Working With Your Primary Spirit Guide (Part I)

Posted by Roberta Grimes • May 04, 2019 • 30 Comments
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When I last wrote here about spirit guides, I was still in my first flush of joy that I could speak directly with my primary guide after six decades of blind and deaf cluelessness! A few months before, he had broken into my daytime life through a medium because I was refusing to write Liberating Jesus. Who was I to write a book about Jesus? By the time of my blog post our crisis had passed, the book was being readied for publication, and I was settling into a deeper awareness of the greatest love there is. Your primary guide is your closest friend and your intimate channel to the heart of God. Your guide is that small voice in your mind, the naggings of conscience, a key memory, your artistic muse, perhaps a brilliant idea: your life has been governed by a nearly constant internal conversation that has worked so well that you may not have noticed there always have been two of you in it.

We have talked here about the fact that an effort is underway, being orchestrated at the highest levels of reality, to elevate the consciousness of this planet and thereby bring the kingdom of God on earth. And we are now being given to understand that as a part of that effort we are invited to begin a more open waking relationship with our primary guides. You cannot be in a body without a spirit guide! And as is true of every kind of human interaction, there are about as many variations on the spirit guidance relationship as there are people who are now in bodies. Here are some of its core characteristics:

  • Everyone has one primary guide through life. Our primary guide helps us design what amounts to a lesson-plan for this lifetime, and then works from within while we are here to help us execute it well. Our primary guide generally is more spiritually advanced than we are, and often is affiliated with us by soul-group, eternal friendship, a common passion, or perhaps all three. To be a primary guide is a big commitment! And it can be an efficient way for people who are no longer incarnating to continue to grow spiritually. My own guide has told me emphatically that the better I do with this lifetime, the more spiritual growth and overall merit he will attain from having guided me through it (no pressure!).
  • Many of us also have one or more assistant guides who are with us “for a season or a reason.” These auxiliary guides are chosen and supervised by our primary spirit guide to help us with anything, from learning to play the piano through writing and money-management to weight-loss, learning trigonometry, and even making friends more easily. Anything we might decide to take on may well require a new guide or two who will work as our primary guide’s assistants.
  • Our primary guide works from within during the daytime and meets with us face-to-face at night. Our minds don’t need to sleep, so while our bodies sleep we will go out of the body and relax, meet with dead loved ones and guides, take classes, perhaps even travel astrally. It is during these out-of-body meetings that we and our guides work on tweaking our life-plan and thinking through its better execution; then later, during our waking hours, our primary guide will give us nudges toward doing whatever we had planned to do. Spirit guides generally work below our daytime radar, so it is easily possible for us to go through many decades – or even a lifetime! – without having a direct waking experience of them.
  • Our relationship with our primary guide is our conduit to the Godhead. Our better understanding of the way consciousness works, and our digesting of ever more evidence of what actually is going on, has helped us to better understand that higher-level disembodied entities virtually never work alone. Instead, they work in gigantic collectives of beings in ever more perfect tune, and in fact it even is likely that God is a Collective, too. And the spiritual power of Beings at the level of the Godhead is such that for God to whisper in our minds directly would likely overwhelm us. We are told that one of the functions Jesus performed while He was on earth was to allow God to “look through His eyes” and come to better know people in ways that otherwise would have been uncomfortable for them. So it makes sense to know that God works in our lives mostly through the primary guides who intimately know us and completely love us. Since we are all of one universal Mind, this makes for a distinction without a real difference.

Thomas believes that our best way to illustrate for you how the guidance process works is to share a few of our own details. This being who has been obsessively private both in his earth-lifetimes and in our guidance relationship is very eager to help you now!

