God’s Love

Posted by Roberta Grimes • October 22, 2022 • 30 Comments
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God hath not promised skies always blue,
Flower strewn pathways all our lives through;
God hath not promised sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow, peace without pain. 

But God hath promised strength for the day,
Rest for the labor, light for the way;
Grace for the trials, help from above,
Unfailing sympathy, undying love.
Annie Johnson Flint (1866-1932), from “What God Hath Promised” (1919)

Our most confounding human trait is our ability to  keep on fooling ourselves. The plain fact is that so many of the basic attributes of the cosmos have been so precisely tuned to foster intelligent life that if the values of any of those parameters, such as the masses of elementary particles, the various electromagnetic and gravitational forces, or the color and mass of the sun were tweaked even slightly, just small differences in any of those details could have prevented the formation of the components necessary for life in the universe, or in other ways could have made life as we know it impossible. Which prompts scientists to conclude that there must be a multiverse! Of course! And in that infinite number of universes, this one just happens to be perfect for life. Since scientists insist that life must be random. They refuse to allow for a Creator. But all of that absurd atheistic nonsense has gotten really old at this point, so Occam’s Razor wins, for heaven’s sake, in the scientific sweepstakes of common sense. The simplest explanation is the best explanation. It is long past time for physicists to accept the fact that Max Planck was right a hundred years ago when he said that Consciousness is primary.

 And no, the universe could not have started in a single big bang. Even if there had been a bang at some point, we still would be left to ask what existed before the big bang happened, since it is a primary scientific tenet that something cannot come from nothing. The fossil record demonstrates that modern humans first came into existence in the area of modern-day Botswana only two hundred thousand years ago, together with more than ninety percent of all the other species of animals and plants. And the rest of history which preceded that event came into existence, together with a heck of a lot of “punctuated equilibrium,” as humans have become more curious about our past. A bigger and ever bigger illusory universe was created, too, as humans have needed it, so we never would find an edge. And, oh yes, it turns out that the attribute of life is a property inherent in Consciousness itself. All of these practical conclusions are inescapable.

Scientists still refuse to even cope with the fact that some of the most important “cosmological constants” are continuously and minutely adjusting! And if you watch for them, you can sometimes see other little ways in which a loving Creator is tweaking this habitat that is meant for our spiritual growth. That fanciful scientific notion of a multiverse in which this is just one of an infinite number of universes is, and it always has been, ridiculous. And in their saner moments, physicists on some level likely always have known this was true. But the problem is that, as happens with any human-made belief-system, by now mainstream science has more than a century of effort invested in its string of dogmas, and its primary dogma is atheism. It cannot find any honorable way to pull back from all of that nonsense now.   

 This singular illusory reality that we think we see around us has been lovingly created as a place for us to have experiences that can help us to grow spiritually. That is the reason why this universe exists. And these life-experiences are supposed to be hard! If they are not hard for us to deal with, then we won’t be able to grow very much. But this universe is designed around us and for us, just as a zoo’s habitats are designed for its animals. As tiny as it may make us feel, you and I are the reason why this universe exists.

And once you have swallowed the first part of this post, you will need to add to it the realization that this universe and everything in it, including your material body, are not as solid as they seem. All of it is in fact something like 99.99% empty space. Or to put it another way, this universe is actually, as our brilliant friend Albert Einstein pointed out, something like a pure illusion. Einstein said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” And he added, “It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing—a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.”

So in reality, as Einstein knew, matter is almost entirely empty space. Everything that we see around us is just another channel to which our minds can be tuned. In the room around you now, there are hundreds of different levels of reality existing at once. Your mind just happens to be tuned to this one.

The first discarnate being to make this analogy for us used radio signals, because television had not yet been invented. And discovering that insight when I was doing my earliest afterlife research was a real “Aha!” moment for me! Accustomed as we are to living with what we think is solid matter around us, our minds have become severely limited by the constraints of all of this illusory solidity. But all of us are astral travelers. The astral plane is a great many realities that vibrate higher than this one, and they are our true eternal home. In fact, although they also are illusory, all of those higher vibratory levels are far more real-seeming than is this reality. As your mother or your grandmother will happily tell you, whenever you visit with them through a medium.

