2004, pp 488 – 489].
    Just how far from the origin must the extended point of displacement need to be to create a “real” extension from the origin? Well, that extension is merely the width of close to nothing at all. So, a three dimensional reality with duration in time may have approximately no size. Thus, the answer to how the world may have been created by God from nothing is that the world has approximately no size at all.
    It may be conceptualized that all entities existing within this effectively null sized world would be substantially smaller even than the scope of such a world. Thus, all of our world may be infinitesimally small, although appearing to us large, estimated at between 14 and 156 Billion light years or more in diameter. Now, because absolute distances within this tiny world are small from God’s perspective, communication within this world is virtually instantaneous by measurement, just as theorized for quantum entanglement.

    How many such worlds may God have created? Why or course an infinite number, with plenty of room to spare.
    The world that we apparently see appears to us to be very large, perhaps infinitely large, but from the perspective of a God Creator, it could be tiny.

    From what source did this philosophy emanate? Having thought about the nature of space-time, I had come to the conclusion that “time” is simply a marker for an eternal now, and in a world of change, the eternal now accumulates a past and holds the potential for an infinity of futures. But the nature of space was yet a mystery. I have now run across an Out of Body Experience report that as the person was oscillating between seeing outer space and the inner workings of body cells, “it was all the same.”: “I found myself staring into a tunnel and moving very quickly backwards. First I saw the moon and stars and they were very beautiful, then I moved back (at tremendous speed) and the image changed to microscopic views of the inside of blood vessels, then I moved back again and saw more of space, then again organic cell matter. A message was given to me. It wasn’t through a voice or a being, it was instant knowledge. It said ‘It’s all the same. The expanse of space and the cells of the body…it’s all the same.’ “ ( ). This mystifying claim that it’s all the same is consistent with the mystifying fact that there is any form of existence in contrast to nothingness.

    The primary purpose for analysis contained in this book was to reason how any world may have emerged from a state of pure nothingness, no space, no time, just a perfect void lacking any size. With nothing existing, there would not be any basis for action within or interaction between or among anything—just a pure void lacking any extended dimensions. What could have possibly entered in to cause anything to emerge into existence? We can conceptualize that equal and opposites may sum to nothing, but how could any opposites arise from nothing? On the face of it, nothing could not by itself produce or emerge into anything, and so philosophy and religion postulate the unmoved mover, God, to be the source for Creation—but that begs the obvious question of how God could either have always existed or emerged from nothing. We cannot imagine how a world would have always existed uncreated by anything, or how a world could have erupted from nothingness. So, the fact that there is existence, whatever its true nature, is profoundly mystifying.

    1. Hello, a person I knew, once asked the question, “Why can’t there be nothing?”. And, I must say this question is puzzling! But, the best answer that I have right now is that the concept of the word was our invention. If, I ate an entire box of chocolates, there is no more candy left, there is nothing!
      Now, if I applied this same thought to the concept of God, I don’t even think that my definition begins to apply the right question. This helps to justify that there is something more real to me than nothing.

      1. Dear Terry, you make a great point! The human notion of “nothing” requires an experiencer of that nothing, so already then there is something. It’s fun to play with these ideas, but it does make your eyes cross!

    2. God, nor anything else, can magically appear from nothingness without the help of some outside agency. If God has no beginning and has always existed, then there must have been other universes before this one. As these universes died out, they could have been replaced by new ones, each with different sentient beings with their own unique qualities and experiences. Since what we call God is outside of time and space. speculating on how long this all would have taken in earth time is meaningless and irrelevant.

      1. Dear Lola, you are right, of course, but remember that in reality there is no time so everything beyond this material universe – which includes time – is in Now, which means that if it ever has existed than it always exists. This is one of the proofs that even the greater reality beyond our material universe cannot be all there is. Scientists trying to do meaningful work within their little closed materialist system are missing out on nearly everything!!

