Who Is He?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 12, 2022 • 42 Comments
Jesus, The Teachings of Jesus

He touched me. He put his hand near mine and then He touched me.
I felt a sudden tingle when He touched me. A sparkle. A glow.
He knew it. It wasn’t accidental, no, He knew it.
He smiled and seemed to tell me so, all through it.
He knew it, I know He’s real, and the world is alive and shining.
He touched me. I simply have to face the fact.
He touched me. Control myself and try to act as if I remember my name.
– Ira Levin (1929-2007), from “He Touched Me” (1965)

Jesus is in fact an aspect of the Godhead, born long ago in a human body. It took me four years of college and decades of study afterward to reach that conclusion, and I don’t say it lightly even now! I can find no evidence that anything like an aspect of the Godhead’s being born on earth has ever happened before the birth of Jesus, and nothing like it has happened since; but there is enough evidence available now that I can say with certainty that it did indeed happen that one time. I don’t think that His was even a miraculous birth. Joseph the son of Jacob easily could have been His body’s father. And of course, Jesus was the firstborn of Joseph’s wife, Mary. But an aspect of the highest Godhead did indeed decide that He wanted to experience human life closely enough to “look through human eyes,” as Thomas has explained the facts to me. Jesus wanted to understand us well enough to come up with a way to teach us how we might best achieve more rapid spiritual growth, and thereby make the best use of each lifetime on earth. He also wanted of course to teach us to be less afraid. To teach us to think of God as loving Spirit, and to think of God as “our Father.” Thomas tells me that these were Jesus’s reasons for doing what has not been attempted by any other Member of the Collective Godhead in the entirety of humankind’s  history.

And Jesus even chose on impulse to be crucified, just so He could die a public death and then arrange to rise from the dead and thereby prove to His disciples and to us that in fact there is no death! That He actually did this deserves special notice. I once saw a documentary about crucifixion that I wish that you had seen, because it would have forever banished every thought of pretty golden crosses from your mind. Crucifixion begins with a massive scourging with cords that end with sharp bits meant to tear the flesh open and shed a lot of blood so the victim will be weakened so much that death is hastened. This is meant as a kindness, apparently, since being hung by bolts through the wrists and heels causes spasms of muscular agony as the victim reflexively supports himself by pushing up with his legs so he can breathe. He is naked, of course. No loincloth. And something about his position on the cross causes an immediate permanent erection. And all of this went on for hours, until they broke the victim’s legs so he could no longer support himself, and he suffocated. There was enough awfulness to be said about crucifixion to fill an hour-long documentary, and Jesus would have known what He was signing up for when He chose to accept a public execution. Yet Jesus, who actually was God on earth, decided to endure all this pain, although He could at any point have summoned more than twelve legions of angels to rescue Him (Mt 26:53). Thomas tells me that the Lord’s original plan was just to study us, and then to teach us until He had done all that He could do for us at the time, after which He had planned to walk away and simply disappear. But He decided instead, and apparently on impulse, to put Himself through all that torture and pain and then stage the resurrection of His body in an effort to convince His skeptical followers that human life really is eternal.

I’ve been thinking about all of this a great deal lately. Seek Reality Online as it was originally planned was meant to teach all the world about just death and the afterlife, and I think it is going to do a bang-up job of it! Those teaching materials are coming along well. Wherever you are in the lengthy process of learning about death and the afterlife, and where it happens, how it happens, why it happens, and so on and on, this website will take you all the rest of the way. And even with automatic translations, no less. Unfortunately, I took a bad fall on ice a month ago, and I broke and bruised various bodily parts, which has forced us to stop production for a while. And meanwhile, as my face was returning to a shape and shade that will no longer scare the horses in the street, my Thomas has chosen to intervene and make a focus on teaching the Lord’s Way a primary additional task of Seek Reality Online. So now we have again had to delay the website’s launch date.

But who am I to lead a movement like this? And it is something that I am going to have to do by myself! Craig Hogan and I can together teach death and the afterlife, and we even can jointly teach the basic spiritual aspects of what Jesus and all the other great spiritual leaders over the ages have come to the world to teach. After all, spiritual growth is the reason why we even come to earth at all, so it’s a legitimate part of any thorough afterlife educational program. But teaching the Lord’s Way is another matter! That is going to require a Biblical scholar who is no longer a practicing Christian, and there are very few of those who can teach the Lord’s Way as I know that I can teach it.

