Pearl of Great Price

Posted by Roberta Grimes • July 09, 2022 • 45 Comments

Day by day, Day by day,
Oh, Dear Lord, three things I pray.
To see thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly,
Day by day.
– John-Michael Tebelak (1949-1985) & Stephen Schwartz, from “Day by day” (1971)

On April 6th I met Jesus in person. And He turns out to be a profoundly complex but amazingly relatable and even actually human Being. He is human not as you and I are human, but He is human because two thousand years ago He studied the elevated Beings around Him who even back then were of lesser rank, the members of the Godhead Collective and the tall and glowing Beings of Light, and He realized that He was about to be subsumed into the most elevated Collective. And once that happened, He would lose His chance to stay in contact with humankind, so He made the decision to take His personal Collective and live separately on the entrance level of the astral plane. And for the next seventeen hundred earth-years He lovingly welcomed and comforted and healed each of the billions of victims of Roman Christianity and many more people besides, and He taught and served  on Level Three and in the children’s villages.  He never claimed any of the privileges that His ever more exalted rank was earning Him.

Although the night of April 6th has remained vivid in my mind, it has taken nearly three months for the strangeness of the Lord’s situation to dawn on me. And Jesus is such a remarkable Man! He is in some ways childlike, and as low-mileage as anyone on earth might be who at the age of thirty has lived an entirely solitary life in a forest. But at the same time He is deeply powerful, as if He were an immense engine idling. He is personally smooth, without rough edges, gentle and mild, at the pinnacle of power but nevertheless extraordinarily sweet and kind.

My Thomas never volunteers information, even if something is bothering me. One morning last weekend I blurted to him, “Why did you take me there? What was the point? Now I can’t get Him out of my mind!”

“So it is only now that you bring Him up?”

“Isn’t He lonely? He is all by Himself!”

“He is not lonely. He is never alone unless He wants to be alone.”

 “Is John with Him?”

Thomas didn’t answer that question. He threw me a kind of “It’s complicated” thought.

“Doesn’t he visit Jesus?”

Here I got the clear thought that John likes Roman Christianity and nothing more will be said.

But none of this is my business! We each were thinking that same thought at once, which seemed to soften my precious friend. I have come to see that he is in a difficult place. He is sworn to be my spirit guide for this earth-lifetime, and he loves me as all of our spirit guides love us, but at the same time I am coming to see more deeply that he is the close intimate of God Himself. And as we both had that added thought, he seemed to soften further. I can see what an immense relief it is to him that he no longer must keep these two parts of his eternal life separate. And I gather that the separation is ending now only because Jesus wants it to end. Surprisingly, Thomas then said many things in rapid boluses of thought. And as I was trying to take them all in, to my further surprise he told me that it would be acceptable for me to share with you a lot of what he had just told me. I realized as I was hearing him in my mind that of course he was in contact by mind with Jesus as he was talking to me. And he probably is constantly in contact with Jesus. So all of this must be what Jesus wants us to hear. And as I had that thought, I felt the Lord’s affirmation.

 Wow, the veil is really thinning now! 

Thomas told me that Jesus made the choice when He returned from His lifetime on earth never to rejoin the Godhead Collective. This universe exists as a place for human beings to experience the spiritual stressors that will enable us to better grow spiritually. And The Way that Jesus developed for us to achieve that result required that He maintain His identity as Jesus, and also maintain His personal Collective so He could better lead His new movement. By then He had achieved a status which allowed Him to make these choices. But He still was to remain at the Godhead level. That was His earned status. That was the established order of things, and the Celestial Council was in ultimate control. However, when Jesus realized how rapidly His being at that level was putting Him completely out of touch with the earth, He chose to permanently occupy a lower place. And so, once again He was making waves. 

Thomas has long since told me that the Being Who is Jesus, uniquely perhaps among all the beings who ever have been born on earth, loves people. I mean, He really loves people! So to be separated from where He could care for and nurture the followers of His precious Way was unbearable for Him, especially since already the nascent Roman Christian movement was beginning to deliver up its first victims as it assumed control on earth of the followers of the Lord’s Way. The Celestial Council soon found that it could not prevent Jesus from welcoming and comforting and healing those victims. And thus began the Lord’s seventeen-hundred-year ministry that is moving toward its end only now, as the Roman phase of Christianity apparently at last is nearing its end.

