Science’s Sad Suicide

Posted by Roberta Grimes • June 17, 2023 • 18 Comments
Understanding Reality

Climb every mountain, search high and low,
Follow every byway, every path you know.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.

A dream that will need all the love you can give,
Every day of your life, for as long as you live.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream!
– Richard Rodgers (1902-1979) & Oscar Hammerstein II (1895-1960), from “Climb Every Mountain” (1959)

It is hard to watch the slow death of a friend, and especially if that death is by suicide. This suicide has been long in coming, and for most of a century we were sure that a deeper wisdom would sooner or later prevail. But more and more now, it seems that the death of modern mainstream science is going to be inevitable, and at this point it doesn’t seem that its death will be much longer in coming, because so many of modern science’s practitioners are unwilling to allow their profession to survive in anything but its present form. And in its present form, I am sad to say, investigative science is no longer of very much value to anyone anymore.

My husband and I have subscribed to popular science magazines for our entire marriage. My physician husband is a science hobbyist, and soon after we were married I picked up his addiction, which has meant that over these many years I have learned quite a lot about science in just a million delicious little article-sized bits. So I can tell you that until about thirty years ago, scientists were confident that what they were calling “a theory of everything” was just around the corner. And I also can tell you that for almost as long, I was pretty sure that was unlikely to happen. Because mainstream scientists were refusing to accept the certain fact that a century ago, Max Planck had made the most exciting discovery of the whole twentieth century, which was that what we experience as human consciousness is primary, and it pre-exists matter. Max Planck won the 1918 Nobel Prize in physics as the father of quantum mechanics. And then he made an even greater discovery. As he announced it in 1931, he said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness! Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

I think it was only the horrified scientific gatekeepers – the editors of the peer-reviewed journals, and the heads of the university scientific departments – and of course we few delighted afterlife researchers as well, who really were able to grasp the full significance of Dr. Planck’s discovery. And realizing that astounds me, frankly, since it all seems to be so stunningly obvious! How is it that not every person on earth can see what we are so well able to see? Dr. Planck had discovered the base creative force!  My goodness, the whole world should be dancing in the streets. But of course, those scientific gatekeepers have not been dancing in the streets at all. They thought even back in 1931 that Dr. Planck’s discovery meant that the religionists had won the ancient two-millennia-long battle for primacy between science and religions, because Dr. Planck now was apparently only a whisker away from discovering God, for heaven’s sake. And they absolutely would not ever let him go there!

So instead of embracing consciousness as a new discovery, as something natural to be further studied and certainly nothing to be feared, the mainstream scientific gatekeepers retreated into a silly materialist shell. They actually adopted materialism as what they have been stubbornly enforcing as science’s core dogma ever since. And mainstream science has since then spent a billion dollars in an effort to find a source of human consciousness inside the human brain. They are desperately trying to prove that Max Planck somehow must have been wrong, even though of course our dear beloved Max was so self-evidently and entirely right. How willfully stupid can educated adult human beings ever actually be? 

And today we modern science hobbyists have two different scientific research tracks to follow, since besides the popular science magazines that continue to follow the silliness of materialist mainstream science, now there are also the creationist scientists’ publications. Which are all online, of course, since these folks are as poor as church mice so they cannot afford to publish and distribute their own glossy print magazines. And they have their particular axe to grind, as they try to prove the existence of God, and also to prove that Jesus really did rise from the dead, and so on and so forth; but since they are trained scientists doing their work using traditional scientific methods and without the burden of dogmatic materialist constraints, what they produce is science of a high quality, even though they seem to be working almost without any funding at all. And it is such a pleasure to see scientists doing genuine dogma-free science so joyously!

One thing that you notice when you compare these two styles of scientists is that consciousness is so central to everything that when materialist scientists cannot use it in their work, that makes figuring things out much more difficult for them. Or even actually impossible, for all practical purposes. To give you just three examples culled from very recent news:

*  Fruit Flies Die Sooner When They See Dead Fruit Flies. As researchers seek to understand how the minimal minds of insects work, it would be very helpful to them to be able to take into account how consciousness interacts with the minds of fruit flies. What do the teensy minds of fruit flies actually understand about their own mortality that makes their seeing fruit fly corpses make them want to more quickly die?

