Working With Your Primary Spirit Guide (Part II)

Posted by Roberta Grimes • May 18, 2019 • 28 Comments
Human Nature, Thomas Jefferson

You have an intimate friend who loves you and is devoting your lifetime to helping you thrive. Your spirit guide operates in your mind, coaches and encourages you, and patiently helps you to learn and grow spiritually. Your primary guide is your biggest fan! And perhaps best of all, your guide is your intimate connection with the Godhead. I wondered as a child how God could answer the prayers of all the world’s children at once, and you likely have wondered about that, too, so it’s good to have this question answered. Since all our minds are aspects of the Godhead, the fact that your spirit guide acts for God in your life is the same as God’s acting directly.

This whole plan looks like perfection to me, so I am surprised to find that there are some to whom the fact that each of us has a primary spirit guide doesn’t feel like good news. My own guide tells me that as this planet’s consciousness vibration continues to rise and more people begin to hear from their primary guides in their waking lives, there is going to be confusion and fear on the part of some for whom this is a new concept. They might worry that God is policing them. They might feel entirely creeped-out. A few might see their spirit guides as invaders to be actively fought. Thomas is sensitive to our need not to overburden people, so he wants to begin this education gently. Here is what he wants to make sure that you know:

  • You cannot be in a physical body for long without a spirit guide. Your primary guide’s role is to assist you in making and then in fulfilling your plan for this lifetime; and while most of this work happens in face-to-face meetings while your body sleeps, it also happens throughout the day in little mental nudges and ideas, perhaps in flashes of inspiration, in feelings of anxiety or regret, in a song in your mind, and in surges of emotion. You long have thought these messages were coming entirely from your own mind, but that has never been the case. Your spirit guide is your mentor and protector, your intimate contact with the living God, and the most devoted friend you have.
  • Your primary guide deeply understands and completely loves you, no matter what. As you look around and read the news, you can see people giving their guides a hard time, ignoring their prompts to stick to their plans and even doing some terrible things. We have free will while we are in bodies, so we can choose to ignore our guides; but still, they will faithfully continue to try to understand and love and  help us. There are cases in the literature where someone has chosen to become so irredeemably evil that a spirit guide felt overwhelmed and chose to be replaced by a being more senior; but such cases are rare. Your spirit guide’s own development will be aided by your spiritual growth, so there is no one in heaven or on earth who is more eager to see you thrive!
  • Your spirit guide will work with you in whatever way makes you most comfortable. If you prefer to work with your guide beneath your daytime radar, nearly always that will be just fine, the exception being when you are balking at doing something your guide thinks is important. It was because I was refusing to follow a key aspect of my plan to help others that my primary guide first broke into my life to insist that I write Liberating Jesus. But if after having been directly reminded that I had promised to help with that book, I still had chosen to refuse the role, my free will would have been respected. Thomas tells me now that someone else would have been found to complete my task. And he still would have loved me, regardless!

Having a spirit guide is not optional. I long have believed that being in a body without a guide is incompatible with life, but Thomas tells me now that there have been a few people who have adamantly refused guidance. Apparently, though, if we manage to drive away every guide who tries to help us, we will begin a rapid decline. The consequence of your rejecting all guidance would be your deterioration and early death.

So even if the notion of having a spirit guide makes you uncomfortable, I hope you can learn to enjoy this relationship that exists to help you make the most of this lifetime.

And if you are game to try for a more interactive daytime relationship with your guide, here are some tips on how you might begin it.

Ask questions at night and look for answers in the morning. This is the easiest way to request the help of your primary guide, and it works so well that for most of my life it was the only way I ever reached out to Thomas. Whenever you want to involve your guide, simply state a question clearly as the last thing you do before falling asleep. Then pay attention to your first thoughts in the morning. In fact, pay attention to those first thoughts even if you haven’t asked a question, since on occasion your guide will want you to remember something from your nightly meetings. Be patient when it comes to questions asked, since it can take as much as a month or more for this method to begin to work well; but once you and your guide have synced the process, you never again in your life will make a major decision without first “sleeping on it.” Your guide will continue to nudge you in the daytime, and if you don’t want to think of your spirit guide as a separate being, you can just keep on assuming that those little nudges and flashes of intuition are coming from your own mind. So long as you continue to follow your plan, your guide will be happy to work beneath your radar.