I don’t think that I fully understand what I am about to say, but Thomas wants me to try. God is infinitely powerful, infinitely creative, and perfectly loving Consciousness energy. The material universe consists of nothing else. Jesus told us as much when He told us that God is Spirit (JN 4:24). More precisely, God is Consciousness at its highest vibration. The Apostle Paul told us that it is within God that we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28). And loving others, exercising love constantly, is how we all grow spiritually, so as Jesus loved all those  billions of damaged Christians into spiritual health over seventeen centuries, He became perhaps more personally powerful even than the entire Godhead Collective combined. It was a byproduct of the way He was ministering, and it was something that Thomas tells me now that he noticed more than Jesus did as Thomas was coming and going, taking repeated lifetimes on earth to do what he could to try to guard Jesus’s teachings as they had carefully preserved them within the Roman Christian Bible. He was with Jesus almost constantly between lifetimes as he watched with Him the development of Roman Christianity, and then its course through all those centuries.

Thomas has repeatedly told me, and he emphasized yet again to me last weekend, that none of Roman Christian theology has anything to do with Jesus. And it has little to do with God! But Thomas tells me that he never has heard the slightest complaint about any of this from Jesus, nor the least bit of resentment of the religion that was named for Him. And my Thomas has seen nothing from Jesus but perfect love for the billions of Christians who have returned home revering Him, although their religion has nothing to do with the Lord’s Own Way.

Jesus’s original Collective is vastly augmented now by a battery of Christian saints and clergy, and all those lay Christians who have returned home as His devoted followers. In the astral plane, Jesus now heads a gigantic spiritual family. So as we talked last weekend, I wondered to Thomas about what role he might still play for Jesus. He is just an earthly brother from the Lord’s final ordinary lifetime that I calculate must have ended maybe seven thousand earth-years ago, even before the Lord’s ascension to the Godhead level. So in practical terms, what might Thomas be to Jesus now? At that, my Thomas smiled. Even though I cannot see him more than vaguely in my mind, I can feel his emotion when he smiles. And he almost never smiles. He said thoughtfully, “He tells me that I am the only one who still outranks Him. I am His older brother, right?” Thomas even chuckled a bit, as if to himself.

I thought about that. Then I said, “He cannot be serious!”

“He is perfectly serious. He loves people with His whole heart, but all He ever gets is worship. The only one who can love Him as a human man seems to be me. So I am His pearl of great price.”

It was most of another day before I said to Thomas, “He really said that?”

“He says it all the time.” Then Thomas added, “He uses that term in the Bible (MT 13:46). And that is also why He loves those fish. And the deer. They don’t know that He is the King of Kings!”

I know what you are thinking now. Jesus can hear us talking about Him. So we shouldn’t talk about Him! We can talk easily in front of my family because our conversations are by mind. But when Jesus can hear us talking about Him, isn’t that embarrassing?

It was. But when I first had that thought, Thomas said, “You wonder why Jesus allows you to share what we are saying. My child, He is not a human man, who has a need to hide His thoughts. His thoughts are your gift! Jesus loves everyone, but He trusts almost no one in a human body because He knows their hearts. He sees how His name is used by clergymen to build their earthly wealth. It is the hardest thing for Jesus to trust anyone in a human body because money is the great human obsession (MT 6:24). When I took you to meet with Him in April, it was by His invitation. He would like you to become more comfortable with Him. But He believes that He can trust you.”

Wow. It may be my Thomas’s new pride in me, which I can feel, even more than the amazement of the Lord’s expression of trust that really makes me smile.

Day by day, Day by day,
Oh, Dear Lord, three things I pray.
To see thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly,
Day by day.
– John-Michael Tebelak (1949-1985) & Stephen Schwartz, from “Day by day” (1971)

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45 thoughts on “Pearl of Great Price

  1. “He trusts almost no one in a human body because He knows their hearts.”

    The human heart, the motivation that drives human behavior, tends to be self-centered and thus corrupt. The material body must of necessity be motivated to survive the physical and emotional threats created by the material environment, and to procreate, for otherwise the individual would prematurely die and humanity would become extinct.

    In my research, I’ve found three cases where it became clear that during an out of body condition in which the individual consciousness was no longer controling the body’s behavior, the body nevertheless continued to act with primitive intelligence ( ). Thus, the body as a functioning material entity owns a consciousness that is separate and distinct from the eternal spirit that attaches to the body to experience the material life that provides for stressing that enables spiritual growth– such stressing does not exist for spirit in the Heavenly domain.

