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Posted by Roberta Grimes • August 08, 2020 • 23 Comments
The Teachings of Jesus, Understanding Reality

I release and I let go,
I let the Spirit run my life.
And my heart is open wide,
Yes I’m only here for God.
                   – Michael Beckwith & Rickie Byars, from “I Release” (1993)

Anatomically modern humans have existed for barely two hundred thousand years. For nearly all that time, we had no more awareness of why we are here or what is going on than your cat has as it purrs in your lap, so the fact that in just the past two decades our knowledge of how reality works has advanced so much is tremendous news! We now know that our species is a vehicle by means of which the vast, eternal Mind that continuously manifests this universe can grow spiritually by experiencing negativity. And with that insight, we can look back at the long sweep of human history and marvel at what we have accomplished despite the fact that we have always been clueless.

Technologically and culturally, we have advanced by light-years! But we have made almost no spiritual progress. We each have struggled toward learning to choose love over fear and anger, feeling drawn toward love but as oblivious about the reason why as are the bugs that blindly mob your back-porch light. We have advanced in stumbles through many earth-lifetimes until eventually we achieved enough spiritual growth to complete our development in what we call the afterlife. Then, after eons, those who were most successful at elevating their spiritual vibrations grew to become the perfected beings who oversee our spiritual development today.

This has been how the process of spiritual growth has worked for all of human history. Whether our technology under development was the Clovis Point or nuclear fusion; whether culturally we were creating the first alphabet or the U.S. Constitution; and whether our view of God was the Canaanites’ Moloch, the Hebrews’ Yahweh, or the modern Christian God, there was little awareness of our spiritual nature in anything that human beings ever did.

Now all of that is changing. Fast! For the first time in two hundred thousand years, living people are being given insights sufficient to help us achieve whole leaps of amazing understanding. We are being given to know not only what we are and why we are here, but also what and where “here” is; we are being handed depths and insights that the prophets of yore could only glimpse. We are told that we are being helped to achieve this sudden elevation in our awareness because our assistance is needed now to raise the spiritual vibrations of a planet that has sunk so deep into negativity that its very survival is at stake.

The plain fact is that without the divine insights that we are being given now, we would know no more about reality today than we did ten thousand years ago. Oh, our technological advancements are flashy; our cultural developments enrich our lives; and the God we have created in an effort to satisfy the core human need to feel closer to our Source seems to have gentled over the millennia. But the scientific community’s nonsensical beliefs that matter is solid and consciousness is an artifact of our brains have handicapped our scientific progress for millennia. In contravention of scientists’ false beliefs, we have lately learned conclusively that you and I are eternal beings in a fundamentally nonmaterial reality. We think of this as big spiritual news, and hopefully it will be the source of many great personal transformations! But it is a great deal more than that.

In fact, this changes everything.

We have been talking about building The Lord’s Way, and in that area the transformation will be especially profound. But the extent to which every aspect of human life is going to be transformed once our deeper understanding of reality is more broadly known deserves at least a moment’s attention. Consider:

  • Scientific Transformation. Quantum mechanics transformed physics a century ago, and it has fostered an explosion of technological progress. But that was just the start! The only barrier to our using what we have learned to universally uplift the world is the fact that mainstream science is still stuck with its materialist dogma. To this day, every working scientist is required to hold as true some absurd ideas that can now be demonstrated to be false. Scientists are required to believe that matter is fundamental, when in fact it is consciousness that is fundamental and gives rise to matter. Oops! Every scientific conclusion drawn in the past few hundred years is going to need to be re-examined in light of the fact that consciousness is primary. But that will turn out to be a good thing! As the great polymath Nikola Tesla said a century ago, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
  • Cultural Transformation. For everyone living on earth to know as part of our daily reality that all human minds are eternal will mean that most of humanity will begin to live in an eternal frame. I have been teaching these truths for a decade now, so I have seen the transformations that happen in people as they come to know for certain that they are never going to die. They stop seeing their lives as brief and private. Amazingly, wealth and possessions matter less, and better understanding the wonders of our genuine reality starts to matter much more. And becoming whatever they see as better people feels worth doing to those who know they are building the kind of wealth that is going to be theirs forever. In a summer of American rioting that is further depressing the earth’s consciousness vibrations, the improvement in every aspect of our lives that will come when people bent on doing harm realize how much they are harming themselves on an eternal scale is a joy to contemplate!

But the coming transformations will be greatest of all for those who feel called to create the movement that Jesus came to earth to begin. Some have asked why we can’t just take a simplified version of Christianity and add to it an intensive study and practice of the teachings of Jesus. Wouldn’t that be enough?

