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Posted by Roberta Grimes • August 05, 2023 • 28 Comments

I don’t know how to love Him. What to do, how to move Him.
I’ve been changed. Yes, really changed.
In these past few days, when I’ve seen myself I seem like someone else.

I don’t know how to take this. I don’t see why He moves me.
He’s a man, He’s just a man. And I’ve had so many men before.
In very many ways He’s just one more.

Should I bring Him down? Should I scream and shout?
Should I speak of love? Let my feelings out?
I never thought I’d come to this! What’s it all about?
– Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber from “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” (1971)

The most astonishing thing about my recent visits with Jesus was the way that He presented Himself as just a usual inhabitant of the astral plane. He looked and acted and spoke as a pleasant young man maybe five feet ten inches tall wearing a simple white astral robe that didn’t glow at all. He wore no signifiers of rank, no hat, and no belt beyond a braided cord. The only thing about Jesus that was at all remarkable was His extraordinary personal energy, which is how we recognize one another in the astral plane. As we elevate ourselves spiritually over many lifetimes, our personal energies become ever richer, ever stronger, and ever much more powerful, but still there are always high notes and low notes, so everyone’s personal energy is a unique signature. You feel that complex personal energy from people whenever you are near them, so in the afterlife and in the astral it is really by people’s personal energies and not visually that we recognize them. And Jesus’s personal energy is extraordinary. It is just one consistent very high note, with no low points at all. Think of someone singing a sustained operatic high note. People’s personal energies are perceptible on earth as well, but here they are subdued and masked by the way we look, so we only know that this or that person feels nice, or maybe not so nice to be around. But Jesus’s gorgeous personal energy is so overwhelming that unless He remembers to keep it toned down, those who are not also very elevated find it almost painful to be near Him.  

One of the things that surprised me when I was first doing afterlife research several decades ago was my gradual discovery that the afterlife is a very status-conscious place. Who would imagine such a thing? The only status is, of course, our relative level of spiritual growth as that is measured by how high we are vibrating and, therefore, the level of the afterlife or the astral plane that we can comfortably attain. Some of us can get to and hold Level Four comfortably, and a few can make it to the top of Level Five. A very few can achieve and hold the top of Level Six, which is the Teaching Level, the level just below the Source. But Jesus is actually vibrating much higher even than the Source Level, or what is also called the Godhead level. Thomas tells me that once, when he teased Jesus into doing it, Jesus traveled and took Thomas with Him into the unknown territory that is far above our reality’s Godhead Level, and with no energetic resistance felt at all. But they didn’t stay there very long. Jesus found it boring to be so high, with no people up there who needed His help.

But the point is that each of these levels of spiritual achievement grants to us the right to wear specific indicators of merit that are honestly worn and highly respected by everyone. You might proudly wear astral robes that glow in significant colors, plus ever-more-important-looking hats and belts, extra body height, and even a distinctively-colored cape once your spiritual rank is high enough. What extra insignias Jesus might be qualified to wear, you and I cannot even imagine! And yet there He sits on His humble riverbank on lowly Level Three wearing no signifiers of rank at all, just warmly greeting new Christian afterlife arrivals and very occasional earthly visitors, telling us His remarkable stories, and of course from time to time feeding His fish. So at first, I had some trouble believing who He even was.

 That next morning after our first long meeting on April 6th of last year, I said nervously to Thomas, “That really wasn’t the real Jesus, right?”

Thomas said, “You know exactly who He was.” My Thomas does not suffer fools.

And then of course Jesus did something that next morning to cheer me up that I have reported here. He and Thomas pulled off a sort of vaudeville act in the back seat of my car that had me stopped dead in the middle of a busy city street and doubled over with laughter. But even in the rank-conscious afterlife, Jesus needs to wear no signifier of His extraordinarily exalted rank. When you are vibrating even above the Godhead level, your personal energy is the only signifier you need.