    The material world was specifically designed to provide an environment that stimulates and supports spiritual development. By contrast, in Heaven there is no need to be couragious or strive to be truthful; development of such advanced spiritual qualities requires a material life, and typically more than one lifetime.

    Bottom line though is that all that exists is God, with each of us being a tiny fraction of God, much as a drop of water exists as a part of an ocean, an ocean that is God.

    1. That’s fascinating, Jack! There is some evidence, though, that there is some crazy stuff going on in the astral now, too. That’s one reason why Jesus wants to resume His work with His Way on earth now, apparently.Oy. No rest for the weary!

  2. Dear Roberta,
    I had told myself that I would “mull over” your blog today instead of firing off a response as I am wont to do! LOL! I can’t help it, I get so excited! So, yeah…here I am, NOT mulling it over and responding, because I can feel, almost to “knowing” the love and truth presented.
    I didn’t want your blog to “end” today…I wanted to read more, like a little kid sitting at the adults feet, listening. I have to tell you that this blog today is powerful; even now, I feel waves of emotion. Why do you suppose it’s so hard for most of us to accept the truth that He desires our friendship, that He truly loves and wants to help us? That “throning Him” attitude has really put a damper on that.
    I think of that scene in Fr Robert Benson’s sharing of his afterlife, of Jesus looking lovingly yet longingly out over the rose garden, and Robert somehow understood those roses being symbols of humans. I have often pondered His loneliness after reading those books. I am happy He does have a growing “posse” and an eternal friend in Thomas.

    1. Oh my dear Fran, and I try to discipline myself and not respond to any comments for at least 24 hours because I have learned that tends to stop further comments, but I can’t help myself in your case. Knowing Him even to the little extent that I know Him nearly breaks my heart! He once, long ago, was a human being who simply loved too much. To hear the stories that Thomas tells, He loved everybody and all the time. Always doing things for other people. So then naturally He soon earned the seventh level. But someone who loved so much wanted EVERYONE to be able to do that! So He came to earth as Jesus. Of course He would. He wanted to give to all of humankind the ultimate shortcuts, and those are the Gospel teachings. We had them for the first 300 years, and the Way of Jesus spread rapidly before Constantine’s Romans hijacked Christianity. So then patient and still perfectly loving Jesus waited for another 1700 years, meanwhile loving and healing all the billions of Christians that Roman Christianity was damaging, and meanwhile – amazingly – trying to remain simple and kindly and human while His vast love for people was literally turning Him into God. He seems not even to want to be anything but one of us! He tries to tone down His energy as much as He can. But you still can feel it. It’s overwhelming. The fact that I was so starstruck seemed to hurt His feelings, and I’m not surprised that He has the same effect on everyone, but it really makes me sad!

      1. … And as expected, I have now inhibited commenters. I’m sorry! Please, everyone, keep commenting!! Thomas suggests that I tell you about the time that they once allowed me to see the two of them together, just being people. And I swear, they were clowning like a pair of teenagers! Whenever I think of Jesus now, I remember that moment, and I smile. God loves us so much that He wants nothing more than to just be able to get silly with us sometimes!

  3. Jesus is not judgemental or scary, and maybe it would be much better to talk to him as a trusted friend. This would bring us closer to him I think. Since he has no ego, the prayers of worship taught to us in childhood likely have no meaning for him.

    1. Dear Lola, I think He finds worship alienating, really. Because, I think you’ve nailed it: worship appeals to the ego, and He simply doesn’t have an ego. But, boy does He have a sense of humor! I have only just realized that what He has done is that for thousands of years He has deliberately cultivated His humanity, while at the same time He was loving so much that He was growing more powerful than the Godhead. I guess you really can do that? I am still trying to figure this out!

  4. Hi Roberta, are you able to expand on this sentence that you said on the blog ” I got a clear thought that John likes Roman Christianity and nothing more will be said”. I’m not sure what this means.
    Thanks, Dave

    1. Well, my dear precious friend David, when my Thomas first said it I’m sure what it meant was “pipe down, kid,” to me. John was an Apostle for heaven’s sake, and this was a family matter among the three of them anyway going wa-a-ay back. Thomas didn’t feel like elaborating. But he and I have since discussed it a bit as part of our larger discussion of the urgency of the adjunct website that they want me to do for Jesus, and in addition someone with whom I emailed on Sunday mentioned what John has been up to.

