Fishers of People

Posted by Roberta Grimes • November 05, 2022 • 29 Comments
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The road is long, with many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where, who knows when.
But I’m strong, strong enough to carry him.
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.
… So on we go. His welfare is of my concern.
No burden is he to bear. We’ll get there.
… For I know he would not encumber me.
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.
Bob Russell & Bobby Scott, from “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” (1969)

Ever since my Thomas took me to meet Jesus last April on the third level of the astral plane, I have been thinking about the profound symbolism of all those neon-colored fish. As Jesus told me His personal story, He sat with Thomas and me side by side on a riverbank while deer grazed behind us, and we fed His fish with grain that just appeared in our hands. More symbolism. And why should anyone care that Jesus has chosen to live so simply now? Why should it be important that Jesus even has a backstory? Why isn’t it enough for us to just start a website to teach the Lord’s Gospel words to people who want to begin a closer walk with Him? To be frank with you, I got to the point by early May of trying to pretend it hadn’t even happened. It had all been just a dream, right? And Jesus now doesn’t want to look like church-Jesus? Come on! He has been hanging with my spirit guide for six thousand years? Everyone else sees Jesus as God Incarnate with a halo around His head, while in our little world He’s just a part of the family?

But my Thomas is such a practical man. I was going through what felt like stages of grief, and he handled it so matter of factly. When I was in the “Why me?” stage, he said patiently, repeatedly, “Why not you?” When I was in the “It was just a dream” stage, he would bring moments from that amazing night to my mind again, and in such detail that I knew freshly that of course it had not been a dream. Then when I stopped denying it sometime in July, and I finally began to try to make sense of what seems to be unfolding in my life, he was patient with me about that as well. He has lived this truth for six thousand years, and although incarnational amnesia blocks it for me temporarily, I have come to accept on an intellectual level that I have lived it with him and with Jesus for a third of that time. Thomas should long since have become a perfected being himself, but he has chosen instead to stay with Jesus. And he tells me that I have made a similar choice, although of course I have no memory of that while I am in a body.

What is most interesting is what I now understand is true about Jesus. When He ascended after His resurrection, He chose not to join the Godhead Collective or to go even higher, but rather He wanted to remain on the entrance level of the astral plane. The standard route for all of humankind is to endlessly elevate our spiritual vibrations through repeated incarnations. And as we do that, we rise gradually higher, and we add our energies to the various collectives, melding more and more, until eventually we achieve the perfection of level seven, at which point we can merge with the Godhead Collective. Or else we might choose to elevate ourselves even above the Godhead level, as Jesus easily could do, since He is vibrating even higher than the Godhead Collective. But these choices are irrevocable. Once you merge with the Godhead Collective or you elevate beyond it, there can be no coming back. And Jesus loves people! He loves people so much that He vowed long ago that He was going to stay with us and teach us until every last one of us is elevated. And His vow is beyond just an oath at this point. It has become His central joy. It is the core of who He is.

I am writing about Jesus intimately, so I should add that I write at His request. Jesus has come to see after He and Thomas and some few others of His circle have done a lot of talking about this that while a figure named “Jesus” has achieved ultimate fame on earth, that figure was shaped by Roman Christianity and is just a kind of magical Creature at this point, altogether disassociated from what Jesus taught. And knowing that bothers Jesus very much. So at His further request, we will be telling Jesus’s personal story in The Fun of Loving Jesus and on And the book is about to go to press. The website will be up by March.

You would think that it would be a simple matter for Jesus to maintain His humanity, but it is not. The fact is that all of us are aspects of Consciousness. So all of us are aspects of God exploring the human experience, and our natural cycle is to rise ever higher. Which means that for Jesus to remain in any way human when He is at the same time even above the Godhead Collective level in spiritual development is an experiment with Consciousness that needs constant maintenance. And that is in large part what His close relationship with Thomas seems at this point to be about. My Thomas calls his role for Jesus “balance.” He spends so much time talking with Jesus, teasing Him, even mocking Him sometimes, playing with Him, just whatever it might take to help Jesus maintain His solid human grounding. It shocked me at first to see how disrespectful Thomas could be to Jesus, but that is what the Lord wants from him. He gets nothing but worship otherwise. And worship is the very last thing He wants! But at least his pet fish and his deer don’t worship Him. The aborted children see Him as just some version of a doting Uncle, and even the Lord’s elevated energy seems to be only normal to all those gleeful toddlers, who giggle and play as they climb all over Him. Even the older children gladly crowd around what is almost the only father figure they have. Jesus is doing all that He can as God to maintain Himself as also human.

