Is Jesus God?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • September 10, 2022 • 91 Comments

The long and winding road That leads to Your door
Will never disappear. I’ve seen that road before.
It always leads me here. Lead me to Your door!

The wild and windy night That the rain washed away
Has left a pool of tears, Crying for the day.
Why leave me standing here? Let me know the way!
– John Lennon (1940-1980) & Paul McCartney, from “The Long and Winding Road” (1970)

For years I have read the blogs and newsletters of a dozen public clergymen and theologians. They range from the highly respectable and much-beloved Father Richard Rohr of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico to an unfashionable and thoroughly by-the-Book, fire-and-brimstone fellow at the other end of the range. I respect and love them all for their sincere and wholehearted devotion to God, to Jesus, and to their fellow man. Even though I am no longer practicing Roman Christianity, all of those who love and serve Jesus are my cherished brothers and sisters in Christ.

 This year is shaping up to be the most astonishing year of my entire life. Oh my goodness, I have actually met Jesus! You don’t consider such a thing to be even possible, although now Jesus really is my friend. He has a voice that I know, with a minimal accent. He has a beautiful face that I adore. He has that overwhelmingly powerful silken energy, and He has mannerisms that I fondly recognize. I think of Him smiling a little and turning away when I said something flattering to Him. Never do that. Jesus just wants to be accepted and loved as one of us.

 And now I read those daily or weekly missives from my old-friend clergymen with some amazement. They write as if my new friend, Jesus, has been sitting on a shelf for the past two thousand years with a blank stare on His face, just gathering dust. Or they even confidently write as if He is a quaint relic of some earthly Middle Eastern past. Why has it not occurred to any of them even to speculate about what He might have been doing during all that time since He last went home? Each human life is eternal, and what with the Inquisitions and the Crusades and all the rest of Roman Christian history, might it not have been worth at least a speculative blog post about Jesus’s possible subsequent involvement in the world? And perhaps the Lord’s own resulting further personal spiritual growth?

And my clergyman friends still write from within the religion! This fact astonishes me sometimes, especially with the more sophisticated of them. Max Planck’s revolutionary discoveries about consciousness are now a century old, and even though the mainstream scientific gatekeepers still are stonewalling them, his ideas by now have permeated our culture. Father Rohr is a Franciscan priest, and He actually said during one of His more recent newsletter cycles that he had thought about making some radical changes, but he had decided to “stay defiantly,” or words to that effect. Sometimes, when I am reading what these beloved clergyfolks write, I feel as if I am reading missives from some distant land that is stuck in the past and holding my dear clergyfriends prisoner. While Christianity continues to decline worldwide, they all still fret about terms and timelines and apologetics, and they fuss about modern concepts like something called “harmonial religion.” And all that I ever see them say about Jesus the Man is centered around events two thousand years in the past. Even then, their observations often involve details that were peripheral to the Lord’s life and work.

But I am so far beyond all of that now! And wow, I have got to say it: so is Jesus, pretty clearly. I don’t know who first used the term “church-Jesus,” whether He said it or I did, but Jesus seems to be just about as done with church-Jesus as I am. And at this point, Thomas no longer can effectively impede my curiosity, so this week I have dared to ask more questions. What were Thomas and Jesus fighting about? Of course, they weren’t actually fighting-fighting. And with Jesus’s permission, Thomas has been telling me about some of their experiments as they have tried to understand why Jesus can’t seem to feel anger. They have determined that He must have disabled His ability to feel anger while He was helping all those victims of Christianity.

At least, that is their present theory. Here were all those suffering people! Anyone else seeing them arriving home in that condition and in their millions would have become enraged, but Jesus felt only love and compassion for the torturers as well as the victims. Not normal. But Jesus tells Thomas now that He probably thought that if He had let Himself feel anger at what He was seeing, He might not have been able effectively to help all those victims. Still, we know that Jesus was able to feel some righteous anger during His lifetime as Jesus (See e.g. MK 7:1-23 and MT 21:11-13). So He and Thomas then together looked back even further, at their last earth-lifetime together as brothers, just as all of us can look at the records of our prior lives once we are back in our greater minds.

So what I was allowed to witness last week that led to Thomas chasing Jesus and pinning Him in the grass was a bit of their effort to recapture their lives lived within that ancient family that Thomas now tells me actually happened about 6,300 years ago. Which goes to show you that sibling rivalries can be remarkably persistent! Thomas was the oldest son in a ruling family, but Jesus was their mother’s favorite. She was lobbying to get Thomas removed as their father’s successor and Jesus installed in his place, even though Thomas was a warrior and already a successful general, and Jesus had never been willing to fight. Their youngest brother, who later lived an earth-lifetime as the Apostle John, didn’t figure into this rivalry. And later of course it all became moot when their city was wiped out in a massacre, after which Jesus became an ascended being. But Thomas and Jesus were able to get pretty deep into their memories, including recalling and using again the epithets that they had hurled at one another as boys, which Thomas translated into English. So their using those memories to try to revive Jesus’s ability to feel some level of anger was the nighttime event that Thomas had allowed me to remember. And thus they have established the curious Freudian fact that all that Jesus has to do now is to say “Butcher-Boy” to Thomas, and it puts Thomas into an immediate rage.

Now of late, Thomas and I have been discussing what more he and Jesus have been learning about how the process of spiritual growth seems to work. This question has seized Thomas’s mind, and with his current occupational limitation he mostly has just me to share it with, so he has been pulling me away from my other work to debate the question at hand. And that question for him has come down to this: Knowing what we know now, can we say that Jesus has actually, literally become God, having once been actually, literally just a human being, and in fact what my Thomas has referred to a couple of times lovingly and probably mostly in jest as his own bratty little brother? Jesus has been part of our discussion too, but since we have been talking about Him and He seems to be devoid of ego, He won’t contribute a point of view. I just have sometimes been feeling His silken energy nearby. I think He is curious. And while there probably is no clear-cut answer to this question, Thomas and I agree that the answer seems to be yes. It is yes no matter which of two different angles we take.