      As you might imagine, with billions of Roman Christians now in the astral plane, there are Christian sects forming there, and John is a part of that. Poor Jesus! He wants nothing to do with religion, but it follows Him even to His peaceful haven by the river. He and Jesus hope that teaching His truths here will be a kind of counter-fire, but I fear it will be too little and much too late! It is human nature to love all those rituals and religious nonsense. And when we return Home we assume our greater minds, but we don’t shed our human natures altogether.

  5. When we worship Jesus, like many have been taught, it becomes difficult to almost impossible to believe we can achieve what Jesus has become.

    In order to become more, we may need to reset our beliefs and look at Jesus as family, instead of some omnipotent being that is out of our reach.

    That is the gift that is being shared through your blogs and hopefully we can use that gift to better help ourselves and others around us.

    Knowing what we can become changes everything.


    1. Thomas, well said! Consider too a perspective that flows from realization that ultimately all that exists is God. We scrawny humans, with our temporary material body, and with our eternal spirit attached to it (consciousness), were made by God from what God is. We are all proper members of God’s family, we all are His children.

      1. Thanks Jack. I’ve learned a lot from your posts and appreciate you taking the time to help us.

        I’ve been trying to figure out a way to explain this concept to others. It helps me to better understand and hopefully help others.

        I’ve been testing out on a small group of family members and the blank look on their faces makes me laugh. As you can imagine, I have a lot of testing to work out before I can get past the glossed over eyes wondering what I am talking about. haha

        I figured once I can explain it in simple terms than I will have a good understanding of it myself.

        1. Thomas, not everyone is interested in theoretical underpinings for what Roberta has been telling us and my own research have discovered. We are sent here with different missions, at least on the surface, from eachother. What they really need to consider is the simple truth Roberta has conveyed that our God is motivated by love of his cration and not despotic anger, that he has created our eternal spirit from hi own eternal being, and our major mission in living our lives in the hostile material world is to develop our spiritual capacity to insinctively work from the Golden Rule.

          For those who have not personally had a revelation from God, that too is by design as I found out in one of my studies ( ); folks with adequated faith in a loving God and are on track practicing the Golden Rule have no need for an NDE, lucid dreaming, any celestial visitations — or explanations from others. For the others, they are here to work on developing their spirituality. It’s your kindenss to try to help them, but it’s up to them to progress. The old fable about leading a horse to water appliues well here.

      2. Oh my dear Jack ,we are all God’s children, but if you will pardon the expression, the devil is in the details. When I visited Jesus – I mean, literally, in the astral plane – I learned just how off-putting it really is to be near Someone who is vibrating so high. I’m still trying to understand all this! It wasn’t as bad when we did Liberating Jesus, but Thomas says there is a mechanism for that, for joining minds. And he says that when I have my whole mind again, after I die, I will be more comfortable being with Him. But still, I wince to remember how I hurt His feelings!

        1. Surely Jesus must know how we were brainwashed into believing he died for our sins and that we are all “sinners.” I don’t think he would get his feelings hurt but instead, I think he feels sad that Christianity turned so fear based. It was actually an insult to him

          1. Oh my dear Lola, you and I think that way, but clearly Jesus doesn’t. During His lifetime as Jesus He preached against the very concept of sin, although a lot of that teaching didn’t survive the First Council of Nicaea; and of course He wasn’t around for any of what Roman Christianity taught. When I met Him, it amazed me to realize how sensitive He was! He tried to tone down His personal energy for me by a lot, and when I still couldn’t relax, there is no other term to use: His feelings were hurt. Thomas tells me that He wants to be treated as just a regular guy, amazingly enough, and Thomas is right. Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, sincerely wants to be your equal friend.

    2. Oh my dear Thomas, so beautifully said, and so true! All Jesus ever has done is to love. He loves people so much! If you love people that much, you can be Jesus too. That is His great gift, His gift to us and to all the world. That great, central fact. And yet, I don’t think that even He understands what a chasm there is now between Him and others. He loves. That is all He does. He has just that one setting. But Omigod, just to be near Him feels overwhelming now. So you worship. And His feelings are hurt. I mean, I get it now. If there ever is a next time, I will try a lot harder not to be overawed by Him. But, yes, He certainly is family to every last one of us!