So His brother relationship with Thomas seems to feel very important to Jesus. My Thomas was Jesus’s elder brother in their earth-lifetimes that ended in a war almost six thousand years ago, but still their relationship is so tight that when you see them together their bond is clear. When Jesus first set out to call His disciples at the start of His public ministry on earth, He even called pairs of brothers.

“Now as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon, who was called Peter, and his brother Andrew, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And He said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of people.’ Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.  Going on from there He saw two other brothers, James the son of Zebedee, and his brother John, in the boat with their father Zebedee, mending their nets; and He called them. Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed Him.” (MT 4:18-22) So Jesus first called pairs of brothers. And John, the brother of James, was actually Jesus’s younger brother from the same earth-lifetime that they both had shared with Thomas, while Thomas would soon also join Him in His lifetime as Jesus to be His private witness, going out often among the people and reporting back to Jesus what the people were saying about Him. I can only imagine that Jesus expected that the bonds among all those brothers would further strengthen the bonds within His band of disciples.

And what really astonishes me is my Thomas’s decision to devote his eternity to Jesus. He won’t much talk about it with me, but it is clear that from the moment that Jesus first attained the seventh afterlife level some six thousand earth-years ago, this eternal being who is now my guide – but only so we can work together on their project of re-starting the spreading of the Lord’s Gospel teachings on earth – has given himself over to serving Jesus forevermore. Even his one little foray into fame – his Thomas Jefferson lifetime – was to him mostly about creating a country where Jesus’s teachings could finally prosper. My Thomas’s love for the Man that he still calls his Brother is beyond what I can ever fathom.

So our task now is to begin to spread these Gospel teachings! And I honestly don’t know how best to do that. To become fishers of people? I have no idea. You would think that it would be an easy task, with the name of Jesus already so famous on earth, but our problem is that Jesus is famous at this point mostly for dying for our sins and then rising from the dead, all of which is beside the point. All that Jesus ever has wanted, and all that He ever wants even now, is to be our Teacher. If Jesus came to save us from anything, it was from our ignorance of the certain truth that God is loving Spirit, we are eternally part of Spirit, and we enter these brief earth-lifetimes to raise our vibrations within Spirit. Jesus’s mission was hijacked by Roman Christianity, so then His mission took a seventeen-hundred-year detour. But it remains unchanged from what it was when Jesus first charged His disciples to spread His teachings, saying, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations …  teaching them to follow all that I commanded you; and behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (MT 28:18-20). As Jesus and Thomas have described their rejuvenated movement to me, it will be:

  • A movement, and not a religion. Crucially, therefore, Jesus’s new movement will be devoid of dogmas! There will be nothing that anyone is asked to believe beyond the Lord’s teachings themselves.
  • Based in the four canonical Gospels. People have asked me about the other Gospels, and I think that I have read all of them, but I don’t believe that they add anything crucial. And I have been given to understand that Jesus Himself oversaw the selection at First Nicaea in the year 325 of the four Gospels that made it into the Christian Bible, which should seal that deal for us.
  • Based in eradicating every fear. Fear is the opposite of love, and since spiritual growth requires that we raise our consciousness vibrations away from fear and toward love, Jesus’s website will be associated with, our website which teaches the truth about death and the afterlife, and which thereby helps people to eradicate the fear of death.
  • Jesus intends this movement to be considered to be a new kind of Christianity.  I have used many Christian hymns as frame-verses here, and with just a few words changed, even more hymns could be used. If we emphatically insist that the Lord’s movement is not a religion at all, but it is instead a living movement without dogmas and its only doctrine is Jesus’s Gospel teachings, then everyone is invited to join us and to learn from the Lord Himself what He taught.  

So we begin here. We will have The Fun of Loving Jesus for our handbook, as our source of the Lord’s words and our inspiration, and as a place to go for the eradication of all our fears. All three of these resources have been created at the Lord’s request. Jesus intends the modern-day dawning of the kingdom of God on earth to be a gradual process. His original movement had been growing for almost three hundred years and had millions of followers before the Romans under Constantine destroyed it and founded Roman Christianity in its ashes, so even though communications are rather better now than they were when Jesus sent His first followers to spread His teachings to the world, still our own role will be just to begin this work all over again, and Jesus will call others to carry it on after us. So now once again it begins! 