First: Jesus was born on earth as Jesus two thousand years ago directly from out of the Godhead. He had earned that spiritual level even back then, and His service to God and to humankind as Jesus surely has earned Him a great deal more in terms of spiritual growth. The fact that He chose not to return to and meld with the Godhead after His Ascension does not reduce any of that; but if anything, it further enhances it.

Second: The unique life of selfless love, sacrifice, and service on lowly Level Three that Jesus has been living for the past two thousand years has led to extraordinary additional spiritual growth that my Thomas witnessed as it was happening, and that amazing additional growth is obvious to me just as a visitor. But it really is impossible to quantify, in part because Jesus seems to be unwilling to test it.

Jesus has inadvertently made of Himself an experiment in extreme love and service. I cannot imagine that it ever will be replicated. If someone loves and serves hundreds of millions of people intensely, unceasingly, and for two thousand years, and so selflessly that He doesn’t allow His own spiritual development to advance by levels as it usually happens naturally, but instead He does all of this without ever leaving the third level of the astral plane, then what happens? Then you get Jesus as He is today. I find it hard to describe Him for you. It seems to be first now that He even feels free enough of fixing the mess that the Romans made of Christianity to even know who He is, Himself. This experimenting with trying to help Him feel human emotions again beyond love and sevice that He and Thomas have been doing has been helpful to Him, I think. It has helped to loosened and relax His mind. But what they have mostly learned is that at this point, Jesus is a Being unique unto Himself.

My mother was very close to death at the age of eighty-eight. After she came out of her coma, she even told me that her parents had come for her, but she had refused to go with them. So then a few days later she had a visit from a classic sixth-level being who told her that she would be given a little more time on earth. My mother had no idea what that being had been! She called it just “the big tall man.” And on that crowded hospital floor, she was the only one who saw it. Classically, sixth-level beings who appear on earth are often eight or more feet tall, very thin, and vaguely male or female but androgynous. They wear what look like angel robes with fancy belts and hats, and they glow with either a silver or a golden radiance. Or they might prefer to be simply a ball of light that you recognize as an individual being by its energy signature.

Jesus has been to the sixth level, which we are told is indescribably beautiful. But Thomas tells me that Jesus finds it boring, as of course He would. There are no regular people there. I haven’t asked Thomas whether Jesus has traveled even higher than Level Seven, which is the Godhead level, but I believe that He could indeed travel higher, if He chose to do that. Thomas is as curious as I am about how much power Jesus actually has at this point; indeed, we speculate that He is more powerful now than the entire Godhead Collective put together. Remember that even back when He resurrected His crucified body as Jesus, it has been estimated based on studying the scorch on the Shroud of Turin that He used more power to do that than we would be able to produce, even today. But not only does Jesus have no interest in testing His present power, but the whole idea of His having any kind of power that you could measure actually seems to disgust Him. Oddly, He seems to have come to equate divine power with money in some way, the lust for which He sees as having harmed so many of His human friends.

Jesus lives entirely by His own lights. In all of the whole gigantic astral plane, achieving the top of the sixth level and becoming one of those ten-foot-tall beings in angelic robes and with the flashiest belt and hat, all of it radiant with the brightest possible gold and silver and showing what a spiritual big-shot we are is everybody’s ultimate goal. And then there is Jesus. By choice, He is barely six feet tall, with short, curly hair and a regular beard and He wears just a plain astral robe that doesn’t glow at all. The only signifier of Jesus’s spiritual status is The Big One. The one that no one can hide. It is His overwhelmingly powerful and perfectly silken personal energy. And He even tries to tone that down.

Jesus innocently defies every convention of human spiritual growth that we have learned, or even that we can imagine. Thomas tells me that as Jesus has begun to think beyond His two-thousand-year detour into His need to minimize the harm that was caused on earth by Roman Christianity, some of what seems to be an endless supply of friends always coming and going are advising Him now to simply leave our astral dimension altogether. And Thomas tells me that some of Jesus’s inner circle also are advising Him to take that advice and disappear. I have had no idea about this, but Thomas tells me that Jesus, together with the Buddha and Krishna and some other great Wisdom teachers I have never heard of who were developed on earth are greatly revered in other dimensions. And I have heard Jesus say something about preparing to teach in those other realms.

So on Friday I asked my Thomas what he thinks that Jesus is going to do now. “Do you think He really will go and teach somewhere else? I think I can do a website about His teachings all on my own based on the Gospels and Liberating Jesus, if He wants to leave something of Himself here.”

Thomas said, “You know Him. What do you think that He will do?”

“I know what He should do. After we’ve just given Him two thousand years of grief!”

“But what do you expect Him to do?’

I thought about the Jesus I know. His voice. His face. I said, “He loves people. I think what would make Him happiest is staying here with us. And God knows, no one needs His teachings now more than we do, right here!”

Thomas smiled. And to the extent that it is possible for someone who is actually internal to give you a hug, I think he gave me a hug.


Many times I’ve been alone, And many times I’ve cried.
Anyway, You’ll never know The many ways I’ve tried.
And still they lead me back To the long winding road.
You left me standing here A long, long time ago.
Don’t leave me waiting here. Lead
me to Your door!
– John Lennon (1940-1980) & Paul McCartney, from “The Long and Winding Road” (1970)

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91 thoughts on “Is Jesus God?