The sooner you can back off from seeing this illusory material reality as important, the happier you are going to be. I know how counterintuitive that probably seems to you. We are so used to thinking of this little blue marble as all that we’ve got, and these eighty-odd years as our whole allotted time, when in fact our home is in the astral plane and we live there through eternity. We accept amnesia when we come here so we will take our earth-lessons seriously, but that makes these facts no less certainly true. I am going to say this again:

  • Each of us is an individual and eternal aspect of Consciousness. Even though we think we are not always aware, in fact we are always aware somewhere. Your material body and its brain need occasional sleep, but the same is not true of your mind.
  • The astral plane is our gigantic and indestructible true home. Insofar as we are able to determine, the astral plane consists of at least dozens of solid-seeming energy levels, each of which may be as large as this entire material universe, to the extent that size means anything. The afterlife area is the gigantic foyer through which we leave the astral to enter these brief earth-lives, and then we return home again through the afterlife area to process what we have learned on earth before we resume our real eternal lives in the many levels of the astral plane.
  • This universe – and more specifically, this little blue marble – is an illusory reality to which we come briefly to experience the kind of negativity that we cannot experience at home.  This is all just a pure illusion. As Einstein joked, it is one heck of an illusion. But it is an illusion all the same.

Just think of what this really means! There is nothing that ever can harm you. A nuclear bomb can land slap on your head right now, and you will only laugh. Once you understand what actually is going on, you will develop a sense of peace and security and pure joy so profound that it will defy every possible fear. Once you really get this, it is going to amaze and delight you! Look around you now. Nothing that you see is real. But you are real, and you are eternal, and you are infinitely loved. There is nothing in all of reality that is more precious and more beloved of God than you are.

But in order for you to claim the peace of God, you are going to have to give up the illusions.

If you have been reading these posts for a while, then you know that the very idea of religions is something that people invented in the first place as our bulwark against a howling void. But now we know that God is real! And we can safely blow out that little candle of religion, now that the sun of God shines bright. I know that. But still, I gave up Roman Christianity only with extreme reluctance. The religion was so much a part of my marriage that no longer going to church with my husband made me feel as if I was betraying him. I had already long since separated the religion from Jesus in my mind. That wasn’t hard to do, since it was clear from His own words that He had come to move humankind beyond needing religions. He certainly hadn’t come to start another one!

A Course in Miracles puts it this way: “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” If you like, you might try an experiment. Just go back and read to this point again, and then read those three ACIM summary sentences and sit with it all for a bit. See if you can make your awareness of God dawn in you at a deeper level.

I can recall when, perhaps twenty years ago now, it first hit me hard that God is real, I am eternal, and all is love and peace and joy. I was deeply alone with God in that moment. And coming to know Jesus as an aspect of the Godhead, and planning His website out of love for Him, is making me think all of this through again. His pure and immense and overwhelming love for all of humankind simply defies imagination!  

The upper levels of the astral plane are glorious. They are beautiful beyond description, the colors and sounds and scents, the flowers, and the incredible intensity of love in the atmosphere. Of course, the energy there is so intense that we cannot bear to be so high until we have personally achieved those exalted levels, but we can be taken to visit the highest realms if someone who is vibrating at those levels will escort and shield us. When Thomas Jefferson spoke through Leslie Flint in the sixties, Jefferson described having been escorted on such a jaunt, and how amazing it was. It is no wonder that nearly all of those who ever have been close to Jesus have chosen to advance, rather than staying with Him. And yet Jesus continues to live on the lowly entry level, lovingly welcoming and healing damaged people, helping to rear the aborted children, constantly teaching and ministering and serving. My Thomas tells me that Jesus has visited the highest astral realms, but He never has stayed for long. Once, before I was born, Thomas went there with Jesus, shielded by Him, and He tells me that, yes, it was all so pleasurable that he would have been happy to stay, but Jesus couldn’t wait to leave. Thomas thought that was because there was no one there who needed Him. I said, “Wow. Does He need to be needed that much?” Thomas said, “No. It’s not that. But He knows there still is not enough love to match the need that there is for love. And until there is enough love, Jesus wants always to be where He can offer His.”

