Who Is Jesus? (#1)

Posted by Roberta Grimes • July 01, 2023 • 38 Comments

Jesus loves me, this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong.
They are weak, but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
– Anna B. Warner (1827-1915), from “Jesus Loves Me” (1862)
(Popular Children’s Hymn, first Composed as a Poem for a Dying Child)

Last summer I experienced the most extraordinary few months of my life. They may have been the most extraordinary few months of anyone’s life who was born later than maybe 25 CE. And it is first now that I am far enough from those months to think about them with any kind of perspective. I can imagine that all of that might be behind me at this point, although my Thomas, my spirit guide, still will not assure me that time is finally over. But eight months have passed since I last visited with Jesus in the astral plane, and I am beginning now to mentally process those personal experiences that I shared with Him. Or, what shall I even call those moments that I could not believe were actually happening, even as I lived them and I knew they were happening? Without this blog, I likely would not have written them down as I did. But Jesus wanted me to blog about them for you. I am only now really seeing that. His opening Himself again to the world as He was only then just beginning to do is a part of Jesus’s moving beyond His seventeen hundred earth-years spent in working to heal the hundreds of millions of people who were damaged by the Roman Emperor Constantine’s Christianity.

Where Jesus is now, He encounters few people who are presently occupying earthly bodies. So He is not used to contending with our temporary amnesia. And while I still find it impossible to believe that I had ever met Jesus before last April, Thomas tells me that I have known Him as a friend and colleague ever since Thomas and I died together in a Roman massacre of some of the Lord’s first post-Resurrection followers. So apparently ever since the first century CE, I have been a part of Jesus’s inner circle. Which means that naturally, when Thomas took me to meet with Jesus on April 6th of last year, the Lord knew on an intellectual level that I would have no memory of any of that. But almost at once, He slipped into an easy familiarity with me that confounded me at the time.    

In person, Jesus has an overwhelming presence. He presents in an astral body that is only about five feet eight or nine inches tall, and He looks pretty much like the picture that we have been showing to you here, but with all-over curly hair. His personal energy is silken but it is extraordinarily  powerful, like a mammoth engine idling, although He can tamp it down when He thinks about doing that. As I recall, He did lessen his energy that night. Before last April, I had glimpsed Jesus when I was astral traveling with Thomas and he pointed Him out to me. But before that night I had seen Jesus only incidentally and from a distance. So to be suddenly so close to Him, and to be the sole focus of His attention, made me feel unbearably shy. I couldn’t look at His face. How do you look upon the face of God?   

Then right away the next morning I was trying to deny to Thomas that any of that had happened. I was driving to my first client meeting when I said to Thomas somewhat shakily, “That wasn’t the real Jesus, of course. Right?”

Just to orient you, the third level of the astral plane, which includes the entrance to the afterlife, is where Jesus spends most of His eternal time so He can greet each returning Christian. It is lit by God’s love, as are all the astral levels; and the higher they are, the more brightly they are lit. But to those who are used to sunlight, the third level has a cozy, late-afternoon sort of feel to it. And the sky and the vegetation are all kinds of colors. We were driving around eastern Massachusetts during that week last April, and as I was driving early that next morning, what had happened the night before was gradually more and more coming back to me. Oh my god. Jesus had been telling me on the previous night what He had called “the real Christmas-and-Easter story,” going back for thousands of years before His birth as Jesus, and beginning with His last earth-lifetime. His last earth-lifetime? What? He had been the middle in age of three princes in what He had said had been “a small city of no consequence.” He had said that “the one you call Thomas” had been His older brother. “The one you call John” – who later became the Apostle John – had been His younger brother. All three princes had died very young in a massacre, and… Wait, what? Back then, Jesus had been just a normal human being? This had all been news to me!