  6. Hi Roberta, I have a couple of questions,

    ‘Jesus’s original Collective is vastly augmented now by a battery of Christian saints and clergy, and all those lay Christians who have returned home as His devoted followers. In the astral plane, Jesus now heads a gigantic spiritual family.

    Does this mean only professing Christians are in this spiritual family?

    If Christian sects are being formed on the astral plane, how long will it take these souls to realise religion is meaningless?

    Thanks, Maggie

    1. Oh my dear Maggie, such a wonderful question! Or rather, set of questions. First, of course, Jesus loves and would count as His family everyone who wants to be a part of His family. And remember that the astral plane is gigantic, even very much larger than the entire universe, so there always has been just about every weird thing you could imagine to be found there if you wanted to find it. The afterlife, and the area around the afterlife – maybe relatively about the size of one or two universes – is much more orderly, and that’s where people astral travel, and where NDEs happen. So in all that still relatively huge area, and in the foyer to the material universe that we call the afterlife, there always has been a bit of religious nostalgia going on.

      What I gather is different now – and I haven’t yet studied this at all – is that a lot of people have actually begun to take this religious stuff more seriously there. And a few who were religious figures on earth are allowing Christians to build actual cults around them. Including, apparently, John. With the notion that they can do it better there than they were able to do it on earth. The idea of the new website that they want us to do is that by going back to teaching the Lord’s Way, perhaps we can head off Roman Christianity at the pass, as it were, but I think it is WAY too late for that!

      And as for what Jesus might do about it there, I really don’t know. It isn’t like Him to interfere in what they are doing, even though you and I know that just a word from Him could end it all.

  7. Robert Monroe called these places “consensual realities,” and they last as long as people believe in them and then they vanish. Our beliefs and thoughts determine how long they remain there, and they are in no way limited to just Christianity

    1. Yup. Thank you, my dear Lola! But the Jesus that I know is not going to tell them to knock it off. And they wouldn’t listen to anyone of lesser rank.

      What Thomas and Jesus intend to do now is to use Seek Reality Online to cleanse the world of the fear of death, and to use the Lord’s new website to teach His Way, and thereby to cleanse the world of Roman Christianity. Doing it their way, it will take maybe a thousand years to clear all those consensual realities, or hollow heavens (another Robert Monroe term) out of the astral plane, but Thomas and Jesus have the time to do it their way!

        1. Oh my dear Lola, that is not who He is! Not anymore. And that is the great difference between the Jesus of the Gospels and the much more spiritually advanced Jesus that I met in April of 2022, 1700 years later. The Jesus of the Gospels could chase the money-changers from the Temple. That Jesus could stalk into one of those hollow heavens and give John a good talking-to as well. But the Jesus that I met was so much more loving, More sweet and gentle, more spiritually advanced. He could never assert Himself that way. And that is a problem, perhaps. I don’t really know. To the extent that people are hoping for Jesus to come and break some heads, it really is a problem, because clearly He isn’t going to do that.

  8. Hi, Roberta:

    I’ve been pondering the things that you have been sharing since April and this morning, before I read last Sunday’s post again, I was asking Jesus to be a friend.

    Before your recent revelations, I wasn’t sure where to put Jesus in my evolving belief system. It makes so much sense that he was incarnating and came to the point where it was no longer necessary. (It is my desire to get to that point.) Then, it is wonderful to know that he chose to incarnate again to be able to help us to progress faster. Now, to hear that he chooses to stay in a lower realm to minister to us, is just wonderful to hear.

    Thanks for sharing these things. Like the children’s song, “I’m trying to be more like Jesus.” And I am embracing a phrase that previously turned me off … What would Jesus do?”

    I am happy to build this relationship again.

    David D.

      1. Dear Jackie – and David, too – I have been thinking so much about this new Jesus that I met in April, and how very different He was from the Jesus of the Gospels! I mean, really, practicing His own teachings for 1700 more years actually raised His own vibration even so much more! Was that really true? Or was I just imagining it? No, I wasn’t. It was astounding in fact. Thomas and I have been talking about it. This Jesus wouldn’t chase the money-changers from the Temple, I don’t think. He is powerful enough now to simply nuke the whole Temple and the city besides to smithereens, but the difference is that He just wants to ever more completely and deeply love each one of the people, and of course the people don’t understand that. His last 2000 years have been an experiment in a way, with an amazing result, the extraordinary sweetness, the incredible power. Oh, how I wish the whole world could know Him!