God has not promised we shall not know
Toil and temptation, trouble and woe;
He has not told us we shall not bear
Many a burden, many a care.

But God hath promised strength for the day,
Rest for the labor, light for the way;
Grace for the trials, help from above,
Unfailing sympathy, undying love.
Annie Johnson Flint (1866-1932), from “What God Hath Promised” (1919)

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30 thoughts on “God’s Love

  1. But Roberta,
    I love Earth and my cat,Pearl, and flowers, streams: gravity!
    I understand all you have written, but I am stuck on solids.
    It is difficult for me condense all to consciousness.
    I know what you say is true, but I still like things. Solid things.
    I am so glad Jesus is coming; His Teachings will guide me
    gently to where you are. I am clinging to ignorance, but willing to
    change. I am so glad you are here, Roberta. Thank you, Erica

    1. Dear Erica,
      I read your sincere and honest reply and I am reminded of Jesus teaching to “become as children”….your sincere love and appreciation of what you are experiencing and your innocence and honesty in expression are awe inspiring to me. Thank you so very much for reminding me that though I am on a spiritual growth journey, God wants me to enjoy along the way. God bless you!!!

    2. Oh my dear lovely Erica, I am so glad that I am here as well! And I can understand your attachment to familiar things. I think that on some level, we all feel as you do. But my dear, the lower astral levels are even more solid-seeming than are these earthly scenes! And we don’t float around there, unless we want to do that. Every kitty you ever have loved will be there! So I think you will find it all to be quite a friendly, and a far from alarming place. You’ll see!

  2. I’ve had five OBEs and when I floated out of my body.nothing was solid as Roberta described, I went straight through my bed, through the floor ,and the following night through the ceiling and the roof, they just didn’t exist…..!!!!! as I floated across my bedroom I became the “float” I had no body. I was simply part of the air, part of all that is,but I was still me..!! it was a wonderful experience, Roberta and Albert Einstein are so right.

    1. Dear Jo,
      I can relate to what you are saying, though never did I “intend” to travel out of body. It just happened. It happened a lot when I was a child, but I had no one to ask about it, and did not understand it until I was much much older. It was crazy.
      It happened again when I started my spiritual journey, again unintended, and it was a bit freaky. There was also “others” much wiser than I always with me, guiding me and explaining.
      But there was one experience that I had that I recalled almost immediately upon reading this. I was fully conscious, in fact, was making soap in the basement. It was around 2012 or so. John was in the living room above me. I was mixing a batch, I recall it was red/orange, and suddenly, a hollow “boom boom”! came from the left of the wall. I stood aright and stared. It sounded like it came from the earth itself. Then, a “boom boom”! from the right wall. I stood and paused, breathing and waiting. I went back to stirring when suddenly, right in front of my eyes, my pot, my hands, the soap and wooden spoon shifted, as if I was watching a movie and there was a glitch in the film, and (this is hard to describe) there was double the picture-so, four hands, two pots; and then, it settled into the one “picture”. Something clicked inside of me. I wasn’t afraid, it was as if I knew, on a higher level, what happened, and it was nothing to be afraid of, and strangely….”normal”. It’s just that I was aware of it happening. I met two friends who had also experienced this shifting and also felt it was “normal”. John had not heard any booms (keep in mind, I not only heard the boom, but FELT them).
      I occasionally think of that experience, hoping to experience it again. I have also had “in the moment” experience of being in several time lines at once. The first time was shocking. My mind couldn’t wrap itself around what was going on-different places, situations, people-and yet being able to “be” in each.
      But that’s another conversation.

