Is Jesus Actually God on Earth?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • February 20, 2021 • 34 Comments
Jesus, The Teachings of Jesus

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation;
O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation:
Come ye who hear, Brothers and sisters draw near,
Praise Him in glad adoration.
– Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878), (translator from German), from “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” (1863)

There have been many beloved spiritual teachers and prophets down all the generations. Whenever I say or write that Jesus came to us as God on earth, you can depend on it: someone is going to say, “But what about the Buddha?” Or what about this or that other great religious figure? Weren’t all of them also God on earth? Actually, now that you mention it, every human being might be called God on earth. Every one of us is an aspect of the self-same Consciousness as the Godhead Itself, so all of us are of the Godhead’s Mind, from the lowest vibration to the highest. In the most fundamental and most beautiful sense, every one of us is God on earth.

What makes Jesus different from the rest of us is that according to a number of disparate sources, He came to us from the highest aspect of the Godhead. We have lately been given to understand that the Godhead is a Collective of Perfected Beings, which likely is a simplification of what is a much more complex reality. Having been given that insight by my spirit guide, Thomas, I have since seen evidence for it everywhere. For example, Mikey Morgan is a sixth-level being who recently took an optional earth-lifetime so he could teach us in modern terms from the spiritual range just below the Godhead. When Mikey was asked to define God, he said, “God is the Unity of Absolute Pure Love which is Infinite. The Collective or Source of all that exists.” Wow. When Mikey and Thomas agree on something, that pretty well seals the deal for me! But for purposes of this discussion, the actual nature of the Godhead won’t matter. What is important is the fact that Jesus came to us not as just a “begotten Son” whose mission was to be sacrificed in order to redeem us from our Creator’s wrath. No! Every bit of that old Christian story is fortunately just human-made nonsense. Jesus is much more important than that. He came to earth in a human body as an aspect of the genuine Godhead. When you know that, you see His teachings and His mission in a whole new light!

For what follows to make sense to you, we likely ought to again explain how it is possible for us to investigate the greater reality with an open mind. You shouldn’t trust just this one reporter! But you also cannot trust either religions or science alone as authorities on anything factual. Here is why:

  • Mainstream science is only the study of matter and its correlate energy. Just over a century ago, the scientific community adopted materialism as what they called “the fundamental scientific dogma.” And since reality is fundamentally non-material and is grounded in the base energy that we experience in a dim way as human consciousness, most scientific conclusions are not worth much. In fact, to use any bit of evidence that was produced by traditional scientific research, we first must temper it with the product of research that is not in any way limited by science’s materialist constraints.
  • Religions are flies in amber which demand our faith in their old ideas. All of them insist that we make their dogmas the basis of our understanding, when the whole point of our doing independent research is that we aren’t satisfied with just believing anything. Now we really want to know! Jesus tells us that we must Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” (MT 7:7). So for us to look beyond believing just religious notions is encouraged by the Lord Himself!

If we ever hope to understand what actually is going on, we’ve got to venture far beyond both mainstream science and traditional religions. We must investigate every possible source of information, and use only what can be demonstrated to be free of any beliefs-based taint. I hope you will do all your own research! But just to get you started, here are some of the bits of evidence that have convinced me that Jesus did indeed come to us as God on earth:

Jesus  Claimed That God Was in Him and Spoke Through Him

For example, Jesus said, The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work” (JN 14:10). And, “The word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father’s who sent Me” (JN 14:24). And even, “Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of His own accord, but only what He sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise” (JN 5:19). All of us have spirit guides who effectively are inside us, too, and are able to influence what we think and say; so for Jesus to have had that sort of intimate relationship with Spirit is not surprising. But for the Godhead to have been in Jesus and speaking through Jesus is a different matter! For one thing, the Godhead is almost certainly a Collective of Perfected Beings. And for another, each of those spiritually perfected beings is so vastly powerful that even the most spiritually elevated beings of a consciousness vibration approaching the level of the Godhead are unable to bear the Godhead’s energy. So the spiritual energy that Jesus Himself was channeling so easily would have been something like the energy of the entire sun. Or even of a thousand suns. We have no way to imagine the power of the Godhead that continuously manifests this universe! So if the Godhead was in Jesus when the Lord inhabited a material body, then He Himself was of the Godhead’s spiritual level. There is no other possibility.

