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Posted by Roberta Grimes • October 23, 2021 • 39 Comments
Afterlife Research, Understanding Reality

Tell all the Truth but tell it slant –
Success in Circuit lies.
Too bright for our infirm Delight,
The Truth’s superb surprise.

As Lightning to the Children eased
With explanation kind,
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind –
– Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), from “Tell all the Truth but tell it slant” (1865)

We have spoken at length about the fact that neither mainstream Christianity nor mainstream science has any wish to discover the truth about how reality actually works Both have cherished dogmas to support, and constituencies with interests that they must protect, so the body of evidence that afterlife researchers have developed over the past hundred and fifty years has been disparaged and dismissed or outright ignored by our two most trusted institutions. Sometimes you and I have actually chuckled about this situation. It’s like having a couple of elderly aunts living in the attic who create a nuisance by feeding stray cats on our back porch. They irritate us, but in a benign sort of way. Auntie Chris and her equally addled scientific sister are making a mess, but they are very old and living in a past that is irrelevant to us now. How much longer can this possibly go on? The intransigence of both science and Christianity has seemed for a long time to be nearly harmless, and ultimately self-limiting. Christianity is just a belief-system anyway, and science advances by deaths (as Max Planck so memorably said). Any minute now, this century-long scientific stonewalling of the truth will end when the last old materialist bull dies away. Or so I have thought. Right up to the moment when I couldn’t think that way anymore.

Christianity and science both claim to own the truth in their respective spheres, but both of their versions of the truth are based in self-serving falsehoods. From their positions of longstanding trust and respect, these two institutions continue to tell us fables that most people continue to believe. If science and Christianity were a pair of criminal enterprises fighting for control of our treasure, they would do nothing differently!

Christianity claims to be based in Jesus, but in fact it uses Him as a figurehead while paying little mind to what He actually said. It claims to be our worthy guide in spiritual matters, when in fact what it teaches is human-made ideas that are downright spiritually harmful. It won’t look at the afterlife evidence because it is so heavily invested in its own ideas that are based in little more than Medieval guesses. So, tell me. Why should we trust this institution?

Science claims to be our reliable source of information about the world around us, when in fact it chooses arbitrarily to investigate only what it considers to be material. Honest scientists have known for a century that matter is just energy and nothing is solid, but the scientific community won’t tell us that. Instead, they keep demanding more and more funding so they can pursue their baseless theories, undaunted by the fact that success still eludes them. Beyond bringing us myriad ways to make our lives more comfortable, what new truths have scientists really discovered in the past hundred years?

And these are the only widely trusted non-governmental institutions in Western culture! Both of them are demonstrably wrong and bent on flogging lame ideas, and neither of them will take responsibility for its own longstanding errors. People trust them primarily because we want to know the essential truths that no other source seems able to provide. But they have never accepted responsibility for actually investigating anything! And their guesses and fabrications are in no way harmless.

In fact, the ongoing refusal of both mainstream science and mainstream Christianity to investigate the afterlife evidence is the source of every evil that is currently loose in the world. Once most people realize their lives are eternal, everything will change for the better! But instead, to this day Western culture assumes that the competing scientific and religious views of the afterlife are our only options. And whichever horse you might choose to ride, whether it’s religious or scientific, the view that both institutions give you of yourself is awful! You are meat, or you carry original sin. Either way, you are venal, selfish and evil, and together all heading for the same pointless end. At your death, either you will blink out like a light, or you will face a choice between roasting in hell or tediously singing hymns forevermore. There is nothing about our lives that means anything.

Even when the guidance we are being fed is preposterous, most of us are stuck with using it to try to build our own views of ourselves and the world. And when the guidance we are getting from our two most trusted sources insists that only matter is real, and God is a cranky guy on a throne or else no God exists at all, then each of us is forced to build a worldview that is both erroneous and unpleasant. As our trust in those failing institutions has waned, our personal search for the truth has become more individual and more desperate. The result has been the alarming rise in recent years of the twin banes of atheistic nihilism and societal strife.

Atheistic Nihilism.  If atheism means that one does not believe literally in the Christian God, then I am an atheist. What open-minded researchers have discovered is a Godhead that is infinitely greater and far more loving than the petty and cranky Christian God. The scientific evidence is such that we should be excitedly investigating this wondrous new development! But overriding our happy news is the stark kind of atheism that is rapidly spreading in the West, and holds that not only is there no God, but also there is no point and no meaning.

