Seeking God’s Plan (Part II)

Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 17, 2021 • 91 Comments
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O most merciful Redeemer, friend and brother,
May I know Thee more clearly,
Love Thee more dearly,
Follow Thee more nearly.

– St. Richard of Chichester (1197-1253), From his deathbed prayer (1253)

If we hope to achieve some level of understanding of how the Godhead works in the world, we are going to have to find a way to see things more from God’s perspective. And doing that is going to take a lot more humility than we have yet mustered! So as we begin, we ought to pray for God’s help in better understanding God. St. Richard’s prayer, the end of which is above, was said in Latin by the then-Bishop of Chichester on his deathbed. Praying in gratitude affirmations puts the power of our own minds into our receipt of the gift, so now in beginning with you this effort to come to better know the genuine Godhead, I pray, “Dear God, I thank You that I know Thee more clearly, love Thee more dearly, follow Thee more nearly every day.” Amen. God’s Will be done.

Before we make our attempt to know God outside of all religions, let’s first reassure ourselves that we have the Godhead’s permission. There is so much fear-based superstition surrounding religions that the notion of trying to find and know God independently makes some people afraid. But Jesus urges us to ask questions and to seek the truth. And the plain fact is that God is real! And the God that we are coming to perceive as we study the greater reality is much nicer and more loving than the Christian God, who is frankly the fantastical relic of thousands of years of fear-based human ideas about gods. It has occurred to me that what we are learning now about God might be the genuine Godhead’s direct revelation, else otherwise why would so much new information be suddenly so easy to find?

Our quest to come to know God better is easier now because in recent decades there has been an explosion of new information about what really is going on. Insofar as we can determine, the bounty of evidence that we have come to take for granted began with a concerted attempt by elevated beings not in bodies to make their presence known to us; and that effort seems to have had its beginnings about two hundred years ago. We’ve got to stress the fact that none of this new information was available to the builders of any religion! And in making a fresh effort to understand God that is rooted in these modern facts, we are doing what we should have been doing all along. We are putting God first. One fact that is abundantly obvious to every researcher of the greater reality is that God is even much more involved in each separate moment of our existence than any religious person in human history has heretofore imagined!

We could not possibly know any of what follows if it were not by divine revelation. And here are some things that we now very strongly suspect are true:

  • THE ONLY THING THAT EXISTS IS CONSCIOUSNESS. When the eminent physicist Max Planck discovered that consciousness underlies everything, he in fact began for all of us the process of finding the genuine God.
  • THE GODHEAD IS A COLLECTIVE OF PERFECTED BEINGS. Oh, how I have fought this idea! But it fits with so much else that we have learned about how things work at the highest levels, and Thomas is telling me now to just get over my squeamishness. There is no One Big Guy on a Throne with a Long Beard and Thunderbolts, far away from us and looking down on us. There is instead an infinitely powerful Collective of what is actually Us Perfected. No wonder God knows us and loves us so well!
  • WHAT WE EXPERIENCE AS REALITY IS IN THE NATURE OF SHARED THOUGHT. Our own thoughts feel ephemeral and private to us, but the Godhead’s “thoughts” are as solid and public as the hand in front of your face.
  • MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME ARE NOT OBJECTIVELY REAL. We can accept this fact about everything but time, since we can think about the universe (for example) as solid and gigantic when we know the thought of it has neither substance nor size. But without time, doesn’t everything just happen at once? Doesn’t even a thought require time for you to think it? As difficult as this is for us to imagine, objective time simply is not real. Welcome to eternity! If something real exists in this moment, then it always has existed and it always will exist. And the only thing that exists right now is Mind. Your own mind is inextricably part of that one Mind, so you are eternal. By definition.
  • OUR REALITY IS NEWLY CREATED IN EACH MICRO-INSTANT OF NON-TIME. Here is another notion that I have been fighting, but no other theory makes so much sense. Reality can best be understood as something like a filmstrip, which is a series of pictures in which tiny changes are made from picture to picture. When those pictures are run in quick series, we experience it as one continuous reality. And the same is true of the reality around us now! Each “picture” in this ongoing reality includes all of what we think of as the past, which means that our past can be freshly revised or augmented in each instant. And apparently our past is being created to be steadily more complex, as human beings become both more curious and better able to figure things out. The Godhead wants to stay ahead of us in order to preserve this illusion! I understand how impossible it seems to us for each instant to be freshly created with tiny changes for each of more than seven billion people, many trillions of animals and insects, and even many more trillions of galaxies, each containing no-number-is-big-enough stars which might carry planets that harbor their own versions of living things. But apparently the Godhead does it easily, although if we understand what is going on we can spot God’s little fudges here and there. I’ll give you a few examples below.

For now, we only know that the evidence is strong that these five statements are some version of true. And wonderfully, they help us explain so much! Here are three quick examples to ponder:

The Godhead Can be Both Powerful and Personal

I have always been a skeptic. I don’t want just comforting answers that make no sense! When I was a child, I would hear people talk glowingly about a “personal God,” and I knew even then that One God on a Throne in Heaven could not possibly be a personal God for each of us individually. If it were not for my experiences of light, I likely would have ended up an atheist. But the genuine Godhead turns out to be a gigantic Collective of thousands of Perfected Beings whose minds are in such perfect harmony that together they make one infinitely powerful Mind. There also are billions of beings who have grown past their need to incarnate and are furthering their ongoing spiritual growth by serving humanity. Each of us has at least one spirit guide, and for all we know each guide works with a preferred aspect of the Godhead. Jesus is an aspect of the Godhead with whom many of our guides are in contact. That seems to be roughly how it actually works. And that makes sense. Even to me!