* Six Huge Young Galaxies That Have Just Been Spotted Don’t Make Sense. I cannot even begin to speculate about this! But in consciousness there is neither time nor distance in any fixed sense, since there is only Mind. So while materialist scientists still don’t understand, and they resolutely refuse to even consider investigating consciousness, and they have no idea how it might be impacting their work, how can they possibly make any sense at all of some big new developments like these in the distant cosmos which are violating everything that they thought they knew?

* Dinosaur Feathers. Discovering that some dinosaurs actually were feathered creatures has become a hot topic in mainstream science in recent years. And as we know, modern birds are descended from dinosaurs. One significant question to be answered is how and why that all happened, and being able to understand how consciousness may have impacted the lives of the dinosaurs that were destined to turn into birds would be very useful now in helping mainstream scientists to answer a lot of questions.

One of the most frustrating questions in science has long been how life on earth actually began. For the past fifty years I have been watching materialist scientists attempting to answer this question, and more recently I have watched the modern version of more open-minded and genuine research scientists without funding and also without materialist constraints as they begin to take their crack at this perhaps most vexing of all scientific questions, with rather more success. Having read by now well over a hundred articles about the origin of life, it seems self-evident to me that this is one area of scientific research where all the easy theories that assume that some random things came together and got zapped and went “Presto!” simply won’t cut it at all. Materialists have always wanted to assume that lightning hit the right mix of chemicals, and – Zap! – Life! But they have never been able to replicate that event in a laboratory. And what is worse, even if they could, they realize now that they cannot see any pathway by which that first spark of life could have evolved from there into living cells. Personally, at this point I consider life to be just a fundamental property of consciousness. But try telling that to the materialist scientists! We might as well tell them that God simply did it.

I think that at this point we have got to concede the fact that the horserace that began some twenty-three hundred years ago between Plato and Aristotle is fizzling out at last, and neither side will ever win it. Neither of those endearing old codgers was right, because human-made religions and human-made science were both equally erroneous ways of looking at the world. Jesus came to us two thousand years ago to abolish human-made religions, and to teach us among other important things that “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth” (JN 4:24), so it was time even back then for us to learn to relate to God individually. And then a century ago, Max Planck tried to lift mainstream science to its next sensible stage of intellectual development by showing us the essentially spiritual nature of reality. However, instead of making that critical leap, a century ago our scientific gatekeepers retreated into the silliness of dogmatic materialism. Still, no matter. Mainstream science is now self-evidently self-destructing.

Consciousness is the base creative force. The evidence for that simple fact is by now overwhelming. And the child has already been born who will win a future Nobel Prize in Physics for a consciousness theory of everything.

Old-style science’s terminal problem is the fact that it has so completely blunted its weapons by stupidly clinging to its materialist dogma that there is nothing important that it has the means to study productively anymore. And people are noticing that! Over the past century we have had a great many technological advances. My goodness, my first job out of college was programming an IBM 360 computer that took up an entire floor of a good-sized building. And that computer had just a fraction of the power that is in my husband’s smart wristwatch! But we haven’t had much in the way of big new scientific discoveries over the past hundred years. That search for a scientific theory of everything hasn’t panned out so far, mostly because while they could come up with theories, they had no way to test them. And the human genome was exciting to work on, but embarrassing to actually discover because our genome turns out not to code for the human mind so it is amazingly tiny. There are plants with much bigger genomes than we have! And discovering that fact has never raised red flags for those stubborn materialist scientific gatekeepers, because by now they have invested their careers in materialism and they still have to get their kids through college.  

 So you and I are privileged to be alive at a remarkable moment in history. We are now witnessing the apparent deaths of both man-made science and man-made religions.

Max Planck was deeply disappointed to find that his great consciousness insight was being ignored, but he later hopefully made the remark that science was going to advance by deaths. He thought that his discovery that consciousness is primary would be taken up by the next generation, or for sure by the generation after that, which of course would be familiar with what he had discovered. But thanks to the diligence of those gatekeepers who have been strictly policing the closure of every up-and-coming scientific mind, we have had four ignorant generations since Dr. Planck first announced his epic discovery of the primacy of consciousness. And counting! Still, a new generation is now being educated, so perhaps there still is a tiny bit of hope for science after all. As Nikola Tesla famously said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

A dream that will need all the love you can give,
Every day of your life, for as long as you live.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream!
– Richard Rodgers (1902-1979) & Oscar Hammerstein II (1895-1960), from “Climb Every Mountain” (1959)

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18 thoughts on “Science’s Sad Suicide

  1. Faith is the conduit to Reality.
    Without the “leap” of faith, the journey(a breath away)
    can be difficult.
    Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love: the Secret is out.
    And I have to confess I don’t write down a Gratitude/day
    I still haven’t memorized the words you say when you throw the wad away. I love automatically -it’s always been there.