This sort of gentling of Christianity has been attempted before. Martin Luther tried to improve the religion early in the sixteenth century; and Catholic leaders have held all of twenty-one ecumenical councils, from First Nicaea in 325 through Vatican II in the nineteen-sixties. These were just the biggest attempts at Christian reform! Each of the forty-thousand-odd versions of Christianity extant today was an attempt at improving on the religion, and each now remains forever frozen into the shape those well-meaning reformers gave to it. A decade ago, the number of Christian denominations extant was reported to be just ten thousand or so, and the number of practicing Christians in the world has hardly changed at all in that time. So, no, for us to make yet another attempt to fix Christianity would be just one more partway measure that would even further fracture our already heavily fragmented religion.

The movement Jesus tells us in the Gospels that He came to earth to begin bears no resemblance to Christianity. So on a spiritual level, this really does change everything! Let’s look briefly at some of the primary characteristics of the Lord’s Way:

  • The only commandment is God’s Law of Love. What must most of all distinguish the followers of Jesus from all the rest of the world is that we have one setting and one purpose. All we ever do is love. Whatever the question, love is the answer! We will spend the next few weeks considering just how radical a commandment the Lord’s Law of Love really is!
  • There is no requirement that we take anything “on faith.” The core reason why Christianity is losing followers now is that those reared in the faith stop believing. But the Lord’s Way has no dogmas, no doctrines that must be taken on faith, so everyone on earth can choose The Way without compromise.
  • There will be no conflict with a post-materialist science. We are used to thinking of science and Christianity as incompatible opposites; but once we are free of both Christian and materialist dogmas, science and the Lord’s teaching can not only coexist, but they actually will work together in ever greater service to humankind.
  • There is no concept of “sin.” Jesus mentions sin, but He uses the word to mean falling short of one’s own best aspirations. Never does He talk about sin as a punishable failure to obey God’s laws.
  • We never judge. The biggest complaint I hear about Christians is that they are so cliquish and judgmental. I have experienced it too! If you don’t believe what you are supposed to believe and say what you are supposed to say, you get the side-eye. But Jesus tells us our task is to spread His teachings; it will be up to Him to work on people’s hearts. There can be no crime severe enough to ever cause the Lord’s followers to withdraw their unconditional love, or even to presume to lecture anyone.

This really does change everything! Let’s look next week at just how deeply the followers of The Way are being called to demonstrate the Lord’s love to the world.

No more struggle, no more strife,
With my faith I see the light.
I am free in the Spirit,
Yes I’m only here for God.

– Michael Beckwith & Rickie Byars, from “I Release” (1993)


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23 thoughts on “This Changes Everything

  1. As usual your message is excellent and presentation right on point. Religion & Science must merge. However, when I refer to Religion I certainly don’t mean the Religion of today; this branch of what is called Religion needs to be scraped into the dump and buried. Many of the major Religions are deeply involved in Satanism, human trafficking, drug running etc. Priest’s etc understand a warped version of what was taught and serve little purpose toward guiding individuals toward the “inside knowledge” that we all possess.
    I think society as a whole is passing through different energy that will raise Consciousness. As all this takes place, I suggest, that something on the line of Spiritualism will come into being.
    At that time we’ll Start to see “Heaven on Earth”…

    1. Dear Skip, it really does feel tragic that with people so hungry for spiritual support through all the millennia, there has been none to give to them in secular society, even to this day; and religions, as you say, have promised spiritual sustenance but instead have offered just tantalizing bits of it in what has mostly been a diet of fear and pain.

      Look at the core Christian dogma that human beings are so evil by reason of Adam’s sin that God can’t forgive us for being human unless God gets to watch His Son being murdered. Even when I was an ardent Christian, there was never a moment when that made spiritual sense to me. And I can’t be the only one!

      Yes, a new day is coming now, and it’s one filled with only love and joy and the pure spiritual certainty that we are one with the Godhead forevermore. It’s going to be a beautiful day!

    2. Thank you Skip.
      I continue to feel uncomfortable about the guilt tripping which occurs in church about Jesus dying to relieve us of our sins. I think Jesus allowed himself to be killed in order to clearly demonstrate that life is everlasting, and not to get scared of dying. Medical science has worked on the process of thinking and consulting before death as well as means to relieve distress caused by pain, breathlessness, choking etc. I have recently joined up with a local hospice; looking forward to working jointly with their team which includes chaplaincy.

      1. Oh my yes! Dear Prasanna, Christians often tell me that their particular Christian denomination is not fear-based at all, not scary, but the very idea that God can’t forgive us unless God gets to watch the murder of God’s Son is by itself terrifying! And, as you say, it is massively guilt-inducing. We are told by those who are dead – and would know! – that Jesus went through the crucifixion and resurrection to demonstrate eternal life, just as you suggest. I think it’s wonderful that you are going to work with a hospice! What a gift you will be to those being cared for there!!