More and more, it is becoming clear to me that as Christianity withers and fades, the original Way of Jesus is the natural vessel to carry forward His teachings and His truth. And Thomas, bless His determined little heart, has spent my entire life preparing me to deliver the Lord’s original message to the world.   

So I have been trying as fast as I can to figure out who Jesus really is now. I can’t teach about Him and teach His Way unless I can know with certainty who He is now, so I can make sure that all of this will make sense to you! If He came to us two thousand years ago from the highest aspect of the Godhead, and no other Member of the Godhead Collective ever has done even so much as that, then who has Jesus become by now?

Mikey Morgan had achieved the sixth level before he ventured his twenty years on earth that ended in 2007. He came back to earth so he could communicate with us through his mother as a modern 20-year-old, and he could thereby counsel and teach us from there. His having done that is seen to be such a sacrifice made in love that now he has achieved the upper sixth level! Yet how much greater is what Jesus has done, and starting from a much higher level, so much longer ago, and with even very much greater work done for us while He was on earth? So Jesus’s post-earth-life ascendancy must be still greater, wouldn’t you think?

And we know that Jesus never really has left us. He is active in the astral now, teaching and caring for us, even today. But Thomas has not been willing to answer my questions about Jesus’s post-resurrection level. His title, if you will. He has wanted me to figure it out for myself. But at this point, we are out of time! Although when I said that, he did give me a hint. He said, “Jesus is the Lord of every universe. He is above all.” Okay. But what does that even mean? (Perhaps I needn’t explain that Thomas has trouble using the word “King.” That might be a hangover from a previous earth-lifetime.) Thomas hasn’t said any more to me about this, so now I just throw ideas at him. And whatever I say, he lets it be. Even when I recently suggested, “Jesus must be the God above all Gods by now,” Thomas actually let even that stand.

So I cannot say what the Lord’s present status might be. Whatever I write, Thomas lets it be. He always is quick to stomp on anything I write with which he disagrees, and especially anything that he finds to be even remotely grandiose, so I have concluded without much surprise that the Lord’s service to humankind has put Him above any human status calculus. He is by now indeed King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And I accept that as something that I can believe, for I have seen Him. The wonder is that He still bothers with us!

And Jesus smiled for me! He actually made a point of smiling for me. I think that was the reason why He gave me that vision, to reassure me that He wants me to work with Thomas on developing a version of His Way for modern people. And Thomas wants me to do it. He has spent my whole adult life developing me to do it. And now even Jesus has given me His approval. Please pardon my acting like a teenage groupie, but I still cannot get over that!   

And another thing that I’ve been thinking about. Knowing that Jesus lived as God on earth, it is not surprising that when He lived among us He seems to have been extraordinarily charismatic. I don’t think that enough has been made of that fact! Wherever He went, He was a people-magnet. When His parents took Him to Jerusalem for the first time at the age of twelve, He ended up in the Temple, holding the teachers there spellbound (Lk 2:48-50). He called to fisherman that He would make them fishers of men, and they abandoned their nets and followed Him then and there! (MT 4:18-20) We are told that He spoke with authority, and not as the scribes (MT 7:28-29). And many of those who had followed Him in life found Him to be so compellingly charismatic that they then went on after His death to gladly die for Him!  I submit to you that to have been in the presence of God on earth must have been an amazing experience two thousand years ago. Just as it lately has been for me!

And in case you are wondering about this week’s frame verse, Thomas is familiar with a lot of the music that I have heard in my life (not that he likes it, but that’s another story). He told me that he wanted a song called “He Touched Me.” And indeed, you can see that the Lord did touch me deeply when He gave me that vision – I can’t stop thinking about it. So for Thomas I found a hymn called “He Touched Me,” but of course it was all about how Jesus touched lowly little me and healed me. Instead, Thomas wanted this sixties song he had found in my mind about falling in love.

It fits, though. For two thousand years, the Christian Jesus has been a pale creature with no function but to be the limp-wristed Son of God. A human sacrifice. Born for to die. By contrast, the Jesus who was in my mind for two weeks and wrote Liberating Jesus was a powerfully Alpha presence. He spoke with authority. He was in fact God. My vision of Jesus who stood with His arms folded and watched Thomas tinkering with His jalopy was confident, kindly, and strong of body and mind. Again, He was Alpha. The women in the Gospels who flocked to follow Jesus, who sat at his feet and listened to Him, and who even washed His feet with their hair, had the same reaction to Him that He inspires in me. Yes, I will try my best to give Him His Way. But now comes the very hard part. We’ll talk about it next week.