        1. They definitely are missing out on nearly everything as we can only see a very small portion of the universe. Most of it consists of dark matter, which no one has a clue about. I have no problem agreeing that any other universes before this one still exist, but to us in physical form, that is impossible because our thinking is restricted to physical reality. This could never be proven by math formulas and experiments so scientists won’t touch it, as there is nothing tangible to work with.

          1. Dear Lola, Great insight about the limitations on our knowing here by our sense-perception being limited to just this physical reality. The problem runs even deeper yet, so I have formalized it as the Principle of Interior Unknowability. Copied below is the abstract explaining this principle (sorry as this is a repeat for some).

            Scientists can never in principle locate externally as “privileged observers” to be able to see what happened to create our world of existence. Thus, a new postulate for the metaphysics of creation was defined. This postulate was termed the Principle of Interior Unknowability (PIU). It was argued that the PIU stands on two legs of support. The first leg is an analogy posed about fishes born in a fish tank having no opportunity ever to locate outside of their tank. From their interior location in the tank, they (or scientists in the material world) would never be able to learn where it came from or how it was made; the same argument applies if the world were instead conceptualized to be infinite with no boundaries.

            The second leg is a conjectured analogy with Kurt Godel’s Theorem of Undecidability, developed while he was working on his Incompleteness Theorems. This leg of the argument for the PIU reasons that postulates, axioms or assumptions based on internal observations of our world, applied to mathematically model its creation, are susceptible to creating a paradox (historically known as the Liars Paradox) by self-reference. To escape the potential for producing a valueless or misleading paradox, information would have to be gathered external to a system to be used for modeling its creation.

          2. Dear Lola, I also don’t think it matters, does it? Everything beyond this physical universe is outside of time, so if it ever existed then it always exists. Think about that for a minute, and your eyes cross!

          1. I love the PIU as no one has to have a strong physics background to understand it. To me, it is strictly common sense that anything can be understood only to a limited extent if one is “trapped” inside what they are trying to understand. It will leave the person with more questions than answers, and that is exactly what seems to be happening when we try to understand the universe, especially since we can perceive only a small portion of it, Thank you for mentioning the PIU, as it explains why most of this will always be a mystery to beings trapped in a physical reality.

    3. Oh my dear Jack, you always give me a mental workout!

      It amazes me, too, that scientists are so profoundly and willfully clueless about what actually is going on, even formulating nonsense theories about billions of random universes springing spontaneously into being and ours being the only one that was just right to survive, and all to avoid finding an intelligence anywhere, when in fact it is all so playfully intelligent! How is it possible for them not to see that?

      I like your discussion of size, which is profoundly true: even the very question of size requires us to ask, “Compared to what?”

      And your question of how the Godhead can exist out of nothing is an important one. When I first went down that rabbit hole, I found so many attendant puzzles and the realization that this entire system of a material universe that is 5% of a greater reality has to be part of something even greater. It cannot be a closed system! And then Mikey Morgan said when asked the question that our spiritual development continues beyond the Godhead level, and that makes so many more things fall into place. It has to be right. But how can it be right? Our guides assure us that when we go home and merge with our own greater minds, we will get it. For now, with what we are using for minds here, there is no point in trying.

      Important not to use NDEs for evidence of anything, of course, since they are all products of the experiencer’s mind, as indeed was the one you used as an illustration. But when we step back farther we find that the universe itself is in the nature of an NDE, since it is – after all – a product of Mind!

      1. I don’t think there is an actual “end” to it all, so Mike Morgan’s answer is very likely true. It is impossible to perceive anything beyond the godhead, but that doesn’t mean that something more doesn’t exist.

  2. Hi Roberta, hi everybody!

    Maybe it won’t take 75 years. All we need to do is begin to see ourselves from the larger point of view. Each of us was never born. Our earthly experience is exactly that—an experience, which we perceive as incarnation. From that larger point of view, we have a new perception.

    1. PS My mistake: you and Thomas said by 2075, not 75 years. So it’s a little over 50 years. See—less time already!😃

      1. Yep. Thomas says just fifty more years. I think that’s optimistic. But he says there will be a cascade effect, once a respected team within the scientific community seizes on some aspect of the basic non-materialist truth and there are sufficient young scientists to seize their big insight, say “Eureka!” and run with it. Max Planck (or someone) said that science advances by deaths, and this is going to be a very big sciencequake.