Consider whether you want your primary guide to be more of a separate presence with whom you can actively interact. If you want that, you can have it; and your first task will be to learn to tell the two of you apart! I still consider myself to be as psychic as a post, so if I can do this, so can you. To begin it, tell your guide aloud that you are trying to better perceive his daytime communications. Don’t assume that your guide is reading your mind, since our guides try to give us personal privacy. Once your guide knows what you are attempting to do, then give yourself a number of weeks during which you will:

  • Check for his presence often. I soon realized that whenever I checked, he was just behind my left shoulder. Even if I was against a wall! “Thomas?” I would think, and there he would be, as distinct a feeling as if a living person were standing there.
  • Pause often and feel for your guide’s reaction to whatever you are saying or doing. This really helps you sort your thoughts from his. I tend to be impulsive and grandiose, but Thomas is a much more careful thinker; like all guides, too, he is in active possession of his eternal mind, so he is a whole lot smarter! He is coaxing me now to write on my own so he is respectful about making changes, but I am so aware of him and I rely so much on his wisdom now that I won’t post a blog entry or submit any other piece of writing until he is at peace with it.
  • Accept the fact that what you think of as your own intuition actually comes from your guide. Assume you have no intuition! When you have an uneasy feeling, when you feel attracted to or repelled by an idea, when you reflexively like or dislike someone, those feelings are probably nudges from your guide. And your guide is generally right. When you have made a firm habit of continuously checking and relying upon your guide’s opinions, everything in your life is going to be easier!
  • Learn to interact smoothly with all your guides. Many of us have additional guides, each of whom has a limited purpose. They generally work through our primary guide, so we seldom are much aware of them. In some cases, though, we might have a separate team of guides who work more independently under our primary guide’s control; and in my case, I have a fiction-writing team that is headed by a woman named Marvina. I have been play-writing fiction for forty years, for the fun of it and also because Marvina says it relaxes me. Perhaps you also have a team that helps you with some special interest or hobby, but in all things your primary guide is going to be foremost in your life.
  • Your guide’s help might make you feel at first that you just have an overactive imagination. In fact, what we think of as our imagination seems to be where our guides blend with us, to the point where therapists who are seeking information from our guides will simply ask us to imagine that our guide is talking. Then sure enough, he does exactly that.
  • Try to accept your guide’s personal preferences. After all, our guides are people, too! They will try to abide by our preferences, but their work with us will go more easily if we will eventually learn to defer and let them lead this dance. Thomas is serious by nature, so he didn’t much like having to answer my trivial questions through a medium; it also irritated him no end that I kept wanting to talk about Thomas Jefferson. He was a good sport at first, but before long he was refusing to speak with me through any medium. I sulked. But he was adamant, so at his insistence I followed the steps that he has outlined for us here, and I have to agree – he is smiling to see me admit this – that now our relationship does work better.

Give this new stage of your relationship with your primary guide sufficient time to grow. It took me months of careful testing before I was sure that I was hearing Thomas and understanding what he was saying, and it likely will take you awhile as well. At this point I trust him more than I trust myself, but as with friends in bodies our trust in our guides has to develop over time. Don’t push it! And try not to fall in love. Beings who are not in bodies tend to express a preferred gender even up to the vibratory level of the Godhead, and many spirit guidance pairs are cross-gender. To discover unexpectedly that there is a member of the opposite sex who is interesting and very bright and is devoted to loving and guiding you creates a situation that is almost tailor-made for you to fall in love. During our period of communicating through a medium, I was kind of crushing on Thomas, which irritated him since he still sees me as his male comrade through many lifetimes. You likely won’t have the added burden of knowing your guide has had a famous past lifetime, so for you this process should be easier.