  • Thomas first broke into my daytime life when I was eight years old. I shared this story in my first post here, and to this day what happened to me one night in April of 1955 remains as vivid as if it had happened yesterday. It did what Thomas had meant it to do: it shaped the whole rest of my life. I am hearing now from a surprising number of people who also had early contact with their own spirit guides, usually without understanding what that voice or that presence was. Some thought it was God, Jesus, a dead loved one, or an angel; but as they have shared their stories, you could see that they, too, were receiving a heads-up from the pilot of this lifetime’s ship. If you don’t recall this kind of event in your own life, it may still have happened but it operates now beneath your daytime radar.
  • Thomas guided me through my life-lessons as he guided me through preparing for this post-lessons stage that we are living now. I wince to know that this extraordinary being has for my entire life been lovingly guiding this self-involved and clueless little girl and young woman through grabbiness and prom dates, marriage and babies. When I was fourteen, Thomas spoke to the world through Leslie Flint in the persona of his famous prior lifetime (start at about eight minutes – you’ll love this). I understand now that he did it because guiding a ditz of a teenage girl was boring him out of his mind! While he guided me through my lesson-plan, he also was guiding me through my Bible studies and afterlife research in preparation for this next stage. I recall being in the process of choosing my college major, planning to major in Christian history and never considering anything else. But then came the moment when I was in my adviser’s office and about to declare, and I thought, Wait a minute! What am I doing? I should major in something that can help me get a job! It was a brief moment of clarity that Thomas squashed. I recall feeling a fresh rush of certainty that I had to major in Christian history and it didn’t matter why.
  • Thomas has patiently guided me through all my big decisions. We have made them together before I was born and during our nighttime meetings, but of course I have no waking access to the plan so he must prompt me to carry it out. And he has a flair for the dramatic! For example, soon after I turned twenty-two I went to a mixer with some friends, and when I walked into that dimly-lit room I spotted a man who amazingly was surrounded by a halo of light. I introduced myself to him. We have been married now for forty-six years.
  • Thomas waited until we had completed my life-lessons before he initiated this next stage. If you and your guide had planned to be a part of the elevation of this planet’s consciousness, you might have had or you soon will have a similar experience. In April of 2009 I was sitting in the Unity Church that I then attended, and it came to me seemingly out of the blue that I should give the rest of my life to God. In less time than it takes to write these words, I asked myself how I might give my life to God. Then I knew the words, and I murmured them aloud. “Thank You for giving me work to do. Thank You for showing me how to do it.” Did I think that had done the trick? I did! I have said those words every day of my life since Thomas first gave them to me, and within a month I was beginning to write what I thought were only study materials for an afterlife course I was about to give. After that course ended, I kept on writing. In the fall of 2010 we published The Fun of Dying.
  • Thomas has assembled a team of ten assistant guides. They include four who work on my research and teaching, three who attend to my personal life, and three who for more than forty years have helped me dabble in writing fiction. Thomas tells me writing fiction relaxes me, and with the help of these guides it is lots of fun! I begin to see, too, how this saga that we have been working on for decades may eventually have a part to play in our work.

Thomas and I very much enjoy this stage of our relationship. He wants you to know that. You and your own primary guide likely have a history that is similar to ours, in that he and I are eternal friends who have been male comrades through seventeen lifetimes. We had been eager to do this together, so it has frustrated him no end that I remember nothing now. Instead of working with his longtime comrade, he finds himself guiding an ignorant female! So he soon abandoned using a medium and returned to working within my mind, but this time I am aware of his presence. He gives me his ideas in order, and he watches the screen over my left shoulder as I write. He has eternally been an intense perfectionist – demanding of others, more demanding of himself – and whenever I use a word or phrase he doesn’t like, he is quick to give me revisions. As I go about my day I can easily distinguish his occasional thoughts from my own, and I am sensitive to his subtle moods. I can tell when he is displeased, when he is worrying, and when he is satisfied. All of this feels so comfortable! At last I again live and work with  my beloved comrade from long before Jefferson’s birth. Surprisingly, he insists to me that was not his most important lifetime, and amazingly he even tells me that I also have lived more important lifetimes. I guess it is all a matter of perspective?

