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The quality of mercy is not strained;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest;
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:
‘T is mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown:
His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
But mercy is above this sceptred sway;
It is enthronèd in the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute to God himself.
– William Shakespeare (1564-1616), from “The Merchant of Venice”

What has stuck in my mind for the past three months is watching Jesus bless a much taller man who had just died. Every detail of that moment was astounding to me. I have analyzed it from every angle, and learned from it, perhaps even more than Jesus intended for me to learn from it. In the end, I have concluded that the most saintly virtue of all – the one that really sets Jesus apart – is not love after all, but it is instead a titanic but still entirely natural, a deep and instinctive and all-encompassing kindness. 

It was kindness that made the Neolithic incarnation of my spirit guide’s younger brother which Jesus was long ago feel compelled to hunt for survivors of a massacre, and then find a way to save a woman and her children from the carnage all around them. Kindness that made that same Being feel unable to bear ascending to the Godhead unless He could find a way for everyone else in the world who ever would be born also more efficiently become perfected. So He took an unprecedented earth-lifetime from out of the Godhead in order to study us and figure out a way to make that same process happen more efficiently for us all. Et voila – in due course, we have the Jesus of today.

We flatter ourselves that such extraordinary kindness must be just a natural human trait. But sadly, it is not normal at all. In fact, the opposite is true. I am currently on a business trip, and a few days ago I missed a turn on an unfamiliar road. There were a few options that I might have taken to seek a way to turn around, so I hesitated. The driver behind me blared his horn. To make sure I fully understood his displeasure, he continued to blare it until after he had passed me, when he gave a final, separate blare. And on another day, amazingly, the driver behind me began to lean on his horn the instant the light turned green, even though he could see that the road was blocked by a gigantic tractor-trailer that was halfway through making its turn. When people are riding alone in their cars and they have a chance to show who they are to people they never will see again, they enjoy using their horns in full measure.

It is odd that we think of love as more important than kindness. Since I watched Jesus demonstrate to me in April what genuine kindness actually is, I have been meditating on the differences between love and kindness. In the end, all that I can come up with is that kindness is a characteristic, while love is an emotion. The dictionary definition of kindness is “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate,” which makes it seem to be almost a throwaway; while love is “an intense feeling of deep affection.”  Love is big and showy! Jesus tells us to love because He had worked out by the period of his public teaching that it is emotion that governs consciousness, which is the base creative energy. And love is the highest consciousness vibration. That is why He made such a big deal of love!

But an emotion can actually be a dangerous thing. And emotions are always subjective. Think about it:

  • Emotions are personal. I know how I feel, but you can have no idea!
  • Emotions are unpredictable. Even if you can surmise that, yes indeed, I do feel love, there is no way to say what my feeling of love might move me to decide to do.
  • Emotions are fickle. I used to love, but now I find that I really don’t love so much anymore.

How many times have lovers ended up destroying the beloved? We have talked here about kinds of love, but all those conversations are unsatisfactory, because while they help us to define different kinds of love, still they don’t solve the problem of how easily love can go wrong. Love is an emotion. And emotions are ever-changing by their very nature.

Or what about someone who might be duly-elected in a country without a Constitution as sound as the one that blesses the United States, who is sure that he loves his country’s people more than anyone else ever could, and therefore he knows what is best for them? So he declares himself to be dictator for life. Then he closes all the banks for a week, and he open them again with accounts in the name of every man, woman, and child in that country, citizens and illegal aliens alike, and each account contains precisely twenty-five thousand, one hundred and thirty-eight dollars and forty-seven cents. An equal division of that nation’s liquid wealth, to the penny. Everyone from the formerly richest on down is now equal in liquid net worth. There have been more foolish, misguided, and nonsensical things done in the name of great love and at the height of passion than perhaps for any other cause.

So in the end, it is day-by-day kindness that must do all our heaviest lifting. While love is hot, kindness is cool. While love is passionate, kindness is caring. And kindness at least gives us some objective standard, a way to measure the effects that our acts have on people. The more I think about it, the more I realize that you could justify just about any barbaric and monstrous act as something that you were doing out of great love. Not enough food and no way to get more? Then you kill off all the grandparents of course, and you feed them to the children. Can’t have babies starving! Many parents who commit suicide will take their children with them, out of love. In fact, just weeks ago a woman in a Midwestern state came home to find that her husband had committed suicide. Whereupon, she drowned her children in a nearby lake and then killed herself. If great love is the standard, then even the greatest cruelties can make some kind of sense. But if kindness is the standard, then all of that is nonsensical.

