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Christ the Lord is ris’n today, Alleluia!
Sons of men and angels say, Alleluia!
Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!
Sing, ye heav’ns, and earth, reply, Alleluia!

Lives again our glorious King, Alleluia!
Where, O death, is now thy sting? Alleluia!
Once He died our souls to save, Alleluia!
Where thy victory, O grave? Alleluia!
– Charles Wesley (1707-1788), from “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” (1739)

For the twenty years that we have lived in Texas, I’ve been coming to Massachusetts a few times a year to see my longstanding and much-beloved clients. They are located all over eastern Massachusetts, so for about twelve days three times a year my Thomas and I do a lot of driving. And this past Monday, as we drove we discussed the odd fact that for two days after we posted the article that he allowed us to write about Thomas Jefferson, nobody wanted to comment. Which led us to think it was time to blog about why people on earth have spirit guides. And that conversation led to the most gigantic set of discussions I’ve ever had in my life!

We all assume that our own lives are normal. I mean, except for the fact that my spirit guide once was Thomas Jefferson. Although he isn’t Jefferson now. And he also is a rookie as a spirit guide. Usually, they have a lot more experience. And he knew Jesus personally. That’s unusual. And the avatar thing. But all of these odd bits have been rolled out gradually. And Thomas and I have become such great friends! My Thomas is my closest and best-ever friend.

And he is obsessed with helping Jesus. How can I not love him for that? I have learned by now that he won’t lie to me. And if he won’t say “No,” that means some version of “Yes.” But he won’t tell me what that version is, so then I have to guess. He wasn’t one of the Twelve, but he has never denied that he knew Jesus in the Lord’s lifetime on earth. Then on Monday as we drove, I chattily thought to him, “So, you knew Jesus in His lifetime on earth? What was He like?” And he thought back to me, “I knew Jesus in His lifetimes on earth.”  “Lifetimes? With an “S?” “You heard me.”

Oy. A puzzle. That could mean just one thing. They had known one another while Jesus was still perfecting Himself? As a tease, I thought playfully, “So you were perfecting yourselves on earth together. And He was the star of the class? So you must have been the dunce?”

And then we heard the most amazing laugh! You heard that laugh in high school, when you and the other awestruck freshmen were watching the seniors tease one another. It was that laugh. And it had to be Jesus. Who else would have thought what I said was funny? But I had no idea that Jesus was listening! Thomas was chucking, too. Omigod. I knew that they had been close. But, wow! Thomas hadn’t known that Jesus would laugh. Or known that I would hear it. He quickly gave me his “it’s okay” vibe, and we kept driving. Fortunately, not off the road.

We know that Jesus is unique. He just is more unique than you and I have realized. Thomas knew that laugh had rattled me, so to calm me he began to tell me more of their story than I had ever heard.

I am relieved to tell you that my beloved Thomas is not a dunce. His friend was just a bit ahead of him. And unlike today, they had no idea what was going on as people used repeated lives on earth to foster their consciousness development. Remember that everything began only maybe two hundred thousand years ago, as we reckon earth-time. This was in the literal stone age. So when Jesus unexpectedly ascended to the Godhead level, it was a shock to them both. They were still in mental communication. Thomas remained in the astral, and Jesus asked him not to follow Him until He could figure out what was happening. Thomas doesn’t remember much about that time, but he does recall that his not progressing further required that he ask for and receive permission from a Council.

There is no time in the astral. But for some indeterminate amount of earth-time, whether it was a minute or eons, my Thomas waited while Jesus tried yet again to overachieve. We are talking the classic overachiever here, the most spiritual kid in the class by far, but Thomas tells me that Jesus has always been the most loving guy you can imagine. No way was He going to graduate and be happy if He had to leave everyone else behind. So finally, He knew that He had to go back. He wanted to teach everyone else on earth how to do whatever it was that He had done. It took a lot of talking to persuade whatever ultimate Council He had to persuade, because no one else ever had reached and entered, and then had left the Godhead Collective and incarnated again on earth.

