Let There Be Life

Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 27, 2019 • 19 Comments
The Source, Understanding Reality

We have talked here about the fact that materialist mainstream scientists still continue to look for a source of consciousness inside the brain. Not content to wait for proof-of-concept, scientists even are racing now to develop a level of artificial intelligence that they believe can give rise to consciousness: they are building machines that can “repair themselves” and even can “eat, grow, and evolve.” These researchers are generally careful to say that their machines are not conscious now, but over it all there is an unspoken hope that if machines become sufficiently competent then actual consciousness might arise. They think about how we are going to know that some machine is “conscious”; and since their fundamental premise is so flawed because consciousness is not generated by the brain, they keep stumbling across issues and barriers that simply do not exist in life. They study anger in dreams with the astonishing belief that “(t)he research may ultimately help experts understand the neural foundation of the emotional content involved in nightmares,” even though of course emotion is a property of consciousness rather than an artifact of brain activity so what they are studying is merely the effects of emotions on the brain. Nor can they even begin to fathom such questions as what the mind experiences during the death process, or a genuine explanation for the beautiful phenomenon called Acquired Savant Syndrome.

Bernardo Kastrup is a young Dutch scientist who grasps the primary role of consciousness, and reading his work does give me hope that the willfully self-enforced Luddite cluelessness of modern mainstream science may not be forever; but meanwhile, you and I are left to do the work of studying consciousness that rightly belongs to career research scientists.  Creator

And there is another scientific pursuit that is fully as hopeless as trying to find a source of consciousness inside the brain. A great deal of time and money is being devoted now to searching for the origin of life in some version of a primordial soup. The term given to the whole broad area of trying to understand how life arose on earth is called Origin of Life research, and it has become a kind of demented sister to the ongoing search for a source of consciousness in the brain. While consciousness researchers do the rough equivalent of taking a radio apart to search for the source of Frank Sinatra’s voice, Origin of Life researchers are back-engineering living organisms to try to discover how inert chemicals once were combined in such a magical way that life was sparked into being. This insanity has been going on for decades, and it is so well funded that even largely unrelated scientific pursuits can be made more viable if their missions include an Origin of Life component. Repeated supposed breakthroughs have been announced, countless conferences have been held, and many learned articles have been published, all of which have amounted to nothing.

The problem is that research scientists have set themselves an impossible task. Not only must life be sparked into being, but it requires a cellular and chemical infrastructure to sustain it; and this means that life’s basic structures would almost certainly have to predate whatever first caused life to spark. Then for life to progress beyond single cells would require the development of DNA and so many other essential details that the odds against chance for randomly emergent life to then randomly create you and me turn out to be unfathomably long.

I am coming to believe that the fatal flaw that eventually will bring down materialist science may turn out to be the fact that the origin of life requires pre-emergence design.

Mainstream scientists are so wrong-headed and fundamentally clueless about all of this that they are easy targets for Christian scientists arguing for intelligent design; and while these Christian scientists have their own biases, their work can be helpful to those of us who simply want to know what is true. The current state of play in Origin of Life research was brilliantly set out by two scientists at the 2019 Dallas Science and Faith Conference held in January of this year. I am giving you two lectures from that conference; I hope you will watch at least the first one:

* James M. Tour is a synthetic organic chemist who is the T. T. and W. F. Chao Professor of Chemistry at Rice University in Houston, Texas. He talked about The Mystery of the Origin of Life

* Jay W. Richards is an Assistant Research Professor at The Catholic University of America, and a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute. He spoke about The Privileged Planet.

Yet again you and I are caught in the war between mainstream science and mainstream Christianity, learning what we can from each of them but always aware of the dogmas and biases that make them both fundamentally wrong. So we learn what we can from these Christian scientists, and we add it to our larger set of understandings. Now, if you and I were asked to hazard a guess at how life began on earth, what might we say?

  • Consciousness is the base creative force, and it is all that independently exists. Everyone who reads these words is living the core underlying fact that consciousness is inherently and vitally alive! It begins to seem reasonable to suggest that what we experience as life may even be a fundamental property of consciousness-based matter itself.
  • Creation is not once-and-done, but rather it is continuous. So the physical and chemical structures necessary to sustain the first living cells could appear and be animated all in the same micro-instant of ongoing creation. As is true of evolution’s punctuated equilibrium and so many other things that have changed in earth’s history without leaving a record of precisely how that happened, God need not show us every step!
  • The building blocks necessary for increasing life’s complexity could similarly be installed in primitive living cells. DNA, organelles, the differentiation of cell types, and all the rest: God works it out and smoothly installs it, perhaps even simultaneously with that first spark of life. And if scientists discover any of this, it just will demonstrate to them the notion that life could have arisen randomly because that will seem to them to have been how it happened.