  2. Your writing speaks such great truth Roberta. I love starting my week by reading your posts and contemplating them. Thank you for your tireless effort to enlighten others and spread the message of unconditional love.

    1. Oh dear Dawn, thank you for your kindly words! I love the fact that with Thomas’s guidance I get to commune with you each week. I always wonder on Mondays whether he is going to come through for us again, and somehow he always does!

  3. Dear Roberta, thanks as ever for your letters.
    My thoughts (disjointed as ever!)
    1. Karl Popper (1902 – 1994) the philosopher of science, described the purpose of the ‘scientific method’ to debunk current hypotheses. But it is the responsibility of the debunker to come up with an alternative hypothesis to better describe that aspect of reality.
    Unfortunately people’s reputations / career / grant income is linked with a particular hypotheses, so denial, character assassination and blocking of grants in the process of ‘peer review’ is commonplace; a veritable cesspit in current academia.
    Jesus’s advice ‘Love one another as I have loved you’)John 13: 34-35) is so needed in our scientific community, not to mention free speech free of financial / reputational interests.
    2. On our purpose, I think of my soul as an appraisal document which is continually being rewritten, but maintaining previous experience / lessons learned. I am about to face another appraisal, leading to our next 5 year revalidation for fitness to practice medicine. My job is therefore to guard my soul to eventually hand it over intact to my Father, assisted by Jesus.
    Kind regards

    1. This ls lovely, Prasanna! Wisely said.

      What you say about the scientific method and about the dog-eat-dog battles in the scientific community over grants and university positions is sadly all too true, in the U.S. as well as in the U.K. I guess it’s probably true in most fields. We have speculated about what it might take for us to break down the scientific stonewalling of all evidence for the afterlife, and we think it will probably take no less than a widely-used method of electronic communication between here and there to finally shame them into investigating the evidence. People on both sides are working on that now….

  4. Dear Roberta,

    All of the Lord’s Way points seem so true, almost obvious, but a couple leapt out at me because of my lack of performance, such as ‘There is no requirement that we take anything “on faith.”’ Many years ago, my uncle challenged me with “How can you be an engineer and a Christian at the same time?” I quickly got that he saw this as a clash between logic and illogic. I had an unconvincing reply at the time. The way seems perfectly logical so no such equivalent argument can be formulated.

    “We never judge.” Well, I do. To be fair to myself, I think I’m making progress here, but the evening news still causes me to judge and then grit my teeth. I don’t expect to perfect this in my present incarnation, but I’m sure I can do better.

    I was happy to see Prasanna de Silva mention Karl Popper, who suggested that the scientific method should include hypotheses that are falsifiable, something that is almost never done by “scientists” these days. Prasanna, thank you for adding to my understanding that a debunker, or falsifier, has an obligation to come up with an alternative hypothesis unless course, there is none.

    Ultimately, I believe, these seemingly weighty matters of science won’t seem so weighty if, as I believe, we will understand them as soon as we formulate them. What Fun! I can hardly wait.



    1. Dear Cookie, it looks as if we will be talking next week about how to better prepare ourselves to truly and unreservedly follow The Way. Jesus did talk about that, and quite radically! Thomas has set the title and the topic… now I am as eager to learn what he has to say as anyone is!

  5. Hi Roberta, I wish we were friends. I wish I lived close to you so we could bounce ideas around and go out for lunch. You are a person who’s easy to love. I need more love in my life not less. I need Jesus.

    1. Oh dear Alice, I hope that we can be friends! As we all begin to work together to help Jesus bring His Way to the world, I’m sure we will be interacting; and meanwhile, I talk with people every week who want to discuss these matters. Please just send me an email through the green contact block to the right and let’s see what we can schedule. Meanwhile, I’m sending you a big hug!

  6. Dear Roberta,
    Thank you so much for sharing another insightful blog/essay. Your steadfast persistence in spreading the true words and teachings of Yeshua is as inspirational as the messages He shared with us. Sending you love and best wishes as ever.


    1. Dear Kenneth, thank you for your lovely words! I’m sure you must realize what an absolute joy it is for me to be welcomed into your home this way, and to be able to discuss the Lord’s teachings with you and with the others who comment here and send me emails. I’m sending love and best wishes right back to you. Thank you! I have the most blessed life on earth!!