Reality is Infinitely Scalable

There are many very important questions that materialist scientists never will answer. But the Godhead, in staying always just ahead of us, is able to keep scientists happily busy trying! Here are three such scientifically insoluble and highly scalable puzzles out of very many:

  • How did the universe begin? Our ancestors ten thousand years ago (or even just a hundred years ago) had little interest in figuring out the history of the universe. Then in 1920 someone was inspired to propose what became known as the Big Bang. Of course, going back to something the size of a single atom that explodes to become the universe still doesn’t tell us where that first speck came from or what caused that amazing explosion, but no doubt the Godhead will eventually build in answers to those questions that will “always” have been there.
  • How did life begin? The simplest explanation is that life is a property of consciousness, but scientists aren’t yet ready to accept the idea that consciousness is primary. To indulge them, the Godhead may well soon come up with a life-creating process to be found by scientists that “always” has existed but was just “overlooked.”
  • What is beyond the universe? Neanderthals needed only this solar system. We, however, need a gigantic and ever-expanding universe so we never will find a disturbing edge and have to fret about what might be beyond that. So we have precisely the limitless universe that we need! And there is some evidence that the process of creating ever more galaxies to stay ahead of us still goes on.  

A Lot of Odd Glitches Are Now More Understandable

A reality that is remade freshly in each instant can remain stable while it is being tailored on an ongoing basis to the Godhead’s needs and to our own. For example, here are just three of what are many impossible-seeming facts that represent what amount to God’s short-cuts in creating our past and present earth-reality. When it becomes necessary to fill them in with more details to keep us busy, we can only assume that will happen:

  • Cosmological constants. We are told that there are 26 values that must remain within tiny tolerances or the universe will either implode or blow apart. They must remain “constant,” but in fact some of them keep minutely adjusting!
  • Punctuated equilibrium. There are many “missing links” in the histories of each of the 8.7 million species of plants and animals living on earth. Species will remain stable for thousands or millions of years, and then they will be replaced by new species almost at once and without anything like a sufficiently long transitional period of Darwinian natural selection.
  • About ninety percent of modern species came into existence within the last two hundred thousand years. When God established modern people, God almost simultaneously set the stage for us with all the other modern animals and plants. For this to have happened on its own, so recently and so quickly, is so unlikely that just thinking about it can make your eyes cross.

God is real! And God loves us! There is nothing else that matters beside that single perfect truth. God has always been minutely involved with us, but so respectfully that spotting God’s precise role is difficult. Let’s see now what we can discover about God’s involvement from God’s perspective….

Thanks be to Thee, my Lord Jesus Christ,
For all the benefits Thou hast given me,
For all the pains and insults Thou hast borne for me.
– St. Richard of Chichester (1197-1253), From his deathbed prayer (1253)


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91 thoughts on “Seeking God’s Plan (Part II)

  1. Hi Roberta,
    Now I see why you use so interesting words that average person don’t use!
    Because you are receiving all this knowledge from above!
    I do accept all your words without a shadow of doubt , because my spirit is feeling the truth !
    You are one of a kind very special!

    1. Oh my dear Peter, welcome! Thank you for your affirmation that what I am being told is what you also are getting, because sometimes I question myself. So much of this is so different from what we always have thought was true! But Thomas (my spirit guide) confirms it, too. And he also prompts me to say that I’m not really special at all, although thank you for the compliment 🙂 Thomas wants me to say that I just have been willing, and God uses every willing scribe.

  2. Wow, this was a really amazing piece! I remember glancing thru Part I of “God’s Plan,” but it didn’t capture me like Part II did. In this piece you went right down and validated every intuition I have received over the last couple of years.
    I am in the process of writing a magic fantastic metaphysical fairytale entitled
    The Biological Heretic
    In this fairytale I show how Mind is the only reality, that Darwinism is total nonsense, and that the new Quantum Reality is much like the Zen reality, which is based, of course, on the idea that “There is nothing but Only-Mind, and Only-Mind is everything.”
    Anyway, I’ve been writing this story, and I’m very close to the end now, and suddenly you put out this piece that basically summarizes everything I’ve been discovering in this story during recent years, as it writes itself thru me (and often doubting…wondering if it was true). So thank you for validating everything for me! I read thru Part II in wonder. I will have to read it again. And again.

    1. Dear Keb, I love it that you have been getting these same messages! How wonderful! And thank you for letting me know!

      I was surprised, too, to read this one as it was being written. I thought at first that we were just going back to do some historical work, but when I am not hearing the music Thomas will eventually step in, and so he did this time. He got it all written in a single day on Friday, with almost no editing needed, and I loved it! I just am so glad that I get to participate, but without the pressure to actually produce every week 🙂

  3. Hi Roberta, hi everybody!

    I think this is truly mind blowing!

    Some may wonder how the Collective of Perfected Beings got there in the first place to form the Godhead. The answer is they—we—didn’t get there in “the first place” because, as you say, welcome to eternal nature. We were never “created” and we will never “die” because we ALWAYS ARE.

    I particularly relate to the idea that our individual guides are working with a preferred aspect of the Godhead. My own guide is most definitely “working with someone”—she has a line to Jesus certainly, but she is also aligned with a collective who have a very specific mission (I don’t know what it is yet, but she recruited me and others personally) and we are all working as part of her “away team”!

    1. Dear Mike, after the first post in which we talked about God as a Collective, I got some emailed questions that I then enjoyed thinking about. One question was whether Jesus had evolved on earth as we are evolving. I haven’t presumed to ask that question, but Thomas is nevertheless telling me that the Godhead could not be as wise and powerful as it is, nor as loving as it is, if every Member had not evolved as we are evolving. So the Godhead really IS “Us Perfected”! My beloved friend tells me that although we won’t get this until we go home and assume our greater minds, in fact outside of time all our lives actually are happening at once. Which makes me wonder whether outside of time, the Collective that is the Godhead might actually BE US? Literally?

      1. I think that makes sense, especially if time as we know it doesn’t exist. It seems that we are all at different stages of evolution. Some, like the great humanitarians in history, are likely evolving closer to perfected being status than those who enjoy doing harm to others. Maybe we need to shed our ego as much as we can to achieve this. That is probably why these collective beings work together and become “one,” as they no longer have an ego or a personal agenda.