      1. Wow, my dear Fran, that is pretty freaky! I am of two minds about out-of-body travel. On the one hand, it fascinates me. The bit that I have done with Thomas into the astral has made me eager for more. But on the other hand, that silver cord seems to be such a tenuous bodily connection and I don’t feel ready to transition just yet!

    2. Oh my dear wonderful Jo, in my whole entire life I never dreamed that I would read that particular set of words put together in a sentence, and now you have written that sentence. WOW. “Roberta and Albert Einstein are so right.” I cannot believe it. Now I can die happy!! 🙂

  3. Dear Erica Paul, If you did not regard the entities of your material world as real, you would not take life seriously and thereby miss the opportunity that Earth life provides for spiritual growth. However, Roberta is exactly right that at a deeper level, just as Einstein too discovered and Planck sensed, matter is an illusionary form of energy, nothing is solid as it appears, and everything that exisits is a form of consciousness. Our individual consciousness exists in a field of consciousness that I like to term the mind of God. By analogy, we each are drops of water in the ocean that is God.

    Everything that Roberta wrote here about a scientific perspective of existence is what I too have concluded from my own study. In addition, I have realized that we cannot ever scientificlly discover how the “material” world came into being, because we cannot in mortal form exit it to observe how it came about. By analogy, fishes born in a fish tank who never leave their tank would have difficulty learning they are in water, and could not possibly learn how their water tank was constructed; I’ve termed this iron clad limitation to mortal discovery of how this world was created the Principle of Interior Unknowability (PIU).

    I came to understand this ultimate barrier to producing scientific knowledge of Creation and defined the PIU while trying to fathom Creation and the origin of God. The best I can do about fathoming the origin of God is what the ancients did in referring to God as the uncreated creator. I am perfectly baffled by God’s eternal existence.

    There was a time several years ago when I was intensively focused on trying to understand how God came into existence, and became extremely vexed at finding no possible explanations when an unvoiced voice entered my mind with mirth saying, “I don’t know either.”

      1. I did myself immediately laugh, breaking my dour frustration, and for many months afterward enjoyed the humor. I knew it was not my own thought, because it was a total surprise.

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Jack, when I first read your comment, I laughed out loud! But I think we have all come to realize that God has a wonderful sense of humor. After all, God designed the Aardvark, for heaven’s sake!

  4. Dear Roberta,
    I absolutely adore when you post about this particular subject! I recall feelings as a child that, even though my family and I were Catholics and went to church most Sundays, I couldn’t accept the fact that I had to abide by the rules of Catholicism! I somehow knew that God’s real church was sitting on a mountain top taking in the glorious view of the valley, or laying in a field of sunflowers admiring the bees as they clumsily take their pollen. These are the gifts from God that they taught us in Sunday school! At least they got that part right! Take in as much of this beautiful world as you possibly can – animals, insects, trees, the stars in the night sky. It’s all for us!

  5. Dear Jack H Hiller,
    Thank you for affirming my weighty life on Earth. I thought
    I was out of my league. I am where I am. And that’s okay.
    Thank you.
    Sincerely, Erica Paul

    1. Oh my dear Erica, you are indeed precisely where you should be now. Simply open your heart and allow Jesus in, and He will answer all your questions. He will meet every one of your needs. He loves you perfectly.

  6. Dearest Roberta and everyone,
    God’s love is such a vast topic and the OBEs described here, as well as the inspiring beauty of the ‘church’ of the natural world, seem to be all part of the one thing. And that feels uplifting to me. 🦅

    As to Dr Jack’s PIU above, this resonates too. You see I had a spiritual, wise friend who has now shed this mortal coil, who often used to say: “I don’t know who discovered water but it wasn’t a fish.”
    How strange to hear Dr Jack elucidate this now.

    And this is all life’s mystery, is it not?

    We ourselves are the mystery. So, we are the mystery attempting to uncover the mystery – There is a joke in there somewhere. 😅 I reckon we could do well just to love and live it; Here is an interesting opportunity to enjoy it. All the while we realize that we are something pretty amazing:

    The Sufi poet Rumi says that we are not a drop in the ocean, rather we are the ocean in a drop.

