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“Of publishing a book on religion, my dear sir, I never had an idea.
I should as soon think of writing for the reformation of Bedlam,
as of the world of religious sects.
Of these there must be, at least, ten thousand,
every individual of every one of which believes
all wrong but his own.”
– Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) to Charles Clay, his parish rector, January 29, 1815

As is true of each of us, for my whole life I have been lovingly guided. As soon as I was old enough to appreciate the fact that I had a guide who was separate from myself, my guide withdrew and then returned in an experience of light so I could notice the difference. I didn’t get his point, so when I was twenty he gave me a second experience of light; but like many who have such experiences, I thought mine were something like head-thumps from God and not anything more intimate. Eventually I learned about spirit guides, and I knew that I must have one, too; but by then we were working so well together that I didn’t try to know him better. I drive a car without looking under the hood. And by that point, my life was running fine.

My beloved Thomas wants to complete for you this series about his famous lifetime by describing the task that he undertook soon after he ended his last incarnation. Everyone on earth has a primary guide, and he sees our experience as perhaps a helpful aid to your own understanding.

Becoming a spirit guide is a common step for beings who have lately ceased to incarnate, while they still are close enough to the experience of living on earth to be useful guides for others. He tells me it is common, too, for a first guidance project to include some efforts to wind up the guide’s last incarnations, and in his case he was troubled by some trailing ends from his Jefferson lifetime. So we planned a life for me in which he would help me complete some of my spiritual work while he prepared me to be of use to him. Then, late in my life our focus would shift to my helping him to wind up his Jefferson projects.

The being who guides me now is emphatically not Thomas Jefferson. That was just one of his many lifetimes, and it is not how he sees himself now. I wouldn’t know his history, even today, but he needed to enlist my help when it came time for us to shift from doing my spiritual work to doing his wrapping-up work; and since while I am in a body I have amnesia about our history together, he knew that dramatically revealing his famous prior life was his likely best chance to persuade me to do what he needed to have done. But he asks that you not think of him as Thomas Jefferson. Rather, he would like you to think of him as simply an eternal being who, like you, has done his best through many lifetimes. And now he especially wants to show you how this guidance process works.

Thomas has guided me in the classic internal way for most of my life. We meet most nights in a conference room that is paneled in what looks like cherry-wood and contains an oblong table. I sit at the midpoint of that table, and Thomas sits across from me. Sometimes we are alone, while at other times there are other guides who come to assist us with various matters. On the night when Jesus met with us, soon after we finished writing Liberating Jesus, it was the Lord who sat across from me, Thomas sat beside Him, and every other seat at that table was taken by advanced beings who were strangers to me. The energy in that room was so overwhelming that I was unable to look at faces, or even to speak.

Nearly all our work with our spirit guides takes place while our bodies sleep. For most of my life, Thomas and I would talk and make our decisions at night, and I would wake up with our joint ideas and happily set about carrying them out as if they were all my own. But while he was guiding me through my own life-plan, he also was preparing me to help him with his, and I seem to have resisted taking some of those steps. So once in a while he felt forced to intervene in my daytime life. I generally experienced these interventions as strong urges from out of nowhere, a nagging discomfort, just a sense that I had to do something or other; but sometimes his interventions were more dramatic. As I look back, there have been at least seven times when he has intervened this way:

  • Bible-reading. When I was eleven, I began to feel nudged toward a habit of reading the Bible every night. No adult had suggested it, but night after night I would feel edgy until I had read my two or three Bible pages. Eventually I developed a thirty-year habit. If I had not done that, I could not so easily do the work that I am doing for Thomas today.
  • Majoring in Christian history. I selected my college major on a push from my guide. No other choice seemed possible, but then I had a moment of rationality as I was about to officially declare it. Wait a minute! What can I do with a major in Christian history? At once, my mind was flooded with the comforting certainty that Christian history was my perfect major and my only possible choice. I just asked my adviser if it would be an acceptable major if I later wanted to go to law school; and that was odd, too, come to think of it, because at the time I had no intention of going to law school.
  • Choosing my husband. I had one great love in college. We were beginning to plan a life together, but amid all that anti-Vietnam-War fervor he abruptly took it into his head to “go to San Francisco and join the revolution.” We broke up, but months later I was pining for him and thinking about moving and joining him there when I felt drawn one evening to attend a post-college mixer for the first and only time. I entered that darkened room and saw a halo of light around a man who was seated at the far end of it. We have been married now for forty-eight years.
  • Going to law school. I had never wanted to be a lawyer, but unaccountably I kept thinking about law school. My husband encouraged me, so eventually I did what I am sure my guide had been nagging me to do; and my legal education has been repeatedly useful throughout our lifetime of working together.
  • Researching the afterlife. Even the urgency I have felt since childhood to understand what happens after death seems to have come from my spirit guide. I wasn’t afraid to die, I had other interests, but by the time I was out of college the notion of doing that research was my obsession. And by what was surely no accident, I soon came across resources that almost right away convinced me that this was going to be research worth doing.
  • Writing My Thomas. One day in the late eighties I came upon a book about Thomas Jefferson’s early life, and instantly I had to have it. Then I felt pressed to contact the author, who encouraged me to write about Thomas Jefferson’s marriage. I learned much later that my researching and writing My Thomas had been the evidence my guide had been asked to provide that I was a channel sufficiently skilled to eventually channel the Lord.
  • Writing Liberating Jesus. It must have been sometime in 2014 that Thomas began to urge me to write a book about what Jesus had intended to say in the Gospels. Thomas had promised that I would do it, and I had been preparing for twenty years, but when he told me it was time to begin the work, apparently I refused. Who was I to be telling the world what Jesus had actually meant to say? So he prompted me to consult a medium, and in February of 2015 he told me through that medium who he had been. As soon as he told me I should call him “Thomas,” immediately I heard myself say, “Thomas Jefferson?” He winced. The medium gasped. And all I wanted to talk about was that amazing prior lifetime! But all he wanted to talk about was the fact that he had written a book about Jesus in his Jefferson lifetime that had long since been lost. He hadn’t published it because the time had not been right, but he wanted me to write it now “for this modern age.” He put my choice in the starkest terms, telling me that unless we can materially raise the consciousness vibrations of humankind, within two hundred years this planet will be just a barren and burned-out wasteland. But if I would do my designated part and channel his new book about Jesus, he told me I would be helping to ensure that in two hundred years we would be living in the kingdom of God on earth. He didn’t tell me until it was about to happen that I would be channeling Jesus Himself. But with stakes like these, I would have done it anyway. I wanted to please my newly discovered friend.

Thomas was willing to speak with me through a medium for a couple of years, but I never stopped seeing him as Thomas Jefferson. So in the spring of 2017 he began to refuse to work with any medium, and he taught me to recognize his internal voice. It’s a lot like hearing the same note played on a piano and a violin: his voice feels like my own thoughts but it is subtly different, it comes from the left, and it generally offers a different perspective. He doesn’t interfere in my daily life, but if I am having a relevant conversation or writing something that matters to him, he dominates. How easy this is now! He wants you to know, just as he has taught me, that recognizing a spirit guide’s voice is easy if we will just open-mindedly listen.

He tells me that we even are making progress on his Jefferson to-do list:

* As Jefferson, he had intended to emancipate the slaves.
He had planned to marry an abolitionist and inherit with her hundreds of family slaves so the issue would be central to his life; but Patty died young, and his attention shifted toward instead building the United States. He tells me that a proper emancipation still has not been done! But we have written a book that he hopes will eventually help to at last begin to jump-start that process.
* As Jefferson, he had wanted to bring the teachings of Jesus to the world. This is where his focus is now, and he has put a lot of effort into sufficiently enlightening me so together we can be of service. He tells me that he and I at last are making what he sees to be meaningful progress.

People sometimes ask me whether we remain ourselves after we leave these bodies. At this point my answer is, “Yes and no.” Our awareness continues from one identity to the next, our spiritual development carries on with no break, and some core personality quirks remain. My guide is still intellectually curious, ardent about what he thinks is important, and serious. He does not suffer fools. His greatest transformation from his having been Thomas Jefferson is his new spiritual certainty: he personally knows and reveres Jesus as an aspect of the Godhead Itself, and his obsession has become the spiritual advancement of all of humankind. As Jefferson he had said, “I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know” (from his letter to the Rev. Ezra Stiles, president of Yale University, June 25, 1819). Today he tells me with satisfaction that we are about to give the Lord His true Way. And it won’t be a Christian sect at all! Instead, Thomas Jefferson’s “sect by myself” is the start of the genuine spiritual movement that Jesus came to earth to begin.


“In our Richmond there is much fanaticism, but chiefly among the women.
They have their night meetings and praying parties,
where, attended by their priests, and sometimes by a hen-pecked husband,
they pour forth the effusions of their love to Jesus,
in terms as amatory and carnal
as their modesty would permit them to use to a mere earthly lover.”

– Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) to Dr. Thomas Cooper, Nov. 2, 1822


Blue angel photo credit: pom’. <a href=”″>Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
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62 thoughts on “Thomas as a Spirit Guide

  1. Hi Roberta, hi everybody —
    This is an astonishing story, not because it is unique but because it is universal. As you note, we are all lovingly guided as sure as we breathe air and drink water. Thank you for sharing this most intimate symbiosis with us. I hope other commenters will share their guided relationships too.

    One thought that occurs to me, who guides our guides?

