The Greatest Love

Posted by Roberta Grimes • November 20, 2021 • 29 Comments
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No matter what they take from me, they can’t take away my dignity,
Because the greatest love of all is happening to me.
I found the greatest love of all inside of me.
The greatest love of all is easy to achieve!
Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.
Linda Creed (1948-1986), from “The Greatest Love of All” (1977)

One of the most important tasks that each of us faces is our need to create a positive and wholly reality-based relationship with ourselves. Until we can know and be comfortable with who we actually are, it is hard for us to have the clarity, the self-confidence, and the daily peace that we are going to need if we are ever to really make the most of our lives. At first, as the song says, this doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. After all, since we spend a lot of time with ourselves, we should know ourselves pretty well by now. But for nearly everyone, our adult self-image is built on erroneous information and distorted assumptions that unfortunately have shaped our whole lives to date. For example:

  • Some of us never learn to tame our needy egos. The ego is a primitive instinct for self-preservation and self-aggrandizement that is part of our limited minds at birth, and that seems to be essential if we are to avoid a host of childhood dangers. It functions almost like a separate being that tells us that the ego itself, this fearful and grabby little gremlin, actually is who we are; and if we continue to believe that, we can grow up to be unpleasantly shallow and self-absorbed. Fortunately, though, our ego can be tamed once we reach young adulthood, and then it will no longer much distract us.
  • Traditional Christianity and mainstream science combine to give us an awful self-image. If we believe them, we internalize the fear-based certainty that we are sinful and fallen meat that will blink out when our bodies die, or else we will likely burn in hell forever. Even the best-case possibility that we might be lucky enough to spend eternity playing harps in God’s throne room starts to seem pretty lousy when you envision living it forevermore.
    * Our view of ourselves is heavily shaped by our cultures. We can see this phenomenon most clearly in the lesser status of women in some cultures, and in the way that indicators of wealth and class can affect our sense of who we are. We even are marked for life by subtle details like birth-order and city-vs.-country. Then on top of all that is piled our online culture, which strokes and batters our egos as it grotesquely distorts the way we see ourselves and plays havoc with what might otherwise have been our life’s more solid and well-considered priorities.
  • Our families were the first to tell us who we are, and we still believe most of whatever they said. I see this as the big one! Too many little children uncritically learn to see themselves negatively, and some of them spend all the rest of their lives still knowing that they are clumsy, not smart enough, inconvenient, or even flat-out bad people, simply because they heard words like these from a parent before the age of six. I had the opposite upbringing. My father wanted me to be the first female American President, and my mother wanted me to write the Great American Novel, so from my infancy they were praising me and telling me I could grow up to be whatever I wanted to be as they each tried to inspire me with a wish to fulfill their own respective dreams. You would think that sort of upbringing would make me feel like a failure for having missed both goals; but all it did was to make me grow up feeling very positive about myself. My own big dream has turned out to be to free the whole world from the fear of death. And thanks to those two sainted people, I never for a moment doubt that I am going to succeed at doing what I guess I already know is impossible.

So, each of us by young adulthood is essential an amalgam of all the cultural and personal information about who and what we are that has been bombarding us from birth. We may wind up feeling somewhat put together, and we may think we actually know and love ourselves; but in fact, for most of us what has been assembled into our present self-image is very different from who we might have seen ourselves to be if we had grown up with different cultural details and with a different set of parents. And then there are all the psychological pathologies that plague some folks, on top of (and perhaps because of) all these sources of bogus information! How can we even begin to discover and learn to love the eternal being that chose to be born in our physical body?

This problem has of late come to trouble me. I hear every day from strangers who have issues they hope I can help them address. I have neither the time nor the training to give them the kind of help that some of them need; and anyway, I am coming to realize that even the professionals they may have consulted don’t have the training that they would need to help these folks get at all the causes of their lifelong self-image problems. All the bogus information about ourselves that bombards us from birth is pure lies! Please read again the four points outlined above. It’s all lies. What is born in each sweet infant body is a powerful eternal being that is hopeful, bright, and already wise! All children arrive with a careful plan to achieve the maximum possible spiritual growth; but they arrive at young adulthood already battered by their ignorant parents and their degenerate culture. Each being is still, beneath it all, that very same eternal being! But sadly, each of them is now weighed down by a lot of confusing and mostly negative information.