  3. Great summary of the 6 predictions Thomas has come up with. But it’s still hard for me to understand it all after over 60 years of believing something different and it will take several reads to take it all in. Thanks, Roberta for laying it all out in an organized fashion. Looking forward to repeated times this week of mulling this over.

    1. Dear David, it all really is a shock. I’m older than you are, and when he first laid out his six predictions – this was just last Wednesday – I said, “No way!” But he is used to that. He simply said, “Write.” And as always happens, when I read it I saw that it all made sense.

      Sometimes I think that the main difference between us is that he is in his whole mind. I’m looking forward to getting there, too! I had written the predictions out of order, but once the explanations were written I saw that if they were put in their present order they amounted to one big prediction, and he was pleased about that. So little that I do ever surprises him to the upside, so that was nice!

  4. Why if I believe that we are souls on a journey an incarnation and that we can communicate with loved ones, why can’t these loved ones who have now left their spiritual bodies able to do the things Mickey Morgan teaches, make music for example- how long will it take for me to have that proof that my connection with my loved one is real. The only signs I have are trees that appear as I weep, They embrace me yet how do I know when I try to speak to him the answers I get are his not mine. What is illusion- what indeed know in physical form or what I imagine as to contact with the spiritual world?

    1. Oh my dear Barbara, it is ALL contact with the spirit world! Our problem is that we want communication to happen just as it happened when our loved ones were in bodies – we want his voice, his smell, his touch – while now the communication methods feel different. And different is not what we want! One of the things our hypnotherapist friend Peter Wright does is to teach us to relate in these new ways, and to trust them. You will make your beloved so happy when at last you let go a bit and trust that “different” can still be very good!

      1. Dear Roberta,

        I have come to recognize receiving such spiritual communication, despite its imperceptible quality. Ideas routinely come to mind, so we do not question their source as being from our own brain or mind, because they are simply ideas. Ah, but sometimes ideas come as a surprise, providing a clue for another source. I like to call these ideas transmitted to us as coming from an unvoiced voice. I’ve only had a few that I could recognize as not being my own, and they were important.

  5. Shared reality: I look at Albert Einstein. (photo or video) and I see what my mind says is Albert Einstein. If the person standing next to me looks at the same photo or video are they seeing the same thing I am or do they see something/someone else?

    I’ve always had a problem with the dating techniques that science, especially geology, uses. So, where do dinosaurs fit into this 200,000 year model? I’m aware that there is “evidence” that we existed for a time with them, but I would think that we would be little more than a late afternoon snack for them.

    1. Hello, I too have pondered upon the question of Scientific dating methods. After having read about some of it, I do know that it is very complex and hard to understand. But, what I have heard is that the dating methods can be greatly impacted by cataclysmic and supernatural forces. But, nevertheless, I would have to agree that these fossils are pretty old. Thus, could it be that perception of our past is subjective to the conscious minds in a spiritual world? The difference is that in this world, we are trying to apply Scientific methods and not a portrait.

      1. Hello again, I would like to comment on my own comment.
        I was not aware that Science is practiced in the Spiritual world. Thus, I will remain vigilant to the information that the Universe is not as old as we have been taught, and it may be only around 200,000 yrs. old! Why? Because this is probably when human consciousness became aware of it and began to interact with it.

        1. Good thought, Terry, Any meaningful interaction with the universe would have started at about that time. I am positive that other beings besides ourselves also interact with it as well.

      2. My dear Terry, the “age” of everything that is in our “past” is created freshly in each micro-instant. All the old bones and fossils are freshly created. We live in what amounts to a movie set! The Big Bang and everything that came “after” it – all of that is part of the invented past added for our entertainment and to keep us from finding an edge to this illusory reality. It’s boggling, but that really is what is going on!

