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Death, Understanding Reality

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!
~ traditional Scottish prayer

This is the first post that I ever have written about something that I never have deliberately studied, I have no interest in whatsoever, and frankly I want nothing to do with. But you can’t do the work that I have been doing for the past fifty years without coming across quite a bit of information about nasties of various kinds. And I keep getting emails from people who think they are outwitting me when they remind me that Jesus cast out demons, so there must be some sort of devil after all. So I guess it’s time. Here is my obligatory demons post.

Jesus was said to cast out demons more than sixty times in all four Gospels. And He seemed to be almost on casual terms with them. For a long time I made up excuses. I told myself that He was using the demons thing as an artifice with these primitive people, who could not possibly understand His sophisticated methods for healing the sick and what-not. We’ll come back to that. But first, let’s deal with the larger overall issue of nasties in general. We should add, of course, that none of what we perceive as nasties are real demons, in the sense of being servants of an actual devil. But rather, they are just invisibles of one sort or another, and usually they are either dead people or the memories or fragments of dead folks who have lost their way temporarily. They are negative, in the sense that they are under negative influences; but you will be relieved to hear that they are not actually evil.

And first, as we always do when we talk about invisible entities, it’s important that we again discuss the fundamental role of Consciousness in reality. What we experience in a dim way as human consciousness is the only thing that actually exists. We must keep that fact always in mind! And I apologize for the fact that whenever the topic of Consciousness comes up, I go through the same song and dance about it. But it is so easy for us to keep slipping back into the illusion that there is solid matter around us, and that our bodies are who we are. If we don’t keep the truth always in mind, we can become so easily sidelined into forgetting the larger implications of what really is going on around us. The plain fact is that we live every moment of our whole earth-lives in what amounts to an illusion. We live these lives in a dream, and Consciousness is both the dream and the dreamer, so whenever we talk about that dream, I do you a disservice if I don’t help you to first immerse yourself deeply again in the basic truth of this illusory reality.

Very simply put, Consciousness is an energy, and it is the base creative force. Like all forms of energy, it vibrates. At the low and slow end of the Consciousness vibratory range are all the awful emotions like fear, anger, hatred, and grief, while at the high end are love and joy. It really is that simple! The material reality in which we live these illusory earth-lives is at the low end of the Consciousness range, and we are told to assume that there is no top. Furthermore, we know that God is love. God is where we live and move and have our being. Wherever we are, God is. If you think of Consciousness as a pail, negativity is the dregs at the bottom of it and the pure love of God fills all the rest, which is why when we briefly leave this material reality in our sleep at night or in a near-death experience, and we travel in the astral plane, the atmosphere there feels so light and love-filled by comparison. The only part of the astral plane that is negative is the lowest level, which Jesus calls the outer darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.

All of this material level of reality is below the astral plane, and therefore all of it is at least somewhat negative. Until we achieve a certain level of spiritual development, we all find it necessary to come here in order to experience these negative matter-based lifetimes which make it easier for us to grow spiritually, although that is a discussion for another day. But that is also why we might encounter nasty entities here, at the bottom of the Consciousness pail. But those negative entities are of no concern to us unless we foolishly make ourselves vulnerable to them.

Many kinds of low-vibration entities exist! A lot of them aren’t even sentient, but instead they are mere fragments of beings, or memories or shadows of beings. There is not, and there cannot ever be any powerful devil for one simple reason: the more evil an entity is, the weaker it is, while the more loving an entity is, the more powerful it is. To cynical human ears that sounds unbelievably corny, doesn’t it? But it is perfectly true. My beloved Thomas tells me that the power of the Godhead Collective is infinite. He thinks, though, that his Friend might be as powerful all by Himself as the whole Godhead Collective put together, after He has spent the past two thousand years deep in loving service to people on earth and in the astral plane. I think Thomas may be allowing his friendship to color his judgment a bit; but on the other hand, I have been near Jesus recently when He wasn’t toning down His personal energy by much, and perhaps Thomas has a point. The Lord’s personal energy is amazing. It is absolutely loving, extraordinarily powerful, yet perfectly sweet and kindly.