Thomas adds that you may be troubled at first to realize how intensely your primary guide always has been involved in your life. He wants you to know that your guide’s role is to help you carry out your own decisions. You are always in control! Your guide respects your private moments, and no matter what you say or do your guide loves you and will not judge you. Apparently your guide now also wants to communicate with you more openly, so he promises that next week he will share suggestions to help you open yourself and make the most of this most important relationship of your life. Thomas tells me that what he and I are doing now is part of our original plan. But he wants you to know that even if helping to bring the kingdom of God on earth has not been a part of your life-plan, once you have a more active waking relationship with your primary guide you might decide together to assume a greater role in advancing this work. He reminds us that, as Jesus says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field (LK 10:2).


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30 thoughts on “Working With Your Primary Spirit Guide (Part I)

  1. Hi Roberta,

    Thank you for another beautiful blog musing on the reality that is all around us, but which for whatever our reasons, we have chosen not to see — so that we can REdiscover it. At a time when both religionists and scientists are looking at reality as though at a camel through a keyhole, our guides are excited that there is a growing move afoot for us to work directly with them, and begin again to actively participate in what we all have set out to do together: transform the Cosmic momentum.

    It’s very important for us all to remember that this experience we are having now, which we perceive as incarnation, is part of a larger mission. Each of us has a unique role to play, and that is where our guides are critical. They are not with us to help us win the lottery or get a promotion at our job, or even to help us get over a minor challenge in our day to day routines (or even a major one). They help with those things, but that is not their purpose — except inasmuch as those things are part of the Cosmic momentum we are very much in the midst of retooling.

    My own guide now communicates with me in the most surprising of ways (she is dictating this now, she just told me to add 😉 ), and it’s really exciting to her (as excited as she gets, anyway; she’s a mystic and so is very even tempered) that people are turning inward in order to discover a new outward. We all have this mission. There is solemnity to it, but it is a joyous mission. The best part is that we cannot fail. We are loved, and our guides are, as you point out, our “intimate channel to the heart of God.” There can be no failure to the heart of God.

    1. Oh my dear Mike, this is lovely! And Arrow’s “turning inward in order to discover a new outward” is a wonderful way to put it. What we are doing now is indeed solemn and important, but above all it is joyous!

      Still, lest anyone think that having a close relationship with one’s primary spirit guide is all moonlight and roses, I should point out that once in a while I get a dressing-down during a nighttime meeting and I wake up feeling bruised.

      Yesterday I attended an all-day political event at Thomas’s insistence. It was a facilitated day of interactions between people selected from the right and the left, and I didn’t like putting in a whole day dealing with politics and negativity when I could have been catching up on more important things, but I thought I handled the day pretty well. I was emotional only occasionally, and I told just one person off. I wasn’t sure why it was important to him that I do this, but we are planning a project meant to diffuse political negativity so I had all along assumed that was why he wanted me to attend… as an observer.

      Thomas was intermittently there all day, but he never spoke. I generally wasn’t feeling him around me at all. Then we had our meeting last night, and he was more stern than I think I ever have seen him: he usually is gentle with me and he treats me like a female, but last night I was a male underling who had disappointed him. He told me I had been much too opinionated and impatient with people who disagreed with me. I was being prepared to help to transform the world, and did I really think this was going to work if I simply demanded that people change their minds? Memorably he said, “I had to learn to do it. So can you.” I think he was referring to his TJ lifetime, when he and some of the other Founders were sometimes dramatically at odds about the direction this nation should take; and, you know, he was pretty uncompromising too about some things back then. But I didn’t dare say that!

      Instead I acknowledged that he was right. My lifelong biggest flaw is that I don’t suffer ignorant people as well as I should. And as president, he did learn to do politics well: He could argue with patience and grace. Now apparently learning to do that is my next task, so he wants me to offer to attend another of these political days asap. And I will do that.