    2. Dear AC, one of the keys to understanding what is going on is knowing that all our minds are part of the one universal Mind that continuously manifests our shared reality. So, yes, it is likely that the same picture – or scene – will look the same to each of us. We may interpret it differently, however, based upon our individual past conditioning.

      And as for the dinosaurs, the proto-humans, and everything else that we believe happened more than 200,000 years ago, all of that is part of the invented history that has been added as the “past” and made ever more complex with each micro-instant so we will continue to believe in this illusion. And also, I think, to keep both us and the Godhead entertained! No, there is no evidence that dinosaurs existed as recently as 200,000 years ago. In fact, we now know that actually they never existed in any real sense at all.

      1. Wow, I find this subject about dinosaurs astounding. After reading about how some Scientists manipulated the facts, I have become skeptical about what they really were or when they existed. Thank you Roberta for this bit of insight.

        1. I have come to think it is very likely that in reality the dinosaurs never actually existed, on earth and within time. But apparently there is a dinosaur habitat that we can visit, where there are living examples, and I’m looking forward to that! (I suspect that might be where they worked out the concept.)

      2. Their fossils and skeletons are on display in many museums, and I have seen many of them. Besides it would serve no purpose in giving us the illusion that these scary monsters ever existed. The conditions on earth were perfect for their existence, but that changed over time, and they simply died off as did many other species that no longer exisr.

        1. No, I don’t think so. The evidence suggests that all the past before 200,000 years ago is invented freshly in each micro-instant, and that includes all the fossils and other evidence that dinosaurs and giant mammals once lived.

  6. Roberta,

    Outstanding as usual. I always look forward to your weekly posts. It is the highlight of my Sunday. Thank you again, you are such a blessing to so many.

    1. Oh my dear Daniel, thank you for your kind words! You have made my Thomas smile, and that is a real rarity 🙂

  7. Hi, Roberta:

    It is interesting to me that after you first exposed me to the idea of God being a collective, that I have come across the concept of Yahweh being a Social Memory Complex (of Earth-centered beings) and a “Sub- Logos” of the Logos, the One Infinite Creator. These concepts came from The Ra Material that was channeled in the early 1980s.

    Anyway … It seems that contacts from the Higher Reality, including Thomas, are significantly increasing these days for our enlightenment and benefit. Is it possible that a transformation is “slowly” occurring for us Earth-incarnating sparks of the Creator? I am hopeful for my grandchildren’s future that more and more of us will awaken to bring positive energy (Christ Consciousness) to bear for a renewed Earth (sometimes called a New Earth or 4th Density Earth).

    God bless you and us all. Thanks for your efforts to bring Light into this world.


    1. My dear David, I was a devout Christian kid – I loved the Big Guy with the beard, the ultimate Grandpa! But every speaker channeled from the greater reality is a collective of beings with a spokesman, and the higher we go the more beings each collective seems to contain. Thomas first had me write “God is a Collective of Perfected Beings” one day, but when I saw the words I wouldn’t publish them. Then it occurred to me that Mikey Morgan had said, “God is the Unity of Pure Love and All that Exists.” Pretty words! But when you actually think about those words, you read: Collective. Around the same time, Thomas was showing me how, outside of time, creation actually happens, and actually there is a lot of evidence for that. We are told that Jesus “came from the highest aspect of the Godhead.” I feel stupid now that I have been so dense about this!

      But yes, there are many people on earth now whose planned work together is the elevation of the consciousness of all of humankind. My own role is to help people lose their fear of death, since death is the base fear, and to help Christians lose their fear of God while intensifying their love for Jesus. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But fortunately, it’s Thomas really doing the work – I am more or less an avatar!

  8. Roberta,
    I love that your blog continues to explain complex truths of the universe that we experience. I am especially honored to hear from Thomas thru you, and that he freely communicates with you. As with human explanations, they occur in human word format, and when you take away the rules of materialism, language is not so important to the larger spiritual reality. I’ve recently become aware that my consciousness doesn’t always follow simple language expression. It may be old age, or perhaps in the spiritual realm, words can never fully express the spirit. Perhaps that is why we also find separation from our loved ones at death. We are trying as hard as they are to communicate, but we often ask for simple materialistic responses and our loved ones are communicating in a different way, a way still foreign to our time based earthly existence.