… If I’m laden at all, I’m laden with sadness
That everyone’s heart Isn’t filled with the gladness
Of love for one another.
… It’s a long, long road, From which there is no return.
While we’re on the way to there, Why not share?
… And the load Doesn’t weigh me down at all,
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.
Bob Russell & Bobby Scott, from “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” (1969)

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29 thoughts on “Fishers of People

  1. Dear Roberta,
    I can only surmise that The Circle of Friends may have picked up on some of us pushing back (in our minds) the many stories and insights you (and they) present in this blog, particularly about Jesus. I am sure I am not alone in “questioning” some of it once the exhilarating initial response passes. I see in your writing today, even you questioned it. And, ironically, this was on my mind this week.
    Sometimes, it’s good to “take the human” out of it, but other times, a bit too much as we have little understanding of the Spirit world. We can’t get too caught up in grasping and clinging to the “humanness” of Jesus, as He is teaching us to elevate and evolve (as if where exactly he was born and was it a barn, or whether he had siblings or not are important). And yet, His kindness is so deep, He gives some of those pieces, as He knows it brings comfort to some of us.
    Is it possible that some of us going through our own denial as you went through in May, helped to bring forth more information, perhaps information that would have been looked past because we were not ready? That we needed to sit with our “denial” a bit?
    Is it possible that my “denial” is really a breaking or cracking of the facade of Roman Christianity that I was raised in, and not any denial of the truth of Jesus? I feel that way this morning. As I reflect on moments that I resisted accepting or allowing some presentation (especially the irreverence of Thomas toward Jesus), I can see and feel the sharpness, the obstinance of egoic clinging to old beliefs. And there was a lot of back and forth in my mind, the side of these “new” revelations so gentle and loving that they brought a smile, and that sharpness on the other side. Gee, I wonder which is truth?
    I love that it is pointed out how He called in “brother sets” early on! It’s a head slapper with a laugh! And I love that you brought up one of His last “commands” in which He promises to be with us “till the end of time” (ha ha on the weekend that daylight savings ends), which we are taught is a tool, more or less, while we are wandering this illusion.
    As I sat back and reflected on today’s teaching, I marveled at the expansiveness, the encompassing love and encouragement to open our minds just that much more. Yes, He IS ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS, but HE CHOOSES US OVER HIS PERSONAL EVOLUTION=UNCONDITIONAL LOVE/ GOD LOVE. He is, in other words, completely one with the Father, and is expressing this Love He taught/revealed while He was here.
    I happened upon a documentary of the fire at Notre Dame last night. I recall the news at the time, the horror and shock. Yet, I also recall thinking, even briefly, that this could be a “sign” of sorts about the need to let go of old beliefs and traditions. I was not aware that the cathedral had actually gone through transformations, most notably it’s steeple, through the years. And each time, it was all about “bigger and better”, more ornate, more “pleasing to God” (or was it really about pleasing man?).
    I wondered, as I watched this and looked at the faces of shock-most with no tears or a very outward expression-and could also see a quiet almost acceptance of what was happening, because what could any of them do anyway?
    And so I am thinking about letting my “cathedral” of old beliefs and dogmas quietly burn and fall away, without seeking some new “stuff” to put into place, to hold onto.
    I keep seeing Thomas leaning down, hand outstretched to you; we are following you as He leads you gently and carefully up a winding staircase. But I also need to understand it is actually not you, Roberta, we are following, but Jesus, through His Circle, through people like you…and who knows, maybe others are following each of us? Maybe, like MLK whom you spoke of last week, we each have an “assignment” and are being called to let go of the fear and BE truth, live it-not just in word, but deed.
    Thank you for sharing the bumpy parts of your journey as well as the awesome cool parts.

    1. Oh my sweet Fran, I would be insane if I didn’t approach all of this with some level of skepticism! I was a big-time skeptic about the afterlife for a long time, and if everything hadn’t come together as precisely as it did I would be a skeptic to this day. When I visited the astral plane and met Jesus, it looked just as I would have expected it to look, based on my research, including the weird colors, which was pretty neat! But, my God, His story really was a bridge too far for me in the beginning. It’s just that, weirdly, I did recognize Him. Right away I knew who He was. Even though He didn’t look like church-Jesus until He transformed and started blessing those people. But Thomas reads and approves every one of these posts, and if I go too far with anything, he cuts it out.