        1. Dear Lola, there seems to be a lot more to it than simply shedding the ego, although of course that helps. Mikey Morgan is at the upper part of the sixth level, and working now to attain the Godhead; and I have seen communications from others, too, who are somewhere in the sixth. My Thomas is upper fifth. It seems clear that we continue to progress spiritually to a remarkable degree even at those levels! Perfection, in this case, it seems must actually be perfect.

      2. Dearest Roberta, this comment to Mike makes serious sense and resonates deeply. You know, I’ve always had this feeling that whatever humans may tell me, I know my awareness goes straight to the Divine Awareness as a kind of Oneness that my simple, incarnate mind cannot understand.

        There is a sense of being indivisibly connected, no matter what time-place situation I am experiencing on earth. Even as a kid, I felt this thing.

        Needless to say, this week’s blog post delights and astounds – big time! 🙏🏼❣️🌅

        1. Oh my dear Efrem, I know just what you mean and I think a lot of others feel it as well, even as children. I think it is the connection through our guides that we are feeling, and it is quite wonderful!

  4. Over the past three years, I have completed my nightly prayer with the simply worded request, I pray for enlightenment. In retrospect, my academic productivity in my early 80s is higher than ever too.

    Much that I have written about concerns the nature of time, because of the NDE/OBE reports that reliably state that when freed from their body, their consciousness does not experience time running, but only an eternal NOW. To reconcile time running in the material domain with time not running in the realm of consciousness (the Universal Field of Consciousness, UFC) in which it is embedded, consider that time in the UFC corresponds to location as if time were acting as a true fourth dimension. By this reckoning, time in the UFC does not run anymore than height or width, but there are different times at different locations.

    1. Hi Dr. Hiller: I am no scientist, but your last statement about time being different at different locations sounds like you may mean that it is strictly relevant to the observer, depending on which location they are at? I’m probably wrong, but that’s the way I understood it. If true, wouldn’t that mean that time is just an illusion? I hope I’m not sounding too silly.

      1. Lola, The “trick” of understanding how time is different between here in the material world and there in the realm of consciousness is to recognize that there really are two different frameworks involved. Here, we are aware that there is a past, a fleeting Now instant, and the instant leads to a future time, but when in consciousness, time does not run, although events make for change.

        At first when I learned from the NDE reporting that time was frozen, I thought that impossible and wrong, but then realized that in Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity, he had shown that as an object speeds faster with respect to its frame of reference, its time slows, and then at the speed of light time stops, so frozen time can make sense. The issue then became how to reconcile the two frames of reference when time is continuously changing in one, but still in the other.

        The solution I found is to conceptualize time there as functioning as if it were a fourth spatial dimension. In this model, just as height, length and width do not change of their own accord here, likewise time does not flow there– but different times yet exist, just as different lengths exist. So, we may map from a given time setting here, to a different location in the realm of consciousness such that time flows here, but does not flow there.

        1. Thanks for the explanation. I already knew that time ceases at the speed of light and never understood why but if it functions as a 4th spatial dimension. that could very well explain “frozen time.” It sounds like what we consider the “past” still exists in this 4th spatial dimension, but time is not linear there.

    2. Dear Jack, I commend your diligence! And for you (and for all of us) to be reasoning from this material reality is only natural, when this is where we are and none of us has much memory of what it is like in the greater reality.

      Trying to see everything from the Godhead’s perspective, though, is the point of this whole exercise. I have been working to understand how we even can find God’s perspective, which is a stretch indeed! But it may be easier for me because I never got beyond Algebra II in high school and I have never taken a single course in physics so I may be less committed to the intellectual aspects of physicality. I think for most people it is hard to imagine a place where ONLY Mind exists, and yet that is true of most of reality. Beyond materiality there are no dimensions, just as there is no time. Mind creates dimensions as part of its creation of illusory “places” and it can add time, or not. OBE and NDE experiencers have traveled astrally in mind-created places, and because places in the astral seem so real those experiencers assume they are governed by physics. But they are not. It is Mind that holds them in stable existence, and without Mind doing that they disappear.

      Actually, even this material reality is not governed by physics alone. What holds it stable is Mind, ultimately. But as we try harder to figure things out, “laws” of physics have been invented by the Godhead in order to keep humankind invested in the illusion.

      I sometimes think of this material reality as a playpen, and humanity as a growing baby. Two hundred thousand years ago we were laid on a mat in the playpen as a newborn. As we grew and learned to sit up and crawl, enrichment in the form of toys and puzzles to figure out were added. At this point, the Godhead has us fiddling with dazzlingly complex ideas! But it is all still a playpen. We are here to “grow up” spiritually enough to leave this playpen forever. And wonderfully, those whose knowledge I trust most – Mikey Morgan and my treasured Thomas – tell me that beyond this beginner’s universe there are glories beyond glories beyond glories of ever more wonderful things to learn and experience. Eternally!

      1. Dear Roberta, I do agree that mind or consciousness is fundamental. It is also true that coping with reality in this material domain we inhabit remains essential for survival and maintaining any comfortable standard of living. For example, the satellites that guide global positioning are tremendously helpful, but without corrections made by applying Einstein’s Special Relativity model, they would lose accuracy.

  5. If Jesus was and is an aspect of the Godhead collective of perfected beings, then was it Christianity and the Bible that calls him the Son of God? Did Jesus himself claim to be the Son of God? How does this relate to the collective Godhead?

    1. Dear Terry, this is a great question. I thought I knew the answer but I confirmed it first with a bit of research. Quickly, here are the facts:

      1) Jesus is in fact God. He is of the highest aspect of the Godhead Itself. But of course He couldn’t say that, both because He didn’t want to distract His followers with what to Him would have been a fact extraneous to His mission, and also because it would have been big-time against the prevailing religious laws and likely punishable by His death.

      2) At the time, calling someone “the son of” some force or other seems to have been the fashion. Jesus called two brothers who were His disciples, James and John, “Boanerges,” which apparently means “Sons of Thunder” in Aramaic. So you imagine them then to have been perhaps loud and forceful?