    1. I second what Mike said, this is an amazing post and I thank you also Roberta for sharing your very detailed personal story of you and Thomas. It fills in alot of the gaps in for me. I’m a relative newbie with this, the Corona virus lockdown in New York has given me the time I finally needed in life to concentrate on the afterlife so the meeting of my own guide is relatively a short time ago but grows each day. Roberta’s posts, podcasts and books have really helped increase my pathway and perhaps it was my guide that prompted me to look at the initial “YouTube” of one of Roberta’s talks that got me going. David Wright

      1. Dear David, we are coming to see that a lot of good has come from the Covid lockdown, along with some negativity. The fact that so many people are working now from home – or even moving and working from a distant place – is wonderful! And there have been many who have used the lockdown as you have, to explore in some areas where there never had been enough time to explore. For example, this website’s email list promptly grew by a third in just two months!

    2. Thanks Roberta, and everyone.
      As for your thought our guide’s guide Mike….
      I imagine a type of hierarchy similar to the military’s “chain of command”.

      1. Dear Bryan, when I asked Thomas if this sort of hierarchy exists, he said that it might be helpful in cases where inexperienced guides just starting out felt that they might need extra help, but there is no such overall human-like top-down system. People who have progressed beyond the need to incarnate are generally considered to be advanced enough spiritually to undertake the responsibility of being spirit guides: after all, remember that they have all been guided through many lifetimes, and they are back now in their vast, eternal minds, so there isn’t much that they would need to know that they don’t already know pretty well. But Thomas says that every pairing of guide and subject to be guided does go through working out a lifeplan together, and then presenting it for review by the Council (not sure what that is); and the Council is also assessing the pairing, to make sure they are at least reasonably well matched.

    3. Dear Mike, I have asked Thomas this question. He says that everyone who is allowed to guide an incarnated being takes the responsibility so seriously that there doesn’t need to be much (or any) supervision of primary spirit guides. There is, however, assistance offered if ever a difficult situation occurs; for example, if a subject being guided becomes willfully harmful to others. He says that the match between guided and guide sometimes – rarely – needs adjustment during a lifetime.

  2. Dearest Roberta and everyone,
    Sometimes hitting the ‘wrong’ button is actually hitting the right one: A few days ago I wanted to listen to your latest ‘Seek Reality’ weekly episode and I accidentally pressed the wrong link. And what do you know? The result involved listening to a perfectly compatible episode with this week’s blog entry.

    I refer to Seek Reality; 29/6/20; interviewing Peter Wright, Hypnotherapist. He explains the value of talking to our own spirit guide and how easy it is to do. He outlines a method of actually establishing contact that we may easily try at home.

    As someone who has established contact with my own Guide in Spirit barely a couple of years ago, I can attest to how rich a growth opportunity it is to open up a conscious relationship with a personal guide, who is always there to help at the deepest level. Sometimes the help is astonishing in its accuracy and it’s effect.

    I will leave it to others to talk about their guide experiences, as I wish to learn how people are faring instead of focusing on myself. However I urge anyone who hasn’t listened to the above mentioned Seek Reality episode to do so. If anyone wants to connect with their own guide, Peter Wright’s method is very easy to attempt and practice. Please know that there is a best friend behind the scenes who loves you and works constantly for your elevation.

    And Roberta, let me thank you for this very personal and truly enlightening blog and for the deeply resonating, steep learning curve that is your Seek Reality program. I gain so much from both of these unique offerings and I couldn’t imagine being without them.

    1. Oh my dear Efrem, I’m so glad to be of help! But it’s Thomas that we have to thank for whatever we write each week, and my wonderful guests who make Seek Reality useful. In so many ways, I am just the conduit – I give them all the space and support, but I am just their vessel.

      1. Dearest Roberta,
        God bless you and your constant effort to help humanity understand the Greater Reality.

        And yes, it is Thomas himself that has given us so much knowledge and understanding each week. I thank him from my heart.

        And everyone of your Seek Reality guests have been tremendous. I feel that they are amazing people, each and every one of them. They open up so many possibilities of what can be achieved by employing our consciousness.

        All this is changing the way myself and many people are now seeing Reality.

  3. I have a spirit guide who appeared to me several years ago. He also talks to me from the left side of my head. Interesting. One thing he has taught me is, instead of saying ‘help me’, to say ‘guide me please’, and calm down to listen. Then I always get the guidance how to do things for myself, rather than expect others to rescue me. It’s been a great learning experience, and what I have been shown seems very different from what others seem to receive.

    1. Dear Marcia, I have been assuming that I generally feel him behind my left shoulder and he seems to be talking from the left because I am left-handed, but who knows? My being left-handed means that my right brain is dominant. No idea if there is even a connection!

      And I think the guidance relationship is in fact not a relationship between senior and junior so much as it is an intense collaboration. It’s like a good marriage, of which no two are alike, or even very similar! Where Thomas is concerned, I think he expects a lot from me because he remembers our prior lifetimes when he has relied on me. So now it has frustrated him that I don’t remember any of that, and I think that at times he has despaired of my ever getting a clue; but he seems to be happier with me now, and a good deal happier that I seem to be doing what he needs to have done. He is happier with this method of communication as well, and we have gotten all the Jefferson confusion put aside. But for all of us, this is a lifetime process and it always is changing and growing!