  1. The title of this blog entry rhetorically asks: “Is Jesus God?”

    But if you were to ask me personally “Is Jesus God?” then my answer would be “He’s definitely not my God.”

    1. You know, when I read what you had written, Mac, I asked Thomas whether he and Jesus really want me to be so frank about their journey each week. And did they want me to delete this? He said to leave it. He said that they are testing the waters. He said that Jesus, especially, really wants to know where the world is now. He has seen the worst of it. He does not believe that we can say anything here that will shock Him!

      As for me, after having lived for fifty years as an ardent Christian, I can just say that it is only now that I understand what we meant when we used to say that Jesus is “fully God and fully man.” He must be both in order to be able to understand us! How could He not be? And understanding us, and loving us, how could He have done anything but what He actually did, which was to hunker down and create a heavenly field hospital for all the millions of victims of Roman Christianity? I slapped my forehead when I realized that!

      What has surprised me has been the extent to which Jesus has wanted me to share all of this. It felt weird, to be frank. But Thomas tells me now that He is testing the waters. As He wraps up His ministry to the victims of Roman Christianity, He is thinking about what to do in His next stage.

      1. quote: “You know, when I read what you had written, Mac, I asked Thomas whether he and Jesus really want me to be so frank about their journey each week. …….”

        I’m flattered my words prompted you to ask probing questions, Roberta, but exactly which words do you mean?

        All I’m seeing here is my unrelated opening posting.

        1. Your “unrelated opening posting” looks to me to be a callous and hurtful slap in the face of my Beloved. And David Wright saw it that way as well, as did someone else who chose instead to email me rather than commenting here. Especially as it was the opening comment, it seemed to be intentionally hurtful.

          1. David Wright has spoken for himself and I have apologised to him.

            However you felt about my comment it was not how you characterised it yesterday – I will not repeat the adjective you used then – and it is not the way you are characterising it now.

            As for Jesus, I will not accept for one moment that HE would view my personal approach as “a callous and hurtful slap in the face”. May I respectfully repeat what you wrote yesterday? “He (Thomas) said that Jesus, especially, really wants to know where the world is now. He does not believe that we can say anything here that will shock Him!” But if you are shocked then I apologise to you because that was not my intention.

            Online I try hard to ensure my responses are to points being made rather than about the person making them.

    2. Hello, mac. Thought I would introduce myself, since it seems we have a few things in common. We don’t mind asking questions, to get clarification on views. For instance, a few weeks ago Roberta Grimes wrote about the Way of Jesus which was free of the five marks of religion (ie. ritual, dogma) and was spreading for 300 years until the Roman faith started killing them by the millions. Well, after some clarification it was found that at the Council of Nicaea it was the ideas of Arius that were banned, and when groups like the Vandals and Ostrogoths took that as their form of Christianity it started a civil war where Christians were killing Christians by the millions. And where was the Way of Jesus? A secret society, spreading among the poor, simultaneous large enough, spreading among the poor, to possibly become in time the largest Christian group, and small enough that it had to hide within other Christianities, do their rituals while not believing them, in order to avoid persecution. Clarification leads to a more complex and interesting story. Seems unfortunate that it did not have its own existence as a form of Christianity, but it opens up a number of questions. First, where did all these forms of Christianity come from, if none of them were the Way of Jesus? Second, a secret society infiltrating other Christianities would have also done so to the Roman system, so there should still be traces of this Way, even if only in the form of Clergy talking about a form of persistent heresy. But I am not the best researcher.
      I don’t know much about the spirit guide Silver Birch. When reading your posts last week I didn’t realize for a while that it was a spirit guide you were talking about. What type of teachings did he do? I have to admit I enjoy writings by a channel, the Abraham-Hicks teachings. I like how Abraham gives practices to try to see if what is being said is useful.
      Oh, don’t worry about Roberta getting on your case a little for judging Jesus. Something Roberta wrote recently about Jesus reminded me of something similar Nietzche had written, so I am in the process of re-reading his The Antichrist to see if my memory is correct. That’s what a criticism of Christianity (but not as much Jesus, although he gets his share) looks like, not the questions you had. Still, if Thomas and Jesus are starting up Way of Jesus 2.0 , it might be good for them to look at some criticism, and Nietzche certainly brings it.
      Finally, one thing I don’t understand, which was mentioned last week. Why in the world do babies who die before birth, whether through abortion, miscarriage, or simply die with their mother in childbirth, have to go through all the stages of infancy, toddler, childhood, puberty, and finally adulthood in the afterlife? Wouldn’t they simply reconnect with their greater selves, and all the memories of their previous lives and time between life, have a very short life review, and move on? I think you are the moderator, or at least someone who writes on afterlife forums, so maybe you know the answer to this question, have seen a discussion on this matter.
      I have done a lot of writing, so will stop for now. 🙂

      1. It’s my pleasure to ‘speak’ with you, Jason. 🙂 You have mentioned certain points I would be happy to respond to.

        The loss of a child who returns to spirit way too soon (as we see things) has special resonance for me and I would love to visit that subject again. Roberta’s blog is not the place for such a conversation, however. 😉

        The most appropriate one would be a fully-featured discussion forum such as that over on ALF. Join me there. 🙂

          1. I’m not a sports fan; but I wouldn’t go to the stadium and point out everything I don’t like about them.

        1. Hello again, mac. Yes, I think I will go ahead and say hello to you over at the ALF.
          I would also recommend letting things rest for a few weeks on this blog. I have also gotten on Roberta Grimes’ grr list for disagreeing with her. Let’s face it, sometimes it shows on here that she is a Texas Republican, so she will say things this California Democrat will disagree with. We certainly had our spats over COVID-19. I also criticized Thomas for not doing more when Roberta lost her money, and she REALLY did not like that. Point is, I took a break from here, cooled myself down, and then realized I did not need to come on here trying to win the argument. She has her path, I have mine, if I can add something of worth from my experience I will, or ask a question, or get a clarification. It also means I don’t need to write in every week.
          Hope this helps.

