Jesus Deserves His Own Way

Posted by Roberta Grimes • February 26, 2022 • 25 Comments
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The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul.
He guides me along the right paths for His name’s sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for you are with me.
– David (1010-970 BCE), King of Israel and Judah, from Psalm 23

It has taken me a lifetime of practicing Christianity, and also studying and loving Jesus, to develop the conviction to say out loud that the Lord really does deserve His own Way. The Religion and the Man are entirely different. I have been so blind. But now I see!

Christianity has had a remarkable run. Only consider all the elements of its history, which began three centuries after the death of Jesus when the Romans seized a vibrant spiritual movement and ruthlessly remodeled it into a religion that was based in fear rather than in love so they could use it to intimidate and control. Then once you get past the unpromising start of Christianity, you’ve got to contend with the appalling nature of some of Christianity’s anti-spiritual dogmas. The notion that God might need to watch God’s own Son being murdered before God can forgive us for being human is insulting to a perfectly loving God! The idea, as the modern Christmas hymn has it, that Jesus came just “to die for poor ornery people like you and like I” is humiliating to Jesus. And it gives short shrift to the Lord’s precious three years of teaching us how to more perfectly live so we can bring the kingdom of God on earth. Perhaps even worse, it is past time for us to look frankly at the hideous nature of some of Christianity’s actions over the past two thousand years that have tainted the religion for a great many people who otherwise might be its ardent followers.

Christianity has seemed to me to be ever more awful the more I have studied it, from its earliest persecution of the remnants of the Lord’s own flock right through the Inquisition and the Crusades and down to the sadistic nineteenth-century priest who became for me its final straw! That nasty man told parents who hadn’t managed to get their babies baptized in time that their children would be allowed to leave Purgatory once, and for just long enough to watch the baptized infants happily playing in paradise before those unbaptized babies would be cast into hell, where they would roast alive forevermore. And this man was supposed to be working for Jesus? But still, I never have been able to say it. Not right out loud. It was not for me to say!

But now, at last I think I can accept it. Human-made Christianity has had its run. And my dear Thomas insists that it is finally time for us to lay the whole religion to its well-earned rest!

Thomas is the backup author of our weekly posts, as I think by now you must realize. All alone, I never could be so prolific! He gives me the topics a week or two ahead in the form of an article linked from the Internet, or a Bible passage, or maybe just a title; and then I plug away at doing the writing while I work at other things and live my life, and he occasionally looks in. By sometime on Thursday he is always standing directly behind my left shoulder. I don’t know why he is on my left, and he even is there when I sit against a wall. If I’m getting nowhere, by Friday afternoon he’ll heave the sort of exasperated sigh that people who don’t need to breathe will sigh, and he might give me a clue or two. If I’m still not getting it, he will step in on Saturday morning and finish the writing, even using my voice. In truth, we work pretty well together. But you hate to disappoint your spirit guide, so I try to finish these posts before then.

My Thomas has been fed up with Christianity for at least a couple of hundred years. I don’t know for how many lifetimes this feeling goes back, but now is when his patience ends. He wants to begin to give Jesus His Way while I am still young enough to do it in this lifetime. But still, I’ve been holding back because, to be frank, I don’t see how you can build a new religion without some fear behind it to drag people out of bed and put them in the pews on Sundays. We wrote the book four years ago, but then he didn’t want to publish it quite yet. He seems to be ready to publish it now. I can feel his swelling agitation, but this isn’t really my movement at all! I’m not feeling it the way he feels it. He tells me dismissively that it’s not a religion. Stop calling it just another religion!” Well, okay. It’s not a religion. So, what is it then? Give me some kind of clue! And then, on Tuesday morning of this past week something extraordinary happened.