This method of developing an active daytime relationship with your primary guide works well even if you are not a sensitive and your guide is like Thomas, who prefers to act within. Some guides, though, are much more open. As the consciousness vibration of this planet rises, I am hearing from people whose guides are speaking directly to them now, and upon receiving an invitation they are almost taking over their proteges’ lives. If this happens to you, then it’s fine to invite your guide to lead the dance. Be very respectful. And be grateful. For these beautiful beings to be devoting so much of themselves to helping you and me is the greatest possible gift!


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28 thoughts on “Working With Your Primary Spirit Guide (Part II)

  1. Dear Roberta, Thank you for these instructions. I will share with you here some details about my evolving relationship with my own primary guide, whom as you know I call Arrow.

    I was doing some research based on what I have learned about her to try to find more details on when and where she may have lived as an incarnated being. Ever since I have become hyper-aware of her presence and in fact her influence, she has preferred at the same time to keep information about her own incarnation vague. She is forthcoming with me when she is providing insight, but she is mercurial about her history (and ours if we have one). I know from some dream work a few things about her, but further personal details she so far keeps hidden.

    The point is that my guide is becoming an increasingly active force in my life, but she prefers to remain an enigma.

    Some people who read the blog may find that inviting their guides in will result in what may feel like sort of a one way street. It depends on the work that needs to he done. We cannot assume we truly understand our own true mission in life, and we must be ready to accept that our guides stick to that mission, not, as you mention, to deepening the love affair, which is already eternal.

    1. Dear Mike, I feel completely inadequate to the task of helping all of you learn how to ever more perfectly work with your primary spirit guides! Thomas has even told me that I can’t use my relationship with him as a basis for teaching something that is going to be a far more dramatic and out-front part of most of your lives than it ever will be of mine. He works from within me, and he considers me to be more his colleague than his protege; he tells me, too, that my role is to help to recruit and to serve this incipient army of people inspired to help to bring the kingdom of God on earth. I am to serve it, but not to lead it! He would not presume to think of us as leading anything, but rather we will do everything possible to help those who are being groomed by Spirit to lead it. I am still trying to understand what on earth is going on, and until I get a better sense of that I am reluctant to do anything!

      But Thomas also tells me that as the consciousness vibration of this planet continues to rise, what is happening in the lives of some of the commenters here is going to become more and more universal. The mess that humanity has made of Christianity – he wants us to talk about that next week – cannot be allowed to happen to the Lord’s Way as it begins to overspread the earth!

      So please forgive me for seeming clueless about a lot of what is happening now, when I have so often been resolute about the truth. I can give you only what Thomas gives me, and he is unwilling for us to profess to be more than servants to this ultimate awakening of all of humankind.

      1. The experiences of connecting reported here this week seem to be as broad and diverse as the people reporting. Clearly the overall experience is meant to be multifaceted– billions of reflections, as from a jewel, of the face of God. I am sure there was never intended to be one way to connect. We each get to make our own discovery.

        1. I’m sure this is true, dear Mike! My problem is, though, that Thomas has made it clear to me that I am supposed to be what he calls “the gateway drug” (he is astonishingly up on 21st century terms). It is up to me to teach beginners, and help them prepare to be taught by experts. He made it very clear to me soon after The Fun of Dying came out, when I was feeling cocky about being “an afterlife expert,” that I am not an expert on anything! My job is to make complicated and unfamiliar concepts feel easy and comfortable for people who have heretofore had no experience with them. Well, okay. I can accept that. But if connecting with one’s spirit guide really is such a unique experience each time, then how can I possibly find a way to teach it universally at the First Grade level??