The most evil entities are so weak that they are in danger of falling out of existence altogether. Most luckless of all are the shadow men. They are generally seen all in black, at night because they cannot bear any light, and they lurk in closets to scare people because they feed on fear. I kid you not! Shadow men are rare but they do exist, and occasionally they have been spotted at dusk. If they find someone to latch onto in early childhood, they will try to maintain that connection for life. Keeping a nightlight on in every small child’s bedroom is enough to keep them away.

But as I have said above, for the most part what we think of as demons are just disembodied people who have temporarily gone astray. They are among the twenty-five percent or so of folks who don’t manage to transition right away, mostly because of plain ignorance, and they never would deliberately harm you. They might, however, inadvertently give you quite a start! Here are some ways that they can plague the unwary:

  • Drug and Alcohol Addicts. Each of us has a protective energy shield which extends around us for a foot or two in all directions. Sensitives can see these shields, which glow in various colors depending on our state of spiritual health, and for so long as we maintain our energy defenses in good order it is difficult or impossible for any sort of negative energy to penetrate our defenses. But if we become drunk in a bar, or if we shoot up in a needle alley, our defenses will temporarily tatter, and then we are almost guaranteed to pick up the spirits of waiting addicts, who will be eager to make us ravenous drunks or drug addicts thereafter. My father was a regular weekend drunkard until he quit cold-turkey when I was eleven, and I didn’t realize until much later that the odd greenish glow to his eyes when I was a child and he had been drinking was a typical sign of someone harboring one or more drunken spiritual passengers.
  • Roving Dead Folks Are Attracted to Ouija Boards. We are told by people not now in bodies that for some reason Ouija boards act like literal magnets to stray disembodied people. There have been cases where lowlife disembodied types have so infested a house that the flesh-and-blood inhabitants have felt the need to vacate it.
  • Executed Criminals. An execution sets a convicted lowlife free of his body and makes him invisible at the height of his worst and most negative emotions, and with revenge on his mind. Who considers this to be a good idea?
  • Ghosts. A ghost is simply a disembodied person. Most of them aren’t inclined to wander, but they can make sounds or even be seen in some circumstances. And if you frequent places where people die, you can on occasion pick up invisible hitchhikers.
  • Impressions and Fragments. People who have suffered extreme emotions can leave impressions, shadows, or fragments of themselves behind where this happened, which is why old houses can have some odd cold places.

So these creatures are nothing for you to fear. They aren’t real demons, in the sense of doing a nonexistent Satan’s bidding. They possess no power of their own to harm you unless you make yourself vulnerable to them. Simply stay away from Ouija boards, avoid taking recreational drugs and getting drunk in bars, and try to stay away from battlefields, unnecessary hospital visits, abortion clinics, or anywhere else where people are dying. And first and foremost, keep yourself sensibly free of superstitious fears! Those cold spots that many old houses harbor might have tales to tell, but they lack the power to harm you.  

Now let’s talk about the many times in the Gospels where Jesus cast out demons. This one is typical: At the start of His ministry, Jesus entered a synagogue in Capernaum on the Sabbath, and “In the synagogue there was a man possessed by a demon, an impure spirit. He cried out at the top of his voice, ‘Go away! What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God!’ ‘Be quiet!’ Jesus said sternly. ‘Come out of him!’ Then the demon threw the man down before them all and came out without injuring him” (LK 4:33-35). Note that here the demon is defined simply as an impure spirit. And it wasn’t only impure spirits that Jesus was commanding. Later that day He rebuked a fever in Simon’s mother-in-law so she could get up and make their dinner (LK 4:39).