    1. Oh my dear Timothy, such a lovely comment! This response is mainly from Thomas. He wants you to know that he is not especially elevated, and he is as honored to be speaking to you as you feel to be hearing from him. He identifies strongly with your frustrations with words! And I think this is funny, coming from someone who was a great writer when he was in a body, but he is frustrated with having to use words, too, and he assures you that when you graduate you are going to love how easy it is to communicate there, and say what you REALLY mean!

      1. When you think about it, the “dead” and guides like Thomas and countless others likely see things from a different perspective, and the words we in bodies have to work with are insufficient. It must be frustrating at times, and it is a miracle they can get any ideas to come through at all.

        1. Dear Lola, apparently they do find it frustrating to have to use words when talking to us, after they have gotten used to the easy conversations they can have there in boluses of thought. I notice that what I get from Thomas are phrases mostly, not even whole sentences. And when he communicated through Leslie Flint in the early sixties, he complained about having to use words there. And he was such a great wordsmith in life! But he probably is a great thoughtsmith, too. I look forward to finding out how all of that works! (Or re-learning it. I guess that’s really what it will be 🙂 )

  9. Dearest Roberta,
    Strangely, I’m finding myself thinking of how a group of kids play a game.

    When they get together they ask each other ‘what shall we do?’ After much rowdy debate they settle on a group idea. Now on holidays they often meet day after day and change their favorite game, for added fun and to see what new feats they are capable of achieving.

    Imagine a group of cosmic kids, if you will; their ‘abilities’ being a a tad beyond those of earthbound kids.

    On the first day they play imaginary games of cops and robbers. They shoot each other with pointed fingers and loud bangs and die in sudden falls, laying stricken and twisted on the ground, sans blood and gore.

    Soon every plot twist and daring action becomes stale and the kids decide to change the game. Then they decide to grab model guns and use blanks; some wear wide brim, white hats and sport blazing sheriff badges, while others don robber black coats, dark hats and steely gazes. The kids soon exchange their lush neighborhood for a dust blown Wild West town in the middle of nowhere and proceed to shoot it out.

    But each day they have learned, is better if you change something and add a new element to the game. So the kids start to really lift their game. They add shops, horses, saloons, banks, jails and townsfolk in fashionable suits and long colorful dresses to look on in horror. Being both boys and girls, the kids invent men and women and take on grown up roles to add drama and happenstance; human complexity is born. And those gunned down can now freely bleed red corn syrup.

    Then even this grand movie the kids are living in becomes somewhat predictable. Each kid knows what his now all-too-familiar friend will do and after all, a fake arrest is still fake. Even a shootout loses its appeal before too long. Soon, the kids realize that they are not learning anything; there are no amazing wins anymore and losses are predictable.

    So someone hits upon the idea of making the game real.

    The idea spreads like wildfire through the kids’ imaginations and they replace the blanks with real bullets. Some kids pull out and refuse to play. ‘I can’t do that,’ some protest, and they stand away from those now smitten by the idea of live fire and real blood. ‘How can we die when there is no death?’ one bright and sparky kid asked of a sudden. ‘So wouldn’t the kills be fake anyway?’ he added.

    Soon much debate, pushing and shoving ensued as everyone talked at once. After a time, as is the way of kids everywhere, one louder voice prevailed and others joined her in calling for calm. She had a great idea –

    ‘What if we play the game in a special world where we could die and real villains could be thrown in real prisons?’

    Then they all agreed that they would have to believe they could have victories and defeats; they would have to believe that they could die. And since there was no death the kids needed to forget this fact – which means only one thing…

    For this thing to work the players of the game needed to forget. They needed to forget who they really were. They needed to forget where they really came from.

    And when the game was over the players would come home and discuss everything that had happened.