      3) In the same way, virtuous and wise Jesus seems to have been referred to often as the “Son of God,” but it’s a title that He seems not to emphasize. People say in the Gospels that He has called Himself the Son of God, but I thought I couldn’t recall His having claimed that title directly and I was right; although of course He could have claimed it and no one recorded His words. But my hunch is that He was given the title affectionately, just as He gave a “sons of” title affectionately to His friends James and John.

      4) Jesus tells us instead that God is “in Him,” and the words He speaks are God’s words. I think that is how He wanted people to see Him.

      5) He seems to have been policing what He was called, on occasion saying to His disciples “Who do people say that I am?” And He seems to have cautioned them not to spread an inflated notion of His identity.

      Of course, the “Son of God” term that was apparently just in keeping with the then-current local vernacular of affection and respect really stuck when He (AMAZINGLY!) rose from the dead. And before long, the “fact” that His body had been literally sired by God became Biblical truth (LK 1:26-38). I strongly suspect, however, that much of the Annunciation scene – or at least the reference to God’s having literally sired Jesus – came along at least a century or two after the Lord’s death, because God didn’t need to do it physically and anyway “the Holy Spirit” was not Jesus’s terminology at all. And neither was the notion of the Trinity! He knew the truth – that the Godhead is a Spiritual Collective – which is why He said that God is Spirit and we must worship God in spirit and in truth.

      I hope this helps!

      1. Thank you for your answers, I will keep on researching this one myself, this is an enormous subject.

  6. I agree that this is confusing. Mostly, he referred to himself as the “Son of Man”, but that could have been to avoid blasphemy charges if he claimed to be the Son of God.

    1. Thanks for the reply Lola, it would be confusing to me if Jesus claimed to be the son of the Godhead. To be the Son of Man maybe likened to understanding of human nature, but so many passages in the Bible have been interpreted in so many ways that it is difficult to know what was actually meant. Some people have said that Jesus was a real man that existed. Thus, if he lived and died like all of us, what makes him different?

      1. I used to wonder about that as well but the Shroud of Turin has convinced me that something out of the ordinary happened to Jesus. Dr. Andrew Silverman was asked to look into this, and his goal was to debunk it. However, 30 years later, he is still studying the shroud, and the scientific reasons he has come up with to support its authenticity are found in several videos on the internet. He also recently wrote a book about his findings. His conclusion is basically that something extraordinary happened to the “man on the cloth” that even he with his impressive background can’t explain. The book’s title is “A Burst of Conscious Light.”

    2. Dear Lola, I wondered about this too, but I have come to think that from HIS perspective, the fact that He – of the highest aspect of the Godhead – had actually committed to be born and to live and die as one of us may have been the most important thing about the Man standing before His listeners. He was a novelty indeed: God born as a Son of Man. So that is where He wants us to focus. I think the significance of His uniquely human existence may become clearer to us as we move beyond thinking of Him as a Human Sacrifice Without Blemish – which was the way people saw Him 2000 years ago – and come to see Him more as He sees Himself.

  7. I am just in awe of what you (and therefore we) are finding out about the Godhead. I can’t corroborate you, so all I can do is read and try to absorb.


    1. Dear Cookie, I am awestruck too, but it is a permanent feeling at this point. I often have no idea what Thomas is getting at, since he begins each week by giving me a title (which sometimes changes later) and a few general thoughts. Then he lets me struggle for awhile. He doesn’t generally do much more before the Friday morning before these articles are posted, since he says he is trying to teach me to think it through on my own. Oy. It still amazes me to wake up on some of these Friday (or even Saturday!) mornings, and have whatever it is suddenly make sense!

  8. Lola, Your conclusions are valid.
    Let me explain why time slows for an object as it goes faster, and at the speed of light time fully stops (and why it’s speculated that if an object could be made to exceed the speed of light, then it would be going backward in time).  Einstein had intuitively concluded that light traveled at a constant speed (he said that he was unaware of the Michelson-Morley experiment that acquired that finding). It takes a simple equation to see why.

    Call speed S (in units of distance traveled over a unit of time).
    Call a unit of time T for light  to be traveling a unit distance at the speed of light.  D is the distance that light travels in one unit of time.  As an equation, that is:

    S= D/T  or  T= D/S  Now recall that S has a ceiling (term that L)  at the speed of light.  Let’s redefine S as a fraction of light speed S/L. Recall too that space shrinks as an object speeds faster through it.

    S/L = D/T and  T = (DxL)/S

    So as S grows larger and D shrinks, as it divides into DxL, the quotient T must decrease

    At any speed slower than light, T is a number that would asymptote at zero as D decreases and S increases.

    When S equals light speed, then S/L = 1.  So, T = D. Because space shrinks  for a moving object, at light speed D reduces to zero. 
    To accurately calculate time rate for an object as it speeds from being stationary up to the speed of light, calculus is used, so the algebra shown here is an oversimplification, but gets the idea across.

    1. Jack,
      You may be interested in looking into the late Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of Theory (RST). His theory is based on two postulates:

      Dewey B. Larson’s theory is built up from two basic postulates or notions:
      “The physical universe is composed entirely of one component, Motion, existing in three dimensions, in discrete units, and with two reciprocal aspects, space and time.”
      “The physical universe conforms to the relations of ordinary commutative mathematics, its primary magnitudes are absolute, and its geometry is Euclidean.” (Note: The reevaluated version (RS2) replaces Euclidean Geometry with Projective Geometry.)

      The postulates lead to Space/Time = Speed and note that Time has three dimensions.

      The theory has been used to explain the reciprocal relationship of the third and fourth densities of Summerland.

      I hope this whets your appetite for an equally fascinating theory.


      1. David, Thank you for this reference. General Relativity is based on the mathematics for curved space and has passed repeated tests, so any theory claiming space to be Euclidian stats out falsified.

        Further, as Roberta again reminds here, the fundamental reality is immaterial consciousness. I have recently published two papers premised on this idea:
        ( )
        ( ).