So the Origin of Life is easy for you and me to explain in a way that fits our developing understanding of how reality works. Consciousness is the base creative force, and creation happens freshly in each micro-instant. Indeed, the fact that this is probably the only way that life could have arisen gives us further evidence that our theory about how creation happens is right.

Mainstream scientists never will be able to explain the origin of life until they abandon their certainty that consciousness is merely an artifact of the brain. Making life arise from some chemical soup, and cell structure and DNA and all the rest then somehow naturally arise as well, will seem to them to be possible because it exists that way in the fossil record. But their making it happen in the laboratory will forever be as elusive to them as will be the creation of intelligent robots that are able to develop consciousness.

Reality is all of a piece! If you insist on having one part of it your way, you guarantee that you never will understand the rest.

Mainstream science maintains its insistence that matter is primary and consciousness is generated by the brain as a bulwark against its ever finding the Christian God. Even in the twenty-first century, the organized scientific community still sees itself as courageous crusaders against old Christian superstitions; and oddly, the fact that materialist science and mainstream Christianity both are based in erroneous assumptions seems never to occur to anyone. But things are turning now, almost imperceptibly. Even the most zealous scientist would tell you that inevitably all dogmas fall away and the light of objective truth must dawn!


Chemistry of Life photo credit: DalinYebo <a href=”″>Shell to quit US lobby over climate policies</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Shells photo credit: marcoverch <a href=”″>Sammlung von unterschiedlichen Muscheln vor weißem Hintergrund</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

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19 thoughts on “Let There Be Life

  1. Thank you for providing an arena (your regular writing) where one can glimpse (sense, “see”, momentarily realize) the oneness and completeness of all. Without regular reminders we return to the seeming and overwhelming illusion of duality. Of course that is the game we seem to relish.

    1. Oh dear Michael, what a beautiful thing for you to say! I am very grateful to everyone here – those who comment, those who send emails, and those who only read and send me their positive energy – because I simply could not do this alone. We are indeed all one!

  2. Hi Roberta,

    I am being shown that increasingly “science” is coming around, one funeral at a time, to paraphrase Albert Einstein. And speaking of Einstein, I have come across articles and references to his attachment to the concept not of the traditional Jehovah character of the Old Testament Jewish God but a more pantheistic notion of the divine — he didn’t go as far as the model of the Collective you’ve discussed on this blog, but he did refer to Spinoza and to nature as a reflection of a universal Consciousness. So that was Einstein. Also, last Earth Day I saw an op-ed piece in the New York Times musing on the fact that more scientists are actually acknowledging that the planet itself may be a sentient being. I think I can include the link here without violating copyright:

    I don’t know what to do about the traditional religionists, except to say that people are comfortable with the idea of God as a big guy on a throne and will the concept of divine retribution as a referee for all of the monstrous things they feel powerless to address. So maybe as we begin to feel more empowered and less at the mercy of the deeds of terrible people and institutions, we’ll feel better about the genuine nature of the divine.

    1. Thank you for these thoughts, dear Mike! I can see science gradually coming around now as well, but at a glacial pace: so far, it is mostly individuals. Even today, the gatekeeper university departments and peer-reviewed journals are trying to maintain their materialist focus as an increasingly pointless bulwark. Science is softening, though. Scientific American is now regularly printing the non-materialist views of Bernardo Kastrup, which is something that would have been flat-out shocking and impossible even just five years ago! There will soon come a year – perhaps within the next five to ten? – which starts in ignorance, but then a few breakthroughs on the scientific front will happen that we cannot even guess now, and by the end of that year it will seem as if the study of non-material reality has always been an aspect of mainstream science. I am coming to imagine now that the breakthrough will be that rapid and that complete.

      Mainstream Christianity, as you say, will be a harder nut, primarily because it is based in fear but also because it is less organized. There are forty thousand different versions of it! Where Christianity is concerned, the only force that can break it open with be Jesus Himself, and to that end I am hearing about more and more people who feel that He is in touch with them personally and asking them to share His truth. It’s astounding! Having been one of those people, I altogether believe that He is approaching and speaking through multiple people. The Presence I experienced was genuine and unmistakable. So we simply offer our services to the Lord as footsoldiers, and He will manage the resurrection of His teachings to their primary role in His own perfect time and His own perfect ways. Such a glorious time this is to be alive!