Jesus’s remarkable power to heal the sick quickly brought Him a large following. “Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed; and he healed them. Large crowds from Galilee, the Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea and the region across the Jordan followed him” (MT 4:23-25). We can surmise from the references to demons taken in context that the Lord’s ability to cast out demons was a catch-all term for the various kinds of mental and neurological diseases about which in the Lord’s day they could have had no comprehension. And as we know, one secret to Jesus’s great healing powers was His ability to use His patients’ own minds in the healing process (see e.g. MT 9:22; MK 5:34 &10:52 and LK 8:48 & 18:42).

So the whole idea of demons is one more thing that you can happily purge from your mind. There are no demons. There never have been demons. And as more and more of us learn at last that our lives really are eternal, and that each of us is God’s best-beloved child, perhaps the day will come when everyone will know what happens after death, and we all will transition home as soon as our bodies die in accordance with what is a tenderly planned and universal process. And then perhaps we will stop creating all these pointless fears!

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53 thoughts on “Demons

  1. Thank you, Roberta, for this reminder about the nature of Consciousness. In my experience, these Conscience truths cannot be repeated enough.

    Isn’t it unfortunate that our entertainment industry has this fascination with evil, seemingly giving “demons” all sorts of power?

    1. Oh yes, my dear Gary, it’s simply horrifying the extent to which our entertainment industry treats horror as a something that it considers to be entertaining, and it gives all sorts of fictitious power to demons and fictitious evil beings! Why would anyone want that? Or pay money to see it?

  2. Dear Roberta, True to form, you nailed it. It just so happens too that a few weeks ago I addressed analyzed the nature of ghosts, and sent my paper to be published. Here is the Abstract:

    A new theory (1) about the nature of consciousness holds that the human body normally is managed by two sources of consciousness (both the human spirit and the biological sources that Freud had described as the Id and Ego functions), and they are prone to conflict. Theorizing was based on three documented cases of Out of Body Experiences in which the discarnate consciousness of the individual observed its own body behaving rationally even though it had no control over it. Consciousness having been formed is not material and so does not suddenly disappear from existence with death of the material body. The spiritual consciousness is reliably reported from Near Death Experiences (NDE) to move into Heaven, even though temporarily returning to the body to extend material life for the person having an NDE. The material body’s consciousness (comprising the Id and Ego brain functions), having developed from Id and Ego in life, would not immediately disappear and never move to Heaven, so it is left to exist on Earth.
    So, in other words, ghosts are remnants of the material body/brain generatred consciousness that persist after the marterial body dies and disintegrates. The theory referenced by (1) was published as Evidence of the Body Possessing a Form of Consciousness Beyond Its Soul at
    ( ). The gist of this paper is reflected in the Abstract.

    1. Thank you, my dear Jack!

      Of course, from the perspective of the afterlife evidence there is no death involved in any near-death experience that is later reported on by the experiencer, since death is always a one-way trip. And the heaven that is visited is the gigantic astral plane. The sense of being separated from the body and temporarily unable to control it is a dream effect, and an interesting one. Ghosts as we understand them are people who have failed to transition when their bodies have died, so they have a kind of memory-body that is consciousness-based and not matter-based; they generally simply resume their routine and remain stuck in place until rescued, which can sometimes take centuries.

      1. So true! I assume that this could be avoided by asking for help and having a sincere desire to enter into the afterlife existence. Hopefully, this will be the way out for these people.

  3. How else to explain man’s inhumanity to his fellow man but to blame evil demons? No one wants to believe that we can be so hateful and vile. It has to be an outside influence. Mustn’t it?
    No, I don’t believe in actual demonic entities, but I do believe that negativity can create more negativity. All you need to do is look around to see it happen. I choose peace, love, and understanding. I choose to be that person who places the flower in the barrel of the soldier’s gun.

    1. Oh my dear AC, are you old enough to remember those days of hippies placing flowers in the soldiers’ gun barrels? At the height of the Vietnam war, we would see it on TV every night! But yes, people can be fully evil enough to do all the things they do, and no demonic influences are necessary. It’s time for us to own up to it now. If we can’t do that, we can never move beyond it.