      So I have been walking around all day feeling bruised. If you want to do wonderful things for the world, you will sometimes feel this way, too. Our guides are extraordinary beings who are devoted to serving us, yes, but in doing that they serve God above all. And they would not be doing any of it well if they didn’t coax from us our very best! I get that, and nearly always I find it all to be a wonderful gift. Today, though, I’ve been kind of thinking that while It’s great to have this intense and beautiful relationship with my beloved Thomas, just once in awhile it might be good to be not quite so much in his line of fire?

      1. Believe this is true. about 2 years God told me to get out of church and go to his words. It was a long one year of no tv radio , just the bible. In a net shell , I got divine revelation after many months of the bible and some confusion. I asked and prayed greatly and slowly the truth was revealed to me . ONE, at the cross Jesus said IT IS FINISHED. ALL the dooms day hype was just that. TWO, Love is everything and we are all from GOD AN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. THREE, Prophecy is all fulfilled when JESUS came. FOUR, I was born from above and am here to grow in love., FIVE, IN heaven we are like little children in a bubble of eternal love which hinders us. I also had an out of body experience and if you want to know of it my email is Its sad to say many ppl just really don’t believe what we are trying to tell them , and that the bible is a part of mans journey and God still reveals to us things and that ppl believe only the apostles got enlightenment, but in reality JESUS said the HOLY WOULD REVEAL ALL THINGS. THE THAT KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN US. And yes , I do believe the bible has coal amongst the diamonds of truth. I told a fellow believer one day that the bible is a history account and Jesus teachings and it was not Holy. That GODS KINGDOM cannot be seen with the eyes. Was told I was blaspheming .

        1. Dear Nola, this is the the most extraordinary thing! My post for this coming weekend was mostly written when I realized that I had gone off-track, and this morning my primary guide gave me what he tells me is new divine revelation. It is essentially your revelation: you’ll see!

  2. Dearest Roberta,
    Your Thomas does have a classic flair, doesn’t he? I love how you first saw your future husband with a halo around him. Honestly, I’ve never heard a recount of love at first sight like that!!!

    I guess our guides are powerful and can arrange anything for our spiritual benefit. Since you made me aware of my guide I have felt a clearer, stronger connection with her. She announced herself in my youth, but I was too startled and this audible experience was too strange for me. So I suppressed this odd experience for many years. Though I know now that she has helped me all my life and that it was her who would often ‘drop’ ideas into my head. These ideas always proved to be significant as events unfolded. My spirit guide even chose key friends for me. For instance, when meeting someone at a gathering, I got the thought (as if from another) that urged strongly: ‘This is your true friend.’ And this guy has proved to be a close companion for over two decades now. We are always there for each other.

    Roberta, I know that there is nothing to fear from my guide, in fact it would be like trying to imagine ‘fearing’ your best friend. Impossible eh? Actually, I realize that I am overripe in wanting to have the strongest relationship that I can with my spirit guide. She has recently given me a set of extremely improbable synchronicities, as if to clear any doubts about the reality of this relationship. (Something happened on Saturday that was truly breathtaking.)

    Also I too feel that things are speeding up in the spiritual sphere. It is as if more people are yearning for deep meaning, for God, for the very purpose of life. You make a great point of how hugely popular our dear Jesus is, despite institutionalised religion being far less popular and much less trusted. The same situation exists here in Australia. Jesus is trusted where churches are not.
    This leads me to believe that the next twenty years is going to see far more spiritual actualization than the last forty years. And here is where the Way comes in !

    Life is turning around for me Roberta. Right when I’m settled in middle life (after what can only be described as a huge storm), and just when I’m relaxed and comfortable, this opportunity for deep change and the dynamism of serving God insists upon me.

    One morning about a month ago, just as I was waking up, my spirit guide showed me an image:
    a giant roller coaster. I was standing at the top of it, next to an empty red car at the starting point; soon to fall down a steep incline and shoot around some impossible loops to rise up far beyond. My guide was standing just behind me: ‘Oh go on,’ she coaxed, ‘take the ride.’ ❣️🙏🏼🌅

    1. Dear Efrem, he didn’t just have a halo around his head… he had a halo around his entire body! It was as if he himself was radiating light. It was arresting, to say the least! I recall wondering how the heck…? But no one else seemed to notice. It was, though, love at first sight indeed!