  9. Wow! I loved this! It is certainly a welcomed adjunct, even, perhaps a new paradigm, in one’s consideration of and relationship with Jesus! Also quite interesting is the notion that Jesus remains and comes to greet and heal us from certain aspects of traditions that have not served us well.

    The idea of embracing Jesus as friend from a human level, is fascinating, and presents a new sense of meaning to consider in our relationship with Him.

    Accordingly, I have concocted a fanciful exercise. I have “invited” Jesus in advance to accompany me in my photo jaunts enjoying the ever changing, cycling, seasonal beauty. I’ll even audibly chat with Him throughout, even audibly, over emotions felt and perceptive delights in the beauty found and captured as we stop, walk, gaze, and photograph.

    A fanciful notion of Jesus with me in form is a dazzling one, but not what I’m holding out for here. Form is not of the ultimate venue, value, or objective. Paramount is giving unto Jesus what, as the post states, is His desire for relationship, and ultimately, to realize His desire for me (us).

    What I do anticipate is an added component to the inherent relationship with Him that remains already at play, at the level of mind. Therein I’ll “see / visualize” Jesus at my side, traveling and enjoying along with me. And I’ll even ask questions, also audibly.

    Finally, I’ll ask Jesus to amplify, magnify, reflect, and extend my joy with him, by and through His grace and power, and radiate it throughout a world, still enmeshed in duality, that is in need of Light, Life, Love, and Awakening!

    1. My dear Al, perhaps this is a new paradigm. Jesus as invented friend? Well, if that is helpful to you, my dear, then have at it!

        1. Lola:

          Now having to get over ego feelings of push-back on this idea — strangeness, awkwardness, apprehension, world separation, opposition, etc.

          No doubt, much to do with cultural, dogmatic, linear, and fear-based programming; divisiveness, friendships and relationships that would not understand; those strained, even lost, and so much of them felt ephemeral and superficial anymore.

          At my age, so many great relationships have passed; yet many among remain alive, joy-filled, vibrant, and valued in my heart’s mind and embrace, through the nexus of the Holy Spirit of Jesus in us all, here and “passed.”

          So in furtherance of the idea of experiencing Jesus in more of a sense likened to “human relationship,” I’m seeing Him here and now, in mind and heart, of substance — a “true friend,” steady, reliable, non-judgmental, and loving, with whom to tarry until journey’s end and with Him in what follows.

          So, I think, why not, as Roberta said, “have at it!”


  10. Dearest Roberta,

    After re-reading this Blog a second time, I couldn’t help but recall what I was doing last Sunday — attending church services. No, it wasn’t of the unfortunate Roman Christianity type, it was Anglican, a close cousin of the Roman variety. I stopped to think, “What am I doing this for?

    How is this going to affect my vibration level? For example, after the sermon, we all stood and recited the Nicene Creed. For those less familiar with it a description of its purpose is “The Nicene Creed was written as a timeless statement of faith against heresies and false teachers …”. I now find that ironic as it seems to be the progenitor of a heresy. And I said, “I confess one Baptism for the forgiveness of sin”. While I was reciting I realized it was wrong, Only later I realised that it might have a negative effect on my vibration level. What to do? I don’t think quitting my church membership is an option as I have pledged a certain amount annually. I think breaking the pledge would definitely lower my vibration level.

    A thought just came to my mind that some guidelines might be better placed in the SRO. A typical guideline might be “Don’t avow anything you know to be false. Does this work for you?



    1. Oh my dear Cookie, I’m not sure what to advise people to do! All the Christian denominations are really offshoots of Roman Christianity after all, so they all share its grounding in fear and not in love. Eventually I got to the point where I felt called out of all of them, and really called out by Jesus Himself. But He wouldn’t at this point tell us to do anything, and that seems to be the irony. When He was on earth as Jesus, yes: He gave us directions. But not now.

      1. Maybe he doesn’t want to give directions in order to protect free will? It’s just a thought that came to me.

        1. Ah yes, my dear Lola. He is a far different Jesus now than He was 2000 years ago. I am only now coming to grips with that. Infinitely more powerful but at the same time infinitely sweeter and more loving. But that is exactly what you would expect, isn’t it?