I don’t know whose idea it was, but on this past Wednesday night, Jesus met with Thomas and me on a grassy astral riverbank, and He told me His version of the Christmas-and-Easter story. My hunch is that Thomas requested it, but that makes the event no less gigantic. It opened with us sitting side by side, wearing astral robes and dangling our feet in the water, and Jesus presented Himself to me at first as a kindly older man without a beard so I would be less intimidated by Him. My beautiful friend Thomas was on my other side, looking to me as he always has. That older-looking Jesus began to speak with words, but Thomas sent Him the thought that I would be able to understand His thoughts. Jesus then sent me the thought that as I became more comfortable, He would revert to looking like Himself. And, sure enough: as Jesus was sending this tale to me in boluses of thought, He gradually reverted to looking the way I have come to see Him of late, as a hazel-eyed and olive-skinned young man with curly dark hair and a short, efficient beard. The only sign that we were in the astral plane was the brilliant, many-colored sky. We were feeding the fish with grain that just appeared in our hands. And behind us, on an enormous plain, deer of various kinds were grazing, so perhaps they had internal organs. I never asked.

It was clear that Jesus soon was enjoying telling me this story, as anyone enjoys telling the triumphal tale of His great youthful struggles come at last to fruition beyond even His own most optimistic expectations. He said that the Councils had found it impossible to believe that a perfected Being might want to undertake all the risks and pains of another earthly incarnation. And Jesus’s reason made no sense to them. He had nothing more to learn! The fact was that no one then incarnating knew anything about anything. Jesus was loving and wise by nature, so His raising His consciousness vibration had happened easily and naturally. What He wanted to do now was understand a system that He hadn’t even known was in existence when He had beaten it. And no, just returning to the earth-plane in an astral body to have a look around wasn’t going to be good enough. He wanted gestation, birth, growing up, a whole life of poverty, and a human death. He wanted to know precisely how it all worked. And then He wanted to teach everyone still living on earth how to master the system, just as He had.

So a Council was created to work with Him. He told me He was patient and polite with them, but my sense is that in that younger world they were trying respectfully to understand this wondrous new thing: Jesus was a perfected being Who was so perfected and so overwhelmed with love that He could not be satisfied to be perfected Himself, but the whole of humankind must be perfected with Him. Eventually they negotiated a birth and an exploratory life under the guidance of His personal Council and in a culture of their choosing. He would have to agree to be guarded by Archangels who would be invisible to the people around Him, and He would be rescued from His body before its natural death.

Just as people on earth are protected by angels, so the Godhead is protected and served by Archangels. Once Jesus was conceived, the Archangel Gabriel announced His advent to His future parents so they would not be alarmed as some unusual things were happening around Him during His earthly lifetime. Thought is such an easy way to communicate! As soon as a question was occurring to me, He was answering it. Yes, He always knew who He was and what He was doing on earth. But no, He never confided in anyone. There were some, like my Thomas, that He could have told; and also John, the Apostle, who was another friend from a prior lifetime. When it occurred to me to ask Him whether He had married as Jesus, or whether He had been a homosexual (which is something that I have suspected but I never would have asked Him), He glanced at me and a smile flickered, but He sent me a small demurral.

Jesus soon passed over much of His earth-life with a wave of His hand to me. He said aloud, “It is in the Book,” as I could see that people were approaching Him because now He looked like the pale Bible-Jesus. He stood, and He was laying His hands on each of those people’s heads and saying aloud, “Bless you, my son,” and “Bless you, my daughter.” Thomas stood, too, and he offered me his hand to help me stand. Thomas said by thought, “We will give Him some time.”

