What If Jesus Is Right?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • May 14, 2022 • 32 Comments

Climb every mountain, Search high and low,
Follow every byway, Every path you know.
Climb every mountain, Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, ‘Til you find your dream.
A dream that will need All the love you can give,
Every day of your life, For as long as you live.
Richard Rodgers (1902-1979), from “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” (1965)

You  haven’t asked me what I think is wrong with the world, but let’s assume for a moment that you had asked that question. My answer would be a simple one. In my estimation, too many people are chasing little dreams. Money dreams. Or video game dreams. Or they aren’t even bothering to dream at all. Youth is supposed to be all about starting to shape your life’s big dream. So then you can spend all the rest of your life in loving the process of chasing your big dream! There are great dreams going begging now because too many of today’s young people are mostly living with cellphones to their faces.

My own dream is an enormous one. I want to bring the kingdom of God on earth. I want for everyone that level of love. That degree of peace and joy in all of humankind. Jesus uses the terms “kingdom of God” or “kingdom of heaven” more than eighty times through all four Gospels, and He talks a lot about bringing the kingdom of God on earth. If not now, when?

Of course, I didn’t start out this way. When I was young, I fell in love and got married, so at first I couldn’t dream beyond the usual family dream. Which is a fine dream, I will grant you that, but it peters out long before you do. I had no idea back when I was mothering and grandmothering that I harbored within me a spirit-guide relationship that had been two thousand years in gestation. And my spirit guide’s own great relationship, which was already shaping my present earth-life, went back even thousands of years before that.

I wish there were an easy way to help you find your own big dream! Something you had been working on when you were in your infant twenties, and something that you still could find so compelling that it would have you waking up in the middle of the night with new ideas well into your seventies. A dream to make you joyful for your whole life long! All I can say is that you may in fact have such a spirit-guide relationship dream, and still not know about it even now. All of us are ancient beings! The first thing you should do, if you haven’t yet done it, is to ask your spirit guide to give you a name to use, and also ask your guide to please move outside your head. He or she will go to your dominant shoulder. So now you have a real relationship! Don’t do all the talking, but instead try to listen. Expect answers. Perhaps imagine answers at first. You definitely have a spirit guide, and your guide is a separate person. Your guide may not be as forceful as my Thomas is, but he and I have an arrangement that was made before my birth, and I am his avatar at this stage of my life, so his domination of my life is reasonable. And since what he needs me to do fits my own dream, we are as one person in completing this work.

Well, okay. Perhaps I have cheated a bit in claiming my Thomas’s dream as my own, especially when his Friend’s dream is what he actually is claiming. But his dream feels like mine, so his Friend’s dream does, too, since I am the one who is tasked with carrying it on! And when I picked up my Bible at the age of twelve and assigned myself the duty of repeatedly reading it, I had no idea that I even had a spirit guide who actually had assigned me that task. When I had a moment of doubt in choosing Christian history as my college major – and this I remember vividly –  but I overrode that doubt at once, I didn’t know that it was Thomas who was assuring me that my choice was the right one. And when I felt compelled to browse in used-book stores, and I eagerly accumulated old collections that had been compiled by those who were studying deep-trance mediums, again I thought that was my own idea!

Roman Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus. That was the hardest part for me to get my mind around. I have spent my life being so religious! I once was like that poor man in the astral plane, trying to fall to his knees in worship while Jesus held him up. Thomas wanted to get me past my stubborn religiosity, which was why he took me to meet The Man Himself.