      1. Dear Fran, following any personality, even Jesus, seems risky. Following teachings that resonate with us less so. Following the guidance we are given (as Roberta does) seems key to fulfilling our “assignment. (We most probably gave the assignment to ourselves).

        1. Dear Ray, I don’t think that the assignment always comes from ourselves, although we do need to consent to it. In my case, I know that I consented to what amounted to a bargain made with my spirit guide, who wanted to get some things accomplished on earth for Jesus. We are told that at this especially difficult time on earth, many people now at work here have life-plans that include efforts being made to improve things for others.

          1. Dear Roberta. I can think of no greater service to others than helping them overcome the fear of dying. Much gratitude to you and anyone involved in that compassionate work.

    1. Oh my darling Erica, that is just who He is! Not to me, of course. He still sees me as male, despite my temporarily looking female. But He hugs the children, and you feel insecure so He would definitely hug you!!

  2. Dear Roberta,

    I am very thankful that I was led to you and your blog. I am thankful that I was prepared by all my life experiences to so easily embrace the true history and message of Jesus.

    At age 67 and with some health issues, I was wondering what was left for me to do in this incarnation. I have felt so tired and heavy. But now, I have an inkling that my life mission will culminate with being dedicated to sharing the clear and revived message from Jesus on how to ascend and move on from these Earthly incarnations.

    I don’t know yet how I am to accomplish this, but I’ll wait for that to be revealed. Thank you for your part in this mission. I am sure that Jesus is very pleased and happy with you. I ask him, almost daily, to be my Friend, too.

    May the Creator bless us all. Your friend,

    David D.

    1. Oh my dear beautiful David, thank you so much for this! I hope that Jesus is happy with me – I try very hard to please Him, but in fact I am and always have been just Thomas’s protege. Not even a full-fledged member of Jesus’s circle, really. But I took this lifetime with a promise to work for Him, and I am trying to do that now, so let’s see where this goes!

  3. I am by nature a skeptic, and that had included skepticsm about what Roberta tells us. I have not myself had an NDE or OBE althoug have by now carefully read over 5 thousand reports with the vast majority appearing to be authentic and generally consistent with each other. Is there a spiritual world? My reading of the OBEs and personal experiences tell me there must be, as I will relate.

    When I was a small child, I did not remember the other side, but I do recall saying to myself,”Now I have to learn how this body works.” Carol Bowman’s research found that some 40% of children under the age of six remember coming from the other side, but start to lose their memory of that starting around age six and it’s gone in theteen years.

    One day I left for work late as I often did, but this day I had to drive on a wet back road in Northern VA. I approached a T and had to make a left turn on the road rising over a creek with the road narrowing into a two lane bridge. As I made my turn, the car skidded and was going to hit the side of the bridge and bounce the car across the middle of this narrow bridge. I thought that if a vehicle were coming from the other side up the hill to the bridge there could be a head on collision, and sure enough another car appeared so that a head on was in the works. However, as I was about to hit the bridge railing, my car felt as if it were grabbed, and straightened out, so there was no collision. The physics of the situation precluded my cars behavior. I have had several instances in which intuition said to do something I had not thought to do, I followed, and avoided accidents.

    My parrot had been with me and my wife for a litte over a year when we started moving into our new house on a Monday in Abuquerque. Shaky bird was on a shoulder when I stumbled near the open garage door, so he flew off, but instead of rerturning, he flew out, circled higher, and then flew across a culvert about 300 yards away landing on a roof. By the time I drove over, he was gone. We searched all week with no luck. There are Hawks that could have caught a tame bird. The area was desert dry without easy food and water. By Friday, if he had kept flying he could be hundreds of miles away if surviving. On Friday morning I had an idea to call the lost and found wanted setcion for the area’s newspapers, but dismissed that idea as dumb stupid, But, the idea kept coming back, so I looked up the lost and found for the biggest newspaper. The kind lady who took the call asked if I had seen the nightly news last night in which an exotic bird was displayed by an animal rescue office. I had not, so she got me their number and I called. Sounded like it could be Shaky, so we drove right over. A tv crew met us as we approached the front door. My wife Becky went over to get Shaky as I went to the front desk to pay a fee. When Becky released Shaky, he flew over to me, and started singing a happy song while also kissing me (he uses his tongue) all over my face. We put Shaky in his small carrying cage and proceded to the front door. Shaky, whom they told me had not made on sound all week, turned around to face the tv crew and rescue personnel and shouted, “Au Revoir.” Try telling me that was not a miracle. He is still with me 16 years later and quite smart and talkative.