This seems to be a problem as old as human civilization. Everyone is raised by amateurs! And when we grow up with an unpleasant understanding of who and what we actually are, it seems at first blush to be impossible for us to learn to truly love ourselves. Worst of all, a distorted and mostly negative view of ourselves that was built up in childhood from a variety of sources and is now familiar to us might become almost impossible for us to change! That was my first thought when, a week ago, I was dealing with my own emotional fallout from a very troubling counseling call. It was clear that traditional psychological theories and talk-counseling had been of no use to that sadly unstable soul. And with what I now understand about who we are eternally, it occurred to me that no mental-health therapy that is currently being tried is based in any real understanding of who each baby actually is and how it can go wrong. So it is no wonder that so many people now living are feeling so bruised and confounded by life!

And now I can see that Linda Creed and Whitney Houston have given us a potential way forward in their sweetly hopeful song. Two lovely women who died too young had wisdom far beyond their years! Like you, whenever I’ve thought of “The Greatest Love of All” I was hearing Whitney Houston’s voice, but the words seemed to be less important than the sounds. It was just another pop song to form a background for our daily lives. But please read those words! Whether they knew it or not, Linda and Whitney have given us what may be the most important piece of psychological advice of the whole twentieth century:

  • It’s important that we rear children carefully, so as not to impair the precious spiritual beings that they already are.
  • Inside each damaged adult is still that same precious eternal being who was once a newborn child.

Now that we at last understand what hampers so many human lives, what might we do to help each little child to achieve the best possible start, and how can we rescue more damaged adults? The more I think about it, the more confident I am that the best way for us to accomplish both goals will be to make the fact that we are all powerful, eternal beings and deeply beloved of a genuine Godhead the base and the core of our entire culture. That way, we can protect our children from all the worst clueless cultural lies, and we can help parents see their children not as high-grade pets, but as the sacred and joyous responsibility that they are. And we can take each damaged adult straight back to who he was at the beginning, once upon a time, and help him to expand and grow from there.

I can hear what you’re thinking. Yeah, right. You’re a hammer, so to you everything looks like a nail.” Naturally, someone who was raised and inspired to try to achieve something really great, and who has seized on universal afterlife education, is going to see that mission as the cure for everything! But it’s more than that. I think this really will work, because we already have learned that coming to know the truth about death and about our eternal natures has a number of wonderful effects. Those who already know the truth are:

  • Free from fear. Fear of death seems to be the base fear, so when we no longer fear death, we no longer fear anything.
  • Thinking and living on a universal scale. The “life sucks, then you die” mentality that pervades most modern cultures is altogether gone once someone internalizes the fact that there really is no death.
  • Loving naturally. Since love is the opposite of fear, once we stop fearing death and thereby we lose all our other fears as well, we begin to love everyone more and more, as a bubble rises in water toward the light.

This combination of changes in attitude has been altogether transforming for many of those who have taken the trouble to learn that for certain there actually is no death. The changes we have seen in our earliest students have made me eager to share the truth with all the world!

Silver Birch is a popular disembodied entity who was channeled by a skeptical atheist turned involuntary communicator named Maurice Barbanell (1902-1981). I generally don’t use anything channeled after 1930 as afterlife evidence because the risk that the living might fake these communications for personal gain is simply too great. But I know experts who are as skeptical as I am, and who nevertheless consider Silver Birch to be genuine. And he tells us that from his perspective, we incarnate in order to learn who we are. He said, “Your world is full of millions of people who do not know what they are there for, who they are, what it is that they must achieve whilst they are incarnate on earth. You can help them to realize that they are spirits with bodies, that the real individual is the deathless spirit, that the spirit is there to gain the experience to equip it for its larger life in our world. That is the most important thing that you can do.”