  2. Dear Roberta,

    Is body dowsing guide communication? I not only receive instant answers on all manner of questions through my body, but also receive unrequested ‘commentary’ throughout the day! By this I mean that frequently my body will move to and fro or backwards and forwards quite violently, in reaction to a thought that had just passed through my mind, with which the commentator seemingly strongly agrees or disagrees – or indeed in reaction to something someone else is saying to me. For example, listening trustingly to an advocat who it subsequently turned out was simply telling me what she though I wanted to hear (so as to get a fee) my body started violently rocking to and fro, seemingly warning me to be aware that not all was as appeared.

    Does this sound like guide communication to you?

    1. Dear Alexa, what is happening in your life is fascinating! Clearly it is spirit communication – all of us feel our guides as energy – but the fact that it is so physically violent is unusual. It’s unusual now, but who knows where any of this is going? It may turn out to be just a standard variation on spirit guide communication.

      My only concern if I were having these experiences would be to make certain that it is your own primary guide or guidance team that is using your body this way, and not some lower-level entity. Those who are under the influence of lower-level entities classically have no idea that is what is happening, since these demonish nasties try to present as elevated beings. People who are sensitives – naturally more psychic – are at particular risk of being drawn under the influence of these low-vibration beings, and in fact I know of at least two instances where I watched it happen and could do nothing about it.

      Protecting yourself from evil influences is actually pretty easy. As we are told in 1JN 4:1, we must “try the spirits to make sure they are of God” – and it’s especially important that you do that now! Simply call upon the name of Jesus, tell Him that you want to work only for Him, and ask that He protect you. Ask that He surround you with a bubble of white protective light, and imagine that bubble clearly since your imagination is powerful. You might also give your life to God as additional insurance. One sure indicator of what these spirits are is your reaction to their presence, since if they are of God you will feel calmer and more at peace, more loving toward all of humankind; but if they are of lower vibration, you will be more fearful, agitated, and suspicious of others.

      I’m sending you love and light, dear Alexa!

      1. Thank you so much.

        I do feel calm as a result of these ‘communications’ and indeed have come to rely upon them constantly, to the point that I make no decisions for myself without asking. As recommended in ACIM, I frequently ask that God / Holy Spirit should use me as required, His knowing full well what talents He has given me to be used. I also ask everyday, in the words of ACIM, “what to do, where to go, what to say and to whom”. These ‘communications’ are seemingly my replies.
        What seems strange to me is that spirit / guide communication should be in such instant and yes/no form. But it is never wrong. If I ask should I do this? or that? / go there? Now or later? and then when I receive a surprising answer that I did not expect, always the reason becomes clear at a later date, and I find myself saying “hey, so you knew again, didn’t you?” – and my body immediately rocks back and forth in a strong and enthusiatic “yes!” – and I feel as though ‘he’ is laughing.

        I am asking for communication to both broaden and deepen. I have asked if we can try other methods of communications and have been told “yes”. I have tried holding my hands above the computer keyboard and my fingers type madly (automatically) but not making many words. I also hold a pen and my hand starts writing, sometimes very tiny and accurate, sometimes crazy big writing, but always making little sense.

        Do you have any further advise that you could give me?

        1. Dear Alexa, you are well ahead of me! Thank you for sharing your journey with us here, since I’m sure that others will find it helpful.

          Clearly you are in daytime communication with your primary guide, and that connection is being strengthened. And yes, they do have a sense of humor! They are people, and often touchingly so. My Thomas doesn’t laugh, although he smiles; he is more serious by nature.

          My one concern is that when you try automatic writing, you seem to be getting two different entities, one of whom writes wisely in small script and one of whom writes nonsensically in large script. You should always call for your spirit guide – and only your spirit guide! – whenever you pick up your pen, and my hunch is that you will then get only the small, accurate writing. Please continue to let us know how all of this develops, dear Alexa!

  3. I love this blog dearest Roberta.
    Your gentle description of spirit guides is fitting, as my own guide shows herself to be gentle and constant in loving guidance.