    There was a house fire in which my Dad died trying to get my Mom out. A younger brother managed to do that busting thru a window. I was around 60 miles away from our house in Milford, Conn at grad school in Storrs, Conn. Mom was injured, and was in the hospital about two weeks when she forced me into admitting that she could not see Dad, because he died the first day. Two days later I was called, because they said her vitals were slipping, so I drove back from school. When I got there, she was calm. Out of the blue she told me I needed to think about getting married. Having become a workaholic as I was finishing up on my PhD, I was not even dating. She seemed to be looking into the ceiling when she said that, “the girl could even be …kinda Chinese.” Very strange coming from my New York City Jewish Mom. After a few more words, she then said that she was going as she again looked up at the ceiling, closed her eyes, and was gone. About seven years later I met my wife while she assisted me as a bank clerk in Monterey, Cal. I had long since forgotten what Mom had said. I was immediately smitten and we married after only two months dating. Becky was born in the Philipines and is Filipina, Chinese, and Spanish. I did not put two and two together until some thirty years later when I was doing my NDE research.

    After over 30 years marriage, with me continuing to be a boring workaholic and the kids having grown up, she divorced me in 2000. I saw it coming, so tried to prevent it by gambling on getting a contractor job to earn more money; I was at the time working in the Pentagon when I retired in Dec, 1998. The plane that flew into the Pentagon on 9/11 made a direct hit on my boss’s office while he ( LTG Tim Maude) was conducing his regular office meeting that I would have been attending. The next year, we got back together with no discussion– it just seemed to happen, and we continue now to be happy together.

    I have written and published more at over age eighty than in all of the preceding years. The topics come to me out of the blue, and often while writing the ideas flow as if I were the receiver instead of the author. I am convinced by my research and life events that we are eternal spiritual beings made by God from what God is.

    While I remain skeptical, I have repeatedly mentioned to Roberta that she knows physics better than most physicists. Everything she writes makes good sense, too. Indeed, what she writes about Thomas and Jesus is also self-consistent. Her version of what Jesus said and intended makes a whole lot more sense than Christianity. I eagerly read what Roberta tells us and learn.

    1. Dearest Jack,
      You have a life well lived, sir! I look forward to your contribution to the blog every Sunday. Thank you for your dogged determination in life-especially your investigations into OBE and NDE. Christ’s “hand print”is over all your life, that is for sure!

    2. Hi Jack,

      Great stories and thanks for sharing.

      I was drawn to Roberta’s forum/blog because of an experience when my grandfather died.

      I was overseas. At that time I was in India. While sleeping, my grandfather visited me and said he had to leave. I begged him to not leave and woke up with tears in my eyes. I instantly knew it was real. I had to wait for the time zone difference before I called home. When I did call, my family confirmed he had passed away around the same time he visited me.

      I did some research and it looked to be a common occurrence. Since that time, I haven’t had any doubts life exists after we leave this place.

      I do believe more people need experiences like you (and I) had in order to break them out of our day to day existence. We are like robots, programmed to carry out our schedules. We go to work, we come home, we do hobbies or watch tv, we shower and then go to bed only to repeat the same thing the next day.

      Up until something smacks us upside our heads to wake us up. 🙂

      I’m very interested in watching how Jesus’ new website gains traction. I do think we all have these experiences but most of the time just brush it off as a coincidence. Unfortunately, brushing them off leads to us not really looking for answers. That is, unless the experience is so profound it can’t be brushed off.

      Interesting times, indeed.

      1. Oh my dear Thomas, thank you for sharing your experience with your grandfather! That sort of visitation at the time of someone’s transition is a known phenomenon, and a wonderful one! The most famous example is when Thomas Jefferson appeared to John Adams on 7/4/1826 – they both died 50 years to the day after signing the Declaration of Independence. But it really is glorious. What a gift from your grandfather! Now you know for certain and without any doubt at all that you really will survive!!