Which brings us to what I witnessed on the night of April 6th. After death, we can appear to others how ever we like, and normally nowadays Jesus looks very different from what you might expect. He appears now to be a kind of universal everyman. My oldest grandchild was adopted from Colombia, and Jesus’s skin is my grandson’s beautiful reddish-golden shade. He looks to be about thirty years old, with hazel eyes, a prominent nose, curly hair, full lips, and a short, efficient beard. He is perhaps five feet, ten inches tall, and I think of His look as what you would get if you put the entire human race through a blender. I have asked Thomas if that is how He looked in His lifetime as Jesus. Thomas tells me it is more that Jesus is experimenting with looking this way for the time that He is now moving toward, when Roman Christianity at last is no more and His life will be teaching in all the realms.

So we were sitting on that astral riverbank, feeding the fish, and Jesus was talking, and unexpectedly He simply transformed into pale church-Jesus, slightly taller and with blue eyes and light-brown, shoulder-length hair. I have trouble looking at Him directly, so I was aware of His change in appearance only when He stopped talking and stood and went to greet the little group of people that was approaching us.

My first though when Jesus left Thomas and me to welcome those Christians who had just come home was that this was something private that we were not supposed to see. Now, though, I feel that perhaps He was calling on me to watch Him do this. For some reason that I cannot fathom, this Being whose perfect goodness is beyond all comprehension has decided that I am worthy of the task of telling His story to the world in a website. It feels now as if He was saying to me something like, “Watch Me do this. Learn something new.” And as I think of it now, I remind myself that there have been tens of billions of Christians who have lived and died in the past seventeen hundred years. Tens of billions. With a B. Not all of them have wanted to be blessed and healed by Jesus at the ends of their earth-lives. But if even a tiny fraction of them – say, only several million of them – have thought this would be a special moment for them, then Jesus has put off whatever else He might have done among the endless fun things that there are to do in the astral plane, suspending His own life for seventeen hundred years in order to do this for every Christian who has wanted to meet Him and receive His blessing.

The people in the group were forming a line, and the first man in line was very tall. My guess is that he was six feet, five or six inches tall, and he clearly had been someone important in life. He wore a crisp white shirt without a tie, open at the neck, with creased dark slacks and shiny shoes. He started to fall to his knees before the Lord, but Jesus said, “Peace, my son,” and He slipped His hands beneath the man’s arms at either side. He didn’t try to lift him. It was a signal, and the man regained his feet. Jesus was smiling up at his face. Thomas and I stood maybe twenty feet away and to the side, so we could observe it all. Jesus then put both His hands way up on top of the man’s head and said, “Bless you, my son!” with a bit of a giggle in his voice, and He grinned. I think He was being playful to acknowledge how tall the man was, and to put him at ease about his almost-kneeling faux-pas. And the man said, “Thank You, Sir.” Thank you not just for your blessing, but even more for treating me as an equal. And they stood smiling at one another. That man could joyously grin down at church-Jesus, and he could look Him in the eye as I still cannot, until he was the one who ended that moment and made way for the next person in line.

And that was nothing, right? But I can’t stop thinking about it. Replaying every detail of it. That Jesus the risen Lord has done all of that so sweetly and gently and made that moment so perfect for even a million people, and perhaps for billions of people over seventeen centuries defies my imagination. He could get others to dress up as church-Jesus in His place. No one would know. When I said that to Thomas, he said, “But He would know.” The “Jesus” who appears during near-death experiences and other personal dreams and visions is a presentation by our own spirit guides, who know best what we would need. Whatever “Jesus” says during your own NDE is said by your guide and not by Jesus. But if you were devoted to Jesus during your lifetime, He won’t send an imposter to meet you when you die.