  3. The main concern here is urgency of action. There is not much time to turn things around. To anyone with their eyes open, life on Earth ~ a wondrously non-linear tapestry of color, sound and inter-dynamic, ecologically bound, biodiverse expression ~ is rapidly unraveling. Are we sliding, uncontrollably and unconscionably, into terminal holocene? Or can we forestall this 6th major extinction? If we can stop it, then how? What to do? What actions can
    “livestream” vital aid from the primary field that subtends all Life, moment by moment?

    I agree with you completely that emergent life stems from, and depends upon, a fluid template of pre-emergent design. This differs from the so-called “intelligent design” invoked by religionists who fail to see that Being and Becoming are one. Biological emergence relies on an intangible template that supports and nourishes this unfolding into being. In “religious” terms, this means that the “ligio”, or binding, of the molecular with the sacred, occurs continuously at the quantum-biological level. Put another way, a primary field of “organization” precedes and subtends all organs, organelles, and organisms.

    An analogy from film making is helpful here: to succeed in producing a movie, both pre-production and post-production must be performed. Cosmic consciousness (pre-production mode) and human awareness (post-production mode) should be parts of an unbroken chain, or necklace. This is, as you well know, the original meaning of cosmos in Greek, and shows the inherent beauty (cosmetic appearance) of all things that exist in nature.

    Within non-mainstream genetics, fluid genomics demonstrates how genes themselves interact in extremely complex ways with each other along the spiral column of the double helix. These interactions are improvisatory and somehow “musical”, as in jazz music. Nothing is pre-set, everything moves in wondrous, non-linear, combinatory ways.

    I have conclusively demonstrated in my clinical work that the brain’s signals to the body are conducive to input from an outside source of consciousness. In other words, a person’s brain can be induced non-locally, by means of the organizatory energy fields in which it is tethered, to discharge signals into the body with which it is index-linked. This can be done regardless of physical distance, and specific auditory frequencies generated and recorded. The problem is that when you demonstrate something that disproves conventional dogma, stone walls come up. These walls are bolstered, not by scientific logic, but by dogma, derogatory attitudes and plain old misinformation.

    The issue is not so simple because mainstream science is institutionalized (similarly to the Church), with links to governments, banks and corporations who basically want it to represent things-as-they-are to their unspoken agendas.

    Which is to say, to the advantage of the status quo. Yes it is the status quo that has brought us, as Greta Thunberg so poignantly and bluntly puts it, to the present existential crisis. Our common crisis is at once a climate crisis, an ecological crisis, and a spiritual crisis. Thus, it is fundamentally a crisis of intelligence (a loss of spiritual connection with natural intelligence and a seduction by artificial intelligence).

    It is fundamentally a crisis of consciousness that has beset our species, driven by those whose modus operandi is parasitical and exploitative.

    Afterlife research shows us that in the worlds that follow on, where time and space operate very differently, subjectivity is more fundamental than objectivity. The imaginal, we could say, is primary, not derivative, and certainly not delusional, as mainstream science derisively maintains. The heart mind is the key to the kingdom. The same appears at the other end of the spectrum, antenatal research, as spearheaded by Dr. Ikegawa in Japan. When we collate afterlife research with pre-life research, a synergy of understanding results.

    Yet there is no time for leisurely rumination. The planet is burning and extinctions are accelerating. Even the sanest contributions from mainstream science regarding climate change are glossed over or flagrantly belittled by our representatives in government.

    If the Afterlife is precisely linked up at a level of consciousness with the Pre-life (that is, our pre-incarnational essence), our individual and collective actions whilst alive take on a far greater degree of accountability.

    Thank you for continuously and passionately working to reshape our common misunderstandings into a more enlightened perspective.

    1. Dear Nicholas, you literally stagger me. I had just told Mike that I thought a scientific breakthrough in understanding was coming shortly, and then I read your comment and I saw that breakthrough before me! What you say here deserves to be a guest blog post. I hope that everyone will read it and think about it. Thank you for taking the time to write it! Beautifully, brilliantly, and very wisely said.

      I used to worry, too, about timing. The hour seems so late, the workers are few, and there is so much to be done! Very recently, though, I have been made to understand that all is unfolding precisely according to the vast, eternal design that is being carried out far above our pay-grade, and therefore we should not concern ourselves with timing. As you know, the only place where strictly linear time even exists is in this material universe, which is less than five percent of what even mainstream scientists now believe exists! Outside of time, the work of raising the consciousness vibration of this living planet has been underway for more than a century of earth-time. By now, the signs of its progress are everywhere.