You know that we consult with our guides most nights, but we have amnesia for the experience. Before last week, I’ve been allowed to remember just a few minutes of only one meeting with my spirit guides, which was the one that Jesus attended following my two weeks of channeling Liberating Jesus. It was held in a paneled conference room where every seat at the table was taken, and I sat across the table from The Man Himself. He was an overwhelming presence, of no particular race and with brown eyes and dark-brown shoulder-length hair. He was the only one who spoke, but I was too starstruck to register what He was saying. He looked stern, and He glanced at me a couple of times but He knew that I was overwhelmed by Him so He did me the kindness of not seeming to looking at me directly. A lot of people talk about their cozy relationships with what I think of as friendly Jesus or chatty Jesus, but the only Jesus I knew before this week was this overwhelming God-version of Jesus who was in my mind for two weeks in April of 2015, when He used me as a rapid word-processor. And then a few weeks later He let me sit in as He met with my spirit guides. Beings who have achieved His spiritual level can show themselves to us in whatever way they choose to show themselves, and clearly Jesus knows that I see Him as a formidable aspect of  the literal Godhead.

Then as I was waking up on Tuesday morning just before dawn, a bright light appeared in the darkness, and then a vision began to appear. It was Jesus, wearing a glowing spirit robe in an astral garden full of tall flowers. It was a gorgeous scene! He was standing there with His arms folded maybe twenty feet away from me, looking just to my right and smiling tenderly. I realized then that directly to my right was Thomas, although I didn’t look at him because I couldn’t look away from Jesus. Thomas was making some sort of loud racket with something in a shed. And Jesus had such a beautiful face! His smile was radiant! He seems to really love my Thomas. But then almost right away the vision was fading, even as I tried to hold onto it.

What the heck was that about? Thomas whispered in my mind that Jesus had wanted me to see that tableau. It was mine to think about and come to understand. The vision grew more vivid as I thought about it all that day, but I couldn’t make the least sense of it. My vision of Jesus had been radiant, gorgeous, and it had very much softened the Lord’s image in my mind after my experience with channeling Liberating Jesus. His face had been especially clear, a neatly bearded young man perhaps in his late twenties with playful eyes that were brown with flecks of gold. Brown hair with a bit of a curl and olive skin. He looked like the same Jesus who had overwhelmed me in the meeting that night in 2015, but very subtly different: now his expression was friendly. He looked like the star of your college class, the one who would tutor the slowest students for free and take the shyest girl to Homecoming. But what had Thomas been doing so loudly? And why had Jesus’s arms been folded?

It was only when I woke up on Wednesday morning, after probably talking it over with Thomas, and – who knows? – maybe also with Jesus, that I understood what that vision had meant. They had been acting out a buddy-show for me. Thomas had been tinkering in a garage with his friend Jesus’s old jalopy while Jesus watched him indulgently, bemused and delighted by Thomas’s determination to fix Jesus’s very antique vehicle and get it running again. The Lord’s arms were folded to show that He had done His part a very long time ago. The Lord’s face was loving, grateful, entirely approving. And smiling! I was realizing by Wednesday morning that my own view of Jesus had become so distorted by my reverence for Him that I had forgotten that even though He has ascended to the highest aspect of the Godhead, Jesus remains one of us. The first time on Wednesday that it occurred to me that Jesus actually had been smiling just for me, tears filled my eyes. I was embarrassed to have needed that attention from Him. And touched to my heart more than I can say that He had wanted to give me that reassuring smile!

And for the rest of the week I kept noticing more details. Thomas wasn’t seen because without a body, he can’t do this work. So it is just mine to do. And when that scary thought began to panic me, he said at once that at my age, I can only begin it. With Seek Reality Online, Liberating Jesus, and The Fun of Loving Jesus, most of my part already is done or is about to be done, and very soon others will be carrying it on. And as for him, this project to replace Christianity with The Way of Jesus seems to be the primary reason why he agreed to be my spirit guide, and it seems to be most of what he has seen to be his own unfinished work on earth.