I had thought that after fifty years of research, I had nothing more to learn in this field, but Jesus had this one more lesson to teach. The fruit of spiritual growth is not love at all. Love is what produces spiritual growth, by raising our personal consciousness vibrations. No, the true fruit of spiritual growth is kindness. And when you realize that, and you begin to look for it in people, you glimpse it everywhere. Yes, there are low-vibration bullies who use their auto horns to try to make our driving miserable, but most drivers are more courteous. All my clients own closely-held businesses, and I have repeatedly seen them do kindnesses here and there for needy employees. My sister’s teenage grandson is taller than I am, but still he happily plays hide-and-seek with his much younger sister, and he cooks with her because it makes her happy. When you look for them, you see these little kindnesses. And I realize now that the ultimate fruit of spiritual growth is not angelic purity. No, it is this perfect, gigantic, all-encompassing kindness that can make Jesus willing without complaint to delay the advent of His own Way on earth for almost twenty centuries while He patiently waits out Roman Christianity, and He heals every one of that religion’s victims. And my Thomas tells me that never has Jesus even privately complained.

I have been trying so hard for my entire life to ever better understand Jesus. I majored in studying Him in college. I have read the Gospels until I can recite whole sections of them by heart. I have met Jesus in person. He has told me His story, and it makes a lot more sense than the Christian version of His story ever could. Sometimes I think I really do begin to understand the genuine Jesus. But then I recall the blissful peace of His face as He smilingly welcomed home that umpteen-billionth victim of this religion that has delayed the advent of Jesus’s Way on earth for the past two thousand years. I recall the perfect joy in His face, and I see how happy He was in that moment. And I realize that I still cannot understand Jesus as a Man at all.

And earthly power doth then show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice. Therefore, Jew,
Though justice be thy plea, consider this,
That, in the course of justice, none of us
Should see salvation: we do pray for mercy;
And that same prayer doth teach us all to render
The deeds of mercy. I have spoke thus much
To mitigate the justice of thy plea;
Which if thou follow, this strict court of Venice
Must needs give sentence ‘gainst the merchant there.

– William Shakespeare (1564-1616), from “The Merchant of Venice”

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47 thoughts on “Kindness

    1. Thank you, my dear Mac! But as always, both the idea for this blog post and the actual writing can largely be credited to my Thomas.

  1. Dear Roberta,
    There is a beautiful whisper of sweetness in reading your blog today. The very word, “kindness”, for me, brings such a sigh of happiness and peace. Like so many, I have struggled with “perfect love” of my fellow man, or as you so rightly put it, “angelic purity”. When I think of acts of kindness, especially those that have no “fanfare” around them (and they shouldn’t), I think of “authentic”. That’s the word that comes to me as I write this. Kindness has a depth because we are being our authentic true selves. And strangely, I think it’s easier for us to be kind because it’s truly who we are, instead of forcing ourselves to “love everyone and everything”. If I understand you correctly, it’s like using the wrong tool for a job-a wrench when a screwdriver is needed.
    This also helps me understand myself a bit more. When contemplating “purpose” and “what I love to do”, it has always come to “helping others, making them smile, feel comforted, giving them some level of happiness”. Perhaps this driving urge that comes from my true self, is really simple kindness. I find it delightful to realize that kindness can happen so easily, so naturally, randomly, in every space, with everyone, and really, there’s no effort to it. It’s so appropriate that you found this great learning in such a simple act of a brother greeting and blessing a brother. A simple act, with a deep and profound and expansive quality. Lovely lovely message today. Thank you so much!

    1. Oh my dear Fran, this is so beautifully said! And I had been thinking that Jesus didn’t say much about kindness, but He did say that you should let your giving be in secret, and don’t let your left land know what your right hand is doing. That is a rather wonderful way to put it. And I love the way you put it too, dear Fran, a brother greeting and blessing a brother. That man had been used to having to grovel before earthly priests, and there was Jesus giving him such a simple blessing and the man appreciated it so much and simply looked Him in the eye as an equal. I think that was what I loved the most, especially since I don’t seem able to do it!

  2. Dear Roberta, So well said. I have had this very feeling, but it was unarticulated instread of being a crisp concept.

    Our repeated lifetimes ought to evolve our kindness to operate as if an instinctive response– not any mere occasional gesture, but an ingrained pattern of behavior.