  4. This thing about Thomas and all of us having had many lives in a body I compare to actors playing many roles.
    They are sometimes interviewed, and often identified with a popular screen personality, more than with other parts they have played.
    Some have played both the hero and the villain.
    I wonder if we all have a spirit name which stays with us for eternity?


    1. Gerda, I don’t know the answer about eternal names, but here is an anecdote about my own wise and beloved guide, whom I call “Arrow.” A few years back in the middle of some dream work, she told me her name—it was a word that I could not pronounce. Over a period of time, I was inspired to do some research and in a very surprising way I came across a 100 year old linguistic table of Athabascan-dialect vocabulary. There was the word I found difficult to pronounce, with the English translation: her name translates to Arrow.

      The name and the origin are very significant to me personally for reasons that there isn’t space here to get into. I think the names our guides reveal to us have significance; they are guidance in of themselves and worth contemplating.

      1. Dear Mike, my hunch is that the name she gave you is her prior earth-name, or else she gave it to you so you would do that research and find the word “arrow.” Based on information from a number of different sources, I think there is a kind of code about spirit guides not giving us their eternal names while we are in bodies.

        1. Yes, Roberta, I do have reason to believe this name is tied to her history in an earthly timeline. The fact that it translates to the English word Arrow makes it a good name for a guide, I think! 🙂

          1. Indeed, Arrow is a great name for a guide!

            I think it’s important that we help people understand that although we each have a guide, and we are told that nearly always these relationships are for life and likely much longer than that, they are all as different from one another as people are different from one another! It is something like encouraging good signs from people we love who have gone before us: our guides are for the most part eager for a more overt daytime relationship, but their communication style is subtle. Those signs from them are easy to miss. I know that Thomas had been reaching out to me – not as Jefferson, but as my oldest friend – and I just had been ignoring him!

    2. Dear Gerda, we do indeed all have eternal names! Communication in the astral and afterlife realms is by thought, and I understand that many of us have names that are not even pronounceable as words. When we first meet our guides, they generally will ask us to give them whatever name we like; or if we ask them their name, they may give us a name that we can call them. In Thomas’s case, he needed to use his famous prior identity to pressure me into channeling Liberating Jesus, but he was still sufficiently uncomfortable with being forever identified with that one lifetime that he was hesitant about saying it. So he said I could call him “Thomas,” while at the same time he was telling me internally who he had been: I had a sudden surge of certainty about that. Had he not needed to use it to persuade me, he would never have identified himself to me as Thomas Jefferson in a million years!

      Incidentally, our guides will generally not let us know their personal eternal names. I have asked Thomas what his name is, and he said the spiritual equivalent of, “Not on a bet!” He told me that I would know both his name and mine once I come home, apparently without needing to be told.

  5. Dearest Roberta,

    Brother Efrem’s post cited one of your podcasts with Peter Wright who spoke on how to get in touch with your spirit guide or other beings for the first time. Thank you, Efrem. According to Peter, this communication is initiated and then continued “from the heart”, not from the brain.

    Roberta, do you have a “From the heart 101” podcast that might help some of us, who really need the help just what communicating from the heart may be accomplished?

    1. Dear David, I have never had a guest talk about that, although Peter Wright will be back to SR soon so we can ask him to elaborate then. Meanwhile, I have just asked Thomas that question. He says that our minds attach to our entire bodies, and especially to our hearts. When I speak to him in words, I am speaking from my active brain, and when he used to communicate through mediums and through Leslie Flint he was doing something like the same thing – forming individual words – although his etheric body doesn’t have organs as such. The way that we are communicating now though is essentially by whole ideas and not individual words, which is mind-to-mind communication directly; and that sort of communication when people in bodies do it comes more from the heart than from anywhere else.

      1. Dear all. I, too, have communication often by whole ideas, and also sometimes in individual words. It seems mind to mind. But I have no concept of ‘heart’ communication. When I have emotional responses to communications, that I feel in my heart. I have no reason to believe that the communications come from the heart.

  6. Hi Roberta and everyone,
    This is a response to Roberta’s reply to my reply about how our guides contact us. That thread is above, but we ran out of “reply” space, so I am posting this as a stand-alone here. I agree, Roberta, that as you say it is important to emphasize that as “nearly always these relationships are for life and likely much longer than that, they are all as different from one another as people are different from one another! It is something like encouraging good signs from people we love who have gone before us: our guides are for the most part eager for a more overt daytime relationship, but their communication style is subtle.” I began communicating with my guide through very subtle means at a young age, like you, and it is only in hindsight that I am able to recognize much of her guidance. The modes of messaging blended, by design, into my earth-time experience that I perceive as incarnation. That, mainly, was why they made sense to me and did not strike me as extraordinary. In my case, because of how I am, it was often a book title, out of context, or some other piece of printed material that caught my eye and provided a blunt response to some existential riddle I was nagged by. Then…boom! There was the guidance, right in front of me. Someone not me would have seen it as “coincidence.”