And indeed it is! Even though we cannot yet know the extent to which such knowledge will help people who were sadly damaged in childhood, and how it will help to rescue future children from also being damaged, it certainly will improve many lives worldwide! From birth on earth until graduation, each infinitely precious human being deserves to know the far-beyond-wonderful truth about who and what we really are!


I believe the children are our future.
Teach them well and let them lead the way!
Show them all the beauty they possess inside.
Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier.
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.
– Linda Creed (1948-1986), from “The Greatest Love of All” (1977)

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29 thoughts on “The Greatest Love

  1. Quote from above: “…You can help them to realize that they are spirits with bodies, that the real individual is the deathless spirit, that the spirit is there to gain the experience to equip it for its larger life in our world. That is the most important thing that you can do.”

    Hi Roberta, hi everybody! This is truly important, pivotal stuff. The one thing we can do to change how we reinterpret—literally from cradle to grave— this experience that we perceive as incarnation is to start where we are. With all this negative baggage, we can still note that the fields of psychology and psychiatry did damage with their ideas that babies are “tabula rasa” (blank slates) that bring nothing with them and are essentially made who they are by external influences; also that the brain degenerates and is the only organ in the body that cannot heal itself—worse, that can’t even re-learn after a certain age.

    We know just from observing children that they are born taking it all in, and if you watch, especially this newest generation, you can see they are brilliantly interpreting and planning their next move. Also later in life, we know about Neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability not just to heal but to physically rearrange itself to compensate for other functional issues. In short, we can at least acknowledge that we haven’t always been the way we are now, and that we don’t need to accept the way we are now.

    This should give us some place to envision where we could be instead, and maybe take a “baby step.”

    1. Dear Mike, I agree that this topic is pivotal! The whole notion that babies are born as blank slates, and the even worse notion that all we are is bodies, is all yet more of the endless damage that materialist science continues to do to humankind. And it is even more amazing that this idiocy still continues, when it is all so self-evidently not true! Any human being can simply experience a moment of being a human being, or can interact with a family’s worth of babies, and know the whole scientific attitude toward people is plain nonsense.

      I have three children. All of them are in their forties now. And each of them was and remains amazingly different from the other two, right from the moment of birth! I swear. It’s amazing even to me, even after doing all this research and really knowing now what is going on. I look back at each adult child’s life and realize that they were these three distinctive and amazingly different people literally from the moment of birth!

      1. Dear Roberta,
        My experience with my two Sons is just as you describe for your children. At the end of a class on nature vs nurture my Child Development prof asked me to stay. He said that he had expected me to jump in as I always had done on any issues, but in the back of the class I remained silent. He said that since I was older (I was a HS drop out, so getting to college later than most), he thought I must have children and with those an opinion. I did not then have any. Well, some 40 years later I called Sam Witryol and told him I was now certain about the answer to his question, and it was nature.

        Both boys were remarkably dissimilar from observable behavior even during their first week after birth. One was actively watchful of people’s faces, and a smile was greeted with a smile, and a frown with sadness; while the other looked at you for a while and did not react to your expression or words, but was in his own small world.

        However, by the time I found that my answer was wrong, am had passed. I had discovered from my own research that the correct answer was neither, but in the differences of the spirit that came to the child to be born as mortal.

        1. My dear Jack, the staggering uselessness of modern psychology is something I had never thought about until right now. I’ve never taken a course in psychology. I’m aware of the longstanding nature-vs.-nurture debate, but I guess you just assume that the experts in fields other than your own have a depth of knowledge that you don’t have the time or the interest to plumb, but if you looked into it you would find something worthy. You would find that it made sense.

          But, you’re right! The true answer really is “neither”! The whole field is based in the lies of materialist nonsense!

          I am wondering now whether there is any modern scientific field that is going to survive intact the Great Winnowing that is about to happen when the fact that human life really is eternal lands like a precision bomb on every scientific department of every university worldwide….

  2. I believe the most sacred, holy work as a human on this planet of duality is to unconditionally love thyself. Warts and all. To have a love affair with your life and romance your world. And that one of the greatest prayers one can say is “I love my Life” and the Universe reverberates the same message back to you.