My Spirit Guide Tells Us Who Jesus Was and Why He Came

Thomas tells us that Jesus came to earth from the highest aspect of the Godhead. He agrees with Mikey Morgan that the Godhead is a Collective of Perfected Beings. And Thomas also tells us that Jesus came with a very specific two-part mission!  That was why He chose to be born in a material body and live a human life from His infancy, rather than simply appearing briefly as an adult and making His pronouncements. Thomas says that the Lord wanted to:

  • “Walk in our shoes” and experience human life in full as He sought to understand why the people of that day were finding it so hard to grow spiritually, and also why this planet’s collective consciousness vibrations were sinking so deeply toward fear. He also wanted to:
  • Teach us how to raise our personal consciousness vibrations away from fear and toward love. Once Jesus had learned whatever He could from living a fully human life, He set out to teach us how to eliminate most of what was making us fearful so we could move on to achieve much more rapid spiritual growth. He used a simple analogy to the kingdom of God – the spiritually elevated level just below the Source – to help His followers understand what our goal must be. And He urged us to free ourselves from religious fears and abandon the human-made and fear-based Jehovah so we could learn to better relate to the genuine Godhead as we also learn to ever better love and forgive. The Gospel teachings of Jesus as He gave them to us two thousand years ago remain the easiest and the most effective way for anyone to achieve rapid spiritual growth and help to bring the kingdom of God on earth.

We Have Evidence That Jesus Came From the Godhead

The evidence for the life of Jesus even beyond the Gospels is surprisingly strong. It is easy to demonstrate that He did live on earth. But for me, the most dramatic evidence that Jesus both lived on earth and also came to us from the highest aspect of the Godhead is the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud is the Lord’s purported burial-wrapping, and a close modern study of it can readily demonstrate that Jesus did indeed die on a cross and let His dead body begin to decompose. Then two days later He re-inhabited and reanimated that dead body and actually used it briefly. No one with less than the Godhead’s powers could re-animate and use a formerly-dead body! And consider these facts:

*The linen of the Shroud is authentic. It can be carbon-dated and dated in all its details to the lifetime of Jesus.
* The marks on the Shroud align with the Lord’s execution. The body the Shroud covered was a Jewish man who died on the eve of the Sabbath, and he had suffered all the Lord’s wounds.
* The Shroud carries smudges that turn out to be a 3-D photographic negative. Those smudges had been documented to exist on the Shroud of Turin for almost two millennia before anyone could have known what a 3-D negative even was! Then when the Shroud was first photographed in 1898, the clear image of a crucified man appeared on its negative. That image later turned out to be a mathematically perfect three-dimensional image.
* No one knows how the image on the Shroud was made. It is not a pigment, nor is it anything else man-made. The best explanation given is that it was caused by a powerful “electrical charge in the form of radiation” which happened after the blood on the Shroud had dried.

I have come to accept the divine nature of Jesus somewhat reluctantly, and only based upon evidence. For Him to have taught us God’s eternal truths, Jesus needn’t have been any more important than just a spiritually elevated being, perhaps no more advanced than your spirit guide or mine. It has taken me decades of finding many bits of evidence and assembling it, seeing how it all fits and what it can reasonably be telling us is true, before at last I am able to announce to you what seems to be a certainty. Jesus came to us as God on earth. I think we even can add that the life of Jesus was probably the only time in history when a Perfected Member of the Godhead chose to live an earth-life in a human body. And He did it as a beautiful, selfless gift to all of humankind. Praise to the Lord, indeed!

Praise to the Lord, who o’er all things so wondrously reigneth,
Shelters thee under his wings, yea, so gently sustaineth:
Hast thou not seen all that is needful hath been
Granted in what He ordaineth?
– Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878), (translator from German), from “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” (1863)


Ascension photo credit: MTSOfan <a href=”″>The Ascension, Detail</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
My Lord photo credit: Lawrence OP <a href=”″>My Lord and my God</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

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34 thoughts on “Is Jesus Actually God on Earth?

  1. What a powerful blogpost, Roberta! Thank you! One question. Did Jesus re-incarnate many times on earth as did the rest of us or was He always part of the Godhead for all time?