    3. Jack, I confess I normally feel as though your writing is way above my pay grade, but all of your stories in this week’s blog touched me, especially the bird story, as I am a big fan of our feathered friends. More please.

      1. Although I took Shaky home from the pet store when he was about three months old, after he had been brought back by the first owner for insisting on biting the Mother of a family, and so he regards me as his closest friend, strangely he quickly learns words from Becky, not me. Becky had taught him au revoir. It also took about a year before he stopped biting her, but now they are also good buddies.

        When I had him for the first few months, my Son Garret visited our home. Shaky studied him intently for several minutes, then flew into his cage, came out and flew to Garret offering him one of his prized cashew nuts. A few years ago, Garret visited us with his boxer pup, Bosley. Shaky studied him for several minutes from his perch, and then decided to have fun. He made repeated swoops at Bosley’s head intimidating the pup. After about six years, He now greets Bosley as Wuf Wuf, and will call to him by name, and whistle for him to come over just as we folks do. He even flew over to Bosley once and then walked over to him and attempted to kiss his nose– Bosley would have none of that and bolted. Bosley is a boxer with a soft, sweet sole.

        We keep Shaky caged at night for safety, as he just loves to bite soft electical wires; he also likes to sneek off to chew the baseboards. When he wishes to call it quits and return to his cage, he says Night Night. When he wants to get out of his cage, he would say,”Jack, open the door.” When I’m too slow, he goes from yelling Jack louder and lowder until making a terrible scream. If I have not yet gotten him out, he then calls out in a sweet voice, “Becky Rose, open the door.”

        A while ago, I saw him sneaking off to bite a favorite place on the baseboards, so walked over to him and said, “No bite.” He crained his head to look at me and responded, “Pappa, go poop.” I was surprised hearing that, so asked, “What did you say?” He then responded, “Pappa, go walk walk.”

        Once I spilled some coffee in an overhead microwave, so I mounted a small ladder and started to clean up. Shaky, sitting about twenty feet away on his perch, looked over and called, “What are you doing there?” I said, “cleaning up.” Shaky flew over to a shoulder, looked into the cage, and then said, “Oh, poop poop.” Satisfied, he flew back.

        These are just a few of his many intelligent uses of language. He has been a great pal over the years, giving Becky and me joy as a family member.

        I do not regrad him as special for his gifts. Other birds have demonstrated intelligence, such as many other parrots and crows. I have learned from him that whereas we are taught in school that animals are basically dumb beasts, that is false. Cruelty to farm yard animals is a moral crime, as is hunting for sport. The ads on tv for donations to animal rescue are painful to watch. As a society, we need to do better to stop animal cruelty as much as we need to stop making war on each other.

        1. Oh my dear Jack, you and Shaky make all of us wish that we had a parrot! Birds like him are legendary for their intelligence, and your Shaky is an absolute delight.

          I empathize so much with your pain suffered over the way that human beings treat farm animals. It occurs to me that we are omnivores in part so we will need to deal with sentient creatures as food. One of my daughters long ago simply gave up eating meat altogether, and I have gradually gone in the same direction. Even eggs, now that I know the way they treat laying hens. I think that the older we get, the more thoughtful we become about the lives of other creatures….

    4. Oh my dear beautiful Jack, what a wonderful life-story! Of course your spirit guide has been busy directing things, and you certainly have been a handful! But isn’t it glorious to look back now and see the powerful workings of spirit in your life? It gives me chills. How absolutely glorious!

      And where my own life is concerned, of course my Thomas has been tutoring me since I was a child. He is the only physicist here. And he knows where Jesus wants to take His movement because he has it from the Source. But I have been a good student!

      1. Hi Jack and Thomas.
        I love the stories you‘ve shared
        Jack, my definition of miracle is something that defies the laws of physics. Your incident on the bridge sure fits the bill.
        I really love animals. (I so hope I can come to love humans near as much). We had a possum come to us that eventually let us pet her.
        Thomas, accounts of contact by loved ones on their way home are so inspiring. Thanks y’all for sharing.