Perhaps I never have mentioned the fact that people in the real life to which all of us will very soon return speak with one another mostly in boluses of thought. Thomas and I communicate that way when we have a lot to say, and it really is more efficient! So as he was reassuring me, he showed me a vast sweep of many thousands of years. There is no way to summarize it all, beyond saying that what we think of as Christianity is apparently what was born for to die, and what Jesus came to teach two thousand years ago is now safely past the period of history that could have killed it. So now as the old Christianity withers away, the true Way of Jesus is about to begin to overspread the world. Over the next few millennia of earth-time, it will indeed bring the kingdom of God on earth, just as Jesus promised it would do. When I was twelve, like many twelve-year-old girls I went through a period of writing some extremely bad poetry. I also wrote one poem that I thought at the time was weird, but it stuck in my mind and I know now that it must have been channeled. It was something about just doing your work, “and one day when all at last is done, you will see the little puzzle-piece that was your work and joy.”

So, here at last is my puzzle-piece. I have wondered about it for a lifetime! One of the six segments of Seek Reality Online is being built around Liberating Jesus, and now it also will include The Fun of Loving Jesus Embracing the Christianity That Jesus Taught. This is the Lord’s own movement! His arms may be folded, but His heart holds us all.

Your rod and your staff,  they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
– David (1010-970 BCE), King of Israel and Judah, from Psalm 23


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25 thoughts on “Jesus Deserves His Own Way

  1. Hi Roberta, hi everybody! What a beautiful vision! In so many ways these regular blog posts and all the comments have been the prelude to this vision. I am looking forward to SRO which is and always has been a reflection of God’s ongoing Creative Force.

    1. Oh my dear Mike, do you think so? I’ve been frustrated by the delays – we thought it would happen last year! But the timing seems to be aligning in ways that we aren’t privy to. And I really think now that they are aiming for June. We’ll see!

  2. Dear Roberta, This apparent contradiction you describe here is what has kept me from ever considering joining any Christian church:
    ” The notion that God might need to watch God’s own Son being murdered before God can forgive us for being human is insulting to a perfectly loving God! ” Why would God ever send us into a life in which we were damned without ever yet having done one thing, good or bad? And why would God play such mean spirited games with humantity? I think you have the answer when asserting that He did no such thing. So, Roman-based Christianity distorts the meaning of Christ’s life and his gifts of love to us while he lived to create fear and subserviance to the Church for salvation.

    In Liberating Jesus you allude to the issue about free will allowing humans to behave very badly, as for example the way Putin is now attacking the Ukraine, or the way crooked gangs steal from stores, and lost souls pilage and rape. On page 71 of the text, the answer is embedded:
    ” …realize on a deeper level that this earth-lifetime will be over in a moment. And the bodily death that used to seem sad will instead be for you a joyous return to home because an integral part of the infinitely powerful and all-loving God is who you always will be. ” What I have discovered by my analysis ( and written in this paper ) is that it is the material body’s needs and wants that conflict with the morality of our souls, and that does mischief with free will. Our material bodies, to survive the stresses and hazards of material life, and to enjoy our senses passionately, own a motivation that conflicts with the goodness of our eternal souls. There is a normal conflict between body and soul that leads to emotional distress and harmful behavior.

    1. My dear Jack, after a lot of work I have come in the end to believe that it is our coming to accept that our minds are immortal that may resolve the problem that you describe here. Before we really get that our minds are immortal, we can’t choose between favoring our spiritual or our material wishes, our short-term or our longer-term needs. I think you have found, just as I have, that when we really “got” that we were not going to die, that tipped the balance in our minds and resolved a lot of things!

  3. Hi Roberta, I want to talk to you about the vision you had about Thomas working on Jesus’s old jalopy. Is the jalopy a metaphor that is being presented to you. Is the jalopy the old Christianity that never worked correctly? Thomas finally has got that old jalopy working correctly and the final touches that Thomas is doing represent the final completion of the new, which is “The Way”? Thanks, Dave

    1. My dear David, Thomas tells me that the jalopy is meant to be a basic old car. The Way. We can fix it and it will work just fine. Roman Christianity is the one with the fins and all the chrome, he says. it’s broken down now. Not fixable anymore. I asked him how he knows so much about cars! He says he doesn’t. He gets it from my mind.