    1. Oh my dear Ingrid, if only everyone could earnestly say your prayer, and mean it, what a vastly more wonderful world this could be! I hear from so many people who see themselves as so much less than they could be, simply because they have been conditioned to see themselves as flawed by church, school, family, peer group. Sometimes I just want to hug them and tell them how beautiful they are. Sometimes I want to shake them by their shoulders and insist that they see and acknowledge their own beauty! But the process of living does some people so much harm. It’s good to remember that they are still that beautiful baby deep inside! And now our task is to rescue and love and empower every one of them.

    1. Oh my dear Christina, you make me smile. If you find this especially useful, then you have really made my day!

  3. Dear Roberta,

    Your analysis here of the failure of modern psychological therapies for mental stress, often mischaracterized as illness, is exactly right. Last year I had likewise examined what was wrong with such therapy, and wrote a paper about my findings and conclusions that was coincidentally just yesterday approved for publication. In a nutshell, I found that conflict between soul and body was the common source for stress, and that the modern approach to treatment with drugs totally missed targeting the problem, and so was ineffective.

    Given that the body by itself has demonstrated defined Id and Ego functions, as conceptualized by Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory, within the brain independent of its soul, it is likely that personality tensions and disorder may reflect a natural conflict between body and soul. A revised psychoanalytic approach that recognizes the reality of the soul may contribute to improved therapeutic practices and clinical research. The theoretical contention here is that the soul, with its conscience, conflicts with the ID and with the Ego’s pleasure seeking desires, and such a conflict would be the basis for therapeutic counseling.

    In the OBE research literature, it is reliably reported that all entities experienced, such as people, angels, even rocks and water, exude consciousness, consistent with the philosophy of pantheism, so it is plausible to infer that the cells of the human body collectively own a form of consciousness. Direct evidence for this proposition comes from three NDE/OBE cases cited next documenting support for an inference that the human body possesses a consciousness independent of its normally attached soul.

    In the first case, a motorcyclist was knocked out by a truck collision. The rider then had an NDE/OBE from which he watched his body punch the truck driver who came over to help him
    ( ). In the second case, a lady being transported by an ambulance was given a shot of adenosine and went out of body, at which time she heard screaming. When she came back into her body, she asked her Mom who was riding with her why she was screaming, and was told that she was the one screaming
    ( ). In the third case, a man who was swimming had an NDE, and while he was out of his body he watched as his body swam to shore by itself( ).

    Given that the body by itself has demonstrated Id and Ego functions within the brain independent of its soul, it is likely that personality tensions and disorder may reflect a natural conflict between body and soul. A revised psychoanalytic approach that recognizes the reality of the soul may contribute to improved therapeutic practices and clinical research. The paper will be published as Volume 12, edition 3 at this website ( NDE Implications for Revitalizing Freudian Personality Theory, Scientific GOD Journal ( ).

      1. Depression may be caused by brain chemistry, and/or by conflict between body and soul as explained above. Myself, I realized late in life that I was naturally mildly depressed and started to take St John’s Wort, and that proved highly effective; when I failed to take a timely pill, I could see that I was “overreacting” and maudlin, but within twenty minutes or so the mild depression abated.

        Re dealing with internal conflict, the first source is to air the issues with family or very close friends, or a professional therapist–but one who believes in God and that we are souls living here to increase our spiritual character.

    1. My dear Jack, I think this is brilliant, and also rather delicious. It’s not my area of concentration, but I think that you are probably right in drawing these preliminary conclusions; and I even think this is another area of study where near-death experiences might be useful (as you know, I tend to think that overall they just prove that the mind can easily exist apart from the body, but otherwise they aren’t worth much). Thank you for sharing your great scholarship here!