  4. This was fascinating But, a question: you say we should stay away from places where people die. What about those who attend deaths compassionately, as workers in hospice, etc or sometimes not so compassionately, as with docs and nurses on palliative cancer wards…? And is not visiting the sick, regardless of where they are, a great mitzvah?

    1. Hey Sha’alah 👋
      Heck this is a great question that you raise about hospice workers and all. The truly good and meritorious deed based on love (mitzvah) is a shining thing that can and does embody the love of the Highest.

      I’m interested to read what Roberta has to say here. I’m starting to get the idea that the more we become beings of love, the more powerless negativity becomes with regards to us. The ultimate exemplifier is Jesus. The dark entities would flee from Him. 🙏🏼❣️

      1. This is a very good point, my dear Efrem! We see in the Gospels that all the negative entities in possession immediately recognized Jesus as an elevated Being and knew that He could evict them easily.

        And as to the ability of the newly dead to go astray in stressful situations, here are two cases where this has happened especially often:

        1) Dr. Allan Botkin and others have been able to free Vietnam War veterans from half a dozen or more Vietnamese war victims apiece who had been possessing the veterans for as much as forty years after the battles had ended.

        2) Some workers in abortion clinics have been found to harbor the spirits of many aborted babies.

        In both cases, the dead victims would have died in fear and pain so it is not surprising that they would have grabbed onto and possessed the closest vulnerable person they could find.

        1. Yes, they “pick on” the most vulnerable victim they find. I can\t help but wonder how long this can last. I found Dr. Botkin’s research to be inspiring, however. The people he connected with seemed to be forgiving and positive. In other words, there were not any “bad vibes” transmitted in his communications. In other words, those we interacted with in the past still seem to be a part of us in some way, and no one harbors any grudges.

          1. No my dear Lola, it’s not a matter of grudges; it’s just people trying to transition home, and being delayed by forty years. It feels tragic to us, but these people haven’t felt the passage of time apparently.

    2. Oh my dear Sha’alah, the plain fact is that no matter how wonderful your intentions might be, if you are nearby where someone dies, and if that person becomes confused and doesn’t go with his or her deathbed visitors upon leaving the body, and if your defenses are weakened, then you can indeed pick up a hitchhiker. There is no way to know how often this happens, and I believe it is rare, but it can happen. And the confused person who has just died is as innocent as you are.

    1. Dear Lola, I hadn’t heard the term “astral shell,” so I googled it. And it seems to be an Eastern term with which I am just not familiar. Honestly, I just don’t know the extent to which the roving creatures are mere shells, but I believe they actually are full off-track beings and more’s the pity! One of our regular Seek Reality guests, Fr. Nathan Castle, rescues these folks, and Bruce Moen before his recent transition also regularly rescued them. Mikey says that roughly 25% of people go off-track at death now, at least for a time, and have to be rescued. Once we have SRO launched, we will be launching a second website at Jesus’s request, and then I expect to try to better understand this problem.

      1. Astral shells are the shadow people that are talked about, but their awareness is limited if non-existent. They are barely more than a thought form. They don’t interest me, They exist in emotionally charged atmospheres like battlefields or places where negative events happen, like murders or wars and people call them ghosts, but they are some kind of memory of a terrible event like a war for instance. It is reasonable to assume that if negative events like mass murders or wars didn’t happen, these things wouldn’t even exist

        1. Hmmm… I’m not sure that shells are the same thing as shadow people, my dear Lola, since shadow people as reported do seem to be integrated and sentient – if very weak – entities. But there are indeed various kinds of remnants created wherever there are violent events. That’s why this impulse to visit and hang around battlefields makes no sense to me at all!

          1. Battlefields attract ghost hunters by the thousands and in Gettysburg, they stage a reenactment every 4th of July. It seems very real, and it is well known that ghostly activity on the battlefield greatly increases right afterwards. I think we attract spirits without knowing it simply by paying attention to them.