    Materialistic scientists won’t say God in their labs–conflict
    of interest-
    I discussed this blog with my guy. I know he has faith but
    cannot concede Jesus is the 1st cause.
    I brought up vibration levels but no he wasn’t going there
    I talked about Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics but
    but the Soul leaving the body as an example of Consciousness outside the brain troubled him. He said
    he liked my ‘innocence ‘ but thought it was simplistic.
    I wasn’t hurt at all!

    1. Oh my sweet Erica, what really does amaze me is that I never can tell beforehand which blog posts will get a lot of responses and which will receive hardly any at all. When I posted on last week’s topic, I thought it was important but I was sure that hardly anyone would care enough to comment on it. And there were nearly twenty comments by the end of the day! Then this week, I thought that the topic would be important to many people so there would be many comments, but by the end of the day on Sunday there were… four comments. My dear beautiful Erica, I really never have a clue! But bless you, my lovely one, you always are there for me 🙂

  2. Dear Roberta, I have not posted for quite a while but have read your posts weekly. To remind you, I left my ministry as a United Methodist ordained elder 15 years ago now. The church I served was in rural N.C. 150 years old. My teaching and preaching were based in the teachings of Jesus and minimizing Christian dogma. I taught about how the formation of the original Catholic Church totally usurped the real teachings of Jesus.
    One simple Jesus teaching of how all of humanity should infinitely forgive the other breaks the fundamental FEAR core of Christianity ruled by a God of vengeance.
    I lied and pretended to give lip service to the dogma in an effort to shed a bit of light on the loving and uplifting Truth given by Jesus. I left ministry realizing that the end of religion was coming and quickly. You and teachers like you have helped bring about a light of truth much needed in the institutions of science and religion. One of the most instructional truths succinctly put is in the Zen saying..
    looking for God is like seeking an ox while riding on an ox.

    1. Oh wow, my sweet darling Mike, there you are!! How are you? You’re right – it has been such a long while!! It’s so perfectly lovely to hear from you, my treasured friend!! And yes, my dear, I do remember that Zen koan, which is quite wonderful. Are you teaching at all now, or writing? I cannot imagine that you could completely retire, so full of life and wonder as I remember that you always were. Thank you for commenting here, my treasured friend!

  3. A nother great blog Roberta! Nokola Tesla used divine conciouness for inventing. You would think science would start seeing the truth. I wonder what will happen when the old gatekeepers start dying out? Who will guard the gates? Maybe a new open minded generation will have more of an open mind. or science might out like religion. Litsa

    1. Oh my dear Litsa, sad to say, the old gatekeepers simply have trained new gatekeepers, and the lies have carried on. Only when someone breaks the materialist barrier altogether and for them all will there ever be any real difference made at all, and when that ever happens, we will know about it!

    1. I haven’t been able to learn much about him, my dear Lorie, but he seems not to be approaching his theory from the viewpoint of traditional physics and consciousness, but rather he is using spirituality. His approach probably won’t be successful, unfortunately. The theory of everything that works and is accepted by the scientific community at large will be developed by a quantum physicist why understands why what we experience as consciousness cannot be a product of the human brain, how consciousness performs in the greater reality, and finally how the manifold ways in which it performs all work together to continuously manifest the reality that we experience, which is everything. Et voila! A consciousness theory of everything!

  4. I wish I had more videos of you and enjoy the way you explain the afterlife. I’m not exactly a genius when it comes to science but I don’t hear you saying anything I don’t agree with. Keep sending me your info please.

    1. Oh my dear Amy, we are about to do each week’s Seek Reality podcast as video as well as audio, from now on – after ten years! – so there will soon be lots of videos of me, and never mind the fact that I have such a great face for radio! 🙂

  5. Seems like anything that can be corrupted will be corrupted.

    We saw how bad science has been corrupted with Covid.

    Scientist are people like the rest of us. They are not above egos simply because they are scientist.

    We were trained from childhood to believe science and the experts. No questions asked. Reality has been determined. That they have our best interest at heart. We are finding that is not necessarily the case.

    My best friend had a rare stomach cancer. Experts flew in from other cities because it was so rare. This also made his treatments very expensive, though Medicaid paid for it luckily.

