His Turn at Last!

Posted by Roberta Grimes • June 11, 2022 • 40 Comments

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens.
          – from The Christian Bible’s Old Testament (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

For most of my life I was one of the most ardent Christians you know. I have read the Bible from cover to cover more than a dozen times. I majored in Christian history in college. I grew up expecting to become a minister, but I married a Catholic so I became a Lector. The first time it occurred to me that the religion has little to do with Jesus, I fully expected a lightning bolt to come right through the ceiling. And I have survived a few nights when I have gone to bed having fervently prayed – on my knees, no less! – for God to take me in my sleep if some manuscript of mine was not supposed to be published. This being a heretic is a hard row to hoe!

But I never wanted to be a heretic. I simply wanted to live the truth. And my experiences of light at the age of eight, and then again at the age of twenty, have made me know that there really is a definitive truth to be pursued. But of course, I know a lot more now. I have always felt devoted to Jesus, but of course everyone is devoted to Jesus. Every time I would read the whole Bible, before I started in over again, I would re-read the New Testament, and then I would read just the Gospels one more time before I started over with Genesis. I never knew who my spirit guide was until February of 2015, and for a long time I associated him with the Founding Father, without yet knowing that Jefferson’s own interest in the Gospels had much deeper roots.

It is only now, in just the past two months, that I fully understand that my spirit guide has always led a double life. While he has been guiding me, and I must say that he has done a decent job of that, in a greater reality where there is no time or distance, he also has often been nipping off to spend some non-time with his eternal Brother. Clearly, it is a relief to him now to bring the disparate parts of his life together. But for me, this spring feels in equal parts exciting and extremely peculiar. I am relieved to at last have Seek Reality Online almost ready to roll! We have been talking about doing this website for going on five years now, so to have it about to go live feels amazing. After my fifty years spent researching death and the afterlife, this website feels like such a useful gift to the world!

And of course, all the Christian websites are full of Apocalyptic rumblings this spring. I won’t link to them. Instead, I’ll link to a couple of my own articles from a few years back, when we also  had this same sort of political angst in the air that inspired similar Apocalyptic anticipation. The fact is, of course, that Jesus is never going to come back in a cloud of righteous vengeance, for the simple reason that in a reality based in Consciousness, His doing that would lower the vibrations of all of reality so much that His vengeance would be counterproductive. It would lower the vibrations of all the world! Jesus never is going to return on a white horse and with a sword in His hand. But in fact, apparently He is indeed about to come back now, and in the way that you might expect Him to come back in the twenty-first century, come to think of it. He is about to launch His own website.

Of all the things that I ever had thought could happen in my life, casually chatting with Jesus while we fed His pet fish was probably the least likely thing I could imagine. And now, my Thomas being the low-key fellow that he is, the implications of that meeting that he arranged for us with Jesus are finally dawning on me. That was not just a casual visit. “Come and meet my kid brother from my Neolithic lifetime!” No. It was vintage, classic Thomas. This is how he does things. Welcome to my world!                                                                                                                                                                                    “Jesus has decided that He doesn’t want us just to talk about His teachings as part of the spiritual growth section of Seek Reality Online. He wants us to put them in another website.” Okay. Sure. Then, a few days later: “Jesus wants that website to be His own website.” Oh. Of course. Then, a few days after that: “Jesus has decided that He wants to tell His true story in His new website.” Omigod, really? I thought it was going to be only about His teachings. But, sure. Then: “Jesus wants you to tell His true story in your next blog post.” But we just did that! “No, the whole story.” Oh. Okay. So, that was just last week. It brings us to today. And it is dawning on me now where this seems to be heading. A few weeks ago, one of our commenters asked a question, and Thomas said, sounding oddly giddy, “Jesus wants to answer it. Ask Jesus.” I said, “But I know the answer!” Thomas said, “Go ahead. Ask Him.” So I asked Jesus the question in my mind. “Jesus, is there a hell?” And I heard His distinctive voice say clearly in my mind, “There is no hell. There is only love and light.” Which freaked me out! Now I worry that they might be planning some sort of Mikey-and-Carol question-and-answer thing at Jesus’s new website. With me as Carol. And nobody ever would believe in that!