He touched me, He touched me,
And suddenly nothing is the same.
‘Cause He touched me, He touched me,
And suddenly, nothing, nothing, nothing is the same!
Ira Levin (1929-2007), from “He Touched Me” (1965)

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42 thoughts on “Who Is He?

  1. Jesus testified that he was the Son of God. He also told his disciples they were sons off God. Later, Paul and John testify the same: The sons of God

    Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. (1 John 3:2)

    The Spirit Himself bears witness, along with our own spirits, to the fact that we are children of God; and if children, then heirs too–heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ; if indeed we are sharers in Christ’s sufferings, in order that we may also be sharers in His glory. (Romans 8:16-17)

    I suppose, in light of current understanding, we’d substitute “aspect” for “son”. We are all aspects of the One God.

    John and Paul, of course, believed that we “became sons” through the salvation transaction. Before putting our faith in Son Jesus, we were lost and condemned sinners awaiting eternal punishment in hell. But when we confessed sin, and trusted Jesus who paid the penalty for those sins, God forgave us, and adapted us as his children.

    I taught and preached that for many years until the true light began shining in my heart. Now I see that we are all, like Jesus, beloved children (aspects) of the One Loving Source, who does not keep any account of our failures or sins, but supports and loves us equally and unconditionally.

    1. Oh yes, my dear beautiful Loren! Bless you for your lifetime of faithful service! And do you know the words from Handel’s Hallelujah chorus, that Jesus shall reign forever and ever as King of King and Lord of Lords? Well actually, that turns out to be literally true! 🙂

      1. Handel got the words from Revelation 19, at the end of this passage, which displays Jesus as rather angry, I think:
        “Then I saw a door open in Heaven, and a white horse appeared. Its rider was named “Faithful and True” –being One who in righteousness acts as Judge, and makes war.
        12  His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many kingly crowns; and He has a name written upon Him which no one but He Himself knows.
        13  The outer garment in which He is clad has been dipped in blood and His name is THE WORD OF GOD.
        14  The armies in Heaven followed Him–mounted on white horses and clothed in fine linen, white and spotless.
        15  From His mouth there comes a sharp sword with which He will smite the nations; and He will Himself be their Shepherd, ruling them with a scepter of iron; and it is His work to tread the winepress of the fierce anger of God, the Ruler of all.
        16  And on His outer garment and on His thigh He has a name written, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.”

        1. Oh yes, my dear beautiful Loren. I am well aware of the title’s provenance. But all things work for good for those who love the Lord! And even that pathetic bit of revenge literature that was drafted by tormented souls hiding from Romans seeking to stamp out every last bit of what they considered to be heretics has at least this one little redeeming moment for us: it did inspire some glorious music, don’t you think?

          Those Roman legions of two thousand years ago don’t own the title. And neither do the Roman Emperors’ bought-and-paid-for church councilors in Nicaea in 325 who claimed that they owned the Will of God, and added the Book of Revelation as they were assembling the Christian Bible, for a bit of added terror. If you and I can think of an even higher title for Jesus, then at this point I think that He has earned even that one, too! Don’t you?

  2. Dear Roberta…. sorry to hear about your bad fall. Hope you are feeling better. Your incredible superhuman determination that shines through in all your work will I’m sure get you strong again soon.
    Love your work so very much ……Christi Pitliangas

    1. Oh my dear Christi, thank you. I learned one pretty important lesson, though; no, two lessons. It’s a good idea not to do your morning walk when the temperature is below freezing. And also, don’t break your fall with your head!

  3. Dear Roberta,

    More convenient and safer all around is a Teeter ( ). Costco also sells a treadmill.

    Re salvation, I find the idea repugnant. God creates us from His own being as His children. Would any rational parent expect any child to always behave perfectly, and if making a mistake, regard such as sinful, thus requiring prostration for salvation. That would be behavior that would justify any state’s protective services removing the child from such a demanding and punitive parent.

    1. Unfortunately, there are millions, perhaps billions who do believe in a wrathful Father who is not only angry at his creation, but judges us in wrath, unless we bow the knee, confess the sun, and trust in his “only Son” Jesus as our sin-bearer and savior. People sing with tears flowing about the wonder of Jesus dying in our place, when, they believe, all we deserve is eternal punishment.
      Question: If there is One God, and we are all equally loved and honored “aspects” of that one God, which of us will be the greater once we’re all restored to that ultimate reality?