So that was when I told my Thomas that the Jesus we had visited the night before had not been the real Jesus. He could not possibly have been the real Jesus! A Jesus who once had been a regular, normal, just some ordinary human guy? And perhaps I should also further enlighten you about Thomas, my spirit guide. Whenever I have seen him in an astral body, he has looked like a handsome young man maybe thirty years old, but his presence feels strong and venerable to me. He has a deep and boomy voice when he speaks audibly, which is almost never; and he often gets impatient with me when I act “girly” (as he calls it), since he is used to relating to me as two males together beyond this one lifetime. When I told him that the Jesus we had seen last night had not been the real Jesus, he at once snapped, “You know who He was!” in his boomy spoken voice. So, that settled that. And I realized then like a clout to the head that I was still on some deep level a Christian. I still needed to believe in Magic-Jesus, and in the God with the beard on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. So when Thomas insisted to me that what Jesus had said on the previous night had been true, then the last of my old blind Christian faith was shattered. So then, at the worst possible moment, I fell apart.

Although I practice law in my own way, I do wear a suit and I play it straight. My clients are sober business owners, they have worked with me for many years, they respect and trust and rely on me, and like Thomas they expect me to be reasonably serious and not foolishly girly and falling apart. And soon I was very upset as I drove, and ranting and raging at Thomas. “Who are we supposed to pray to, then? Is there even a God at all?” As I drove, I badgered him, feeling more and more distraught, while Thomas was saying nothing. I had tears on my cheeks, but I was trying not to cry because I had a whole day of seeing clients ahead of me.

In times of crisis, true friends try to help. Thomas is always behind my left shoulder, and soon I was aware that there was a second Presence, more toward the middle of the back seat. Omigod, it was Jesus! And then Thomas was audibly talking with Jesus. I drifted into silence as I tried to hear what they were saying. I found that they were discussing, using spoken words and for my entertainment, what they thought should be the name of Jesus’s future website. Jesus can speak American English, but with a slight, unguessable accent. Thomas has that portentous voice, but he was sounding less boomy at the moment. A glance in my rear-view mirror showed me that neither of them was there in a body, but they sounded as if they were right there. They almost sounded like a Vaudeville act. They sounded hysterically funny, to be frank. But I refused to be distracted and cheered up so easily.

I was wiping tears and fighting to stay grim. I said aloud, “You can’t use the word ‘Jesus’ in the website name. It has already been taken. In every possible combination.” And the plain injustice of that seemed to outrage the latent Jefferson in Thomas. It is, after all, Jesus’s personal name! I don’t recall precisely what he said aloud then. It was something about how I am a real lawyer, right? So, can’t we find a way to get Jesus legal standing so He can challenge in court the use by all those churches of Jesus’s own personal name? And then I just cracked up. There I was, stopped dead in the middle of a city street in Fall River, Massachusetts, doubled over with laughter in an apparently empty car. While morning rush-hour traffic honked and tried to squeeze by on both sides around me.

All of us astral travel at night while our bodies sleep, but with amnesia for the event. This generally happens during our body’s deepest sleep in the first part of the night, and ideally beginning well before midnight. What I didn’t know until these events of last April was that for my entire life, Thomas had been taking me along with him as if he were walking his dog, and meeting every night of my earthly life with Jesus in the astral plane while I would wait obliviously nearby. He was taking his spirit-guide duties seriously. He was supposed to be watching over me, but he had loyally stayed by Jesus for some six thousand years, ever since that last earth-lifetime that they had lived together as princely brothers. And so, every night he still visited and talked with and served as a supportive brother to Jesus, which is something that continues even now, although once again I have amnesia for these experiences. What was different about last summer, though, was that briefly Jesus wanted me to be aware and remember and report to you some of the details of their meetings. So you and I have had some privileged glimpses of the most amazing Brotherly friendship!

What is clear to me now, though, is that all our experiences with the Brothers were only ever Jesus’s idea, and never Thomas’s. My Thomas is a very private and highly dignified being, who in his Jefferson lifetime burned all his beloved wife’s letters and papers after her death. Like her, he was appalled by the institution of slavery that they had inherited, but her early death took the wind right out of his abolitionist sails. When she died at the age of only thirty-three, his entire focus was on protecting her private opinions from other people’s judgment.