Societal Strife. Since we are unable to build our worldviews around an open-minded search for the truth by our most trusted institutions, we each are forced to think through and construct our own individually-developed ideas. And then, of course, we defend our ideas against attacks by others who prefer their own ideas, until the only possible truth about anything is whatever you individually believe. We see this happening in our civic life, to the point where we needn’t even discuss it here; and it happens in our personal life as well. At this point,  even Christians are at war with one another over trivial details of their beliefs-based dogmas.

But even worse than the rise of atheism and daily strife, stonewalling by our most trusted institutions is forcing us all to live steeped in fear! Until the truth about death and the afterlife is much more widely known, humankind’s general default setting is one of stark terror of the yawning void. And, tragically, our societal terror of death seems to be hardest on teenagers and young adults. Even I was afraid, despite my two experiences of light! But those experiences at least emboldened me enough that I risked investigating what is true, taking literally the invitation of the Lord to “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened” (MT 7:7-8). And when I asked for the truth with an open mind, I found a whole new gigantic reality far greater than anything we have heretofore imagined! With the help of open-minded folks who have some scientific training, we could learn enough to begin a glorious dawning of the truth all over the world!

But sadly, more than ten years after I joined the public afterlife community, progress in the field of afterlife education still has gone nowhere. A lot more evidence has been developed, and we know in greater detail what is going on, but neither science nor Christianity still shows the slightest interest in investigating all this evidence. There have been no hopeful breakthroughs. At this point, those who were expecting to see breakthroughs have lost a lot of their enthusiasm. And what is worst of all is the fact that both Christianity and science are still giving us awful views of who and what we are! Not a syllable of what either institution tells us about ourselves is true. But due to the frankly evil nonsense they teach, too many of us still continue to live as if there is no point to anything.

It is going to be up to us to work together to begin a new age of actually seeking and finding the truth. We are currently developing a website whose purpose will be to educate people about the afterlife from every perspective, as the evidence actually reveals it to us. We expect to be ready to roll next month! But first, to help you better see how important these efforts are going to be, next week we’ll look at how the world around us is likely to change for the better once most people know for certain that every human life is eternal. I think you will be happily surprised to see just how much of a universal fix this single change might  be….

“If you hold to My teaching, you are really my disciples.
you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
– Jesus (JN 8:31-32)

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39 thoughts on “Seeking Truth

  1. Roberta, that’s exciting news about the new website!! I know that you have talked about this before and it’s finally going to come to fruition. I’m looking foward to seeing and reading it! Dave

    1. Hello dear Dave! This has been in the works for at least the past three years, but Thomas kept delaying it. We even finished the accompanying book two years ago – The Fun of Loving Jesus: Embracing the Christianity That Jesus Taught – and he wouldn’t let us publish that, either. When he told me in July that it was time to get started, I just about fell off my chair. But it’s going well! Things are coming together. I guess he was right about the timing. And I’m just doing what he keeps directing me to do, so if it lays an egg I can blame that on him! 🙂

    1. Dear Ed, I hope it won’t disappoint you! Its primary purpose is to teach all the core afterlife truths, and to do that for free. The scripts actually have turned out pretty well! We’ll be doing a number of other things, too, and looking for suggestions from everyone here. Thomas assures me that what we are putting into place is just what people need, but we’ll see!

    1. My dear Susi, of course you know I will try my best, but the charge is rather daunting! The mission we are being given is to begin a movement that can rescue humankind from the fear of death. Where do we even begin?? Well, I assume we begin with the website’s core message, which will be a free course of 15 brief videos. I have puttered with the scripts for those videos for one more weekend, and then sent them to Craig Hogan and to the kindly people who are helping us put this website together.

      In doing those scripts over the past couple of months, catch-as-catch-can, I have been made to realize just how much we really have come to know in recent years about this gigantic topic! God, human nature, the greater reality, the death process, the afterlife: we know so much now, and we even know enough to be able to see how it all fits together and it fits, too, with this material universe. The fact that very few people have any idea what we know is such a travesty! It follows directly on the blog post above. Christianity and corporate science are the most unholy alliance anyone can imagine! To keep people ignorant of the best possible news, and only so they can continue to fill their own coffers?