        Incidentally, last year I was able to demonstrate from the published laboratory research on others using ultra-weak measurement that the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle was a mistake, so there is no instantaneous spooky action at a distance signal required to achieve quantum entanglement ( ).

        1. Dearest Roberta,

          I was remiss in my previous post to not include a reference to the quote. The postulates may be found in many places. The one I used is the paper “The Simple Essence of Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of Physics” by J. M. Boardman. A link to it is

          Thank you, Jack, for pointing out my omission.

          1. Dear Cookie, this discussion that you and Jack are having is apparently related to material physics? My mind boggles! I hope that you and he are getting something out of it, but I feel obligated to remind everyone that none of this is applicable to most of reality, which is not physical. At best, it is governed by what we might call an extreme version of quantum mechanics, where the only operative principle is the power of Mind. This is so consistently true that I have come to see quantum mechanics as a kind of bridge between here and there. We’ll see if that proves out!

    2. Dear Jack, thank you for this! I am so glad that I never attempted physics – I would have made a complete botch of it!

      1. Dearest Roberta,

        What first attracted me to Larson’s RST theory is the concept of sectors. RST postulates two sectors; the material sector, which is what we are experiencing now, and the inverse, or cosmic sector where there is a minimum, not a maximum speed of light. I think this is supposed to explain the relationship of the third-density to the fourth, which is the inverse of the third.

        In the spirit of Larson, more work on this needs to be undertaken.



        1. Dear Cookie, the problem with continuing to work on such theories is that they are not real, but rather they are simply intellectual exercises. Part of the puzzle the Godhead has built into each new instant of this illusion in order to keep us invested in thinking it is real. And the risk in hypothesizing a material sector and a different sector that has a physics that is its opposite is that some might think, well, that must be the non-material part of the greater reality. Which, of course, it cannot be. I hope that the discussion at hand will still interest you, after all of this!

  9. Wow! I never could wrap my head around the fact that light travels at 186,000 miles in just a second. It just does not seem possible. My guess is that any physical object could never approach this speed, as it would be torn to shreds. I can understand why most scientists say that we only can detect a very small portion of the actual universe, as most of it is beyond what we can detect while we are in physical bodies. That’s why God, collective beings etc. seem so elusive to us. They aren’t detectable in physical reality and probably are detectable only in the much higher non-physical realms, as that is where they reside (for lack of a better word). However, we can communicate with them via thought because we are spiritual beings here having a human experience and are not actually separated from them in any way.

    1. Lola, Again, your intuition is right about the difficulty of any material object attaining light speed–it cannot, as the energy required is infinite.

      Photons do not have mass, and so are able to travel at light speed.
      And as reported from the NDE, not only do we lose our material body, but our consciousness/soul appears to be made of light, and so does everything else in the realm of consciousness. Regarding the soul’s existence in time in the UFC being akin to being at location on a dimension of time, the NDE also reports that from a single location they can see to the past, experience Now, and see somewhat into the future–all together. I guess the sight of the future would be hazy as not yet fully formed, but seeing the future would provide some ability to predict it.

      1. Dear Jack, the “light” of which our energy-bodies are composed is apparently not physical light – not composed of photons – which is why physicists call it “dark” matter and energy. And those traveling in the astral plane during an NDE are sometimes shown the past and the future, but apparently just for educational purposes. As was said above, because everything is newly created in each instant, the “past” is also changeable!

        1. This is really important. People should not think that past or future events are fixed OR as we perceive them. Also, some day, some where, there will be an opportunity to explore why the notion of “past lives” is so beside the point! Thank you, Roberta, for giving ♐️ the chance to slip this in! She will surely get flamed, but it needed to be said.😉

        2. Roberta, I was not aware than anyone else had speculated that Heaven is what has been registering as the unobservable dark matter and energy. No Physicist that I am aware of has made such a speculation, because they are materialists. However, because of my own recognition that consciousness is fundamental, I was able to make that speculation in my Frozen Time Theory.

          1. Dear Jack, “Heaven” is the term generally used for the place where the dead are. It’s just a small part of the gigantic astral plane. The astral plane, on the other hand, is truly gigantic (in relative terms), and it may well be twenty or more times the relative size of the material universe, so for it to be “dark matter” makes the proportions seem about right to me. And it is all consciousness with a lot of consciousness-created matter here and there, so perhaps it is dark matter and dark energy combined. Who knows? And no, there is no physicist on earth who would make this connection! Insofar as I know, only you and I have talked about this possibility at all.

    2. Dear Lola, don’t think in terms of physical distance, but rather think in terms of elevation of consciousness vibration, from lowest (fear) to highest (perfect love). Those vibrating at a higher frequency can readily lower their vibrations, which is why our transitioned loved ones can so easily communicate with us; but it is very difficult to be comfortable existing for long at a vibration that is any higher than where we are naturally.

      We think of the physical universe as a big deal, but those who really know tell us that it is both trivial and small. I guess it’s all in your perspective!

      1. Well, since we can only detect a very small portion of the universe, which I presume is the physical universe, then it would definitely be trivial and small. However, the portion of he universe that we can’t see could be infinite.

        1. Yep. You nailed it! The greater reality is both infinitely large and infinitesimally small at the same time. Size is simply not a characteristic of consciousness, any more than either solidity or color is a characteristic; but anything can be created by consciousness, within consciousness.

  10. To say that this is all mind boggling is an understatement. It is obvious that this is clearly some kind of “plan” but I cannot imagine what the “plan” is all about except that it is obviously directed by an extremely high intelligence. Einstein, Max Planck and others, like yourself, are obviously closer to understanding it than the average person, but it almost sounds like we are in some kind of simulation.

    1. EUREKA!! Dear Lola, you have nailed it! This is indeed some kind of simulation. Please see my first response to Jack, above.