          1. No, my dear Jason, I certainly did not think that it was remotely appropriate for you to criticize my spirit guide for not making money materialize for me when a fraudster stole most of our life savings!

            For the curious, this happened 18 months ago. I understand quite a bit more now. Thomas didn’t direct me to get involved with a criminal’s fraudulent charitable scheme, but he didn’t dissuade me either, and in fact he put me in a position where this result was pretty much inevitable. Then as it was happening, whenever I asked Thomas for direction, he would just say, “It will be fine.” The details don’t matter. The result is that the fraudster received a sentence of 11 years in prison, with no possibility of parole. I wasn’t her only victim, but my loss was the biggest – we lost almost a million dollars.

            And I realize now that that was the problem for Thomas. I was much too rich. Knowing Jesus as I have come to know Him, both how He thinks and the way He literally could have smelled that wealth on me, and also knowing now what the plan was for my work for Jesus that was just about to begin, I know that my husband and I had overshot the mark. So Thomas had to allow that problem to be solved. And he did. Rather neatly, too. He then arranged a series of events that brought us precisely the additional income that we needed so we could keep our paid-for home. But without being so blasted rich!

            Then, just a year after the crook was arrested, this wonderful part of my life began. My God, if you were to ask me now whether I would rather have Jesus in my life or that useless million dollars back in the bank, I know what my answer would be!

          2. Hello, Roberta Grimes.
            The blog format does not allow me to directly respond to you, so I will need to respond to myself. 🙂

            I have marveled at how dominant Thomas’s interactions with you have been. But, I think you mentioned that because of what you and Thomas and Jesus are trying to accomplish, you have a relationship that might be a bit different than what many people would have with their spirit guide.
            As you may have noticed, I did the experiment a few weeks ago to see if I could get the name of my spirit guide. That’s when I got the name Renfield. So, thought I’d share some of my experiences.
            He is relentless in making sure that in our interactions I am the Dracula. Not literally, with fangs and a cape, but making sure I am the leader, with him as the companion (anyone who watched Game of Thrones might have remembered the term Hand of the King) leading me toward a most benevolent way to get to where I want to go. But, in most cases I have to choose the direction first.
            I get a distinct yogi/philosopher vibe from him, so sometimes when I’m looking for a direction or wanting a clarification he will do a whole Socratic question and answer thing with me until I come up with the answer myself.
            Now, I don’t know much about spirit guides, so I don’t know if spirit guides in general are more like Thomas or like Renfield.

        2. Hello again, mac.
          It looks like Roberta Grimes unexpectedly gave me an opportunity to show in a practical way what I was talking about.

          Now, I could take this as an argument. There are inaccuracies in how I was portrayed, so I certainly could push back. But I’m not going to. This is not a submissive act, but a deliberate, calculated choice. I wrote the statement to you deliberately vague enough to fly under the radar but specific enough to let you know that I’ve been where you are, give things a rest, when you come back it will be “water under the bridge”. And, it was a statement not directed at Roberta Grimes. Yet, I got a quite lengthy reply from her. Conclusion: Eighteen months later, this is still a sensitive, delicate topic for her. What possible good would it do Roberta or myself to keep poking at this sensitive area with a stick?
          Second, if you look at Roberta’s reply, most of it is not an argument. She gave insight into her interactions with Thomas during what was a pretty darn rough patch in her life. Now, is there anything I can contribute to this? Actually, yes. A few weeks ago I did an experiment on contacting my spirit guide and found Renfield. I also found the way he interacts with me is quite different than how Thomas interacts with Roberta. I can respond telling my personal experience, so the greater viewing audience can see there is more than one way a guide can interact with a person, which might be useful if a person on here made the experiment and was then wondering why their guide was not acting more like Thomas.
          So, hope this helps.

      2. My dear Jason, to answer your question, when we prepare to enter an earth-lifetime we go through a process of shrinkage, if you will, into a fetus, and we then must grow into a young adult once again. At whatever stage that fetus or baby or young child dies on earth, it is rescued and carried to a children’s village in the afterlife where it is lovingly reared to know and love its earth-parents. This process usually takes only eight or ten earth-years. Since 1973 in the US there have been more than 60 million abortions, so you see those children’s villages have been very busy places!

  2. Dear Roberta,
    I have to say, sharing (as much as a reader can)your journey has been a fairly wild ride. I can relate to what you are saying, from the exasperation of repeated dogma and beliefs of religion, to the curiosity of what’s beyond this. As I consider the experiments Thomas and Jesus are engaged in, it seems a challenge to old beliefs about “what happened” to Jesus after he ascended. I like that he’s not just sitting on a throne next to “God” meting out “justice” and such.
    Is it possible that Jesus IS really “something new” in the Heavens? That he chose a path no other ascended being chose and they are all just as curious about “what happens” as we are?
    And because he came from the human race, he is the epitome of the “perfected” human soul, a blueprint that we can all aspire to, if we’d choose? I get that there are other masters, Buddha, Krishna, etc. and that each chose paths that opened gateways of growth, kind of like each opened a “portal” or “ray” of transport/transformation, and what if he chose/created one so UNexpected, so unique, that “experiments” are engaged because this ray/portal is new to ALL-including the higher beings?
    I am sure there are others besides Thomas that are “experimenting” with him; I would think Max, Nicola, and many others are “working” on ideas of this nature along with him.
    I am glad I’m not stuck on “church-Jesus” and reading your words as “blasphemous”, because God/Life/Love is way beyond the confining beliefs of our man made religions. 30 years ago, I might not have been so open minded (eye roll and sigh here), and I feel that my growth is a result of Jesus’ and all the beings like Thomas, who are helping. For that, I am grateful.
    One of the first thoughts I had when I embarked on opening my mind up was that science and spirituality needed to meld in order for us to grasp the whole “idea” of Life. I think your work is along those lines.