  4. Oh my dear Ray and everyone, such wonderful personal stories! People don’t usually share them publicly, but so many people actually have experienced such things that it has been conjectured that by the time we reach midlife, more than half of us have experienced what can only be called some form of divine intervention in our lives. By the end of a normal lifespan, it approaches 100%. What we do with these events, of course, is up to us!

  5. I have to admit I was skeptic everything Roberta was writing pertaining to meeting Jesus and even starting his own website!!

    I didn’t want to believe it at first! I don’t understand why? I did post on her blogs trying to understand why Jesus would need to have his message started over again….

    Well, I am happy, I have held on and kept reading! I am enjoying what you are writing Roberta…I Pray I make the most spiritual growth in this life time!!!

    Thank you, for what you are doing! Oh, and it would be so cool to meet Jesus!!!!


    1. Well, my dear Litsa, I am sure that you will personally meet Jesus once you go home, but I want you to know that you have already made Him laugh. When I saw what you had written, I wanted to come and answer you right away, and for some reason Thomas and Jesus happened to read your question over my shoulder. They do that sometimes, and currently they seem to be more interested in what is going on here.

      I know why He laughed. He thought it was funny that anyone would be surprised that He would need to have His message started over again. I am serious, my dear. Jesus laughed out loud!

      But first, let me say what I came here to say. My dear Litsa, if you found all of this unbelievable, then believe me, I certainly did as well! I mean, THE Jesus? It took me months to come to grips with it all, and Thomas had to prove it to me repeatedly and in many different ways. In the end, I had to come to accept the fact that church-Jesus does not exist and never has existed, and instead what does exist is the genuine and altogether wonderful Being that I met in April. He is the only genuine Jesus.

      And Jesus’s name, but not His teachings, have been used and popularized by more than forty-two thousand versions of Christianity, to the point where He is now the most famous Man on earth. So He would now like more people to know what it is that He taught, which is why He has asked me, as a friend of His friend, Thomas, to create for Him a website called, and to read His teachings as they appear in the Christian Bible into videos, and to put those videos onto His personal website, and then to associate His website with our website which is called All in all, it is hardly a radical request!

      But when He did not at all come to die for our sins, and in fact His death has never made an afterlife difference for a single human being, you can see why His being famous only for that would be bothering Him now, can’t you?

  6. Wait, I made Jesus Laugh??? Reading this made me CRY in a GOOD WAY!!! I seriously can’t wait for the website to hear his TRUE teachings!!!

    And, yes, Roberta, I can totally understand NOW why Jesus would want his his own website!!! I hope and pray that many will join the site to finally learn what his true teachings were really about!

    Thank you for your answer as it really made my day!!!


    1. My dear Litsa, I was on the receiving end of His unexpected laugh one day, and it really freaked me out! So I’m glad that you took it in the right way, my dear – He was simply being lighthearted about His own situation. He understands now how ironic it is that He is so famous on earth, but for all the wrong things!

  7. Roberta,

    The way you describe Jesus…Well, this is the Jesus I want to follow as an example!!! I will be awaiting the website!!! In the meantime, I will follow your blogs!!!!


    1. Oh my dear Litsa, to know Jesus, it is impossible to believe that He has not been in a body on earth for two thousand years. He is so sweet, friendly, personable, and He focuses so completely on you. He loves you so much! It is difficult to explain. He isn’t a very big person, but His presence is enormous – His energy is so elevated – but it is soft, silken, no rough edges at all, as most men have rough edges (we recognize people in the astral plane by their personal energies). And Jesus smiles often. Laughs often. He is fundamentally happy, which is certainly not what Christianity leads you to expect!

  8. Roberta,

    I hope and pray the world gets to know the REAL Jesus and his message!!! I think this world would be a better place!!! I am not sure if this will happen in my life time! However, I believe what you are doing is a GREAT start!!!!

    1. My dear, in case others who are knowledgeable in this field might happen on this thread, we ought to say how very unusual this all is. Beings at the sixth level or higher in vibration are customarily beings of light, tall and thin and glowing, or else they present as balls of light. Mikey Morgan is a notable exception, but even he will sometimes present as a light-being. But Jesus is of a far higher vibration even than the seventh level, and yet He chooses to present the way that you and I would do, in a simple human astral body. Thomas won’t tell me if He ever shows Himself as a light-being, but I have never seen it. He seems to want only to look like an earth-being, despite His extremely elevated personal energy. Very, very unusual!

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