Meeting Jesus and hearing Him tell His story was a monumental event for me. I have gone back and read that post repeatedly, and what I wrote doesn’t begin to convey what I remember. I fell in love that night as I never before in my life have been so completely in love. And Thomas assures me that Jesus has that effect on everyone. Some time ago, he told me that he himself died in that First Century lifetime on a cross with a little group of the Lord’s followers, and they sang for two days before they died. I insisted to him when he told me this story that you can’t sing when you are nailed to a cross! For heaven’s sake, you can barely breathe. He told me that’s the effect that Jesus has on people. I can’t get past this sense of what it was like to be in the Lord’s presence, and it has been weeks now since that momentous night when we fed the fish. For the first time, I really get it! Jesus came to us as God on earth, and He so inspired a whole generation that they began a movement that still lives today, even despite its bastardization by the Roman religion. Meeting Jesus has filled me with sufficient love that I no longer for a moment doubt that you can sing for two days without breathing while dying in excruciating pain and nailed to a cross.

The Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin covered Jesus’s face and His dead body when He was taken down from the cross. Those relics were miraculously preserved, and they now without question demonstrate the absolute divinity of Jesus the Christ:

  • Both relics date to the lifetime of Jesus. The linen of which the Shroud of Turin (Italy) and the Sudarium of Oviedo (Spain) are made can be carbon-dated to His lifetime on earth. Each is of a weave in common use at that time and place, and the Shroud includes pollen from plants that would have been blooming in a first-century Jerusalem springtime.
  • The blood on both relics is male, and of the same type. That type is AB, which is so rare that only about two percent of modern people share it.
  • The marks on both relics mirror the Lord’s injuries. The distribution of dried blood on both cloths, and some twenty other points of similarity, make it statistically certain that they both covered the same Man, that He was Jewish, that He died on the eve of the Sabbath, and that He had suffered the same wounds that the Gospels report were inflicted on Jesus.
  • The Shroud carries a vague image that is the size and shape of a Man. There is no image on the Sudarium, but smudges on the Shroud can be seen. More obvious to a casual observer are smoke and burn marks from a fire in 1532 and another in 1997, together with efforts that were made over time to mend and patch the damaged Shroud.
  • The image on the Shroud is a photographic negative. It was only when the Shroud was first photographed in 1898 that the clear image of a crucified Man appeared on its negative plate. Those smudges had been documented to exist on the Shroud of Turin for almost two millennia before anyone could have known what a photographic negative even was! Moreover, it is a 3-D negative. Mathematical analysis of it presents a perfect three-dimensional image of a crucified Man.
  • No one knows how the image on the Shroud was made. It appears as a scorch on just one side of each individual fiber, and it doesn’t penetrate at all. Analysis shows that it is not a pigment, nor is it anything else man-made. The best explanation we are given is that it was caused by an immensely powerful “electrical charge in the form of radiation.” And that burst of radiation from the body of the Victim happened well after the blood had dried. It was produced by a burst of radiation so powerful that it could not be duplicated by any method known today.

Here is what I have learned as I have studied the afterlife evidence over the past fifty years, and also studied the Gospels while I pursued this dream that for most of my life I have thought was only my own dream. I know now that I have been following a dream that my beloved Thomas has been pursuing for Jesus for the past two thousand years. And I know now, too, after Jesus told me His story, that He first conceived His own dream when He initially understood two thousand years ago that it is possible for each person to raise his or her own Consciousness vibration sufficiently to achieve the vibrational level of the kingdom of God while still on earth. So here is what we now understand:

  • Every human being of every religion or of no religion goes to the selfsame afterlife.
  • There is no fiery hell, and there is no judgment by anyone but ourselves.
  • The death of Jesus on the cross has never made an afterlife difference for a single human being, so the Christian dogma was not the reason for the Lord’s crucifixion and resurrection. Those events were instead Jesus’s planned demonstration that human life is in fact eternal.
  • The Gospel teachings of Jesus which He developed as He studied humankind are the easiest and most effective method for raising our individual Consciousness vibrations.
  • Once each of us raises our own Consciousness vibrations sufficiently while we are on earth, then the kingdom of God will come, “on earth as it is in heaven.”
  • Jesus tells us in the Gospels that this will happen, and the plain laws of Consciousness physics independently predict that in fact it will!