We moved away, and Jesus soon rejoined us farther down the river, looking again like the Mediterranean version of Himself. He was followed in the river by those neon-colored fish. He sat down again on the riverbank beside me and tossed some grain to the fish. I realized that I was recognizing His personal energy now, just as I can recognize Thomas’s energy and Thomas Jefferson’s energy. And the Lord’s energy was distinctly elevated, but not overwhelmingly so. As an aside, I’ve got to say that Jesus has the most beautiful, sweet and loving energy you can imagine, with no low notes at all. Nothing of pain, sadness, selfishness, depression, avarice, anger,  and no bit of fear. Everyone else is a distinctive mix, while Jesus is nothing but love and light. He said by thought what I think might be my real name, but it was a nonsense-sound. To it He added, “You must get past your fears! Are you not happy here with us?” Which made me realize how shy I was feeling again to be so close to Him.

“It is not my time to be here,” I said in words. I couldn’t look at Him. How do you make small-talk with God?

Jesus sighed and said by thought, “The book that we wrote together contains most of what I want you to say. My friend that you call Thomas can supply the rest.” He added, “Why do you fear me so?”

That irritated me. I looked right at him and blurted in words, “Do you have any idea what a big deal you are?”

And He grinned. He actually grinned. He opened my hand with His fingers and put some grain into it and said in words, “Here. Feed the fish.” There was a little buzz where He touched me.

His face went solemn as I felt His troubled thought. The Council that had guided His life on earth had been horrified about His crucifixion idea. He was trying to deviate severely from the plan that He and they had made together. He wanted to publicly humiliate a perfected Being, and He might negatively affect his own consciousness status and drop Himself below the Godhead level. He couldn’t even promise them that He could re-animate the body. All He knew was that there seemed to be no other way to convince the crowds that were following Him that their lives would continue after their bodies died. I wanted to ask Jesus why He thought that He could reanimate a dead body, but that seemed presumptuous. He caught the question anyway. He sent me the thought that He had succeeded in reanimating animals, although not for long. But once He was back in the body, He thought He could reanimate it and maintain it alive. Then He could soon cast it aside and appear to people in his astral body. I wanted to know how He had managed to persuaded His Council to allow Him to do what we know that in the end He did persuade them to allow Him to do. The thought He sent me was that He wanted to try. Then He glanced at me, and His thought was that He would have done it, with or without their permission. His Archangels were at His command, so once He let Himself be arrested, it was going to be done.

You might be wondering how Jesus sounded. And how was it possible that He spoke English? He did speak American English with a vague accent when He was speaking aloud, but one advantage of speaking in boluses of thought is that it is translated in your mind. And I wish I had been allowed to remember more of this meeting, but here is where my memory ends.

That was all on Wednesday night. I woke up on Thursday with no memory of any of it, but then it began to unfold, beginning with that older face that I knew had been Jesus. That’s what happens when Thomas lets me remember a nightly meeting. I don’t remember anything when I wake up, but then bits of it come back to me in order over the course of the day. I check with him as I remember things, and he confirms them. But this was such a gigantic meeting! If all the details are right, it rocks the world. So when Thomas told me on Thursday afternoon that Jesus was thinking about making this meeting my blog post for the Sunday before Easter, I really did nearly drive off the road. I asked him if Jesus had any understanding of what big news this was going to be, and Thomas said that it has to come out sometime. They have been dismantling the Roman Christian religion for the past two thousand years, while my Thomas and many others – it hasn’t been only Thomas and John – have patiently delayed their own ascensions, and many of them have fought and died through repeated lifetimes on earth to keep Christianity from destroying the truths that Jesus returned to earth to learn, and then to share.

For centuries they were sure that the whole idea that God had sent God’s Own Son to die as a sacrifice to God was so foolish that the Roman religion based on that idea was bound to fall of its own dead weight. And for two thousand years they have been weakening the religion. He reminds me that I myself have said that as it stands, Christianity is just a pretty wrapping that keeps the true teachings of Jesus safe, but imprisoned. So now we can unwrap His gift. At last it is the ultimate Christmas morning!