      I hope you realize that you are a precious resource, dear Nicholas. Very few people who have your level of scientific knowledge also possess your level of spiritual understanding and sophistication. Surely you have a role to play! I hope you will stay in touch with us here, as we all begin to live out our individual strands in the great tapestry which is this planet’s next stage. We won’t be able to see the design until we have returned home and resumed our vast, eternal minds, but won’t that be glorious?

      When i was a child, I recall that I was told by a voice in my mind that I should just do my part and not worry about the larger picture because one day “when all is plain and true you will see the little puzzle-piece that was your work and joy.” That was such an odd thought to a ten-year-old that it has stuck in my mind ever since! It is only now that I see its wisdom. The whole picture is not ours to design, but if each of us will work on our own tiny piece of it, that picture will be ours to own!

      1. Dear Roberta,

        Yes, I would be more than happy to contribute, (perhaps in a guest blog or some other way), information on how consciousness can be directed to permeate the bodies of others, often causing healings to proceed, and expanding minds. To any sane person, consciousness is the primary stratum of reality. And mind, the intangible river bed through which consciousness flows, is utterly resistant to the trap of materialism (that obsolete sluice-gate so prized by reductionist scientists).

        There have been many experiments demonstrating how thoughts can alter REGs (random event generators), change the rate of radioactive decay of elements sealed inside Faraday cages, move objects at a distance etc. The capacity of mind to change rates of radioactive decay demonstrates mental power over the Weak Nuclear Force. Similarly, mind can influence the other three fundamental forces, especially the electromagnetic force, and gravity. Mind modifies probability theory, which is that branch of mathematics upon which quantum mechanics relies for predicting events.

        I have found that the energy field encircling the brain is open to input in such a way that unbalanced cells of a person’s body can be acted upon at a distance. This effectively proves that the mind is independent from what lies inside the skull. Indeed, the physical brain, with its folds of grey and white matter, is rather the servant of the mind than its master.

        You always bring such generosity of spirit to your blogs, and you are unfailingly supportive and loving towards those who follow your posts. I would like you to know that a patient and friend of mine who died last year of stage 4 pancreatic cancer got tremendous help from you. I introduced him to some of your books, and they were of immeasurable value for him. I’m sure that his spirit would be very keen on my letting you know this. His approach to death, and his parting, were filled with joyous expectation and generosity, and your writings played a big part in making that happen. So thank you, dear Roberta.

        1. Dear Nicholas, I love the fact that you are happy to share so very much with us! Thank you. I’m sure I speak for everyone here! Yours truly is entirely self-taught, and even though I have expert help from people not currently in bodies, none of them is a scientist either. You have the power, dear Nicholas, to help so many people by sharing what you know, so I am sure you will have an important role to play in the enlightenment of all humanity if you are of a mind to do it.

          And thank you so much for letting me know that my work helped your friend’s transition! I read your words, and I know why I was born: to ease the transition of that one man. The first time I knew my work had helped someone, it was a minister who found The Fun of Dying soon after its publication and he invited me to speak at his church in Mesa, AZ. Then not long after that, he had a stroke. His wife called me after he transitioned and told me that she and he had spent his last weeks reading my book together and talking about what his next stage would be like. She thanked me, too, and said that by the time he left her he was so excited that he couldn’t wait to get there! It was first then that I knew why I had been born. Dear Nicholas, if I do nothing more in this lifetime than to help as many people as possible like my friend Joel and your friend to prepare joyfully for their wonderful next stage, then my whole life will have been perfectly lived!!

  4. I wonder if any of the materialist scientists, after crossing over to the other side, have communicated back to us what they have since learned? It must be an eye opener for them, and would be of much interest to us here.

    Also, James Tour, in the first video, talked about molecules not being interested in evolving into complex structures, beyond just a crystal or something. It seems to me that if consciousness is fundamental, then those bits of Divine Consciousness BEHIND even atoms or molecules would be seeking to evolve them into ever greater vehicles for experiencing things, and the human body is one of the latest models. On a larger scale, maybe planets, stars, etc have some sort of sentience as well. Perhaps that is the more pantheistic notion Einstein had, as Mike mentioned. To me it is like God dividing into countless bits, and then reassmbling into an infinite series of combinations, just to experience them, a process that never ends.