    1. Dear Catherine, thank you for your kindly words! And your question is one that I have wondered about myself. Thomas, my spirit guide, has answered my question about this in the form of a question of his own: he asks whether I think that any being who has grown spiritually anywhere but in a human body would be able to be a part of a Godhead that is sufficiently responsive to and understanding of humankind. Which is a wonderful point! So, yes, the whole Godhead has grown spiritually, just as you and I continue to grow. They just made it right to the head of the class!!

  2. Dearest Roberta,

    The Gospel reading this day, Mark 1:9-15, the Baptism and Temptation of Jesus, led me to the thought that if Jesus were both fully God and fully Man, then He would have a life plan just like the rest of us, and just like the rest of us know only a glimmer of that plan after we were born. I wondered, could Mark 1: 11 “And a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved, with you I am well pleased.” Be just enough of the His plan to “jumpstart” his vocation as a teacher? Or do you suppose one of the differences between Jesus and the rest of us is that he knew the totality of his plan all along?


    1. Dear Cookie, this is something else that I have wondered about! And Thomas answered this question for me, too. He said that Jesus’s life on earth was essentially a fact-finding mission for the Members of the Godhead, to help the entire Supreme Collective to better understand something that none of them had done in a very long time: how it feels to be a human being. And then the Lord’s planned mission was to teach what the Godhead would decide was going to be necessary to help humanity better grow spiritually. We cannot say for certain, but it seems that Jesus was able to remember His mission even as a child; for example, when He first was taken to the Temple at the age of 12 and got lost briefly, when His mother found Him He said, “Didn’t you know I would be about My Father’s business?” Or words to that effect.

  3. Thanks so much for the inspiration ! I spent most all of my younger years attending Baptist Sunday school , and never received such wonderful information. Even though I have heard or read it before, you are blessed by the Lord to be a teacher.
    Love and Prayers to you Roberta!!

    1. Oh dear David, this is very sweet of you! I am daily thrilled to be doing this work, but I am reluctant to claim credit for any of it because it really doesn’t feel like my owm work. It happens so easily now that it seems really to happen through me, and not by me at all.

      And yes, Christian churches don’t study the teaching of Jesus or try to understand Him. They have no idea about some of His most important concepts, like what the kingdom of God might be and why He emphasized it as He did.

      For Christians, the point of His life was the ancient Hebrew concept of sacrificing a perfect victim to God in order to atone for our sins. As one hymn says, “Jesus, our Savior, did come for to die for poor lowly people like you and like I.” If you think you might be falling short in the sin department, you just claim the Lord’s get-out-of-hell-free card and you go right to the front of heaven’s line! … But you miss altogether the genuine work that Jesus actually tells us that He came here to do….

  4. The Vatican permitted three samples to be taken from the Shroud for carbon dating rather than the seven requested by multiple laboratories. All three laboratories radio-carbon tested the shroud to a date of 1260-1390. This corresponds to the approximate time that the Shroud appeared. There has been much discussion of these results in the literature, but none of the laboratories or the scientific community have refuted the results. I notice that you make statements about the Shroud without documentation. There are reasons to believe Jesus is who he said he was and from the highest realms of the Godhead… the Shroud of Turin is not one.

    1. Dear Charles, I recall when that happened, and how definitive it seemed at the time. I was pretty crushed! But fortunately, all of that was decades ago, and there has been a lot of good scholarship done since then which pretty strongly establishes that the Shroud of Turin dates from the time of Jesus, wrapped a crucified man with His same wounds, and was damaged by an extraordinary scorch that is a photographic negative likely produced by an extraordinary surge of power from the Man inside it.

      The Shroud was seriously damaged in two fires in antiquity, one of which was repaired at about the time of the faulty radiocarbon dating; but later dating more carefully done does place the Shroud at the time of Jesus. It is of a weave that was common then, and it contains springtime pollen from plants that grow in modern-day Israel.

      If you want to know what helped me to decide that the Shroud and its companion face-covering are genuine, go here and scroll about halfway down. And for a modern viewpoint on Shroud scholarship, check out the three links beside the photo of a rather cranky-looking Jesus nailed to a cross. (Considering how later Christians have interpreted that gift from Him to us, it’s no wonder that He looks cranky!)