But I wanted to hear the rest of the story. Were they happy with Jesus when He went home? Thomas sent me a grin when I sent him that question. He told me that his Friend went at once from being the nuisance new kid making trouble to the very top of the Godhead Collective. And there He remains. Although His fundamental nature is to serve and to teach, what He mainly gets now is worship. He does some teaching in the children’s villages, and He loves doing that because the children don’t see Him as a part of the Godhead. But what people mostly want Him to do is what we saw. So He does it. All the time. He used to make the sign of the cross on people’s foreheads. He would say to His friends, “How would you like to have to keep drawing a sign of suffering and death on people’s foreheads?” But still, He patiently did it for the newly-arrived Catholics. All the time.

Thomas won’t tell me much about the Lord’s life before He ascended to the Godhead level. Mostly, I think, because He doesn’t remember. But he believes that they lived more than one life together in very primitive times. He does recall one incident from their last lifetime together. There was a battle, and their side was finishing off the men and raping and killing the women, and his friend was searching, and he found a woman who had hidden herself with her children. They were terrified. His friend protected them for days, and fed them, until he could find a man of their tribe who would take her as his second wife. His reason given to Thomas was that their quarrel had been with the men. The woman had harmed no one.

So, omigod a hundred times over! So many things have fallen into place and come to make sense to me now, that never really made sense before. What seemed to be a leisurely series of lifetimes that my Thomas has lived, delaying his own elevation by millennia, have all been in service to his Friend as he and others have preserved the Lord’s pure teachings while the Roman religion has held sway for lo these past two thousand years. Until now, when we can bring forth the Lord’s Way as Roman Christianity further weakens. And Thomas tells me that Jesus wasn’t born in Bethlehem from an especially high ranking in the Godhead Collective. But His having chosen to incarnate from the Godhead out of His overwhelming love for humankind was such an extraordinary decision, and He managed to achieve so much on earth with only that one lifetime, that He is of the highest aspect of the Godhead now. And He is the only Member of the Godhead who is teaching independently throughout the afterlife and the astral.

My beloved friend’s eternal Friend who fed astral fish with us on Wednesday night as we sat together on a riverbank while He told me His beautiful story has earned a lot more than our worship, dear friends. He has earned so very much more. The beautiful Being known as Jesus, above every other being in every universe and apart from any religion on earth, has earned every bit of our wholehearted love.

Love’s redeeming work is done, Alleluia!
Fought the fight, the battle won, Alleluia!
Death in vain forbids His rise, Alleluia!
Christ hath opened paradise, Alleluia!

Soar we now where Christ hath led, Alleluia!
Foll’wing our exalted Head, Alleluia!
Made like Him, like Him we rise, Alleluia!
Ours the cross, the grave, the skies, Alleluia!
– Charles Wesley (1707-1788), from “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” (1739)

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31 thoughts on “Alleluia!

  1. My dear friends, it was Thomas and his Friend who chose to make this account of our meeting our weekly post today. They chose the title, the frame hymn, and the pictures to represent themselves (although I have never found a photo that looks as Jesus now chooses to look). And they have approved my account of our Wednesday night events. There is no way that I can convey the bubbling joy I still feel at the recent memory of having been in the presence of Jesus! And yes, I am trying to get over being stupid about Him. One thing you really don’t expect is that driving with your spirit guide and Jesus behind you trying to come up with a name for their new website will make you laugh so hard that you miss your exit. If churches knew more about who Jesus really is, I think they could fill a lot more pews!

    1. Dear Roberta. Wow! What a wonderful experience! I’m so glad the Friend the Guide and the Recipient shared it here. I’m so glad I’m here now.

      1. My dear Ray, thank you for posting right away, and thank you for saying what you said! I can’t tell you how much I didn’t want to share this. At least, not three days later. Details are still coming back to me! But I could have said No to Thomas. I didn’t even try to suggest that he talk his Friend out of whatever He wanted to do, and if we lost half our subscribers then so be it. But your reaction helped a lot. Thank you!