    You know Roberta, I’m starting to see things in a different way; a different viewpoint is emerging. We are only having a slice of possible experiences, during a sliver time, here on earth. 😉

    As Mike J-R says above: “From that larger point of view, we have a new perception.”

      1. Dear Jack,
        I am in august company being included in your thinking, my friend. Thank you.

        …I just had the need to share my understanding of why we forget our eternal origins when we come to this earth. When you really see it their doesn’t seem to be any other way to have this incarnation experience. 🙏🏼🙂

      1. Dear Lola,
        Looking back on my comment above, it could sound a little glib –

        I don’t intend to imply that the terrible injustices, violence and trauma of this world are somehow ‘explained away’ as simply kids playing a game.

        We really feel the suffering of say, the untimely death of a loved one. Any loss of a dear one is just so painful for so long. Grief and suffering say, of a terrible illness is just too agonizing. Haven’t we each felt deep distress at being unable to take someone’s ills away? Hence the human travail is worthy of respect and empathy.

        Murder is still a heinous crime and war is nothing short of horror. Things like these are serious acts against love, and they are the dark extremes to which humans can descend. They are simply wrong and becoming evil is not part of a soul’s intended life plan of learning. I certainly do not consider cruelty a game.

        I guess my dear, as you have spent your life helping people, this is the best way to live in a world where terrible things happen. 🙂

        However when humans finally know the things Thomas predicted in this week’s blog, perhaps we can have our lives of learning and play the game of life without the depravity that plagues the world today. 🙏🏼🌅

        1. You give me way too much credit Efrem. Unfortunately, I did not spend my entire life helping other people. That only came about fairly recently. I was a selfish,, vain girl in my younger years -certainly nothing to be proud of. I wasn’t mean – just kind of useless. I guess I became concerned that we may be going through these atrocities here for someone’s (or something’s) entertainment. However, I would never even consider that you would think of cruelty as a game, and I’m sorry you got that impression.

          1. Dear Lola, I used to stand back and look at myself when I was younger and call myself a walking contradiction, basically. I called myself: ‘A narcissist in search of God.’ I was self aggrandizing and self absorbed. I guess growth comes in stages for all of us! 😉

            I do get the feeling that you care for people deeply and you help them wherever you can. I somehow know that is quite true my dear! 🌅

            And please know that I did NOT think that you would believe I thought cruelty a game. Actually your comment gave me the opportunity to let others know, those in our blog family who read but do not comment, that I don’t think that the ‘kids’ game’ analogy explains away war and trivializes human suffering.

            Thanks for giving me an opening to clarify my comment! The kid’s game was a seed idea. Hence the monstrous things that humans have ‘mis-created’ in this world are in need of being dissolved. And as we all raise our vibes together, this becomes ever more likely. ✨🙏🏼

        2. My dear Efrem, it feels odd to say this, but they do seem to take our earth-tragedies rather lightly. After all, no one really dies. If a death in war or under torture or something will be painful, people are out of their bodies and watch most of it from above. Heck, a lot of deaths at the height of battle are so efficient that the spirit of the dead person just keeps running and fighting, and has to be reached and persuaded by kindly spirits that he actually is dead!

          1. Efrem: You are correct when you say I love to help, but I can’t any more because of medical issues and the sudden appearance of the COVID virus which preclude my ability to do so. I can no longer be a hospice volunteer, a foster “mother” for shelter dogs, nor a food pantry volunteer and feel entirely useless. I strongly believe that we are here in a large part to help others, and I was always drawn toward the downtrodden, most of whom were shunned by the general public. However, this does not make me a saint, that’s for sure, as I still have hate in my heart for animal and child abusers – something I can’t let go of no matter how hard I try.

          2. I have heard that too, Roberta. Many who died suddenly, especially from violence, have no idea that they are dead. I have heard of people winding up in places that resemble hospitals – complete with “doctors” and “nurses” so they can be eased into the knowledge that they are actually dead. I assume you have heard of this before, and if these places exist, I think that is wonderful, as it would lessen the shock tremendously

          3. Dearest Roberta,
            When people are taken out of their bodies in war or torture and can watch their painful end from above, it tells me one special thing. Mercy and lovingkindness is inherent in the fabric of creation itself. What a profound thing this is, if you consider it. (I find this understanding to be very, very moving.)