      1. Oh my dear beautiful Loren, what a wonderful question! And the answer apparently is that we all are One. The expanded answer is that the greatest of all is YOU.

        1. And, since we’re all really one, we all will share in that glory. But recall one of the mothers asking a small favor of Jesus (in Matthew 20): “ In your Kingdom, please let my two sons sit in places of honor next to you, one on your right and the other on your left.” what a thoughtful mother! But Jesus told her that it wasn’t up to him, since the Father had already made the selection. We shall soon see, some of us sooner; I’m only 78 so it may be later for me.
          Seriously, I’m always anxious to explore your latest blog.

    2. Oh my dear wonderful Jack, we’ve bought a treadmill! But then it turned out to be too noisy for my Asperger’s husband to bear. No ice now, of course. And my only actual broken bone is in my wrist, so I am back to walking. My face is almost normal again, so we did our first post-fall video session yesterday. We have had to do some revamping of the website to add Boomers and The Way, but it is adding only about six weeks, we think.

      And I am so fed up with the whole stupid substitutionary atonement dogma at this point, to be frank, that I just ask people one question. “Okay, so you’ve got three toddlers. I had three toddlers. And they’ve just made a mess of your living room. Just ask yourself which of them you would most enjoy watching being horribly murdered so you will feel better about forgiving the other two for the mess they’ve made?” And when they recoil in horror, I say, “Okay then, second question. How is it that you are more loving and more forgiving than God?”

  4. Dear Roberta,
    It has been a while since I read your newsletter. Something helped me find it today without even looking for it.
    I want to know Jesus better.
    How do you worship? What do you recommend for me, a person who is seeking more?
    Thank you for your words and all the good work you do to help us know more.

    1. Oh my dear Lisa, honestly? How do I worship? My whole life is worship. Every hour of every day and night, the top of my head is open to the Godhead and open to the Lord. And of course, my Thomas and his team have lived in my mind since before I was born. I know that is the truth anyway – that is the truth for all of us! – but most of us keep a kind of mental door closed, and Spirit respects that door. Then we think, “Prayertime!” and we open our mind to Spirit, and we ask for things. Then we slam that door again.

      Yes, opening the top of your head wide and inviting Spirit to experience your every thought, your every fantasy, can be embarrassing at first. I am also human, after all! But I gave my life to God in 2009, and I’m used by now to living this way. Just as I am, Lord. And your spirit guide is in there with you – no door, whether he/she likes it or not – so you may as well make your mind presentable for the Godhead as well, and start serving high tea for Spirit each afternoon. There is a blog post about tidying up your living room somewhere!

      And as for coming to better know Jesus, Thomas has made that quest a topic of many of our blog posts, primarily because Christianity has largely ignored Jesus, and Thomas has been preparing us to make His Way a focus of Seek Reality Online.

      And by the way, welcome back, Lisa!

    2. Dear Lisa,

      As a practical matter for more effectively connecting with the spiritual universe, when you are drousy, especially so that you are in a hypnagogic state, your soul’s bond to the body relaxes, so that it may attend to spirit in place of the body’s senses. So, if you set your mind to praying as yu are enering thi transition phase between alert consciousness and sleep, you will find an improve connection. In retrospect, I realize that most of my “good novel” ideas come to me in this phase.

      1. Thank you for sharing that, dear lovely Jack! I think there are likely a variety of methods of working with Spirit that work for different people in many different ways. For me, I find that I can’t control any of it. All of my interactions happen in Spirit’s way and in Spirit’s own time. I can hold it back – indeed, Spirit is extraordinarily respectful of our own needs and restrictions – but I cannot command it.

  5. Dearest Roberta,

    I can readily sympathize with you having damaged your body by slipping on a patch of ice, as I did a similar thing about eight years ago, with different results. I damaged a sinew in my knee -almost, but not quite, snapped. So I had to take a medical leave of absence from my place of employment for about three months, etc., etc., but I had no scary-looking bruises that were visible. This comparison leads to my incomplete understanding of the word “aspect” as compared with “manifestation”.

    As you put it, Jesus is an aspect of the Godhead, would the meaning change if you wrote, Jesus is a manifestation of the Godhead? And that may lead to my incomplete understanding of the concept of “Godhead”. My current take is that the Godhead is a group of highly evolved or ascended beings, one of those beings being Jesus. If that doesn’t miss the mark too widely, Is one of those beings an aspect of the Godhead or a manifestation, of the Godhead, or perhaps both?