    While it is great that there are folks out there who can provide advice on how to contact our guides for more overt communication, our guides are already speaking to us. The sky may not ever crack open. Look for the small things. The extraordinary is within the ordinary.

    1. Dear Mike, this is wonderful help for people who are having trouble taking communications for what they actually are! Many people dismiss them as coincidences, when in fact the number of actual coincidences that occur without a spiritual push is vanishingly small. Many others assume that spirit communications are going to boom like a cannon, when in my experience they are usually very subtle. Some people worry that when they are feeling a communication from spirit it may actually be of the devil, when I have never heard of that happening either: there is a sense of negativity around actual communications from demonics that is hard to miss. I wish it were easier to help people with this process of meeting and recognizing their primary guides! And Thomas doesn’t seem to have ideas about it either; it doesn’t seem to be one of his priorities. We’ll have to all put our heads together….

  7. Hi Roberta,
    I wanted to share that a few years ago I was not seeking (at least not consciously) answers about the spiritual world, but somehow I ran across a Youtube interview and you were talking about Jesus. Well your words just really resonated with me, and now I believe that my own spirit guide surely must have pushed me there. Now I have read most of your books and follow this weekly blog. I have listened to many “preachers” through the year, but the real truth (not fake truth) seemed so real coming from you. You and Thomas are making a difference!

    1. Oh my dear Timothy, thank you for this! I have been hearing more and more often now from people who have found us here, and usually from coming across videos as you did. Some of them have just recently heard of spirit guides, and they tell me in an email that their guides brought them to me. I really love that! I know of some others, too, who are doing this work, whose followers talk about how they think it was their guides who made the introduction. Something wonderful is happening in the world!

  8. Tim, if you read my earlier post, I also feel that I was directed by my guide to Roberta’s earlier You Tubes. These You Tubes started my initial search and prompted me to keep digging deeper.

    1. Dear David, thank you for this! I have felt kind of foolish making all those videos – someone else usually was insisting that I do them – but knowing that they were helpful to you and to so many other people really is wonderful!

  9. It is important as people look for signs from, and expectations of, their guide teams that we realize not all of us is on a mission to be out in the world front and center. Our missions, like our relationships, are as unique as each of us is. And many of us are here to work in a very immediate sphere of influence. As Mother Theresa noted, not all of us can feed thousands, but if we can, we should aspire to feed one (paraphrasing).

    I am also reminded of the passage in the gospel where the poor woman donated a tiny sum and was ridiculed. Jesus pointed out not that she gave a small sum but that her gesture represented giving of herself. In short, she “fed one –perhaps that one even was herself and her own sense of worth in this world as she made her contribution for the betterment of her small sphere.

    I am by no means an expert in guides, guide teams and our relationships with them. But my own guide seems to be showing me that people should not look for something too earth shaking and then get overwhelmed at the prospect as they still struggle with their own pain. That exhortation to “feed one” is also metaphorical: feeding one could be done through the slightest act of love or kindness. Holding a door for someone. Leaving a light on in the house so someone can make their way down the hall in the dark— seemingly inconsequential gestures that change lives.

    It is important that we trust that our guidance is with us always, and that we clearly understand the purpose of the relationship in our own experience during this earthly timeline. Until we realize that even a small act is a consequential act, we may be looking in the wrong places.

    1. Mike, you are right. Our missions like each of us, our guides and our relationships with them are unique. Perhaps even a small act of love or kindness goes right into Love Eternal itself. 🙏🏼🕊

    2. Dear Mike, this is such a wonderful point! Very few people on earth have a guide whose purpose is anything other than their individual spiritual growth, and to be growing and then sharing here and there as the opportunities present themselves is for all of us the height of spiritual success. Thank you for saying that!

      I had begun to worry a bit that some who have communicated with me might think that they also should be sharing the truth more actively, but that is almost certainly not the case. I agreed before I was born that I would spend the final stage of this lifetime teaching what my beloved guide wants me to teach, which is an unusual situation. I have never heard of it happening before, although I’m sure it has; it is just unusual. And I am happy to do it! Please, though, understand that it comes with trade-offs, as do all things in life 😉

  10. Dearest Roberta,

    Thank you so much for contacting Thomas on my behalf to clarify that “from the heart” is the communication of ideas, not words. I have never seen it put that way before.

    Thank you both.