          1. Well, he’s dealing with entirely different people now. Back then. Roman Christianity wasn’t even heard of.

    2. Hi brother David, 👋
      Your comment above parallels a situation concerning my own work with a certain Catholic community program here in Sydney.

      Every so often I am present at an enrichment program that holds mindfulness and meditation courses. Thence I find myself sharing meditation and quite soul based ideas, among the rather small group gathered there.

      It is open to all and includes Catholics and non Catholics alike. I guess the mindfulness course is attended by those who do love Jesus from different backgrounds. For instance, one member is evangelical Protestant, another is Catholic, yet another agnostic etc..

      I’m happily placed in a way, because self worth, the inner Divine connection and compassion are promoted. Yet some attendees may believe doctrines of hell, sin and ‘sheep and goats’. Not all do believe in such things, but some attendees do –

      So I too had to look at the questions: How does this group event affect my vibrations? Should I support other health based programs instead?

      For a while I pondered. I knew I had no advice about it and felt the answer was to be found within. So I gave the ‘mindfulness workshop’ a few test drives.

      I found that this (rather spiritual) group did vibrate love and peace and it was authentic. There was a sense of lightness and love present. And I learned that what you come away with is indicative; I left feeling nourished at heart.

      So I learned to listen to what my heart tells me about a situation and group experience. My method involves first quietening my mind and feelI guess the answer, often over a few days.. Hope this reply is relevant to the topic you raised, friend David. 🙏🏼🕊

      1. Oh my dear Efrem, it seems that so many Christians are feeling cast adrift at this point! And as is happening with your group, they are helping one another, in ways that are far more open-minded than ever would have been even remotely possible even as recently as a decade ago. It really is quite amazing!

        1. Dearest Roberta,
          What you explain here really is the essence of the group feeling. There is an underlying awareness that Our Jesus is far more reflected in love and mutual care for each other than in tired, all-too-familiar, heavy religious concepts that create fear and exclusion.

          Consciously and unconsciously, the people in this group know that love and acceptance bespeaks Lord Jesus. I know each member of this group and none of them are enamored with their respective clergy.

          I too am learning that with people of faith in these ‘post-modern’ times, Our Jesus is far bigger and way beyond their religions. Choosing the priceless pearl and discarding the old oyster shell is an appealing idea that is spreading. 🕊❣️

      2. Thank you, Brother Efrem.

        Yes, the relevancy of your post depends on the timing. Were you a member of the group when you had an epiphany, or did the epiphany come later? I was just wondering about the possibility of the “Prophet is not without honor save in his own country”. Thankfully this didn’t happen to you. Do you think this could be a possibility?



  11. Dear Roberta. I think I sense a slight feeling of befuddlement on your part. I’m know I’m feeling a bit of it myself. It has occurred to me that the Way that Jesus has in mind for the world today, after 1700 years of reflection and experience, might have altered or evolved ever so slightly from what it was originally. It feels like we’re exploring unmapped territory, like Thomas’ friends Lewis and Clark.

    1. Oh my dear Scott, my befuddlement has been quite a bit more than slight! But I am working through it, and with help from all of you. Thomas thanks you as well. He and I are both too close to it to have the perspective to see it clearly, and of course Jesus is already there so He has no bridge to cross. But Thomas and I are just beginning to see what you call the unmapped territory! What really has happened of course is that in that place without time and by loving and helping all those billions of Christians, Jesus has evolved spiritually by light-years. Not seventeen hundred years. Not seventeen thousand years. But maybe seventeen million years. This is not the Apocalypse that anyone was expecting!

      1. Interesting that you use the word apocalypse, Roberta. People aways think of it as the end of the world, but the original Greek has as much to do with uncovering or revealing something unknown or hidden, (something new?) like that unmapped territory Lewis and Clark explored, following the river, trying to find a passage, a “way,” to the western shore. I look forward to what Jesus may reveal about his vision of the Way for the world today, a world SO in need of his loving Way.

        1. Oh my dear wonderful Scott, this has been something of an Apocalyptic week for me, to be sure! But it is ending peacefully. And as such weeks generally do for me, it is ending at a deeper level of understanding. See what you think when you see my post….

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