    1. I agree, my dear Fran! I hope Jesus will become involved with people like Tesla and even Planck. The sciency folks. But I’m not sure that He isn’t really beyond that now. He said even 2000 years ago that to become perfected we have to become as little children, and really, He has been so isolated for so long that He is in some ways remarkably childlike. I don’t know the extent to which He really wants to be mixed up with the world again.

  3. Thank you for saying so, my dear Susan! Although, as our wonderful friend Fran says, sometimes these ideas can feel rather bracing 🙂

  4. Dear Roberta. You really have become quite the visionary mystic, and it has been beautiful to see this unfold for you. You must find it a bit mind boggling. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, and I’m glad Thomas thinks it is a good idea to continue doing so. Also, I hope that Jesus and others like The Buddha and Krishna will be keeping an eye on us a bit longer. We need all the help we can get at this crucial point in human history.

    1. Oh my dear Scott, it is first now in my whole long life that I even begin to understand the mystics! I am so completely in love with Jesus that it scares me to admit it to myself. I understand now how nuns could enter cloisters for life. He is God, but more than God because He is also sweetly human and somehow even childlike. I want to protect Him from the world. I understand that we need Him. We need them all! But if the Macs of the world are just going to give Him more grief (e.g. the first comment above), then I will finish writing The Fun of Loving Jesus, and I’ll build His website, and He can go then and teach in some gentler reality that will give Him the adoration that He deserves.

  5. Hi Roberta, thanks again to you, Thomas and Jesus for the posts.

    I’d like to ask a few questions as I try to wrap my head around these subjects.

    Do we have the same range of emotions when we are home and not in this Earthly realm? From reading your blog posts it seems like we do.

    You’ve touched on how powerful Jesus has become in a few posts. I was wondering if there was a reason that matters? I guess I’m trying to understand our fixation on raising our vibration levels. From what I have worked out personally, becoming more like Jesus would give us a peaceful existence. No matter what level we are at. Is there some other motivating factors that I am probably missing?

    Apologies if I am asking too many questions but hopefully our questions help further ideas for posts.

    1. Dear Thomas, we have approximately the same range of emotions there as here, I think, but our perspective is quite different. We are much less fearful, of course, and much happier. And we want to vibrate higher because then we can go higher, which means that everything is more beautiful, there is more to do, and we can have a lot more fun! Imagine in the U.S. if in order to get to the coasts you’ve got to be vibrating above a certain rate. Oh, you want Cape Cod? then you’ve got to be vibrating even higher. We are always very aware, because those vibrating higher can visit lower and they move among us and we become frustrated. Raising our vibration there is very difficult, which is why we keep taking earth lives. I am simplifying this some, but this is basically what is going on!

    2. quote: “Do we have the same range of emotions when we are home and not in this Earthly realm?” yes and no
      We will still feel love as we do here but more intensely and in a different way. But we won’t feel as much frustration or anger.

      quote: “I guess I’m trying to understand our fixation on raising our vibration levels. ”

      We ought not to fixate on doing it because such fixation may not be beneficial. How we react to our encounters with the trials and tribulations of incarnate life greatly influences the so-called vibratory level we eventually achieve. That doesn’t necessarily mean striving to be more like any one spiritual figure than another.

      If we learn what we can about life eternal, and learn what life in the body is all about, we’ve begun the change. If we then try to apply what we’ve learned to our everyday lives then by so doing we are naturally enhancing our personal level of spiritual advancement.

      But life in-the-body isn’t a once-and-only-once event. Where we might fail in one lifetime we might choose to try again in another. Or we may choose to accept it as one of those things we regret but which we don’t need to atone for via another incarnation.

      It’s moot whether we can ever aspire to unconditional love in this dimension but if we try we’re more likely to get closer to it. 🙂


  6. “Oh my dear glorious…….. go right to the heart of what I am trying to say.”

    Dearest Roberta I would like to thank you for your validation of me and my comment (above) in last weeks excellent blog post. It always gives me such a lift and opens my heart greatly. Thanks also, for this excellent weekly blog format and for validating each of us in this family, continually and out of the love you and Thomas have for each and every one of us.

    Please consider this comment a kind of little epilogue of mine from last week, as I felt the need to say something particular and therefore I do not reply to this week’s post yet, in this missive:

    At the outset, please allow me to say that I rejoice that, at core, each and every soul is of equal preciousness to the Divine. Hence at core, I am (thankfully) neither better or worse than anyone else. We can leave the comparison of persons to the illusion and duality in this world. Phew! Truly we are free.

    We are also human though –
    So my ‘human side’ encourages me to speak on one point here:

    The relationship each of us shares with you is, well, kind of sacred. It is a beautiful spiritual family-friendship bond that links us in all corners of the world. This bond is to be treasured. Respected. Hence, any expression of it in the comments here, should not be disrespected and trodden on, somewhat callously, by any individual. In other words, should our pearlescent Roberta comment to Samuel or Samantha, Damian should not use said comment to make some personally critical point aimed at your good self, Roberta. Damian should not grind his axe to dull oblivion by using your kind words gifted to another replying person. He can dull his own axe using his own words, born of of the blizzard of frustration in his own mind. That’s at least more fitting.