    In Judaism’s esoteric tradition (Kabbalah) there is an understanding of angels (Malachim) and distinct spirit guides that have had lives before (maggids). There is even a famous 18th Century Rabbi and spiritual healer (Rabbi Ba’al Shem Tov) who recieved direct help and suggestion from his Divinely bestowed spirit guide (Ahijah of Shiloh; 1 Kings.)

    So the reason why I suppressed my own youthful experience of my guide wasn’t because spirit guidance (the inner voice) was unknown in my birth religion. It was because I didn’t believe in my self. I had no spiritual confidence, dealing with my sexuality and a shaky sense of self worth.

    Now in my mid fifties, I come to this at last. And after deeply contrasting life experiences I find that I’ve let go of angst about my life. Somehow my spirit guide grows clearer to me and she shows me the difference between what my imagination is – and her actual guidance. It’s breathtaking in terms of experience and evidence, at times.

    You see Roberta, I had to let go expectations of the whole thing. I let go the idea of how much time this should take and whether I was good enough or not. I just sat with my guide every morning after awakening. Then, if I got a ‘suggestion’ I wrote it down in a journal. The journal grows to this day.

    Now my guide changes from a 2D character to a 3D person, as it were. Things just gel. They become real. I can’t really explain it but her presence is authentic and it is loving and patient.

    It is an amazing blessing to have a wise, bright, powerful companion who walks beside me in constant love.
    I thank you for opening my eyes to this reality. I thank Mike J-R for sharing his own experience with his spirit guide too. This sharing makes things clearer for those of us who are new at this recognition. It teaches us much.

    … But you say do NOT fall in love?
    Oy! How is that possible ?!

    Hugs and thanks, Efrem ❣️🙏🏼🌅

    1. Efrem, at the risk of making this into a public two-way conversation, to Roberta’s point about falling in love, after one of my earliest encounters with my guide through dream work, in which the love and patience was like air I breathed, I woke from the dream lamenting that not even my own family loved me that much; if only someone really did understand me as that person in the dream. I was bereft and felt longing to be so accepted for days. Then it hit me: someone really DOES. But it is not an earthly love and it is a divine understanding. If we tap its power but not what it “feels like” to be so loved, then we are on our way to realization of what our guides are doing. (Fortunately when Arrow first appeared in a dream in which I was aware, my wife was also in the dream, and we both encountered Arrow in the context of that dream; so I also realized the people in this experience I perceive as incarnation are just as much a part of that love–it is not exclusive.)

      1. Hey 👋 Mike,
        I do understand that feeling. Love ‘like the air I breathe.’ Yeah.
        I’m glad that you and your wife both met Arrow in your dream. No doubt Arrow loves you and your wife too. Love I guess, is the network that connects all of us.
        And we are loved by our dear ones on Earth too.

        Thanks for your point about tapping the power of this Divine relationship. I’ll try to remember what guidance is for and not focus on the ‘love’ thing too closely.
        Maybe I can move to understanding that love, ultimately, is universal oneness.
        Cheers and thanks for your experience and perspective.
        Efrem 👍

    2. Dear Efrem, once again you have opened your heart and soul to us here, and the result is so beautiful! I hope everyone will read what you have said in your first comment above, and sit with it, knowing that this is how it feels to invite our primary guide into our lives. No, you can’t explain it or even really clearly describe it. But, dear God, it feels like the most real thing that ever has happened to you!

      I have a lot of respect for the Kabbalah tradition, and for Judaism in general (despite how down I can be on some of what is written in the Law and he Prophets). The Jews were the first true monotheists, and had made it far enough toward the Truth that Jesus chose to come to them to reveal this next stage of human spiritual development! His whole point as He expresses it in the Gospels was to help us at last learn to move past all religions and unite ourselves spiritually with the living God; but to the extent that Jesus had any religion, it was Judaism. This notion of a class of angels who never have been in bodies is something the not-really-dead also talk about, and they tell us that the only non-material beings who feel competent to guide us while we are in bodies are not angels, but are instead our friends who also have been in bodies and now function as our spirit guides.