  4. I think you nailed it, Dr. H. The conflict with body and soul is obvious when one studies history. Most people ignore the soul and thus the body’s desires (and ego) “win out.” Roman based Christianity, as we know it, was designed as you point out, for control, so that the so-called Christians would have to look to the Church for salvation. Thus, the actual teachings of Jesus were put on the back burner because he didn’t teach us to live in fear, nor did he ever mention that any organized group should be in control of us.

  5. Roberta, you have been speaking to my soul. We have reached the tipping point. Attention flows away from what was and to beyond what is to what will be. I probably won’t be around on earth in millennia to see with human eyes the glories of the new earth, but somewhere, I will be watching and cheering. Right now, I can live with the certainty that God is good, always has been, and always will be. And, give thanks that Jesus is the Teacher who has finally caught our attention. May we live love, compassion, and peace as he did, and may we share love–even now–as he did.

    1. Oh my dear Barbara, I feel just as you do! We’ll be cheering from the bleacher seats, but cheer we certainly will do!!

  6. Dearest Roberta,
    Thank you so much for sharing this most personal revelation you were given by the Lord Jesus Himself. In an unforeseen way, I find myself marveling at this beautiful moment involving Our Lord, the elevated Thomas in the afterlife and a flesh-and-blood woman here on earth, our Roberta! The three of you are involved in something amazing at this special time in Earth’s history, where changes are swift and dramatic and people are pressured from all sides.

    As Barbara Todd wisely says above,
    “We have reached the tipping point.”

    As the time is ripe SRO emerges now. How perfect it is that Jesus and the Way form the final part of it. The true Jesus is revealed and The Way teaches people how to raise their vibrations to perfect love – right after they learn of the true afterlife in SRO itself.
    So finally people can picture where they go after death; they learn the purpose of life and then they can focus on Jesus’ Way to achieve it. This is pure gift!

    I haven’t seen SRO yet – so I don’t know how it is put together, but that doesn’t matter because I see it as a big gift, wrapped in gold paper with a red bow just waiting to be undone! 😉 I feel that it is very special, and I anticipate with an enthusiasm that is somehow ‘different’ from that of waiting to open a physical gift on a birthday. The ‘waiting’ itself feels more profound somehow…

    And by sharing your vision in this blog with all of us here, we also take part in it and are thus bestowed, gifted. This blog family, the Seek Reality family, the elevated souls, our unseen guides and protectors all share in Lord Yeshua’s sacred work of awakening the Kingdom of God on earth.
    🌎 🙏🏼 🕊❣️🌅

    1. Heh. My dear Efrem, I haven’t seen it put together yet, either! But I am starting to understanding how it will be put together, and beginning to think that it really will be workable. I just want it to be fun for people, and not feel like a chore to learn about the afterlife. I mean, it was fun for me, even though objectively I guess it really was a chore! And a 50-year-long chore, for heaven’s sake. How do you make that into a two- or three-year-long playtime? Figuring that out has been my task, and it has been a tough one. But we’re coming out the other side of it now. And it’s starting to look like it kind of maybe will be sort of fun? At least, um, the book titles have the word “fun” in them, right?

      1. Dearest Roberta,
        I’ve always thought that Thomas’ choice of the word ‘fun’ in your book titles was a stroke of genius.
        Being relieved of the fear of death and hellfire, by a book with the improbable title of “The Fun of Dying” is an example. Therein the idea of fun, totally supplants our long held fear with the knowledge of a most beautiful afterlife. Hence we can anticipate much real fun in the world to come –
        The word ‘fun’ is very healing, I reckon. 😉

        Also my dear, please indulge my reply to your comment last week: I too, love the Ukrainian people. Their sheer bravery and utter love of freedom and their beautiful country, cannot help but touch me deep at heart.

        You know we have an established and strong Ukrainian community in Australia. I have known quite a few Ukrainian Australians personally and through my work in education. They have a lot of heart and so many of them love Jesus endlessly.