    2. Dearest Roberta,

      This is to my way of thinking the most important conversation ever held in the last 2000 years. I started writing the sentence with a “perhaps” in it, but as I was about to type the “p”, I realized it’s not “perhaps”, it is.

      Another couple of takeaways from this is that Jesus was not always omnipotent or omniscient, in other words, more like us than I had previously imagined. Who would have imagined that Jesus had to discuss his plans with a council before he could proceed? This just blows me away.



      1. Oh my dear Cookie, exactly right! I hadn’t even looked at it that way, but of course! And that makes Him even greater, doesn’t it? He arrived at spiritual perfection, and He said, “Wait a minute! I’ve got to go back and figure this out and make it easier for everybody else.” Wow, you’re exactly right!

        Thomas is applauding you, by the way. He is telling me now that his Friend was always like that, even long before He was Jesus. Things were easier for Him than they were for other people, so He figured them out and showed others how to do what He did. Perhaps if 2000 years ago the Romans hadn’t turned the name of Jesus into a religion that had nothing to do with Him, we could long since have had the kingdom of God overspreading the earth, just as Jesus promised!

        1. Dearest Thomas,

          Thank you for liking my post; it means a great deal to me. It also means that you read our posts, and for that, I’m sure others, myself included, are both happy and grateful.



          1. Oh my dear beloved Cookie, Thomas doesn’t generally respond because he doesn’t have hands, but he does have a secretary. He wants you to know that he thinks that you often have some very astute things to say!

        2. So true. If it wasn’t for the need of power and control (which is totally against his teachings), the world would have gone in a completely different direction. The Romans used Jesus as front.

          1. I love this, my dear! Perfectly said! And it appears that our beloved Friend loves us enough to have played that role for all this time (although perhaps the lack of time there made the burden of it less). All because He loves us. Purely for us He has been playing the religious figurehead. Thomas has made that quite clear to me as we have been driving for the past three days.

            And Thomas has made something else clear to me, just today. No pressure or anything, but the delay in our implementation of SRO caused by Covid and by my own dithering has put added stresses on what amounts to their post-death resources. For a long time, churches and families did a lot of the work of comforting the dying and preparing them to transition, but now both churches and families have fallen apart. And the Master and those around Him want us – literally, Thomas and me and Craig and his team, with the help of those reading these words – to take up the work of educating the world about what happens after death, just as soon as we can get SRO up and running. They are working with the guides of the dying on earth, but Thomas tells me they need SRO and a coalition of the willing there to be available to answer questions. This is news to me today, and I will mention it next week.

  2. My dear friends, I haven’t recalled anything more of substance from that meeting, but the more I think about its implications, the more profound they seem. This is the reason why I didn’t want to post about it so soon! I wanted to be able to think about it first, and to give you more of my own thoughts when I first shared it with you. Yes, Jesus clearly is one of us! And the implications of that fact are so extraordinary that they stunned me at first. For awhile, they even alarmed me. Now, though, I am beginning to see them as even more beyond glorious than any religion has imagined. Stay tuned….

  3. Roberta,

    I am amazed and awestruck by your post today. Jesus is more relatable than I have ever thought of him. Thank you for sharing Thomas and Jesus with us. I will want to re-read this again several times. I am filled with joy that you got to experience Jesus first hand and that Thomas has previous lifetimes with Jesus. What a great experience! Thank you!

    1. Oh my dear Jennifer, I’m sure that’s why He did it. He met with me so I could tell that story for you to let you know how much He loves you personally. I’m going to Google the number of Catholics who have died in the past 2000 years, and just know that He has patiently made the sign of the cross on that many foreheads, just because they expected and hoped for it when they died. He loves each of them that much, even though it isn’t even His religion!