    Love, by contrast, ought to be emotionally focused for special relationships, such as for our mate and beloved animal friends.

    1. An “ingrained pattern of behavior” is a good way to describe this. Since habits are easy to form and hard to break, why not let kindness become a habit? It will soon become a routine way of life

      1. Dear Lola,
        What a resonant and worthy idea. Let kindness sink into your being … or arise from deep within it, one could say. 😉 Then establish a routine of kindness and keep to it. Set, hold firm, continue on auto. You are right my dear, kindness would soon become a habit.

        And the best part is you don’t need to keep a record of your kind actions. ‘Set and forget’ means kindness becomes like breathing. You don’t remember taking the last breath because you don’t need to. Nor do you need to keep track of each kind act. You move beyond the small, limited self and your find yourself amidst the great vibrational flow, as it were.

        And maybe, as we progress, kindness can grow into the elevated state of lovingkindness. 🌊 🌊 🌊❣️

    2. THERE you are, my dear beloved Jack! I had almost sent you an email, just to make sure you were okay! I think you are right in saying that ideally kindness has to be an instinctive behavior, an automatic response. Thomas says that Jesus always was this way, focused on doing things to help people, even before He was a perfected being, although of course not nearly to this extent. And I agree with you, too, about love. Although A Course in Miracles actually calls loves of that sort counterproductive!

  3. Hi Roberta, thanks for writing about the importance of kindness. I was wondering if you could explain something in Paragraph 2. ” It was kindness that made the Neolithic incarnation of my spirit guides younger brother which Jesus was long ago feel compelled to hunt for survivors of a massacre…” what massacre are you referring to? Sorry if you have explained this in a previous post. Thanks, Dave

    1. Yes, my dear David, that was a story that my Thomas told about the aftermath of a battle from some Neolithic lifetime he had shared with Jesus before He was first perfected. It’s in one of my recent posts – I was too lazy to try to find it, but I will see if I can find it on the plane tomorrow and add it here. But while their warriors were finishing people off, the man Jesus had been then went looking and found a woman and children of the losing side, hiding and terrified. He kept them hidden and fed them until he could find someone of their victorious tribe who would take her as a second wife so she and her children could survive. I think that was the story. Jesus actually made a pretty poor Neolithic tribesman, when you think of it!

  4. Love is the Ocean; Kindness is the glass of water I share with the thirsty. God is Love, and Love is Kind (see 1 Corinthians 13). All the graces flow from the one source of Love.

    1. Ah yes, my dear Loren, beautifully said! Although sometimes that ocean can be full of storms? I am still trying to make sense of it all. Love is the highest consciousness vibration, and so it is essential to our spiritual growth; but it must be tempered, mastered, made subservient in all things as Jesus makes it to the kindness that drives it in a Man like Jesus, and never to the ego that so often so often can rule it in people of lesser vibration.

  5. Roberta, I am so grateful to be in the company of those who can express so eloquently what I feel when I read your words. I thank them and you. Your message touches me beyond words.

  6. Thanks so much Roberta. In the past you discussed the different types of love, with their various filters and condiions, leading finally to pure unconditional love, and now you lead us to think about the different types of, and reasons for, kindness, which can often be quite selfish and twisted, until we see the highest form of kindness, coming from the highest form of love, that is selfless. Is it that at the core level we are all the same Self, looking at Itself through different eyes, seeing Itself in the mirror of the so-called other, first dimly, but hopefully ever more clearly as Paul spoke so beautifully of in the same 1 Corinthians 13 that Loren beautifully references above? The more I read through 1 Corinthians 13, the more amazing I find it to be. Love and kindness are like two sides of the same coin, (or one could use the terms unconditional love and perfect forgiveness as you have taught us in the past) and it seems like Paul was trying to work through that. The Jesus you saw definitely seems to have worked through it, and has become such a clear and bright mirror of the love and light of God it is almost blinding.

    1. Oh my dear wonderful Scott, 1Cor 13 is indeed beautiful! And my Thomas tells me that it was channeled, which you can easily see when you look at its placement in the Bible, and what comes immediately before and after it. That passage sticks out, as Thomas Jefferson so vividly put it about the genuine words of Jesus in the Gospels, like a diamond in a dunghill.