      Sorry! I guess I was ready to rant 🙂 But in editing those scripts over the weekend, I was struck by the fact that this information is our universal human birthright! But yet until Seek Reality Online goes live, there still is no website in existence that will simply tell people the truth.

  2. Oh Roberta Yes! The time is now……there is so much evidence, thousands of “eyewitness” NDE accounts, and so much more irrefutable information about the Afterlife and how God’s love is so wondrously unconditional, intensely comforting, and omni”scient” that it is literally ineffable by the humand mind and condition. It is time for this incredible “information age ” we live in to start to unify us by finally giving the human race the truth, which will give us the reason, the plan, and the hope that Jesus tried to give us so long ago……the truth that
    God Is Unconditional Love…
    Christi Pitliangas……….. Thank you Roberta!
    I am with you all the way!

    1. Oh my dear Christi, you always make me smile!

      What has come to amaze me as we’ve worked on this is two things in particular:

      1) As I said just above, we already do know so much! And not just about the afterlife, either. It is all one gigantic whole! And in figuring out death and the afterlife in detail, we also have figured out how it all fits with this material reality, and we have developed likely answers to so many questions that no one ever has been able to answer. We have been doing the science that materialist scientists say is beyond their job description. And wow, this feels gigantic!

      2) Can’t say this for certain, but I pretty much know who is doing what in this little field of afterlife education worldwide, and it appears now that Craig Hogan and I might be the only two people who have cared enough to try to figure everything out. There are lots of wonderful people in this field, but they all have chosen a specific area and made that their topic of study, whether it’s mediumship, reincarnation, signs from the dead, ITC and EVP, or what-else-have-you. But Craig and I have questioned and encouraged one another. And now I’m wondering, as I read these scripts and realize how common-sense and how fantastic it all is, why more people haven’t felt the need to try to figure it all out?

  3. Can’t wait for the new resource. I’m not that far away from the journey myself and want more truth desperately

    1. Oh my dear Sandra, I am making it my purpose for the rest of my life to feed you whole banquets of endless truth! Gushers of it!! There is no question now that we can’t answer, or at least give some direction as to how it can be answered. At last everything fits together and makes sense at a basic level. And on it we can assemble and build whole towers into the sky of endless truth and probable truth and aspirational possibilities of future truth, so the learning can go on forever!

  4. Oh, Roberta, what an exciting plan you have for a website! Each week I look forward to your message, and you always leave me hungry for more. Your timing, as usual, is impeccable as we experience this birthing of a new world of infinite possibilities. Can’t wait! Thank you.

    1. Dear Janelle, I smile to read that you think I have impeccable timing. Of course, it is all entirely Thomas! I wanted to dive into this years ago, but he kept holding off. It was frustrating. I was champing at the bit! I think that without Covid it might have happened maybe a year ago, but the delay has been at least three years. He was right, though. And yes, his timing is coming to look impeccable to me as well!

  5. jGlad to hear that the website is almost ready. Even ardent researchers and truth seekers are likely to learn something new from it. For example, I always had mixed feelings about much of what Jesus said, but it hadn’t dawned on me at the time that he had to be careful because he was being watched. I should have known better, as they were always looking for “heretics” back then. However, this explained the doubts I had, and I look at Jesus now in a totally different light. I also didn’t know that the concept of a trinity came about long after Jesus was here. There is always something new to learn.

    PS – This may sound a little kooky, but I have a strange feeling that the wonderful teacher you referred to is somehow looking down and applauding your work.

    1. My dear Lola, yes indeed there is a great deal more to be learned! And we have already learned such a great deal. For me, the greatest question I had to ask Thomas when he finally came out to me as my guide in 2015 was simply who Jesus was, and whether He was a really good-guy person or He was actually divine. Thomas at once put that question to rest! He told me that Jesus is unique in all of human history. He came to us “from the highest aspect of the Godhead” to study us and then to teach us. Wow, that was big news to me! And when I independently researched that revelation – I don’t trust even Thomas himself for something as big as that – not only did I find bits of evidence in the Gospels and elsewhere that made me more and more realize that Thomas had been right, but also – ahem! – I started to capitalize the Lord’s pronouns 🙂

  6. Another institution that is failing us is education, at least in the US. Public education is supported by taxpayer dollars, but is really a separate institution from government. Public or private, it appears that its purpose is to make more efficient and productive continuators of the things you underscore above.