Jesus, on the other hand, overwhelmingly and confoundingly loves people! Thomas has often remarked to me that his eternal Brother’s love for each individual human being is the whole of who Jesus is and who He always has been, for the past six thousand years. An obsessive love for each human being individually is Jesus’s sole salient characteristic. And unlike the rest of us, He has not had many incarnations. Jesus has not incarnated as a human being since that princeling lifetime long ago. When He then died in what Thomas guesses was His early twenties, He had already loved so perfectly and grown spiritually so much as a result that He was already a perfected Being, and He ascended directly to the Godhead level. And because He perfectly loved each individual human being who was still struggling to get by on earth, and for whom becoming perfected was not nearly so easy and so automatic as it had been for Him, He then spent the next four thousand earth-years petitioning the Godhead to allow Him to teach the rest of humankind how to achieve what He had achieved so easily. So then eventually Jesus was given the right to take an unprecedented incarnation from out of the Godhead in order to teach us all how to achieve the level of spiritual development that He had long ago achieved for Himself.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but will have eternal life” (JN 3:16). That passage from John is so completely misunderstood today! Instead of God, it was Jesus who had pleaded with the Godhead for millennia, and who at length had won the unprecedented right to be born on earth from out of the Godhead as the ultimate Teacher to show all of us how we, too, can attain our own spiritual perfection. And my Thomas so loved his brother that he had waited for Jesus in the astral, without himself progressing, for all of those four thousand years. 

What I never understood for that whole summer long, until eventually my Thomas explained it to me, was why he would sometimes unexpectedly call Jesus “Brat” and chase and bully Him, and even on occasion sort of beat Him up. Thomas performs the one essential service for Jesus that at this point no one else can do. Thomas calls it “balance.” The churches say that Jesus is “fully God and fully Man,” and that He is! But Jesus can maintain His human status now only with considerable effort, and only because there still is one being in all the realities that in Jesus’s Own mind still “outranks” Him. My Thomas is Jesus’s older brother from that ancient lifetime, right? And Thomas seems to be the only being in all the realities with any human connection that Jesus still completely trusts. I had never really thought about this, but nearly every human being that Jesus ever has loved and trusted has left Him and has ascended. His Apostles and all the Saints. And so many clergymen have lied about Him and about His teachings, injecting fear into what Jesus teaches in order to monetarily enrich themselves on earth. I think that if it were solely up to Jesus, He might like to have continued to blog with us, but my Thomas is a very private being and he is essential to Jesus’s maintaining His human balance. So when last fall Thomas wanted to stop including you and me in their meetings in the astral, at least for a while, Jesus assented to Thomas’s wish.

This brings up a thought from out of my childhood that feels especially insightful now. A wise old man long ago told me that, “My child, there are two kinds of people, and only two. One kind looks at you and says, ‘Here I am!’ The other kind looks at you and says, ‘There you are!’” And of course we all know people who, no matter what the topic at hand might be, can manage to turn that topic into themselves within two sentences. And then there is Jesus. Jesus loves you more than anyone else has ever loved you. Guaranteed. Jesus is the most extreme “There you are!” sort of Guy there ever was. He looks you in the eyes and wants to hear all about you and know you completely, and in that moment nothing else matters to Him. And this, even now, when His personal energy is even above the Godhead level. Jesus is literally God at this point. He is the ultimate megastar, the first or second most popular name on earth, but even now He only wants to talk about you, and never about Himself. The last time I saw Jesus was in the early fall. Thomas was off somewhere, and Jesus called to me, “Little One! Little One! Come here and tell me about your day.” And He switched on whatever it is that He can switch on to make me aware and able to remember this experience. I realized then that my astral body was wearing an astral robe and sitting on a little knoll about thirty feet away from where He was. I do that whenever I am there as just Thomas’s tagalong, I sit a distance away to give them privacy. So I stood and went and sat down beside Jesus. He was looking softly into my eyes and smiling at me. He didn’t take my hand, because the difference in our energies is such that unless He is careful to keep His energy tamped down, His touch can give me an uncomfortable buzz. I cannot remember now what I said about whatever day that had been, but it was just a bunch of stupid stuff. Still, Jesus listened closely, He asked me interested questions, He made wise remarks about the people, and He even chuckled. He is more interested in my life than I am interested in my life.   