But with Thomas, nothing ever is random. And I always am the last to know.

The plain fact is that the religion is hollow. And it always has been hollow. It is an abundance of show on the outside. Lots of costumes and buildings, dogmas and fears enough to keep whole nations toeing the line for most of the past two thousand years! I recall as a child how the Catholic children had to fuss and worry about whether or not today was “a Holy Day of Obligation.” Those strictures have lessened, but still I look at the Vatican, which pulls in millions of dollars each year from parishes both rich and poor, and I think of how many children in the world are starving right this minute. Protestants are little better, with some online clergy living like pashas. And both sides have sex scandals galore! And yet, what are they producing? I have been a Protestant and then a Catholic and then a Protestant over again, and I used to travel a lot on business so I have attended services in many different Christian churches over the years. I can personally attest that there are no more cliquish, judgmental people on earth than Christians in their various denominations.

And essentially, they all teach more or less the same awful set of made-up dogmas:

  • God can’t forgive us for Adam’s sin in eating that forbidden apple, so we are “fallen.”
  • So then God had to send His own pure Son, miraculously sired by God Himself of a virgin human being, to die as a pure sacrifice to God Himself.
  • Due to the acceptable sacrifice of God’s own Son to God the Father, a supposedly loving God is willing to forgive us for Adam’s having eaten that apple.
  • There are other equally creepy refinements, such as the transubstantiation of bread and wine into the physical flesh and blood of Jesus for Catholics’ obligatory weekly consumption.

And throughout, spending eternity in a fiery hell remains a constant threat! If we die without receiving last rites in the Catholic church, or if we die in certain Protestant denominations without having been originally created by God as part of God’s limited Elect, or without having been “Saved” in one magical way or another, then burning alive and aware in eternal fire is our certain destiny.

Where are the teachings of Jesus in any of this? The ugly dogmas listed above all came from the fear-based Roman religion that was established three centuries after the death of Jesus. None of it is based in anything that Jesus ever said! And while in both Catholic and Protestant services someone will read from the Gospel words of Jesus, in all the various flavors of Christianity the actual teachings of Jesus are considered to be too difficult for most people to follow consistently, so they are treated as only aspirational. Nice ideas, but not to be enforced too seriously lest they thin the ranks of the faithful in the pews. The reason that Jesus gives to us for devoutly following His teachings – the eventual advent of the kingdom of God on earth – is generally taken to mean no more than just the spread of the Roman religion itself. So, do you see what I mean? Roman Christianity is, and it always has been, just as hollow on the inside as a gourd.

But the Jesus of the Gospels is a living Being! And back before the hollow religion that bears the name of Jesus, there was a genuine movement built on the actual teachings of Jesus that grew to be millions strong. That movement was so spiritually joyous that, as my Thomas insists to me now, it could inspire people who were nailed to crosses and devoid of breath to sing for two days before they died. Now, that was some deeply spiritual movement!

But then the Romans destroyed The Way of Jesus. After which they gave Jesus seventeen hundred years of deeply personal pain beyond anything that you and I can imagine.

First, Jesus welcomed home and Himself healed the followers of His Way that the Romans had tortured and murdered in their millions. And then Jesus welcomed, comforted, and healed all the victims of the Crusades, on both sides. And the victims of the Spanish Inquisition. And after that, it has been long centuries of the victims of Christianity itself, both Catholics and Protestants, who have died in terror of burning in hell even as late as the end of the twentieth century, each of whom has been stunned to arrive in the beautiful afterlife, alive and whole and into the waiting arms of Jesus. My Thomas tells me that it really is only now that the last of the victims of fear-based Christianity are no longer arriving home needing Jesus’s restorative care upon their arrival. So it is only now that He can plan His genuine Second Coming, when He will begin again freshly to teach His Way to the world through His own website.

So for the past seventeen hundred earth-years, in a reality that is based in Consciousness and where love is all that matters, Jesus has lavished so much love on so many billions upon billions of victims of the religion that bears His name that now Thomas tells me that the extent of the Lord’s temporal power is beyond all human calculation. So, at least there is that!