I have learned so much more about Jesus in the past year! Just as the churches tell us, Jesus is fully God and fully Man, and we now understand how very true that is because He has shared with us His completely human history. And yet, since He is now vibrating at such an exalted level, the one aspect of His unique persona that requires maintenance – and a lot of maintenance! – is His humanity. In the natural course of things, Jesus would have either merged with an exalted aspect of the Godhead Collective five or six thousand years ago, or else He would have continued to raise His personal vibration even above our reality’s  Godhead level, until He lost touch with this universe’s reality altogether. That Jesus has continued to raise His consciousness vibration even without the usual earthly stressors has happened because he has devoted His past seventeen hundred earth-years to lovingly healing the horrendous damage among new afterlife arrivals that the Roman Emperor Constantine’s version of Christianity has done to so many hundreds of millions of people with its Inquisitions and Crusades and its appalling fear-based teachings, and most of that damage has been done in Jesus’s name. His doing such loving healing work has been a powerful driver of His further spiritual growth, so the Jesus that I first met last year is far more elevated spiritually than was the Jesus who long ago taught on earth.

And if that had been all that Jesus had done in the past two thousand years, He would by now be simply God. Period. We might be thinking of Him as seated at the right hand of the Father. And He would have lost touch altogether with earth-based humankind in any sort of personal way, as fully lost to us as a balloon would be lost that had long since slipped its earthly tether. He would have so immensely increased His consciousness vibration by lovingly healing those tens of millions of damaged people, and He would have become by this point long since no longer in touch with our reality at all, nor would He be in loving touch with anyone in it. But thanks to Jesus’s little band of friends, all of whom have been with Him for thousands of years, Jesus is still carefully being maintained in emphatic touch with His human side as well.

It is only lately that I have given much thought to Jesus’s friends and their ongoing role in His life. My Thomas, who is Jesus’s older brother from His final earth-lifetime lived six thousand earth-years ago, is the closest to Jesus of this little band. And since Thomas is my spirit guide, and therefore he is responsible also to me, apparently Thomas has been bringing me along  on many nights of this earthly life, whenever he has gone to meet with Jesus. I simply have had amnesia for the event. What was different about our visits to Jesus last summer was that Jesus liked the idea of having me remember those experiences, since at the time we were working on and on Jesus is not very knowledgeable about websites, but He wanted to talk about ideas with me. And I cannot recall ever seeing any of the other members of Jesus’s team when we were with Him, but gradually Thomas has answered my questions. Apparently there are about thirty beings in Jesus’s little group, nearly all of whom present in male astral bodies, and some of whom have lived earth-lifetimes with Jesus but none of whom ever was a famous saint or in any way very notable. My Thomas’s stint as Thomas Jefferson is the most famous past lifetime of their lot. But what they have in common is that all of them have sworn their loyalty to Jesus in preference to ever becoming perfected beings themselves. They will neither join an advanced Collective nor ever rise above our Godhead. Instead, they are pledged to work for love in service to Jesus for eternity.    

And together they help Jesus to maintain His humanity. Which, as I have glimpsed that process, turns out to be no easy thing. For night after night last summer, I accompanied Thomas to that astral riverbank with awareness for the experience, and I watched as my Thomas talked with his Brother, teased Him, tussled with Him, and treated Him as a regular human guy. As I watched, Jesus even once called Thomas some insulting name and then dodged away from him. I think the word that Jesus used meant “Butcher” in another language, since in a long-ago earth lifetime Thomas had once been a general. So then Thomas muttered “Brat!” and chased Jesus among His pet deer and caught Him, bigger and stronger as he is, and he actually play-beat Jesus up. I doubt that the others in Jesus’s loyal group ever take such liberties with the King of Kings, but in reality that is the kind of thing that Jesus really needs, that deeply regular human touch. He has not been on earth or interacted with people who are living in bodies for the past two thousand years, and He has no idea any longer about what that would even be like. Jesus has also asked me a few times to share with Him trivialities from my daily life, and He has listened to me as He always listens to people, as if I was for that moment the only person in existence and what I was saying was very important.He seems to want above all to be truly and deeply one of us.

What is really important for us to understand about Jesus, though, is how very far He has moved beyond religions. And especially how far He has moved beyond Constantine’s Christianity! If you go to, and you see there how all of the Core Teachings together systematically destroy all the man-made dogmas of that entire religion, so only the genuine Gosprl teachings of Jesus remain, just know that those are Jesus’s Core Teachings. He has approved them all. Even today, the remnants of Roman Christianity try to hold on to fear-based, man-made dogmas that never have made any spiritual sense. And Jesus has never been any part of that religion, even in its heyday. Most importantly of all, Jesus wants nothing whatsoever to do with all the endless and pointless divisions in Christianity. Good grief! In 2010, when I wrote The Fun of Dying, there were more than ten thousand versions of Christianity, which at the time seemed shocking and shameful to me. How could there be so many little details of doctrine for Christians to argue and divide themselves over, when Jesus only ever taught forgiveness and love? Well, just thirteen years later there are now more than forty-two thousand different denominations of Christianity. We are bound to hit fifty thousand any day now, when the Methodists have just expelled two of their biggest churches from their organization solely for ordaining female ministers.  