  5. The carbon dating of the shroud was correct. The only problem is that the sample was taken from an area that was rewoven by nuns after fire damage during the Middle Ages. The problem of the photographic negative has never been explained. Two of the main researchers – Barrie Schwartz and Andrew Silverstein – both admitted going into this as debunkers but are entirely convinced that the shroud is genuine. It seems that as we get more technically advanced, the more authentic the shroud seems to be. It is definitely not a clever painting as many tried to say it was in the past. On reading the history of the times and crucifixion in general, they crucified people in groups and it became a circus and a “day out” for many. That to me is more concerning than the authenticity of the shroud. It’s impossible to imagine people being that evil.

    1. Dear Lola, I have come to think that it is all deliberate. We were given evidence that could not have been faked, and can only now begin to be studied and understood. It’s all frankly glorious!!

  6. I too think it was deliberate and was meant for our times. No longer do we have to rely on faith alone. I wonder if it is a coincidence that the two main researchers and supporters of the shroud were both brought up in orthodox Jewish families

    1. My dear Lola, at this point I think that absolutely nothing is a coincidence! Everything is part of Spirit’s great overall design!

  7. Hi Roberta. I have often wondered why Jesus so often referred to himself as “The Son of Man,” and it seems many others have also wondered about that over the centuries. Do you have any thoughts on the question, or maybe some inside info from people on the other side?

    1. Dear Scott, this is an interesting question! I asked it at some point, and the answer I was given is a simple one. Jesus came to us as God on earth! To our minds that is all that is important. But in fact, He chose to be born in the same way that we all are, and to live for 33 years as a human being and then die the way a criminal dies. He came to us as a true SON OF MAN! A genuine human being, and apparently the only time that an aspect of the Godhead has ever given us that incomparable gift. That is what is most important to HIM!

      I have come, too, to suspect that the entirety of Christian history may have been planned so His teachings would be preserved in a wrapper of false and even irrelevant dogmas, so that one day, when people had progressed enough, the false wrapping could come off as if Christmas morning had at last arrived. In that far future day, we would be able at last to begin a genuine relationship with Jesus, and through Him with the entire Godhead! In that far-future time we would have ways to begin to truly understand what He said, and why He said it, and we would be able at last to document Jesus as having actually lived. Be able to document the Shroud as genuine proof of His Resurrection. And who knows what other long-planned discoveries still lie just ahead of us?

  8. I agree that there will be more discoveries, especially relating to the image on the shroud. The skeptics say that the body was taken out of there after bribing the guards, but that does nothing to explain the image left behind.

    As far as the “Son of Man” phrase goes, this gets ignored by most Christians, as it was replaced with the “Son of God.” It isn’t scary to believe he is the “Son of Man,” but it would be scary to think he is the actual “Son of God” because with that comes fear and guilt – exactly what is needed to be in control of a large population, especially if they are made to believe that he died for our sins. Forget the Roman soldiers and how sadistically cruel they were – it is US that killed him.

    1. Dear Lola, you are of course right that a lot of what was done to build the early Roman Church was based in fear, and that was deliberate on the part of the builders. Every religion, from long antiquity through today, is essentially based upon fear. There are dogmas one must believe in, commands from a deity or three that must be obeyed, and often horrendous consequences threatened for noncompliance. I guess I don’t feel, however, that WE killed Jesus. It was the common folk of His day who were stirred up with lies by their leaders – the modern term is “gaslighted” – and led by their own fears to demand His execution. But modern folks are really very different from the run of people in the Lord’s day and time on earth. I’ll be touching on this a bit next week.

      1. I didn’t mean that literally. I meant that those in power tried to make us feel responsible and totally ignored the cruelty inflicted by the Roman soldiers. They are the ones who killed him, not us. Making people of those times feel responsible ensured that they would do anything they were told to do in order to “get right with God” I too have heard about the many lies told about Jesus so they would cheer on the crucifixion. It was truly evil.

  9. I am fascinated by the Shroud. It is true that even the Vatican is hesitant to declare it Jesus’ burial cloth but, as some of the researchers themselves have said (paraphrasing), it is evidence of either the most astonishing hoax in the history of civilization or the most astonishing paranormal event in the history of Creation. Either way, it is a fascinating artifact.