Oh my dear friends, even after a lifetime of study, and even after this amazing spring, I still feel as if I know so little, and now I understand even less.
I am sorry to say this, but I truly cannot understand how the Jesus with whom I fed fish that night, as powerful as He is and as good as He is, has not mounted that white horse in sheer exasperation a very long time ago! No, but one thing that I do know is this. After all the personal pain that the religion that bears His name has cost Him, if my Lord and Master Jesus the risen Christ asks me to do any least thing for Him now, then I will do it for Him. And with the greatest joy!


    a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,  a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to
refrain from embracing,
a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.
from The Christian Bible’s Old Testament (Ecclesiastes 3:2-8)

Roberta Grimes
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40 thoughts on “His Turn at Last!

  1. A brilliantly clear summary of nonsensical dogma:
    ” God can’t forgive us for Adam’s sin in eating that forbidden apple, so we are “fallen.”
    So then God had to send His own pure Son, miraculously sired by God Himself of a virgin human being, to die as a pure sacrifice to God Himself.
    Due to the acceptable sacrifice of God’s own Son to God the Father, a supposedly loving God is willing to forgive us for Adam’s having eaten that apple.
    There are other equally creepy refinements, such as the transubstantiation of bread and wine into the physical flesh and blood of Jesus for Catholics’ obligatory weekly consumption. ”

    I have often wondered why God does not talk to me in any recognzable material, physical form. Perhaps an explanation goes as follows.
    While existing in Heaven, our counsciousness, as an individual spirit, is directly aware of God, and exists in His love, free of any stress; being free of stress, there is no opportunity to develop spiritually from lack of any stress; for example, there is no occasion to develop courage, and no need to pursue truthfulness with all knowledge available to all. So God created the material world in which time rumns, the body decays, and the stress of living provides rich opportunioties for spiritual development.

    Now, God has gifted our material life with a conscience; in addition, during stress and prayer, an unheard voice counsels us, if subtly so. But why is it that a fraction of those who live, such as Roberta, have direct access to God’s realm and his spirit beings? Well there is a very tricky balance between being born with a memory block of our eternal spiritual existence necessary to realize the stress required by a material life, and being remionded that life, while important for spiritual devlopment, is only a short trip away fom our Heavenly existence. The conditions of life may become so wretched, that God provides hints of what is real, and what is temporary travail, so that we do not give up on life.

    Afterall, God could directly tell each of us when we are hurting that life is a temporary excursion, and we just need to make the best use of it without despairing. The problem obviously would be that the motivation for living the hard material life necessary for spiritual dvelopment would be lost if we learned for sure that hard living was only a temporary experience.

    Thus, in place of direct knowledge of Heaven which had intentionally been blocked from our personal memory at birth, we are variously instructed to rely on faith in an unknown God, and that reliance is strengthed by select spiritual “ministers.”

    1. Dear Jack,
      And yet, in reading your inspired words-not just today, but also in other posts-its obvious you DO have a connection.
      I recall Roberta mentioning a few weeks ago that we all have guidance and CAN strengthen it by simply desiring it in faith and trust, and acting on it.
      I do like your explanation of “why” this earth experience is set up. The memory block or veil is so beautifully explained too. I’m trying to remember where I recently heard this, but someone explained that some have heavier blocks because of their already existing knowledge and creativity; that if they had no blocks, they might jump too far ahead and could throw a designed plan off course. For a long time, I believed (this goes back to the 80’s when new spiritual focus was just branching out) many of us are in that “holding pattern” until a specific time, because the plan to awaken is intended to be gentle, loving and peaceful (but powerful!) any of those in holding patterns who burst out ahead could disrupt the plan. And I think it’s been pointed out by Thomas, Roberta, and many others, that it’s happened in the past.
      Hahaha, I’m thinking now of myself getting frustrated with the “benign” “trivial” responses from Guides -“stay the course”, “all is well”, “you are doing well”. I was wanting breakthroughs! A friend who taught me to channel my spiritual connection properly, told me more than once the Guides called me a runaway freight train! Yikes! Ensuing years have taught me to slow down and be a part of the plan.
      I wonder if you’re in a holding pattern like me, yet you can always connect when you want and need to.
      You always have insightful responses here. Thank you!

