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Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 19, 2017 • 6 Comments
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SunrisePeople have been asking me to do more videos. I have a great face for radio, so being filmed while talking is not my idea of fun! But to help you enjoy my most recent books, I did three new videos. Here they are.

The Fun of Growing Forever details the amazing fact that the teachings of Jesus as they are given in the Gospels are the best short-course in rapid spiritual growth that we have ever discovered. Spiritual growth is the whole point of our lives, and giving us a place to grow spiritually seems to be the reason why the universe exists. Until now, Western religious and philosophical teachings have not focused specifically on spiritual growth, so the most effective methods of which we have been aware have all come out of Eastern traditions. And few Westerners have the interest or the patience to engage in some of the more complicated practices that Eastern teachings require! The program outlined in the Gospels, however, is simple. It requires neither meditation nor yoga – no chanting or gurus – and it can begin to be effective within weeks. I urge you to try it! Elevating your personal vibration has the power to make you the happiest that you can be.

The Fun of Living Together explains the source of America’s longstanding racial problems and details how we can end them and achieve racial harmony in one generation. I wrote about this book in my last blog post, so I will add here only that I am amazed that when this problem is so disruptive and so damaging to our national fabric there seems to have been no one who has examined history enough to try to find its cause. I can only think that most of us have been assuming on some level that there really is a difference between the races, that racism is a natural human condition, and that therefore racial divisions are innate and there really is no way to solve them. I am delighted to report that these assumptions are wrong! Racial differences based on physical characteristics are superficial. All the races are identical. And despite some studies that suggest otherwise, racism is a learned and not a natural condition. If we will take the right steps now, we can at last live up to the true meaning of our creed and make Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream come true!

Fixing America’s Problems is going to require the spiritual focus of the first video and the practical tack of the second. The reason why we are in such a mess in America now, on every level, is that in attempting to fix our problems we are always thinking from fear and negativity, which is the lowest spiritual vibration. What a difference it makes when we think from love! Once enough of us raise our spiritual vibrations to the point where love is where we live, then all the anger and strife for the sake strife, all the contention over trivial things and the violent rhetoric that makes our public life so bitter will dissipate as fog is cleared by the sun. Every problem that America faces has a set of commonsense solutions that can be tailored to benefit everyone, if only we can approach them from love!

If you like these videos, then perhaps you might enjoy subscribing to my YouTube channel. I do hope to start to do them more regularly!

A new day is coming soon, in America and in the world. Those at the highest levels of reality have been working for decades now through thousands of people all over the world to elevate the spiritual vibration of this planet away from fear and toward perfect love. Already we can see it happening, and each of us is a part of this effort. Every human mind is part of the eternal Mind that continuously manifests this universe, so effectively all of our minds are one. When enough of us have undertaken the task of raising our own vibrations and making ourselves us as happy as we can be, then the spiritual vibration of this planet will naturally rise like a bubble in water, and peace and universal understanding are going to overspread this weary earth. It will be a new day forevermore!    

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6 thoughts on “Thinking From Love

  1. Wonderful, Roberta! Thank you for sharing your insights, wisdom and these beautiful truths! The videos are great!

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! Clearly, this is where it all leads: no matter how much we learn, it can’t be of real value until we can use it to help others and to uplift the world.

  2. Hi, I listen to you all the time on YOU TUBE. Have ordered two of your books so far. I kept asking my husband to do something to let me know he was with me. Last Saturday morning, I came in from outdoors, and sat down, when I noticed my art tree, the branches were moving. I looked, not believing what I saw. Then it came to me it was my Don. I asked him a few questions, if the answer was yes to move the branches. He did, But that has not happened since. It was amazing. I give you the credit, for helping me.

    1. Wow, Joanne, thank you for sharing that! And the credit goes to Don, who found a way to get your attention and make you believe he really was communicating, which can be the most difficult and frustrating thing for those who are not now in bodies: whatever they try, somehow their loved ones don’t notice it. Or if they notice, they don’t believe whatever they see is a communication from a dead loved one. So, good for you both!

  3. Roberta, thanks for the inspiring message. I prefer the written blogs, as I can read faster than watching a video. But, if you enjoy doing videos, by all means continue!

    I also follow your wonderful podcasts.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hello Michael! I’m sorry – I have no idea how I missed your comment – it’s very nice to see you here! I know how you feel. I would rather write than do videos, especially since I have to write out the whole speech anyway (they use a teleprompter) and I have a great face for radio ;-). Which is another thing that I would much rather do! Thank you for listening to those podcasts, Michael. I love doing them. I make so many wonderful new friends among my listeners and my guests!

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