  11. So what’s the best way to contact guides? Do you suggest talking with them as if they were in the room with you? Do you ask for signs of some sort? Not sure what the correct procedure would be. It seems likely that we would have to quiet our minds and see what comes through, but I’m not sure if that’s the optimal way to do it either

    1. Dear Lola, I am not an expert at this! Personally, until Thomas came out to me I had no idea who was guiding me. I only knew that someone was. So on many nights I would ask a question, and then in the morning pay attention to the first thoughts in my mind; and if it wasn’t a clear answer, I would ask the same question a time or two more as I was about to go to sleep until I felt I had some morning certainty in some direction. I didn’t realize that all my writing was channeled – including fiction, with a different guide – until after Thomas had come out to me. Until then, I just thought I was extremely smart and a spirit guide was something like a spiritual Google. Boy, was I stupid about that!

      Peter Wright is an expert, though, and he did a Seek Reality episode on this topic late in June. He will be doing the second half of it at the start of November. You might listen to him for advice!

  12. I listened to Peter a while ago today. I adore him, as he is without fanfare and is direct and to the point, plus he makes everything seem fairly easy as long as we stop thinking in earth terms and accept that it can be real despite the fact that it initially sounds like a fairy tale. There are no rituals to go through, nor does it matter what questions we ask. I can’t wait to listen to him again next month.

    1. Dear Lola, I love him too! And he is every bit as delightful in personal conversation as he is when he is being interviewed. I have twice had sessions with him, and his ability to put people right in touch with their guides is pretty amazing! It didn’t work as well for me as it might for most, because I went to him to try to learn more about my prior lives with Thomas but as soon as Peter had me under hypnosis Thomas spoke through me and said that under no circumstance would he allow me to know any more about our prior lives together until after I had transitioned. What he did allow was for all seventeen of my prior personalities who had known him in life to gather in order to answer general questions while he supervised; and it was amazing. He wouldn’t let them say more than general things, and every last one of them was a man!

  13. Hi Roberta and everyone. I have been on this spirit guide path for close to two years now, and it has been a great growth and learning experience. I recommend it to everyone. Imagine what the world would be like if we were all more consciously following our guides’ advice. I go about it like a chat between good friends, with conversational questions and follow-up or clarifying questions. I formulate a question (I like to start it with “Dear Primary Spirit Guide [or the name if you have it] and team” like writing a note to a dear friend), write it down to make it more concrete, speak it out loud if I can, go into meditation, repeat the question in my mind a few times, and wait for the answer. If I catch my mind wandering, I recenter and repeat the question. I may get images or even a brief little movie, sounds or a voice saying a word or phrase – rarely a sentence or two, and more and more often now the idea or words just seep into my mind. It can be very subtle and easy to miss – often when I’m right on the edge of drifting off. I think this dropping-in of the words or even just an idea or concept may be the more heart centered version you folks were discussing. My guides have over-and-over stressed the importance of the heart centered approach to improving the connection to them. They even called it the “recipe for telepathy.” They can have a funny way with words 😄. Sometimes, I think to provide validation, they give me ones that are so obscure, or even in other languages, that it can take some serious google searches to find them and then they wind up being exquisitely appropriate to the question, so write everything down, however goofy it may seem, and try to keep an open mind, sort of like remote viewing. It may be a dead end, but then again could lead you to somethig very interesting. I certainly would like to get a better feel for the mechanics of working through the heart center, as spirit guide communication usually seems like such a cerebral process. I think it is probably the key. Maybe it is just trying to feel that sense of love between you and the guide. Does it have something to do with the empathic faculty? I welcome anyone else’s thoughts on this.

    1. Scott: You mentioned “working through the heart center.” Peter Wright who was a guest on Seek Reality at the end of June strongly emphasized this and since he specializes in guide communication, it looks like you have a very good grasp on connecting with guides.l

      1. Hi Lola. I enjoyed that interview, like all of Roberta’s great interviews. His mention of the heart centered approach jumped out, probably because my guides have emphasized that as well. It makes sense. We raise our vibrations by moving towards ever more perfect love, and the higher our vibes, the better our connection gets. 0n the flip side, the higher our vibes, the less likely any negative entity would try to interfere. Their negative intent would become pretty obvious soon enough – you know a tree by its fruit – and our own intent is important also, so the more it aims towards serving God or the higher good the better. Just the same, I always surround myself with light, affirm that I am protected while allowing those that work for the greater good to enter, and ask that any information or assistance I receive come from the highest possible source. I don’t know if that really does anything, or if it is just down to where your head (or should I say heart?) is at, but it can’t hurt. Like Roberta has said the vibration of love is so much more powerful than that of negativity, so the negatives only have power if we give it to them. Otherwise, they are just annoying little gnats. Thst’s how I see it anyway.

      2. Dear Lola, this is something that I hope I can remember to ask Peter to further clarify when I interview him again!

    2. Hey Scott 👋
      I’ve realize that much of the spiritual tradition of the world accepts that the actual Spirit within, that Light of God that is our essence, is placed in the heart. Hence the emphasis on being ‘of the heart’ and ‘listening with the ear of the heart’, and so on.