      I love reading about your deepening relationship with your guide! It’s such an exciting time, that first thrill of really getting to know someone who thinks we are so special. I think I likened it to Christmas and my birthday and getting a puppy: there really is no better feeling!

      I have the same sense you do, that there is a rising spiritual hunger and we and our guides are being called to help to feed it. What is most wonderful for me is that indisputably it is happening, and without doubt each of us is being called, but we are the soldiers and not the generals! We don’t have to make the decisions, and indeed we can’t be useful if we try to decide anything unilaterally. I love so much knowing that the highest host of heaven really is in charge!

      Love the roller coaster image, too. And if you have come through some storms, it may well be that you have completed most of your life-plan. Now is when the fun really begins!

  3. I strongly feel that deliberate interaction with and a strong belief in spirit guides is the key here. I don’t believe that Roberta Grimes would have seen a halo around her future husband’s head had she not believed in her spirit guide, nor do I believe that Efrem would have paid any attention to a thought given to him from an unseen source that led to a long time friendship if he wasn’t already willing to believe that he had a spirit guide. People are too reluctant about believing in things they cannot see even though most of the universe consists of things that are invisible to us. Therefore, we need to acknowledge these guides by simply talking to them and asking for a sign. Don’t be discouraged if at first nothing seems to happen. Have a little patience, and eventually something will occur that will finally convince you that they are real.

    1. Yes, and patience is crucial. It can take a long time for our awareness to “focus,” even when the ultimate focal point is right in front of us. This blog is increasingly visited by commenters in the later years of their lives (not all of us but many) who are now beginning to see what has been there all along, and how our guides have been using us all along to further the mission: a project we were involved in, a chance meeting, travel, even to a familiar place, all take on a unified pattern, and the influence of our guides becomes clear eventually — even if we didn’t identify it as such at the time.

    2. Yes, dear Lola, you are right about all of this and it is why education is going to be essential! We are looking into beginning several different initiatives now, one of which will be an online university that starts with afterlife education and ends about where we all are now… and then when enough of us know the truth that Jesus taught and are working closely with our guides, we are going to know how the Way should begin and what it should be. But education is going to be really key!!

  4. It’s a shame that most religions didn’t actually address the subject of spirit guides in any meaningful way. If children were seriously educated about these beings, they could have formed a relationship with them that extended into adulthood and this most likely would have resulted in the ability to make better decisions. This is why it takes so long to focus on what was there all along, as few people were conditioned in childhood to believe in any kind of relationship with a spirit guide

    1. Oh yes! This materialist culture is rearing children who are uniformly clueless about everything that is really meaningful to their lives. It’s horrifying when you think about it. It might even drive you to despair, but then you remember yet again Who is in charge ;-). Thomas can be optimistic at times, but he is generally a realist-to-pessimist: he focuses on worst-case more than on best-case, and when he first came out to me he was seeing our success at this work literally hanging in the balance. But over the past year or so I have seen his mood lighten. He sees a clearer path forward now.

      This push to help as many people as possible achieve a closer waking relationship with their primary guides has surprised me, frankly! But it’s clear from what Thomas is planning for us to write over the next few weeks that it is not random, but rather it follows on our posts of the fall and winter. It has been in his mind all along. I guess I am so at peace now about everything – literally about everything! – because, above all, I trust him.

  5. I had quite an opening salvo of 3 messages, even singing, and then later on calling me by name, pretty closely timed to Roberta’s blogs, kind of blowing my socks off. It looks like those on the other side are as excited about these developments as we are!

    Also, when I asked for a sign towards the beginning, I got 3 in pretty quick succession, one in three parts. It seems that she (the voice has been female so far) likes to do things in threes, or maybe I just have a thick skull. 😁 Even one year ago I would not have known to ask for, let alone look for, signs without experiencing what I did in that period – another example of how they time things and the need for patience. I’m one of those older people, so it has been a long time coming, but better late than never.