And so it goes. Thomas and I continue to meet with Jesus nearly every night, and I accept the fact that while my present earth-lifetime continues, Thomas prefers that I have amnesia for those meetings. He considers them to be his private time with Jesus, and he knows that if I am allowed to remember them I will for certain blog about them. He does tell me, though, that lately I have been helping Jesus to improve His English, although to what end I don’t really know. What I do know is that whatever Jesus does now, it will not be based in man’s foolishly selfish and shortsighted doctrinal games.

Jesus really does want only to lovingly help us, to teach us, and He wants to do that on as intimate a basis with us as He can. Perhaps my most surprising memory from last year was my first stunned realization that the biggest rock star of all rock stars on earth has no ego at all. I mean, Jesus really has NO ego. He is the very definition of humility. And I had trouble at first getting my mind around that. How is it possible that the most famous person on earth is the most self-effacing soul that you can imagine? At one point on the night of last April 6th as I was listening to Him, to the mild and courteous way that He talks and the gently loving and endlessly kindly things that He says, I blurted to Jesus, “Do you have any idea what a big deal You are?” He looked at me as if He was having trouble comprehending what I had just said. Then He smiled the barest smile, thoughtfully, as if perhaps I was a very young soul and I didn’t really understand, so my comment didn’t need a response. Then He modestly looked away.

 Don’t you think it’s rather funny I should be in this position?
I’m the one who’s always been so calm, so cool, No lover’s fool,
Running every show. He scares me so.
I never thought I’d come to this! What’s it all about?
– Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber from “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” (1971)

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28 thoughts on “Simply Jesus

  1. Will Jesus’s hitting the highest vibration separate us from Him?
    Gaining higher vibes dictates a bigger separating from Earth.
    I am going back to praising any joy l feel and rewarding me
    It’s an amazing Universe God has created. If Jesus knows the number of hairs on my head., you cannot hide your
    lower vibrations. No way to cheat! Or fake it.
    I feel caught between fastening my seat belt and forgiving
    myself.Life keeps marching on I am disappointed. I can’t
    have anymore time-out On and on forever. I am very good
    to other. I can feel their need.I can put someone’s cart back.

    “hide your lying eyes.”

    The Rules of God leave no They are simp


    1. Oh my dear Erica, truly nothing can separate us from the love of God, from everlasting to everlasting. And there is so much peace in that!

      ! have waited the longest before responding to comments with this blog post that I have with any, I think – five days. But I was eager to see what all of you thought. I m still really trying to understand Jesus.

  2. Good Morning, Roberta!
    This post was truly what I wanted to read and that is more about Jesus. This is what matters most to me. I love hearing that he is such a normal man even though he is so highly exalted and admired. I could go week to week just hearing more and more about him as you are permitted to divulge any information you gain from your experiences with him and Thomas. Thank you for this post and for again highlighting the websites where we can also learn more.

    1. My dear Jennifer, Jesus maintains His humanity with such a considerable effort now, and His doing that is so much against the grain of what is usual, that I have had trouble understanding why continuing to do it even now is so important to Him.. But I think it boils down to His intense love of people. He has always loved people as individuals, been fascinated by them, wanted to care for and protect them, That is just who He is. So He cannot bear to be separated from having people to care for. Ir is His having done so much to care for so many people that has raised His spiritual vibration so much, and made Him such an afterlife big-shot; but then of course He has no interest in rising above where there are lots of people He can help. And the extent of His humility in the face of His fame is boggling to me.

  3. Dear Roberta : I have been a reader of yours for so long and your books helped to survive the grieving after loss if my husband. However though my communication with him is very different from others I read, yet whenever I doubt the reality of my communication with him, it gets stronger.
    I would like to comment that first of all, I believe it is the Baptist Church that put an end to female pastors . I know many Methodists and though they are on the verge of splitting they have not questioned the right of women to be ordained. The split seems to be between the African Conservatives Churches and the issue over LBGTQ issue. Check me with others to see .I do not have a website

    1. My dear Barbara, the problem really sadly is the Apostle Paul. He wrote almost two thousand years ago that women should be silent in the churches. And there is a schism among the Methodists about this now as well.