    It is important to begin to understand that Jesus living among us as God on earth has a cosmic importance that transcends any human or earthbound timeline and if we do understand it, our understanding of reality transforms beyond what we imagine: God and we are One. As Roberta notes above, who knows what discoveries will next come our way.

    1. Yeah Mike,
      Our Jesus was born as we are and lived as a man, hence He was united with us in our very humanity.

      Now we are becoming one with Divine consciousness. We are becoming united with Jesus in His very divinity.

        1. Dear Mike, I’m not sure what you mean by this? Are you saying that God sees as we see? Or is it just that all of it is a figment of Mind’s imagination, so that is how it seems to God as well?

      1. Dear Efrem, I agree that this is certainly the way that many people see the Lord’s life. Fully God and fully Man! Most Christian denominations see Him that way, too. Have you ever wondered, though, how the Lord Himself sees His dual nature, and what is most important to Him?

    2. Dear Mike, it was this very duality – either it’s a major supernatural relic or it’s an even more amazing forgery – that finally convinced me that it must be genuine. It is certainly right as to date and details, and there are aspects of it, like the fact that its smudges are a three-dimensional photographic negative, that make it something that could not have been forged before the time when the smudges first were mentioned many centuries ago. Indeed, we cannot reproduce those markings even today!

      So I came to accept the incontrovertible fact that the Shroud is a genuine relic. And therefore – in for a penny, in for a pound – I shrugged and accepted it as the actual Shroud that once wrapped the body of Jesus. There is no other rational explanation!

      1. I first learned about the shroud from a friend back in 1977. At Easter time every year I revisit the scholarship and research, which is certainly plentiful. There may be more discussion about the shroud’s pedigree than there is Shakespeare!

        Meanwhile I continue to hold with you that what Jesus’ teachings tell us about our true reality is what matters most.

    3. Dear Mike, what is glorious is that the Shroud of Turin actually cannot be a hoax. It has borne its scorch marks for as long as we have known about the Shroud, and certainly long before anyone could have grasped the concept of a photographic negative! Even a three-dimensional photographic negative? The mind reels!

  10. One more thing that points to authenticity of the shroud is the very high quality of the cloth. Only a wealthy person could own a cloth of this quality back then. Joseph of Arimathea was a huge follower of Jesus and was wealthy, and it would make sense that he supplied the cloth. It’s hard to imagine a hoaxer in the Middle Ages coming in contact with this type of high quality cloth

  11. Roberta , I am replying here to your question regarding God’s perception above because I think we’re out of room for more comments there.

    In short my answer is, I don’t know. This was another of my beloved guide’s mystical riddles. It is worth pondering. She is going to have more to say on this, I am sure!

    1. Dear Mike, I do understand! We people in bodies tend to have on-off switches – something is entirely yes or entirely no – but it seems more and more that in the world of people not now in bodies, there is far more nuance about a great many things!

  12. Dear Roberta,

    I too believe the holy shroud is authentic and that the carbon dating, although done correctly, is from a rewoven corner of the cloth. When so many lines of evidence cannot be reconciled with the idea that the cloth is faked the carbon dating must be held suspect. So Vive Le Shroud!
    If it is a forgery it’s the most magnificent and mysterious forgery ever performed.

    But what interests me is Jesus saying the kingdom is not coming with signs to be observed. Yet it is a sub industry within the fundamentalist Christian world to spill ink reporting on The latest signs of the second coming. I don’t mean to fault these people I got caught up in that at one time, but it never sat well with me. It is a very unfortunate misdirection to look for outward signs rather than to seek God within. God bless them and pray they begin to read the master’s words.


    1. Dear Harlan, I completely agree with you that ignorance about what Jesus actually said and about the history of many of Christianity’s dogmas is rampant in some of the most supposedly devout modern Christian denominations. I also am appalled to see some modern Christians eagerly seeking the red heifer and other of what the Book of Revelation seems to have said were going to be signs… even though according to very reliable sources not now in bodies, that last book of the Bible is just one of a class of revenge literature that was in circulation during a time of great persecution, and its events never are going to happen since if they did, they would negate the genuine teachings of Jesus. We do live in astonishing times, when it is becoming ever more abundantly evident that Jesus is genuinely God on earth, even greater than modern Christians can imagine Him to be. But the religion itself? Well, not so much.

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