So if it were up to Jesus, His website would be more about us than it is about Him. He has even experimented with having me do a question-and-answer thing, a channeling-Jesus sort of thing, so He might hold something like “Office Hours with Jesus” for the entire world of individual people on His website. And it actually worked, but it creeped me out. I am not a medium! Can you imagine if I told the world that now suddenly I can channel Jesus? So we are still playing with designs and ideas there. But as much as He might not be interested in Jesus, you and I are interested in Jesus! And this world is such an unbelievable mess, and apparently He is returning to it now. What is He going to do to try to help the world? What can He do, that might make any difference? Just Who really is Jesus today?

Jesus loves me! He will stay
Close beside me all the way.
He’s prepared a home for me,
And some day His face I’ll see.
Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
– Anna B. Warner (1827-1915), from “Jesus Loves Me” (1862)
(Popular Children’s Hymn, first Composed as a Poem for a Dying Child)

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38 thoughts on “Who Is Jesus? (#1)

  1. It is very confusing to me when you write 0f the joyous life we will have in the after life yet we will be spiritual beings. What does that tell us of the forms we will have in te afterlife . I thought there would be no físical forms therefore how could go sking for example? And if there is so much to do and such reunited with loved ones why would we choose to reincarnate?

    1. My dear beloved Barbara, I am sure you know the answers to both of your questions, without my having to answer them!

      1) We use astral bodies after death because presenting in human form is familiar and comfortable for us at first. The higher we are able to go in the astral, the more we are likely to ditch using a physical body, since we recognize people there by their energy signatures; and in fact, a few years ago, Mikey Morgan once showed up unexpectedly when I consulted a good medium, and he appeared as a kid on a snowboard alternating with a big blue ball of light and then he was a kid on a snowboard and then a ball of light again, and so on, while his voice never changed. it was hysterical. Jesus is always careful to appear in that same astral body whenever I have seen Him, but He easily could transform into light, or simply disappear from sight altogether.

      2) We enter the afterlife and spend most of our eternity, and all the family compounds exist, all on the third and fourth levels of the seven primary levels of the astral plane, which seems to be as large as the entire physical universe. And yes, for a lot of non-time we might be content with that. But the beauties and joys and things to experience are ever greater, the higher we are able to go in what are apparently SEVEN astral levels! And eventually we come to crave spiritual growth as we have never before craved anything. People there tell us that it is like every earthly craving, like hunger and avarice and the sex drive, like all of it put together. Sixth-level beings appear and teach on the third level, and they talk about how easily they grew to their present level of spiritual development, and how wonderful the air is up there, “But to do it you will need to take another earth-lifetime,” so before you know it you put yourself on the list for a body. We all do it.

  2. Dear Roberta. Loving people (even those people who block a parking space with a grocery cart when the proper place is twenty feet away). It seems the trick is loving them one-by-one, as Jesus does, instead of trying to love people as a group.

    1. Oh yes, my dear beautiful Ray! Coming to know Jesus has helped me to understand that loving people one by one is the only way really to love at all. Beautifully said!

  3. Doesn’t loving one by one imply loving them as a group? I cannot see a difference. In the spirit world, Jesus appears to large groups on a regular basis and addresses them.

    And yes, you can do sports, play an instrument, do gardening, build a house, paint, swim, walk, fly etc.

    1. Yes, mt dear Adrian, loving people one by one does imply loving the group as well, but the reverse is not also true. If you “love all people,” you do not also necessarily purely and completely love each individual. And that difference is EVERYTHING! That difference is what separates Jesus from all the rest of humankind. The Bible talks about the Good Shepherd who leaves the 99 to find His one lost sheep. The shepherd loves his sheep, true, but having 99 sheep is almost as good as having 100 sheep, after all. Jesus talks about the difference, I never really understood how rare He is until I met Him, and especially until I heard Thomas’s stories.