  5. There is a very small part of the population that has had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with Roberta’s subject today and I am one of them. I am happy to share it. Thanks to one of Roberta’s favorate guest on her weekly podcast ( the guest is Peter Wright) I have gotten the help I needed. Here is my story. When we transition, some souls don’t go into the afterlife right away and try to occupy and share a living person’s consciousness, especially when you are in a vulnerable state. When , I was 23, I was lonely and depressed. An unwanted entity entered my body and stayed with me until last year ( when I was 67) until I seeked the help of Peter Wright. What Peter Wright did was to hypnotize me and during a 2 hour session he was able to make contact with the entity and make it leave. The good thing is that for the few of us that have this problem please know that these negitive entities do exist, you are not alone and you can be treated successfully.

    1. This is more common than most people realize, and almost all people that it happens to don’t even know that they have what is known as an “attachment.” The way to avoid this is to raise our consciousness, but that is hard to do when someone is depressed and, as you say, vulnerable. I know of Peter Wright, but there are not enough Peter Wrights around, so more awareness is needed about the reality of this. This sort of thing really scares me, as there is so little awareness of it. The afterlife is not always the warm and fuzzy situation we would like it to be. Glad you contacted him and had success.

    2. Oh my dear beloved David, thank you so much for mentioning your very difficult experience here, and the way that Peter Wright was able to help you! Of all the Seek Reality guests that I have found in my travels over the years, Peter has been far and away the one who has helped the most SR listeners, just judging from the feedback that I’ve gotten. And for sure, if anyone suspects any sort of attachment, you do yourself and your hitchhikers both a favor by checking in with Peter!

  6. You say Roberta, to stay as nmuch as possible from hospitals yet as a Chaplain or doctor if those who must work with the bodies to diagnose the
    Cause of death or those who work preparing the bodies for burial

    1. If your vibrations are high, it doesn’t matter where you are – you won’t be a victim. Those who work in hospice, for instance, needn’t fear, as they will encounter only entities with high vibrations. The ones with negative vibrations will be unable to “feed” off them, and won’t have any interest in sticking around them. Spirits in hospitals etc. aren’t all dangerous and some are angelic and helpful. Which ones we attract all depends on our thoughts

    2. Absolutely right, my dear Barbara. Dealing with the dying cannot be avoided, but it’s really our modern widespread ignorance that is the problem! Nearly everyone in the modern world who deals with dying people is utterly ignorant about what actually happens at and after death, and therefore is unable to help those who just have died to find their way to the next level of reality. People who just have died are in fact as clueless as are people who have just been born, so there is a millennia-old process in place that works beautifully to carry them safely home. If nothing interferes with that process! But in the modern world, ignorance of the death process is so widespread and so many deaths happen in hospital settings that now as many as 25% of newly-dead folks go astray for a time. It’s that ignorance that our new website, Seek Reality Online, is meant to fight.

      1. Dear Roberta. Indeed “our modern widespread ignorance “ dealing with dying is the problem. Early in my post Roman seeking I encountered the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Both guides to assist the “dead” in their transition.

        1. Precisely, my dear Ray! And now I have just heard from its website developers that our first walk through of what we might call the Modern Book of the Dead will be next Tuesday. Right on schedule!

  7. Dearest Roberta,

    Often I have seen a litany of vibrational levels such as “At the low and slow end of the Consciousness vibratory range are all the awful emotions like fear, anger, hatred, and grief” but usually shame is left out. I had heard that of all the vibratory ranges shame was the lowest, not fear, because fear can lead to action. If you are hiking and you come across mama bear and her cubs, you may take evasive action. If you are ashamed because you and a neighbor are having an affair, this may not lead to any action, but rather a negative action as you hope your spouse doesn’t find out.
    Does this lead to an even lower vibration than fear due to leading to inaction?