      All of this is so beautifully said, dear Efrem! And yes, it is very hard not to be enraptured with your primary guide. But it has to be an impersonal love! The sort of love you have for God and for Jesus: not as beings, but rather as the very embodiment of love. That kind of love is natural, and it’s just fine!

      My own problem was that I had channeled My Thomas, which is the beautiful love story of Thomas and Martha Jefferson from her perspective (not knowing at the time that it was channeled), so I was kind of in love with the young Thomas Jefferson anyway. And then suddenly I was told by my primary guide – I know he was wincing as he said it – that he had been that same lovelorn swain! OMG! And the Declaration of Independence, for heaven’s sake! The Louisiana Purchase! The Tripolitan Wars! I got over it, primarily because my idolizing Thomas Jefferson that way really disgusted the being who now guides me, but it took awhile.

      And I have come to think now that perhaps it is better for us not to know much about the earlier lifetimes of our primary guides. This being who is helping me so much is emphatically not Thomas Jefferson now, and nor does he even consider that to have been his most important earth-lifetime; and his interests have moved so far beyond what they were then that his entire focus is on raising the planet’s vibration in service to Spirit. Whatever might have happened in either of our lives before we chose to be born together into this one really is not important at all!

  4. I’d like to tell you a true story (one that I will never forget) involving a dog of mine whose name was Cody. The relationship between Cody, my husband and I was indescribable. He kind of ruled our life. Several years ago, I was walking him at night and he got away from me when he chased a rabbit into a cemetery. I called his name and searched for quite a while but to no avail. I finally went back to the car where I cried uncontrollably and started to frantically pray and ask for help. I stressed that I didn’t know who to pray to but that I would be forever grateful if someone could help me find him. I calmed down a little and was overcome by a sudden thirst which came out of the blue since it wasn’t hot that night. I noticed there was a Stewart’s store on the opposite side of the street so I went in and bought a bottle of Pepsi, intending to drive around the neighborhood and the cemetery one more time; I was absolutely crushed. On my way out, a man was coming in and held the door for me. For reasons I can’t explain, I asked him if he saw a white dog with a red leash. I expected him to shake his head no, but instead he calmly told me that there was a white dog with a red leash sitting in a car at the back of the store (I never would have seen that, as I entered the store and left it via the front door). He stopped briefly to admire the dog before going in the store, and the girl told him the dog did not belong to her, but she stopped her car and led him by the leash into her back seat just before he would have been hit by a car or some other vehicle on that busy road. Even a true skeptic would have problems explaining this, as there were so many factors involved i.e. the sudden thirst resulting in me going to Stewart’s, asking a total stranger if he saw a white dog, and the man stopping to admire the dog just before he entered the store, not to mention the girl grabbing Cody just before he walked out into oncoming traffic. There’s too much here to just think it was a “lucky break.” Does anyone agree with me that my frantic prayers were answered by a spirit guide? I stressed that I didn’t know who I was praying to, but I was just being honest. My dog and my husband are both gone now, but I will always remember that particular event.

    1. Hi Lola,
      The safe retrieval of Cody, described in your anecdote, really does have the feeling of benevolent intervention about it. It feels right to me that your spirit guide(s) arranged Cody’s return.

      If you look at the odds of all those key things happening, in the right order, in a timely fashion, to get Cody back – they would be impossibly long odds indeed. (Imagine the probability factor!)

      IE: What are the chances of all those necessary and helpful things happening randomly ?!

      This anecdote has a familiar ring to me, because I’ve been through a series of highly improbable happenings to find my way back to a long estranged relative from my youth. Just like you, the chances of a series of key things happening was highly improbable. And just like you it happened.

      I now know that this was my guide at work, trying to heal my heart by restoring a dear relative from decades of estrangement, soon after a traumatic time in my life.