      We who love people have heard about the Inquisitions and the Crusades and all the awful things that have been done in the name of Jesus, and we felt very bad for all those people. But Jesus PERSONALLY suffered with each INDIVIDUAL to whom harm was done in His name. Thomas has talked to me at length about what his past 1700 years have been like, coming and going as he took repeated incarnations to work to protect his Brother’s Gospel teachings, while meanwhile Jesus was working without rest in His gigantic healing gardens in the afterlife, nursing back to mental and emotional health all those hundreds of millions of victims. And meanwhile, He was growing spiritually so far beyond even where He was when He was on earth as Jesus! But that was not the point. All that mattered to Him was EACH INDIVIDUAL PERSON.

      Jesus tells us that God marks each sparrow’s fall. He tells us that each hair on each of our heads is numbered. The way Jesus loves us is God-level loving. You have never had anyone love you that way! And neither had I, until I met Jesus. You will meet Him, too. And then you will know.

    2. Hi Adrian,

      I think there is a big difference in addressing people in a group and “seeing” each person as an individual.

      Imagine someone giving an awesome speech to a large group of people. Everyone is blown away and excited. Then the speaker comes up to you, personally, and starts talking to you as if they have know you. This person seems to know your trials and tribulations. Your passions. Your successes. How could you not feel special/loved knowing someone was that interested in knowing all about you. I think that is the distinction we are talking here. It’s a true gift to be able to make others feel that kind of love and I hope one day we all realize that gift within us.

      1. Ah yes, my dear Thomas, and what is more, Jesus feels it innately. He much prefers to relate to people individually, rather than to speak to people in large groups even now, and I’m sure He has always been that way.

  4. Thank you my dear Roberta,

    Let me rephrase what I said: “Exactly because Jesus loves each individual completely, he can love a group of people just the same.”

    It’s perhaps a bit like a piano where all the strings have been individually tuned perfectly and now as an entire ensemble are sounding just heavenly as one and the pianist is totally inspired by it! Something like that I guess.

    1. Yes, my dear Adrian, you would think it would work that way. But Jesus seems to focus His love on each person individually, so I’m not so sure that it actually does work quite that way – I think it really is a very individual thing for Him.

  5. Roberta, I love when you blog about Jesus! I wear a silver rosary around my neck under my shirt to remind ALWAYS how to love and forgive like he did. I wish there was a way for us to ask questions to him, but what more could he say to us!
    I will alwaya read what you write and just to think you are in the same circle with Thomas in Jesus:s circle of past lives is AMAZING in itself.

    1. Oh my dear Litsa, that is what Thomas says, but I have no memory of it and I really can’t imagine it! I love to see them together, though. Their chemistry is so brotherly, sweet and close. They tease one another, laugh together, play together. Thomas tells me that Jesus’s close inner circle is twenty or so people, nearly all male, who come and go, and I guess I’m a part of it. I’ll have to see.

  6. Hi Roberta,

    Thomas had me laughing at the “girly” comments. Must be quite an adaptation for Thomas to interact with someone who he knows in a different way.

    That comment made me wonder if we bring back some of our human behaviors when we return home.

    Do we have male-female mannerisms?


    1. My dear Thomas, yes indeed, we express as a preferred gender even to the sixth level, although we become more androgynous the higher we progress. And I think I have never before been female, even through seventeen eaeth-lifetimes with Thomas, so it seems to have kind of freaked him out to see what hormones could do to my personality. He has liked me a lot better post-menopause! And he tells me that once I return home, I will be male again. Which will be a shock to my most recent earth-family.

  7. Dearest Roberta,
    It is as lovely Litsa says : ‘I love when you blog about Jesus!’ I feel that closeness to Jesus too, especially when Thomas and your good self talk about him and we all read it here together. We are all part of Jesus’ story and share in His Presence. He is after all, not limited by human space-time parameters.

    So we can be there, with Him, at heart. Each of us and all of us.

    Also, I noted Ray’s point about about loving people one by one, as a way to love all human beings. Roberta, your reply about the Shepherd who goes to find the one sheep who is in danger, is most telling: It’s the Shepherd who is not content with the 99 sheep – the One who makes the effort to find the lone sheep – who is radically different from all other shepherds.

    It’s as if there is no sense of ‘acceptable loss.’ That one lost sheep matters as if it is the only sheep. It’s value is most important in and of itself. It’s worth is in no way negated or devalued by the existence of 99 others. Therefore it must and will be rescued!