      I wish there were some way I could share with you the personal energy of this Man. The way it feels to be near Him. Thomas tells me that it’s unusual for Him ever to be alone as He made Himself alone for us. People just want to be with Him, even just to feel His energy. I didn’t want to post this, or at least not so soon, but now I’m glad I did. 🙂

  4. Amazing post Roberta.
    Many years ago, I asked a friend, how do you pray to Jesus? Nothing special, he said, just sit down next to Him and talk. I guess my friend was right. Feels good to know that.

    1. My dear AC, “just sit down next to Him and talk” is precisely right! The love that He has for each one of us individually is extraordinary. And you feel it. I can’t even adequately describe how good it feels to know that Someone loves you that much. Just as you are.

  5. Dear Roberta,
    It strikes me that your discoveries are aligning with my own journey, and it floors me! I recall saying to myself and to someone close to me about two years ago, that Jesus is way above and beyond what we “think” him to be, and that he comes from the Highest Point of God; something I felt in my heart as it just dropped in one day in study, but my human mind couldn’t grasp. I just knew it to be true. Your sharing of a most precious meeting is so generous, you have no idea how much it means to me, who has experienced similarities. I LOVED that you shared your shyness and his question of “why do you fear me so?” because I also find myself “there” in interaction with him! It is a question we should all consider! We may think we don’t fear, but most of us do, and it’s that fear that I dearly desire to be dissolved so I can be of greater service in his rescue mission. In your last three posts, you are sharing insights that have been and are coming to me through my studies of his great work through other channels. Long have we desired to “know” the REAL Jesus, Christ, and here he is, offering just that, and it CAN be a shake up! Yet, how lovingly and compassionately he “unties the knots” of old worn out false beliefs and doctrines! He is so so kind! I sometimes think, “just rip it all out! Let’s get going!” but a wiser part of me knows it’s not just “my” journey, there are many “siblings” along with me that I need to respect, and Thomas’ and John’s willingness to delay their own ascension is a fine example to follow. And, as much as many of us follow one “teacher” or another from writings, websites and blogs, we are still on our “own” journey of learning that was designed perfectly for us. We are still responsible to do our own inner work. As I write that, “Someone” is remarking that to rely on any one “guru” or “teacher” for “salvation” is akin to what we have adopted from false doctrines about our relationship with Jesus; it’s time for us to stand up and be responsible for our own path and journey and trust the guidance that was and is “assigned” us, for that journey. Everything you shared today, I “know” to be true. I am not saying that to stroke an ego, but to encourage you…keep going! God bless you….and us…all! Much Love, Fran

    1. Oh my dear Fran, I so much didn’t want to let anything come between me and Jesus at all! There I was, thinking this was my big opportunity to finally be really close to Him – He was giving me all this time! – and all I could do was blurt something dumb like, “Have you any idea what a big shot you are?” I said that to JESUS, for heaven’s sake! I still blush to think about it.

      But it was okay. Honestly, He is the greatest, most decent human being there is. By Friday morning, He was joyriding with Thomas and me. I think mainly to help me get over my tension from Wednesday night. Thomas is generally behind my left shoulder, so Jesus was right next to him, closer to the middle. He had His same beautiful energy, but very much reduced in volume. They were both very happy, and talking about how slow I was with getting Seek Reality Online going, so they were going to start their own website. And they would name it after Jesus.
      I said as I drove, “Churches have already taken all those names.” I was trying to follow my GPS.
      Thomas said, “We’ll call it ‘Jesus Speaks.”
      Jesus said, “So you ought to listen.”
      Thomas said, “For heaven’s sake.”
      And that cracked them up. I started laughing, too. The three of us were laughing so hard that I couldn’t see to drive, and I had to stop in traffic until I could manage to pull over. Of course, to everyone else it looked as if one demented woman was laughing all alone sitting in her car in rush hour traffic.
      And that, my dear friends, is a glimpse at what it is like to have the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as a friend. He loves people so much that if He thinks you might be distressed, He will spend a few minutes being silly with you in an effort to cheer you up.