  11. Lola, Indeed, a common observation from those who have a deep enough experience to visit Heaven or see it is that the realized that there real home was Heaven, with Earth life a brief visit ion eternity. Furthermore, consciousness and perception are far more clear and vivid than during normal life on Earth– so you could characterize Earth life as a form of simulation of life in Heaven as the true life. God had all of the “time in the world” to creatively design these ingenious arrangements.

    1. Dear Jack, it is impossible to “visit” the place where the dead are (which is what we usually mean by Heaven). It is important that we all fight the infatuation that many NDE-ers have with what is an overwhelming experience, to the point where they insist that they actually have died, because death is a separate process! And I am hearing from people who have bought the notion that NDE-ers have died and come back and they are confused and frightened by some of the NDEs they have read.

      But on the other hand, all of us do indeed visit the astral plane – which indeed is our real home – every night (well, on many nights).

      1. Dear Roberta– you nailed it on the issue of the NDE not really being about death, as the NDE reports are rendered by people who did not die. The fact that they did not dies naturally leads to confusion about their truth value. Dr, Sam Parnas had made a big splash by pointing out that death is a process, so it’s usually false to assume that the NDE’s were rendered by folks who truly died.
        From my perspective, and shared with Dr. von Lommel who wrote a classic text on the NDE, it’s the Out of Body Experience (OBE) that is informative, regardless of the extent of trauma that induced it, and the OBE may occur without any trauma from meditation, or during lucid dreaming. Thus, a significant question attaches to whether OBE reports are about mere hallucination, or some type of real experience. Extensive research demonstrating high accuracy for over 100 OBEs has been documented in the 2016 text by Rivas, et al ( ). So, the OBE is capable of providing information about experiences that cannot be waved off as mere hallucination.

        1. No, I don’t think OBEs are hallucinations. They are indeed travels out of our physical bodies, and some involve entering the astral plane and having waking experiences there. I have had some prominent OBE-ers as Seek Reality guests, and the tales they tell are wonderful!

  12. Just wondered why the non-physical world is so thought responsive – much more so than earth life. I have heard this so many times that there must be some truth to it.

    1. Dear Lola, most of reality is ONLY thought. It isn’t even a “world.” It is just this limited material universe that is physical and not “thought responsive.”

      1. I didn’t think of that, but what you said is true, Our vibrations here are much too low to support a thought responsive world

        Regarding NDE’s, I think of a person sitting in a reception area or waiting room of a large corporation waiting to be called in for an interview or meeting, but then telling people that they actually saw the corporation. The truth is that they never saw any of the offices, meeting rooms etc. They only saw the waiting room and therefore they know nothing about the whole corporation. The NDE experiencer is in the same situation in that he or she never saw the actual afterlife.

  13. To our Maker(s), time as we know it, is but a tool. Three billion years of life on earth can be just an eyeblink in the next realm. The seemingly great amount of earth time needed for evolution and geologic change on this planet to occur can leave us earthlings confused and dazed, but to a Creator it’s just a building block. The dinosaurs that existed tens to hundreds of millions of years before us were sentient beings as well and, although difficult to imagine because of the great timespans involved, they were/are part of our Conscience reality as well. In other words, I think trying to give an earth age to something created in an ageless eternity is fraught with caveats. 🙂

    1. Dear Stephen, I think you’re right. It is just unfortunate that we are so emotionally invested in the notions that the physical universe is real and solid and ancient, when apparently it is none of the three. These next few decades are going to be very enlightening for us all!

  14. Dear Dr Hiller. I have come across some claims that Einstein’s equation could be changed so that instead of mass approaching infinity as one approaches the speed of light, one could flip it and have mass go to zero as one approaches the speed of light, without changing any of the other “outcomes.” This is way above my pay grade but the claim is that it allows faster than light travel and also that one goes into a realm of time/space in which time is fixed and space flows instead of space/time where space is fixed and time flows. I would be very intetested in your thoughts on this. Thanks

    1. Scott, Thanks for this interesting question. It is important for analysis to be clear about the frame of reference applied. In my own theory construction ( a good summary posted here ), there are three frames: 1) God alone; 2) Heaven as a world of light that includes God’s creations as immaterial spirit/consciousness. and 3) the material world we experience in life as a subset of Heaven (we are connected to Heaven but cannot see that with our material senses). My answer works from reference frame 3).

      One of Einstein’s brilliant formulations was equating mass an energy using light speed as a coefficient in E – m C squared. This when we are considering mass, we are also considering its energy equivalence. Does it make any sense to imagine a given quantity of energy going to zero as a function of its speed? Seems to me that space and time are manipulable as Einstein had formulated, but energy is neither created or destroyed (again, we are working only within the material domain). So, my intuition is that any formulation that destroys energy (which is what nulling mass would do), is mistaken.

      1. Instead of destroying energy, couldn’t it just be changed? Not in the material reality, but in another dimension?

        1. Material energy and material matter are the same thing, just in different forms. I learned that from reading Einstein. And it constitutes the sum total of my physics knowledge!

      2. Hi Dr Hiller. It actually wasn’t about energy, but about one’s mass getting more and more massive as one approaches the speed of light, supposedly making it impossible to exceed that speed. This question was based on a story, possibly apocryphal, about Ben Rich, the former head of the Lochheed Martin Skunkworks, working on advanced black budget aircraft. When he retired he supposedly made the statement about Einstein getting the mass thing backwards – that it actually gets smaller approaching light speed. He had said that as a result, craft had been developed that could “take ET home.” It is over my head, and I was wondering if that could make any sense. Just a fun question, but maybe a little too far out for our forum here.😀

        1. Scott, we can do some reasoning about this for the material world framework, making use of Special Relativity principles.
          In the direction of motion, as motion speed increases for an object say in direction L, the space that L occupies is reduced for L, so that the object’s observable mass shrinks. and a clock onboard the object will also run slower. For an object at light speed, the mass along L appears to have shrunk out of existence and the onboard clock stops running. So the object has no width and does not experience time. Rich, as reported, is simply wrong about Einstein getting it wrong, because Einstein’s SR Theory, as described above does model the object getting smaller as it approaches light speed. Rich is apparently a brilliant engineer, but not a physicist.