  4. Thank you Roberta. With the amount of misinformation and disinformation in the world seeming to grow exponentially, it’s getting harder for people to find a center, to find “the clarity, the self confidence, and the daily peace that we are going to need,” as you so aptly put it. Just getting the basic core spiritual truths to people, no grand theologies needed, supported by the multidisciplinary evidence-based approach that you use can make so much of that fear-based “mis and dis” just slide off of us. This knowledge can allow even jaded and cynical adults to start reclaiming the pure “baby heart,” as my guides put it once, and thus give their own babies a much better start. It would seem unrealistic to most that we would need to become more like babies, in a sense at least, to save our world, but Jesus himself is quoted as saying, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” MT 18:3 Babies come into this world without the filters that will be placed in their hearts by society, but to quote another line from my team that I really enjoyed, “unfiltered love saves the world,” and this world can only be saved one heart at a time. I imagine you are hoping your new educational website will help do just that, as do I.🙏❤

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Scott, this is wonderfully said! And you have caught what has become the heart of this voyage for me: Thomas insists, and I now clearly see, that the goal of my work at this stage of my life must be to make the truth as easy as possible to grasp!

      Craig Hogan’s mission is the near-opposite of mine. As we produce the videos to begin to populate Seek Reality Online, I have just given the website’s team a 15-episode course in the entire truth at a grade-school level, while he is teaching the same truths at a college level. We haven’t planned this ourselves. It’s happening far above our pay-grade! And I had never applied that particular Gospel passage to what we are doing, but you are exactly right: Jesus told us that we’ve got to stop thinking that we know it all and become little children in order to learn the truths necessary for us to grow spiritually!

      Mother Teresa said something that has been playing in my mind for half a century. She said, “I’m a little pencil in God’s hand.” And so are we all.

        1. Oh my dear Scott, I do hope so! This feels like the culmination of my entire life, and I’ve been planning it for the past five years, but now it feels like building a mansion brick-by-brick. But Craig and I are both pleased with the way it seems to be coming together. And we mean to do a lot of listening, especially at first. We hope that you and everyone here, and those who are close to him as well, will advise us about making the site as user-friendly as possible. After all, trying to create a website that can enlighten the entire world is not a small thing….

  5. Dearest Roberta, there is so much in this blog post that it is not possible to consider all the implications and turnings of the subject matter, without still more considerations popping up.

    Or to put it another way: It’s a trick right? It’s not an average tile pattern. It’s one of those geometric patterns that are infinite, where no two pieces are ever the same. The thing just goes on and on…

    Please allow me to touch on just one piece of the pattern, concerning the makeup of the human personality.

    Some years ago, I was in discussion with one of Sydney’s highly acclaimed psychiatrists who confided to me his own take on the make-up of an individual. He simply drew a diagram on a blank sheet of paper. Firstly he drew a circle and divided it into thirds, looking like a Mercedes Benz sign. Then, this doctor wrote one word in each piece of the pie, if you will. The words were, ‘nature,’ ‘nurture’ and ‘self.’

    He explained the difference between the predisposed genetic inheritance (nature) and the sum of the conditionings of the individual’s; family, culture, wider society, nation, life experiences and the prevailing beliefs of the times (nurture). He added that there was one part of the individual that they ‘brought with them into this life’ that was beyond both genetics and conditioning. This part was true to itself, regardless of both nature and nurture. The doctor believed that this was the ‘soul’.

    Finally he drew a larger, outer circle around the first circle and labeled it ‘God – Spirit’. He believed that this greater reality underpinned each person and all of humanity simultaneously.

    And Roberta, he wasn’t coming from an alternative branch of psychiatry at all. This doctor was as ‘establishment’ as is possible.
    He’d come to his own conclusions, and he freely admitted that the science of psychiatry fell short of the reality of the human psyche. He also confided that years of practice, decades of treating people, had convinced him that there was much more to being human than science had discovered..

    When experts in their own field are frustrated and underwhelmed by it, how long does it take before they break for a change in accepted thinking? What will it take for more of them to start speaking up?

    1. Efram, Thanks for this posting. The four part theory of the psychiatrist you mentioned exactly matches my own analysis, posted above, that replaces the materialist Freudian Super Ego with the soul created by God.