      One thing that I am just now beginning to see is how very hard it is to be Jesus! You would think, especially given His actual power after two thousand more years of additional spiritual growth, His extreme spiritual elevation, and His tremendous love, that it would have to be a whole lot easier. Can’t He snap His fingers, or even just speak, and make things happen? But I think it is even that much harder for Him. He doesn’t want to disrupt anything. He doesn’t want to cause the slightest concern or commotion. Apparently He is trusting by nature, but He long ago learned that He cannot trust embodied people; so now my Thomas tells me that He trusts no one in a body. Although He is trying, tentatively, to trust me, because my Thomas vouches for me; and when I think of that, I wince. Oh, what a slender reed I am, if this website still only in the planning stage is supposed to be His actual Second Coming?

      And for those who are still wondering how I can be sure that I am meeting with the genuine Jesus, of course Thomas has a history with Him. But more to the point, please know that in the astral plane we can recognize people easily by their personal energies. That is why we can choose to look how ever we might choose to look, and still we can recognize one another. There was one nightly meeting years ago that my Thomas arranged for me with Thomas Jefferson so I could ask him the all-important Sally Hemings question. And having them in the same room together, I noticed that they had almost the same personal energy. Which was not surprising, since my Thomas had been Thomas Jefferson in his last earthly incarnation. (Jefferson’s answer to the question, if you are curious, was: “I could not have been intimate with Sally Hemings because she was my property so she could not have consented.” What a gentleman.) So sitting beside Jesus on the night when I first met Him, I was overwhelmed to feel His personal energy. It was the most amazingly sweet and light, silken energy that you can imagine! Nothing rough at all. Everyone else has at least some rough edges here and there. I don’t know what they are exactly, but no one else feels like Jesus feels. His energy is unmistakable. It is like hearing one pure operatic high note. Amazing.

      1. Dear Roberta. I hope that someday I’ll get to feel that beautiful silken energy you sensed from Jesus. That Jesus has played such a long game shows just HOW patient, tolerant, and loving he is, not to mention kind, but I hope and imagine there must be a plan, and it is probably so multi-pronged, multi-media, or however you want to put it, that I hope your not feeling too much weight of the world on just your shoulders, in relation to that proposed website. All of us here in bodies are limited, imperfect, fallible instruments for that Divine plan, but as you have written previously, he apparently has a very large cadre of helpers that he trusts over on that side. It would be fascinating to learn more about them. A spiritual version of the Manhattan project is what comes to mind, but this would be one that keeps us from nuking things.

        1. Oh my dear Scott, I agree with you. I think Jesus is playing an extremely long and broad game! Thomas reads your words and says that no, there aren’t many in bodies that Jesus trusts, but he adds the word “unwitting.” There are many in bodies who are assisting Jesus now without even realizing it. And Thomas says additionally that the one of us that Jesus actually trusts is Thomas. He trusts Thomas to be able to manage me!

  7. Dear Roberta,
    I really like your uplifting posts and videos, but last week and this week I am quite confused. You wrote: “The “Jesus” who appears during near-death experiences and other personal dreams and visions is a presentation by our own spirit guides,”
    So what about the Jesus you saw in your experience? Was he just a presentation as well?
    And why should there be such a “fake” Jesus to your opinion? I believe, Jesus is able to show up to anyone who prays to him for his help or support or just wants to get in contact with him.
    As I already mentioned here in January, I had a very deep experience at the age of 5 in which I met Jesus and he was quite similar as you described him. I called my experience “NDE” for the lack of a better term. I know I wasn`t dead and as far as I know not even in the near of death. I might as well call it spiritual experience or mystical experience. It wasn`t dreamy at all. It was more real than everything here on earth and I was shown future events of my life and the earth, for example how mankind destroys the rain forest and other events that later on happened just the way I was shown. I saw beings of light and different realms, not the feeding of the fish you mentioned, but sheep and other animals. I realized, that Jesus and the beings of light knew me from the inside, but in this realm even I as a small child was able to see the truth and nothing could be hidden from me nor wanted anyone to hide anything.
    So, I really can`t believe, that anyone in such a holy experience and realm would lie to me or present me a “fake” Jesus. This doesn´t make any sense to me. And I even asked if he was Jesus (although I was quite sure, he was!) and got the answer “Yes”. I never went public with my experience until I mentioned it here on this blog. I could tell a lot more about it and other experiences in the years after this happened.