    1. Yes, my dear Mike. It really is disappointing to see how useless public education has become! They don’t teach any of the basics anymore. No solid history, no times tables or advanced math, no English composition. No nothing.

  7. Can’t wait to see next week’s instalment. Thomas’ timing is perfect. As we are beginning to come back into alignment after the tumbling of the last 20 months, we are SOOO ready for good news on an internal front, as many have sworn off paying much mind to externalities.

    1. Hello my dear! I do think his timing is pretty good. And working so closely with someone who (a) is in his greater mind, and (b) is living without time has made me curious about just how different things look to people in that position! I mean, is he actually seeing our future? Or, perchance, is he part of a high-level team that actually is controlling the future? How much of what we think is random really isn’t random at all?

      The biggest change in my perspective seems to have come from his telling me rather recently that in a reality without time, our past is being continuously created. The past is as uncertain as the future. OMG, just try to get your mind around that! For awhile, I was going through the day with my eyes. crossed. No way can that be right!

      But as I’ve lived with the idea, I have come to realize that it is probably inevitable. Beings in the greater reality live without a timeline, and they also live in a reality more gigantic than this universe where there is no distance. Both space and time exist only here. We know that the physics here is artificial, and is part of this material universe so we won’t be able to mess with things here with our minds as easily as we can back there.

      It really is going to be fun to go home, and to rediscover everything that we have forgotten!

  8. So much of our human progress depends upon the good will for all souls, not just our friends and family. As a gay woman with a badge and a gun I have seen first hand how divisive and hateful anti gay rhetoric has impacted all of us. I am retired now but can recall being dispatched to rallies involving anti abortion, antigay rights and anti-democratic politics to name a few.

    The irony of the anti gay protests is that I (a gay woman) was responding to keep the peace, while protecting free speech rights of people who wanted me to have less rights than the average citizen. Usually these events provoked counter-protestors who occasionally committed criminal acts such as disorderly conduct and harassment because they lost control of their emotions, rightly of course, but still unlawful. As police officers we were sworn to enforce the law in an unbiased manner, which we did. I have to admit it pained me to arrest people like me who believed anti gay legislation was wrong and spread hate. Nonetheless we carried out our duties.

    Many times I wanted to inform people that I, a gay woman was protecting their rights to discriminate against me! It was hurtful and turned me against Christianity. I dearly want people to understand that all of us are loved by God and all of us are family by being part of the One! If they could only see what Jesus intended that love would set us on a course of achieving Heaven on Earth!

    1. Hi Becky …I loved reading your post. My daughter is gay and your last line was so beautifully stated and is exactly what we discuss with our daughter…. all of us are loved by God……she is a very loving and sensitive person, probably like yourself, and she just seems to know this divine truth deep in her heart …even with all the negative misunderstanding of God’s love out there. Roberta’s incredible past work and now her new collaboration & website to bring it all together will help to get more folks past this unfortunate misunderstanding of God’s love.
      Love and peace Christi Pitliangas

      1. Oh my dear Christi, big hugs to you and your beautiful daughter! This Christian detour into stupidity is a blunder for which there can be no excuse, and it pains me. It should pain and grieve us all! How many innocent lives have been blighted by those who profess to be acting for Jesus? And how much longer will it be before we can purge our culture of the barbarism of religion-based discrimination?

        Although some of what Christians do culturally can be good. On something like abortion, for example, evidence is showing us that an individual human being’s life actually begins at the planning stage, even before conception, so each abortion from the moment of conception is a murder of a unique and precious human being. In fact, aborted fetuses actually grow up in the afterlife and greet their mothers with joy, having watched over them all their lives. They call those mothers “Mom,” which is something to think about. So there is good reason for Christians to be pro-life! But for Christians to be pro-bigotry is flat inexcusable.

    2. Wow, Becky! A gay woman with a badge and a gun? Just think of what a nightmare that is for the haters! Welcome, my dear, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

      That whole campaign against the human rights of people who are same-sex-attracted is right on the heads of Christian leaders down all the centuries. It seems to me inconceivable that anyone who actually reads the Gospels and has come to know Jesus could ever think that way. But there it is.