            Many people think compassion et al is an ‘option’a person can choose in life, should they ascribe meaning to it. Just that – a little choice made by a small human being in a cold and indifferent universe.
            (Existentialist thinking for instance.)

            Imagine if they were suddenly aware that the Creator exists and is far from indifferent; that mercy and lovingkindness is boundless and imbued into the very essence of existence itself. What a ground shaking difference this would make! 😲🌅

    1. My dear Efrem, you make me smile! I do think what you have written here is something like a simile for what actually happens: it’s much harder to for core-deep spiritual learning and growth to happen there, because everyone there knows what actually is going on! So we come here and agree to actively forget that we are eternal, that none of this is real, so we can play cops-and-robbers and war and pain for real! It’s very hard on us. Some of us return home quite damaged from the experience, but those who welcome us back love and care for us and we heal and we continue to grow.

  10. Hi Roberta, did Jesus give details on the Tribulation that we’re now apparently in. So depressing…

    1. Hello dear Ali! Oh yes, He did talk about it, and a few years back I tried to relate some of what He said to the rough times we are going through in the U.S. If you put “tribulation” in the search bar of this website, those posts should come up. And if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask them!

      1. Dear Roberta,
        It appears that some clarification would be helpful. Given that the Earth life was created to create stress leading to spiritual growth that cannot so well be accomplished in the bliss of Heaven, then recreating Earth life as a second Heaven would seem pointless.
        Earth life is so wretched that it seems to me that it could be vastly improved, yet retain a meaningful level of stress, so not become an alternate Heaven.

        1. Dear Jack, the aim seems to be simply to raise the collective consciousness vibration of humankind on earth to alleviate the worst negative stresses, and not to altogether turn this world into the astral realms. I’m not sure that doing that even would be possible, given the physical constraints of materiality!

          1. Absolutely. Besides, going back and forth from one heavenly environment to another seems pointless

      2. I truly love your responses, but I’ve already been e-mailing you as well for years now, probably

        And speaking on Jack Hiller’s point, there’s nothing I’d love more than to experience a ‘Heavenized’ Earth-replica realm! You did say ‘We live forever. We can choose to have every conceivable possible experience in due course’, so I guess I will indeed get to experience the ‘Heavenized’ Earth at some point!

        1. Dear Ali, there are many beautiful and amazing places where people go to simply have fun! Apparently people like to relive their youth as bobby-soxers, and live for real inside favorite novels (Dickens is reported), and see dinosaurs, and maybe see the wild west: all these places have been reported, and I’m sure there are a whole lot more! People put on costumes and act things out and have a blast 🙂

          1. I heard that too. Jurgen Ziewe, an out of body traveler, came across two young men from the UK who were cartoonists in the past while on earth, and they somehow created a kind of “city” where these cartoon characters were living what seemed like “normal” lives. If all this is true, then our minds are enormously powerful. Since there is no thing as actual time, I wonder if we can change our “past” and undo mistakes we made during our lifetime on earth.

  11. Dear Lola, Seems to me that the transition you experienced is true for most of us who live long enough to realize why we were here. I was myself always trying to be helpful, but only in small measure as long as it caused me no loss or hurt. In old age now, I am motivated by what is truly important. Although my two kids have caught on too, that I’ve become an easy touch. One read my book, and so now knows why, while the other is clueless.

    1. I think it takes so long to realize why we are here because of the erroneous religious beliefs we were exposed to as well as the false idea of the importance of money and success. I’m glad that at least one of your kids read your book.

      1. Dear Lola, thank you for a beautiful summary of this week’s musings by us all! Religions with their false dogmas remain in the way, but by the time many people hit midlife the religious influences on their minds are waning and they are seeking the truth more open-mindedly. And never before in all of human history has the genuine truth been so readily available as it is becoming now! It’s exciting to begin to imagine what a more enlightened world might be like, even as little as a few decades from now….