    1. Your experience would now be called an ‘out-of-body-experience’, OoBE, rather than an NDE which typically occurs when one’s body is injured or sick to the degree the individual appears to be close to dying or even already dead – but then recovers.

      1. Oh, now really, my dear Mac, you know that death is always a one-way trip, so no one who is “already dead” can recover! Didn’t you read my blog post last week??

        1. I think you’re misunderstanding or have misread what I posted, Roberta.

          We are as one concerning so-called near death experiences. Unless I’m very much mistaken – or unless I made a slip with my cyber pen – I have always expressed NDE in a way identically similar to your own.

          Put simply, corporeal death is a one way trip so if any incarnate tells us that they died but later came back to life they are very much mistaken. 😉 blessings

        2. “…..when one’s body is injured or sick to the degree the individual appears to be close to dying or even already dead.” I’ve looked again – my bad.

          What would have been better is: “….when one’s body is injured or sick to the degree that one appears to be close to dying or even appears already to be dead.”

          Still a bit of a mouthful! 😉

    2. Oh my dear Karin, I won’t comment at all on your amazing personal experience, except to say that it wasn’t a near-death experience, but instead it was what is called a much more rare spiritually transformative experience. And for that you can be glad! I had one myself at the age of eight which was not nearly as extensive as yours – mine was just a flash of light and a voice, like Moses with his burning bush, and it has governed my entire subsequent life. So I know how wonderful these great experiences can be, and how you feel forever after as if it just happened last night! My own experience was produced by my spirit guide, and I am comfortable with that fact, but I won’t attempt to change your view of your own experience. Why should it matter to me, or to anyone else, when it was your own wonderful and glorious and very real experience?

      1. Dear Roberta, dear Mac, thank you so much for your replies! And Mac, I understood quite well, what you meant… I had this experience about 50 years ago and from then on I have wondered, WHY I had experienced this. So now at last I have a name for it. Maybe it happened to comfort me in a stressful time. I was a happy child at home with my family, but as I went to kindergarten, I met children who were really mean and cruel. They for example laughed at a child from a foreign country just because of her name and I could deeply feel the pain of this girl. I was so sad that I couldn`t do anything about it and sometimes in the evening I wondered why I was here on earth.
        And then one night I had my experience. I don`t remember a tunnel or anything like this. The first thing I remember was that I entered an unearthly realm in a yellow-golden light. I could see soft hills that stretched out till eternity, as it seemed. I didn`t see trees or people. Suddenly three beings of light appeared. They looked like silhouettes, but had kind of long dresses on. I didn`t see clear faces and didn`t knew who they were, but obviously they knew me and greeted me very heartily. They didn`t walk, but “floated” towards me and told me by mind / thought to accompany them. So I floated with them and it seemed quite natural to me, I wasn`t even astonished about this or afraid. They showed me various places and I received a lot of information. I had a lot of questions as a child and here in this realm I got the answer to each question in the very moment I just thought the question! I received answers about the universe, how and why everything existed, but unfortunately I wasn`t able or allowed to take this knowledge with me. Everything was full of energy and alive; I even could see the vibrating energy. It was amazing! Then finally we arrived in a landscape that looked like a meadow with plants and animals almost like on earth. but more colourful and alive. I saw a herd of sheep and a man among them came towards me and I recognized him as Jesus. In contrast to the beings of light he looked like a human and I could clearly see his face. I was so in awe that I got down on my knees. I was 5 years old and besides having been baptised I didn´t attend any service in church and religion didn`t play a large role in our family. But it seemed to me at that moment that my soul was quite “old” and remembered this place. I really felt at home and all that happened felt completely natural to me. I wanted to stay in this beautiful place. Jesus lifted me up and “told” me by thought / telepatically, that I should go back to earth. I was shown how sad my parents would be if I stayed with him, but at that moment I just thought, this wouldn`t matter that much, because they would attend me in this place “soon” after (time seemed to play no role at all!). Jesus seemed to smile and was very patient and kind with me. He led me to a place, where I could see kind of a large glass on the “ground” that looked a bit like a tv-screen and told me to look down. I could see the earth from above, not only at that moment, but I could see the future. I saw the rain forest being destroyed, storms and fire and much more and also some pictures of my personal future life (my profession, some persons that would be very important to me and so on). He told me that I woud be able to easily get in contact with animals and care about them and that I could take part in protecting the environment. He “said” something that I similarly read in the bible years later: “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do for me.” I wasn`t sure if he meant people, at that moment I referred this to the small animals. I still didn`t want to leave this place and him, but then he looked at me and until today I remember his eyes and even more the kindness and love that he expressed through his eyes. I wasn`t forced to go back, but he looked at me in such a pure way with infinite goodness and kindness (in Germany we call it “Güte”) that I was totally ashamed to even have hesitated to go back to earth to fulfill my task or purpose. At that moment that I felt this shame I agreed inside and with a great “woosh” I kind of “fell” down through space back to earth into in my body. I saw planets and the darkness of the outer space and then the earth from above and it looked like a toy landscape. At that moment I had the feeling, that life on earth is like a theatre play in which everyone has to play his part, but which isn`t real at all. In my experience, all may senses were sharpened very much and I was highly awake and got the answer to every question I even thought. Nothing was left unclear. There were no lies, not even misunderstandings. I tried to tell my parents about this, but I couldn`t say a word. It was too overwhelming. I was so full of joy in the days, weeks and months after this that I sang all day long, even on the streets, although I was quite shy. Strangely this experience seemed to get more into the back of my memory as I went to school and university and only sometimes blinked through. But in the last years it came back and I read a lot about similar experiences in order to understand this more. So this is a “short” summary of what I experienced (not to mention the after-effects like an increased sensitivity and more). Please excuse this long text!