      1. My dear Fran, the veil really is thinning now. The time for holding back and waiting is very soon at an end. You’ll see!

          1. My dear Ali, I’m not sure what you are responding to, but in general the world is waiting for a breakthrough. In a sense, Craig and I are attempting to provide that breakthrough in the form of information with Seek Reality Online, which will go live at the end of the month. Craig told me this morning that it has recently been estimated that 90% of the world is ignorant of what happens after death. And if that is true, then the clouds are about to break at last!

      1. Oh my dear Lola, that is what the Roman Church wants us to think, and what a neat summation!

    2. Oh my dear Jack, my connection – as you call it – comes through Thomas, and goes back to the period right after the death of Jesus. Thomas has shown me that he was the chieftain of a village, and I was a teenage boy. Our village were all followers of the Way, and when the Romans raided the village, we died together; it was the first of seventeen lifetimes that he and I shared, during which we developed a fairly strong connection. He was helping Jesus in various ways during all those lifetimes, but I don’t think I ever knew that; for example, in one of our shared lifetimes, he was a rebel and I was a monk in a monastery that sheltered him. But we have a longstanding close relationship of mutual trust, which is why he now relies on me to work with Jesus as he does, apparently. Although it does flabbergast me too!

  2. As a former practicing Catholic, I enjoy reading Roberta’s straight talk about the dogmas that were stuffed down my throat my entire life. I never questioned them until I started my spiritual journey which is enormously fulfilling compared to my religious upbringing.
    Thank you Roberta for sharing your wisdom and insight! You are one of “the few” gifted individuals and I’m grateful you are walking this earth during my present lifetime!
    Looking Soooooo forward to SEEK REALITY ONLINE!

    1. Oh my dear sweet Susan, I will try my best to satisfy your craving to know what is true! This is an exciting time for me as well. And it is so much fun!!

  3. Dear Roberta,
    As I’ve been reading your blog, I too have been contemplating the tremendous love and compassion of Jesus over the centuries. It boggles my mind that He persists when we, as mankind, act as dumb as doorknobs. When I was visited in 2010, He was so bright and and engaging. There was only one point in which He seemed “off”, and that was when He pensively sighed, “So many not living to potential.” And it shocked me so, that I was quick to soothe Him and insist that things WOULD change and hope was valid. I had no idea where the words came from, but He brightened up again and smiled, “Do you really think so?” It occurs to me this morning, that HE didn’t need that “belief” and hope-*I* did! To me, this is how we are “helping” in His Great Rescue Mission”, as Brian Longhurst names it. We need to meet Him, stretch ourselves a bit to Higher thinking and being. To wait for Him to come on a steed and fix everything is complacent. We were not created to be complacent. That reaching requires letting go of old wrong thinking and beliefs that separate us rather than unite.
    Like you, I had an epiphany while in church one day, realizing the pomp and circumstance, was all show, and that what I was partaking in was actually based on ancient religious ceremonies. I recall feeling shocked but also empty as the service was empty, just as your gourd analogy. There are so many people coming forward with their breakthroughs-whether NDEs, or visitations, inspirations, on YouTube or websites. It’s like a tidal wave, or as John Smallman says, “Tsunami of Love.”
    Thank you for stretching to your potential! It inspires us. Thank you to all of us reading and learning-each of us! The willingness to take steps out of the old boundaries is part of the Tsunami! It can be hard, but I have found that putting focus on Jesus, on Love, instead of angst over “offending” your church, your family and friends, will be a balm.
    Can you feel the tremors of change? The excitement? Just…wow! Lol!

    1. Oh my dear Fran, YES! Just to be in the presence of Jesus is such sweetness! And that is such an odd combination, such unbelievable power and yet such sweetness. Absolutely smooth and sweet. And what a lesson in forgiveness, when you think of it! But Thomas says that Jesus bears the religion no ill will at all. He is simply eager now to be on about the work of bringing the kingdom of God on earth. Amazing.