To begin to achieve this dream for Jesus, Seek Reality Online is scheduled to go live within the next few weeks. And the website that He requested, the one that will teach His Way, is expected to follow it in about a year. To be perfectly frank with you, I have no idea where this is going. I do it all for Him. And I do it for you. And now I am sitting here reading this over and thinking, wow, it is all so simple! What if it actually works?  

One thing that Craig Hogan and I have happily noticed is that as people learn that their lives are eternal, they begin to live in an eternal frame. They become more peaceful, less worldly, more spiritual. So as more and more people lose the fear of death, we can at the very least look forward to a much better and more peaceful world!  

Climb every mountain, Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, ‘Til you find your dream.
A dream that will need All the love you can give,
Every day of your life, For as long as you live.
Climb every mountain, Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, ‘Til you find your dream!
Richard Rodgers (1902-1979), from “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” (1965)

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32 thoughts on “What If Jesus Is Right?

    1. Oh wow, my dear Ray, I hadn’t thought of that. I guess we just turn it into a spiritual cabaret, and we’ll all have one gigantic party! 🙂

  1. Hello Roberta,
    I remember being around 12 or 13 and being asked about my future plans. I felt like I was standing in front of an all-you-can-eat buffet, and I wanted to try everything. By the time I graduated high school more than one “authority figure” had told me “You can’t do that because…”. That’s when my guide stepped in and paved, no, better word bulldozed, a path. It was a path I would not even have considered.
    That was in the 70s and maybe the difference between then and now is that the future doesn’t seem as important to young people. With social media the future is no further than the next post to comment on. I think a guider can only do so much without a little help from the guided.

  2. Dearest Roberta
    Thank you so much for your beautiful blog I was crying reading it …I am where I am because of you and your blog ♥️
    The fear of death that consumed every part of my being, slowly dissipating by reading and listening to yourself and Craig wether it be books, podcasts or on YouTube . So now the SRO coming wow 🤩…
    All I really wanted to say was thank you . Thank you that you chose to do this in your lifetime to help me in mine … like yourself I have loved Jesus all my life , although feared and loathed the religion that came along with him … I feel like a huge weighted blanket has been lifted of me and now I can move on with my life , living it knowing that I was not stupid , or a heathen asking questions that no one could answer, friends abandoning me when I left church as I just couldn’t listen to the inconsistencies that I felt were being taught, to what I was reading in the gospels.
    Thank you 🙏 also to all the lovely people that contribute on this blog I feel that I know a little more about you all every week .. Lola , effram, Dr hiller, Scott, David .. I’m so sorry if I’ve missed your name but hopefully we will put names to faces when we all go online ..
    much love to everyone
    Louise 😘😘😘

    1. My dear AC, at that age, I felt the same way! I’m sure it’s natural. And you’re right: the future is open-ended, and time can be endlessly squandered. To be frank, when I got started researching the afterlife I was just trying to figure out my childhood experience of light; or at least, that’s what I thought I was doing. Our guides give us cover stories. What I admire are the young people who want right off the bat to be neurosurgeons, or NASA engineers. It wasn’t long, though – maybe when I was thirty – before I noticed how many times Jesus mentioned bringing the kingdom of God on earth. Now, that was pretty odd! But, looking back, I think it was probably my not-yet-met spirit guide who pointed that out to me.

    2. Oh my dear Louise, and I had tears in my eyes as I read your comment here! Wow, my darling, you make me realize why I was born! Living my chosen life feels like candy to me, it could not be more perfect, and to know that the fruits of it are such a gift to you makes it even more perfect. Thank you so much for saying so! You are absolutely right about the Gospels. And the Lord Jesus, my dear one, is genuinely the most beautiful Being in all creation, only perfect love and light. You can trust in Him with all your heart!

  3. Thank you for the validation of there being no fiery torment for sinners after death. This morning, attending a local church where I really like the singing part, I had to get up and leave in the middle of a sermon when the preacher went from talking beautifully about the coming of the Kingdom, to talking about fiery torment for people who didn’t accept that Jesus was the one and only way. They ruin so much beauty, with so much nonsense. I have only ever found evidence of the first, and none for the latter. As, so it seems,have you!