        1. Dear Karin,
          You might be interested to learn that all of your perceptions, such as time not running as it does on Earth, your increased perceptual clarity, and ready access to all knowledge, are entirely consistent with what others having extended Out of Body Experiences report (my text on this topic documents these features). Thank you for sharing your experience.

          1. Dear Jack,
            thank you for your comment. I´ve just looked up some of your texts! Even on Earth the perception of time can be totally different. For example some insects like flies seem to see us humans in “slow motion”. Scientists wrote that this was due to their eyes….. So maybe seeing something in an out-of-body-state without using our human eyes could change the perception of time as well (besides many other possible explanations…). And in a state of a shock / tremendous stress here on Earth (as a human) time can seem to slow down a bit as well. But seeing the future on the one hand and on the other hand receiving the information that one is able to change this future for the better is something that is really not understandable with our human brain, I guess.

        2. Karin I’m relieved you understood first time. 🙂

          As I was reading your response I was formulating what I wanted to say to you in reply. Then I came to your words – “But it seemed to me at that moment that my soul was quite “old” and remembered this place.” – and I immediately realized I did not need to say anything. You already knew it.

          Yes you were shown those things but not because you didn’t know about them. You were shown because you were in great distress and simply needed to be reminded of them to help you weather that storm! 🙂

          Almost daily I find myself wondering just how knowledgeable our souls might be and how many times we’ve made the journey here. Incarnates who can’t consciously recall everything we know, can’t consciously remember the incarnations we’ve experienced and who may be far more spiritually progressed than we appreciate.

          Perhaps even more progressed than some from whom we seek to learn! blessings 🙂

          1. Dear Mac, thank you so much for your kind words; they are so true! For more than 40 years I kept my experience in the back of my memory, but in many situations I knew for sure, when someone was wrong, especially when it came to church. I was 8 years old, when my great grandma died and the pastor at the funeral said the words “ashes to ashes, dust to dust…”. I was so shocked about this. I wanted to tell him: “No, it´s soul to heaven and into the light and all the people here shouldn`t wear black but white and should be singing with joy instead of crying…” I don´t remember any past lives, but one of my first memories (maybe at the age of 2 years or even earlier) was that I had the feeling that there had been something before…. For years I had horrible nightmares about people chasing me and trying to kill me, I dreamt this again and again although in this life there wasn`t any reason for this, We didn´t even have a tv in my first years… And then I could lift myself up and fly in these dreams and rescue myself. I know, that many people have these dreams about flying. Maybe this is just a dream symbol or maybe it is a remembrance of the death in a previous life (when one sees the world from above, flying in spirit)?
            Blessings to you!