      Our guides know what to do and when. Your own guide Lola loves you and is definitely powerful. 🌅❣️🙏🏼

    2. Wonderful story! Of course you were receiving divine help; we get it all the time and simply take it for granted. Thank you for sharing this with us, dear Lola!

  5. Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.


  6. My guide is also being a bit enigmatic or cagey, or maybe just wants me to do all the “homework” of researching the few new clues I get in each day’s meditation. I’m certainly learning a lot, and whether or not I ever learn her actual historical identity, I was clearly told, “I will help you.” Also, I feel my consciousness gradually shifting, becoming clearer and more serene, like the sediment gradually settling out of a bucket of muddy water.

    1. Dear Scott, I love your description of how it feels to be making spiritual progress! It really does feel as if you are gaining more clarity. It’s wonderful to see all the progress you are making!

  7. Thanks, Efrem, for reading my story. I posted it here as I thought it might be a good example of spirit guide intervention. Like you said, the events that happened for his return were unlikely to occur at all, but even less likely to occur so quickly (in about 15 minutes). Perhaps the strong emotions coupled with prayer were the key factors.

  8. I’m here to tell you, you can crush on your spirit guide even if he wasn’t a public figure. within the past couple of years I’ve found out the identity of mine. he was last a Spiritualist minister in the late 1800s and early 1900s in New England. he was very clear about his name. I haven’t done a lot of research yet so I haven’t found him so far but I probably will at some point.

    1. Oh, so true, dear Lorie! I think a lot of us get quite caught up emotionally with our primary guides. How could we not? At its heart, the spirit-guide relationship is all about love. Here is this very bright and interesting person who knows us thoroughly, loves us deeply, and is entirely devoted to us. If we see our guides or if they are described to us by a medium, they are young and cute and surprisingly often they are of the opposite gender. While we are in bodies, a relationship like that generally leads to marriage, for heaven’s sake!

      There are always reasons for such details when we are dealing with the way our spiritual reality is designed, and I think this is all probably deliberate. If our spirit guides were just as loving and just as devoted but were typically boringly average mentally and were drooling and physically unattractive old folks of our same gender, we would likely think, “Ick!” to have them working within us, wouldn’t we? But as it is, and famous in a prior lifetime or not, they are brilliant, fascinating, and beautiful. Just knowing that someone so hunky is actually interested in us is pretty thrilling, is it not? So we want this relationship, and we enjoy developing it.

      I hadn’t thought of it this way, but you are right. At its heart, it’s a romance. And isn’t that wonderful??

    2. Let us know if you find anything, please. As a long-time Modern Spiritualist I’m interested in such matters.

    3. My guide told me her name during some dream work I was doing, but it was difficult to pronounce and so difficult to recall when awake. I was close enough, though, to ultimately discover that the name derives from an Atapaskan dialect native to the so-called “people who live among the beavers” band (another name I can’t pronounce nor, therefore, clearly remember) in Northwest Canada. Her name translates into the English word “Arrow,” and so she allows me to call her that, except during times when she is being her typical mysterious self, at which point, I feel I have no choice but to refer to her with the word that is sort of like “Eh-TOn-eh.’

      But the real point is that the investigation into the derivation of her name led me to understand some things about myself, which I think Arrow would say is the real point of doing any sort of investigation into the history of our guides. They are all about support US, and their own history, except as it helps explain our mission here, is (so I’m told) not a pressing issue for us.

      This is why, especially lately, I have reached a dead end regarding Arrow’s actual incarnation — I am told that our guides did have incarnate experiences, possibly alongside us, at one point; however, I get the feeling that Arrow may have been in that area of Canada 1,000 or more years ago. Talk about a winter/summer romance!

      1. Dear Mike and Arrow, you bring up an issue that is going to be much more discussed as more and more people develop an active waking relationship with their primary guides, and that is the fact that many of our guides have shared past earth-incarnations with us. Usually we are close eternal friends, so naturally we have helped one another to grow spiritually in prior lifetimes!