    On my readthrough, another question in my mind arose. Does the Godhead have some sort of authority over all of us less-evolved creatures, or is the Godhead the shining example for us who aspire to ascend to the same level?



  6. Oy, my dear, Cookie, you should have seen me right after it happened! I looked as if my left eye and forehead had swallowed a tennis ball – all entirely swollen shut, and purple besides!

    And my dear, I fought like mad even the notion that the Godhead is a Collective of Perfected Beings, but that was dumb of me. Even my Thomas is part of a collective, and the higher beings are in vibration the more they work in collectives. That is just how they roll. And the Godhead is neither in authority nor an example, quite – neither is precisely how they would put it, I don’t think. They would probably instead say that they are in perfect service.

    Look at the life of Jesus! He didn’t come here and boss people around. No, He came here and gave us love, compassion, and advice. He came here and taught us. He came to serve us! He figured out how to make the necessary task before us as simple and joyous as possible for us, and when He realized that the best way for Him to teach us that life is eternal would be for Him to put Himself through a really horrible, ghastly ordeal, He did even that for us. THAT is what God does for us. The greatest serves the least. That is what real love does!

    1. Hi Roberta, Hi everybody! It is incomprehensible from the point of view of Earth School to envision the “collective of perfected beings.” Because our perception in our incarnate stage is time-linear, we allow ourselves to think the collective must be an elite club of high achievers. In reality, what we think of as our Higher Selves are now, always have been, always will be participating in the base Creative Force. What some of us are comfortable calling God is the One Mind in the ongoing action of Creating—from which we individually are differentiated, not separated; One Mind (God) is all there is.

      1. PS-Our individual differentiation is the mystery of Creation and it is an aspect (see comments above) of God.

      2. Yes, my dear Mike, we do tend to see the Godhead as the cool kids in school, top of the class and rather self-important, but I’m sure that individually they would come across as nothing of the kind. Coming to know Mikey Morgan has been a surprise for me, since he is the highest-vibrating being I ever have known, and yet you never would know it. He is sweet and unassuming. You can’t stroke his ego when you talk with him. He doesn’t push himself forward at all, but instead he recedes. He makes lots of room for you in every conversation. Having Jesus in my mind was an amazing experience, but no ego there either. I’m not sure even how to describe it. He was just a lot of volume, somehow? Then He was suddenly gone, and I was just really empty? And that was even after Thomas said that He had toned Himself down a lot for me!

        You know, it is just occurring to me now that my life is actually pretty weird.

        1. That feeling you sensed, it was likely the same for everyone of the disciples—as they experienced God on earth. We can all experience it, and probably do at one time or another, during our own weird lives!😊

  7. I guess. That’s a comforting thought. We all like the thought of being normal after all, don’t we?

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your accident Roberta. It sounds like a horrible experience. I hope you heal up better than new. At least you had a great consolation prize with that visit from Jesus. It is very heartening to know he still interacts with some of us on occasion.

    1. Oh my dear Scott, it was glorious! I’m trying now to keep it from turning into just another memory. I’m trying to make it instead become His blessing of our whole Seek Reality Online effort, which is happening much more slowly than I’d like – in part because it is dependent on vendors, and on me – but it actually is starting to happen. And a few months more isn’t really a lot of time!

  9. Dear Roberta. I’m also sorry that you experienced the fall. I had one (involving a ladder) a couple of months ago. There’s something surprising about the body doing something that we didn’t intend and can’t do anything to stop.

    1. Oh yes, my dear Ray. And as my body mends – just a little wrist pain and weakness and a small forehead egg remain – I am realizing that fall has marked my formal entry into old age. I will take care never to fall again, which emphatically never was true before. And I don’t mind! It feels good to be old, because I know what’s coming next. This jalopy doesn’t have many more miles, but who cares? I’ve already got the new one on order….

        1. Oh my dear Saif, thank you! I really am a great deal better now, and determined to take ice a lot more seriously from now on!!

  10. Dear Roberta, I’ve just recently discovered you through some YouTube videos. I find you quite interesting. Is there a blog post or video explaining your opinion about the Bible in its entirety? Thank you, Jackie.