        3. Oh my dear Karin, what an amazing spiritually transformative experience! Wow, and for it to happen when you were so young! Thank you for sharing it with us, dear!

  8. quote: “But while their warriors were finishing people off, the man Jesus had been then went looking and found a woman and children of the losing side, hiding and terrified. He kept them hidden and fed them until he could find someone of their victorious tribe who would take her as a second wife so she and her children could survive. I think that was the story. Jesus actually made a pretty poor Neolithic tribesman, when you think of it!”

    Two millennia on and nations are still fighting, people still killing. One can only wonder whether things will ever change. Not in many generations to come in all probability. 🙁

    1. Actually, my dear Mac, that was the last earth-lifetime that Thomas and Jesus shared before Jesus ascended, and I think from its various details that it was earlier and more primitive than that. Could have been maybe 5000 years ago, but from doing casual research I think it was as early as 7000 years ago in what we call the fertile crescent. And yes, the fighting still goes on!

      1. 7000 years ago or even 5000 years ago seems such a long time for some of humankind to still be clinging on to similar patterns of hatred and violence.

        Before too long I’ll again find out why that is and it might well be a “duh!” moment when I do. 😉

        1. Oh my dear Mac, people have tried to top one another in evildoing, thinking that might somehow inspire a revulsion reflex to it. But instead, it has done the reverse and inspired more of a sort of “hold my beer” attitude, an “I can top that!” competition over the evils that men do. It really is amazing.

          1. And, of course, it’s almost totally men who are driven to so behave. Hard-wired it seems to such a degree one might even say they have no choice about their behaviors. Not an excuse but perhaps a reason?

  9. Dear Karin

    I don’t know if you’ve ever considered visiting with us over on – Roberta’s ‘first born’ website – but if you did I think your story would make fascinating reading for some of our members and give them the opportunity to ask you more about what happened – if you’d be comfortable with that.

    You would be very welcome there. 🙂

  10. Dearest Roberta,
    Your deeply insightful blog post makes me wonder…

    Can we see kindness as a great, shining lake of living, spiritual water that we can enjoy immersing ourselves in? Can we savor it as we as savor a fine red wine? I mean, even just thinking of kindness can make you feel happy. It is simply that powerful.

    Can we value the generation of kindness like, say, a great wealth that we can enjoy? Instead of focusing on creating ‘serious private wealth’ we could instead generate ‘huge public wealth of kindness.’ All of us together could swell and move a new surge of consciousness in such a direction.

    And beyond kindness there is the deep, spiritual state of Lovingkindness. Somehow I think that this state goes far deeper than the limited, human conscious mind. ❣️😉

    1. Efrem: I once bought a coffee latte for a hospice patient and she talked about it for days. To me, it was no big deal, but she obviously looked at it differently. I had no idea how a stupid thing like that would have so much meaning to anyone, but it did. Therefore kind acts don’t have to be dramatic or life changing and can be done by anyone.

      1. Lola, a simple act of sharing to you, could be a major act of kindness-love-healing to the hospice resident. I reckon it was just that!

        What a great example of the power of kindness; the power of a loving heart. ❣️

        It must have meant so much to the recipient that someone she may not have known well, thought she was worth the consideration! Maybe it changed her view of people and eased her burden.

        Lola, that anecdote is quite poignant. 🕊🙏🏼

      2. Not stupid at all, dear Lola! No, little kindnesses are often huge to people, and especially to people who are in institutions like hospice situations. Quite wonderful!

    2. Oh my dear Efrem, what a lovely thought! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if kindness were so much more the point of what all of us cared about?

      1. You are right when you say that emotions are unpredictable. That is why I believe that kindness is more important and can raise our vibrations rather than trying to love everything we see

        1. Precisely, my precious friend. It really is everyday kindness that does most of the greasing of the wheels of our lives.

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