    1. Scott, the great Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist who from Cambridge who dared to challenge scientific dogmatism, talks about the scentience of the cosmos. The divine splitting you mention has scientific parallels in quantum physics, something referred to as the hologram theory.

      1. Hi Mike. Isn’t it funny that more and more people, such as Elon Musk, are comparing the universe to a hologram or something akin to the Matrix movie? In many cases it seems to be more their fascination with, or fear of, AI. The idea of a spiritual trainer or gym, like Roberta has suggested still hasn’t occurred to them. I’m a fan of Mr Sheldrake also. His theory of morphogenetic fields, based on the story of the hundredth monkey effect, seems a lot like that critical mass of consciousness that needs to be raised that Roberta talks about. What was the threshold Sheldrake proposed? Somewhere I heard the square root of one percent of the population. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe came out in 1991 – nearly thirty years ago now – and it is still the leading authority on the fact that apparently every smallest aspect of reality is holographic! I first read it not long after it was initially published, and it has influenced my thinking ever since.

          I am also a huge Rupert Sheldrake fan! So brilliant, and yet so unassuming: in a more just world, everyone would know his name.

    2. More wisdom, dear Scott! I loved what Dr. Tour had to say. I don’t think that anyone who is not a die-hard atheist could watch his presentation and not be inspired by it to an even deeper understanding that of course the entire universe is of One Mind! Not the Christian God, though. Not a God of fear-based dogmas. Instead, a God of much greater perfection and love than we can even imagine!

      To answer your question, many of the world’s greatest and most famous transitioned scientists do quite often work with us from there. They have laboratories where they make the earth’s next scientific breakthroughs, and then they channel them in to a few willing living collaborators; and some of them are working now with living lab assistants to develop much better electronic communications (the fabled “soul phone”). There is a process, though, to what they are doing, and they are working with those far above them to ensure that all of this happens in divine time.

      The co-ordination in this is more and more apparent to me, and as I see it I am starting to mellow. Timing really is not our concern! I have been of late quite ardent for Jesus, and indignant that fear-based Christianity had been invented as a gigantic detour from the Lord’s Way. A detour seventeen hundred years long! Poor Jesus! You can see this outrage in some of what I wrote here a few months back. Then at one point I was writing an answer to someone’s comment and expressing my indignation, and a voice spoke loud and clear in my mind: “What makes you think that all of this, including what you call a detour, was not part of the plan?” Or words to that effect.

      Wow, that set me back on my heels! And it started me down a different road. In a reality without time, even with my present earth-limited mind I can see some good reasons for Christianity to have developed as it did. So all of it was part of the vast divine plan! And we need not be indignant for Jesus, who remains in perfect charge. So, too, I am coming to think that science and all the rest of human knowledge are developing precisely according to the plan, so we really can just each do our part and never need to give a thought beyond it!

      Next week we will be talking here about something that was planed months ago and that I now realize belongs here precisely: we’re going to talk about spirit guides. I am not an expert, but I’m what we’ve got; and I see now how crucial it is becoming for all of us to be working with our guides more actively. Thank you, dear Scott!

      1. Dear Roberta. I really enjoyed Nicholas Corrin’s comment as well. I’ve read it a few times. There is a lot to unpack there. I hope he will comment again in the future.

        I’m also learning patience as I start trying to connect with my guide, but as you say, time is not as important to them as timing. I look forward to your and others’ comments on that in the coming weeks

  5. Dearest Roberta,
    Your blog this week (including bloggers’ comments) is a tour de force. It’s richness is inviting me to read and reread; to follow up on James M Tour, B Kastrup, Sheldrake et al. BTW, I refresh your blog constantly, it’s such a goldmine!

    Life has taught me one important thing; there is nothing that humans find so hard to do as to put themselves in another’s shoes. This coupled with a furious need to define themselves by dogma, makes Homo Sapiens Sapiens the most intractable, stubborn species in existence.
    Would we but see that our field of believed reality is as blindly boxed by dogma as other people’s perceived reality, we would start to see our own folly and begin to emerge from it.
    Material scientists believe that the religiously inclined are full of dogma blindness, but they don’t see their own blinding, materialistic fixed beliefs. The political Left sees the dogma of the political Right but not their own. (And visa versa.) Cultural dogmas allow easterners and westerners to criticize each other’s ways, but never to look to themselves for improvement.
    I don’t know Roberta…. Perhaps only when we human beings realize that dogma is a problem of the species and not of politics, science, culture or religion can we begin to see clearly as a whole. And yes, understanding of the Greater Reality is going to have to come through a critical mass of (increasing numbers of) people that know of life after death and Jesus. The institutional fixed beliefs must inevitably be eroded, like sand castles before the incremental rising tide.