    1. Oh my dear lovely Jackie, welcome to my world! Or rather I should say, welcome to the greater reality which really is your own wonderful world, but which the abjectly clueless scientific gatekeepers have kept you from enjoying for the past hundred and twenty years now, and counting.

      But not for much longer! We are in the process of preparing Seek Reality Online, where you will be able to find the answers to the question you have asked above and a great many more, for just the price of one sandwich per month. Craig Hogan and I will be its hosts, and now I am in the process of gathering information for it. Including this vintage howler: Don’t you love it?

      Essentially, my dear, Jesus replaced the entire Old Testament with just two commandments: that we love God and love one another And most of the New Testament after the four Gospels (which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) is not to be considered to be of the Godhead. That will do for now – I’ll give you a lot more help in Seek Reality Online! Although in putting the Christian Bible together, the Council of Nicaea in 325 also added some later stuff even to the Gospels. If you would like help in spotting those later additions, please just send me your email address through the green contact block, and I will send you a PDF of Liberating Jesus. Meanwhile, I’m sending you a big hug!

      1. Thank you so very much! I will be joining Seek Reality Online as soon as it’s available. Big hug and blessings to you.

        1. Oh my dear Jackie, how very exciting this is! My beloved friend Craig and I have just approved the Seek Reality Online home page, which is a huge step for us. We really are on our way!

  11. Dearest Roberta,
    I’m sorry my dear, that you experienced such a serious and damaging fall. Please accept a big hug from me. May your remembrance of shock and pain fade and may you heal perfectly and swiftly.🙏🏼💕

    You know, sometimes when my attention is drawn outward, drearily dragged to focus on some stressor demanding attention in the external world, I find myself thinking of that line by the poet T. S. Eliot :

    “Christ is the still point of the turning world.”

    As we now know, there is a place deep inside, at our very core, where we can receive Our Jesus and find perfect peace and love, no matter what besets us in this often turbulent human life. Therein is our center and our ‘centering’; our gift of Spirit awareness.

    No matter how diffused and misidentified our thoughts may be at any one time, Our Lord gifts us with an inner stillness that clarifies and soothes away the trouble and strife in life caused by the world outside us. No matter how shrill the banshees of woe – the mass media – cry out the troubles of humanity they cannot touch the still point inside, where our true self meets Our Lord.

    Roberta, you and Thomas have given such refreshment and hope to so many people by showing us the true Jesus, unsullied by the guilt and fear imposed upon Christians by religion. Already, we have an emergent idea of what The Way of Jesus is actually about. If it comes down to you (without any other earthly partners) to teach His Way, then who better ? Many of us would agree The Way expounded by Thomas and your good self would be a tremendous and enlightening experience! In essence you could do this work without any partners. 😉

    1. Oh my dear, Thomas is my partner. Or rather, I am his. I have been wondering how close he really is to Jesus, and whether he might even be a reincarnation of one of the Lord’s disciples, but he says not; although I believe he may have been a follower of the Lord’s in that lifetime. I just know that getting Jesus’s work done in this world now really is my Thomas’s obsession!

  12. Dear Roberta. Re: response to Mike. J-R Thanks to you we can all ask questions and receive answers from Mikey Morgan on After Lives Forums, Ask Carol and Mikey. To think he would lower his vibratory rate to get close to and assist us. Wow! Thank you so much for making this possible.

  13. Oops I just discovered that Carol discontinued the q&a in January. I haven’t visited in awhile (a story unto itself).

    1. My dear Ray, Carol continues to help Mikey answer questions on my Seek Reality podcast – they will be doing that again in another six weeks or so – and when SRO goes live, they will be regulars there as well! She did pull very long duty at Afterlifeforums. I had promised her that SRO would be up years sooner! Thomas kept delaying us all.

  14. Dear Roberta,

    I love and truly appreciate your work, such great succour for all souls on the sacred journey back home.

    Blessings be with you and upon you always ❤️

    1. Oh my dear Barry, what an absolutely wonderful thing for you to say! I don’t think that I can adequately express the perfect joy that I have in this work every day, and the love that I have for every one of you here, and for everyone who reads these messages!

    1. Oh my dear, I’m traveling right now, and I know this is going to get lost! Just very briefly, if you read the Bible closely, parts of it contradict other parts throughout, and this is especially true about the ways in which parts of the OT contradict the Gospels. By about the end of July – it’s big, so the launch keeps getting pushed back – we will have Seek Reality Online, and we will have a lot more to say about this there!

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