    1. Wow, and you would have blown my socks off, too, dear Scott, if I were not wearing sandals! Having met and talked with you, I am more delighted than you can imagine to see your life beginning to flower this way. Please accept my big virtual hug!!

      I had never given much thought to the question of primary guides’ genders, but here we have a woman with a male guide and three men whose guides are female. Does that look to you to be perhaps a possible commonality? I have to believe there are lots of same-gender pairs, but I also can see in my own relationship that the difference seems to work very well.

      1. Dear Roberta, Thank you for your encouragement and the hug. I hope this won’t be a duplicate, as my first attempt didn’t take.

        Your question is very interesting. You apparently had several lives with Thomas as a male friend, but in this incarnation a different dynamic was decided upon. We have a small sample. Maybe we’ll hear from more people. I’m not going to say definitely yet that mine is female as there is a male figure showing up too – just images, but also the strong impression of a name. He hasn’t spoken at all though, so it is a bit confusing. Is it always just one guide?

        Also, I found your description of the political event interesting and amusingly close to home as a classic Massachusetts liberal who has been “blessed” with more than his fair share of family and friends at the other end of the spectrum. Politics even broke up a long standing relationship in my family, so it has been a real lesson for me to try to deal harmoniously with such people. I think this is a key issue our country needs to deal with at this time before it tears us apart.

        1. Thank you…so enjoying your writing on spirit guides as mine becomes more active and i have the amazing experience of communication in a palpable way through the veil.Blessings

          1. Oh dear Sister Rosemarie, thank you for sharing your news with us! I am delighted that your guides, too, are reaching out to you, and that you find this experience to be amazing and joyous. It truly is miraculous that the veil is thinning as much as it is, and that all who love Jesus are uniting in Him now!

        2. Scott, in my case, there is a team. The team right now is mainly feminine spirit, but I have had connections with masculine spirit. Some of the feminine spirits on the team are friends who passed away and have kept tabs on me — one, a very dear friend I lost contact with and only regained it after she passed away. I do seem to be surrounded be strong feminine spirits, but I have heard from a few masculine spirits who seem to have been from the “reason/season” group Roberta mentions.

          1. It seems clear that each of us is given what we need from our guidance teams. I know of people whose guides work more as a group, with many of them communicating with their protege and the primary guide functioning in a “first among equals” position, but that isn’t true for me. There has always been one male with whom I felt I was in contact, so it was surprising to discover a few years back that in fact I have eleven guides!

            When I discovered that I have three fiction guides and the leader is “Marvina,” I tried to develop a separate relationship with her but she politely rebuffed it. She said she defers to Thomas, but she is happy to work with me in writing fiction under his direction.

            I guess I don’t know which plan is better! It certainly is simpler to have just one primary guide with whom you are in contact, and indeed he continues to call her in and her team continues to write with me. I am coming to see that he uses giving me the impulse to write fiction not just as a way to relax me but also as a kind of palate-cleanser when I have gotten too obsessed with something or other. He knows me well! But the fact that these differences in spirit-guide styles exist is an interesting detail, is it not?

        3. Dear Scott, it is always one primary guide for life insofar as the evidence is able to tell us (although occasionally there is a swap-out – more on that next week). Some primary guides basically run a team, though, and there are others on the team who also talk with us directly. The way they work seems to be directed toward what they determine that their protege needs, and at this early date it may be best just to acknowledge his presence but to relate primarily to the stronger energy.