  4. Two years ago, finding myself so disgusted with the Catholic Church, I just started searching for something. I didn’t know what I was searching for, answers, questions…something or someone who felt the same as I did. And began my journey of an awakening which lead me to Roberta. I was so afraid to have these feelings of non belief, like God would be so disappointed in me for feeling this way but Roberta has diminished my fears, and made me feel so very lucky to know her words. I may not be as blessed to have conversations with the almighty but I’m grateful that Roberta shares hers. 🥰

    1. Oh my dear, you cannot possibly disappoint God! It is impossible for you to have any understanding of how much you are loved just for yourself! You can be certain not only that God is real, and that Jesus is real, but that you are very precious, my dear. Truly!

  5. Jesus’s whole, true story! I have learned so much from you, now this! I anticipate it with my entire being! Thank you, with all my heart!

    1. Oh my dear Susan, I feel so inadequate to do that web site for Jesus! But of course when I said that, Thomas said, “You won’t be doing it. We’ll be doing it.” Oh, of course! I keep forgetting that. None of what I have done has really been my doing, I just get to claim the credit for it. So my dear Susan, if Jesus’s web site makes you happy, please be sure to thank Him and Thomas for it!

  6. While helping a daughter move, I volunteered to unpack her books and place them on her book shelf. I noticed a book, which would have caused me great concern and fear for her soul had I seen it 10 years ago: “Why I am an Atheist.” But since my spiritual awakening, five years ago, my only comment was, “I don’t believe in the God created by man either.” I’m pleased that she’s questioning everything, as it is the undoing that we can free ourselves from the years of untrue belief systems forced upon us.
    Thank you for your blog, Roberta.

    1. Oh my dear Kitty, you have made me smile! And you probably made your daughter smile inside and brought yourself a bit closer to her as well. I remember watching Jesus patiently lifting that man to his feet who was trying to kneel before Him. Even Jesus doesn’t want our worship! When He transformed our view of the Godhead from something to be feared to “Daddy” – something to be loved – He transformed our relationship with all of reality.

  7. Hi Roberta, did Jesus say we are to pray? Did Jesus say we are to worship him and God? Thank you for your response.

    1. Dear Jackie, I never asked Him that question, but when I saw your comment, Thomas said just one word. He said: “Equal.” And as I said to Kitty just above, I watched Him welcoming home a group of Christians, and when the first man in line tried to kneel, Jesus patiently lifted him to his feet before He laid His hands on the man’s head and blessed him. Jesus doesn’t want our worship! He wants us to treat Him as a friend, and the fact that I find that to be impossible seems to frustrate Him. I am so in awe of Him! He gives off a radiance, even when He tries to tone it down. You can’t just treat Him like a regular guy, but that is clearly what He wants.

      As for prayer, He taught us the perfect prayer so that is the only prayer that I ever pray and I pray it several times a day, when I think of it. I then add to it, “Thank You for giving me work to do. Thank You for showing me how to do it.” Those were the words with which I gave the rest of my life to God in 2009, so each time I say them I am renewing the gift. And that’s it! I don’t need to ask for anything else, and at this point my whole life is this work.

  8. Agreement produces social harmony, which is good in itself. Truth, however overrides well intended efforts at social harmony.

    Last night I had the misfortune to watch a true story about Auschwitz, and it reminded of the horrors in this material world which did not end with the end of the Nazi and Imperial Japan. We subsequently had the killing fields of Cambodia, and then the Rwandan genocide. Currently, we have the Russian military massacres in the Ukraine and ongoing Chinese oppression (really to gentle of a term) of its minorities. Iran and N Korea are well on their way to produce nuclear bombs and missile delivery systems (really unnecessary for their purposes as dirty bombs could be stealthily floated by our major populations in coastal cities). Children continue to suffer neglect, starvation, and medical shortages worldwide. Crime in the USA is ramping higher as a direct function of official government woke policies. Animals effectively lack rights and are mistreated, with species going extinct from human plunder. This is a hard, hard world.