    What I’m trying to say is: the difference between the 99 sheep and the lone, lost sheep is only 1% to human thinking – but that lone sheep is as valuable (within itself) as all or every other sheep in existence to Jesus.

    Such is the mighty, loving heart of Jesus.

    1. Ah yes, darling Efrem, Jesus tells the story in the Gospels of that one lost sheep, and I didn’t realize until I personally met Him that He was telling it to differentiate the way that He Himself loves from the way the world loves. Each individual is so precious to Him! And I think He was trying with that story to inspire us to love the way He loves, to somehow inspire us with the spark of so much love. But it really is impossible. Nobody else can love individual people the way He can because no one else can see each individual person as He can. As I spent last summer with Thomas and Jesus, and watched Jesus welcome home the Christians and visit the aborted children’s villages and talk parentally with the older ones and let the toddlers climb all over Him, and as Thomas took me to where Jesus still was superintending His healing gardens for the last of the victims of Christianity, whenever I would marvel that He never tires of doing all that he does for people, Thomas would say, “That is because He is Jesus and we are not.”

  8. Thank you Roberta for sharing these beautiful and inspiring experiences. I think Jesus would love to have such an inner communion with each and every of us, as his disciples, if we would just open our hearts to him. Maybe that is the ultimate plan, some sort of inner church? I don’t know. This is what flowed into my mind so quickly as I finished reading your blog, “We have a new way to teach, by being in the heart. Be now and forever more with me. By our hearts we will know each other. As a way of teaching, this is the best, our hearts as one.” I’m not sure exactly what that implies, but it is a beautiful thing to contemplate.

    1. Oh my dear Scott, Jesus does tell us that the kingdom of God is within us. But my dear one, our beloved Jesus loves people! And the irony of His situation now is that He is there, still close to the earth, but He cannot return to the earth and do what I think He would love most to do, and simply mingle with us anonymously and talk with people. Not with His energy as it is now! I am actually rethinking the channeling-Jesus idea for Him. I don’t know how else to really make Him happy.

      1. Dear Roberta. I can certainly imagine what a burden it might feel like to be the one who channels Jesus, but that would be amazing if you felt up to it. Have you gotten any more recent feedback from Him on that? Is He still interested, or what does Thomas say?

        1. Dear Roberta,
          I second this! That is not to pressure you, just to let you know that you would have a welcome audience (may not be the right word but hopefully you know what I mean)
          Much love,

        2. Dear beloved Scott, I thunk that “burden” is not quite the right word, but it certainly would be life-changing. Thomas tells me that they are considering and preparing. I am not sure what that means, but I have told him and and told Jesus that it’s fine with me, so if they do decide to do it I won’t be consulted. It will just happen.

  9. Dear Roberta, you say that Thomas tells you that when you return home, you will be male again so how would your family and friends who have gone before recognise you?

    1. Dear Linda, in the afterlife and the astral plane, we know one another by our distinctive personal energies. Some people choose to look as they looked in a different lifetime, and not in the one that was most recent; and no matter, their families easily recognize them. And of course, if I want to buck Thomas’s wishes and wear an astral body that still looks like Roberta after I transition, I can do that! Or I can switch back and forth. But Thomas certainly does seem to have a preference, doesn’t he?

      1. This is fascinating! I don’t mind my appearance now, except that I will put visible eyebrows on my astral face. Mine are so light as to be non-existent….. Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little humor! 🙂

        1. Dear JenniferK, It’s funny that you mention eyebrows. My mother had very skimpy eyebrows so she painted big fat eyebrows on, and the first thing she said to me when I contacted her through a medium was that she had these great eyebrows now, and she didn’t have to paint them on!

  10. What entity actually survived after the „takeover of the church“ by Constantine, as you say?

    The Roman government or the Roman church?

    So then, who actually took over whom?

    1. Oh my dear Mark, I am a little rusty on the shorter-term history, but in the long sweep of time it was clearly the Roman church that survived.