  4. Hi Roberta, Namaste 🙏. I was ‘picked up’ a couple of years ago when I was at a very low ebb. I have never been religious since a vicar couldn’t answer any of my questions back when I was 14. I’m now on the road to spirituality and for the most part I am enjoying it 🙏. You and your book and blog are what I have been searching for all my life, subconsciously, and now it’s at the forefront of my mind. I struggle with the low self-esteem and inner confidence quite a lot. I was an alcoholic up to 46 yrs old (59 now), But, finally, the answers are in the pages you write. But, being a chef for 30 yrs has built up an ego I’m not really enjoying now and am having trouble dealing with it. could you afford me a few tips on getting the ego under control.
    With gratitude and love, Namaste 🙏

    1. Oh my dear Simon, you have made me smile! I am delighted to have been able to help you spiritually, but my darling friend, how is it possible to have both ego issues and low self esteem? Still, given your age there is a wonderful rite of passage upcoming. You might soon consider opening your life and your heart to doing a little work for God. You can ask for that work with a gratitude affirmation, and soon God will show you what is yours to do. You just say every day, “Thank You for giving me work to do. Thank You for showing me how to do it.” And eventually something will start to excite you. Probably food-related. I’m sending you the biggest hug!

  5. Thanks for describing home in more detail!

    I have to admit, I felt disappointment when I read we wear status symbols. I always assumed status was linked more so to our egos.

    I can understand Jesus wanting to keep his humanity. There is a connection that happens when helping each other and working together to solve a problem. It’s a great feeling and brings out a beauty in our struggles. From my point of view, I don’t think I would want to ascend either without the rest of our family. Sounds lonely, in a way. Of course, I am flapping around like a fish out of water here with limited knowledge.

    1. Oh my dear Thomas, I didn’t like learning about the ranks in the afterlife either! All I can say is that it does keep people wanting to come back and ascend further spiritually, so that is something good about it.

    2. hiThomas
      I have the vibration level lonely too.
      We have to live now. If we try to find
      our whole life, we discover too much
      too fast
      I try to live life one day at at a time
      l remember when they fled from Herod
      God. gave them 1 day of manna ..
      I am trying to give myself little
      lthink I have changed
      thanks to you all
      and Roberta.

      1. I think that is the best way to look at it Erica. Concentrate on the current day and don’t let the past haunt us. Forgive and move on. Tomorrow will be hectic on it’s own so no need to make it worst. haha

        I’ve also like to think I changed thanks to you and everyone else on here.


        1. Oh my sweet Thomas, I think that all of us help each other here! And isn’t that lovely, that we take the time to pause and to try to see things from one another’s perspective?

      2. Oh my dear Erica, living one precious day at a time can be especially sweet! It can help you to appreciate the wonder in each precious day. Sometimes we try to take life in great gulps, and we can miss so much!

  6. Hi Roberta,

    I really needed your blog regarding JESUS: I feel embarrassed to post what I am going to say, but, you all are like my spiritual family!

    One of thing is I really love that Jesus is so HUMBLE and does not care to wear a fancy robe and flash all his vibrations to show off.

    I need to hear how humble he is because in my life I have struggled with life! Always being behind my peers and being passes up for job promotions and raises. I have took on low paying jobs as I have struggled with learning differences and Asperger’s.

    I have always asked God, why me…Why do I struggle with succeeding in my life! The funny part is I don’t crave FANCY things. I am cool with driving the same car and I am SO GRATEFUL I own my condo and no that was a gift from God.

    But sometimes I feel that would be great to get a little recognition and a raise from a job I have been at for four years.

    This blog about Jesus not wanting to go and higher past Godhead just makes me feel a little better that maybe all these promotions and raises are really nothing in this earthly lifetime. That love and forgiveness is all there is and what matters…

    Anyhow, I hope this didn’t derail the blog, but I always enjoy when you talk about Jesus!!!

    1. Oh no, my dear Litsa, you haven’t derailed the blog, and I think you have made our dear Jesus smile! Just loving and caring for people is what matters to Him. Really! Simply love, my dear friend, and you will be a star!