          1. Thank you. What you and Mike have said makes a lot of sense. I am grateful to have contact from them, and it will be a fascinating process to let them fill in some of the blanks with time

  6. The recent explosion of evidence-based research into our Pre-Life (i.e. our antenatal life in the womb and even in “Heaven”, before conception occurred) can fuse with, and nourish, our understanding of Afterlife experience, soul purpose and spirit guides. What we learn from the Pre-Life research proves that many children clearly recall life in the womb, even as a primitive embryo. The fetus has a clear and complete awareness its parents’ verbal intercommunications in the language it has yet to learn. Our intrinsic desire appears to be to help others (and especially our mothers). Our choice of mother occurs along with guidance from angelic beings in the pre-incarnate sphere. Many antenatal beings have the capacity to literally see through the membrane of the mother’s belly, or alternatively through the umbilicus (as through a porthole) in the third trimester etc. Memories peak around the age of 2 and then rapidly drop off as the infant becomes socialized and then falls into a kind of spiritual oblivion.

    This recuperative focus on spiritual guides and mentors is of tremendous value. In my own case, I started hearing an inner voice urging me to live selflessly in service to others when I was around 13. (I didn’t of course like this voice at that time. I wanted it to go away because I did not yet understand at that age that giving and sharing with others is the best thing there is. Instead I saw it as a chore! The voice eventually went away after visiting me daily for weeks.) Shortly after that time around age 14, I started to have experiences impossible to put into words, where I would be carried up multiple cosmic “ladders” or “scales”, each with an atmosphere of distinct cosmic understanding or epiphany.

    Nowadays, I have to say that my interactions with wild animals is primary, and equally loving, and utterly from the heart. I feel we need to bring back the spirit guides into our operating paradigm, but also recreate our species’ respect for the Elders, and equally for our animal brethren, currently under such ecological stress and decimation. They have always been conduits for our guides to work through on our behalf, and possess a luminosity and spiritual innocence we humans often lack, and need to draw from as from a deep well of truth.

    1. Dear Nicholas, it may not surprise you to know that there is evidence that the spirituality of Native Americans – the plains tribes specifically – was far more advanced than is our own. As you suggest, they had a spiritual connection to animals and to beings not in bodies that has long since been largely lost.

      For example, I recall reading accounts shared early in the twentieth century from newly-dead people who were doing what many of us do when we first get back there – they were exploring – and this fellow was visiting a native encampment on a broad plain that was covered in millions of grazing buffalo.

      (As an aside, for a long time I wondered whether these accounts that seemed to be time-traveling were in fact just that, but for various reasons I have concluded that they were visits to the post-death Summerlands of these earlier cultures. I understand that in the one for ancient Egypt, you can watch them building pyramids… which would be far easier there than it was on earth!).

      This newly-returned fellow doing his tourist circuit on that Summerland plain was talking with a chieftain in a feather headdress when he saw an opening develop in the sky above, and through it came a sixth-level being (tall and glowing is their general description) who had a modern (for that day) woman cradled in his arms. He took her into a teepee nearby, then came out again and disappeared back into the sky, which closed up after him. The traveler was flabbergasted, but the chieftain was unfazed. When the traveler said whatever would have been the 1910 or so equivalent of “What the heck was that??” the chieftain said, “When people are very damaged on earth, sometimes they bring them here to live with us for awhile. Then when they are healed, someone comes and takes them back the same way they came.”

      I read that story decades ago, and it was one of many, but it has never left my mind.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly about Native American spirituallity. One of the most intense spiritual experiences I’ve had was a sacred sweat lodge ceremony with Wallace Black Elk of the Lakota Sioux. I now realize these were basically seances long before Spiritualists were doing them – sitting in a circle in pitch darkness and singing, plus they add drumming and the incredibly hot steam. He followed the exact procedure received in his vision quest, and each time the singing reached an energetic crescendo, one was likely to see the “sparks,” or spirit lights, which seem self contained, not illuminating anything around them. This happened to me twice, and the 2nd time, just to make a point I think, it went right up to, or maybe into, my eye!

  7. this is very interesting. sounds wonderful. but I have had and continue to pray to God and angels or guides for answers, but I never seem to get answers. so therefore it seems as I do not have a guide or that angels hear me or such. I love and my desire has been for a long time to grow spiritually strong, and I feel alone for the most part. but I so enjoy your writings. keep it up.