        To see people working together, going all out to defend their country, and help each other in every conceivable way, really makes me admire them. And yes, it really does hurt inside to see peaceful Ukraine suffer the onslaught of the ruthless Russian dictator’s war machine. Hence so many individuals from all walks of life have enlisted to defend their nation. And may they be successful too! How can we not feel deeply for their plight?
        I pray daily for Ukraine and her valiant people. ❣️🙏🏼🌻

        1. Dear Efrem, I have known just one Ukrainian by ancestry, and she was an American when I knew her in college. At the time, the Soviet Union still existed and she was obsessed with the notion that her ancestral homeland must one day be free! I was astonished by her obsession with Ukrainian freedom – she sounded then just as Mr. Zelensky sounds now. I have come to believe that people are going to have only as much personal freedom as they demand.

          And yes, I think the the titles of my books really are inspired! I just woke up one morning with all three titles in my mind: The Fun of Dying, The Fun of Staying in Touch, The Fun of Growing Forever. All three. I was relieved to finally have a title to make my publisher happy! I didn’t even know what the third book was supposed to be about until years later. And then when my dear friend Kelley and I came up with writing a book about how to fix our racial problems, Dr. King’s phrase made that fourth title obvious. When Thomas wanted me to write a book about The Way, he also couched it in terms of Fun!

          And now, as we are developing Seek Reality Online, we are making the learning there as much fun as possible. And on our consultants’ advice, we are pitching the website toward Baby Boomers living in the US, Canada, and Australia (a total of 65 million people), even though what I think of as our #1 fan is actually Indonesian and turns 18 today. (He tells me that Indonesians speak English. Who knew that?) It turns out that through the miracle of computers, we can have as many languages as we like, so we are making this information available to the world even as we pitch it at our ideal client, a 68-year-old widow. And if you’re wondering, an updated ETA is the end of May. 🙂

  7. Dear Roberta. Wow! Reading the account of your experiences this past week created a feeling that is hard to explain, a swelling of hushed anticipation and emotion, like witnessing a birth, like sitting nearby the newborn baby Jesus in his manger and all that might portend. In this case maybe it is a sort of rebirth of an updated version of Jesus’ Way, one that won’t require fear and sitting in pews for an hour just to go back to a dog eat dog existence. Maybe it would be more a way of life, living one’s life like a constant prayer, not the fear based beseeching the old Christianity promoted, but to the best of our ability to always express that Presence that is at the core of our being, which is to cultivate the practice of always seeing, loving, and serving that same Presence in all our brethren, while also always being alert for higher guidance. (This at least is basically what my guides have been trying to drum into my thick skull recently) I look forward to learning more from SRO and your new book. Your description of Jesus in your vision really gave the impression of a proud new father. Cigars anyone? It is a very hopeful moment!

    1. Do you know, my dear lovely Scott, I feel a bit more as you do now? I kind of feel a sense of possibility! Let’s see what happens. If they feel they can get that old jalopy going again, then you and I just might be ready to take a test-drive!