    Such rough treatment by a fellow poster can be needlessly hurtful to the receiver of your kind comment. Certainly it feels like an angry bull crashing through the china shop; It’s like trampling that beautiful moment given by yourself to someone; Crushing the daisies of kind regard underfoot, or hoof, as it were. And you go to great lengths to validate each of us so beautifully my dear. You plant so many beautiful flowers that nourish and gladden our hearts

    In conclusion, I realize that people have to battle through so many painful and tough things in each week, to come at last to your blog on the Sabbath. It may take a lot to get here! Anyone could be feeling low, heart broken and unloved at any time. And a harsh response from someone here could just be, well, too hurtful after so much coldness in the world experienced that week. Hence it is better not to trample through someone’s connection with you as if that person means nothing.

    Everyone is important. Everyone means as much as everyone else. No one needs to feel singled out and his comments used to suit an angry individuals possibly dubious criticisms.

    In any case, we are all part of the One Mind. What we do to someone else, we do to part of ourselves.🙏🏼 ❣️🕊

    1. Not quite, Mac. Comments on my blog are welcome provided that they respect the Godhead. Should that become a rule, perhaps? Should we take a vote? That would give us at least a minimum standard of decency, after all?

      Two thousand years ago, Jesus was born on earth from out of the Godhead. That is what Christianity says, and that is what He says. So that makes your first comment out of bounds, Mac. It insulted Him, and it horrified me. End of discussion.

          1. Dear Jackie, as best we understand it, the Godhead Collective is the highest group of levels of the very many spiritual levels of the astral plane through which we can progress. For convenience, we have grouped them into seven groups, the lowest of which is the outer darkness, then the recovery level. Levels three through five are the beautiful Summerland
            levels, where most of us live – we generally return to the afterlife at Level Three, and once we have achieved close to the top of Level Five we generally can stop incarnating and become spirit guides. Level Six is the Teaching Level of very exalted beings, and Level Seven is the Godhead Level, the Collective of Perfected Beings that continuously manifests this reality.

        1. Wow, great question! This is never supposed to happen, and in fact Thomas tells me that we think that Jesus is still the only one who ever has wanted to leave the Godhead, after having achieved entry. But getting there isn’t easy. It requires achieving spiritual perfection, and based on what Thomas has told me, Jesus always was a very rare bird, someone who in every lifetime was obsessed with loving people. He achieved the Godhead level some 6000 years ago, without even understanding His achievement; but He loved people so much that He couldn’t bear to be there unless everyone else on earth could be there too! It took Him thousands of earth-years to do it, but He finally persuaded the High Council that governs the Godhead to let Him take that extraordinary lifetime as Jesus so He could study people, and then teach people how to do what He had done naturally. Those are His Gospel teachings, a/k/a The Way. Which Christians mostly ignore. But which, by the way, work beautifully!

          1. Thank you, Roberta. Your replies were very helpful.

            ROBERTA’S EXTRA REPLY (since this thread ended)

            Of course, high above the Godhead Collective of our reality is the Supreme God of all realities, but please note that insofar as we are able to understand it, our Godhead Collective is made up of spiritually perfected people. It is US. This is new information within just this century or so, and I still can’t get over it!

      1. quote: “So that makes your first comment out of bounds, Mac. ” No it doesn’t but it WOULD had there already been such a rule. And there’s absolutely no need for you to organise a vote – just introduce your rule. This is your website to do on it whatever you choose and I respect your right.

        BUT no matter what you personally say, no matter what Christianity says and no matter what any discarnate says, genuine respect for anyone or for anything can not be achieved by demanding it.

        You say you were horrified I apologise because that was not my intention but nobody and nothing were insulted. End of discussion.

        1. mac, I’m glad that you don’t intend for your statements to be hurtful. It seems a lot of hurt results anyway. I wouldn’t think anyone would need a rule to not be so abrupt and confrontational. Frankly most of us come here for Roberta’s comments ,not yours.
          I followed ALF “ Ask Carol and Mikey “ for awhile. Your frequent disputes and disagreements, along with another frequent responder, made for a very negative atmosphere. I suspect Carol was bullied off the site.

          1. Well said Ray! We come here for Roberta’s comments and not for Mac’s. I also followed Carol and Mikey In afterlifeforums and yes it feels like Carol was bullied off the site and I now miss them dearly. That place is nothing without them. This is why I suspect we now have this gent come here to this site to try to do the same since he did at the forum.

          2. My dear Ray and everyone, I was very sorry when Carol was no longer comfortable at afterlifeforums. It should have been an ideal place for Mikey to display his undeniable gifts! But once I no longer had the time to be there so I couldn’t protect her, apparently it became a less comfortable place for her. So now they hold forth regularly on my podcast, about once every six weeks or so – which is less ideal, but better than nothing. And I’m trying to persuade them to write another book, now that Carol has retired!

          3. Hi DDOspina. Their leaving ALF is a missed opportunity for the English speaking world.

            Dear Roberta. Thank you for having Carol and Mikey on your podcast.
            I’m so glad we still have access to his teaching.

        2. Mac, With all due respect, Ray well said:
          ” Frankly most of us come here for Roberta’s comments ,not yours. ”

          Now, whereas Isaiah sad not to do onto others– Jesus instructed us in His Golden Rule positively to assert ourselves to do for others what we would like done for ourselves. That is so easy to say, but virtually impossible for us mortals routinely to do. Edgar Cayce when asked what was the average number of mortal lifetimes it takes to graduate from this Earth school said 36. Based on my own tendency to instinctively retort to challenges in ways I immediately regret, I’d guess I have 30 more lives to mellow. I wonder where you might place yourself?