    The doctors talked about how great he was and how they all loved him.
    The cancer was in remission. They couldn’t see it on a xray. It was a miracle.

    Until it wasn’t and it supposedly came back to the point the experts couldn’t do anything for him. It was just a matter of time.

    That didn’t stop doctors from contacting him for his “treatments”. They wanted him to continue chemo. This didn’t make sense as the experts said there was nothing that could be done.

    Well, the chemo treatments were 100,000 a month. That is the only thing that made sense as to why they wanted him to continue chemo.

    He felt betrayed during his last few months alive. It broke my heart.

    My dad passed away last August from cancer.

    While he was on his way, he almost died from low blood sugar from not eating.

    An ambulance came that night and got his sugar levels up to normal. They said he would have died during the night had we not called.

    My mom and dad visited his doctor a day or two later. The doctor wanted him to continue medicine that lowers his blood sugar. He said this after my mom gave the doctor the ambulance paperwork showing he almost died from low blood sugar.

    My mom told me what the doctor had said and I called him. I asked him why he needed the medicine if he almost died from low blood sugar and he wasn’t eating much due to the cancer. He said I was right and we shouldn’t give him the medicine. I wasn’t planning on giving it to him anyway.

    The only reason I write this is to showcase that these are people just like the rest of us. We have been sold on believing “the science” and not questioning authority. Just like religion, in my opinion. Religions comes in all shapes and sizes when you really look.

    1. Oh my dear Thomas, I am so sorry for what you and your loved ones have been through! I had a similar experience with my primary care doctor – she didn’t catch my recent cardiac artery blockage because it didn’t show on a resting EKG. If my physician husband hadn’t fought for a referral to a good cardiologist, I might not have survived all their nonsense; but as it was, I had a perfect outcome. Still, I don’t see any of it as an excuse for what happened to your friend and your father!

  6. Dear Roberta,
    I had to comment just to let you know that truly your blogs are a blessing for countless numbers of people, including myself! Now, if I don’t have anything useful to add I don’t comment because I don’t want to muddy up your clear, concise and engagingly written blogs with my random nonsense! Lol. 🙂
    I love you dearly, you have shown me and others such kindness not only through the effort and thought that you put into your weekly blogs but in always responding thoughtfully to each person who comments; I can state definitively that I would be in a much worse state of affairs had I not come across your website. Everyone in my family except my dad (who is a fundamentalist Christian/close-minded), my mom (who is a Jehovah’s Witness/close-minded) and my sister (who I think holds views similar to mine) is a materialist and was NO comfort to me whatsoever when my boyfriend passed away last year. The rest of the family is science ALL the way!
    I too hope that the veil will fall away so that people can be freed from the constraints of the religion of science, because that it what it truly has become.
    I know that you don’t need or want accolades but just know assuredly that the work you do is of great importance, and it is truly appreciated! I have already told several people about your website in the hopes that they can find freedom in the truth.
    Much love,

    1. Oh my sweet JenniferK, what a treasure you are! Yes, it does surprise me when fewer people comment on one particular blog post, and especially when it is impossible for me to estimate people’s responses in advance. There are some posts – like last week’s – that I am sure will get almost no responses, and yet they are overwhelmed; and others, like this one, that I think might be controversial, and yet people hardly comment at all. It is a puzzlement!

  7. Dear Roberta,
    That IS interesting! I guess it’s hard to predict what people’s reactions will be, but it’s my suspicion that there are a LOT of “silent lurkers” (lol) for lack of a better term. I also think that many people are, albeit slowly, coming around to the truth, and I always try to point people in the right direction when I can, if they’re open to listen (not everybody is). I sometimes think it takes something drastic for people to even consider changing their views on anything (i.e., losing someone they love can make a person really take stock of things and maybe can be a conduit to opening up their mind and heart to other possibilities).

    I will often come back to re-read your blogs and the comments, and because I’m fairly new to your website I am happy that I can go back to all previous blogs and get caught up! I used to scour the internet in desperation for anything that would provide comfort and that would in any way match what I thought might be true about reality and the afterlife, but I’ve pretty much stopped doing that because your website feels like “home.” Love truly is the answer – to everything!
    Much love,

    1. Oh my sweet JenniferK, I love it that you feel that you no longer need to continue to search, since at last you feel at home here! Indeed, we are a happy and carefree group, and I enjoy that fact as well, my dear. It truly does feel so wonderful, so peaceful, to be safe at last in everlasting arms!