    Maybe it will take (EG) Sonia Rinaldi’s afterlife photo work or Garry Schwatz’s Soulphone to breakthrough the science establishment malaise. When certain, brave afterlife researchers have a demonstrable technological device that can convince people of the reality of life after death, then a big change will happen in mainstream science and society. We shall see.

    Meanwhile, I feel that it is my job to grow and to live out The Way as Jesus intended; also to help spread this awareness to people, as and when I’m able to do so.

    Roberta, I look forward to your forthcoming blog on contacting our spirit guides. I have been attempting to do this my way – with ace suggestions from Mike J-R. You know, I’m already getting actual results! (Including one clear sign, one embarrassing incident, that I’ll probably relate here one day, should the conversation enable this.)
    However I am eager to see what insights you have on this subject and what techniques you channel from your Source. (I know these will be as effective as your ‘gratitude diary’ and your ‘forgiveness balls’ are proving to be.)
    Love and hugs, Efrem ❣️

    1. Thank you so much, dear Efrem! Your kindly words always make me smile ;-). You are right in saying that so much of the value of this blog has turned out to be the extraordinary contributions of its commenters! And right, too, in saying that the core scientific problem seems to be the fact that scientists are utterly blind to their own blindnesses. As Jesus said, “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye” (LK 6:41-42).

      I love the fact that you are feeling called now to follow and spread the Way! I am coming to think this may be a part of the plan, men in their late fifties and early sixties discovering this closer connection to their guides and feeling called now to do the work of Spirit. I hear from men by email too who are going through the same awakening. It is going to be wonderful to see where this leads!

      As for my post on working with guides, Thomas has taken it over and made it clear to me that it is in fact two posts. His team channels what I write, but they generally do it in such a way that all the work is internal to me and I just feel really smart! But as I write this next channeled post he is right over my shoulder and asking me to emphasize certain things. It turns out to matter to him very much that everyone here begin this closer relationship with their guides. So it looks now to be coming in two installments. Stay tuned….

      1. Hi Roberta,
        For what it’s worth, my guide, whom you know all too well ( 😉 ), has taken a personal interest in this upcoming post on guides too. She isn’t exactly standing at my shoulder, probably because I am not the writer, but she’s keenly interested in how people will respond. We are both looking forward to it!

        1. Oy! First Thomas, and now Arrow! No pressure ;-). Truth be told, I think that all of them are eager to have closer relationships with their proteges now. Thomas seems to be using our relationship to model it, since I have always been so resistant to knowing my own guide personally. Living my life for most of my life was like driving a car: so long as the motor kept running, I had no interest in knowing what was under the hood. But humanity is entering a new stage now when it will be very important for a great many of us to work much more closely with our guidance teams, and to model these relationships for everyone else on earth.

          Thomas seems to feel more positive now about his lifetime as Thomas Jefferson, perhaps since the fame that he attained in that lifetime is something he sees now that he can use. He used to hate my even asking a question about it! He was so completely over having done all the wonderful things he had done in what was not even his final lifetime. But when he had to badger me into writing Liberating Jesus because he had promised the Lord that I would do it, he came to see that I likely wouldn’t have done it even after he came out and pleaded with me until he told me – OMG! – who he had been in that long-ago lifetime. Fame has its uses!

          Thomas tells me now that for a long time he was so disappointed that he never had managed to end slavery, and he never had managed to publish his own Liberating Jesus – which had been two primary purposes of what was supposed to have been his final earth-lifetime – that his role in founding a country that he sees now as going off the rails anyway is something on which he had lost focus. Now, though, he and I are working on projects that are meant to heal slavery, help Jesus, and by the way also get this nation back on track! So he is feeling a great deal better about his Jefferson lifetime. After all, spirit guides are people, too!

          (… And that all just came from him now. I’m so glad to see that he really is feeling better!)

          1. Ha! Maybe we should take this “outside”? Anyway, Arrow has shown me that the work our guides and their “home teams” are doing is ongoing whether we invite them in or not; they WANT us to invite them in, though, because it makes the work easier. This is an important time for the earth, but even from a perspective outside of time and space, it’s an important *phenomenon*(?) on a cosmic scale, as well. Conciousness continues to create and the expansion is infinite, but the nature of Conciousness evolves too.

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