          1. Dear Jack, the primary problem I see with all this physics discussion is that it is extraneous to what we are talking about here. Perhaps it is relevant to the extent that we are thinking through the illusion that the Godhead has even built around mathematics, for heaven’s sake, which is a human-made process of solving the little puzzles that God has built into this material reality so we will remain invested in its being real! But it isn’t real in the sense of its being independent and able to exist without constant divine tweaking. So why don’t we instead try to better understand the only aspects of this reality that really are fundamental?

    2. Oh my dear Scott, some of the things that you think about amaze me! In fact, the easiest way to break the speed of light is to travel out of body. Then you can go to the edge of the universe – wherever that is! – in an eye-blink 🙂

  15. Hi Roberta. Apparently Whitley Strieber (of all people!) just came out with a book on Jesus. I heard him interviewed tonight on coasttocoastam with George Noory. I also heard him recently on Skeptiko. He actually seems to be somewhat on on the same page as you (for instance he supports the validity of the Shroud of Turin) with some important differences, of course. He seems to be with you on the afterlife as well, which is interesting. Maybe you have already heard about this work of his and if so I’d love to get your opinion, but if not I thought you might it interesting. 🙂

    1. Dear Scott, I didn’t even know who Whitley Streiber was – I had to Google him. But if that is what he has written, then more power to him! Perhaps fans of his fiction will have their eyes and hearts opened by his nonfiction. The truth is the truth, and it seems clear that many of the Godhead’s minions are now working through their earthly charges to do the essential work of enlightening the world before it is too late!

      1. Roberta and Scott: I have been following Whitley Streiber for at least a decade or more. Although he started out writing fiction, his books are now mostly all nonfiction. I have often thought about how much his findings on the afterlife and metaphysics in general correspond to the things that are said here. He is 76 now and has often said that he wanted to write a book soon that would be of benefit to mankind before he “kicks the bucket” as he humorously put it, so it sounds like he chose “A New Vision of Jesus” to be that book. He reaches a very wide audience, so maybe he was inspired to be “one of God’s minions.”

        1. Hi Lola. I’ve followed Mr Strieber’s work for years also. When his wife recently died, he felt he continued to have contact with her, in addition to his alien friends or whatever they are, and even wrote a book that he claims she co-wrote with him from the other side. Before she died, they both were coming more and more to feel that there is some sort of overlap between the afterlife and phenomena that people normally consider to be ETs, and this could also encompass things like angels, fairy lore, beings from other dimensions, ultraterrestrials, etc, so the old nuts and bolts spaceship approach to UFOs and ETs may be way too simplistic. The new book on Jesus is in honor of her as well, because she did a great deal of research on the subject, and taught him a lot about it. He had to get up to speed with his own research pretty quickly, though, so he doesn’t have Roberta’s decades of background in this topic, as well as in afterlife research and related topics.

          1. This is true. He doesn’t have decades of background on the afterlife topic and it wasn’t until Anne (his wife) died that he delved into it in any large way. I have the book he wrote about his ongoing contact with her, and it is fascinating but not surprising, as they made a pact to continue their contact before she died. He certainly feels (and so do I) that the old nuts and bolts approach to UFOs is nonsense. Whitley has his own radio show called “Dreamland” in case you ever want to listen to it.

  16. All this is so important to ponder and. Wonderful and I agree with this concept of God or the Godhead but we need to deal with this loving image so apparent in Jesus. We need to this Godhead’s participation in slavery, Destruction of the native Americans, rise of Hitler and now Trump. How does the Godhead see and hear our pain and Can this Godhead interfere! If not where does prayer fit in and if Can When?

    1. Dear Barbara, all of the negative things that you mention that have occurred on earth are not the Godhead’s work at all – they are the work of people, and the product of the very negativity that we choose to be born on earth in order to experience. Of course the Godhead could intervene, but why?? We have chosen to be incarnated on what we are told is the roughest but the most effective planet in the universe on which to grow spiritually. This is not real life! For us to be incarnated here is the rough equivalent of our having chosen to major in physics and trigonometry. It’s very hard! But we are getting a lot out of it. And then we all go home, whole and healthy. No harm done!

  17. Barbara, Your questioning is fundamental to gaining a perspective on our material life vs existence in the Heavenly realm. If the Heavenly existence is free of stress, pain, competition over scarce resources, jealousy, envy, and hate, why does God give us birth into this harsh material world. Surely not to make life easier.

    1. Dear Jack, it may help to think of this earth-phase that we repeatedly enter and leave as not a part of our “real life” at all. After all, it involves stripping down to a limited portion of our mind that is designed for rapid spiritual learning and deliberately choosing to experience some stressful and highly negative events that are made more stressful by the fact that we generally don’t remember anything about our real lives.

      Hey, so this is just a trip to a spiritual gym! And all the bad stuff is all the negative events in our lives, and we are just here to strengthen our spiritual muscles!

      The great Craig Hogan calls it “earth school,” which is the same concept. We come here because we can’t learn what we need to grow spiritually if we simply stay in our perfect eternal home, and we crave that growth, but none of this is real or even especially relevant to our real lives.

  18. Roberta,
    A real turning point for me in this process of questioning “why” was recognizing that reincarnation is not only possible but very much part of who we are. In my youth I thought reincarnation was a bunch of crap, but thinking about life as a journey spiritual, it opens up so much possibility for our future. We don’t just have a short lifespan to get “it right” and then we are wisked away to a palace in the sky. Our physical experience here is not that important. The horrible tribulations that some people endure on this earth must promote incredible spiritual growth, even though they are suffering or have been abused in ways we cannot imagine. I would not want to endure such suffering and outright abuse, but it becomes a tiny blip in our spiritual journey.