    1. Oh dear Ramonia, of course you have your own primary guide! We are told that it is impossible for any of us to be in a body without a guide, just as we cannot be in a body for long if we stop breathing.

      It is only communication that is a problem for you, and the post we are working on for next week should help you begin that process. Without knowing more, I cannot tell you precisely what your problem might be, but here are some possibilities:

      1) Your energy may be blocking communications. If you are fearful, frustrated, angry, depressed, or harboring any other negative emotion, that can act as an absolute barrier to communication.

      2) Depending on how you pray, your attempts to communicate might be a further block. If you pray something like, “Please let me have a spirit guide,” or “I don’t ever hear from my guide and I want it to happen!” you are claiming the lack. Instead, claim the gift! Simply talk aloud to your guide. “I know you are there and I am so grateful to you! I would be happy to establish a closer relationship with you in my waking life.” Something like that. And be patient! None of this ever happens on our own time schedule.

      3) For reasons that we cannot now know, it may be important that you not have a waking relationship with your guides at this time. This is a serious (but joyous!) business for them, and they won’t do anything that they perceive might be harmful to their work with you.

      But yes, dear Ramonia, you have a primary guide who is an eternal friend and loves you very much! And when the time is right and the method is right, I’m sure we can find a way to demonstrate that fact to you. Meanwhile, please accept my hug!

      1. I have an old friend who very much believes her her spirit guides — not to mention also believing that her father, who passed away long ago when she was a child, is looking out for her — yet she does not WANT direct contact with either. She confessed to me once that, even though her sisters and mother had seen their father, she would never be able to handle it (I have an odd feeling that once when she and I were together, he visited her and it was I not her who heard him say, “I’ll come back later!”) because she isn’t ready to deal with the feelings hearing from him would bring on. To your point, Roberta, our guides are doing the work, always; they must do the work. But they also know what we can handle, even if WE don’t necessarily think we think what we really think! So they have a tricky balancing act. But they are there and, as you affirm, their presence is loving, never judgmental. Then, of course, as you know, there comes a time when they have to come through; this may be subtle, with signs, including the appearance of clouds or animals or plants growing where they probably wouldn’t be expected. Something to get our attention. In my case, it was out of context headlines at first that responded to what I thought of as rhetorical questions.

        Meanwhile, forgive me, but I am not sure I could handle it if MY primary guide were making herself known at all times!

        1. Dear Mike, yesterday I would have felt much as you do, but apparently all our guides want us to get beyond our squeamish need to feel independent and to join them now in the great task before us. I have had an amazing day today… I will share it with everyone on Sunday. Amazing.

  8. Hi Roberta, I followed you instantly the very first time I listened to one of your YouTube interviews. I completely relate to what you and everyone here say about our spirit guides. I was once restless and seeking answers to many unanswered questions in the bible. I believed it was my guide that guided me to a book “In the light of Truth” The Grail message” I was completely gripped by this book as it answered all questions for me and more including knowledge about our spirit guides. Roberta, if you have come across this book, what’s yours or your guides’ opinion about it? This knowledge must be available in the beyond surely! It is a book that the world needs presently for the coming New Earth .

    1. Dear Janet, I’m not familiar with that book. And my primary guide has me on a tight leash with regard to what I can read or even watch on television; he tells me that so much of what is channeled comes from lower-level beings who simply don’t know what is going on so what they say is inaccurate. He doesn’t seem to be familiar with that book either, but if it resonates with you and if it seems consistent with the bulk of what we are learning now, I’m sure it must be fine! Have you been giving it good reviews on Amazon and perhaps also in places like your local newspaper? Reviewing books you like is a wonderful way to get them a wider audience!

  9. I have had many religious experiences with the spirit I thought of as my guide. The problem is, this spirit led me on for years so that I would think it was a being of light and love. When my path turned very dark and I began to be “haunted” I realized I had been tricked. The spirit had made me think it was good, but it was very bad. It isn’t hard for them to deceive us. Asking Jesus for help was what saved me.

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