      Indeed, perhaps we ought to mention here that there is some evidence in the Gospels that Jesus Himself may have been same-sex-attracted. I’m surprised the Councils didn’t remove it, but they didn’t, and anyone who studies the Gospels closely can’t avoid seeing it. I noticed it as a teenager! I’m surprised that no one talks about it. I have come to wonder whether it is there so at some future, more enlightened day it can be used to further soften the hearts of people trying to get past the awful indoctrination they received as Christian children. So then at last we all can come to better know and love the genuine Jesus.

  9. OM Gosh I am so suuuuuuper excited Roberta, this is what myself and so many others have been waiting for. The fear of death is all I can say a curse one minute you feel okay the next overwhelm and fear. So looking forward to watching the videos . I have all your books and look forward to your new release…..can I just say you have been an inspiration and a breath of fresh to me. …
    With all my love xxxxxxxx

    1. Oh my dear Louise, the fear of death is a curse indeed! I can still remember it, but it has been decades now since I got past it and I can’t really identify with it any more.

      My life’s voyage has come to seem to me now to have been something like Columbus or Magellan or those who are daring to explore outer space: I’ve been going on ahead of everyone, trying to figure things out so I can report back and make future voyages easier for everyone else. First, is there really life after death? And how does it work? How can we be sure? Can we ever really get past the fear of death? And then, OMG, YES to all of it!!

      Yes. There is evidence enough now, information enough, that we can be as certain about life after death and how it works as we can be about every other basic fact of human life. It really is possible to get past the fear of death and come to see it as the baseless silliness that it always has been. And then, my dear Louise, your greater life really begins!

  10. I too am very encouraged by the news that you are building your website. I agree completely that knowledge and understanding of The Afterlife is key to the development of Humanity. I believe it already is , albeit slowly. I believe that what is sometimes referred to as “Spirit Science” , the notion that Spiritual Principles and Scientific Theory will combine for the greater good, is now emergent and progressing at an ever increasing rate. I am a researcher who sees evidence of this in many areas of endeavor. I appreciate and value your Service to HumanKind and I applaud your deep thinking and devotion to Wisdom. Godspeed in all of your enterprises Aloha Nui Loa.

    1. Oh my dear Kenny, Aloha Nui Loa and Godspeed to you as well! It’s good to hear that you are seeing science and spirituality merging, but after battling willful scientific ignorance for half a century I have come to think that the only way that all this deliberate, daily harm being done to the world is ever going to end will be for science itself to drop its obsession with materialism. Anything less than that still perpetuates the lie that materialist science can on some level be taken seriously. But unfortunately, the lie at the core of mainstream science has gone on too long for this any longer to have a noble end. No, the only way it ends is in shame for those who kept it going, and humiliation for the scientists who came to know better in the course of their careers but still went along to get along.

      Happily, though, the greatest scientists got it right! Max Planck. Albert Einstein. Even Nikola Tesla. They were all right. And it won’t be much longer before they get to enjoy their complete vindication!

  11. Dearest Roberta,
    There is a rumbling resonance here, suggestive that the time of truth vindication is at hand. I am most hopeful. I am quite delighted to read that Seek Reality Online is emergent. If Magellan, Columbus and (in my region) Captain James Cook could have put their new maps online, replete with pictures, detailed descriptions and audio interviews – how much more spectacular would discovery have seemed to the viewing public? How much more clearly would people have understood the implications of it?

    There is a chance here to use the (often dubious) technology of our age, to achieve the great purpose of freeing humanity from the fear of death. This is the time then, to expunge both the fear of total oblivion and the fear of hell from human consciousness.

    Both the death of religious guilt-fear and the end of nihilism may well be at hand. I truly hope so. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lose the fear of the Higher Being judging us while our eternal fate hangs in the balance? And wouldn’t it be wonderful to replace the doom of nothingness after death, and the curse of resulting nihilism with love, light and the joy of an ever adoring Divinity?!

    I have often wondered what all the people who walk around believing in nothing would do once the existence of the afterlife has been proved. I realize that technological inventions to prove the endurance of the soul beyond death might be a few steps away at this point, but an easy access knowledge base of afterlife research is certainly a precursor, a much needed foundation, to what is coming.

    It seems clear now that Thomas and associated elevated souls have waited until some nature based tribulations, political milestones and the Covid emergency have passed, before the launch of this most salient website. It makes me wonder how much our consciousness has changed since the recent struggles; what makes us more receptive now?