  6. WOW! WOW! WOW!
    HE is one of us?!!! YES!
    I never went to church and the bible was not a book in our home – yet I could always love HIM! Now I feel closer than ever to our DEAREST TEACHER!
    I feel so silly, Roberta, because when I first connected with you it was right after my beloved mother had passed and your reassurance of our eternal existence meant everything to me at the time. I had to get past my grief and you really helped, but that is nothing compared to helping us understand. It wasn’t until later – by reading your weekly blogs and books that I came to realize the MAGNITUDE of what you were actually sharing with us! Our eternal nature was just the tip of the iceberg! After searching my whole life for the truth – now I see why I was drawn to you! Jesus has always been there for me – even when I felt like an outsider (of religion). I didn’t fit in at all. It all felt like a continuation of paganism – Brutal, confusing and crazy mostly. I knew deep inside that we didn’t have the story right and now we do! I can’t believe I am privy to this truth!
    Thank you from my entire being, Roberta and Thomas and JESUS!!!!

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Jenny, Jesus doesn’t much care for religions either. But if people are religious, He loves them as people and He supports them in their religion. As you see. What He cares about is people, whoever they are and wherever they are. And I am so glad that knowing Him and loving Him just as He is makes you so happy!!

  7. Hi Roberta, Words cannot express the sense of joy and inner fulfillment I feel after reading your latest blog. Much of the gratification stems from the verification of facts derived from my own studies on this subject. For example, I have believed for some time that Jesus has had several incarnations in the Old Testament, Joshua and Joseph of Egypt to name a few. To expand on your ideas, it seems the disagreement between the angels led by Lucifer focused on the belief that humans were worthless and had to be destroyed. That is when Jesus stepped forth and laid plans for a human incarnation to discredit Lucifer and in effect save us all. Concerns of heavenly powers regarding this task were certaily justified. This would also explain why the “bad” angels tempted Jesus in an attempt to derail his mission.

    1. I’m not too surprised that Jesus appeared before a Council before coming here, If he didn’t come to “die for our sins” that would make sense. I also think he smiled when asked about his sexuality because that is an earthly concern that is unimportant in the spirit world. That is why Jesus was just as comfortable with the outcasts of society as he was with anyone else. He saw people from a different perspective than we do, and I don’t believe he put labels on anyone, as he knows we are having different experiences while we are here, so there is really nothing to fear

      1. Actually, I didn’t ask the questions. I thought of the questions, and He was reading my mind but I couldn’t read His or I would have read His answers. But you are right, of course: none of that mattered to Him when He was on earth, and He made a point of saying so and also acting on His opinions.

    2. My dear Thomas, that is interesting but I really have no idea! And Thomas doesn’t either. He tells me that he hasn’t discussed past lives with Jesus, but he believes that their last life lived together before His ascension was probably lived in that area.

  8. Hi Roberta. Wow! Such a beautiful, and well deserved, Easter gift to you ❤ to have that experience, and thank you so much for sharing that gift with us. Such a feeling washed over me as I read it last night that all I could do was just sit quietly in the dark for an hour or two and let it sink in. That beautiful story and imagery will be with me as Easter approaches. The symbolism of feeding the fish, since the fish was one of the first symbols used by the followers of the Way, is perfect, and so much better than drawing images of the instrument of his murder on people’s foreheads, which the Romans came up with.. Then he says, “Here. Feed the fish.” and sends his energy into your hand, as if to bless your mission here on Earth. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Thanks again for sharing that, and I hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

    1. Oh my dear wonderful Scott, I didn’t even think of the symbol of the fish among the earliest followers of Jesus! I did think of the feeding of the fish as symbolic of sharing His teachings with people, but you’re right – the fish symbolism is even more perfect.Thank you for sharing that added observation! I think the water is probably also symbolic, too, and the fact that we moved downstream of the people that He was blessing in the old way before He then put the food into my hand and told me to feed the fish. It was probably all meant to be symbolic. I just wish that I was younger, and I had more time! But as I was writing that, Thomas said that I will have all the time that I will need, and the people are already chosen who will carry on this work for the Master.