    And at the heart of the mystery is love. We may not understand the unknowable but we can feel love clearly enough. We can each add love into this lifetime and help Our Jesus shore up enough love into this world. 🌎 ❣️🌅

    1. Oh my dear Efrem, I am so sorry that it has taken me all week to get back here and respond! With everything else, I still practice law, and I have had an unusually busy week with that, but good grief – I wish I could be two people! Thank you for your usual wise thoughts, dear friend. When I can’t be here as much, I love the fact that my friends here back me up 🙂

  7. Hello Roberta and all You seek to know more about Life. I love the poem you focused on in this post. It was my own dear mother’s favorite poem too. So I really perked up when I read it once again. Yesterday, I received an email from the
    scientists that made a film titled: ” Who Can He Be? ” It’s the story of how the Shroud of Turin was scientifically examined and what they found out about the Man that appears on the fabric. I would like to share the link to that website. They have updated the film and included some bonus findings that I think you might enjoy. You can purchase or rent the film to be able to view. It’s well worth the small cost they are asking. I was so surprised to receive their email update as it was several years ago when I first viewed the film. It’s as though this is one of those “it’s meant to be” timings of things that happen in life. Here’s the link: May God Bless you all ! Betty

    1. Dear Betty, thank you for sharing this with us! Like you, I consider the preservation of the Shroud of Turin and the evidence on it to be a literal miracle.

  8. Hello Roberta and All,

    This morning, I am vexed by the news from Eastern Europe that makes it seem that World War is near. I would like to think that God wouldn’t allow it, but terrible World Wars have occurred in this World’s past.

    So I am praying for Peace. I pray for my inner Peace.

    So what do I do? I go back and read Roberta’s (and Thomas’s) message again from yesterday. I read:

    “The sooner you can back off from seeing this illusory material reality as important, the happier you are going to be.”

    And I read y’all’s comments. I have realized that this reality is created for our learning, that we are experiencing our Life Plan, but my mind cannot seem to carry that thought, but for fleeting moments.

    Thanks for reminding me to live this day in joy, knowing that in the Grand Scheme, all is well.

    Blessings to everyone.

    David D.

    1. Oh my dear precious David, all really is well! Please accept the biggest possible hug from me, dear friend. There truly is nothing that can harm you, or harm any of us!

  9. We accept amnesia to take our “spiritual school” serious only to have to learn about where we are from, why we are here and how to progress.

    Sounds like circular logic to me. We purposely forget only to have to relearn what we already knew. Otherwise there is a very good change we won’t spiritually grow like we want.

    It doesn’t sound like this school is working quite like it was intended. Why else would Jesus spend so much time trying to help us if it was?

    I’m confused as to why we continue doing the same thing when it isn’t working for what seems like a big portion of our spiritual family?

    Thanks for the post Roberta. Appreciate you.


    1. Thomas: You must have read my mind as I was thinking the exact same thing. In order to make any kind 0f advances, we have to learn from prior mistakes and experiences but if we can’t remember them, it has been a waste of time, There is something more going on here – just not sure what it is

      1. My dear Lola, did what I said to Thomas make sense to you? The amnesia ends as soon as we go home, so we do have the benefit of our life-lessons – they are not wasted.

    2. Dear Thomas, you do make me smile! The temporary amnesia is necessary so we will take our life-lessons seriously, but once we return home we do recall everything, and then we do have the benefit of what we have learned during our life that has just ended. So it really does work, after all!

  10. Dear Thomas, My free will permits me to be as dumb as I care to be, but my free will is also why I am not a machine. My memory was blocked, but the mystery also drove me to realize thru much study the incredible magnificance that is God and all of His Creation. By analogy, as Efram also noted, the fish living only in water (or each of us in Heaven) does not realize and appreciate it’s water (our Heavenly existence).

    1. Ah yes, my wonderful friend Jack! As soon as the fish get out of the water and get to look back at it, they can say from God’s perspective, “Oh, so that is what water is!”

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