  11. Who is Jesus?
    Where is Jesus?
    in our souls! and all
    around us.

    When I am grumpy, I feel Jesus is blocked out.
    When I am happy, I can feel his smile
    I didn’t know when I can have faith, He can come closer
    He is a real present gift.

  12. Dearest Roberta,
    While reading your latest blog I was reminded of a recent blog wherein Thomas mentioned that Jesus did not trust those of us who were still in the body, or something like that. Suppose you believed that during the interval from now to your transition, you would not do anything to cause any mistrust between yourself and Jesus. And suppose one day you screwed up enough courage to suggest as much to Jesus. You might say, “I am done with these petty betrayals, right Jesus, my BFF. ?”

    Think of the ramifications of either a yes or a no response. Would Jesus simply refuse to answer either way to minimize the hurt?

    1. Oh my dear Cookie, we should amplify by saying that Jesus has a lot of trouble trusting people in bodies simply because He has so often been betrayed by them. After all, Jesus is dead now, right? He is just a name now? So they don’t think of their using His name to make a lot of money for themselves as any kind of betrayal. But He sees it precisely that way.

      But I know that Jesus certainly is not dead, I know Him personally, and I know His rules. Perhaps more to the point, Jesus knows me from before I was in this body. Thomas tells me now that “Little One” is the English translation of what He first started to call me two thousand years ago, when I died with Thomas as a teenager. So I am one of the few people in bodies that He trusts. And my life is really weird.

  13. Hello, Roberta;

    I started a comment last weekend, but it became too personal, so I held it back. I have continued to ponder your message and decided to try again …

    But, I did want to say how thankful that I am, that I found your books and blog. I consider the probability very low that I would come across the words of an incarcerated soul from the inner circle of Jesus. You are very special to me.

    After beginning my study of the Afterlife several years ago, I learned that all spirits return to the Afterlife and that there was no need for a savior. I had been a Seeker who believed in some form of Christianity for most of my 68 year life. The role of Jesus was just not clear anymore to me. I learned that God, who I refer to as Divine Infinite Creator now, is very different than I thought. So, my spiritual journey was seemingly making things less clear, instead of more clear. It’s been a Dark Night for me for a long time!

    The concept that Jesus also lived multiple incarnations makes sense to me. That is the process we follow. The story that He progressed to the highest level of the Afterlife and then made it His mission to incarnate one more time (risking His own progress), to observe and tell us how to progress in less (painful) incarnations shows His greatness and great love for us and all Creation. He then followed through with the repercussions of His Plan, that was hijacked, to minister to the souls returning to the Afterlife. He is a loving Lord worthy of our adoration!

    So, thanks for your part in my journey. I don’t feel well most of the time and that drags me down, but as I wrote my aborted comment last week, I realized that I am still progressing. It’s just not the way that I hope or imagine it to be.

    Be blessed by the Divine,

    David D.

    1. Funny … I meant that you are an “incarnated” soul, not “incarcerated“ soul. I shouldn’t have accepted my iPhone’s suggestion. Although, Earth School does feel like a prison sentence sometimes and we can’t get out of it, even when we feel that we’ve “done our time.”

      Take care,

      David D.

      1. Hi David,

        I suspect our souls think of it as incarcerated as well when we do silly things and all they can do is observer.

        I decided my job is to give my soul the experience he will never forget. I just hope he doesn’t need therapy when I am finished.

        Have a great day!

    2. Oh my beautiful David D, thank you for speaking so frankly here! What you have shared is wonderful, and it is a gift to those who read these comments. My dear one, if the night has felt dark and if you are feeling ill now, then you are being given more peace and understanding as well, which you are also seeing is indeed beautiful! No, you are right: this earth-life certainly is not easy. It isn’t meant to be easy, and in that struggle comes the richest spiritual growth of all. You very wisely see what is Jesus’s real gift to us! His choosing to incarnate from the Godhead to observe, and then to teach us how to achieve the same spiritual growth that He was able to achieve; and then when Constantine created his destructive Christianity that harmed so many people, Jesus without complaint healed Christianity’s victims in their hundreds of millions, and in doing that He taught us what love truly is. His greatest gift of all.

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