    Well Roberta, Will Shakespeare did say ‘ripeness is all.’ Timing is everything. So congratulations my dear on this splendid forthcoming website and my deepest thanks to you, Thomas, Dr Craig Hogan and all who have labored so hard to bring us this life changing knowledge. 🙏🏼🌅❣️

  12. Oh my dear Efrem, as Mahatma Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” For more than a century, both science and religions have gotten away with ignoring all the afterlife evidence, and then laughing at those who persist in putting it forth. I expect the fighting will likely start soon, but I believe we are ready for it. We are fighting for the future, quite literally! I hear now from so many who are terrified of death. And we have the power to ease their fears. We have fought to learn the truth, so we can share it now.

    There is far less overt opposition to the truth than there was even just a few years ago. I can remember when I was getting science-groupie venom-filled emails and blog post comments! But once we go public enough, I expect we’ll threaten their pocketbooks enough that we will be attacked. We’ll see. We would have been apprehensive about it at 40 or 50, but with even 70 now in our rear-view mirror, Craig and I just shrug.

  13. Dearest Roberta,

    It’s wonderful to see that the website is finally coming to fruition, AND, it’s subject matter won’t overlap the many spiritual-based streaming sites on You Tube. If there is any relationship it would be that your new site would teach the necessary foundational material. Graduates could go on from there doing advanced work taught by some, but not all, of those streamers. Will your site teach discernment? And don’t forget security.


    1. Dear Cookie, Thomas has been telling me for years that I will teach basic survival as a complete topic, while Craig teaches the same thing at an advanced level. And that is turning out to be precisely right! We don’t know of any other website that is based in teaching these truths as a course, not just delivering evidence in certain areas. And it’s a hard course to put together! At the moment, my problem is reincarnation (or whatever the heck it is that happens), which is very complex in its details. My instinct is to simplify it so as not to confuse the children as they are learning this whole big topic, while Craig is teaching the nuances.

      Not sure what you mean by discernment? Are you speaking in the religious sense?

      1. Discernment. I am. thinking of an analog to the religious sense. What should be discerned are the numerous spiritually oriented sites and streams that look intriguing, but might lead the viewer astray. If a site says it channels archangels, is it helpful or would it lead us astray? I see this as an issue way above my pay grade, so I will stop here.

        1. My dear Cookie, as you know, I take direction from Thomas, and he disdains the entire internet of spiritual websites and Youtubes! Won’t even let me check them out on my own. For him, the only worthwhile spiritual teacher at our stage of development is Jesus. Which does make it simple!

          1. It is important to focus on primary sources, of which there may be some on websites and YouTube, but why not go straight to the Master, and then live out one’s own personal experience!

      2. Roberta, teaching children “whatever the heck” reincarnation is as an experience may not be as challenging as one might think—since the whole experience really only makes sense from “the other side” (whatever the heck that is), and children we have been shown are much closer to that experience (until materialism beats it out of them year by year). Craig’s model is the best I have seen to help an adult “get it.” For me, the key is the epiphany that we continually recreate ourselves—it isn’t “God” doing the manufacturing—it is a personal process, and a choice!

        1. Heh – my dear Mike, when I refer to “children” above, I’m talking about people just learning the truth about death and the afterlife, whatever their biological age might be! My specific mission is to disaffected Christians, for whom reincarnation is by and large a new phenomenon; and I sometimes get nervous questions about it, even now. I’m trying to simplify and make it not unnecessarily scary! But what we are told about it by the dead is pretty confusing, and some of it is off-putting when we look at the topic from here. So what I’m trying to come up with is a reasonably accurate and satisfying oversimplification of it that will do away with it as an issue. Then once people are over their fear of death, they can go to Craig for more details. Let’s see what we can do!

  14. Oh my dear Mike, you are always helpful! We were talking about all of this years ago, over lunches, and I think you and Scott and Cookie helped to shape my thinking about what was going to be needed in that future hypothetical educational website a lot more than I was realizing at the time. One of the great things about getting older is that you come to see that the insights of others are often considerably better than your own!

    1. There has been an element of collaboration, hasn’t there?

      I think if the kids can take in the reality that we don’t “begin” at birth, and that this experience we perceive as incarnation is part of a growing, creative process and not all of it, the larger epiphany may dawn in its own timetable.

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