  9. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. You are an inspiration to many. It would be so much easier to keep your experience to yourself as so many do not understand. I am grateful for your bravery.

    I had the chills when I read, “And He is the only Member of the Godhead who is teaching independently throughout the afterlife and the astral.”

    I am new to spirituality. My spirit guide told me Jesus chose to leave the collective of pure loving energy, Source, to come back down to Earth to show us the way. The way, of course, is Love. But then my guide said something I didn’t quite understand. He explained that when Jesus chose to leave Source to come to Earth, it allowed him to be able to help souls on all planes. I was told Jesus was the only one from Source to do this. Now I understand what this meant. Thank you.

    1. And wow, my dear Marlene, the fact that your spirit guide gave you confirmation of what I just have been told has given ME chills! That is pretty amazing! And Thomas has been telling me more, some of which he is allowing me to share in my next post. Clearly, new and wonderful things are happening! A very big hug to you, my dear beautiful friend!!

  10. Hi Roberta: that was an incredibly detailed and inspiring communication that you just shared with us in your recent blog. I discovered you just a short 2 years ago. It has been most interesting following your communication with your guide, “Thomas.” I remember some of your past blogs and podcasts where you mentioned that he had gone quite and wasn’t talking to you. it’s been fun watching this reverse itself and seeing Thomas bring Jesus with him into your travels to the astral plane at night and then into your car on your recent business trip. I’m still taking it all in, but looking forward so see what’s next. Thanks for all your generosity with your life’s work, especially sharing your Interactions with Jesus. Dave

    1. Oh my dear David, has it been just two years? It feels as if I have known you forever! My main problem with Thomas early on was that I wanted to chat with him through a medium while he wanted me to learn internal communication, and also I was a Thomas Jefferson groupie while he was working completely for Jesus – omigod, I had no idea at the time how completely that was true. But once he moved his nexus outside and to my left, I pretty quickly learned to focus on it.

      Come to think of it, my dear David, really nothing ever has been my idea! About then, Thomas started to talk to me about Jesus. And a few years ago, he tells me now, Jesus began to be actively interested in our blog posts, which flat amazes me. Perhaps it shouldn’t. That was when Thomas took over suggesting the titles and topics, and he would finish them if I couldn’t get them done on time. Late in 2018, as I recall. That was also when the idea for an afterlife-education website that Craig and I have been kicking around for years got started, and now Thomas tells me that idea came from Jesus, too. Through Thomas. Now, as of this weekend, Jesus wants us to do a second website. Details to follow. It still amazes me to see how up on things like blog posts and websites these very advanced beings not in bodies actually are!

      But I really am so glad that you and I became friends, my dear wonderful David. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next as well!

  11. Just wrote a bit of doggeral, and it appears to provide a perspective that is relevant to this thread.

    The Hard Mortal Life

    Heaven, how do I long for my return
    Its uninterrupted peaceful dreaming
    Mortal life too often in Hellish burn
    Heaven, always softly comforting

    Life goes along as if benign
    then suddenly wacked — surprise
    Crash bang from too much wine
    bereft from who dies

    Serenity so easy and sweet
    Life troubled by any this or that
    Heaven an unending treat
    Life always plagued by a humongous rat

    Best to exist without stress and strife
    Or better yet to engage
    Best to own a soft life
    Or better yet to rage

    Would sleeping in pillowed clouds be best?
    or facing hostile foes
    Succumbing to torpored rest?
    or overcoming tortured woes

    No need to choose only one
    Both have value
    After one way is done
    then the other is fun to do

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