  7. Hi Roberta,
    I think of Jesus as a small ‘slice’ of God.
    God knew we couldn’t handle more!
    Even though Jesus took on a body, his soul
    was God.The Lord’s Prayer promises us :
    ‘Thy will be done
    on Earth as it is in Heaven…’
    Luckee! Erica

  8. Hi Roberta,

    I must say that I enjoy reading the comments commencing each post as much as I love reading your posts. I always learn so much more from you and your friends. That said, my heart hurt for you after reading certain comments in this thread. I would hope that people understand that this is a very special venue where you (Roberta) share your learnings and even though I have seen past comments of cerebral and theological debate, I have yet to come across a comment that is so blatantly disrespectful as some of the ones we’ve seen here today. The majority of us are here to learn and understand and for those that decide to be confrontational on your experiences and thoughts, I’d like to say perhaps look for a different venue for that sort of ‘debate’ for lack of a better word; either that or just open your heart and think about what is being taught here and if you don’t agree, please walk away. Before I met you Roberta, I knew so little of the things you talk about and I now feel so much different about Jesus and the afterlife. Thank you for putting your self out there for us. We love you and so look forward to the next post. xx Brigette

    1. Oh my dear Brigette,what a sweet and lovely being you are are. Thank you for understanding why I do what I do, and the love and joy with which I do it!

  9. Mac, I was the first one to speak out against your disrespect for Roberta and this blog. As you can see, alot of people thought the same. I hope that you do not post here again.

    1. Right David, and if you do Mac, please consider the flavour of this blog. We’re here to learn from Roberta. We are her guests. Your responses – it’s like going to someone’s house for dinner and dissing the beautiful meal that someone has put their heart and soul into. Cringeworthy for the rest of us here. Not very pleasant.

  10. The more people continue to pile on to let Mac know they are upset the more we are taking focus away from the important messages.

    I hope we can move on now.

    Otherwise, I won’t be coming back myself as this isn’t something I am interested in being a part of.

    I doubt I am the only one that would feel this way.

    1. My dear Thomas, I can understand how you feel, but from my perspective it felt like being bathed in love. Please forgive them! 🙂

      1. We all have nothing but love for you Roberta. I would bet Mac also feels the same way. I really don’t believe for a minute he meant to hurt anyone’s feelings so hopefully we can keep that in mind. If anything, it reads like he doesn’t believe his opinion matters as much as it does.

        I hope everyone has a great day!

  11. Oh my dear beautiful friends, I simply don’t not know what to say! As I have watched so many of you defend me today, and defend this blog, repeatedly, I have had tears in my eyes. I do all of this for the pure, beautiful joy of it! I treasure the precious privilege of being a part of your lives, the thrill of getting to read your comments here, the fun of seeing what positions you might take, and who might spark a response from Thomas, or even from Jesus. You can have no idea how much delight you bring me. But I never expected anything like this!! Thank you, my dear ones!! I promise you a quieter set of topics for the next few Sundays. 🙂 But please know that I appreciate your love and loyalty more than you know!!

  12. Ron and Linda here. Regular readers of your wonderful posts Roberta.
    We both love you and your work tremendously!!!
    Lots of Love from us to you and all your family here.

  13. Oh my dear ones, now I have gone from tearing up to grinning! To come back from my walk this morning and find all these hugs! And dear Ron and Linda, welcome!! I really do love you all!

    And most of all, I think, I am grateful for the reassurance that you are giving me that I really can trust my Thomas’s guidance. I’ve got to say it plainly: Jesus has become so religion-averse in the past two thousand years! He is a radical now in some ways, if I may use that word without offending you. I think He fears that there was something about His Way that led it to become Roman Christianity, so He doesn’t want us to call His new movement Jesus’s Way, which we were going to do. To replicate what He first began. He wants to reinvent, to think it through from the beginning, which feels at once both exciting and alarming. We are really just listening hard for His guidance!

  14. Jesus is very smart to be worried about his new website.

    If it can be corrupted, it will probably be corrupted. We can’t be trusted when on Earth. I envision us like floundering fish out of water trying to desperately gasp for air. The funny thing is we think we are so much smarter than those fish.

    Jesus is beyond rock star status. His name carries so much weight that it can and will be used for personal gain. Most of us are weak and will succumb to Earthly desires if opportunities present themselves.

    In marketing, a old friend used to say… “Give them what they want, sneak in what they need.”

    I stopped trying to talk to Christians about the bible. It was the absolute authority and nothing I could say (right or wrong) would make them question it. Instead, I just tried to help in other ways. If you need help working on the house, great, I will come over. Need help picking up the leaves, I’ll be there in a second. Need to talk, no worries, I won’t judge. Even as flawed as I am, I have been trying to sneak in some things I have learned from you, Thomas and Jesus. In the end, this has also helped me to become a little better.

    It’s a tough situation. The name Jesus carries so much weight that it can help so many people. It can (and probably will) be exploited by many as well.

    I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. It seems that many of our mannerisms are based on survival. I’ve been reading a book called “Impossible To Ignore” and it talks about how the way we file memories away is based on survival. Anything that can help us predict the future is important enough for us to remember. It kind of contradicts the best way we can spiritually grow. If we were to act more child like (as Jesus taught us), would that also open us up to more danger? Probably and that will go against our basic instincts of survival.

    Anyway, we are all in this together. You have a lot of people willing to help in any way we can. Sorry for the long post. As you can see, I’ve been thinking about it for probably too long. haha

    1. Thomas: Our “basic instincts for survival” have become our egos in modern times, and our egos have a tendency to rule our decisions. I think that is what Jesus meant when he said we must become like little children. Egos stand in the way of our spiritual growth

      1. Hi Lola,

        Thank you for clarification and I agree with what you said. Our egos are suppose to help us survive as far as I know. Quite the conundrum if you ask me. Surely the ego still has a purpose. If it was removed would our life be shorter? It would certainly open us up to much more danger. Navigating the ego while also trying to spiritually grow is one doozy of a juggling act.