      In some traditions the Spirit-awakened person sees the eternal flame of Spirit move to the top of the head. Hence you get those Thai Buddha statues with the flame atop the crown. Heck, I was even in an old church in Florence once, where the painted angels and angelic musicians each had a bright flame atop their heads.

      Since the core of consciousness is seen as basically within the heart, I address my Guide from here. Like you Scott, I clarified my intent to talk to my God authorized spirit guide exclusively, so as to exclude anything low grade. I guess for me this means talking out of love and the deep sincerity born of love. I address her from a place of heart intimacy.

      And it worked. She (my guide is a woman) also speaks to me from that intimate place, and I soon realized that she has been there all my life, though I was not aware of her. I soon realized that the connection was already there, all I needed to do was to communicate.

      Keeping a diary of what happens is a good idea, as is establishing a regular time for talking to one’s guide. Or at least that helped me get started. Now I am getting used to what it feels like to communicate and I can be more fluid about it. 🙂

      And as you do Scott, I feel my way through the love connection. For me it is not a primarily cerebral process. And there is a certain ‘tone’ to my guide’s thought communication. I can feel her character too, her personality. Also she seems to come from over my right shoulder. (Go figure!)

      I hope I’m not being too obscure here, but I wanted to share this experience..
      Like yourself Scott, I refer to Our Jesus’ advice to know something by its fruits. And beyond anything else, conscious guidance has made me feel freer and lighter. Also, my Guide has helped amplify and clarify my relationship with God. I don’t know how – though I have a feeling that it has something to do with being more attuned. 😉

      Your question about guidance and empathy is a very good one! I would love to know about this too. 🙏🏼🕊🌅

      1. Hi Efrem and Scott and everyone! Like Efrem’s guide, my beloved is a feminine spirit whose communication touches me from the right—in my case often my right cheek. Why? Who knows? Like Efrem, I sensed her my whole life but in very subtle ways. Her “coming out” to me in full force was via dream work.

        I think all of our sensations of our guides are actually metaphors for eternal presence. It doesn’t matter how we connect, where we “feel” them or what their names are. They just ARE, and our own unique comfort zones will influence how we perceive them. The wondrous phenomenon is that we do perceive them and know that with us are doing the work that belongs to God.

        1. Dear Mike, I have come to think that the distinction between us, our guides, and the Godhead is far less distinct than we imagine it to be. It is through our guides that God seems to interact with us; and our guides are so close to us that the distinction between us and them is largely in our minds. Above all, I have the increasing sense of how deeply and profoundly each of us is loved!

      2. Dear Efrem, it is so much fun for me to watch all of you working with your spirit guides! Thank you for sharing your experiences, and I really hope you will continue to do that ;-).

      3. Hi Efrem. Maybe those flames, halos, etc depicted above the heads of saints and masters reflect actual perceptions by those sensitive enough to see them. Is it the spiritual power of love shooting up the spine from the heart center like a torch, creating an auric field of great intensity? I’ve read how holy people have a power that can light up a room and lift up everyone there. I asked my guides about this once and they said that is basically how they recognize each other’s spiritual level, by the intensity of their light or vibrations.

        I hope I can learn to listen more from that “ear of the heart” like you. It seems to be a main part of what the guides are teaching me now. I tend to be a little too much in my head.

        1. Dear Scott,
          I’m getting the same nudging from my guide. Listening from the heart, speaking from the heart and attempting to serve Love in actions I take, is what I’m guided to do. Much like your good self. I have a feeling you will excel at being heartfelt, my friend. 🙏🏼❣️

          I’m not surprised that holy people bring love and light to all around them. When we raise our vibrations, what can we not do?! 🌅🕊

          1. Very well said, dear Efrem! And what many people don’t get is just how much fun this is. We tend to frame spirituality in terms of religion, and to see human emotional life on a spectrum in which we can be pious or we can be hedonistic. Holiness gets you a higher spot in heaven, but many think that for now being not-holy is a lot more fun! But actually, that is not true at all. In fact, the higher you can manage to vibrate, the happier you are, the more fun life is, and the more perfect your whole life feels. The joy that comes from a closer walk with Spirit is the most fun that anyone can possibly have!

    3. Oh my dear Scott, I love how deeply you have dived right into this! I don’t know that I would have the patience to do so much as you have done, and I’m pretty sure that Thomas wouldn’t have the patience. But it’s wonderful how well this is working for you, and I hope you will keep us all informed as time goes on!

      1. It’s thanks to finding you and your work, Roberta. You were the gateway drug. 😁 It’s been quite a ride since, and I hope there will be more to report. A medium, one I believe you know well, that I had a reading with recently said, “You’ve been WOKE!”

        Also, I loved your description of being in such a prosaic wood paneled office sitting across an oval table from not only Thomas, but also Jesus and his crew of masters at one point. I can’t imagine what that was like. The spiritual energy from them must have been really something! Can you say anything about their appearance or demeanor, or what was communicated?