        Actually, wondering about my wonderful primary guide’s identity in past lives was something I never had time to do. He came out to me quite unexpectedly during a reading with a medium, and the first thing he said was, “You may call me Thomas.” I have always had a thing for Thomas Jefferson, so out of the blue I blurted, “Thomas Jefferson?” And the medium said basically, “OMG, he says that’s who he was!” We were both starstruck.

        Then in our second reading – one that he initiated by contacting the same medium – he began by saying, “You wonder about our past lifetimes together.” Well, actually that question had never crossed my mind! He said, “We have had seventeen lifetimes together.” Wow, that seemed to be a lot. Apparently it was more important to him that I know we had incarnated together 17 times than it was that I know anything about those incarnations, because when I asked my wonderful friend Peter Wright to regress me to some of my lifetimes with Thomas, my enigmatic guide stepped in at once and said that I was not to be regressed since I didn’t need to know about those lifetimes while I was still living this one. Oy.

        In some ways, this being guided begins to feel a lot like being married to a second (and equally demanding and enigmatic) husband!

  9. Dear Lorie, it would indeed be lovely to know more about your primary guide!

    And dear Mac, we ought to try to learn more about your primary spirit guide as well ;-).

  10. Hi everyone, I’m a newbie to the site, but as I mentioned in a recent post, I’m a retired dentist with a similar path that Roberta has taken ( 66 year old with a big hunk of my life reading and studying the Bible- 50 years), and now trying to move further along in my consciousness development. I have studied a whole bunch of posts and the messages posted by Roberta on the subjects of spiritual guides and I would like to share mine since I don’t think that you have a heck of alot of dentist posting on the subject!! A brief history of my career so that you can understand me is as follows: my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, I was an orthodontist and straightened teeth ( not very rewarding for me for various reasons), then I switched gears and became a general dentist and ran a practice where 95% of the people were poor in a rural area on NY. (Satisfaction factor now equaled 100%!!!) This is where I learned to love the people. The problem I faced: a great deal of these people could never afford to go to the dentist, thus when they saw me, they had bad toothaches. Most of the time, the bad teeth were not fixable and needed to be extracted. My challenge was that how was I going to get these teeth out with very little experience in doing it and with no Oral Surgeon in the area to do refer to (alot of these people had barely running cars and could not get to the big city, where the oral Surgeon was). I got stuck almost everyday with a tooth extraction problem. Extracting teeth is one of the most difficult disciplines to do in dentistry with your hands not counting the emotional stress it causes the dentist and the patient. OK, now that I’ve explained all that, here is where my spiritual guide ( that I’m also calling THE HOLY SPIRIT) comes into the equation. I would get into a situation daily where everything I tried would fail on getting the tooth out included exhausting my army of dental forceps and drills. However, there were other instruments and procedures that I never heard of. At my high point of frustration I would pray in my mind”, Help me GOD, I can’t succeed here.” And to my surprise I would hear a soft voice in my mind say” try this new instrument that you have in the drawer” or change the way you are standing and go to the other side of the patient.” The instructions I received always worked and I would thank the LORD (and now also my guide) with gratitude for showing me the right way. I worked at that practice for 9 years and was assisted by my guide day after day. Not 2 or 3 times but more likely 50 times. And now I volunteer in a free clinic in Buffalo and I still use him/her when I get into trouble with a tooth extraction. So now that I have come across Roberta’s website, and recognize that I do have a guide(or guides), I would love to learn to communicate with them more and I will try using the techniques that Roberta has talked about in her articles on guides. Right now my communication has been only on the subject of dentistry with very limited communication ((I really know nothing about my guide, name, etc) but I want to learn how to expand it into daily conversations, much like Roberta has done with Thomas and the way another contributor has done with Arrow. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Dave

  11. Dear friends, I was just reading today’s posts and came across something I wrote over 2 years ago. If you look at the date, it comes from April 2020. My question is, HOW did this post get on the thread 2 years later ???!! I did not repost this today and I have long forgotten about it.

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