    1. I hadn’t thought of that, my dear Cookie, but you have a point! I don’t know where shame vibrates, but Fr. Nathan has told me it would be pretty low. True enough. For those who don’t listen to Seek Reality, Father Nathan Castle is a beautiful Dominican priest who is called upon by the spirit guides of people who have chosen not to completely transition after death, and in some cases they choose to hide due to shame because of the way that they died. Eventually, after their spirit guide and others have worked with them, they feel ready to come out of hiding, and Father Nathan helps them then to go home.

  8. Dear Roberta. I have heard and read some pretty hair raising accounts of what can happen at Catholic exorcisms over the years. They were certainly quite worrying as far as the amount of strength it might take to restrain people, very powerful poltergeist like effects, uncanny knowledge, speaking in tongues, etc. I know a lot of it is sensationalized, or just mistaken psychological issues. For instance, I remember reading “Hostage to the Devil” by Father Malachi Martin many years ago, which raised my hair at the time, but his reputation did not turn out to be the greatest. Even that movie, “The Exorcist” that had people fainting and running out of theaters was supposedly based on real events. It seems like young people, or already disturbed people, or folks who dabble in things they don’t really understand are the usual victims, but then others seem quite normal until things go off the rails. Based on your research, can this sort of possession actually happen, and if so how much power can these entities accrue and how do they manage to do it?

    1. My dear Scott, as I said at the start of this post, I am the last person to ask because I have studied nothing at all in this field! And I left a bit of wiggle-room at one point in my post that I worried that someone would ask about because although there is no powerful devil there are indeed some non-human but apparently somewhat sentient nasties that look like lizards between here and the astral plane. We call them the lizard-people, and they are a significant reason why there has been so much delay in establishing electronic communication, apparently. They are also one reason why NDEs include the tunnel that takes you from here to the astral. And that is all I’ll be saying about them, so don’t ask!

      But as to movie exorcisms, I think there is a lot of fictional license used. I don’t do scary movies, but I have seen some clips so I know what you mean.

  9. Two questions regarding these unwanted entities or hitchhikers as Roberta referred to them: Can these entities cause health issues for the person they occupy, especially problems which tend to defy medical diagnosis? What is the best approach to determine if one is the victim of such an attachment? Thank you for your responses..

    1. My dear Tom, it is indeed possible to have physical or mental health issues as a result of what I call hitchhikers (and yes, our dear Lola is right – the sober term is attachments, but they really are separate people). And if anyone even suspects such a problem, the best thing to do is to consult Peter Wright at He has helped a great many people, including my Thomas and me – and on more than one occasion!

      1. I have to wonder if a person dies and has an attachment that he or she is unaware of, would the entity then leave to seek energy from another live person, or would it still stay attached to the person who is newly dead? If so,, might higher evolved souls be able to help?

        1. My dear Lola, I have wondered about this myself. There is nothing in the literature on this topic that I have seen, although I haven’t really looked for it. My hunch is that when the host transitions, an effort is made to help everyone to transition at the same time. Family members await each hitchhiker – or attachment – and there are probably advanced beings there as well. It’s a real rescue mission.

  10. Dearest Roberta,
    You know me. You know I’m not someone who asks many questions, but here is one for you:

    If a person keeps raising his/her vibration towards perfect love, do the hitchhikers fall out of his car?

    What if the ascending person: manages to drop off resentment and all forms of un-forgiveness, both obvious and subtle; becomes increasingly more loving of all people; enjoys being grateful for everyday blessings and is humbled happily by the joy of service? Once he has transformed his thinking to trust in God and in His goodness with regards to a loving and non judgmental afterlife, how can any hitchhiker remain with him?

    There is so much I don’t know about the ways of the Highest. And I’m inspired by that which spans out infinitely, beyond the shabby and splintered fences of the limits of the human mind. 🌅🕊❣️

    1. Oh my dear Efrem, I hate to say this, but the evidence suggests that those who have hitchhikers – attachments – have a lot more trouble raising their consciousness vibrations with that extra weight attached to them. It is probable that the person who had picked up the hitchhiker would have trouble moving forward much more at all.

