The Science Delusion

Posted by Roberta Grimes • January 09, 2015 • 0 Comment
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One of the few trained scientists making a career in studying the greater reality is Rupert Sheldrake. His curiosity about all the many phenomena that Rupert-Sheldrake-Quotes-1spring from the fact that reality is based in consciousness has greatly enhanced our understanding of oddities ranging from the sense of being stared at and the fact that dogs can anticipate their owners’ arrival to the astonishing way in which for one laboratory animal anywhere on earth to learn something new makes it easier for all other members of the same species to master the same trick.

All of reality is consciousness-based. All higher living things are connected by mind. The fact that most traditional scientists remain stuck in a clockwork view of reality that is based in the dogma of atheistic materialism does nothing whatsoever to change what us true, but it only renders useless a lot of the scientific research that is being done today. And it ensures that when eventually the longstanding scientific walls against the truth are breached, a lot of the scientists working now are going to look ridiculous.

Here is a great Scientific American interview with Dr. Sheldrake. And thanks to Victor and Wendy Zammit’s free Friday Afterlife Report, here is Dr. Sheldrake’s wonderful 2012 TEDx talk on “The Science Delusion.” This TEDx Talk actually, incredibly, was BANNED because it delivers information that conflicts with mainstream scientific dogmas.  Materialist scientists apparently are terrified of the free and open exchange of ideas. Indeed, their fear seems to be increasing as the Internet renders impossible their longstanding suppression of ideas and facts that they have managed to keep from public awareness for decades because they find them inconvenient.

This is such an exciting time to be alive! Too many visionaries like Rupert Sheldrake have spent their whole careers in undeserved obscurity, while scientists stuck in materialist dogmas that by now have little to do with reality have maintained their university careers. Fortunately for you and me and other open-minded seekers of the truth, this nonsensical suppression of information that some scientists find inconvenient seems to be about to end.

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