    1. Oh my dear friend, it’s so lovely to see you here! But how outrageous for any clergyman to say that Jesus is the only way, when Jesus Himself never would say such an idiotic thing! I don’t think that He even would say that His teachings are the best way, although I think that they probably are. But for any fool preacher to talk about fiery torment for those who don’t accept Jesus would horrify Him! I’m so sorry you had to hear anything like that!

      One interesting thing that I can say about Jesus, after having gotten to know Him just a little bit, is that He is utterly without ego, although He isn’t self-effacing. That seems like an odd combination, but it’s true. He just is so self-secure that He doesn’t need to put Himself forward at all. As I think about it now, it’s really a model for the way that we all should be!

      1. Isn’t hell a concept that came many years after Jesus was here? It seems to me that I read on more than one occasion that hell was added to the picture years later in which case Jesus wouldn’t have even known about it and therefore couldn’t have threatened anyone about hell even if he wanted to. This is very confusing to me because even today there are preachers that warn congregations about hell with respect to Jesus. I only recall Jesus mentioning what he called “the outer darkness” but I’m no scholar. Does anyone know when hell entered into Christianity?

        1. You are right, my dear Lola – the concept of hell was added later, by the Councils. So we do see it in the back of some of the Gospels, but it was nothing that He ever talked about. Or ever would have talked about!

          1. Dearest Roberta,

            Thank you for your answer to Lola’s query. By banishing the notion of Hell, you have dramatically lowered the level of fear in every reader of it and raised the vibration level of these readers. But you know that, so thank you, thank you, thank you.



  4. It is my understanding that Thomas Jefferson took the bible and tore out all references to the supernatural and I assume the afterlife would be included as part of the supernatural.
    What can you tell us about this?

    1. Hello Henry, and welcome to our little family here! Jefferson didn’t tear anything. He did, however, cut up several Bibles, and he created a personal study Bible that put the same passages in English, French, Latin, and Greek side by side in a copybook so he could better understand what Jesus was saying, since he was fluent in all four languages. And you’re right – he discounted miracles and the supernatural. But he didn’t consider the afterlife to be supernatural. Good grief, sir! There is nothing more natural, nor more certain, than the fact that life continues after the death of the body, and Thomas Jefferson knew that, even before his body died. Then after he died, he communicated a couple of times through the direct-voice medium Leslie Flint, one of which communications (1960) still survives.

  5. Hi Roberta, I was wondering about the Collective where Jesus came from. Did this Collective create everything that exists or is there something else higher than the Collective?


    1. Oh my dear Maggie, what a wonderful and thoughtful question! You have made me kind of stop and sit and think about it.

      First, of course, we know that Consciousness is the base creative force, and all that exists.
      And second, we know that creation is a continuous process which is always happening in the now and not in the past.
      And third, we know that there is no time either!

      So for me, the only question really is whether the Godhead Collective is sufficient to continuously manifest all that we perceive. And I think that yes, indeed it is. There is indeed more above the level of our Godhead Collective, but it seems not to be in touch with us. Or necessarily so, in any event!

  6. Dear Roberta. From above: “I fell in love that night as I never before in my life have been so completely in love.” This must be such a wonderful time in your spiritual journey. I can sense the joy and wonder in your recent blogs, and listening to your interview with Father Nathan Castle last week, I think I could hear the joy, dare I say bliss, in your voice. I’m guessing that interview was recorded around the time some of the incredible experiences you have described recently were occurring. I’m so happy for you, and so thankful for what you are doing for humanity.