        1. Get thee to Peter Wright!!

          The wonderful news is that the poor hitchhiker isn’t at fault. He just wants to go home. And once he is gone, the person who had been burdened is free to rise like a bubble in water toward the light!

        2. Maybe so, but no one I ever met is aware of a hitchhiker or a negative attachment. There is almost zero awareness of this, and they attack the vulnerable, especially those that are unaware or don’t believe in them. It doesn’t make sense to think they control us in the afterlife unless we allow them to. If souls have help from higher spirits, I would think that this would be a huge priority

          1. My dear, the hitchhikers that aren’t related to substance abuse will usually make their host feel heavy, depressed, sad. A sudden loss, grief, etc, will make a person vulnerable, or of course being in a war, and then the hitchhiker will show up. But no, they don’t remain a problem after death – they are rescued at that point.

    2. Efrem: I think the key is love and tolerance of those who are different than ourselves. No negative spirit or “demon” would want to stick around if we can’t “feed” them. Unfortunately, this is a true reality

      1. Hey Lola,
        Thanks for your thoughts on this matter. They make sense; they really do. These greebies want to be fed by fear and tortured emotions. Hence it makes sense that being a loving person to all – regardless of human differences – is the way to go. 👍

        Our Roberta does endorse Peter Wright quite strongly. I have got to admit, that of all the many outstanding interviewees on Seek Reality, Peter Wright is quite a favorite of mine. I tried some of his techniques at home and they worked. (For me the key is regular practice at a regular time. If I don’t stress or ‘expect’ something, but keep my mind clear and relaxed, his stuff really works!

        Personally, this week’s blog topic makes me wonder. Roberta said to me above: ‘Get thee to Peter Wright!!’ So maybe she has an inkling that I have got hitchhikers.
        😣 😖 😵

        Pity about these unseen things. If someone got into my car without my invitation, they’d soon find themselves outside it again, quick smart. But this other stuff you can’t see…

  11. Oh my dear Efrem, I wasn’t aiming that suggestion at you specifically, but at anyone who has some sort of issue! No, I have great confidence in Peter, though – I have consulted him a couple of times, specifically about help in working with Thomas in the early days, after my guide made it clear to me that he was refusing to deal with mediums any longer so I was trying to figure out how to better work with him directly. Wow, Peter really turned the lights on there for both of us! And I often get emails from listeners who have consulted him and rave about their results.

    1. Dearest Roberta,
      Thank you for clarifying your suggestion; I wouldn’t mind if you had suggested I needed to see Peter Wright because I may have ‘freeloaders.’ You know I would gladly have accepted that suggestion from YOU. 😉

      I have closed the ‘storybook’ of my prior, hurtful life experiences and am more able than ever to let the past be the past. Gladly I do not have past grievances repeat endlessly in my mind. Occasionally though, I feel a twinge of remembered pain when I come across an old, time-honored trigger. 😏

      To put it frankly, when you’re gay you cannot avoid realizing that you are often considered; perverted, sick, debauched, mentally unwell, evil or possessed by spirits or entities demonic. Dealing with these labels comes with the territory of being gay. So the idea of hitchhikers is an all too familiar trigger. (Not that YOU mean it that way, Roberta.)

      Do you know I’ve even heard of more advanced souls being somewhat loathing of homosexuality in others during their lifetime, only to recant once in the Afterlife. (Mediums can reveal a ‘before’ and ‘after’ perspective of a channeled soul, as you know.)

      So dealing with people’s attitudes about me, when they haven’t even met me, is a common thing. Even some football players, in their abundant faith and wisdom, have weighed into this topic just to say gays are hell-bound. I’ve heard it all my dear, I can tell you.