    Death in this world is ultimately a kindness as we return to Heaven. We are obligated to make the best use of life, just a Jesus has guided, but the material world is effectively Hell. The fix for hellish living is not in making any dramatic improvements here, for Heaven provides the perfect solution to the difficulties, the horrors, and injustices of this material world.

    1. Dear Jack,

      Your mention of Auschwitz reminded me of a vignette from Richard Martini’s video “Flipside: A Journey into the Afterlife” which is about Michael Newton’s movement from being a hypnotherapist to a Life Between Life practitioner. The particular vignette was about a woman who was herded into a gas chamber and her last moments were alive there. I found it poignant that she and many others were taking deep breaths in order to die sooner, and then reach the other side. She said she talked to some of the German Guards who were involved in the herding and gassing and found that they were hurting even more than the prisoners because they knew what they were doing was terrible.

      1. And dear David, it is said now that those in worst torment in the outer darkness are concentration camp guards, some of whom have arranged horrendous tortures for themselves, and ways to imprison themselves so they can’t be rescued. And they are surrounded by their victims, trying to rescue them nevertheless.

          1. Yes, my dear Fran, I can see why it makes you sad that apparently Hitler escaped the outer darkness but a lot of those who carried out his orders did not. But still, their victims have forgiven them, and they are trying to rescue them now – and I like thinking of that.

        1. Upon reflection, my comment appears pessimistic, but that is not my disposition. I accept that the material world is working with its challenges and hardships exactly as designed. It is as it has been, and will be accodring to design. My only real pessimism is concern that when I get to the the other side, I will get bored with bliss, and then be dumb enough to volunteer to come back for more.

    2. Oh my dear Jack, when Thomas saw your comment he wanted to answer you right away, but I had a business call to make. I think he has a lot of compassion for you, especially. He wants you to know that Jesus will soon bring this awful time to an end. This is the worst of it, now – this awful negativity – as they finish laying down this period into which people in the future can choose to incarnate in order to experience extreme negativity that they can push against in order to grow spiritually at a rapid rate. Oh my dear, I really hope he is right!

    1. My dear Maggie, of course I have no way to arrange such a thing! We will have question-and-answer sessions with Craig Hogan and with me each week about death and the afterlife on SRO. But as was said above, our original plan to have a section there on the teachings of Jesus has now turned into a separate website that Jesus has reportedly decided only a few days ago to appropriate for Himself. And I understand from Thomas now that there may be some sort of question-and-answer aspect to that website apparently. Maybe. You read it here first!

  9. Hi Roberta. You mentioned how the Roman church began twisting the teachings of Jesus a few hundred years after his ministry, with the first council of Nicea, for their own purposes. I just did a quick search on ecumenical councils, and it appears there were another twenty after that, adding more and more complexity, fear, and guilt! The Eastern Orthodox had many of their own. This doesn’t include all the encyclicals written by supposedly infallible popes, etc, etc. As Christianity seems to be slowly sinking under the weight of all this, I can see why Jesus may have finally decided it is “His Turn At Last” to set the record straight, and get us back to the stuff that counts – His actual spiritual teachings. All that has been happening to you lately must be a lot to take on board. God bless you for stepping up and taking this on!

    1. Oh my dear, I wish I could say that I was taking it on, but it seems to be more something that simply is happening to me, and as it is meant to be. Thomas is a very skillful manager! And yes, as you point out, there have been many ecumenical councils, right through Pope John’s in the late 20th century; but it was really the nine that occurred in the first millennium that shaped Roman Christianity for the most part, and that did the most damage

      I have done a lot of thinking about this in recent weeks, as you can imagine! And asked a lot of questions. All Thomas will ever say is yes or no, but he will answer me honestly, and I am beginning to understand that all of this was planned. I don’t remember, but in fact there is a plan unfolding now for all the world, and we can be at peace with it. The part that Craig and I are playing, the part that each of us is playing, and even the way that Jesus is now about to resume His teaching of the Way: all of it is as it has for so long been planned!!