    1. Oh my dear Scott, you are so wonderfully sensitive, to be picking up on that! Yes, and Father Nathan is amazingly sensitive too. We did have a terrific interview from a spiritual perspective! But I have been given to know Jesus so much better now, which is such an overwhelming gift! Before I met with Him that night, I had to think about His words to know what He would say to something, but it was as if He reached into me and touched my heart that night: now I KNOW Him. All I have to do is think of Him, and I can have His energy right here with me again! But my Thomas is very protective of his relationship with his Friend, and it’s clear that I won’t get to pay Jesus many more visits. Apparently, though, there won’t be a need. Thomas was with Him again last night, and they worked out more about the new website, so now I better understand what the Lord wants and I am more comfortable that I can do it for Him. That’s all that I really ever will need.

  7. Dear Roberta,
    With all the church’s talk of fiery hell and damnation, I have yet to read an obituary or hear a eulogy that remotely suggests the person promptly descended into hell. That alone should make more people wonder about the real truth of the afterlife. One would think they would occasionally bury someone with a fire extinguisher. 😊

    1. Ha! Oh my dear Tim, you have given me a giggle. What an excellent point! If the churches are so all fired up about hell (tee-hee, pardon the pun), you would think they would bury people with fire extinguishers!

  8. Dearest Roberta,
    One of the starkest realizations in this life can be the bitterness of futility. Shakespeare was ‘fond’ of this one in his own plays: Often as in actual life, someone such as Macbeth would have a flash of understanding that his endeavors were ultimately pointless. Indeed Macbeth had fallen into such bloody depravity that he saw life itself as bitterly meaningless, right before his own life was taken on the battlefield. Macbeth realized that all his furious actions and titanic effort were wasted on a life that meant nothing. And in bloody defiance he met his foretold end.

    How often have we each felt that an entire part of our own life was futile? After divorce we may feel that all the years of a troubled marriage was futile. There is that sinking feeling of wasted youth; the ever replaying painful memories leaving us alone again in the end. Maybe we have gone through a long friendship where we are deserted or betrayed by a person we’ve trusted. Perhaps a long spiritual or religious path ended in disillusionment.

    Many and varied are the ways in which we come to face what philosophers call ‘the lesson of futility’. And when we are there, we have to face it and just deal with it. There is often no way out but through…

    Roberta, I imagine how the sick feeling of the pointlessness of things will be changed when people get the idea of the greater reality and the eternal nature of the soul. I further imagine that an invention is made which proves the existence of the afterlife. Maybe a soul-phone or a soul-video communication; imagine a scientific breakthrough of this significance. How would we see futility then? Once we know that there is a reason for doing every good thing in our lives – that even the little acts of love matter – how will nihilism be seen then?

    All the sad, unfortunate people who walk around just getting through, while believing that life has no meaning and we extinguish upon death, what would happen to them once the soul’s eternal nature is proved?

    And evil ideologies of racism and religious extremism will be seen for what they are. For this reason alone, I can’t wait for the day of spiritual clarity. Long supported murderous creeds will loose so many of their followers – come that blessed day!

    1. Oh my darling Efrem, that day is NOW! I refuse to let another day go by with even one person on earth not knowing the truth! It frustrates me that the website isn’t quite launched yet, true, but it will be launched very soon, and then it will be as good as DONE!! We will do everything in our power to get the truth out as rapidly as possible.

      Craig and I used to accept the conventional wisdom in our field that it was going to need some sort of “soul phone” or other magical breakthrough before the world as a whole could know the truth about death. And meanwhile, he and I have known and taught the truth for decades. And we were growing happily older by the day. The people we were teaching were learning the truth. So finally one day we just looked at one another and said, “Why not?”

      The launch date still looks like 6/15. Let’s see if we can hit it….

      1. So the launch date could well be 15th June. Woah!! This is getting really close. This is great news – the day truly is NOW!

        You are right of course, my dear – this website launch is going to get the truth out there in a big way.

        My spidey sense tells me that the thirst-hunger for the truth is so very, very strong out there. The time is ripe. And as the Bard said, “ripeness is all.”

        Logically speaking, there is so much evidence already, that people don’t really need to have a soul-phone invented. It would be an amazing thing, but you and Dr Hogan have amassed more than enough research and evidential experience to validate the existence of an afterlife.