  8. Dearest a Roberta,
    Though I come late to this very interesting discussion, I am not bereft of reflection about science and human beings’ perception of what is real.

    To be open my dear, I haven’t got much confidence in the accuracy of human perception, including my own tenuous grasp of truth.

    At the outset, I am reminded that the native Caribbean islanders who had first contact with Columbus’ ships, could not identify them. I’ve read that the natives had no mental template for the European vessels suddenly anchored offshore. Apparently they could not ‘see’ the ships.

    It took time before some of them thought they saw something that they couldn’t identify in any case. Then others began to see bits of the ships and gradually the tall ships came into view more fully.

    This begs a question: How much are we blind to, because we have no mental frame of reference to identify an unknown thing? Something may be so unknown that we can’t cope with the concept and/or sight of it. What if we just end up blanking it out?

    Maybe a lesser form of this ‘blanking out’
    is where we can see or basically understand the thing (or concept) but dismiss it due to strong, negative bias:
    For example the visitation of a deceased, familial spirit is put down to grief; to imagination due to stress. The thought of a close friend, who rings at that very moment, is considered a chance coincidence. The sudden solution to a problem offered by a deceased relative in a dream, is thought to be simply a subconscious attempt at resolution while we sleep. We rationalize raw experience to avoid feeling uncomfortable about unexplainable, supernatural things. To the reptile brain within, strange is dangerous. Very strange is a clear and present threat to life.

    Bias-based blocking perpetually keeps our minds in the dark. One interested person may actively study group minds or fields of consciousness. For instance, some decades ago scientific studies were done on island monkeys in the Pacific Ocean. Monkeys on one island had been taught by scientists to wash sand out of grains. The grains would float and could be collected easily once placed in water-filled hollows. The instructed simians quickly learned this practice and then washed their seeds all the time. Soon, monkeys on islands far away also begin to wash grains for the first time. The new grain washing practice quickly spread over large areas of the ocean. Monkeys on far flung islands were doing this, even though contact between different island monkeys was impossible.

    With respect to this study, I knew two individuals who looked at it; each came to a different conclusion: One person saw the possibility of group or shared consciousness, that denoted awareness outside the physical, monkey brain. The other person, a material science buff, disagreed. He preferred the theory of some kind of cellular memory that we do not understand yet. Even though the logic of group thinking was evident in this case, the science buff blocked this threatening and uncomfortable idea. He fell back on his own idea; the question of body-based cell memory, even though he could not point to any proof. As long as his idea validated physical materialism, he was not threatened. Thus he simply cancelled the offending idea.

    Actually Roberta, this happened to me. My material science loving friend, blocked the idea of group consciousness outright. He vehemently refused even to consider the existence of consciousness beyond the physical brain. This seasoned, logical, rational thinker just shut down. He then began to casting doubt on the accuracy of reported studies of monkeys in the Pacific islands groups. You know I was quite surprised that my mature, erudite, questioning friend behaved like a stubborn child blocking his ears tantrum-wise.

    Soon I realized that dogma is highly linked to emotions. No child can be told that the Easter bunny does not exist should he refuse to believe it. There may be tears, recriminations, tantrums, but if the child refuses an idea, no logic will persuade him. So as with religion, people are open to new ideas unless these ideas challenge core dogma. Then they block and evade these ideas at any cost, in any way they can.

    As to human beings in general:
    Unless there is a steady, gradual change of thinking (by deaths, as you say) ‘blanking out’ and confirmation bias may remain ubiquitous. Or else there could be a sudden breakthrough in the field of consciousness itself; some startling discovery may be made that even the most ardent materialist could not deny. Then maybe everyday people could start to see the ships of the greater reality, moored just off the shores of their limited, parochial, fear-hedged experience. ❣️🌅🙏🏼

    1. Oh my dear Efrem, I do remember the amazing stories of the American natives who couldn’t even see those ships carrying the first European invaders! Quite amazing, and forever after I have wondered what it might be that perhaps I am not seeing, either, that might be right there in front of me, too. I think, as you say, there is a lesson in that story for all of us!

      And as you say, as well, the fact that there really is abundant evidence now that Max Planck was right, and consciousness is indeed primary and pre-existing, is what amounts to an existential threat to a lot of longstanding materialist scientific believers. For some of them, it rocks to their core everything that they thought they knew for their whole lives long. It may indeed, as you say, take some major event – some startling new discovery – to really make the truth dawn for some of these people. But since the truth is the truth, then sooner or later, it is going to happen!

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