  7. Dear Roberta. I love those two verses of “I Release” that you bracketed your essay with. This is the first time I have seen them, but they are a pretty accurate description of how I am now trying to live. I have had glimpses over the years that in past lives I attempted to be a spiritual “warrior” but wavered between the sword and the heart, the world being such a difficult and violent school. I’m hoping to get it right this time. The path of strife, which we have seen so much of over millenia, is never The Way – as Jesus came to show, and is no longer viable if humanity is to survive, considering the destructive potential of our current technology. Also, for similar reasons, I hope Nikola Tesla was right about it only taking a decade (or 2 or 3?) for science to be turned around, and hopefully in a more positive direction. I hear he is part of the team on the other side that is working on these things. 🙂

    1. Dear Scott, the notion that in past lives you “wavered between the sword and the heart” is a succinct description of so very many of our past lives! That is the story of human history, really, right up to the present day. As it stands, that will be the topic of our first blog post in Sept; although of course it is always up to Thomas, and he often jumps other topics into the line.

      Reports are that Nikola Tesla is very much a part of the team that is working on developing reliable electronic communication between here and there! It turns out to be a lot more difficult than anyone had thought, but reportedly they are making progress. And think of the fun they must be having with it!!

  8. Quote from above (pun intended 😉 ) — “We now know that our species is a vehicle by means of which the vast, eternal Mind that continuously manifests this universe can grow spiritually…”

    Hi Roberta, hi everybody! This is a powerful statement, and very important. We are not God’s work but are doing the very personal work of the Godhead. Understanding this and what it means about who and where we really are enables us to make fundamentally different decisions about The Way. It is not just a practice for having a better life experience “on earth” but something much more intrinsic to the ongoing creative force of the phenomenon we perceive as the creation.

    1. Oh my dear Mike, thank you for helping me better understand that sentence! When I first saw it, I wanted to change it but Thomas wouldn’t let me do that. What, so we are a vehicle for GOD’s spiritual growth? But isn’t God already perfect?

      What Thomas told me then was that since each of our minds is inextricably part of the one creative Consciousness that continuously manifests this universe, if we are here to grow spiritually – and since each mind’s spiritual growth minutely influences all other human minds which also are part of the Mind of God – then why is putting it that way in error? So I left it. I still didn’t like it.

      But your insight is the missing piece for me. We have seen hints that spiritual growth is continuous and forever, so the perfection of the Godhead may be just the start of infinite greater degrees of perfection; and perhaps in that we are not just co-creators but also the engine that powers that ever greater perfection. I don’t know, but I suspect that you may be right!

      1. Dear Roberta, I am not the one who may be right. Do not thank me for this added layer of perspective, thank you know who!

        1. Hi Roberta and Mike. Coincidentaly, I was just listening to a discussion on this very issue (Arron Abke on Budda at the Gas Pump, around minute 53.) Aaron had a nice quote: “God is the inexaustible possibility. It will never run out of ways to know itself and explore itself.” As aspects of God, it seems that would extend to each of us (not really separate) souls as well. 🙂

          1. Oh my dear Mike, I think we both are happily used now to having our guides give us direction. I didn’t know when I wrote this post what was coming next, but Thomas did. And I feel foolish that we haven’t long since talked about it!

            And dear Scott, this notion that our spiritual growth contributes to the Godhead is a new one on me, but Thomas insists that I incorporate it into my thinking now. And he’s my boss 😉

  9. Dearest Roberta,
    Two responses to this strong and encouraging blog dropped into my mind. I somehow settled on the one about Love.

    You’ve said that the only commandment is God’s Law of love… Whatever the question, love is the answer… Earlier this year you said that everything about humans boils down to love or a cry for love..

    I guess it is accurate to say that love is central to the unseen Reality that underpins everything. So I am more than glad that the teaching of The Way will explore and clarify the true nature of Love. And I can’t wait for people to see that instead of fear and much self deprecation about being less than perfect, they will begin to really understand how deep and ongoing is God’s love for each and every one of us.

    I begin to understand that much human thinking will be set aside to be replaced by the eternal, soul perspective. Gladly, I realized (with some force) that the whole idea of being not worthy enough is one of these limited, human ideas to be discarded. The truth is, it’s not even a question of worthiness. We are inherently made of the the same stuff as God. We are Light and each of us is part of the Great Light, so of course we are valued beyond any qualifier such as ‘worthiness’. We are one with the Divine by our very nature, we just need to realize it.

    Roberta, imagine how our self esteem can return to healthiness, knowing that we are so loved. No more self loathing! No more beating ourselves up about our various shortcomings! How much lighter would we feel, just by enjoying the process of growing spiritually?

    So my dear, I look forward to the development of The Way, as it is made known. And I really hope that it involves; conscious learning about love, exploring the nature of love and seeing how far we can go with it! 🌅❣️🙏🏼

    1. Dear Efrem, your comments are always so beautiful! I think you’re right when you say that just freeing people from totally unwarranted feelings of unworthiness will be a big boost toward raising this planet’s consciousness vibrations, and also right that love turns out to be a more complicated topic than just the warm feelings to which we typically give the name of “love”. I have just read someone who called it the glue that holds the universe together, which is a refreshing spin, to say the least!

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