        1. Roberta,

          There is a thought of mine, that the Earth is undergoing an increasingly rapid change to higher consciousness. Those spirits who have advanced spirituality and who embrace love, compassion, and forgiveness are continuing to be incarnated on Earth. Even spirits, with the same advancement, who had previously been incarnating on other planets, are desiring to live a life on the ascending Earth (Starseeds).

          Those spirits, who have less advanced spirituality, are now being steered to incarnate elsewhere. My thought is that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will live on a more heavenly Earth.

          This thought feels very possible, especially when I sense the special goodness of fellow commenters.

          It’s a real blessing to be born at this time to be part of the ascending of mankind.

          Much love, David

          1. Dear David, I feel as you feel, that the worsening of things on earth is going to give birth to something much better. As Jesus said, it’s the birth-pangs. I know that those of us who are working hardest now will be watching the glorious future unfold from the bleacher seats, but since we know those are the best seats in the house, it’s all good! 🙂

      2. Told reasons not spoken

        Crushed by the news of children slaughtered
        witnessing innocent animals bruised to die
        before butchered,
        and pleading to be told Why

        Provoked to despair
        over many years
        from scenes so unfair
        so falling into the pit of tears

        Why is such our lowly fate
        miseries raining with no reason told
        such awful destinies as if from hate
        forced from timid to shouting bold — Why

        Listening hard to be told
        listening even harder
        growing old
        to learn why such murder

        But ears would never hear
        however hard they listen
        however much in despair
        why evil appears to glisten

        Tell us why we must die
        tell us why life’s so hard
        And finally was told why
        directly in mind by our Bard

        Not in my ears told
        but in mind so bold
        about illusion causing fear
        and pain from growing old

        All hurts mere provocation
        fleeting across time
        but illumining by comparison
        the whole world’s beauty eternally sublime

        1. Oh my dear Jack, this entire life is just a hard day in school. It’s supposed to be rough and awful and painful and disappointing and negative, and we are meant to triumph over it all and return home to our real eternal lives in triumph!

          … at least, that’s the theory….

    2. Oh my dear Jack, I have something similar with my own children. They are all on different journeys! But life on earth is not meant to be easy, and we all grow at different rates… we just know that when we meet again at home, the hugs will be real and all will be well!

  12. Hi Roberta and everyone. Proverbs 13:9 was put into my mind. When I checked to see what that the heck that was (I’ve never read Proverbs) it seemed like a pretty decent segue from your quote of King David at Psalms 8:5 about the “Crown of Glory” to one from King Solomon about our “lamp,” and a very concise thumbnail sketch of what that crown may be (our light) and what this Earth School world (however old or “real” it may be) is probably for – to turn that light up! It needs to seem real enough, and we need to have the free will to choose the light or to fail and walk into the shadows for a while, to make that crown shine brighter through difficult lessons, lessons not really available in the idyllic spirit world. No judgement or hellfire here – a nice change of pace from a lot of the typical Old Testament stuff.

    The light of the righteous rejoices,
    but the lamp of the wicked goes out.
    – Proverbs 13:9

    1. Ha, I love it, my dear Scott!! Actually, the Old Testament is rich in beautiful and uplifting passages that I am confident come to us channeled directly from the Godhead. When you read the whole OT through a few times, that is one thing that really strikes you. Psalms, Proverbs, some of the Prophets, and the soft-core Song of Solomon: some of the OT is really beautiful and uplifting. Thank you for this!

  13. Dearest Roberta,

    I think I see how memes propagate now. Those little glosses and fudges must have a first noticer, and by noticing the fudge or gloss the gloss gets filled in and the fudge gets smoothed over. I wonder what Richard Dawkins would think about this form of memetics.

    1. Dear wonderful Cookie, I think he is downcast in general at this point. Richard Dawkins is a member of the last generation of hardcore atheists, and I am sad for him. Sad for them all. It must be terrible to realize at the age of eighty that you have devoted your whole life to backing the wrong horse.

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