        1. Dear Scott, I love being a gateway drug! What a wonderful thing for you to say!

          And as for that meeting with Jesus, I really only can recall a glimpse of it The conference room is familiar – it’s prosaic, windowless, and not very large. I have lots of bits of memories of it. Typically, Thomas and I are not alone but there might be six or eight people there, spirit guides who are not in bodies and sometimes people from my life who are trailing silver cords. I think this is how we all meet at night, in whatever is our own meeting-place! So one afternoon late in the summer of 2015, I was driving – I even recall where I was driving – and Thomas said something like, “I want you to see what happened last night.” It was a thought-communication, so I don’t recall words. And then I was aware of being in that room, and it was full of very high-vibration beings and right across from me was Jesus. He was big! And He gave off so much energy that I felt overwhelmed by it. He was talking, everyone was listening, but I couldn’t in this vision hear what He was saying; and I couldn’t really look at Him either, more than glancingly. He seemed to know He was overwhelming me. When He looked at me His face was gentle, but make no mistake: it was a very serious meeting. He looked so much like Jesus! Hazel eyes, brown hair to his shoulders, tan skin. This vision lasted for not even a minute, but it was so overwhelming that I nearly drove off the road.

          There are many people who claim to communicate with Jesus, but they don’t seem to be affected by it much. I don’t see how that is possible. The energy that was in my mind for the two weeks when we were writing Liberating Jesus, and the energy that was in that room, was immense, unique, and unforgettable: it was great love and tremendous power.

  14. I so enjoyed and learned from your story. How do I connect with my Spirit Guide? This sounds like a fantastic experience. thank you!

    1. Welcome, Scott! I enjoy being a part of this family of friends as well ;-). And actually, you are in almost constant subtle communication with your primary guide, but since you always have been in communication your guide seems to be just a part of you. The trick is to suspend your disbelief for long enough to be able to recognize what of your mind is you, and what is your guide! And when you get it, you feel foolish about not having seen it before because it really is obvious. You might listen to some of the Peter Wright Seek Reality episodes, especially the one from June of 2020 and also the one that will come out around the first of November. As you can read from some of those who comment regularly here, once you start to relate openly with your primary guide it can become an immensely rewarding relationship!

      1. Thank you so much for that. I will listen to those episodes. I am looking to open my eyes! Bless you.

        1. Enjoy! And if you ever have questions that I might help you with, please just email me through the green contact block on this website.

          1. Hi Roberta!
            I was reading a great book by an Irish woman, Lorna Bryne. Her fantastic book is called “Angels in my Hair”. I don’t know if you have read it. But it really struck me. I feel that I have always had some spirit, or Angel if you like, watching out for me. There have been just too many times that I have been saved from death, when at the moment the event was about to happen (literally seconds before), a voice told me what to do. It has said like “Look behind you” or “Look to the left” or “Look up”. I obeyed these voices, but at the time, felt I was just lucky enough to be observant at the right moment. Are Angels our Spiritual Guides as well? I’m at a new spiritual awakening in my life and am in awe of this Universe and what is possible. Thank you.

          2. Scott, I just happened to see your comment from Oct. 13. I don’t know if you have received an answer yet. I have also followed Lorna’s work. She as far as I know doesn’t distinguish between what she calls angels and others call spirit guides. The guide is different, and there may be a team of guides. I have seem some evidence of angels serving as guardians but not necessarily as guides. My own beloved guide usually feeds me answers and information, not warnings. So there may be a guardian angel on her team doing that work.

  15. Dear Scott and Mike, since Scott’s comment was at the end of a chain and without a Reply option, I didn’t respond to it… which is just as well, since Mike’s reply is lovely! Of late there are several fairly prominent people who make no distinction between the angels helping us and our spirit guides, which is unfortunate since the distinction is a big one:

    * SPIRIT GUIDES have lived at least one lifetime on earth, and virtually always they have risen to the upper half of Level Five spiritually, and have then ceased incarnating and shifted to guiding others entering earth-lifetimes. We are repeatedly told this is the case, and I feel confident now that it is true, although there are exceptions to every rule in what is in fact a very complex system. But spirit guides have to have lived human lives on earth, since they need to know the basics of living here and they also need to know enough about being a human trying to grow spiritually to be able to guide us through our life-plans.

    * ANGELS are of a different, pure class of being that directly serves the Godhead. We don’t know as much about angels as we do about guides, except that they don’t need to incarnate, although when they appear on earth to assist us they generally take on a physical body in order to assist us without sticking out as strange. We are told that each of us has a guardian angel whose task is to protect us physically as we venture through our lives on earth, and keep us alive and safe until we have reached our chosen exit-point.

    So my dear Scott, it sounds as if you really have heard from your guardian angel!

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