        Happily, there are many people out there who have had some kind of Spiritual experience, that will be explained in this website. This happened to me when I read your books, Roberta.

        As the saying goes: ‘There is no force in the world that can stop an idea when it’s time has come.’ ❣️

        1. It really is amazing to me, dear, that with so many people in the world possessing so much knowledge about death and the afterlife, we still have not found a single website which has put together a simple educational program about what happens at and after death! Ours really is the first, which fact astounds us. And we are going to promote it pretty aggressively. That is all getting lined up. At first, the people putting the website together for us thought it was a bad thing that we don’t have competitors. No competitors means there won’t be much demand, they said. But I managed to convince them otherwise!

    2. “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
      That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
      And then is heard no more. It is a tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
      Signifying nothing.”

      Such profound despair. Living amounts to nothing.

      However, if a life is instead a learning experience, its important value is the experience itsel — really the experience shared with others (to include our animal pets).

      Well Efrem and Roberta, we believe that life matters in its living. But what if all of us mortal beings realized fully that life may be seen as “the game of life,” then it does not logically follow that all would play life as Christ told us in His Golden Rule. How many would be tempted to play a mean spirited game on others given that their current life is only one of any number of opportunities to play the game of life. For many, such as we see who such knowledge as freeing our spirit to make the best, loving, journey here with our fellow creatures, life is to be mutually enjoyed, even with its harshness, such as from diseases and hurtful accidents.

      But, I fear that many who realize that we are eternal spirits would play life as a game that cannot be lost. I’ve caught fragments of the Heard-Depp trial, and they appear to be narcissists playing a game with all else be their toys to be manipulated. So, I’m not convinced that such knowledge is a universal good. After all, God could have us come to life knowing about our eternal nature, but has instead withheld such knowledge from the vast majority– God surely has reason for this knowledge block.

      1. Oh yes, my dear lovely Jack, there once were good reasons for us not to know the truth about death, and that lack of knowledge was enforced at the highest levels. But for more than a century now, the veil has gradually been thinning, and now quite the opposite is true: now we are meant to know much more about what actually is going on. I don’t know who Heard Dep is, or What they did, but the broad mass of human beings will be vastly improved when the truth about our eternal nature at last is known and we all begin to live in an eternal frame!

      2. Hey Dr Hillier 👋
        Thanks for quoting Shakespeare’s protagonist Macbeth. One can just feel the bitterness of Macbeth’s bloodied ego, and it’s fury that it is about to meet its end; This is a bitterness born of despair oozing from his own words. Truly, the life of a dreadful and powerful tyrant ultimately comes to nothing. There is no light in such a person. (It is pathetic that such warring dictators still appear in the world today.)

        So you think that when the soul’s afterlife is commonly known, some people will still waste their lives playing games? (Gotta say, seeing the rise of on-line gaming today, considering incels and all, one could easily go with your idea. 😉)

        Some people as you reflect, may choose to play mean spirited games, knowing that because they are eternal souls the game cannot really be lost..

        What an interesting idea.😏

        What if someone dies after a life of meanness and ruthless manipulation of others, and he is back in the soul world reviewing his life.. What if he agonizes thence, feeling the actual pain he has chosen to cause each of his victims? In that bright place, remembering who he really is as a soul (not as the cruel human on earth), he is aghast at his misspent life. He finally understands how much hurt he has caused others. I believe that in the Shining Realms there is no hiding from the truth of things. Would he not then design another life (helped by guiding souls) where he is NOT in a position to play cruel games. Instead he has to find a way to heal others from pain. His new life then would be his own, self chosen process of atonement. And it would probably be a tough task!