    2. Sounds, to me, like you are doing pretty darn good Litsa. You are much stronger than I am, no doubt. You should be proud of yourself.

  7. Dearest Roberta,
    Thanks for making us feel as if we are there too, experiencing our beloved Jesus.

    As are others here, I too am struck by the profound simplicity, abounding caring and loving humanism that our Jesus exhibits -radiates. He really is Our Jesus. And He is far more loving and close to us than religion has shown Him to be.

    Realizing this is both humbling and reason for deep joy.

    Jesus puts to shame all religiosity and the proclivities of status, cold formality and hierarchy that religion carries on with!
    All the guilt-ridden, fear-laden conditioning that ‘sinners’ must contend with is absolutely pointless when we encounter Jesus Himself, who remains close and chooses ever to be with us.

    Maybe my purpose on Earth is to be grateful, loving, compassionate and totally forgiving in any way I can. I don’t reckon it is as easy as it sounds, but with heart, humility and conscious endeavor this state of being is possible, I reckon. 🙏🏼🕊❣️

    1. Oh yes, my dear Efrem, Jesus really does astound me! And His humility is not an act – he really does think of Himself as close to us, despite the astounding spiritual distance between us. And He is aware of the distance, too, on some level. How could He not be? But love is what covers the distance. He loves us, and really wants to be near us, wants to ever-better understand us. But just why He does, I really never will understand.

  8. I cannot find any blog where you have touched upon sex. I want to know how Jesus feels about sex. I am 63 years old and married 32 years and have recently rediscovered sex after many years of avoiding it. One reason was because I was afraid it and my fantasies were somehow against Jesus’ teachings. I decided to basically close off the God head part of my thoughts and enjoy sex. Now you are telling me my thoughts are wide open to everyone lol. Having a bit of mind turmoil.

    1. Hi Sue,

      I can’t speak for Jesus when it comes to sex, but he does tells us we are not judged. We probably judge ourselves more than anyone else. So why would we be judged for liking sex? We are built to love sex in order to make sure we make more babies for more souls to come here and learn. As long as it’s done out of love, then I don’t see a issue.

      I would check out to see what Jesus really tried to teach us before Constantine twisted it into a guilt fest. You may find the guilt many learned wasn’t from Jesus at all.

      1. Ah yes, my dear Thomas! As long as it is based in love, that really would be all that matters to Jesus!

    2. My dear Sue, the thing about sex is that it really is just an earthly thing. Astral bodies lack a sex drive, just as they lack internal organs and a hunger reflex. They do have external sex organs though, reportedly.

      Now, of course Jesus once lived in a physical body, but there is no evidence that He ever married or had a girlfriend. Indeed, I had wondered whether He might have been homosexual – there was, after all, John, “the disciple that Jesus loved” who would lean back against His chest when they dined at table to ask Him a question, and so on. Well, that was in my mind when I first met with Jesus on April 6th last year, and I almost actually asked Him that question so it was in my mind, and I got a VERY shocked side-eye look from Jesus! Wow. Not an appropriate topic of conversation at all! I since learned that John was the disciple that Jesus loved because he had been Jesus’s younger brother in the same earlier lifetime in which my Thomas had been His older brother.

      My Thomas tells me that in general, our spirit guides – who are usually opposite-gender – don’t have a lot of interest in our sex lives. They grant us privacy, and actually I think Thomas has been rather prudish about my being a female, probably since we have known each other in many lifetimes when I have always been a male.

  9. Dearest Roberta,
    One thing that stood out for me was the rank associated with the astral plane and that Jesus apparently had the lowest rank, 3d with a plain white robe. One of the very similar experiences that I had was when I attended a school in Massachusetts that felt rank was really important, so periodically the Head of School would hand out felt shields that had numbers 1 through 4 emblazoned on them.

    Usually I got a “1” or a “2”, however, one period, I slacked off and got a three. The head mentioned as he passed out the badge how unlike it was for me to sink so low. Later, I had to hand it over to my mother, who well knew the significance of the number 3. (Thankfully, I never got the dread number 4,) So, could it be that other than Jesus, some of the beings in 3D felt a little shame for displaying their low rank?



    1. My dear Cookie, in Jesus’s case at least, his choice to live on Level Three is just so He can welcome Christians home; and His simple clothing doesn’t fool anyone because his personal energy is even above the Godhead level. But no, it would never be His style to wear signifiers of rank. Not our Jesus!

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