      1. Hi Dr Jack,
        Yes, I was delighted to read your own telling analysis in your comment above. Together with the potentially endless ocean of Roberta’s blog post this week – my chat with the above mentioned psychiatrist sprang suddenly to mind.

        Thankfully the conversation we had two decades ago became clearly remembered. I recall how surprised I was by the doctor’s ideas, and how different they were to the classic Freudian theory of mind and accepted post-Freudian thinking.

        The leopard, eyes burning to be free, paces the miles in his short cage. To behold this sight in a learned, life-worn, fellow human being, is poignant. It is at once inspiring, surprising and heartbreaking. 🙏🏼🐆💧

    2. Oh my dear Efrem, thank you for sharing such a wonderful story! It’s uplifting to hear that a few people, at least, in the field of human psychology are allowing themselves to think beyond the materialist box, even if they share their heretical thoughts only privately.

      As for what it will take to break the dam at last, I think that what we are seeing now is a slow crumbling of most of the century-old scientific paradigms, as one by one they are proving to the wisest scientists to be all dead-ends. I won’t be here to witness the sudden resulting dawning of the truth over all the earth, but you likely will. And Craig and I will be cheering from the bleacher seats. It is going to be amazing!

      1. Dearest Roberta,
        Perhaps I will still be alive to see the dawning of the truth all over the Earth. 🌎 This would be a truly amazing thing to witness, after most of my life has been lived in these Dim Ages of humanity!

        Well we can cheer together; us down here and you guys up in the bleacher seats. 😉🙏🏼🌅

        1. Dear Efrem, I truly hope it will be soon enough that you will witness it from here! I already know where I’ll be sitting, because Thomas has made that clear to me so I’ll stop expecting each moment that it’s about to begin. It will happen like any other so-called preference cascade phenomenon, first very slowly – and that part is just beginning – then suddenly, and very quickly. Some year will start with seemingly nobody knowing, and end with everyone sure we always have known. But I can’t bear the thought that someone as young as you are might live a natural lifespan and still not see it! This ignorance of the truth is such a plague on the world, like some horrid, disfiguring illness that is robbing half the population of their ears and noses and causing endless suffering and pain. And it is perpetuated and not solved by science! Oh yes, my dear Efrem, the sooner the better!

    1. Dear Louise, thank you for saying that! I do love our beautiful family here, without which this website wouldn’t be much at all. I hope that you and everyone will have a glorious Thanksgiving!

        1. My dear Ray, it is so amazing to be able to speak to the entire world, and to hear from people in response who live a while half a world away. To come to know them as friends! It’s lovely, but it’s such a recent phenomenon in the history of the world that when I stop and think about it I have trouble getting my mind around it. We are indeed a family here! And it’s a worldwide family built on and sustained by love. Others, too, are creating their worldwide families very like our own – the Zammits and Sandra Champlain, to name just two in this field. I really think this is how it begins!

  6. I remember in 9th grade. We were required to take a course called Psychology 101. Over the years, I used the concepts of Nature vs. Nuture when I tried to understand my personality compared to my younger brother. Why was I so introverted and shy with maybe 1 ir 2 friends and my brother was extroverted with a whole gang of friends. We were a year apart in age and looked identical, so it couldn’t be genetics. We had loving parents with plenty of food and cloths so it couldn’t be the lack of the nurturing my parents gave us. I’ve come to understood that it was due to all the examples and stories talked about above, to the 3rd component, the difference of our souls!! ( On a side note, over time, I’ve become more extroverted and my brother has become more introverted).

  7. Oh my dear David, your story and mine are universal! My sister and I also are as different from one another as two people could be, and my children are from three different species! When this is how it is in most families, you would think that the bogus idea that we are simply the products of genetics plus upbringing would long since have been seen by even scientists as nonsensical. Good grief, and genes are really nothing! They primarily code for proteins. The human genome is less than 25,000 genes, which is much less than the genome of C. Elegans, a tiny worm with less than a thousand cells! So, how come I now look just like my mother, and my sister looks very like our father? How come apparently there is no genetic coding for the mind at all?

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