        In short Dr Jack, I reckon if you play ‘sillybuggas’ with the Consciousness Eternal, you might even be the next one who gets tossed around and toyed with – until you wake up, step up, take responsibility for your actions and then work to set things aright. Indeed, what tangled webs we weave… 😉🕸🕊

        1. The afterlife realms really are our real life, my dear Efrem! We get there, and we slap our foreheads. How can we have forgotten? That is our real home! And there is so much to do there, so much fun to be had. It is so inconceivably gigantic. We are so glad to be home! I don’t think that anyone ever gets there and feels disappointed to be home again, or slighted by it in any way. If anything, it’s the reverse, as I recall the early-twentieth-century communications, they were all like little kids in candy stores! I recall that my mother-in-law, a child of the Depression, when she first arrived back home, was dazzled that she could go into any stores and buy whatever she wanted “and you don’t need money.”

  9. Dear Roberta. Jack brings up a very interesting question. I remember a while back discussing with my wife the idea of the life review when we die and that we are not judged, but judge ourselves. My wife simply said, “What if they don’t care what they did, or how the other people felt, even after experiencing it?” I have to admit I had no answer. Having had time to reflect, a couple things have come to mind. One would be that, yes we’re free to be miserable SOB’s for as long as we want, in some dank lower astral place with nothing but other miseable SOB’s for company, but wouldn’t that get really old after a while, and we would want to experience something better? The other thought is that we don’t, and probably wouldn’t be allowed to, carefully plan out lives just so we can come to be jerks and learn nothing – the whole idea of each life is self improvement. I wonder what your thoughts might be on this, and also what do you think is the reason for the veil to be thinning now, when it was so purposely enforced before?

    1. Good point, my dear, but apparently when we are back home, we do care. Apparently it does start to matter a lot. Crummy is no fun, especially when you know that much better is so easily possible.

      And the veil is thinning, we are told, for a couple of reasons. First, because there is now enough of a history of earth-time laid down into which people can choose to incarnate in the future for spiritual growth; and second, the consciousness vibration of the planet has sunk so low at this point that they have to raise it or the planet’s future itself is at risk. When Putin can casually wave nuclear bombs around, it is time to raise everyone’s vibration!

      I had a rather dramatic demonstration on Monday of just how much the veil already has thinned. After Cookie thanked me for my assurance to Lola that there is no hell, Thomas out of the blue told me that Jesus wanted to give Cookie His personal assurance that there is no hell. So I should ask Him that question. I said, “But dear, we know there’s no hell.” He said, “No, ask Jesus.” So I did. And, OMG, I immediately heard loud and clear the unmistakable voice of Jesus saying, “There is no hell. There is only love and light.”

      So I wrote here that assurance to Cookie from Jesus. And Then Thomas told me that Jesus actually is thinking about doing that in His upcoming website – answering questions that way – and the more I thought about it, the more it freaked me out. In the end, and with profuse apologies to everyone, I erased the whole thing. It was a bridge too far for me! By now, I know that if that is what He wants, we’ll do it. And Jesus knows that we’ll do it. But I am as psychic as a post! If the veil has thinned to the point where even I am able to hear the voice of Jesus in my mind as easily as I could hear it by telephone, then Katie bar the door, my friend, there is no veil left to speak of!

      1. OMG Roberta. So you would be doing with Jesus what Carol Morgan has been doing with Mikey Morgan? I can see why that might ftrsk you out a bit.

        1. PRECISELY! My dear Scott, nobody on earth has the right to claim to be doing that, and me least of all!

          And the change in Thomas was freaking me out as well. He has been so protective of his relationship with Jesus, and no wonder! But now suddenly he’s talking about making me into the Lord’s channel? And he’s happy about that? Is nothing sacred anymore, for heaven’s sake? But I think that it’s Jesus’s idea. He was in my mind to do Liberating Jesus, then He hosted me to feed His pet fish and talk about His past and His planned website. So then it occurred to Him that He could answer questions on the website. And I’m getting used to Him now, Scott. He knows that. You can’t help loving Him. He has such a gorgeous, sweet and lovely personal energy! It feels overwhelming to be near Him at first, but He can control that. You want to do anything for Him. If He weren’t THE Jesus, I’d be fine with it. As it is, I feel like an idiot.

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