      Having said that, it’s quite good to know Peter Wright is available to help even to those living far away from him. 👍

      1. Oh my dear beautiful Efrem, I am so sorry that anyone ever has hurt you that way! How horrid some people can be. Our wonderful friend Peter is himself homosexual, as are so many truly spiritual people. I can show you Gospel evidence that suggests that Jesus may have been homosexual as well, and I think that evidence may be there for a more enlightened day, to be thrown back in the faces of the haters.

        Because I am almost always male, I myself was born a trans child. I beat up every boy in my third grade class. I would have given anything in childhood to have been able to magically grow the right equipment! I am very glad not to have born in this benighted age, when they are dousing children with hormones and interfering surgically, because just going through puberty fortunately set things straight for me. But my dear, I am sending you the biggest hug!!

        1. Thank you so much dearest Roberta. ❣️

          It’s okay, I have very accepting family and friends. I didn’t ‘come out’ at high school. (I grew to have gay desires when I was twelve years; quite out of the blue.) My fellow students weren’t rough as my school was quite academic and well run. (Not that I was the type of teen that could be bullied in any case.) My inner twisting came from the OT and later from staunch yoga followers.

          All in all, my homophobia was more internalized when I was younger. My sexuality was my burden; my acutely painful secret. I was living a double life.

          I have got to say my dear, that I’ve known many more accepting and tolerant people than haters. It’s the kind and decent folk out there who stopped me from becoming bitter.

          And I feel for your earlier struggle as a trans child. That seems to be one of the hardest paths of all. Thank God as you say, you didn’t have all those crazy people suggesting hormone blockers and worse for teenagers and young kids. All kinds of craziness exists nowadays and it seems to be metastasizing. Early hormone treatment is a nightmare because trans feelings often work out naturally with the onset of puberty. Often teens’ existing biological sex finishes asserting itself then.

          Have you ever met a trans person who, later in adulthood, feels they made a mistake by changing gender? I have and this dysphoria is agonizing for them. I can’t think of anything harder! In this situation people need continuous support from their loved ones. Understanding and empathy really helps greatly.

          And thank you so much for caring Roberta. 🙏🏼❣️🌅

          1. No, my dear, I live as a shut-in at this point because I am so deeply immersed in this work, so I don’t get out enough to meet anyone going through trans-regret, but I do know that the treatment is lifelong in any event, so I think there must be moments of regret even for those who are overall happy with the result. And just knowing that puberty completely fixed the problem for me makes me certain that transitioning ANY child before puberty is a crime against all humanity!! Let them grow up, and know the seriousness of the choice they face. At twelve, I would have done it. At eighteen, not a chance.

  12. They aren’t worth your attention, Efrem. There was a famous preacher in the 1990s who talked against being gay, but he was eventually arrested for soliciting a male prostitute. Does the word “hypocrite” come to mind?

    1. Thank you Lola,
      There is one saying that I go by to throw off the effects of gay shunning:
      “Those who matter don’t mind.
      And those who mind don’t matter.”

      As to that famous preacher who proved himself a hypocrite:
      Well, can you imagine the internalized hell where one’s ardent spirituality is opposite one’s redoubtable sexuality?!
      Imagine the anguish; imagine the cognitive dissonance. Pure acid dripping on the soul. 😖

      1. Oh yes indeed, my dear Efrem, you make a wonderful point! Of course, not only is there no hell, but also some of the male homosexuals I know are also some of the most deeply spiritual people, kind and beautiful. I think that homosexuality was Saint Paul’s “thorn in the flesh,” in fact. Unlike the problem that I had, which was what Mikey Morgan calls a “bleed through” from previous lifetimes, male homosexuality is genetic (apparently carried in the female line), perfectly natural, and in fact quite wonderful.

  13. I suppose so, but I have no sympathy for him, as it is one thing to have mixed emotions about something, but don’t tell the world it’s a one way ticket to hell and then go and do the same thing you’ve been preaching against.

    1. Oh my dear Lola, it is projection. The most self-righteous and judgmental people are the ones who secretly harbor and commit the very self-same sins. And it has ever been thus. From time out of mind.

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