        1. “Navigating the ego while also trying to spiritually grow is one doozy of a juggling act.”
          How true this is!
          we don’t have to remove it, just dumb it down a bit.

    2. Oh my dear Thomas, you really do understand! And Jesus is very bright indeed. His problem is that He has been removed from the earth for such a very long time, and He has no concept at all of what people on earth are like in the twenty-first century. He is aware that His name has been used by some pastors for monetary gain, which makes Him wary. He trusts me because I am part of His inner circle between lives (something I don’t remember at all), and because my Thomas can control me. But He is so naive about so many things! He thought at one point He could just come back in an astral body and teach. And then He thought He might do a Carol-and-Mikey thing with me, because I can hear His voice in my mind just fine. I really don’t think that He grasps how much of a rock star He is, or even what a rock star would be. But my Thomas is much more in touch with the earth than Jesus is, and He is kind of tutoring Him. At this point, I am just holding my breath.

  15. Mac, PEACE. They were doing none of that. They were just very kindly loving me, and at a time when I badly needed love! I am confident that you know that. NONE OF THIS WAS ABOUT YOU. I am going to leave this exchange up briefly, and then delete it. Please, no one else respond to it.

    1. Roberta I read and read again what had been written to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding or misreading anything. The words of your supporters appeared carefully chosen.

      I’m glad you felt their loving sentiments but I write only about points made and not about the individuals making them.

      I am thankful I don’t feel towards others what clearly they feel towards me.

      1. Oh my goodness, my dear Mac! The question is not how you have felt toward other people, but how your words have made other people feel. Please think of Carol in particular, perhaps? Forgive others, and forgive yourself. For you to read people’s comments over and over, looking for specks of vitriol, helps no one!

  16. Hello everyone.
    Renfield actually gave me a bloody insight while I was asleep. I know who I am now spiritually. Not anything dark side, not some mishmash of methods, the thing that ties it all together is I am a follower of the Buddha Dharma.
    So I would like to offer my most profound apologies to Roberta and everyone on here for the antics I have done on here. I wish everyone on here the best as Roberta, Thomas, and Jesus work on creating Way of Jesus 2.0. But, it also means I will be only an occasional writer on here from now on.
    I wish you all the best on your path, as I start walking my own.

    1. Hello Jason.

      Hopefully your new path will also bring you to a place that allows you to let things go. Bringing up Roberta’s past isn’t what I considered enlightenment. Maybe Renfield can help you let go of that desire to rehash old wounds.

      All the best!

      1. Hi Jason. I thought you mentioned that you were Buddhist early on here. Roberta references Buddha above. Mikey Morgan says he is an ascended master. I have followed two paths, then none, prior to now. I’m glad you’re through flirting with the dark side. We are all eternal.

        1. Hello. This feels different somehow, like before I was just dabbling. It’s hard to put words to it. I just know that when I woke up things had changed. I felt happier, more joyful. I also realized I had made quite a mess on here, and am not quite sure if it something that can be fixed. At the very least, I want to show an olive branch that I will not make a messy situation worse.

      2. Hello. I fully agree, my actions have not been enlightened. I have been tossed about on the waves of a river of water and a river of fire, and lost my way. The results have not been pretty. Notice Renfield has been moving me towards traditions that “turn bits of rubble into gold”, traditions that move towards more metta, so hopefully that will allow me to let things go.

  17. So if Jesus joined the Godhead about 6,000 years ago, it is reasonable to conclude he could not have incarnated as several Old Testament characters such as Joseph of Egypt or Joshua as some have claimed?

    1. My dear Thomas, that is an interesting question! insofar as I understand it, Jesus joined the Godhead following His last human incarnation in 4300 BCE, and He was neither Joseph nor Joshua. Neither character seems to think or act like Jesus, who was and is peaceful to an obsessive degree, at a time in human history when that would have been a decided flaw.

  18. The bullying continues….. You just don’t get it or maybe you just don’t care. What I write often challenges complacency but does not attack personality.
    Neither do I talk about individuals or bring to your blog issues from elsewhere but you and your followers have. Doubtless those remarks will also be ignored – shidad. 🙁

    1. My dear Mac, I am so confused. Please point out the bullying that you see happening here, because of course I don’t think that any of us wants to see that.

        1. Again, my dear, I am happy to defend you if you are being bullied. I don’t see it, but as you know I can be naive. Please just point it out to me.

          1. Dear Roberta, Mac, and all,

            We are not what we seem to be, even to ourselves, because our material body is designed and functions to survive and seek pleasure in a difficult and frequently dangerous environment (physical and social), while our attached eternal soul has no such selfish needs and so is pure, truthful, and loving.

            We are body and soul, and these provide two different sources of motivation, one inherently selfish, and the other generous just as Jesus told us to be in His Golden Rule.

        2. Again, Mac, you have made an extremely serious charge, and I do care very much! I have twice been through all the recent comments, and I can find nothing that even hints at the slightest bullying problem against you or anyone else. Please either point it out to me, or I will have to delete your comments.

          1. Dear Roberta,

            I too have reviewed and agree with your assessment. Most folks who post here clearly strive to be kind and considerate as their deliberate means of communicating, just as Jesus has guided.

            I infer that there is classic Freudian projection at work; we all unconsciously interpret from our own frame of reference and naturally project that on others.

            Interesting to me too that recognizing the role of a “frame of reference” was critical for Einstein’s thinking that led to his Special Theory of Relativity, but such thinking about frames of reference also applies to how we naturally percieve and communicate.

  19. WOW! All this is why I love Jesus and hate religion. If Jesus was killed with a gun, would we wear a bullet around our neck?

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