  8. Hi Roberta,
    Are you familiar with the book Christ Returns – Speaks His Truth? I ordered it.
    Karen W who lives in Florida with George from our ACIM group sent out a Zoom invitation and I joined their group. George was there and a woman named Linda, just the four of us. They are doing a book study on this book, much like we do with ACIM. Here is what we read from the end of Letter 3. Jesus is communicating through automatic writing.
    “My disciples did not know that I had secretly arranged with Joseph of Arimathea to take my body to his own unused tomb after my death, where he would anoint it according to custom before the sun set. Then, when darkness had fallen and the Sabbath was being observed by everyone in Jerusalem, assisted by two mounted trustworthy servants, he would take my body secretly during the night, and by out of sight tracks during the day, to a mountain side outside Nazareth in Galilee. There, further assisted by my family, if he followed my directions, he would find a small, hidden cave which had given me shelter from storms and a refuge from people when I was young, unhappy and rebellious, and at odds with the world. Joseph promised to find the cave from a map I had given him and to leave me there after further embalming. He would build up the small entrance to thoroughly block it from intruders. There my body has remained free from molestation. “It has been said of me that my body rose from the dead. What an absurdity conjured up by earthly minds which were at a loss to satisfactorily explain my death as a felon on a cross. What need would I have of an earthly body to continue existence in the next dimension? How could such a ridiculous myth persist even into the 21st century. It has been a measure of the lack of understanding of Christians that they have blindly accepted such a dogma to this very time. Each visible substance possesses its own unique vibrational frequency. A change in the rate of vibration produces a change in the appearance of matter. As consciousness energies change, so do the appearances of “matter” change. Therefore it was possible for me to focus and lower my frequencies of consciousness to that point where my form became visible to the human eye. I could return to my disciples and be seen by them.” While living on earth, your minds remain anchored within certain parameters of vibrational frequencies, imprisoned in bodies which have their own needs. If your consciousness were to truly soar beyond these parameters, your earthly self would disappear.”
    Quite a mouthful in a few sentences… and it all resonates with near-death, quantum physics, studies of consciousness, and ACIM. I am looking forward to reading more and participating in their group.
    Thank you for your blog,
    -Chuck Webb

    1. Oh my dear Chuck, yes, I have heard of the book. I get word of such pretender books on occasion. But those not in bodies tell me that it was not channeled by the genuine Jesus of the Gospels and A Course in Miracles, which of course you yourself can see from just this bit that you have quoted. It really is awful, full of ego and pointless low-vibration preening. Dear Chuck, you know that the Jesus who was about His Father’s business in the Temple at the age of twelve never had a period of teenage rebelliousness, for heaven’s sake! And the Jesus who led the group that channeled the masterful and altogether loving ACIM never would have said the haughty things this brat says in the bit that you quote here!

      And my dear beautiful Chuck, why must this person attack the notion of the risen Lord? And of the Shroud and the face cloth, both of which relics survive, and in fact may carry astonishing evidence that I have discussed elsewhere? The more I think of it, the more this book looks to be a subversive attempt to attack Jesus. The passage that you quoted has nothing about it at all that is appealing to anyone familiar with the Gospels, with ACIM, with consciousness studies, or with quantum mechanics for that matter. Do you know why your friends might find anything at all interesting about it?

  9. Oh my dear beautiful Chuck, you are due a big apology! I’m sorry that my first response above sounds so harsh. After a day of internal conversation (and I mean that in the most literal sense), I can give you an explanation. My dear guide really is a kindly soul, but the one thing that he cannot stand is seeing a direct attack on Jesus. When someone first emailed me about that book awhile back, Thomas inquired however he would inquire and he was told the book was bogus, so I told my email correspondent that, and I thought no more of it.

    But then when you copied that passage into your comment here, my Thomas saw some of what the book contained, and he saw red! He seized control of the vessel (his terminology) and wrote that first paragraph above. I didn’t like it, but what he had said wasn’t bad enough for me to intervene and fight it out here with him. I do own the vessel. I can prevail. But the damage my directly overruling him can make to our relationship can take awhile to repair. When I did try to intervene after he had cooled down a bit, we compromised on my adding the second paragraph, but that didn’t make it a whole lot better.

    And now, a day later, he says that we might add this explanation, but he still won’t let me remove his original paragraph. He is concerned about you. He wants you to know that ACIM was in fact channeled by a group that was led by Jesus. ACIM ia genuine, but the book that you are now reading is not written by or related to Jesus.

    So, a big hug, my dear beautiful friend! And a big apology from me. Living and working while sharing this vessel with a being who is not only a great deal smarter and more advanced than I am, but who also is sometimes vastly more opinionated than I am, can on occasion be a considerable challenge!

  10. Dear Roberta,

    Your exchanges with Chuck and with Thomas were most beneficial to me. I had been born with handicaps, but fought thru them to live, perhaps too long now. Life is hard, but the hardships, if approached as challenges to overcome, become interesting, even exciting, and victories are so much sweeter when gained over adversity.