  10. “There is no hell. There is only love and light.” Lord Jesus. (above)

    Dearest Roberta and all,
    Earlier this year I had a short, clear dream quite early in the morning, somewhere in the nameless hours before dawn. It was simple enough, but it left me with a feeling of definite ‘purpose’ and a strong sense of keen anticipation; being as I was, uplifted at core.

    I was in a high-vaulted room replete with people sitting. There were men, women, and children; elders, middle aged and the young nestled quietly side by side. They were sitting on generous cushions in a rather large circle, waiting. Each person had brought a light and set in in front of where they were seated. And these were kindled lights of many different types and sizes. I had the sense of souls of many nationalities, having before them traditional lights from many countries. I remember church candles, tall Indian oil lamps, Thai cup lights, even Jewish menorahs and ornamental Persian lamps. There were also some hand held glass and metal lanterns set down.

    The deep quiet of the blurred time before dawn pervaded everything. The large room was lit solely by the dancing flames of these oddly assorted candles, lights and lanterns. And they formed together a warm, glowing, clean space in the middle. And then, amid the deep hush, a single message came through from somewhere.

    ‘Make ready, the Lord is coming,’ it said.

    Okay, this is His coming. The Way of Jesus is being resurrected before our eyes. Let’s make ready to receive the Prince of Peace.
    Each of us in our own way, with our own distinct Light within. 🌄🌅🕯🪔❣️

    1. Oh my, Efrem! Wow! What an amazing vision! I wonder if that is how it really will feel? It thrills me to my soul that so very soon now, we are going to know!

  11. Dear friends, I routinely split-sleep, and just before I woke from my second sleep this morning I had what I think was probably a vision of Jesus in one of the children’s villages. He looked the way He chooses to look now, late twenties, short curly dark-brown hair, hazel eyes and olive skin, and he had a big, beatific grin on His face because He was sitting on a low stool while maybe a dozen toddlers swarmed all over Him. Thomas was there with me. He said, “Tell them about THAT!” He was making me know by mind that many of those children were the victims of abortions. Others had been deeply loved but had been born with defects that were incompatible with earth-life, or they had been miscarried. All, of course, are growing up here, and all are equally, perfectly loved. Personally, I don’t know how Jesus tones down His personal energy enough for the babies not to be put off by it, but they all were loving being so close to Him!

  12. Hi Roberta,
    What are your thoughts on how the book, “A Course in Miracles” is related to what Jesus is doing now? I have been reading it sporadically, but, in you opinion, will it properly prepare me for what’s next? Thanks!

    1. My dear Gee, we are told that Jesus Himself headed the group that gave us A Course in Miracles in the 1960s as an advanced version of His Gospel teachings, thinking that perhaps we were ignoring the Gospels because they were too simple. But alas, ACIM soared right over our heads! So then He decided to restate the Gospels, and He did that as Liberating Jesus. And I can personally attest that LJ is a channeled work, because I had Jesus in my head for two weeks, which was a flat-out amazing experience. ACIM is the Gospels at a college level, and to make the most of it you really should do it with a good study group; most Unity Churches have them.

      As to whether that will better prepare you for what is coming next, I really don’t know because I don’t know what is coming next, although I think it probably will!

  13. Dear Roberta, Hi everyone. A few days ago marks two years since I found this blog. This came at the most spiritually doubtful time for me of this lifetime. That was truly a this-life changing event; for which I am immensely grateful. Again Roberta; thank you for giving your life to God those years ago and all you continue to do.

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Ray, what a wonderful comment to read toward the end of a long day, while we are going through SRO yet again and trying to fix a lot of little things, and trying to decide whether we really can go public with it in just one more week, even though there still will be a few more little things that are not quite right. Craig is eager to do Google Analytics on it! And I am just frankly eager to get going with it. I’m sure we will be tweaking it for months and months. It has become like a toy at this point! You just want to keep playing with it. But my dear friend, just to read how this little website has made a difference in your precious life makes me eager to get going with SRO!! Thank you so much, my dear one! Now, let’s all get to it!!

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