    1. Dear Timothy, this is beautifully stated. Thank you! The key to understanding most of what seems inexplicable about the Godhead’s actions in the world is for people simply to understand that:
      (a) We come here voluntarily, and often eagerly, to endure the bad stuff. I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen it suggested in original source materials that someone was dumped into a new life by his guides out of desperation. So it can happen, but it is vanishingly rare. And
      (b) From the perspective of eternity, what is terrible here is actually trivial. No permanent harm is done, and we all benefit from the experience!

  19. How would the atrocities that go on down here promote spiritual growth? Nothing can ever be perfect, but some of these things make the worst nightmare look like a picnic. I just can’t understand how some of these horrible events could translate into spiritual growth.

    1. Dear Lola, it isn’t the atrocities themselves that are important. What is important is having our minds stressed with negativity of any sort, which simply doesn’t happen in our real lives. Thiink of this as taking calculus, maybe. Or think of it as some especially ambitious folks chosing to have some especially extreme earth-lessons. The facts are that (a) if some horrible thing will end in death, the mind is safely out of the body as the horror is happening, and (b) the mind is strengthened and elevated in vibration by the experience.

      The only way that what actually is going on is ever going to make sense to anyone living in a physical body is if we will sincerely and open-mindedly try to get outside of our materialist perspective! That is the whole point of this post, and of the series in which it runs. We cannot hope to understand the Godhead or the Godhead’s perspective and actions unless we can manage to think more as God does!

  20. Lola, The offender get’s to feel the pain caused and thus forms an increased knowledge base about responsibility. The harmed person likewise experiences the harm of bad or evil behavior. Both are wiser.
    The suffering from accidents and illness is of course painful, but in the grand scheme short. There are also a variety of reports that consciousness departs body when the fright or pain is too great to bear. As for myself, I have “complained” to God routinely for around the past thirty years that there is too much pain for its purpose.

      1. Dear Lola, until you are able to get beyond what looks from here like a deep focus on what is material and therefore in fact ephemeral, you will never be able to understand the answers to these questions. I know you are capable of getting beyond your body and taking a much deeper and more spiritual view!

        1. Oh definitely. I haven’t had much interest in the material world lately. My negative views came from becoming a history buff a few years ago–and this was REAL history, not the superficial stuff we learned in school. It left kind of a “hole” in me that’s difficult to describe.

    1. Dear Jack, you make me smile. You certainly are enjoying being your age and doing what you do, if now you are even second-guessing the Godhead! (Who also likely are smiling.)

  21. It almost seems like atrocities are golden opportunities for the spiritual advancement of others willing to step forth and alleviate the problem. Letting go of resentment over a minor offense is fairly easy compared to the massive output of energy needed to forgive an atrocity.

    1. Dear Tom, this is an excellent point. I could write a whole article on how the bad things that happen here are eagerly sought and how people there will line up for classes that are there required to prepare people to be part of the Holocaust (or anything else really bad and major). And perhaps I will!

    2. This is a good thought, Tom. There are countless cases where a horrible act has resulted in laws being changed etc., and this would certainly result in the spiritual advancement of those who were willing and eager to turn a horrible or negative event into something beneficial and positive for mankind, even on a small scale..

  22. Hello.
    I noticed something interesting. You are using the appeal to authority for Jesus, in the last three posts, but notice in the comments that some words of Jesus we are supposed to not treat as authority, namely the whole business about Peter, and “on this rock will I build my church.” Can you be a bit more specific about what will be considered in and what will be considered out concerning Jesus’ words and stories, or should we buy THE JEFFERSON BIBLE, SMITHSONIAN EDITION and use that as the baseline for The Way?

    For myself, while I can understand wanting to know what God wants, and awaiting the revelation, I am finding myself enjoying the interplay between “Thy will be done” and “My will be done.” That seems to be where the Magick happens.

    Oh, did you find out who it was who was able to empower herself to leave her husband after years of abuse? I hinted at it a few weeks back in my post.

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Jason, I so dearly wish I had the time to try to figure out your riddle about some woman who left her abusive husband! I get six hours of sleep a night and work seven days a week with little personal time, and still I can never get caught up. But whoever she is, I hope she is happy.

      As for your odd question about Thomas Jefferson’s Gospels study notebook, I don’t use it and I don’t know why anyone would today. Who nowadays reads English, French, Latin, and Greek? Comparing Gospel passage translations in all four languages was the primary point of that book.

      Regarding your question about Jesus’s supposedly saying that He would build His church on the “Rock” that was Peter, I can only tell you that this Gospel quotation and a number of others contain gross anachronisms and also directly contradict what Jesus actually said. I have written about this in a number of places, and Liberating Jesus contains a whole Appendix telling you how you can spot and discard what was written in by some of the nine first-century church councils. First Nicaea in 325 seems to have been the most brazen.

      1. Hello again.
        The reason I brought up the Jefferson Bible was not so much because he was looking at Biblical quotes in four languages, but because he was also choosing what was considered in and out with regard to Jesus’ words and stories. And, considering that the entity that used to be Thomas Jefferson is now your guide Thomas, I was wondering how closely the Jefferson Bible will match the Bible of The Way.
        I did not know you were so busy, so I will stop playing games. The woman I am talking about is Tina Turner, and she was following a form of Buddhism that emphasized empowerment, value creation, liberation. When I thought I knew the form of The Way, I was thinking it was going to have a form similar to this Buddhism. It spread quickly, and has a wide demographic, crossing racial boundaries. As a structure, when it comes time for propagating The Way, you might want to look at the organizing structure of the Soka Gakkai.

        1. Dear Jason, it was primarily the miracles that Jefferson didn’t accept, but since my Thomas now knows the drill he has no problem with those. And he is emphatic about the fact that he is now his own eternal self and he is NOT Thomas Jefferson! It has been interesting to me to see that even having been a big shot on earth in a recent prior lifetime doesn’t seem to impress an eternal being past incarnating. He tells me now that he has lived more important lives. And so even have I??

          Thank you for the suggestion, but Thomas won’t let me look into Soka Gakki or anything else. Apparently The Way must be based only on the teaching of Jesus. And he’ll tell me the details when he is ready for us to begin it!

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