    As I approach my return to the other side, I have had a bit of concern that I might get bored. Once I mentioned to a collegue that I would like to take a vacation (which I took only one time in my entire life), get on a small row boat and fish– he laughed and said that would last less than an hour before I got bored. Now, what Thomas has displayed is that no passion is lost on the other side, and so bordom need not be any issue.

    As an aside, the other day I decided to write an historical novel. As thoughts have come to mind while I write, I am now convinced that I am a participant in the writing, because I did not bring to the table some of the information that I write. For example, I introduced a nasty German character, and had to name him. Muller came to mind, I suppose from acquaintance with the FBI’s Robert Mueller. But Robert would not work for his first name, so I imagined a more appropriate one. Heinz. No. Heinrich. Yes, perfect. Out of curiousity, I googled the name, and it turned out to be owned by a notorious Nazi, which works perfectly for my story.

    1. Oh my dear sweet Jack, I am DEFINITELY just a participant when I write anything! And yes, even fiction. Maybe especially fiction. I started writing a fictional saga in the seventies of which I am actually one of the characters rather thinly disguised, and it has followed me through my life. I can’t anticipate it and I can’t hold it back, but when it comes, it comes. There is a lead guide named Marvina who actually writes my fiction. She has three assistants, and they finished the sixth in the series last summer; and now they are pushing the seventh and final novel in the series but, good grief, I’ve got no time to work on it until SRO is up! Thomas tells me the novels are because I enjoy them, in the beginning they taught me to write better, and they relax me emotionally. All certainly true. But in fact, I am so dependent on Thomas for nonfiction and Marvina for fiction at this point that I literally cannot put together a coherent sentence without them!

      1. This is interesting to me because I am always astonished when I go back and read some story I wrote years ago and come across a sentence that I know I never thought of. I have since stopped asking myself “who wrote that?” and now I just say “thank you!” Recently I took up drawing after allowing that to atrophy. I am doing it more for the art therapy but she’s really starting to take over there too! Then I remember that she first entered my dream work as a potter—so maybe a work in 3D is next!

        1. My dear Mike and everyone, I think it’s important for us to again say here that everyone has a primary spirit guide! And we all are working with our guides at least at night with amnesia for the event, so please don’t think that it’s only a few – like Mike or like me – who have this internal guidance. We all have spirit guides! If you want a more active relationship, it can take some time and effort to develop, but if your guide thinks such a relationship will be helpful to you, then indeed you can have an active friendship with your own Thomas (me) or Arrow (Mike). And, take it from me: my Thomas is the best possible best friend there could be! If you want it, simply ask for it, and then open your mind to it. Exercises in listening will be among the many things that we will offer when SRO goes live!

  11. Roberta,

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with those of us on spiritual journeys that aren’t tethered to a brick and mortar church. When my children were young I joined a Bible study group at the encouragement of my dear sister-in-law. I enjoyed the community and the conversations about Scripture. What I found off-putting, and led to me to leave eventually, was the constant judgement of others. I, too, had a personal encounter with Jesus, and what sticks with me to this day is the overwhelming sense of unconditional love he has for me and for all of us. I’ve never felt that loved before, and each day I thank Him for loving me, as I endeavor to become someone who loves others in the same selfless way. We are not here to judge, only love. Again, thank you for sharing your soul journey. With kindness, Jennifer

    1. Oh my dear Jennifer, I am so glad He has led you to find us here! As you have so succinctly put it, the whole problem with the old false Christianity was human judgment! When in fact God never judges anyone? Jesus tells us that in the Gospels, and we now know it to in fact be true, but yet church folks presume to judge people anyway!

      Before the Romans created a religion using Jesus as its figurehead, His followers were building a very different movement that they called (and therefore presumably He called) The Way. It was based in love and not in fear. In Jesus’s teachings alone. And we’re about to try it. We hope you’ll join us!

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